Chapter 24 Livin’ On A Prayer

Chapter 24

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Clark jumped to his feet.

“JOR-EL!” He roars on top of his lungs.

Martha and John finally get the door to open. They rush in side and see their son pacing the area. He was pulling at his hair tears streaming down his reddened face. He looks to his parents in full on panic.

“He took her! HE TOOK HER FROM ME!”

He reaches to his heart and comes to his knees.


“If you can hear this… That must mean you’re the chosen one.”

Bella narrows her eyes as she walks around. There was nothing just never ending vast of nothingness. She could hear the woman’s voice as she continued on.

“Hello?” Bella called out.

“The true mate of Kal-El…”

Bella takes in a breath and circles the area.

“Please… where am I?”

“Do not be afraid. There is no need to fear me. My name is Lara. I am Kal-El’s mother.”



“I do not understand. Your husband said…”

“Before we begin. You should know that this is merely a recording. I may not be answer all your questions. I am limited, but I will do my best.”

“Am I dead?”


“Then where am I?”

“The in-between. It is the only way in which I could speak with you. You’re role is just as important as my son’s. It takes a remarkable woman to stand behind such an influential man. My son is meant for great things. You must be very understanding and full of compassion. I admire that. He will need someone like you in his corner. Someone that will not hold him back from the man he’s meant to be. That supports him and would never give up on him.”

Bella flinches at her last words. Realizing she’d already done that by dumping him.

She takes in a breath.

“I’m afraid I’ve already failed in that department.”

“If you are here and hearing this… there is a reason. Perhaps what it is you feel is not the truth. You feel you have failed my son?”

Bella nods.
“Yes I have. I turned my back to him at a time he needed me most.”

“I am limited, but will do my best.”

Bella sighs.

“If you are here it’s because, you’ve been chosen as my son’s true Krpytonian mate. The one my son loves unconditionally and trust wholeheartedly. Therefore, I trust in my decision.”


“Yes… You’re the last Kryptonian female after all.”

“Only because Jor-El commanded it in order to bring Clark… I mean Kal-El back.”
“You’re the last… You are needed in order for my son to breed.”

Bella’s eyes widen.

“Um say what now?”

The woman softly giggles.

“I know this must be very awkward for you. Even more so for me. Here I am recording the talk with my son’s future wife. I hope to answer all your questions and go over everything thoroughly so there is no misunderstanding.”

“I’m very confused.”

“I am limited, but will do my best.”

Bella shakes her head and half laughs.

“Yes mam.”

“Perhaps you worry about such things as birth control? Let it be known that when the time is right your body will grow to recognize that. It will procreate whenever ready. You should be warned however, that the child will be ill at first. As a Kryptonian child it will have to adapt to the earth’s gravitational pull and atmosphere. Do not fear…The child will be fine through your T.L.C. They too will grow as strong as their father. Remember lots of sun and keep the child away from Kryptonite.”


“Yes, we as Kryptonians are allergic to these stones. They can render us significantly; an infant or child even more so. We have been known to die from these rocks. You must always us caution around them.”

“Kryptonite…” Bella repeats softly.

“So you’re saying that Clark…” She sighs.
“I mean Kal-El and I are to have a child in the future?”

“If you have been sent to me. Then yes… Your future is already set to beside my son. You’re to bear a child. Together you and Clark will rebuild what we once lost. As the last two remaining Kryptonians. It is important that you follow through; with the path set before the both of you.”

“Does this mean I’m to remain as one with your son?”

“Please rephrase the question?”

Bella nods.

“Will I remain Kryptonian as well?”

“Yes… It is expected and is what is needed. My son will outlive most of your kind. It is only fair that we give him the gift of love. It would be beyond cruel to give him love and have him watch her grow old and die before his time. This is my personal gift to my son. As I said before. If you are here it is for a reason. Something within you as brought you to me. The rest from here will be up to my son now. He will have to teach you the ways in which to use your newfound abilities. I haven’t the knowledge needed to give you that. I wouldn’t even begin to know. Most of what is expected out of you is what you must be doing already. Love my son. Take care of him. Let him know he’s not alone. Raise and care for your Kryptonian family. I wish you luck in your journey. Follow your heart always… the rest will come to you naturally. Now… wake up…”

Bella feels herself flying back at great force.

Three days later…

Clark places down Bella’s usual white lilies at Charlie and Renee’s graves. He kneels down and takes in a breath. He says a silent prayer. He looks up to their tombstones.

“If she’s with you… please… take care of her.”

The knot forms in his throat. He quickly wipes his face with the back of his hand and comes to a stand. He makes his way back to her truck. He pops in her favorite CD. Clark then turns up the radio as he starts on home. He hadn’t said a word to anyone since… Clark had completely shut down. He kept to himself. Clark ran the skate shop just for Bella and her alone. He’d help his father with the chores. Once he was done he’d shut himself off to the world.

So many thoughts went through his mind. He wanted to destroy the ship. He even considered taking himself out of the equation. The day they’d first made love replayed over and over like a broken record in his head. If he had only known. He’d have never stopped he’d have never let her go! Everything carried through torturing Clark Kent. His heart was shattered and his mind was a tangled mess. He often felt as though he couldn’t breathe. He hadn’t slept since she disappeared.

Clark drops the CD case. He reaches down to pick it up. After he places it back in the seat. He looks up and slams on the brakes. His eyes widen in utter disbelief. Ultimate shock coursed through him.

Before him was a naked woman; right in the middle of the road. He’d almost hit her. Not just any naked woman. But her… He swallows back trying to gather his senses. He gripped the wheel firmly as they locked eyes. She looked upon him confused and lost. Bella turned back around and started to walk away from the truck. She staggered about as if in a daze. Clark’s heart raced as he stepped out of the truck.

She kept walking.

“Bella please…”

Clark rushes up to her.

“Look at me…”
She turns still that puzzled look about her.

“Bella…It’s Clark.”

She narrows her eyes.

“Who is Bella and Clark?”
His heart drops at this.

“No… Bella you remember! TELL ME YOU REMEMBER!” He pleads.

She shakes her head.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know…”

He puts his hand upon her shoulder. Bella gasps out as the memories come pouring in at his very touch. Like constant flashes of light. It becomes overwhelming.

She cries.

“Bell?!” He questions in a panic.

She looks to him and her eyes roll back. Clark quickly catches her. He rushes her back to the truck. He lays her down checking her over thoroughly even with his X-Ray vision. Clark see’s that she’s ok just passed out. He takes off his jacket and places it on her. He zips it up. His emotions were scattered all over the place. He wasn’t sure what to do or how to act. He gazed upon her. He put his hand to her cheek and kissed her forehead.

Clark then floored it all the way back home. Martha gasps out as she turns to see her son carrying Bella in. He looks to his parents with desperation. John jumps to his feet and runs over as Clark lays her on the dining room table. Clark covers his mouth for a moment.

Bella was covered in dirt and grass. Her hair was a knotted mess. Her fingernails had dirt embedded into them. He looks to his mother.

“I found her in the middle of the road. Stark naked! She doesn’t remember anything!”

Martha puts her hand upon Bella’s forehead. She too was wiping her face from a few fallen tears. John took her hand and cupped it into his own. Bella suddenly shot up sucking back a breath. She flew off the table backing away from the Kent’s.

“Now how in the world.” Martha said as she did it at the same speed as Clark.

Clark looks upon Bella completely mystified.

“She still has her powers…” He says softly.
Clark slowly approaches Bella as she’s backed into the corner of the taircase. She looked frightened out of her mind. Her bottom lip quivers.


He froze in his tracks at the sound of her voice. He nods and continues towards her with a steady pace. They lock eyes as he takes her hand. She instantly wraps her arms around his neck. He shuts his eyes in relief and twirls her around in his arms. She cries into his shoulder.

“I got you…” He whispers.

Once he places her back down. She turns toward Martha and John. She hugs them as well. The three of them look to her waiting for an explanation. Bella takes in a breath. Martha gets her some water as they sit at the table. Bella looks to the table for a moment. She wasn’t sure where to begin. She glances once more upon Clark. He tilts his head as she seems to be blushing. She downs some of her water then clears her throat.

Bella tells them everything Lara had told her. She doesn’t look to either of their faces as she tells her story. She waits until she’s done and nervously looks upon Clark.

“Lara?” Clark asks.

Bella nods her head, “Bella” he says amused.

She looks at him funny, he chuckles. “Just wondering if this is a family tradition?”

Bella gets a small smile on her face, “Shut up Mork.”

Bella leans back for a moment. She then looks upon herself. The red hue returning to her face.

“Um I think I’m going to shower and get dressed.”

They nod. However, Clark’s eyes never left her as she raised from the table. He continued to observe as she went up the stairs. Once they hear the shower start. They each sigh in relief. Clark puts his elbows upon the table and covers his face. John comes up behind Clark and pats him on the shoulder.

Bella placed a hand against the wall of the shower. The warm water ran down her entire body. She scrubbed her hair. She then began to soap herself down. Her eyes widen a bit as she looked upon her body. She was slightly curvier. She giggles a bit as she runs her hands along her breasts and tummy.

“This is crazy!”

She shrugs in thought and finishes her shower. She steps out and is getting dressed brushing her hair. The brush snaps in her hold. She sighs and grabs an extra one. Halfway through it breaks as well.


The Kent’s each look towards the stairs. Clark grins ear to ear.

“And she’s back…”

John and Martha laugh.

“That she is.” John chuckles shaking his head.

Bella’s looking out the loft. Clark makes his way into the barn. She was surprisingly wearing a yellow summer dress. Her hair was down and flowing about the breeze. This stirred something within Clark.

“Hiding out?”

She softly laughs.

“Just feels a bit awkward in there now.”

“How’s that?”

“How do you think?” She hints.

“You mean…”


He chuckles a bit.

“At this point I think sex is the last thing on their minds. Bell we’re just glad you’re back and ok.” He sighs and wraps his arms around her waist. He rests his head along her shoulder.

“I wasn’t sure what my father had done. I’d feared the worst.”

“Yeah about that…”
She turns around facing him. He was in a red shirt and blue jeans. The urge to cry at just the sight of him was heavy. She forced it back figuring she’d cried enough for one day.

“Your mother she’s unbelievable.”
“Is she?”

“I’m serious. She’s all sweet and patient. Your father’s like this raging bull in comparison.”

“Maybe it was opposites attract?”

“Something…” She laughs in thought.



“Think we’re like that?” She wrinkles her nose.

“Great I’m your father and you’re your mother!”

Clark shakes his head.

“You’re nothing like my father Bell.”

“But I do have a temper.”

“That’s very true. Which you’re seriously going to have to learn how to control now.”

Bella thinks back to everything Clark went through when he first discovered his abilities. And he wasn’t even done she was sure he’d much to learn still. A bit of fear hit her.

“Am I going to go through everything you did?!”

He shrugs.

Her jaw drops and she covers her mouth.

“What if I get…”

“Well you know…”

He knew damn well what she meant. Still he continued to torment her.

“No I don’t…” He says and her eyes widen as he kisses along her neck.

She quickly shuts her eyes.


He chuckles and continues.

“The only way to know for certain is to test the theory.”

“You really want to rebuild?”

He looks around.

“It wouldn’t take me too long.”

She grins keeping her eyes closed.

“But if you’re that concerned…”

He grabs her and takes off.

“Open your eyes Bell.”

She spreads her fingers about as she sneaks a peak at him.

“So far so good.” He says with a shrug.

She looks around to see they’re in the cornfield.

“Great so I’ll just make some popcorn. Hope you’re hungry.”
“Famished…” He hints and kisses her.

His kiss becomes more desperate and eager. Once Bella realized she wasn’t going to pull a Clark. She gave in. Bella felt the heat traveling below. The urge to hump Clark like a mad woman came about. Her arms went around his neck. Clark lifted her dress and ran his hands along her rear. He softly moaned into her mouth. He lay her down and gazed into her eyes. He unbuttoned the top of her dress exposing her to him. He too took notice of the slight difference in her body. Her breasts were a bit fuller and her body had more of an hourglass figure. Clark ran his hands down every inch of her in desire. Her breasts rose with each breath she took.

Clark brought his mouth upon them. The warmth from his lips alone drove her crazy. Her hips lifted off the ground a bit. She found herself spreading her legs. Clark moved about her pressing his erection right against her. Bella gritted her teeth she couldn’t stand the wait any longer. She ripped the shirt off his back. Clark softly chuckled. That was certainly something he was going to have to get used to. Not that he had any complaints. If anything it was a huge turn on. Her hands ran along his bare chest. Clark unrestrained himself below; he looked as he drove into her dripping wet slit. He gritted his teeth. He damn near cussed himself at the mere sensation. Her little mound stroked him snugly with every plunge he gave.

This right here was the dream. Granted a filthy, dirty, wet dream! His lips locked with hers as he feverishly and obsessively kissed her. Her arms and legs wrapped around him.

“Clark baby…” She softly cooed.

Bella felt him throb even more below. Her nails dug into his back. Clark arched back at this. She kissed along his neck. He’d feel her tongue lapping along him off and on. Bella’s jaw literally dropped as she heard the word…

“Fuck…” He groaned as he shot off with great force within her.

She knew he hadn’t even realized what he’d said. He went back to kissing her. Once Clark rolled over onto the ground. She softly giggled.

“What are you giggling about?”

“I think a bit of Kal-El took over for a moment…”

He looks to her oddly.

“And why’s that.”

“Well I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Clark Kent say the word fuck…”
He traces back and realizes she was right.

“Hmm, I blame you. You’re the one with the sinful mouth.”

“Sure… Lord knows I forced the word out of you.”

“In a way yeah you did. You and your seductive ways.”

“Whatever you have to tell yourself Clark baby.”

He rolls over and looks upon her.

“I love you Bell.”

“I love you too Clark.”
She crawls on top of him and lays her head down on his chest.

“Everything feels so weird now.”

He grins in thought.

“Just wait until everything starts hitting at once.”

“Ugh… Just don’t let me kill anyone in the process.”

“Scouts honor.”

“You were never a scout Clark.”

He shrugs.

“Still mean it. I got your back. You’re not going through this alone. I’m here.”

He looks to the stars.

“Think you’ll resent me one day?”
She raises up cutting him a peculiar glance.

“Um why are you asking me that?”

He takes in a breath. He still had so much to come clean about. Not only that, but what if his biological parents stuck her with something she didn’t truly want?
“Well no one asked you if this is what you wanted Bell. This was rather forced upon you.”

“Clark… Honestly, I was rather relieved. When your mother told me everything she had. I knew then without a shadow of a doubt. We had a future together. That’s all that truly matters to me. I couldn’t picture it any other way. That and well…”
“Well what?” He questions running his fingers along the tips of her hair. Clark continued to admire her as though a goddess before him.

“I was glad I wasn’t dead after all.”
He’d laugh if it wasn’t so true.

“I’m sorry Bell. I…” She puts a finger to his lips.

“Don’t… I’m fine. You’re fine. All is well.”
“He still had no right to pull what he did Bell. We both know that.”

“He didn’t kill me.” She says with a shrug.

“Still Bell, if he knows you’re to be my future wife. He should show some respect. That doesn’t fly with me and never will. He can’t be tormenting you. He’ll never get on my good side that way.”

“How do you argue with a recording?”

Clark half laughs in misery.

“I’m sure I can find a way.”

“Wasn’t that what got us into trouble before?”

He clears his throat.

“So how many kids you think we’ll have?”

“A healthy dozen.”

Clark laughs.

“Dozen huh?”

“Yep you can coach your own baseball team Clark!”

“And what if some of them are girls?”

“Are you saying what I think you are?!”

He chuckles and kisses her forehead.

“I think we should get a dog too!”

“A dog huh?”

“Yep a golden retriever and we’ll name him Krypto.”

Clark dies in laughter.

“Strangely enough I could see that. I bet the dog happens to love you more than me too.”
“Of course he will. He’ll also chew up your shoes. But he’ll respect any personal belongings of mine. It’s just you he’s after.”

“Sounds about right. And the kids?”

“I say we get about half and half.”
“So right down the middle?”

She nods against his chest.

“We’ll make it a fair fight.”

“But the dog?”

“Sorry Clark the dog stays with me.”

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