Chapter 25 She’s Electric

Chapter 25

I do not own Smallville or Twilight. Please read then review. People also need to keep in mind; that Clark Kent wasn’t exactly one of a kind. Have you forgotten Kara? His cousin? Um yeah Kryptonian. Anywho. Story stays as is. I love Smallville. So I know this won’t be my only Smallville story. I would love to do one where either Bella or Chloe become Batgirl and is trained by Batman! Someone asked me if I’d do a Lana/Clark pairing. I know it’s wrong, but no I will never do a pairing with Lana. I cannot stand the girl; even in the comic books. She and Mary Jane from Spiderman get on my frickin’ nerves… I always hated that Peter Parker ended up with the whiny drama queen. I know bitchy right, but it’s true. Lois and Chloe are awesome though! I also plan to do a Green Arrow one. I love Ollie and Clark so will be using these two often for stories. Even just little one shots for shits and giggles! Ok, ok on to the story…

Bella’s eyes widen as she wakes. She’s hovering over Clark.

“Clark…” She whispers in a panic.

He tiredly stretches out. Bella comes crashing down on top of him. He groans out at the impact.

“Clark baby, I’m so sorry.”

He chuckles a bit and wraps his arms around her.

“What was that?”

“Just one of those things I’d mentioned before.”

“So you’ve done that?”

He nods and kisses her forehead.

“But seriously what was that? Why would we float like that? Doesn’t that defy the laws of gravity?”

He shrugs and rolls her over. Clark kisses her lips. He ran a hand up her tank top. They heard the front door shut. Bella zipped back into her room. Clark heard her giggling. He grinned and got out of bed. They both got ready for breakfast.

After they were done thing’s for Bella got even more interesting. They went to do their chores. Without meaning to Bella heaved a pile of hay across the farm. She covered her mouth in shock. John raised his brows. Clark was bowed over in laughter. She looks to John apologetic.

“Um I’ll go get that!”

He shakes his head, but he too was grinning now. Bella starts that direction and they hear her giggling. She had returned within seconds and dropped the bale of hay into the truck.

“That was so cool!”

“Just keep in mind; the same rules we have for Clark. They now go for you as well.”

“So I can’t play football next year?!” She taunts.

Clark has a good laugh at this.

“I don’t know Bell. Personally, I’d like to see that!”

“I wasn’t aware you had a thing for shoulder pads Mork.”

They finish loading up the bales of hay into John’s truck.

“I wasn’t aware you needed a cup!”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“Keep in mind I’m not so fragile now!”

“Oh I remember…” He hints locking eyes with hers.

John lets out an uncomfortable sigh.

“I’m going to pretend; I can’t read into any of that.”

Clark gives Bella a wink; once John isn’t looking. She blushes a bit and heads on to the barn to finish her chores. Clark goes with John to set out the hay for the cattle. Bella does her best to carefully go about her chores. She sighs though as she breaks yet another shovel. She looks up to see Martha entering the barn. Martha noticed the miserable look on Bella’s face.

“I owe you one rake and three shovels…”

Martha softly laughs.

“I seriously don’t know how he does it.”

Bella looks upon her hands in wonder.

“I don’t even realize I’m doing it.”

“Clark will be able to walk you through this.”

Bella sighs.

“I sure hope so.”

She grabs another rake and tries yet again. She finally manages to finish without snapping it.

Bella lifts her head and turns towards Martha.

“They want you to stand against Lex in court. Our lawyer has stated that unless we have your testimony; on what actually took place. That we have nothing to stand on. That it’s merely his word against yours.”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. She clears her throat. Bruce and Virgil would be coming down tomorrow. She was curious as to what Bruce had on Lionel. She turns back to Martha.

“And what if they want proof?” Bella hints.

“That’s what John and I are afraid of. Since the ship healed you; we’ve nothing much to fall back on. Pete was already called to the stand.”

Bella shook her head on this. She hated her friends being involved this.

“And what happens if things turn sour? If we haven’t proof enough?”

Martha sighs.

“He’ll eventually go free.”

Bella half laughs in misery.

“Of course he would. Just another day in the life of a Luthor. They get a slap on the hand and a pat on the back.”

“I’m so sorry Bella. Trust me John and I are doing everything in our power. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can do.”

“I know you are.” Bella says looking to Martha.

“I’m just not giving up quite yet. There’s gotta be something…”

Bella looks up from the register.


He smiles.


Clark turns from dealing with another customer. Jake makes his way over and hugs Bella.

“Where’ve you been girl? I was beginning to wonder!”

Bella shrugs.

“Eh… I’ve been around.”

“Not here…”Jake says with a shrug.

Bella turns back towards the register. Clark raises a brow as he notices the guy checking Bella’s ass out. He even does the tilting head move. Clark shakes his head. He wondered how Bella knew the guy. He’d seen him in here a couple times; during Bella’s disappearance.

“You look different…” The guy says.

Bella half laughs.


He shrugs.

“Yeah… your body… I mean…” The guy flinches and he clears his throat.

“Sorry…” He back peddles and sighs.

Clark finishes up with customer. Once he’s done he casually makes his way over. He offers a hand.

“Clark Kent.”

Jake looks to Bella oddly.

“So this is the guy?”

Bella smiles.

“Jake this is Clark, my boyfriend… Clark this is Jake. I met him in the caves. It seems it was his ancestors; that left all those beautiful paintings.”

Jake shakes Clark’s hand.

“So you’re the heartbreaker?”

“Jake…” Bella warns in a hissing matter.

Jake chuckles a bit. Clark takes in a breath. He wasn’t certain what to say. It was evident this guy was “into” Bella.

“I’m just sayin’…”

“Well don’t…” Bella softly states and looks to the door.

Another man walks in. He smugly grins.

“Finally…” He says and puts his hands upon his waist.

He looks around the shop. He was a tall blond haired man.


He smugly grins.

“So you do remember?”

“Well yeah, but what are you doing here?”

“You’re a hard girl to hunt down.”
“Hunt down?”

“Now, don’t go giving yourself too much credit. It just so happens I was passing through town. I remembered a certain cute girl at a club mentioning; that she lived in Smalliville. I thought I could maybe take you to lunch?”

“Oliver I…”



“My friends call me Ollie.”
“Oh well um, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Just as friends now. Come on now even you need to eat.”

“Ollie…” He insists.

“Right…” She says with hesitation.

Jake and Clark cut the man a death stare.

“Ollie…I’d like you to meet Clark. My boyfriend…”

The man rears back and takes off his shades.

“Boyfriend? Now you never said you had a boyfriend.”

Bella shrugs.

“You never asked.”

Clark yet again offered his hand. He felt rather pissed though now. What exactly took place during his absence? Club what club? Was Bella dating?! Who the hell were these men?!

He then thought about all the women he’d been with. He turns back to Bella in thought. Had she pulled the same thing as well? Was he feeling guilty over nothing?! The mere idea had him fuming. Had she been with other men?!

Oliver shakes Clark’s hand. But Clark could see it on the guy’s face. He didn’t like Clark one bit.

“Hmmm…” Oliver cocked a brow towards Clark.

“What sort of guy; leaves a good looking girl like this, alone at a club?”
Clark couldn’t help himself. He turned back to Bella. He then looked to the two guys.

“Something you wish to tell me?”

She shakes her head innocently.


“So about lunch…”

“Not happening.” Jake and Clark chorus.

They eye one another in skepticism.

“I wasn’t aware either of you spoke for the lady.”

Bella sighs.

“They don’t.”
“That’s a no Ollie. I got a shop to run.”

“So that’s your only reasoning?” He questions, looking to Clark vainly.

“First off, there is way too much testosterone being tossed about the air. You’re all suffocating me! Secondly, I don’t speak pigheaded jerk. Thirdly, I have a boyfriend!”

Bella makes her way over and escorts Ollie out of the shop. Once their outside; He chuckles and wiggles his brows.

“Something’s different about you.”

He glances her over.

“I like…”

“Ugh! GO!”

He nods, but takes her hand and kisses it.

“As you wish. We’ll meet again… Hopefully, next time you’ll be single?”

“Not likely…” They turn back to Clark’s voice.

Oliver nods.

“We shall see. Nice meeting you by the way!”

“Likewise…” Clark says snippy like.

They watch as Oliver gets into a fancy black sports car. Jake makes his way out of the shop.

“What a douche…” They hear Jake mutter.

Clark chuckles a bit.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Bella sighs, but says nothing as she starts back towards the shop.

“You’re returning to the cave sometime?”

She slowly turns towards Jake.


“Cool, maybe I’ll see you around?”

He nods and he hops on his bike.

“Give me a ring and I’ll give you a ride sometime.”

Clark growled, but Bella couldn’t hear it; over the roar of Jake’s engine. She waved Jake off and went back inside. Clark followed in after her.

“So…” He says as he leans against the register counter.

“So?” Bella repeats looking to him oddly.

“How exactly do you know those guys again?”

She smiles a bit.

“Is someone jealous?”

“Nope… Just curious…”


He clears his throat as the question burned within the tip of his tongue.

“So did you date anyone during?”

She automatically snaps a look upon him.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s just a question, Bell.”

She shakes her head.

“Of course not! Jesus Clark.”

He swallows back at this. He was relieved. Yet, the guilt somehow felt even heavier now.

“We weren’t separated that long Clark.” She says with a shrug.

However, she looks up in thought.

“Why would you ask me that Clark?”

She questions as she tightens a wheel on one of the skateboards.

“Like I said, just curious.”

She nods, but continues to look upon him as though she were studying him.

“Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Did you see anyone?”

He shuts his eyes for a moment. His heart raced and he knew through her new Kryptonian state; she’d picked up on it.

“Clark…” She says looking ill.

“Bell… I…”

He lowers his head in shame.

“You what…” She hisses.

“There were some girls…”

The board snaps in half.

“Girls…” She repeats.

He flinches, but nods.

Bella takes in a breath. She nods as she shuts her eyes for a moment.

“How many girls are we talking Clark?” Her voice became more chilling.

He clears his throat.

“A few…”

“Clark…” She grips the counter firmly.

Her eyes never left his.

“What did you do Clark?”

“It wasn’t exactly dating it was more like…”

“Like what?”

She shook all over now.

“Bell I’m so sorry I…’


“I might have kissed a few girls.”
“Kissed? So you didn’t date them? You just kissed them? Well hell that’s so much better?!”


“Why would you do that Clark? I mean what exactly played out during these kisses?”

“It was Kal-El Bell…”

“Oh no you don’t! You were just as much responsible! You were in there as well Clark! You could have stopped him if you truly wanted! Apparently, that was the one thing you and Kal-El agreed on! Just how far did you and “Kal-El” go with these other women?”

“It was nothing more than making out.”

“So you made out with other women?”

He nods shamefully.

“So many you seem to have lost count?”

“Bell I’m so sorry…”

She shakes her head.

“Hell, maybe I should have gone with my options as well! Lord, knows I had them!”

He flinches again.

“You don’t mean that Bell. You know, I’d never hurt you!”

“So it’s all Kal-El’s fault. Is that what you’re telling me?”

H sighs looking to the ground.

“Well you tell Kal-El that I’ll be waiting!”

She heatedly snaps. She looks to Clark and bitterly shakes her head. He reaches out to her.

“Don’t… Just don’t!”

He winces as she exits the shop. She slams the door and it falls off the hinge. Glass shatters all over the place. She turns to Clark for a brief moment. His eyes widen as an electrical current flowed around her hands.


Her hands shoot out and bolts of lightning hit him across the chest. He flies back against the counter.

“Clark!” She rushes over to check on him.

“I’m ok…” He says as his shirt was charred.

He stands back up. She nods, but even through the astonishment of what just took place; Bella was still PISSED!

“GOOD!” She pops him across the face and takes off at the speed of light.

Clark suddenly wished he could kick his own ass.

Bella kept running; only to find herself in Nebraska. Her jaw drops.

“How’d the hell?” She looks around catching a breath.

She groans out and turns back around. She runs her fingers through her hair.

“This is crazy.” She utters and takes off again heading back towards Smallville.

She makes her way to she and Clark’s usual windmill. Bella looked to it in thought. She leaped up and landed on their usual spot. She simply shrugs about something she’d normally giggle or grin about. At the moment she could care less about her abilities. She laid back and gazed upon the sky. Bella tried not to think about Clark and what he’d done. She knew deep down it really wasn’t him. The Clark Kent she knew; would never do such a thing. Still, it hurt. She’d spent all that time waiting for him. Without so much as a complaint. She’d turned down other men’s advances, because she was in love with Clark. She didn’t want anyone else! Yet, he was sucking face with other women, stealing, off having a damn pity party. Her hands balled up into fists in thought. Anger coursed through her. She felt betrayed and cheated.

Her body felt as though it had a sudden charge to it. The hair on her body rose. She came to her feet. The images hit. The mere idea of his lips one someone else’s! She pulled her hair and she leaped back down. The strikes began. She screamed out as the bolts shot from her and ignited the windmill. Panic rose within her as she couldn’t switch it off. It kept going. Charge after charge repeatedly, left her body and struck whatever area her palms faced. She jumped back as she lit the area beneath her on fire. She flinched as the fire reached up and burned her flesh.

“Bell!” Clark appeared before her.

His teeth ground together as he took the hits.

“NO CLARK!” She shrieked out.

It finally came to a stop. He shut his eyes momentarily. Bella ran her hand along his chest where he’d taken the hits. She winced in thought. “Clark…” She said softly. They both turned back to the fire spreading. Clark looked to Bella as he got on his cell phone. He called to the fire department and reported the fire. He made it sound as if they’d just driven past and saw it. Bella lowered her head. Once he got off the phone; Clark looked upon her.

“We better go before they get here.

Clark looks on to Bella off and on as he closes up the shop. She’d stayed quiet the remainder of the day. She only talked when dealing with costumers. Clark was wracking his brain trying to come up with something, anything, to make up for what he’d done. Deep down though he knew there was nothing he could do. He put himself in her shoes and knew how he’d react. Truth of the matter was. Bella was handling it far better than he would have.

Once he locks up for the day; Clark opens the truck door for Bella. His hands run along the stirring wheel. He decidedly, drove them to a more secluded area. So that he and Bella could talk.

“What can I do Bell?” He practically pleads.

She closes her eyes briefly.

“We weren’t even together. I was the one that dumped you.” She says looking shattered still.

“I was still in the wrong. You’re right. I need to find a way to center this out. I need to find a way for Kal-El and Clark to coexist. He needs to be controlled and I’m the only one that can truly do that.”

“Why did you do it Clark? I mean what was going through your mind; during this phase?”

He lowers his head; shaking it.

“I was mad. That was what I remembered most; feeling so angry. I was hurt and acted out foolishly. All I could think about was how I’d wanted you to marry me and for us to leave all this drama; that is Smallville behind. I felt as though you no longer wanted me, that you didn’t love me. So I was trying to fill this void that couldn’t truly be filled. I know you’re not going to believe me on this. I’ve given you no reason to. But there was one other thing I remembered. Through each girl; I kept comparing her to you. None of them even came close. None of them looked, smelled, or even kissed like you. I believe that’s why I was so quick to lose interest. I was a complete ass, Bell.”

“You’re right, it sounds like your totally sucking up now Clark.” She says with a small grin.

Clark however, caught the tears she quickly wiped away.

“It’s true though. Each of them was unsatisfying…”

“Wow, you truly do sound like a dick.”

He softly chuckles, but that of shame more than humor.

Bella looks to her hands in thought.

“So how come you don’t send out bolts of lightning?”

“That’s what I was curious about. Maybe, it’s just something I haven’t picked up yet? Or it may be possible we have different aptitudes?”

“It damn near reacted like your heat vision. Only I wasn’t horny.”

They both laugh a bit.

“So it was anger I take it?” Clark inquires.

Bella nods.

“I tried to control it. Honest, but it just kept building. I could feel the surge taking over my body. It was like what I did to you in the shop. Only it wouldn’t stop; no matter what I did.”

“Well it sounds like something we need to focus on. We’ll get it under wraps…”

“I can’t believe; I burned down the windmill.”

“Our windmill at that.” He taunts and nudges her shoulder playfully.

She half grins shaking her head. He takes in a breath. He puts his arm around her. Clark kisses her forehead and presses it against his own for an moment.

“Bell, I love you and I’m going to do my damnest to show you that. All I can do from here is try and make up for how badly I screwed up.”

“It takes two to tango.”

He looks to her oddly.

“I’m no peach Clark. I made just as many mistakes; especially, as of late. I shouldn’t have dumped you. By doing that… I gave up. You needed me Clark and I turned my back to you. So for that I’m sorry also. We both seemed to of had our heads up our asses.”

“Bell, I deserved whatever you dished out. When I really look back on everything that took place? I can’t really blame you for dumping me.”

“But you weren’t exactly yourself. Deep down I knew that too. I knew something was wrong and I failed you. Some wingman huh?”

He smiles in thought.

“I think it’s safe to say; that you’re far more than some wingman.”

He pulls her into his lap.

“I couldn’t think of a greater gift.” He earnestly states.

“Knowing that you’re my future as well; you have no idea what that means to me.”

He sucks back a breath. Clark couldn’t truly explain it. Ever since Bella had told him about what his mother said. Something within Clark had stirred awake. He felt more alive. Happier even… just in the mere knowledge… that Bella was to one day be his wife. That they had a future set out for them.

Clark became alive with fire. He interlocked his fingers within her hair as he kissed her. His hips slightly lifted off the seat, with awakening. With his hands about her waist he shifted her about him. Clark looked to Bella in wonder. She’d climbed out of his lap. Bella unzipped his pants. His eyes shot wide open; as Bella suddenly had her mouth around him. He could feel the wet warmth of her tongue working along his dick. Still that old fear of hurting her tugged at him. He remembered how hard he shot when he did come. He went to stop her even though it felt incredible. Bella wasn’t having it though. She felt him trying to pull her back. Only she got even more into it.

“Bell…” He moaned out; aching more than ever before.

Since he’d never had this done before; he knew he wasn’t about to last.

“Bell…I’m about to come!” He gruffly moaned.

Still she wouldn’t stop. He fired hardcore into her mouth. He sat there for a moment. A hint of shock had come over him. Clark was thankful to see Bella; was by no means harmed. She came up with a grin and was wiping her mouth clean. He’d bent the stirring wheel back completely though. In fact his hands were still on it. Bella softly laughed. She reached over and bent it back into shape.

“Earth to Clark… Come in Clark…”

He nodded, but swallowed back before a word came out of his mouth.

“You alright there?”

“Damn…” He said as if breathless.

Bella giggled a bit.

“You’re too funny Clark.”

“Hmm…” He pulled her back into his lap.

He lifted her denim skirt up. He pulled her red bikini panties to the side.

“We’re not done…” He said with a grin.

Once he was inside. He laid her down. He kept in mind not to tear up the truck. Which wasn’t an easy task. Clark couldn’t get over how worked up he was. He already felt like he was about to come again. It didn’t help that Bella had her hands all over his bare chest beneath his shirt. Something that drove him mad with lust. Her legs were wrapped around him and Bella was overflowing she was coming so hard.

“Don’t stop… Keep coming Bell.” He found himself demanding.

His jaw clenched tightly as he tried to last just a bit longer. It wasn’t due to endurance by no means. The both of them could go all night and day. No it was the fact that he was overstimulated. He kept feeling the urge to come. That’s just what he did. He couldn’t stop it if he tried. All it took, was feeling her flooding against him one more time and those sweet words he always loved to hear from her lips.

“Clark baby…” She seductively whimpered.

“His name is Lucas Luthor… He would be Lex’s half-brother.” Bruce indicates as Bella looks over the file.

Clark was inside with Virgil and his parents. Bella and Bruce were in the loft. So they could speak on the matter more privately.

“So Lex believes his brother to be dead?” Bella questions.

“From what it looks like, yes.”

Bella nods and continues to read through the file. Rachel Dunleavy was his biological mother. She’d placed him up for adoption. Bella saw that the boy was her and Clark’s age though now.

“So where is Lucas now?”

“I’m not certain. He was never adopted out.”

Bella shook her head on this.

“I figure this is the leverage you were looking for. I doubt Lionel wants Lex to know of this.”

“Jesus, how jacked up can this family get.”

Bruce nods in thought.

“Now that I’ve given you this information. Just how do you plan to go about this? Surely you understand just how it is the Luthor’s work.”

“Oh believe me Bruce. No one knows better than me.”

He looks to her peculiarly.

“Revenge is never the answer.”

“This isn’t about revenge. This is about protecting the ones I love.” She looks back to the house in thought.

“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to let me handle this?”

“Why would you be willing to do that? No offense Bruce, but we don’t exactly know each other that well.”

“Let’s just say I have a feeling about things. You need my help on this. I truly wish you’d allow me to offer my services.”

“With all due respect Bruce. I appreciate it. But this isn’t your battle. It’s my own. All of this is because, of something much more personal between Lionel’s son and I. We have some unfinished business.”

Bruce sighs.

“I’m afraid you’re getting in over your head. You’re just a teenager Bella. You shouldn’t have to concern yourself with such things.”

“It’s my cross to bear. Thank you for the information. This will help.”

Bruce looks her in the eyes.

“Just promise me you won’t do anything foolish. I do not wish to feel that I somehow added to your problems. This is merely to help you and your family Bella. I’d hate to hear that this was used in a way that could cause you or your loved ones even more harm than good.”

Bella nods.

“You’ve my word that I will be wise with this information.”

He takes her hand into his own.

“Good luck then. I trust I can keep your word. However, if something shall rise…Do not hesitate to call. No matter the hour. If I do not answer. Leave a message. I assure you, I will get back to you.”

Bella takes in a breath.

“Thank you Bruce. I’m sorry for my constant bothering.”

“You’re never a bother. I’m glad I could be of help.”

They turn back as Clark peers into the barn.

“I hadn’t realized you and Mr. Wayne had grown so close.” Clark teases looking to Bruce’s hand.

Bruce clears his throat and drops his hold. Bella blushes a bit. She makes her way over to Clark and kisses his cheek. She then heads on inside to visit with her uncle; before they leave.

Clark and Bruce give each other the nod.

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