Chapter 26 Training Clark’s Way

Chapter 26

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“And you still do not believe my dear?” Virgil questioned as he observed the cave.

Bella looked to her uncle and shrugged. She heard Clark chuckling. Virgil continued, to look about the cave in awe. She knew, he’d love being taken down here. He and Bruce decided to stay, for one more day. They were staying at one of the hotels. Virgil looked as though a boy, in a toy shop. He even snapped some pictures, of the artwork. He also deciphered a lot about, what Billy had already. The three of them turn, as Jake enters the cave. He’d brought his sister, with him.

Bella smiled upon them, warmly.

“Jake, Kayla…”

Bella however, noticed how Kayla gave Clark the once over. She even blushed, as Clark shook her hand. Bella thought of the irony to it. Clark didn’t even seem to take notice.

“Clark, Virgil this is Kayla, Jake’s sister. Kayla this is Clark, my boyfriend and Virgil, my uncle.”

Kayla didn’t hide her disappointment, very well. She actually sighed, when Bella said boyfriend. Jake cut his sister a look and shook his head. She shrugged, but continued to look around. Jake shook Virgil’s hand.

“A pleasure, I’m told by my niece, that your ancestors did these wonderful paintings.”

“Yes sir.” Jake replied.

“You must take great honor in such heritage.”

“Yes at times.” Jake says with a smirk.

His sister elbowed him. Jake cuts Bella a certain look.

“Can we talk?”

Bella looks to him puzzled.

“Um sure.”

Clark nods towards her as she and Jake head outside the cave.

“I actually came to say goodbye. We’re heading back now.”


“Yes, we found the cave now and that’s what mattered. We must go back, to the reservation. We will find a way ,to get this under the tribe’s name and claim.”

Bella nodded.

“Then good luck to you Jake.”

He clears his throat.

“Can I at least get a hug?”

Bella smiles.

“I don’t see that as a problem.”

He reaches out and hugs her.

“You take care crazy one.”

She half laughs.

“You too.”

He calls to his sister. Kayla heads on out first. Once she’s out of sight, Jake turns to Bella. He’d a impish grin about his face. He gave her a wink and put his finger upon his lips. Her jaw dropped as he took off running. He transformed halfway through the woods. Bella made out the back of an auburn brown wolf. A small giggle left her mouth.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

“You want me to what now?”

“Lift me.”
“Clark baby, you saw how that bale of hay, went flying. You want to fly Clark?”

He grimaces a bit. It was no secret, Clark was afraid of heights. Bella thought it was hilarious. The very first time, he’d ever discovered, he could leap at great distances. Bella thought, he’d have a heart attack. He totally freaked. He’d ended up on the barn, the first time. He looked as though, a stray kitten. Wandering around, trying to figure out how to get down. Bella had never laughed, so hard. It only made him angry too. He wasn’t too thrilled. When he took notice, of her laughing. She grins in memory.


“Oh nothing…”

He looks around the field.

“The key is to gain control. Always start off slow and carefully. Now come on…”

She shrugs.

“Good thing you heal.”

He smiles and shrugs. Bella tilts her head a bit. She was trying to think, of how to go about it. Clark folds his arms, about his chest.

“I’m a thinking, just give a minute.”

He goes to say something else. Nevertheless, Bella scoops him up. He raises his brows. He didn’t think about how un-masculine, he’d truly feel. He clears his throat.

“Um great job! Now put me down.”

She gets a mischievous look about her face.

“Bell…” He said recognizing that look.

She lifted him up over her head. She giggles.


He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Yep…” He leaped out of her hold.

She continued to laugh.

“You’re too funny, Mork.”

He nods, but looks to Bella’s truck.

“Watch it, Mindy. Now, go see about lifting your truck. I’d take extra precaution.”

She shrugs and makes her way that direction.

“Um where do I start?” She looks to him lost.

He makes his way over and demonstrates.


She seems to struggle a bit. She however, gets it down. Clark seemed to notice, she wasn’t as strong as he was. But strong enough, to lift the entire truck off the ground. She just couldn’t lift it above her head. She strained, just trying to do so. He helped her place it back down.

“So you’re stronger than me?” She says with a frown.

He chuckles.

“Sorry Bell.”

She turns her direction towards John. He was coming out of the house.

“Hey Uncle John…”

Clark grinned ear to ear. He already knew…

“What Bells?”

His father’s eyes widen as Bella picked him up. He’d his arms around her neck. He too cleared his throat. Like he were, holding on for dear life. Clark bowled over in laughter. John sighs.

“You can put me down now.”

She grins and places him down.

Clark tested her on a few more things. She was getting better control. Still, with things such as; the truck and tractor. She couldn’t lift them, over her head. Whereas, Clark could. Once he felt more comfortable with this. He moved on. He decided to work, with her new ability. Something within him thought, this was her version, of his heat vision. So the only true way, he knew to go about it. Was to trigger it, aka making Bella mad… He frowned in thought.

He walks her over to the targets, he’d set up earlier. Scarecrows, just like he’d practiced with. He hated this.

“I’m going to need you, to think about whatever angers you.”

She looks to him oddly.

“We need to get your ability, under control. First thing’s first though, we got to set it off. Then you need to learn, how to do it at will.

“That’s not fair. You get to think about sex and I have to get pissed off?!”

He rubs the back of his neck in thought. He swallowed back with curiosity. He remembered being angry at times, with his heat vision… so…

“Ok, let’s try a different approach then.”

Clark walks up behind her. He took in a breath. He hoped this worked, over the alternative. Deep down he knew, what she’d be thinking about if not. The mere thought had him ill. Clark looks around, making sure no one was watching them. Once he sees they’re in the clear. He moves her hair, away from her neck. He’d a few tricks, up his sleeves. He always knew what, worked with Bella. Just certain touches or things he could say, that would rile her up every time. One of her favorite things… When he kissed along her neck. So Clark wrapped his arms around her waist. He brushed his lips against, the crevice of her neck. He heard her softly gasp. He knew it was already working.

“Focus…” He began to whisper.

“This feeling right here, put it out there. You’re going to feel it building. It’s going to feel as though, something rising within you.” He raised both her arms, towards the targets.

“Come on Bell, show me what you can do.” He continues to seductively whisper.

He could hear her heart rate, reacting to his words. He noticed how her hair raised a bit. A true beam came about him. Her hands had surge of electricity, about them.

“Now aim and let it go.”

He watches in sheer amazement. Streams of electro currents flowed from her hands.

“Now stop.” He continued to stay where he was. He continued to speak softly.

He grinned, as she was able to shut it off.

“Now go.” He chuckled as he kissed along her neck and the power flowed even stronger.

“Stop…” Clark was having some issues of his own.

He found himself, aroused by all this. Even more so by the way, she reacted to him. He whispered one more time. Clark rested his head, along her shoulder.

“Last time Bell.”

The last scarecrow, lit up in flames as the current struck it. The others, merely turned to ashes. They had black smoke, following afterword. Thus, proved she was gaining control.

“Good job.” He said with sincerity.

They watched as the fire, eventually died out. Just as his heat wave. Bella’s electric wave was deadly. He looked over, to see her turning it off and on. He liked seeing this. She was getting the hang of it. Still he didn’t move. In fact he pressed himself against her. His kisses became more desperate. He moved a hand towards her jeans. He unfastened them and had her arched back against him. He rubbed his entire hand back and forth against her white panties. She was wearing a white tank top. Clark took advantage of his abilities. He looked through her top. He stared down upon her now; as if she was in the buff. That’s when it dawned on him. He pulled out his hand and took a step back.

She turned to him, with disappointment. He chuckled, as she even had that bottom lip puckered out.

“I just wanted to test something.”

“What? Seeing if I’ll explode from sexual frustration?”

Clark narrows his eyes with a smirk.

“Is that really possible?”

She frowns.

“I just want to see if you have X-ray vision.”

“So you want me to see you nakers?!” She mocks and covers her mouth.

He smiles shaking his head.

“It’s only fair right? There’s a trick to it though Bell. It’s going to seem a bit creepy at first. That too is something else; you have to learn to control. With X-Ray vision, you can make out a lot of things. It goes beyond flesh, Bell. So whatever you see. Don’t let it alarm you.”

He begins to tell her how he goes about it. How to focus on a particular area or people. How to start off light and dig deeper. What you see depends, on the amount of concentration and what you’re thinking about. They tried for a good fifteen minutes, but no such luck. Or so they thought. She turned with frustration. Bella reached to her temples, with a slight migraine coming on.

“Are you ok?”

She nods, but it continued to pick up. She turned back to Clark and jumped. It was working now alright. But she wasn’t seeing nudity. No she saw his muscles, and the blood pumping through is veins.


“What are you seeing?”

“It’s gross!”

“What’s gross?”

“You’re like all meaty and stuff.”

He raises a brow. She shuts her eyes, to the sensitivity. She staggered back a bit.

“Easy now.”

He appeared behind her.

“Just calm down. What you’re seeing , is muscle tissue. It’s perfectly normal.”

“The hell it is. That is so not normal!”

Clark softly laughs.

“Just breathe and focus. Don’t get so worked up. I’m right here. You’re not alone in this. I’ve been right where you are. I know it can be overwhelming and scary. But I won’t let you go, through this alone.”

She nods and takes in a breath.

“Now open your eyes now.”

She opens one eye and rears back a bit. A grin however, forms. She covers her mouth, giggling. He shakes his head, but with a smile.

“So it’s working now?”

She nods.

“And someone’s got a boner…” She whispers in mockery.

He raises his brows on this.

“That’s clearly your fault.”

She finally, gets down the three layers. To the X-Ray vision, through Clark walking her through it. From there he stopped for the day. The X-Ray alone, takes a lot out of you at first. He could already see it, in her eyes.

They headed to the loft. John and Martha had headed out of town, to get some groceries. Clark sat down on the couch. He shut his eyes, for a few seconds. Only to open them and see Bella stark naked before him. Without another thought, he unzipped his pants.

Clark pulled himself out. He’d had a hard on, for over an hour now. So at the moment. It had a life of its own, as it bobbed about. He wiggled his finger, for her to come to him. She climbed aboard. Clark let out a significant moan. He lowered the straps to her tank top. Clark then unclasped her bra. He threw it onto the desk in the loft. Bella covered her mouth, in surprise. She went to take off Clark’s shirt. It ripped right down, the middle.

Clark half laughed.

“Well, that was a new shirt.”
“Sorry…” She says cutting him, a sheepish look.

“Hmm, easily replaceable.” He groaned, as he began to spur her on.

This right here was something, they were learning together. They had to learn to control, themselves even during sex. If they gave their all, they could easily destruct something. Even now as Bella rocked against him. The couch kept jumping back a bit. He was too into the moment to care. He buried his face into her breasts; as she rode about him. They were both so pumped up. It didn’t take long for either of them, to get off. Even after they were done… Clark continued to lick and suck upon her breasts. His massive hands stayed glued, to her hour glass waist.

They eventually, got dressed and laid on the couch. Bella lay against his chest. He’d his arm around her. Bella fell asleep in his arms. He smiled and held her even tighter.

Clark looks to Bella bewildered. They’d just got through running the shop. They were heading home. She pulled over though and looked a bit nervous.

“You remember how we promised; there wouldn’t be any more secrets, between us?”

He nods, feeling slightly on edge. He wondered, where this was going.

“There’s something, I need to tell you, Clark baby. But I need you to try and understand everything; I have to say and my reasoning, behind it. I also need you to keep this, just between us. You’re parents haven’t any idea, that I know. In fact, even you’re not supposed to know.”

“Know what Bell?”

She runs her hands, along the stirring wheel. Clark picked up on her uneven heart rate. She takes in a breath.

She begins to tell him, everything about the adoption. About what Bruce had pulled up on Lionel. She tells Clark the consequences to everything that may; or may not take place. She also tells him that tomorrow; she has to take the stand. She hands him two files. Not just the one on Lucas Luthor, but the one on Clark Kent… His adoption papers, leading to him now knowing. That his parents had made a deal, with Lionel Luthor in order to discreetly, adopt him. They couldn’t go about it through a more legal matter, considering the truth behind Clark. How he really came to them. Making it even more difficult to keep Clark’s secret safe from Lionel himself.

Clark had sat there quietly, without interruption. Sure he looked as though he were about to freak out. But he just listened. Once Bella was done talking. Clark merely nodded. He pressed his lips together and looked outside the window. He says the one thing, his parents and Bella were concerned about.

“Even with this leverage… the ship healed you…” He hinted.

“Trust me, I’ve thought about that myself.”

“What about hospital records.”

“Lionel’s been doing his homework as well. I went to gather my records. Yeah, they’re all gone. Literally, from my childhood up Clark. Everything GONE!”


“I know he’s behind that. He’s the only one; that would even take interest, in something like that.”

“And you have to testify, against Lex tomorrow morning?”

Bella nods.

“There’s no way, you’re going without me! I don’t even want you in the same room as that bastard!”

Clark’s hands were balled up into fists. He was bending the files; he’d still had in his hand. Bella sighs and places a gentle hand upon his shoulder. She leans over and kisses his cheek.

“We’ll figure this out, somehow.”

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