Chapter 27 Hook, Line, Sinker

Chapter 27

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Bella looked in the mirror. She wore a cobalt blue buttoned blouse, a long black skirt, black high heels, a dress jacket. She had her hair pulled back. She felt as though she were dressed for a funeral. Her stomach churned. She wasn’t even sure how to go about this. What was supposed to say? What would she claim? She hadn’t any evidence left. She felt as though she’d become the mockery of Smallville. The girl that lied about getting shot. Only her family and friends knew the truth. She wondered if Lionel Luthor had paid off some of the hospital staff for their silence. She looked upon the file once more. She’d have to find a way to sneak this to Lionel before the trial. She only prayed it’d make some sort of difference.

Bella pulled out her drawer for one of her hair clips. A drawer she hadn’t pulled out since she’d come into her abilities. She instantly reached to her temples and staggered back a bit. She’d forgotten she moved the coach’s whistle and the other rock in there. Bella merely stared upon the green items within her drawer. She dropped to her knees.

Martha had knocked on her door. She was wondering why she hadn’t come down for breakfast yet.


Martha quickly shut the drawer. She cupped Bella’s cheeks looking into her eyes.
“Are you alright sweetheart?”

Bella took in a breath and nodded. Martha hugged Bella and kissed her forehead.

“I’ll make sure those are put away.” Martha assured.

Bella nodded. Martha helped her to her feet. They headed on down stairs. Everyone was dressed up for the trial, even John and Clark were in suits. Bella made her way to the sink. She poured herself a glass of water. Clark shook his head. Guilt continued to consume him. Because of who he was Bella would always pay the price. Here she was not as vulnerable now, yet still her life was tilted upside down. Her heart rate never died down. She finished her water.

Martha had breakfast set out on the table already. Bella looked to it as though it was raw sewage. It had nothing to do with Martha’s cooking. Bella just couldn’t think about eating. She wasn’t the only one. In fact everyone at the table just rather picked at their food. No one truly seemed to be eating.

Normally, Bella would have some sort of jokes. Something anything to lighten the mood. Even she didn’t feel to be in the joking mood. She knew what today meant. Everything was on her now.

She looked no one in the eyes as she got up from the table. She emptied out her plate. She washed it out in the sink. She stared out the window. Hatred was washing over her. She hated the Luthor’s and everything they stood for. She looked back towards the file. To think there was another one of them out there. Her cell ran and she jumped. She takes it out of her jacket pocket.




Clark perked up at this.

“Yeah I just wanted you to know we’re all outside.”

A smile came along her face. She turned towards the front door. She made her way over and looked outside. She smiled and hung up the phone. She stepped outside to see Chloe, Whitney, and Pete. Clark stood at the door looking out as well now.

“You’re not going through this alone.” Pete said.

Chloe nodded in agreement. Chloe reached out and grabbed hold of Bella. Clark swallowed back his own emotions. Bella began to tear up a bit.

“Thanks guys…”

Whitney nodded and patted her on the arm.

“We’re heading on over there. Just wanted to stop by and say good luck.”

Bella hugs Pete and Whitney as well. Chloe takes her hand and squeezes it once more. She gives her a wink and they gather back up into Pete’s car.

Clark put a hand upon her shoulder as they watched them drive away. She turned and he wrapped his arms around her.

“I can’t believe they’re going.”

“That’s what friends do Bella.”

When it comes time to leave they take Martha’s car. Clark keeps his arm around Bella. Once they park before the court house, Johnathon turns around.

“The both of you need to make certain you keep your abilities intact. No matter what happens here today. You’re both to keep in mind the consequences if either of you get out of control.”

They both nod. He and Martha sigh. They all step out of the car. Clark takes Bella’s hand. They head on up the stairs. She’d the file in her hand. Clark gently swiped it.

“I’ll find a way.” He hinted.

She nodded. Their friends were already in their seats. Clark swiftly found a way to sneak the file into Lionel’s hands, along with other papers he had. He hadn’t even taken notice. He was too busy talking to his lawyer. Clark made his way back to his family and Bella. Yet again he took her hand as if nothing had even taken place.

The four of them take their seats, directly behind their friends. Bella grew more and more tense. Lex Luthor was eventually brought out in his white prison scrubs. He was handcuffed. He locked eyes with her immediately. Clark held her closer and cut Lex a go fuck yourself look. Clark never dreamed he’d want to kill someone as bad as he did Lex. What made it worse was that this was his friend at one time. Now he couldn’t’ stand the sight of him. He found himself wishing he’d let Lex die!

The judge banged his gavel letting everyone know that court was in session. The doors swung open. Lana entered the room. She was really starting to show now. Lex looked back and smiled her direction. Both Clark and Bella wanted to hurl as she quickly made her way over and pecked him on the lips. Bella shut her eyes as he kissed her tummy as well . Clark’s hold on Bella got tighter. Bella felt as though she couldn’t breathe. This was like a nightmare. She wanted to scream.

The judge went over a few of the proceedings. Of everything that had taken place so far during these trials. By the time he was done, it was more than clear that Bella was the deciding factor. Today Lex’s fate would rely on her testimony and what the jurors thought once she was done. However, the jurors were already staring Lana down. Bella already saw the sympathetic looks they were giving her on being pregnant. Bella half laughed to herself. She looked to Clark wondering if she should have stuffed a pillow in her blouse. That wasn’t how Bella did things though. She was going to be honest, at least to what degree she could be. She wasn’t going to lie in order to win this.

Before long she was called to the stand. All eyes were on her. She felt as though they were burning holes into her. Clark pecked her on the lips and gently squeezed her hand before she made her way over.

A police officer held a bible before her.

“Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”


He nods and helps her to her seat.

“Please state your name.”

She takes in a breath.
“Isabella Marie Swan.”

“And how old are you Ms. Swan?”

“I’m 17 sir.”

“You attend school at Smallville?”

“Yes sir.”

The judge nods and looks to be jotting something down.

“Very well let’s proceed. He waves Lionel’s lawyer over.”

Bella noticed that Lionel had the file open now. He was reading it over. She wanted to smile and wave his direction. She fought against it. She merely nodded his way. He looked ill. He took of his glasses and rubbed his face. Lionel’s lawyer starts cross examining her like lawyers usually do trying to catch someone in a lie. She does her best to remain focused and give what details; she can to what took place. Then comes the nitty griddy where they try to come up with something anything to deter from the actual truth. To make Bella look like she’s incompetent.

“Is it true that you were arrested few months ago due to violent behaviors?”

Bella raises her brows on this. She looks towards Clark. He was shaking his head. John held his wife’s hand as her jaw dropped. Bella nods.

“Yes sir, I felt as though Mr. Nixon meant my family harm. He had been sneaking onto the farm and spying on the Kent’s.”

“And how did you handle the situation?”

She shuts her eyes for a moment, looking back to that day.
“I took a bat to his car.”

The jury starts whispering. John and Martha’s lawyer speaks up.

“Irrelevant and that has nothing to do with this case.”

Bella looks to Lex.

“Actually, I’ve beliefs that Roger Nixon was working for Mr. Luthor.”

“Belief’s…” Lex’s lawyer utters.

“But yet again there’s that lack of proof. Such as to all this.”

He motions towards Bella’s family and friends.

“These are all people that have your back. They’ve all been here fighting your case, but where have you been Ms. Swan? We haven’t seen you step inside these court walls once.”

John comes to a stand in the crowd.

Bella cuts him a look and shakes her head.

“That was my wife’s and I’s decision! As her guardians we have that say. That man has put her through enough!”

“I do not believe you were asked to come to the stand Mr. Kent.”

“Watch how you talk to him.” Bella barks angrily.

“That man has more balls than you could even possibly dream of having.”

Chloe, Pete, and Whitney cover their mouths in laughter. Clark half grinned shaking his head.

“Watch yourself Ms. Swan you’ll be held in contempt.”

Bella leans back in her seat.

“Have a seat Mr. Kent or you will be joining Ms. Swan down that road.”

Johnathon bitterly takes his seat.

“You’re right. I’ve not made an appearance. But I’m here now… so why don’t you question me about the actual case now instead of playing this little game of manipulation.” She smiles.

“You even sound like a Luthor you know. Trying to twist the pieces to where you want them. Going over everything, but the actual events. Praying that you can side step the real issue and get a poll of sympathy for poor ole rich boy Luthor.”

The judge banged his gavel.

“One more time Swan…” He warns.

She sighs. She pinches the bridge of her nose.

“Fine, question away!”

“Is it true that you and Lex Luthor had a bit of a personal relationship?”

She starts to laugh a bit.

“Excuse me?”
“Just answer the question.”
“That’d be a big fat no!”

“OBJECTION! He’s badgering the witness!”

“I’ve a point to all this.”


“That’s not what evidence shows.”

She looks to the lawyer oddly.

“This I gotta see…” She states.

The lawyer nods. He starts some sort of slide show of pictures. Bella’s jaw drops. There were pictures of her and Lex. Clearly from when he’d kidnapped her. He’d set it up while she was asleep to make it look as though they were in bed together.

“What do you have to say to that?”

“Do you not notice my eyes are closed during that? That’s clearly set up!”
“Doesn’t look to be that way.”

“You’re kidding me right?! I’m in a god damn hospital gown! Pay closer attention you horses ass!”

“MS. Swan!” The judge scolds.

“Is it true that this was all made up. Because he’d fallen for the lovely Lana Lang instead! You got jealous. Especially, once you found out she was with child! HIS! You wanted to be in her place! You grew irate and jealous once you found out he was seeing someone else. You never listened each time he tried to break it off with you. You hired someone to shoot you. Only things didn’t quite go as planned as they tried to kill you instead! You wanted to set Lex Luthor up out of spite and jealousy in hopes that he would pay and be sent away forever!”

Clark shook his head. Bella reached to her heart. She was doing everything in her power to control herself. Don’t Bell she heard him whispering. Please don’t … His eyes locked with hers. She swallows back at the sound of his voice. She forces herself to calm down.

“No, Lex and I never had a relationship. Everything you just said is all lies. I’ve been with Clark Kent for over a year now.”

“Is it true that you were seeing both men and….”


Bella started laughing. Her hands balled up. She cut Lex a look. She then looked to Lionel. Lionel cleared his throat and waved the lawyer back over. They looked to be arguing.

She shut her eyes and began to focus. She covered her ears and scooted back in her chair.

“Ms. Swan?”

She ground her teeth together. Bella hunched over in her seat. She gripped her chair firmly. Clark was freaking out he didn’t know what to do. He had a feeling it was her superhearing coming in, at the worst timing possible.

“Ms. Swan…” The judge questioned.

“Are you alright?”

I mean it no more or you’re fired! But sir!

Bella looked over.

“Ten minute recess. Ms. Swan I do hope you get your affairs in order so we can proceed!”

She nods. Clark rushes over.
“Are you alright?”

She nods still reaching to her temples. He leads her out of the room. Martha hands Bella some water.

“What happened?”

“I think it was another Clark thing.” She whispers.

Clark sighed.

“Sorry Bell…”


She looks to the three of them.

“I heard Lionel threaten to fire his lawyer. Not sure what all that means, but I suppose we’re about to find out.”

Once it’s about time to head back inside. Clark pulls her to the side.

“Bell…” He puts a hand upon her cheek.

“This isn’t right. You shouldn’t have to be going through all this!”

She pecks him on the lips.

“You’re here and that’s what matters.”

He shuts his eyes as she heads back inside. His heart was literally breaking. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take. Bella takes the stand again.

This time John and Martha’s lawyer comes to the front. He questions her allowing her to tell her side of the story. She tells the jury and judge everything that took place. She leaves out anything that has to do with Clark and his abilities. The lawyer nods once he’s done questioning her and she gets her side of everything out.

“Thank you Ms. Swan.””
The lawyer pats her hand gently. He looks to the jury and takes a seat.

“We’ve one more witness to call to the stand.” Lionel’s lawyer declares.

Everyone in the room except for Lana Lang looks to one another.

“And who might this be? I wish to get this wrapped up. This case has gone on long enough!”

“Ms. Lana Lang, fiancée of Lex Luthor.”

The judge sighs.

“Very well. Ms. Swan you may step down now.”

Bella nods and she notices the odd glance Lana cuts her. Bella sits beside Clark. He wraps his arm around her. Chloe reached back and took Bella’s hand. They swear her in and she takes her seat.

“How are you today Ms. Lang?”

She smiles.

“Could be better.”

He softly chuckles.

“I must say you look ravishing.”

Clark and Bella roll their eyes.

“Well thank you sir.”

He nods.

“Please state your relationship to Mr. Lex Luthor.”
She smiles warmly and looks Lex’s way.

“He’s my fiancé and father of my unborn child.”

“Tell me Ms. Lang. Before you and Mr. Luthor’s relationship picked up. Was he indeed dating Ms. Swan?”

Lana looks over to Bella.

“Yes sir…”

Bella closes her eyes and shakes her head upon Lana.

“And how long do you believe they’d been seeing one another.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe a year or so.”

Bella shoots up in her seat.

“That would have made me 16! Not very smart Lang!” Bella warns.
The judge shakes his head.

“Escort Ms. Swan out of the room.” He says to the police officer.

“Then perhaps we can proceed.”

Bella laughs.

“No need! I’ll show myself OUT!”

She walks out of the courtroom. She paces the area outside. Clark follows her out.

“Why would she say that? Why!”

Clark didn’t know what to say or do.

“This is fucking hell! It’s like me being shot was a joke.”

“Shh…” He grabs hold of her and puts her head against his shoulder.

“I just don’t know how much more I can take. This wasn’t what I expected. Stupid huh. I mean they are Luthor’s. I should have known better. I should have known! I…”

He holds her tighter. After a few more minutes the police officer returns. He motions them back inside.

“Can you control yourself now Ms. Swan?”

She nods.

“Very well. He looks to the jury. Has the jury come to a decision?”
They all look to one another. Bella looks to a few of them oddly as they cut her what looked to be apologetic glances. She couldn’t tell what it was.

“Yes we have sir.”

He nods.

“And what have we decided?”

“We, the jury, find in favor of the defendant Mr. Lex Luthor.”

Bella’s heart sank. Their entire group gasped in shock. “WHAT?” Pete shouted. Clark snapped a piece of the bench they were sitting in off he was pissed. Johnathon was first to shoot up. Martha and Pete held him back. “THIS IS BULLSHIT! AND YOU KNOW IT!” John shouts as Pete and Martha drag him out of the room. Lex and Lana smiled and came to their feet. Bella shot Lionel a look. She came to her feet. Bella looked to no one as she exited the courthouse. She didn’t expect the media once she stepped outside. Cameras and microphones were in her face. She put on her shades and rushed down the stairs one interviewer got in her way.

“My name is Jimmy Olsen Ms. and…” She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

She turned to see everyone taking pictures. She dropped her hold. Bella shook her head and made her way to Martha’s car. She locked the doors and lay her entire body down. They were actually taking pictures of her inside the car. Bella covered her face. Clark came out with his parents. He saw this and complete fury washed over him. He saw them surrounding the car and knew Bella was in there.

“Jesus!” Johnathon shouted.

“BACK OFF!” He shouted.

He and Clark rushed over and started pushing them away from the car. Martha was led down by Pete and Whitney. They opened the door for Martha. John got in and slammed his fist on the horn. Clark opened the door and Bella scooted over letting him in.

John started the car and he continued to honk on the horn until he cleared a way. He floored it home from there. Once they got home Bella got out and took off. Clark leaned against the car and covers his face for a moment. He couldn’t believe all this was happening.

Bella dropped down to her knees, before her parents graves. She screamed out on top of her lungs. The entire area around her shook violently. Bolts of energy escaped her body. Her fingers dug into the earth. Clark and his parents felt the aftermath and he’d heard Bella scream.

He took off that direction. He found her at her parent’s graves. An electric current flowed around her entire body. Her hair was flowing from the charge.


She turned to him. Tears streamed down her face.

“You gotta calm down now…” He carefully approaches her.

“I don’t want to be here!”

He nods.

“Where do you want to be Bell?”

“I can do that… I just need you to turn it off now…”

She looks to him confused. Her eyes widen as she looks upon her body.

He takes in a breath realizing she hadn’t a clue.

“Breathe…just focus Bell. Look into my eyes and breathe…”

It starts to die down. He reaches over and puts his hand upon her cheek.

“Let’s go.”

She nods as he wraps his other arm around her and they take off.

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