Chapter 28 Go Johnathon!

Chapter 28

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“What do you mean you’ll be gone for a few days? What about the shop and school will be starting soon?!” Martha questioned on the other line.

Clark looks over to Bella as she’s sleeping.

“Mom she needs this. Just please trust me. I’ve already got the shop taken care of. We’ll be back before school starts.”

Martha sighs.

“You know your father won’t agree with this. Where are you two staying?”

“At a hotel.”

Martha half laughs.
“I take that back I better put away any green k before you get back! Jesus Clark what are you thinking?”

“Mom please… What was I supposed to do? She needs out of Smallville away from everything.”

“Namely the Luthor’s?” Martha utters the hesitation.

“Yes. Look she’s about to wake up. I’ll get back to you later.”



“Just be careful. Both of you… take care of one another.”

“We will mom.”

Clark hangs up the phone. Bella turns towards him and tiredly stretches out her arms.

“Where are we?”

He makes his way over to the bed and sits beside her. He moves her hair away from her face.

“Cali.” He says with a shrug.

She raises her brows on this.

He smiles and leans over kissing her lips.

“You fell asleep about half way here.”

“You seriously ran all the way from Kansas to freaking California?”

“It’s not that far of a stretch Bell.”

“How’d you get the money for the hotel?”

“I used some of our savings from what we earned at the shop. We’re still doing well. We never touch it so I figured why not now, might as well make this into a vacation.”

“Your parents are going to kill us.”

He has a good laugh.

“Good thing we’re both krypotnian now huh?”

She grins.

“I suppose so, until they threaten us with a couple of lovely green handcuffs.” She hints.
“That might be slightly kinky…” He expresses with a wink.

“And people think I’m disturbed?”

Clark pulls back the covers and steps out of his shoes. He crawls under the sheets with her.

“Clark baby?”


“Did you strip me?”
“Not all the way…”

She giggles a bit seeing she was just in a pair of panties and the tank top that was under her blouse. He pulls the covers over his head.

“No adult supervision…” He hints with a huge grin.

“You’re right…” She rolls over however facing away from him.

He tilts his head a bit.

“Goodnight Clark.” She says in a cruel playful tone.

He reaches back and cuts off the lamp. Clark then puts his arm around her. He starts kissing along her neck and shoulders. His hand goes up her tank top. He fondles her breasts. A smile forms along his face as he hears her moaning. Clark then clears his throat and rolls over.

“Goodnight Bell.”

He shuts his eyes with a grin, just waiting for it.

“Something wrong?” He says trying not to laugh.

“I’d hit you, but it actually hurts you now!”

He burst into laughter.

“Since when does that stop you?”

“You’re right!” She smacks him on the arm.


She giggles into her pillow.

“You’re like mean! Damn…”

She sighs and leans over and kisses the area she hit.

“It hurts right here too you know.” He declares rolling over and pointing to his lips.

“Is that so?”

He nods with pouty lips. She pecks him on the lips.

“And it hurts down there.”


She laughs a bit.

“I didn’t hit you there or there!”

“I know, but it still hurts.”

He jumps to immediate attention as she starts stroking him.

“Well it seems to be working just fine.”

“Maybe you should check.” He utters with a shrug.

“You’re such a dork.”

He grins and kisses her. Clark grabs hold of her and lingers over her. He caresses her cheek and continues to kiss her. He gets friction off her as he presses himself against her. Bella pulled his shirt over his head and threw it across the hotel room. Clark unfastened his jeans and pulled himself out. He then slid her panties off. He kept in mind they couldn’t destroy the hotel or the bed. He kept it steady and gentler than their usual pace. Clark wanted to take his time anyhow.

Bella arched back as he licked and kissed along her neck. He pumped himself inside her and felt as though she were literally milking him.

“You have any idea how crazy you drive me Bell?” He whispers in her ear.

She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck. She whimpers out his name as she releases.

“One more time for me Bell…” He mouths in her ear seductively.

Like clockwork as always she yet again comes. Still he couldn’t get over how that worked. Her body would literally surrender to him. He too began to come. He buried his face into the crevice of her neck as he finished getting off. He felt her wrapping around him even tighter. He rose up and could see she was fighting the urge to cry. He merely nodded and pecked her on the lips. He rolled over bringing her along with him. His fingers ran through her hair as he held her.

“I’m sorry Clark…”

“Shh… don’t be… I got you… I’m not letting go, not ever.”

Lex smiles and kisses Lana’s lips. He runs his hand along her tummy.

“It’s so good to be back home.”

He pulls her into his lap as he sits at his desk.

“So did I miss anything while I was locked away?”
She forces a smile.

“Not that I know of.”

“That’s because we pretty much took care of things. You know while you were gone. Didn’t we Ms. Lang?”

Lex looks to his father as he steps inside the room. Lionel helps himself to Lex’s bar. He pours himself a drink. He looks to Lana.

“Be a dear and give us a few minutes.” Lionel says to Lana.

She nods and pecks Lex on the lips before making her way out. Lex sighs once she leaves.

“One of your father son pep talks?”

Lionel half laughs as he drinks his shot. He shakes his head and points to his son.

“Something like that. Not that you will even listen. You never do. As to why this little nest of yours was all stirred up. So you got two hens clucking at your heels. But only one seems to actually want your affections. The other is building an electric fence as we speak. I’ve a feeling your feelings for Ms. Lang however, aren’t near as in depth as they are for Ms. Swan. The one you can’t have is the one that’s always more appealing and the chase is a thrill in itself. I must say though. You don’t stand a chance and you never will. It’s best you let this one go son. Appreciate what you have with the lovely Lana Lang. Keep your nose out of Isabella Swan’s affairs and life. It’ll save you a world of hurt. There’s no way you’d ever win up against Clark Kent.”

Lex half laughs he too gets up and pours himself a drink.
“I always love our little talks dad.”

“Oh me to son me too… What’s it been a couple years now since I’ve seen you. The only time I hear from you is when you need to be bailed out of jail? Only to find out you’re not in jail. No son you were in prison and for the attempt on none other than Isabella Swan’s life. The very girl you confess your undying love for?”

Lex looks to his father with raised brows.

“Oh believe me son. I’ve done my homework. She’s a looker alright. Still she’s dating Clark.” He says with a grin.

“And you’ve got a baby on the way. With the lovely Ms. Lang who’s only 17 and still in high school.”

“She’s about to be 18 dad.”

“Oh that just makes a world of difference.”

“You know what ? I never asked for your approval.”

“So tell me son what happened did the condom burst and you found yourself royally fucked? Think about it, you as a father?”

“I’d like to think I’d do a lot better job than most.” Lex responds in a cruel hinting matter.

“Ah, yes here we go. There’s the son I know. Now go on, cry me a river about how this is all my fault. Every decision you’ve ever made, everything you’ve ever done is all somehow directed at me and my horrible upbringing. Nothing ever was your fault now was it Lex? Even this… Do tell me this though… Why in the world would you hire a hit man to shoot and kill someone you apparently are obsessed with and have grown some sort of ill and wishful relationship with? All of the mind of course!”
“I didn’t!”

“Oh you can’t fool me son. Like I said I’ve been doing my homework. Everything that young lady said was true. Why do you think I had to go and destroy all her medical records myself? I practically had to erase that poor girl from existence to save your ass! So I think I deserve to know the truth. There’s more to this girl isn’t there? I know you son. Little 17 year old farmgirls aren’t quite your thing. You like women with power, ambition, wealth, and etc… Whatever happened to draw your broken little heart her way? And even after she promptly turned down your affections?”

“Leave it be dad.”

“Oh I see someone’s still a bit touchy on the subject. Do tell me son, just how do you think this will play out now? After you humiliated her and lied on the stand. You even had your lovely fiancé lie on oath. Those were some pretty serious allegations you had brought up.”

“You went along with it.”
“Well yes it was quite brilliant I had no choice. Once I saw what you and the blood sucking lawyer had come up with. I knew it would win over the jury. We had no choice. But I will say this much. If the Kent’s didn’t have a good enough reason to hate you. They most certainly do now! Not only did you have their precious Swan shot and nearly killed. You’ve managed to turn her into some sort of small town harlot. The look on the Swan side of that court room. Do you have any idea just how many people right here in Smallville now have you on their hit list? If they were fucked up enough in the head like you my son to have one? Let me guess… she kept turning you down and turning you down. You eventually saw that she was in love with Clark, someone you used to think of like a brother. So you figured if you can’t have her well he certainly can’t and any other man for that matter. So why not have her offed? That way you don’t have to concern yourself about such things. You never have to witness the one woman you fell for move on with someone else and actually live an existence of serenity and happiness.”

Lex nods and throws his glass across the room. It shatters everywhere.

“I see I’ve hit a sensitive area. I must be getting close!”

“You haven’t a clue! Like you said dad! You’ve been gone for what two years now. You don’t know a damn thing about my life or what has all taken place. Don’t you even pretend to!”

“Oh believe me. If there’s the one area I know you best in, it’s that you HATE failure. In that area alone we are very much alike. However, there comes a time where we must accept defeat and MOVE ON!”

Lex laughs and shakes his head.

“Once again you’re adding in your two cents, to something you know nothing about!”


Martha rather cringes at the look on Johnathon’s face.

“What is he thinking?! They’re seniors in high school! They have no reason to be shacking up at a hotel! He’s pushed this rebellion thing too far!”

“Johnathon! I seriously doubt this has anything to do with Clark being rebellious. I honestly think he has the best of intentions. Bella was pretty shaken up! Who could blame her? I think he’s right. I think she needs this. The both of them they need to get out of town for a bit and be themselves.”

“I can’t believe you’re condoning this Martha! They’re both teenagers they live under our roof! And we’re allowing them to go stay at a hotel together without adult supervision! You know damn well what they are doing!”

Martha blushes in thought.

“Come on now. We both know they’ve already been taking part in that. It doesn’t matter where they are. If they feel they need they’re going to find a way. We can’t stop that. We just have to trust that they are being wise about it.”

“I can’t believe we’re having this discussion! I can’t believe you’re ok with the thought of them having SEX!”

“How old were you when you started having sex Johnathon?” She questions with a smile.

He raises his brows on this.

“That’s beside the point.”

“Really? How?”

“It just is Martha…”


He chuckles as she comes up soaking wet.

“I can’t believe you threw me in you block head!”
She snaps as she fixes her hair out of her face. He shrugs and dunks himself into the water. The waves crashed against them. He was digging seeing Bella in a bikini. They’d done a bit of shopping before they hit the beach. He’d pointed out a white and navy blue one. He was surprised she actually went with it and bought it. He’d never seen her in a bikini, she always wore one pieces. Clark rushes back over once he comes up. He scoops her up and leads them in deeper.
“What about sharks?!”

He has a good laugh at this.

“I seriously doubt either of us have to worry about that Bell.”

“I’m just saying!”

“I promise if a shark tries to take off with you. I’ll beat them to a pulp. Does that make you feel better?”

“Are you saying I can’t defend myself?”



“Shut up!”

“You shut up!” He places her down just as wave hits.
He laughs as it nearly knocks her down. His eyes widen as she gets that look on her face. She soars after him and knocks him under the water. Clark gets a good hold of her underneath and kisses her. He keeps his hold as they come back up. He carries on kissing her. They both merely hold one another. Clark was just beginning to realize he too really needed this little getaway. This was what he’d wanted when he was on the red k. He wanted her, to himself. Now he had it. NO one to get in the way or bother them. They could finally relax and be themselves. Everything had been so crazy as of late he’d forgotten what it was like.

They messed around on the beach for a couple more hours. Then Clark flipped her over his shoulder and carried her back to the hotel. He locked up behind him and carried her straight to the bathroom. He started the shower and left on their swimsuits. He lowered her down under the water. He took a moment to appreciate the water running down her body. He then stepped inside and pulled the curtain to.

He watched as Bella stripped down. She grinned a bit as he was groping himself through his swimsuit. She reached over and untied his swim suit. He looked down to her mouth around him. Clark enjoyed the feeling and the show thoroughly. He ran his hand along the back of her head as she continued to bob her head about him. He began to release in her mouth. He greatly moaned out as she finished to the last drop. After she came back up, Clark bent her over. He took in a deep breath at the kitty shot he was getting.

He slammed himself inside her with gritted teeth. Once she moaned out that was it for Clark. He began to pound away at her. The more she cooed and cried out the harder he thrust. Even through the shower he felt her liquid warmth escaping as it gloved him. His eyes widened and he’d thought he’d pass out from unreserved arousal.

“Fuck me Clark baby. It feels so good!”

Clark couldn’t control it even if he wanted to. Just how she demanded the words, had him coming agian. Afterword he popped her on the rear.

“We really should wash out that mouth of yours!” He scolds with a huge grin.

She looked to be blushing as she covered her mouth.

“I really said that didn’t I?”

He has a good laugh at her reaction. He thought it was cute.

“Oh yeah you totally did.”

“So we’ve both managed to drop the F bomb during sex?”

“It would seem so.”


Lex rolled over after he and Lana had sex. He’d been severely backed up considering he hadn’t had sex since he’d been in prison. She went to lie on his chest and he swiftly made his way out of the bed. She looked to him oddly. He simply smiled as he grabbed one of his shirts and put it on. He buttoned it up as he leaned over and kissed her lips.

“I got a lot of work to catch up on. You go on and get some sleep.”

“But you just got back…”

“Precisely, all the more reason I need to get caught up. Go on now, get some sleep Lana.”

She nods and lies back down. Just before he’s about to head out the bedroom.
“I love you…” She calls out from the bed.

He nods and exits the room.

Lana sighs and brings her knees to her chest. She thought about everything that had taken place within the last year. The guilt consumed her. Lionel however, had let it be known that if she even attempts to try and leave his son or take the child away from him. He would find a way to take her child away from her, where she’d never see the child again. He also was he one that made her testify against Bella. It was pretty much an understanding that if she didn’t go out her way to make his son happy. Lionel would make her life a living hell and take away whatever she has left, which at the moment wasn’t much. She’d already lost most of her friends. Her family what was left of it had grown disappointed in her. So at the moment Lana had never been more alone then she was now. So lonely in fact she actually found herself even desiring Lex’s company. That and she feared Lionel more than Lex as of late. He’d made her life hell within the last few months. He’d been damn near stalking her and watching her every move. He’d even personally picked out her obgyn and was personally taking her to her visits.

Lana couldn’t even breathe without Lionel being right there. All the more reason she was glad Lex was out. Maybe now she could be more herself…

“That was awesome!” Bella announced as she and Clark tested out one of the new skate parks in Cali.

No one was around so they got to use it to their fullest potential. Clark beamed as he skated towards her. He circled her and pecked her on the lips.

“I really missed this Bell.”

She smiled as he picked her up. He continued to skate around.

“Me too.”


“Are you ever going to let us celebrate your birthday?”

He sighs and places her back down.

“Bell we’ve been through this before. You know my reasoning.”

“It hardly seems fair we always celebrate mine. You throw a fit just when we buy you gifts. You just turned 18 Clark. I think that’s something to rejoice.”

“My birthday is hardly anything to celebrate. A lot of people died what’s there to celebrate?”

“Ever think there’s a reason behind it all. A purpose?”

“There’s never a good enough reason for lives to be taken! For me especially… Despite my abilities Bella. I’m still somewhat human. I’ve picked up all the traits just as you have. You might be Kryptonian as well now, but we both know where we come from and who we are. That will always be engrained into us. We had a good upbringing and good friends. Through everything we’ve witnessed and faced we both know how important that is. We feel, think, and react just the same… So no… I do not see the purpose in the lives that were taken. There was no need for that. I will never understand it or accept it. Even you lost your loved ones because of that day…”

“I’ve a feeling you’re going to be big.” She says with a shrug and a smile to her face.

She hops back on her board. He cocks a brow at this.


She nods with full confidence.

“You were worried about being earth’s destruction last time you confided in me. That’s just not how I see it. Why else would your mother do what she did? And you know if Jor El were still alive he’d had gone through the roof. Something tells me he never knew of your mother’s little side mission to help her son find his mate.”

Clark shakes his head on this not sure what to think.

“Face it Clark, you’re still stronger than me. You know why that is?”

He shrugs and looks to her in wonder.

“Because YOUR meant to do bigger and more important things. I’m merely your support and extra hand when needed.”

He smiles and shakes his head again.

“No Bell… you’re my motivation, my strength, and reminder. You’re so much more than you give yourself credit for. You’re what makes me want more. Believe me I truly hope I do justice by whatever you have in mind about me. But just don’t get too caught up in it. I’m by far perfect and I’m still learning. I haven’t a clue what lies before me. And if I’m to be perfectly honest. Well I’m not so sure I want to know. The way Jor El talks… it’s like this massive war or something is going to take place. I’m supposed to save the world? I’m the one that supposed to keep the peace and make this world a brighter place? Isn’t that a bit of a tall order and what the hell am I supposed to think? I’m no hero Bell. I’m just Clark. I’m still me!”

“You’re wrong Clark. You’re so much more. I still stand by my word. One day you will be what others look up to. You will become their drive and reason to believe in higher purpose and a better way of life. You will be the why they can sleep soundly at night.”

She skates off the ramp several feet into the air. Without warning she flies off the board. He doesn’t even think he catches her. She grins and pats him on the back.

“See HERO!”

He grumbles under his breath and drops her where he stands.

He chuckles and takes off as she chases after him.


“YOU GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST!” He calls back.

Few days later…

Bella grumbles as she rolls over in bed. Clark ran his hand along her back.


“Do we have to go back?”

He softly laughs.

“Fraid so…”

She grunts into the pillow.

“We got school next week. You know mom and dad are going to want us home for the weekend.”

She groans and pulls the sheets over her head.

“How about this I make it up to you one day on our honeymoon we’ll go away for 2 or 3 weeks tops.”
“We’re getting married?”

“It’d be preferable over living in sin.”

“Haven’t you already proposed once?!”

“Yeah and I was humiliated and brutally turned down.”

She laughs.

“Way to milk it Clark baby.”

“Oh I will…” He clears his throat.


He took in a breath and breathed her in.

“What if I was to give you something along those lines? Something that was just for us and personal?”

“What have you in mind?” She questions in a sultry like tone.

“What if I told you I took all that stuff back that I stole, but when I did that, something caught my eye.”

She raises up and looks to him.
“If you’re about to tell me you stole something else.”

He puts a finger to her lips.
“Bell please just shut up and let me do this.”

She does the zipped lip motion. He reaches over and opens the hotel drawer to the nightstand. He takes out a box.

“I know I should probably wait, but the truth is I don’t want to. This right here is my promise to you. After all the hell I’ve put you through. I wanted to do this. We already know we’re destined to be together. This is simply my way of telling you there is and never will be anyone else for me. You are the girl of my dreams and one day yes I’d like to marry you.”

He opens the silver box to reveal a white diamond ring. It had two hearts connected Bell was engraved on one heart and Clark on the other. On the inside of the ring it read Today, tomorrow, always I promise. Bella covered her mouth in shock.

“You had this made?”

He nods his hand was actually shaking as he took out the ring.

“Bell, you have no idea how terrible I feel about messing up the first time I proposed to you. I know that’s a memory that’ll never go away. For that I’m so sorry. That’s not how it should have went. You deserve so much more. More than I can ever give you. Until that day will you accept this?”

She nods looking stunned. He smiles in relief and places it on her finger.

“It’s gorgeous Clark.”

“I’m glad you like it Bell. I’d been wracking my brain trying to think on how to go about it.” He nervously laughs and kisses the ring on her finger.

“I love you Bell. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m so glad you’re in my life and you haven’t any idea just how anxious I am for our future. Just knowing you’re in it though. That means the world to me.”

Bella wipes away a few tears. Her heart was skyrocketing.

“I love you too Clark.”

She wraps her arms around his neck. Before heading back to Smallville they made love once again.

“Sit down son! Both of you!”

Martha’s eyes dart towards the ring on Bella’s finger. She reaches over and grabs her hand looking to it.

“Is that an engagement ring?!”

Clark sighs.

“Kind of, it’s more of a promise ring mom.”

“It’s lovely Clark!” Martha said to his surprise beamed at this.

Johnathon not so much…

“You’re both just 17.”

“I’m 18 now…” Clark reminds.

“And this wasn’t your decision dad. This is between Bella and I. We have the right to make these kinds of choices. You can either have our backs on this or not. It doesn’t change how I feel or what’s already taken place. Nor am I going to apologize for leaving town. If that’s what this is about then you might as well eat those words. With everything that’s happened dad. The least you could do is have our backs! Isn’t there enough pressure around here! That’s why we left in the first place. We BOTH need time to think and breathe and as of late it’s become quite suffocating! So we did something reckless and stupid for once! Congratulations dad you have a teenage son!”

Clark rolls his eyes and walks out of the living room.

Bella leans back against the couch and takes in a breath.

“Home sweet home.” She utters softly and she heads out to the loft.

“Johnathon…” Martha says in a pleading matter.

“Please… just give them both a break. And we both know who you’re really mad at. This has nothing to do with Bella and Clark now does it?”

Johnathon pinches the bridge of his nose. He grabs his keys and wallet.

“Where are you going?”


“Um ok on my way.”

Bella hangs up with Chloe and heads to the skate shop. She had some sort of footage for Bella to see. She claimed this boy was stealing from the shop. Only she sounded freaked out about something. As soon as Bella walked in Chloe dragged her by the arm into the office. She had everything already set up. Bella took in a breath as Chloe pushed play.

“Pay attention to the boy in the red.”

Bella shrugged and watched the boy. She thought she blinked or something because he was gone.
“Um where’d he go?”


Chloe smiled and rewound it again.

“Now really watch.”

Bella narrows her eyes and leans in closer. She watches as the boy grabbed a board. Within a matter of seconds he was gone.

“How many times did you say he’s done this?”

“That makes his third. He like vanishes or something it’s crazy. I’ve never seen such a thing.”

Bella nods. She takes out the tape.

“What are you doing with that?”

Bella stuffs it into her backpack.

“Taking it to Clark, maybe he has inkling.” She says offhandedly.

“Good idea!”

They talk for a bit and Bella heads on out closing up the shop for Chloe. Bella was halfway home when she reaches to her temples. She sucks back a breath and pulls over. She didn’t understand the sudden alarm that came over her. The sound of tires squealing pierced through her ears.

Bella hurriedly stepped out of the truck.


Bella took off at the speed of lightening. Once she got to the area. Fear struck her.

“NO!” Johnathon had slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a loose cow.

He didn’t have his seatbelt on and he flew out of the windshield of the truck. She dashed over and caught him.

“John!” She panicked.

Clark was sitting at the couch in the loft. He tilted his head as he was honing in on a certain heartbeat. He’d been wondering where Bella had taken off to. He realized she was close, but her heart rate detected something was wrong. He took off to find out what was going on.


She wrinkled her nose smelling the alcohol on his breath.

“Have you been drinking?!” She scolds as she scans him over.

She was thankful to see he was ok. She sits him down all he had was a few scrapes and the starts of bruising. Bella wondered how he got away with so little harm to his body. He chuckles a bit as he looks back to the truck. She grits her teeth and grabs him by the collar.


Tears were streaming down her face.

“Well that’s just great! Laugh it up old man! See where it gets you! Sober up! What if Clark…”

She froze as she saw Clark directly behind John now. She swallows back and releases her hold. Clark had already heard everything though. He looked pissed.

“Clark I’m sorry I…”

He shakes his head.

“Take him home Bell. I’ll take care of this before anyone takes notice.”

He doesn’t utter another word as he starts hurriedly cleaning up. Bella sighs and gets Johnathon home. She lays him on the couch.

“What on earth?”

Martha asks as she rushes downstairs. Bella looks to John.

“Try explaining it to her now.”
“Explain what?”

“Uncle John was drinking and decided it would be a good idea to drive home and without his seatbelt as well.”

Martha’s jaw dropped her hand clamped over her mouth in disbelief.

“Why that doesn’t even sound like you John! What’s come over you?!”

“I gave that piece of shit Luthor a piece of my mind! That’s what!”

“Johnathon what did you do?”


Clark had just entered the house. The three of them looked to Johnathon in disbelief.

“He didn’t like what I had to say so I showed him what happens when you mess with the KENTS!”

Lionel laughs as his son walks in the door. His lip was busted all to hell and his eye was black.

“Let me guess Clark?”

Lex rolls his eyes.

“Johnathon…” He corrects bitterly.

Lionel’s eyes widen.

“Well them Kent’s can certainly pack a bunch. I gotta be honest though son. I thought it’d be Clark. Maybe he’s just waiting for his chance…”

“Shut up dad!”

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