Chapter 29 Best Of Both Worlds

Chapter 29

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“So you ready for your first day of senior year?” John questions Bella.

She doesn’t answer and continues shoveling the hay in the barn.

“How long are you going to keep up with the silent treatment?”

She rolls her eyes and continues about her chores.

“Bells I’m talking to you young lady now I suggest you acknowledge that.”

Bella drops her shove and turns to John.

“What is it you want from me exactly?”
“I already said I was sorry.”

“And that’s just supposed to fix everything Uncle John?! You could have died! If I hadn’t gotten to you, you’d have flown right to your death! Do you have any clue what that’d do to Clark? Hell to Aunt Martha and myself?! You get on to Clark and I for having our heads up our asses? Jesus! You of all people I never would have figured to be so damn STUPID!”

“You’re going to stand there and talk to me like that?!”

“You’re god damn right I am! You did something you’ve always taught me and Clark was a big no, no! Yet you want to go about life like everything is just fine! PEACHY! Well it’s not. I already lost my father. I lost my mother not that long ago. And you go and pull something like that? Honestly, did you even truly see the look on your son’s face?! He was destroyed!”

Bella pinches her eyes shut and staggers back a bit. John sighs realizing just what he’d truly done. He swallows back and puts down his wrench as he was working on one of the lawnmowers.

“Even parents make mistakes. I was incredibly wrong and you’re right… stupid. I’ve no real excuse other than pleading insanity. I’m just tired of turning around and seeing one of my kid’s hurting and usually it’s because of something Luthor related. I lost my cool. You and Clark mean the world to me and Martha.” John sighs.

“I just couldn’t believe he got away with this. Much less lying on stand like that and of all things that Lana Lang…”

Bella flinched and John pressed his lips together.

“Could we just not talk about it? Please?” She whispers.

He nods.

“I understand. Look Bells I promise I won’t ever pull something like that again. You have my word.”

Bella finishes the shoveling. Once she’s done Bella pecks him on the cheek.

“You’re a good man and a wonderful father, even if we don’t always agree. Just try to keep that in mind next time you do something suicidal.”

John’s heart melted at her words as she exited the barn.

“Love you too Bells…” He says softly knowing she could hear him with her abilities.

Clark had heard the entire conversation though. He entered the barn not long after. John sighs as his son leans against one of the posts in the barn. He had his arms folded about his chest.

“I take it you heard all that?”

Clark shrugs.

“Sounds like she rightfully let you have it.” Clark admits with a small grin.

“To think I was going to have a few choice words with you. However, she took a lot of the words out of my mouth.”

John chuckles and shakes his head.

“Well that’s Bells for you. She doesn’t hold back.”
“That she doesn’t, but she’s right, like usual. Just don’t tell her I said that.”

“That she is.”

“I am curious though dad…”


Clark nods.

“So what was it like beating the crap out of Lex Luthor?”

John has a good laugh at this. Clark grins.

“It felt great son. I can’t lie on that one.”

Clark runs his hand along Bella’s waist. They were lying on the couch in the loft.

“So one more year…” Clark utters.

“Clark that tickles.”

She moves his hand over her thigh instead. He grins and slowly moves his hand back over.



She laughs and elbows him. He makes his way up her shirt. Clark’s fingers graze along her nipples under her bra. He feels them growing erect at his touch. Clark throws his shirt off and raises up enough to roll her underneath him. Bella smiles running her hands along his chest. Clark momentarily shut his eyes as she unfastened his jeans. He looks down and observes as Bella takes him out and starts fondling him.

“Hmmm…” He moaned out and amplified with her touch.

He was warm and pulsating with desire. Clark kissed her as she continued to rub him below. In return he lifted her black skirt. He pulled her panties to the side and fingered her sex. Once he gets her good and wet he makes his way down and spreads her legs. Her eyes widen and her hand instantly covered her mouth. Clark licked her clean with his tongue. He found it hard to stop once he got started. He loved the sounds she made and how she tasted. His parents were having their own date night in town. So they took advantage of having the place to themselves. He slid her panties off the rest of the way and stuck his tongue in even deeper.
“Clark baby…” He grinned, but continued as she squirmed beneath him.

After he finished he raised back up and taunted her with the tip of his dick. He rubbed her sex with it and watched her reaction.

“Clark…” She scolded.

He softly chuckled and placed himself inside. Bella wrapped her arms and legs around him. He felt her hot tongue along his earlobe and down his neck. Clark leaned into her ear.

“Come for me Bell.”

He felt her nice warm juices escaping her and drenching him. Clark zealously kissed her and their tongues rolled together. He made his way to her breasts and helped himself to a good sucking. Clark bravely tried something new. He hadn’t ever done it quite like this. But he was caught up in the moment. He pulled out and made his way towards her mouth. Bella took the hint and opened. This look of shock came about her face as he shot in her mouth. Clark found himself caught even more offguard as she swallowed, but cleaned him off thoroughly with her tongue.

“Damn…” Clark uttered as if out of breath.

Bella grinned and wiggled her brows.

“Just full of surprises Clark baby.”

“SO are you.” He replies back with a huge beam.

They hurriedly dress and head back to the house and shower before John and Martha return. They watched a movie before it was time for bed. Bella though had fallen asleep halfway through. Clark carried Bella to her room. He tucked her in and pecked her on the lips. Just as he saw the headlights to his father’s truck pulling up. He pulled Bella’s door to and headed on to bed.

The next morning they both woke up late and rushed through their rooms getting ready. The both of them stepped out of their rooms at the same time. Bella was pulling her hair into a ponytail. Clark was putting on a baseball cap.

“Lose the hat. You look like a dweeb!” Bella taunts.

Clark raises his brows.

“Seriously! NO hat!”


She rushes over and steals his hat.

“Trust me Clark I just saved you!”

He rolls his eyes and follows her down the stairs. She places the red and black hat on John as she passes by and enters the kitchen. John takes it off and looks to it oddly.

“Not really my colors.”

“Yeah it doesn’t go with his eyes.” Martha says with a wink.

“Well it’s better on him than Clark.”

Clark sighs and pours himself a glass of milk. They each look to him oddly.


“Not your usual drinking from the carton?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Not particularly.”

Clark uses his heat vision to toast them both some toasts. He tosses Bella a slice.


He nods and they both wave John and Martha off.

“You too have a good first day back.” Martha calls out.

“Bells… remember the rules… This will be your first time dealing with things that Clark had to…” John hints.

She salutes him and follows Clark out.

Pete, Whitney, and Chloe were already waiting for them. Whitney had his arms around Chloe’s waist. Pete was tossing a football into the air. Clark parked the truck and they both hopped out.

“So senior year!” Chloe announced happily.

“Oh yeah finally!” Pete adds.

They head inside and make their way to their lockers. Bella noticed there was a couple of new students a boy with spikey dirty blond hair and a very pretty dark haired girl. Her locker was actually directly beside Bella’s. Bella peeked over and smiled as the girl look flustered.

“Can I help?”

“Would you mind?” She asked timidly.

“Sure.” She handed Bella her schedule.

“I’m Bella Swan by the way.”

“Angela Webber, but I prefer Angie.”

“Cool I see we have a lot of the same classes. In fact we have first period together.”

Bella noticed the new boy eyeing the new girl. He wore a red shirt and ripped at the knee blue jeans. He had a skater type of look to him. Bella wondered if he’d been by the shop yet or if he knew about it. She saw he had a deck in his backpack. Bella walked with the new girl to class. The new boy followed behind them once they walked past. Bella and Clark noticed how Lana was a no show. Bella wasn’t that surprised. She didn’t truly see her returning. She imagined Lex had her in some sort of private schooling by now. She grimaced in thought and pushed it out of her head.

After the bell rang an announcement on the intercom went off.

“Good morning Smallville High. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your new principal Mr. Milton Fine. Today we will be having a small gathering in the gym so I can properly introduce myself. Please make certain to be on time and all students must attend directly after first period. Thank you.”

Still Bella noticed how the boy continued to gawk at the new girl. She thought it was kind of cute.

The teacher rose and wrote her name on the board. It was their same teacher from last year. She was merely doing this for the new students. Once she was done she had them do their usual introductions. This was just a yearly thing they did each year. The only new students though were the boy and girl. Angela was first to have to introduce herself.

“My name is Angela Webber I’m from Washington and I’m 17. I’m in volleyball and journalism.”
“YES!” Chloe says to this and Bella turns with wide eyes.

“What? She’s one of us!”

Bella softly laughs.

“Don’t scare the poor girl Jesus Chloe!”

Clark laughs overhearing this.

“Bart Allen, 18…” The boy utters quickly with a shrug and immediately sits back down.

Pete was chunking wads of paper at Bella during class. Bella leaned back on the fourth one. She caught it and hit him directly in the forehead. Pete’s eyes widen. Clark shook his head in a scolding matter towards her. She gave him a simple shrug.

“Behave…” She hears him whisper knowing only she could hear him.

“You first…” She undertones back.

She hears him chuckle and sigh. Bella smiles. After class they head to the gym. Bella continued to help show Angela around and point out a few other areas.

“Clark Kent, Clark decided to personally introduce himself.”

He nods and shakes her hand. Clark holds the door open for the girls once they get to the gym. He nodded towards Bart as he stepped inside as well. Soon the gym was filled with the entire school. Clark sits beside Bella and wraps his arm around her shoulder. The new principal makes his way to the center of the gym on a microphone. He was a very tall man with dark hair he looked and spoke with sophistication.

Once he was done going over the rules and other subjects he welcomed in the new year and wished everyone the best of luck. He then released them all to their next class. Come lunch time Bella and Chloe invited the new girl to their table. The new boy though sat off to a table by himself. He was eating an apple and glancing back at Angela every once in a while.

“You guys should invite him to come sit with us.” Bella said looking towards Clark.

Clark looked over.

“Yeah I noticed he tends to keep to himself and is pretty quiet.”

Whitney and Pete looked over as well. Angela looked over to the boy now as well. She narrowed her eyes.

“He seems familiar actually.”

Bella and Chloe shrugged on this.

“Are both from Washington?” Bella questioned curiously.

“I don’t think so.”

Clark waved the boy over. He looked to them all oddly. He just sat there for a moment and stuffed his hands into his pockets. He finally made his way over and sat beside Whitney.

“No sense in sitting alone.” Clark says with a shrug.

“So Bart right?”

The guy nods and leans back in his seat.

“So you skate?” Clark questions curiously.

The boy nods.

“Cool you should check out our skate shop.”

Chloe cuts the boy an odd glance as if piecing something together.

Bart shrugs.

“Yeah join us on the ramps too when you get a chance. Maybe you can teach Clark a thing or two.” Bella taunts.

“Yeah, yeah…” Clark mutters like he’s upset, but winks at her.

Lana places down Lex’s plate. He was straightening his tie. Lana placed a blueberry in her mouth and sipped at some orange juice.

“Did you take your vitamins?” Lex questioned as he entered the room.

“Yes.” She said with a smile.

“Good deal.”

“You’re coming to the sonogram appointment today right?”

“Of course I wouldn’t miss it. I’ll meet you there.”

“We could find out the sex today!”

“Do you want to know?” He questions as he takes a seat.

“Well a little. I mean then we’d know what clothes to buy and how to fix the room.”

“Why don’t you let me worry about that?”

Lex says and scoots his chair in as he sits down and eats his breakfast.

“You know soon we’ll have to get you on a regular schedule and get up earlier. I’m also having a private mentor coming to the house starting next week. She’ll help you get your diploma. You can still graduate with your class if you so wish Lana. I just didn’t think it a good idea for you to be in school this far along, too many risks. I’d much rather you stay home.”

Lana nods as she eats her plate of pancakes. After breakfast Lex comes to a stand.

“I got some meetings to attend today. I wouldn’t wait up. There’s no telling how long I’ll be out.”

He pecks her on the lips before heading out.

“But you are going to be there at 1:15 right?”

He smiles.

“Of course.”

Lana takes in a breath as Lex takes off. Lana did the dishes and began to pick up a little. She hears the front door open before too long. She smiles without looking to see who it is.

“Did you forget something?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

She shuts her eyes for a moment and turns. It was Lionel, but he had someone with him.

“Is Lex around?”

“Um no he had some meetings to attend.”

“Of course he did.” Lionel sighs with irritation.
The man that was with him gave Lana the once over. Lana tucked in her robe better.

“Tsk, tsk you are aware it is 11 am? And you’re still in your bathrobe?” Lionel states with a grin.

Lana blushes a bit.

“I wasn’t expecting company.”

“You’re a Luthor now. You need to act and dress the part and this is not it. Go get dressed.”

“Oh leave her be she’s pregnant.”

“Hush now Lucas. I didn’t ask your opinion.”

“Um I’m Lana.”

Lucas nods.

“Lucas as you already heard.”

“Are you a friend of Lionel’s?” Lana questions with interest.

Lucas has a good laugh at this.

“Far from it… I’m his son.”

Lana froze with widened eyes. Lionel rolled his.

“Get dressed!” Lionel barked demandingly.

Lucas cut his father a certain look and shook his head. Once Lana was out of the room he looked to his father.

“I can see why you never remarried father.”

“I don’t believe I asked your opinion.”

“So this is my rich brother’s palace?”

Lucas starts to look around picking up stuff here and there.

“And it’s also yours now. The both of you will have to learn how to coexist and get to know one another. And that’s another thing. I want you to get a haircut and some proper clothes. You look like a bum.”
“I lived on the street while your older son lived in a mansion. What am I supposed to look like? Furthermore just how do you think this will go when he finds out about me?”

“Hopefully, better than when you find out!”
“Well in all fairness how was I supposed to act?” Lucas welcomes himself to his brother’s chair. He spins around and starts digging through his things.

“That’s another thing if you’re going to stay here. You’re to start school tomorrow. I don’t want any argument nor do I want to hear of any trouble. Keep your nose clean. You’ve been given a chance son. Don’t make me regret my decision.”

“So why does my brother look as though he’s with someone my age?”

Lionel rubs his face with irritation.

“That is to be discussed between the two of you.”
“I assume a lot of things are. I must admit this will be quite interesting. Me, big brother, and his hot pregnant wife? That you clearly treat like utter shit.”

Lionel takes a few pills and downs some scotch at Lex’s bar.

“Look I got some errands to run. I’ll be back once Lex returns from his meetings, the three of us will sit down and discuss this. I don’t want you going anywhere just stay put and behave. Lana’s got a doctor appointment soon. So her ride should be arriving soon. Keep out of trouble! I mean it Lucas.”

Lucas twirls around in Lex’s chair and grins mischievously. Lionel takes in a deep breath and leaves the manor.

Lana steps out in one of her white maternity dresses.

“My father thought it’d be wise if I went with you.”

She looks to him baffled.

“Um he did?”
Lucas smiles genuinely.

“Yep so let’s go!”

Lucas grabs a set of keys.

“That belongs to Lex’s yellow mustang.”

Lucas wrinkles his nose.

“Yellow really?”

Lana found herself giggling at his reaction.

“Yeah I’m so not driving that. What a waste of a great car!”

“I actually agree. Just don’t tell him I said that.”

Lucas shrugs and grabs another set.

“And this one?”

“Silver Porche.”

Lucas wiggles his brows.
“Oh really?”

Lana nods.

“Ok then let’s go!”

When they get to the office. Lana waits for 30 minutes past the time Lex said he’d be there. Lucas sighs looking to the time.

“Mam I’m sorry, but we really need to do the sonogram now if we’re going to do it. We have other patients.”

Lana looked as though she was about to cry. She forced back her emotions on Lex breaking his word. She gave a simple nod and headed on in.

“You can come in too.” The doctor said with a warm smile.

“I’m sure daddy wants to see the baby as well.”
Lana’s eyes widened and went to correct her.

“Oh I’d love to!” Lucas says and takes Lana’s hand as he passes by.

“I’m telling you Bella. That’s the guy!” Chloe urges as they review the videos of their little thief again.

Bella and Clark gazed upon one another after several times of going over the footage.

“So the new kid at school is our thief?” Bella questions.

“Sure looks like it to me.” Clark admits with a sigh.

“But how is he able to move that fast?” Bella ponders looking to Clark.

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

“Is this another start of our meteor freaks? Our Wall of Weird?!” Chloe exuberantly said.

“Just don’t go jumping to any conclusions yet Chloe.”

“OH, don’t go ruining it for the rest of us Clark.”

Chloe grabs her bag and takes off. Bella and Clark eye one another.

“Guess we better start keeping a better eye out.” Clark softly states.

“I suppose so.”

Irony have it not long after Bart came by and was looking around.

“Hey Bart.” Clark welcomed warmly.

Bart nodded towards him and Bella.

“Um hey what’s up guys?”

“Not much…”

Bella and Clark pretended to make themselves busy with something else. Sure enough he grabs a deck and is gone. If it had been anyone else working they wouldn’t have even caught it. However, both Bella and Clark saw it perfectly. Clark lifted his eyes towards Bella.

“Well I suppose we have our answer.”
“Yeah well what do we do about it?” Bella hints.
“I’ll have to think on that one. We can’t very well continue to let him steal from us. It’s bad for business.”

“We also can’t expose ourselves Clark baby.”
“I know… That’s why I said I gotta think on it.”

“I say next time one of us follows him. Let’s see where he’s going…”

“Sounds like a really good idea actually.”
“He shouldn’t be expecting either of us.”

“We might actually break a sweat keeping up with this guy. He was gone in a flash.”

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