Chapter 30 The Glimpse Of A League

Chapter 30

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“Stop it!”

He shrugs and goes back to shoveling. Bella goes back to her book. Yet again Clark shovels hay directly upon her.


He chuckles as she’s got hay in her hair, clothes, book. She dust herself off yet again. She sends a small about of electricity his way directed at his ass. He jumps and looks back wide eyed. She pretends o go back to her book.

“Did you just…?”

She looks to him innocently.

“Just what Clark baby?”

He smirks and shakes his head.


She softly giggles as she turns her page.

“So is that what you’re going to do all day?” Clark says almost like he’s whining.

“Well if you keep interrupting. Why?”

“I wanted to go do something.”

Bella laughs.

“Oh that could have so many meanings.”

Clark laughs.

“For once it’s not sexually related.”

“Well then I’m not interested!” She taunts in return.
“So that’s what this is? You’re just using me?”


“Huh…” He tosses more hay on her.

“GRRRR dammit Clark!”

She hops up and dusts herself off. Clark swiftly grabs her and brings her down on the pile.

“I swear I’m going to kick your ass.”

He grins and pecks her on the lips. She laughs feeling him growing solid against her.

“Not sexual huh?”
“Well it wasn’t. It’s not my fault it’s yours.”

“Oh really?”

He nods and kisses along her neck. He starts kissing her lips and rubbing against her. They hear the clearing of a throat and both of them freeze. They look upon one another like deer caught in headlights. Jonathan shook his head and had his arms folded about his chest.

Clark sighs and comes to his feet and offers Bella a hand up.

“Do I have to hose you two down?”

A small giggle escapes Bella’s mouth.

“You think this is funny?”

Bella makes an inch gesture with her fingers.

“Funny Bells.”

“I thought so!”

Clark finds himself laughing as well now. His dad raises his brows on this and puts his hands upon his waist. Clark sighs and rubs the back of his neck.

“What am I going to do with you two?”

“Get a kryptonite paddle?”
Clark’s eyes widen and he quickly nudges Bella.

“What that’d really hurt?!”

“Quit giving him ideas.” Clark utters.

“Oh right…”

Jonathan sighs but with a grin. He pinches the bridge of his nose. Bella makes her way over and pecks him on the cheek.

“Face it ole man you’re stuck with us!”

Clark and Jonathan laugh.

“Easy now…” Lucas softly says as Lana was growing pale in the kitchen.

He scooped her up and placed her on the counter. He cupped her cheeks and checked her over.

“You ok there.” She nodded but still didn’t look so great.

“Hmm I think you need to go lay down. You’ve been on your feet all day.”

Lucas picks her up once more and carries her to his room. Lucas lays her down and tucks her in.

“I’ll go get you some water.”

Lucas turned back around to see his brother leaning against the doorway.
“I’ll go get it.” He said while cutting Lucas a certain look.
“Why is she laying in your bed?”

“She wasn’t feeling good and I’m not about to step into your DOM of a bedroom.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be going to school?”

“I was about to.”
“Hmm well go on I got this.”

“Thank you Lucas.” Lana calls out weakly.

He turns with a grin.
“No prob!”

He turns back around and Lex shakes his head.

“Don’t forget her water.” Lucas reminds as he grabs his bag and heads out.

“Um what do you think you’re doing?”

“Taking the Porsche.”

“No you’re not.”

Lucas takes the keys anyhow and rushes out the door.

“Lucas!” Lex hollers out.

Lucas grinned ear to ear as he hurried out he quickly got in and waved his brother off then honked the horn as he peeled out. Lex threw his hands in the air.



Lionel nods as Lex paces around the room. He shakes his head and softly laughs.

“So I have a brother?”

“That’d be correct.”

Lex pours himself a drink. Lucas raises his brows on his and leans over, resting his elbows on his knees. He runs both hands along his head.

“So where’ve you been hiding him dad? I mean really?”
Lionel sighs.

“He’s obviously not mother’s. And let me guess this is the brother I was told died?”

“I did what I did in order to protect you both. Look, I’m not going to go into all this with either of you. It is what it is. He’s here you’re here. Figure it out.”

Lex and Lucas laugh.

“Typical fatherly advice. You’re the one that created the mess yet we’re left with the burden.”

“I do not see how this is a burden. We’re all together why go into the nitty gritty details of it all just so you two can start having some sort of pissing match. That is how this works. The estate is under my name. You wish to live here. Both of you will have to figure out how to make it work and go from there. I haven’t the time to play judge and jury nor do I have time to babysit.”

Lex freezes and looks to his father.

“Wait, are you telling me he’s going to live HERE?”

Lex nods.

“Well he sure as hell can’t go back with me. He needs to go to school and …”

Lex has a good laugh.

“I can’t believe this!”

“Well you better find a way to start son.”

“I’m about to have a family Lana and I are getting married! Now I’m expected to take care of some estranged brother I’ve never met until now.”
“Well if you don’t like the conditions you know where the door is!”

“Unbelievable!” Lex throws his glass of scotch across the room.

“Well I see you have dad’s anger issues.”

Lex rolls his eyes and rests his palms on his desk.

“I can’t believe this.” Lex utters eyeing his brother.

He laughs again and sits in his chair.

“Fine dad you win. Just like usual. I’ll take care of the little bastard.”

Lucas laughs.
“Oh I’m pretty sure we have the same asshole father.”

“Watch yourself son.”

“Now which one would you be referring to exactly dad? Richie Rich or Huckleberry Finn?” Lucas mouths.
“I’ve had enough of this. You two figure it out. If you can’t I’ll take matters into my own hands and believe me neither of you will like the alternatives.” Lionel grabs his coat and heads out.

Leaving Lex and Lucas eyeing one another in disbelief.


“Right.” Bella replies to Clark’s reminder.

She swiftly grabs it and pecks Martha and John on the cheek, before they exit the house. Clark opens the door for Bella and she climbs on inside. Both of them however turn to one another halfway to school. A red blur passed right by them. Once again it wouldn’t have been noticeable to the human eye.

“Bart?” Clark rhetorically questions.

Bella nods.

“I suppose he has other alternatives on how to get to school.”

Clark grins.

“Guess we can’t talk.”

“I can talk just fine Clark baby.”

“Yeah it’s shutting up that seems to be the problem.”

“Watch yourself.”

“I’d rather watch you.”

“See now who’s sucking up?”

He chuckles as he parks the truck. As they were getting out Mr. Fine the principal was getting something out of his car. Papers flew everywhere. Bella and Clark helped him gather them. He sighs with frustration.
“Thank you, both of you.”
“Sure.” Clark says handing them over.

The principal smiles.

“And you two are?”

“I’m Clark Kent and this is Bella Swan.”

“Nice to meet you both, I’m slowly but surely getting to know the students.”

Clark smiles.

“Good thing it’s a small school huh.”

Mr. Fine chuckles.

“Yes indeed. You two have a good day now.”

“Yes sir, you do the same.”

They head on to their lockers. Bella turns back from her locker to see Bart eyeing Angela again. It was more than apparent the guy had a serious crush going. But he never said anything just kept to himself. Once Bella and Clark passed by, Clark nudged him on the shoulder.

“You should ask her out.”

Bart looked to him with a slight smile. He shrugs, but says nothing and heads onto class. Everyone’s already seated and the bell rings when Lucas walks in. He takes in a deep breath and looks around the entire class.

“This ought to be interesting.” He muttered to himself, but both Bella and Clark caught it.

He took a seat in the far back.

He then placed down his bag and kicked his feet upon the table. He leaned back and shut his eyes.

“And you are?”

He opens his eyes towards the teacher.



Lucas rolls his eyes and bitterly sighs with full on annoyance.


Everyone in class turns back to him in surprise. He half chuckles.

“That’s about what I thought.” He utters again.

Clark picked up Bella’s heart rate immediately picks up. He looks to her apologetically. Bella swallowed back and quickly turned back around. The pen in her hand snaps in half and ink leaks through onto her hand and the table. Clark took notice of this and quickly handed her some tissues. Bella did her best to clean it up, but the ink wouldn’t come off her hands. She raised her hand and asked to be dismissed so she could wash it off.

Clark pinched his eyes shut for a moment. Another damn Luthor? He thought to himself. He wondered just how corrupt this one turned out. He felt bad for even having the thought before getting to know the guy. But so far when it came to the Luthor’s that was all he knew.

Bella scrubbed her hand so hard it was nearly bleeding as she got the ink off her hand. She watched as the color returned. She then looked in the mirror. She gave a simple nod upon herself and told herself she could do this. This just had her floored. She couldn’t get away from the Luthors. She also was wondering what they were up to. Why all the sudden would this boy be in their class? Everything about this felt fishy and random to her. Bella forced herself to head back to class.

Her heart rate however never once calmed down. Clark feared she’d make herself ill Kryptonian or not. After the bell rang Clark swiftly hopped up and took her hand. He led her outside to a more secluded area.

“Just breathe…” He whispered as he looked around making certain they weren’t being watched.

“I’m trying, believe me I am.”

Clark sighs.

“What are they up to now? I mean honestly?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

He pecks her on the forehead.

“We’re a team Bell. Keep that in mind.”

Bella nods and does her best to relax. Clark takes her hand again and they head on to their next classes.

Come lunchtime Pete, Chloe, Angela, Bart, Whitney Bella and Clark all sat at the same table. Bella leans back in thought looking to Angela and Bart. Both were eyeing one another something fierce.

“You know you two should go on a double date with Clark and I? Maybe this weekend it could be fun.”

“Yeah that would be Chloe says.”

Bella shakes her head upon Chloe and Clark chuckles.

“Why would we want to double date with you two?” Bella teases.

“You’re old news now. Sorry Clark and I have moved on to greener fields.”

“Ouch…” Whitney says with laughter.

“Yeah sorry about that.” Bella turns back to Angela and Bart.

“I mean the two of you.”

“But we’re not dating.” Angela says with a blush.
“Yet…” Bella replies with a smirk.

Bart looks to Bella with eyes the size of saucers. Bella softly laughs and winks at Bart. Clark shook his head feeling bad for the poor guy. He nudged Bella in a scolding matter.


“Be nice.”

“I am.”



He rolls his eyes.

“Aw, I love you too Clark baby!”

Everyone one at the table laughs. Bella bites into a carrot and chews then pecks him on the cheek.
“You two are going to give everyone a toothache.”

To their surprise that came from Bart.

“Ah so he does speak.” Clark announced with a warm smile.

“Occasionally.” Bart fired back.

“So the display of PDA is what gets your goat going?” Bella questions playfully.
“It depends, but you two…” Bart shakes his head.

“It’s too cutesy and crap I mean come on.” He says but with a grin.

“Huh.. you hear that Clark baby were too cutesy and crap like that.”

Angela giggles and covers her mouth.

“Hmm. So what do you two say? Double date this weekend? Just the four of us. We’re dumping Whitney and Chloe.”

Chloe chunks a piece of celery at Bella. Pete takes it from her shirt and eats it.

“Ewww Petey.” Bella hit him on the arm and he shrugged.

Lucas walked past their table and took a seat off to himself. He hadn’t even a tray or anything. He just kicked back like he had in class.

“Would you like that?” Bart questioned Angela rather shyly.

That blush returned to her face. She pushed up her glasses and nodded. Bart nodded in return.


“See I did them a favor.” Bella whispers to Clark.

He grins, but says nothing in return.

Lex helps Lana into their bedroom.

“Do you need to go to the doctor?”

“No Lex I’m fine.”

He nods and runs his fingers along her cheek caressingly.

“So I see you and my brother are getting along pretty well.”

Lana shrugs.

“He’s not so bad.”

“Not so bad huh?”

Lex raises back up and he takes something out from a vanilla folder. He hands it over to Lana.

“Mind telling me what the hell that is?”

She looks to him oddly.

“What’s this?”

“I don’t know Lana you tell me…”

Lana looks to the papers and saw where Lucas had signed for her at her obgyn appointment.

“He was just helping Lex. I doubt he meant anything by it.”

Lex shakes his head and laughs a little.
“Come on now Lana. He’s your age and what is it all men your age think about?”

Lana takes in a breath.
“Seriously Lex… he didn’t mean anything by it. He just signed for me because I wasn’t feeling very well.”

“So he pretended to be the father of my child?!” Lex replies raising his voice.

“Lex… please… I really don’t think he was meaning it to be harmful.”

“Did you know he was pretending to be the father?”

Lana sighs the guilt in her eyes was there.
“The nurse assumed he was. He just went with it in a playful matter. That’s all really Lex you’re reading too much into this.”

“Am I now? And why didn’t you make it clear that he indeed wasn’t that I WAS?!”


“Lana! I don’t play these games! Now you want to explain yourself?”

“There’s nothing to explain. We did nothing wrong!”

Lana shoots out of the bed furiously.

Lex nods and he slowly makes his way over. He tilts his head as he stands before her. Lana’s jaw drops as he slaps her across the face. He then wraps his hand around her throat.

“Don’t you ever talk to me with such disrespect again. What I say goes and that’s that do we have an understanding Lana Lang?!”

She doesn’t answer and he squeezes harder causing her eyes to water. She wraps her hands around his wrists. She nods cause she couldn’t answer he was suffocating her.
“Good!” He lets go and exits the room, slamming the door on the way out.

Lucas tosses his bag into the middle of the living room once he gets home. He looked around not seeing anyone about. He snuck over to his brother’s bar and poured himself a couple drinks. Lucas then sat at his brother’s desk for a bit and spun around.

He froze in mid-spin though as he heard what sounded to be crying. He narrowed his eyes and came to a stand. Lucas found the muffled sound as he entered Lex’s bedroom.

Lana was off in a corner of the room with her face buried into her knees.

“Hey…” Lana lifted her head up.

Her eyelashes and cheeks were still dampened by the tears. That’s not what caught his attention the most. He reached over and ran his fingers along the marks on her neck and on her cheek.

“Who the fuck?”

Lana shook her head and leaned back against the wall.

“Did my dipshit silver spooned ass of a brother do this?”

“You should go.” Lana says softly.
“What and leave you alone like this? Hell no! Now what happened?”

Lana shrieks out as Lex enters the room. He races over to Lucas he grabs him and tosses him across the room.

“LEX!” Lana screamed.

Lucas half laughs and shakes it off as he comes back to his feet.

“Oh I see… You want to play huh? Well I can play. You wanna smack your lady around I’ll give you a taste of your own damn medicine!”
Lucas rushes Lex up against the wall and sends several punches into his gut and face.

Lex finally gets a few punches in himself as they continue to brawl it out. Everyone turns to hear a gunshot.

Lionel shakes his head.

“And here I was just about to leave for Metropolis!” Lionel snaps.

He takes a gander upon Lana.

“Ms. Lang how did you get those bruises?”

Lex rolls his eyes.

“This is none of your business! Either of yours?”

Lionel shuts his eyes for a moment.
“You had better not tell me that was you’re doing son!”


Lionel nods. He makes his way over and helps Lana to her feet. He cups her chin and scans her over.

“Why don’t you go take a bath my dear and relax?”

Lana nods and heads to the bathroom. Lionel turns back to Lex.

“No son of mine is going to beat on a woman much less one he’s to marry and father a child to! I better not ever hear of this again. Do we have an understanding son?”

Lex points furiously upon his father.
“Lana knows exactly why this happened… in fact so do you!” He points to his brother.

“The both of you!”
Lucas laughs.

“And what are you implying?!”

Lex grinds his teeth together.

“Enough of this! Both of you! I haven’t a clue what this is about nor do I really care! I’ve a meeting I’m to be at soon. I’m already running late. Just so you know if one of you kills the other well neither of you get squat! I mean it both of you! And Lex… keep your anger in check. Last thing you need is this getting out publically. If Lana decides to call the police or this gets out. Well frankly you’re fucked! All because of what you’ve done to the lovely Isabella. Where is your head son? You just gave every bit of proof the Kents need! If I were you I’d make certain Lana doesn’t leave the house under any circumstances until those bruises clear up. I’d also go through every nook and cranny of any secret hidden spots of Lana’s and make certain she’s not stashing away pictures of this or something! Women have their ways son. Don’t be a fool! I mean it! This is NOT to happen again!”

“I can’t believe you set poor Bart up like that.”

Bella laughs.

“Oh come on Clark the guy was scared to death.”


“I got him a date! So shut it Clark! And we have another couple to hang out with! See how cool am I?”

Clark sighs.

“Ok you’re pretty cool… for a girl…”

She hits him with a pillow.

“Shut up.”

Clark yanks the pillow out of her grasp. He flips her around on the bed.

“So how long are your parents gone for?”
Clark grins. He runs his hand along her crotch.

“Why you ask?”

She shrugs.

“Not sure just curious.”

He looks to the time.

“We got a couple hours at least.”

Bella bites her lower lip and Clark is gone. Without another thought he literally rips her shirt open. He growls out as she rips the shirt right off his back as well. It’d been a few days for them. They kept getting blocked every chance they had. He shreds the pants right off her body and then rips his pants open. He was throbbing and already dripping with precum. He gritted his teeth as he plunged into her deeply. He gripped the headboard as Bella ran her nails along his back.

“Bella…” He moaned out he couldn’t control it even if he wanted to.

He drove himself into her so hard. He snapped the headboard in half. Clark was too into the moment to care. He tossed it across the room and kept going. He looked down to watch himself within her sex. This sent him to a literal frenzy and the bed snapped. Bella ripped the pillow behind her head sending feathers amongst the entire room. She screamed out his name in climax. Clark sucked on her breasts as he kept on going.

“I’m going to come.” He moaned out but he bed went through the wall at his last good thrust.

Neither was truly thinking about it or had taken notice of the destruction around them. They went back to kissing each other and Clark sends her a few more teasing strokes before he pulled out. However, they both hear the sound of John’s truck and could hear them about to enter the house. They both sigh but it’s not until they hop up to rush and get dressed they look to one another.

“Oh shit!” Bella announces.

Clark just stands there wide eyed.

“Ohhh no we’re in sooo much trouble.”

Still Clark just stood there. Bella hurriedly got dressed and forced his clothes into his hands.
“Snap out of it Clark and help me dammit!”

He swallows back as they do their best to hurriedly clean the room. They hear a knock at the door though and freeze.

“Um who is it?” Clark winces as he says this.
“Who do you think it is…?” Jonathan opens the door.

He becomes frozen as though a statue.

“What in blue blazes happened in here?!”

Bella bites nervously on her bottom lip.

“It’s all his fault!” She points to Clark.

Clark’s eyes get all big again.

“Mind explaining yourself son?”
“Gee thanks Bell.”

“You’re welcome Clark!” She smiles and pats him on the shoulder.

“Just wait for it…” Clark whispers as they watch Bart.

It was the next day after school, Bella and Clark’s turn to watch the shop. Bart was in the shop again looking around. Sure enough within a few more minutes he pulls the disappearing act again. Only this time Clark and Bella decidedly risk it and chase him down. Bella promptly locked up on the way out.

They chased him down practically out of town. Clark turned to Bella in disbelief as she passed him and appeared before Bart. Bart nearly slammed into her. She shot out her hands and placed them on his shoulders. Bart’s jaw dropped. The only reason either were able to catch up to Bart was because he’d finally slowed down, meaning he’d come to his destination. If he hadn’t there’d have been no way she or Clark could keep up with him.

“What the hell?” He uttered in full disbelief.

Clark tapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re not alone.”

Bart rears back in wonder.

“How’d… but… I…. HUH?! Both of you?!”

Bella and Clark grin. However Bella’s grin soon fades as she looks around the area they were in. There was a very run down looking shack. Skateboards were propped up against it. Bella moves her hands away from Bart’s shoulders. She uses her x-ray vision and see’s that Bart’s been living in this run down place. It hadn’t a bathroom, electricity, water, or bed nothing. It was just a literal shelter with a sleeping bag, flashlight and whatever he’d stolen for either survival or mere entertainment purposes.

“HEY!” Bart shouts at her as she makes her way to the shed.

Bella busts down the door and looks around. Clark narrows his eyes and curiously watches her. Bella couldn’t believe this. She steps back out.

“Bart… What’s going on?”

Clark was now picking it up as well now as he looked around. He grimaced in realization.

“Bart are you living here?” Clark questioned.

“No… of course not.” He says rolling his eyes.

Bella staggers back a bit she couldn’t bear the thought.

“Come on now Bart. Just between the three of us. You’ve our word. Now what’s going on? Why are you living here?” Clark pressed.

“None of your business that’s why. And how did you manage to chase me down? No one should be able to find me!” He points to Bella.

“How does a girl like you bust down a door?”
“It seems we all three have somethings to discuss. But first thing’s first. You can’t stay here Bart. This isn’t a home. This isn’t right. Where are your parents?”

“Parents?” Bart laughs and shrugs.

“Who needs them? I got all I need I’m as free as they come!”

“This is no way to live…” Bella says agreeing with Clark.

“Let me guess you both got the white picket fence and perfect parents maybe a golden lab running around?”

“All but the lab.” Clark states with a small grin.

“You’re kidding me.”

Clark shrugs.

“No not really. We really do have a white picket fence and wonderful parents.”

“Why are you saying we?”

Bella laughs at his reaction as he wrinkles his nose.

“Please don’t tell me you’re worse than kissing cousins. I get that this is Kansas and all but…”
“I don’t know bubba should we tell him?”

Clark shakes his head at Bella’s comment.

“Sure why not sis.”

Bart wrinkles his nose again as they peck each other on the lips.


Bella dies in laughter.

“We’re not really related Bart.” Clark says as he wraps his arms around Bella’s waist.

“Bell just grew up in the same house. It’s a long story…”

Bella nods.

“Yes why don’t you come with us Bart you could get a warm meal, shower if you wish and we can all sit down and get this sorted out. But first off all…” Bella picks up the stolen skate merchandise.

“These belong to us. Sorry Bart, but you’re going to end up bankrupting us if we allow you to keep these.”

“Fine take them.” He says with a shrug.

“But I’m no charity case. So thanks, but no thanks.”

He heads back to his shack. Bella looks to Clark and he nods and quickly grabs hold of Bart. Bella swiftly gets out his personal belongings. She then sends her electric bolts directly upon the shack destroying it.

“There now where are you going to go?”

“Come on Bart.” She encourages and starts grabbing a few more of his things to take back.

“Bart, are all these items stolen?” Clark questions.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“I’m being serious.”
“So am I.”

“Look Bart I’ve been there. I know how tempting these things can be. When you have something right within your grasp knowing your abilities alone could help you get away with it.”

“Sure… says the kissing cousins.”

“You really should listen to Clark. He really has been there. Not so much in your exact case, but he understands if you’d just open up and let us know what’s going on.” Bella says backing Clark up.

“And what is it you want to hear? HUH?!”

Bella and Clark look to one another with concern.

“That all I remember was that I was out playing in the yard. It was storming and I was being called inside. This bright light is the last thing I see. I remember flying back. Next thing I know I wake up and I’m freaking out cause I can’t slow down. I start running and running and I can’t figure out how to make it stop!” Bart pulls at his hair.

“I became too much for my parents. They couldn’t deal with me! So I left. I’ve been running ever since. Cause fuck it I don’t need anyone! I’m just fine and I have been fine. I don’t need or want your help!”

“Bart… There’s no shame in needing help.” Clark softly states.

“He’s right we’ve both needed to lean on others for support. This isn’t something you should have to go through alone. Now we know your secret. Come with us and we’ll be more than happy to let you in a bit about whom we are. But there has to be trust Bart. Do you understand?”

Bart nods in final agreement.

“Cool.” Clark says with a smile.

Martha listens as Bella tells her the story. Bart sat with Jonathan and Clark as they ate the desert Martha had baked. Martha nods as Bella expresses her concerns. Meanwhile, Clark had picked up everything Bella had said to his mother. He agreed up until Bella offered to take the loft.

“No Bell I will.”

Martha and Bella turn back towards Clark. Bella sigh.

“Seriously Clark, it’s cool.”

Clark shakes his head.

“Not happening and that’s that.”

Martha clears her throat a bit and makes her way back to the table.


“Yes mam?”

“We’ve plenty of room… if you need a place to stay for a bit…”

Bart looks to her oddly.


“Well sure? We wouldn’t mind you stay as long as you need.”

Jonathan looks to Martha in disapproval. She cuts him a look in return. Jonathan sighs.

“She’s right…” Jonathan says but couldn’t help, but to feel concerned.

Clark smiles and pats Bart on the back.

“Well there you go!”

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