Chapter 4 Under Pressure

Chapter 4

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“Wall of what?”



“And where’s your picture?”

“Ha, ha funny girl aren’t we?”

“Some say so.” Bella grins and skims along some of the pictures and information she’s collected.

She swallows back on the meteor shower article. Then she unpins it from the wall and reads it.

“Hey…” They both turn back to see Clark.

He looks upon the article in her hand. Then looks behind Bella at everything Chloe’s collected over the years. This is something he’s struggled with over the years. A lot of lives had been affected that day including mine. This was one of Clark’s most sensitive issues. In fact at this very moment Bella could see it all over his face. She never blamed him for the loss of her parents. Bella never would yet, Clark let the weight of the world weigh on his shoulders. He’s always questioned that day. Something that may always remain a mystery.

“She calls it the wall of weird Clark…” Bella says softly.

He nods. She forces a smile his way and hangs the article back up.

“I was just going to remind you of the game tonight. I’ll be staying after school.”

“Ah, right. Go Crows!”

He smiles.

“You’re going to the game tonight right?”

She looks to him in surprise.

“You want me to go?”

“Well yeah if you want to that is.”

“Well of course.”

Chloe looks to the oddly. She bites her bottom lip, fighting that nosy smile of hers. Bella clears her throat giving her a glare of warning.

“So are you joining my little team or not Bella?”

Bella takes in a breath her eyes locking with Clark’s. She then turns back towards her little wall.

“Um sure. It could be fun.”


Clark laughs.

“Well you two ladies have fun.”

“Oh we will.”

She hurriedly catches Clark in the hallway.


He turns back.

“Do they know?” Bella hints.

He nods.

“I talked to both of them last night.”

Bella sighs in relief.

“So everything’s ok?”

He shrugs.

“I’ll see you tonight Bell.”


Bella knew that shrug. It was the dad’s a little pissed, but whatever shrug. She felt a tap on my shoulder and turned. Bella looked to him in disbelief seeing it was Whitney. What does he want? He never talks to me. She finds herself wondering.

“Isabella right?”

“Bella, actually.”

“Right, I was wondering if you had a date to the dance.”

WHAT?! She looks around wondering if this was some sort of joke.


“I thought since Clark was going with Lana, that maybe you’d like to go with me.”

That’s how you ask? And Clarks taking Lana? Bella turns to see Lana smiling at her locker. She swallows back on this.

“You know Whitney, you make it so darn tempting.” She smiles and runs a finger along his chest.

He smiles that cocky way he does.

“But you see I don’t play second fiddle to anyone. Why don’t you, pile up on some lotion and play five knuckle shuffle for the night? As for you…” Bella looks to Lana.

“I don’t play childish games.”

Bella pushes my way past him and rushes outside. She bows over as soon as she makes her way out. The heat was rising in her face. She takes her board and smashes it against the building.

“Well, I guess I know what to get you for your birthday now.” She winces.

“Let me guess you heard?”

Bella tosses her board into the trash as it was a pile of garbage now.

“I particularly liked …Why don’t you, pile up on some lotion and play five knuckle shuffle for the night?”

She laughs a little, but the humiliation was still there.

“I’m not taking Lana.”

Bella looks to him in question, but shrugs trying to look indifferent.

“I just wanted you to know.”

“It’s your life Clark. You take who you want.”

He smiles.

“I’ll do that.” He says and walks away.

Bella looks back to the trashcan. She wanted to have a small funeral for her board. She’d had that for years.

“Dammit.” A groan surpasses her lips and she get on the bus.

Bella gets in the door, Martha and John are already arguing about Clark. She hears John say he wasn’t going. They stop and look towards her. Martha does that thing she always does. Forcing that smile…

“How was your day?”


The three of them look to one another.

“We should go. Support him at least.” As Bella says this however, and looks directly at John.


“If you don’t go it’ll kill him and you know it.”

“I can’t support this Bella and none of us should.”

She shakes my head on this.

“Do you have any idea what this must be like for him? Please just go! Let him see you came.”

John sighs shaking his head. Martha puts her hands upon Bella’s shoulders.

“Ok… you’re right. We should be there for Clark.”

Bella nods, but her emotions were getting the best of her. Things felt as though they were piling up.


“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not sweetheart what’s wrong?”

“Just a long day.”

John leans against the counter looking upon Bella.

“Don’t, I’m fine.”

She heads to her room and gets ready for the game tonight. Before the game John goes with Bella to visit Charlie and Renee. She puts down a white lily for both. John crouches down running his fingers along the blades of grass. He looks to Charlie’s grave.

“We had some good times your father and I.’

He smiles.

“Always had each other’s backs, always knew how to make the other laugh, in any given situation.”

Bella nods.

“And your mother… she was one of the most beautiful girls in school. You remind me so much of her. As the years go by you look more and more like her. You got your mother’s looks, but Charlie’s quick tongue.”

Bella smiles on this.

“Bella… “He says as he raises back up.

“I owe you a sincere apology…”

He look her in the eyes.

“About the other day…”


“Bella please just hear me out. I only said what I said; because Luthor’s are not someone you wish to get mixed up in. I came to the worse possible conclusion. I didn’t give you a chance to defend yourself. I just rambled on like a mad man. I know you and Clark don’t see each other as siblings. But Bella I do see you like a daughter. That was why I reacted the way I did. I don’t expect you to see me like you would Charlie. I will however, fight to protect you as I would Clark. I’d do anything for either of you.”

The tears start. He wraps his arms around her.

“You’re wrong…”


“You and Martha are like second parents to me.”

She felt him chuckle against her.

“Now come on, let’s go cheer Clark on.”

After we get to the stadium, they pick their seats. Bella makes my way to the concession stand to get them all a drink.

“Hey!” She turns back and rolls her eyes seeing Lex.

“Since when do you come to games?”

He shrugs and stuffs his hands into his pockets.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

“Nope.” Bella flashes John’s twenty dollar bill in his face.

“Got it!”

He grins.

“You don’t care for me too much do you?”

She shrugs.

“So why’d you save me?”

Bella looks to him dumbfounded.

“Um what?”

“If you hate me so much, why did you save me?”

“I don’t hate you Lex. I just think you’ve got issues.”

He softly chuckles.

“Issues huh?”


“But you don’t hate me.”

She sighs.

“No Lex, I don’t know you enough to hate.”

“So what is it about me you don’t like?”

She half laughs.

“The way you like to throw money at everything! No matter the situation! That’s how you fix everything!” Bella covers her mouth realizing she was raising my voice to him.

He nods.

“Clark was right. You’re not like other women.”

He takes her hand kissing it. The players are running onto the field as Lex walks away. Bella shakes her head on this and get their drinks.

She turns and sees Clark leaning over the fence, looking at her; he’s got a huge grin on his face. He’s decked out in the red and yellow Crow’s football suit. He’s got his helmet in hand hanging over the fence.

“Well hello Clark.”

He wiggles his finger for Bella to come towards him. She makes her over and he leans in.

“I’m gonna win this one for you Bell.”

Her jaw drops.

“Um what?”

He winks and takes off to join the others. She should be honored right? Something about that however, bothered her. Bella thought he was playing because, that’s what HE wanted. She could care less about whether he played football or not.

Bella makes her way up the bleachers, and hands Martha and John their drinks. Clark looks over and they wave. They huddle and she noticed how Clark was doing that thing again, like he had the other day. He’s reaching to his temples looking as though he’s getting sick. Once the huddle breaks, the coach blows his whistle and Bella noticed Clark gritting his teeth. She nudges John on the arm.

“I saw…” He hints.

The coach motions for them to hit the field. Clark goes back to acting like he’s ok. He gets on the field. The game begins. Things seem to be going good towards the first half. However, the Crows are losing big time. The coach is pissed, naturally. Everytime, he gets near Clark is when she notices him acting ill.

She shakes her head and starts making her way down.

Bella simply walks along the fence line paying more attention.

“The whistle?” She questions softly noticing the green emblem on it.

It seemed to get worse when he was near the coach and he blew upon it. Clark notices her at the fence. She waves him over.

“Stay away from him.” Bella whispers towards the coach.

He narrows his eyes confused.

“I’ll explain later just keep your distance.”

He nods and heads back towards the field.

She makes her way back up with John and Martha.

“Everything ok?” John questions and she nods.

Bella watches curiously, as Clark keeps his distance.

“Huh…” I say with a shrug seeing it’s working.

“What’s huh?” Martha asks.

“Something about the coach… I think it’s the whistle…”

She’d planned to find a way to get that whistle and test the theory herself.

Bella looks up as the crowd begins to roar with excitement. She takes back a breath realizing Clark just cheated in order to score a touchdown. She claps anyway letting it go. It was just one touchdown right? But no Clark doesn’t stop there. For the first time ever Bella found herself disappointed. What bothered her the most… I’m gonna win this one for you Bell. By using your abilities and risks exposure?! She gritted her teeth. Clark didn’t need to use his abilities to play. He was just as good without them! So why was he using them?! She came to her feet.

She heard John sigh in disappointment as well. Bella half laughs shaking her head.

“Bella…” Martha says softly.

They nod as she makes her way out of the area, Bella heads to the parking lot and lean against John’s truck.

“Clark seems to be doing quite well tonight.”


“Not going to finish watching the game?”


“Why don’t you let me take you home? Maybe I could get you a cup of coffee along the way?”


“Come on. I got something I want to show you.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll never know unless you take me on my offer.”

“Fine, but you’re taking me home when I say.”

He smiles.

“Yes mam.”

He was Clark’s friend right? So there has to be some redeeming quality to him. That’s what mainly had my inquisitiveness as to why she agreed. Bella wanted to see what Clark saw in Lex.

She gets in his new red sports car and they stop at the café. Bella thinks about what John said about the Luthor’s.

“Something on your mind?” He questions as he pays for my coffee.

“Not really.”

He pulls out a chair for her. There’s that moment of uncomfortable silence.

“So did you get the roses?”


“Not a fan?”

“It’s not that Lex. You just don’t get it.”

“You saved my life Bella. What else is there to get? I almost ran you over. In fact I’m still sure I did. I could have killed you, even with that knowledge you risked your life to save my own.”

UGH! She thinks feeling slightly nauseas.

“Once again, you did not run me over. You missed me! I dodged just in time to miss the hit. I then dived down after the car once it plunged.”

“Huh…” He says with a smile.

“Either way you’re still a hero.”

“I’m no hero Lex…” Clark is…

Nothing else is said as they finish their coffee. They get back into his car and head to the mansion.

A place she’d seen, but never stepped foot in. Clark had been here plenty of times. She steps inside trying to take it all in. The place was huge. Bella found myself slightly impressed on how tidy and stunning it was.

“Jesus Lex!”

“It’s not technically my place, it’s my father’s.”

“Is he ever home?”

He softly chuckles, but doesn’t answer. Lex faces her like a child getting ready for Christmas morning.

“Please follow me.”

She follows him out to a garage area.

“Recognize anything?”

He says and her heart drops. She stands there frozen for a moment as he has the car. The one Clark ripped him out of. Lex’s eyes fixate on to Bella’s.

“They say when needed humans can have what’s known as adrenaline.” He runs his fingers along the area; Clark had pulled back with his bare hands.

Bella shrugs feeling nervous.

“A lot of that is just the impact alone Lex.”

He nods.

“OH I’m sure of it.” She turns to see notes on some sort of black bulletin.

“You go through all of this when someone saves you?”

“I can’t really count how many times I’ve been saved. You’ve given me a second chance in life.”

“Well it normally goes like this Lex. A simple thank you, a few tears of joy maybe, then that’s it, and you go about your merry way thankful.”

“I’ve done it again haven’t I?”


“I’ve upset you.”

“Lex when you said you had something to show me. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“What did you have in mind?” He insinuates.

“See! There you go again. Everytime it seems you have at least one deeming…” Bella stops herself out of respect for Clark. This was his friend don’t be a bitch Bella. You don’t want to hurt Clark. That or raise suspicions in Clark’s direction.

“Oh come on now it was a joke. You should let loose. You’d think growing up with Clark you’d be a bit more laid back.”

“Yeah, well newsflash I’m not CLARK!”

“I can tell.”

“Bravo, now take me home Lex.”

Lex nods, but comes up to Bella. He’s right in her face leaning into her. His hand goes upon Bella’s cheek. Something Clark usually does, so that pissed her off. Only Clark was allowed to do that. Bella grab his hand forcing it back down. However, Lex does something nauseating and stupid. He kisses Bella not just any kiss. She goes to dispute and once her mouth is open his tongue slides into her mouth. NASTY! She quickly shoved him back. She folded up her hand and punched the shit out of him.

“Goodnight Lex!”

She stormed out of the mansion. Bella felt sick. She kept running down the road. She was so livid Bella was crying. She loathed crying it was making her angrier! She kept running for what seemed like forever.


She stops and turns to see him on the other side of the street. He slowly approaches her. Bella looks to the ground and quickly wipe her face. He sighs and lifts her chin with his fingers. His arms go around Bella’s waist as he leaps up to the Smallville water tower. He brings her into his chest.

“I was an idiot. I’m so sorry.”

His hands run along her back.

“My common sense went out the door. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I went about this the dumbest way possible. I should have just asked!”

He pulls back and looks Bella in the eyes.

“Bella, would you go to the dance with me?”

Huh? What? Did he just? He tilts his head looking upon her.


Say yes you idiot. Bella opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. He sighs looking disappointed.

He drops his hands. Say it Bella! Quit being afraid all the time. It’s Clark! But you don’t know lick about dancing! She continues to argue with herself.

“I was afraid of this…” He half laughs looking miserable.

“You don’t see me like that do you?”

TALK! NOW! OH COME ON BELLA! Bella yells in her mind.

“You’re wrong…” She finally pushes out. There you go nimrod.

He turns back towards her as his arms are folded about his chest. Bella clears her throat.

“Clark, I don’t know how to dance…” She says feeling the blush coming on thick.

“I got a secret to tell you.”

He leans into Bella’s ear.

“I don’t either.”

She smiles shaking her head.


“I know right? You’d think I’d know!”

“Yeah, considering you can do damn near everything else Clark!”

They both laugh, but look to one another.

“So is that a yes?”

“Eh, sure why not.”

“Well, you know if you’re not terribly busy.”

“Uncle John will be disappointed.”

He looks to Bella confused.

“That was the day we were going cow tipping.”

He laughs.

“That’s right huh. Well, I figure I can steal you away for one night.”

You can steal me away any night… She blushes at her own thoughts. There she goes being all girlie girl again. Dammit Clark. But Bella smiles and looks to the sky as they sat down, their feet dangled over the edge.

“Out of curiosity why were you running? And why from that direction?”

“Ugh, trust me Clark, just let this one go.”

He narrows his eyes. Bella lies back and Clark leans back as well.

“Hey look…” Bella points to a star that’s shooting across the sky.

“That’s cool.”

“Ever wonder what it’d be like to fly?”

“All the time.” He says with a grin.

She rolls onto her side facing Clark.

“Why aren’t you taking Lana to the dance?”

He looks upon her.

“You told me to take who I wanted remember?”

She looks to him astonished.

“Clark, you’ve had a thing for Lana for years.”

“Things change Bell. Everything seems to have as of late.” He says with a shrug.

“She’s the beautiful girl next door Clark. I remember smacking you in the back of the head. All those times you’d spend hours gazing upon her direct with your telescope, I was afraid you were becoming a peeping tom. I wanted to save you from the embarrassment of a restraining order.”

He laughs with a bit of a sigh.

“I had it facing the wrong way…”

My entire face flushes and I bite my lower lip in thought.

Clark narrows his eyes upon Lex as he opens the door.

“What happened to you?”

He grins ear to ear.

“I think I’m in love Clark.”

“Huh… well… ok congrats!” He teases as Clark looks upon his shiner.

It was pretty bad too. He really hacked someone off. Clark thought.

“Come on in Clark.”

They head to the living room.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“I’m good.” I spin his globe around and take a seat.

“So how’s it going Clark?”

“Not so bad, you?”

“Ditto.” He says pouring himself a drink.

He sits across from Clark. Meanwhile, he’s thinking about how to say what he needed to say. Lex was a decent guy he just had a stranger way of doing things. His heart was in the right place, but his head often clouded.

Three things had Clark’s concern. One, it seemed his friend had grown a bit of an infatuation with Bella. Who could blame him right? Two, he didn’t want his father having the wrong idea about Lex and Bella. Clark for one knew she had no romantic feelings towards Lex. Thirdly, he hoped to be dating Bella soon himself. Clark really didn’t want Lex continuing his flirtatious ways with her. But it seemed Lex had indeed fallen for someone so maybe that was no longer a concern.

“So I hear the dance is coming up.” He smiles as he leans back in his seat.

Clark nods.

“So will you be going?”

“Actually, yes I am?”

“And let me guess the lovely Ms. Lana Lang?”

“Actually, I’m taking Bella.”

He acts genuinely surprised.

“Is that so?”

He shrugged.


Clark clears his throat watching Lex’s face closely.

“How modern of you Clark, honestly, I didn’t think you had it in you. Using Bella as a lure for Lana’s jealousy? Bella’s quite a catch she’s sure to grow some attention and much jealousy on the lovely Lana’s behalf. You’ll win her over in no time.”

Clark takes in a breath.

“That’s not why I’m taking Bella Lex.”

He chuckles a bit.

“Have you fallen for her Clark?”

Hmm, now what?

“You could say that.”

He nods and rises to his feet. He pours him another drink.

“Why don’t I help you out a bit? A limo? Roses? On me?”

“This is something I wish to do on my own Lex.”

He smiles.

“She wouldn’t even know Clark. Spoil her a bit.”

“I got it Lex.”

Clark felt half annoyed. He was sure he meant well. However, he’d screwed up with how he went about the game the other night. Clark wasn’t about to mess this up.

“Well then… the best of luck to you Clark.”


He downs his drink and sits back down.

“So who’s the new girl?”

He cocks a brow and shrugs.

“She’s a bit of a mystery that’s for sure.”

“Making it all that much more interesting I assume?”

“You’ve no idea Clark…”

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