Chapter 5 Start Of Weird

Chapter 5

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Bella quickly sneaks out of the coach’s office. She stuffs the whistle in her pocket. After, she gets to her locker; she wraps it inside her jacket and tosses it into my locker. She turns however, just in time to see Whitney slap Lana. Bella’s jaw drops and she immediately reaches over and grabs him by the collar. She takes notice of how his eyes are deep green.

“What the hell!” She slams him against the locker.

“Why’d you hit her?!”

Whitney grits his teeth and backhands Bella against the hall. Clark enters the door catching the aftermath. Bella half growls and rushes to her feet. Bella checks Lana over.

“Are you ok?” She nods.

“Jesus!” She drags Lana into the bathroom.

Bella puts an ice cold towel to her face. She might not like Lana, but even she thought Lana didn’t deserve that. Bella hears the knock at the door. Bella answers.


He narrows his eyes cupping her chin. He caresses Bella’s cheek where she took the hit.

“Who did this?!”

Bella sighs and looks back towards Lana.

“Whitney, something’s not right about him Clark. He smacked the hell out of Lana. After I stepped in he had no issue popping me one as well.”

Clark’s jaw clenches. Bella takes his hand.

“Don’t do anything stupid.” She hints.

“I won’t, but he needs to know that’s not acceptable.”

Clark starts to walk away looking pissed.


He turns.

“Something about his eyes… when he got mad they were like really green.”

Bella returns to Lana’s aid.

“Why are you helping me?”

Bella shrugs and continues to press the towel down on her cheek. She sighs.
“Seriously… why?”



“Do me a favor and shut up.”

She half smiles, Bella wets the towel once more putting it to her face.

“Keep that on there off and on. It’ll swell down throughout the day.”

Page break

Clark catches Whitney out in the parking lot. He grabs him and pin him against the wall.

“What’s your deal?! Since when do you hit women?!”

He punches Clark in the gut. Clark slams him back even harder, keeping in mind not to use his full strength. He noticed the green Bella was talking about in his eyes. That ill feeling however, hits and he stumbles back. He grabs Clark and tosses him against a car like he’s nothing.

“Back off Clark!”

Whitney storms off. Meanwhile, Clarks completely baffled as to what took place. How’d he manage that? Furthermore, why did he feel the way he did? It was the same around the coach. Clark rolls off the car and dust himself off. He makes his way to class. But he can’t help but to feel angry all over again seeing Bella and Lana’s faces. Bella’s especially. Yet, again Bella proves just how big of a heart she has. She didn’t have to help Lana, but she did. Bella reaches to her head, off in on during class as though she had a headache. Her face was worse than Lana’s.

What’s come over him? Whitney’s never laid a harmful hand to Lana. That Clark ever knew of anyway. My feelings for Lana might have changed, but she was still my friend. When he had Whitney against the wall however, Bella was the one Clark was thinking about. This new course of anger surged through him one he’d never quite felt. Clark wanted to let loose on Whitney’s face.

He leaned back in thought.

Things tend to get worse throughout the day. Come lunch time the four of them are leaned back in their seats, laughing about the food fight they’d had last time. Clark notices how Pete and Chloe tend to study Bella and Clark off and on. he simply smiled at this. Clark wanted to put his arm around Bella or take her hand prideful. The dance was just around the corner, this weekend in fact. He’d see how Bella felt afterword. Clark didn’t want to come off as too pushy.

We all turn our attention however, to the argument at the table behind us.

“Look I’m sorry I slapped you. You know I’d never hurt you. However, lately all you keep doing is hurting me!”

Lana’s jaw drops and her cheeks redden.

“I’ve grown tired of trying to win you over. I feel like your fucking PET not your boyfriend. What happened to you? There was a time we were in love!”


“Was it all a lie? Were you faking it all these years?”

“Whitney please you know that’s not true.”

“Was all this time spent trying to gain Clark’s attention?”

Huh? Clark’s taken back looking to Bella. Wasn’t it the other way around? Lana barely noticed Clark or so it seemed.


“Clark this and that! That’s why you wanted me to take Bella to the dance wasn’t it?! You wanted to make him jealous. Maybe I’ve been chasing after the wrong girl. I’m DONE! WE’RE THROUGH LANA! I’d been here for you for every step. No matter the embarrassing about of times you’ve dumped me and came crawling back. Well not this time! HELL NO!”

He looks directly at Clark.

“Congrats Clark she’s all yours. Watch out though she tends to lose interest pretty quick. I’ll give it about a month.” He takes the table behind him and tosses it across the room. His eyes that bright green color again. Clark closed his as the ill feeling returned.

Bella half laughs shaking her head. She rises up from the table and leaves the cafeteria. He takes in a breath.

“What was that?!” Chloe questions.

“Dude, he threw that table like it was nothing.” Pete says as everyone in the cafeteria is gossiping about what just took place.

Clark rose up and decided to go check on Bella. He wasn’t sure what to make or how to feel about any of this. All he knew was he didn’t want Lana. Clark cut Lana a disappointed look and headed outside. Clark’s jaw’s automatically clenches and a fire is lit within him.

Whitney has Bella pinned into the cafeteria brick wall.

“Well what do you say? Go with me to the dance Bella.”

“Haven’t you already asked me? Haven’t I already made my answer abundantly clear?”

“This is different though Bella. Maybe, it’s not Lana… Maybe it’s you.”

IT MOST CERTAINLY ISN’T! He runs his hand along her waist. Whitney then leans into her neckline. Bella tries shoving him off her, but the jerk doesn’t even budge in fact he presses himself against her.

“I’m going with Clark! Now get off me!”

“Clark!” He laughs.

“What is it about that son of a bitch?!”

“You had better watch what you say about him!” She shouts angrily.

Clark yanks him up by the collar and tosses him off her.

“Stay away from her!”

Clark narrows his eyes and curiously examines him. His eyes do that thing again and Clark becomes ill feeling. What’s that? He noticed something in his throat area. It was diamond shaped. He rushes Clark against the wall and swings at him. He gets a good hit to the face and gut as Clark comes down to his knees.


“Stay back Bella.” Clark groans.

“Get off him you ass!” She grabs Whitney’s arm.

Clark tries to get to her, but he can’t even move.

“Bella his throat… something’s in there. I need him calm.”

She looks to Clark bewildered. Whitney grabs her by the throat. He lifts her up off the ground choking her.

“No Whitney… you’re killing her!”

Bella brings her knees up to her chest and flings them out. Whitney comes down to the ground and doesn’t move. Her jaw drops.

“Clark! I didn’t mean to I!”

Clark starts to come too again and roll towards them. He scans Whitney over.

“He’s alright you just knocked him out.”

Clark X-rayed his throat finding the gem. He pierces his fingers through and begin to reach for the object. Bella and he exchange a glance as the gem begins to light up again. That ill feeling yet again washes over Clark.
“Hurry and grab it Bell.”

She nods and reaches for it. Bella takes it out and looks to Clark oddly.

“It looks like the whistle…” She says softly.


Whitney starts to come to and she quickly stuffs the object into her pocket. Bella takes off her over shirt and places it on Whitney’s throat. The both of them look to one another trying to come up with a cover story. They weren’t sure how much he’d remember.


He questions as Bella helps him up. He blinks a few times looking around.

“What just happened?”

“What do you remember Whitney?” Clark questions.

Bella has this worried expression on her face.

“I remember getting this necklace for Lana. These guys they came out from nowhere and jumped me. I fell. My neck it hurt like hell. I think the necklace somehow imbedded into me.”

He pulls back Bella’s jacket looking to the blood.

“It’s not so bad. Just leave pressure on it. You might want to go to the ER.”

“How’d?” He questions.

“I don’t remember anything after that.”
“Where’s the necklace?”
Bella shrugs.

“I’m afraid we don’t know what you’re talking about. We happened to find you just like this. You scared us Whitney… Are you ok?”

He nods.

“Who did that to you?!” He puts a hand to her cheek.

Bella takes in a breath.

“Whatever happened to you Whitney. You didn’t mean to, but you took it out on Lana and Bella.”

“Wait what?” He looks to me lost.

“You can’t be serious! I didn’t do that! I’d never hit either of them Clark!”

“You weren’t exactly yourself Whitney it’s not your fault.”

“What? I’m so sorry Bella. Please you have to believe me I’d…”

Bella forces that smile.

“I know. It’s ok.”

He sighs looking to the ground.

“I really hit Lana?”

They nod. Whitney looked as though he was about to break down.

“Whitney…” Bella says softly.

“You also dumped Lana and said somethings…”
Whitney was struck stupid.

“We’ve been having some trouble, but…”
“I’m afraid there’s no fixing this one.” She hints.

He looks towards the cafeteria.

“Maybe it’s for the best. Still, I can’t believe I hit her.”

“I’m sorry Whitney.”

“Thanks for your help. I just wish I could remember what came over me.”

They both watch as Whitney wanders off. The poor guy hadn’t a clue about anything. He looked scared out of his mind. Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. She takes out the necklace and Clark grimaces as she brings it closer to Clark.

“That’s about what I thought. Something about this. “

She looks to be in thought.

“Wait right here.”

Clark nods. Bella returns with the whistle the coach was using. He stumbles back as she come towards him

“We need to find out what this is and why you react the way you do Clark.”

Clark props her up on the counter. He takes out an ice pack and puts it to Bella’s face. His fingers run along her neck. His puts his forehead against mine.

“I’m sorry you got hurt Bell.”

“Don’t do that Clark I’m fine.”

He lifts his head back up, their lips practically touching as they hear the front door open. He quickly clears his throat and takes a step back. The blush however, won’t leave Bella’s face.

“Bella! What happened?!” Martha asks as she enters the room with John.

They explain everything about Whitney. Once they’re done she and Clark look to one another. Bella takes in a breath and hops off the counter. She makes her way to her back pack and takes out the necklace and whistle. She then puts them on the dining room table.


He nods and comes towards the table. John and Martha watch as the closer he comes the more pain he looks to be in. John tilts his head. He picks up the items looking upon them. He then looks to Martha.

“Meteor rocks.”

Bella puts her hand to Clark’s chest as he bows over the closer he comes.

“Sorry Clark…” She says feeling terrible as Bella takes the whistle and puts it to his hand. The veins in his hands turn green and start to move about. Bella jumps back startled as Clark falls to the ground.

Quickly, she tosses the whistle back to John. She then crouches over Clark running her fingers along his face.

“I’m sorry I had to test it.”

“I know… that sucked.” He grunts and she helps him up.

“Seems we’re always learning something new…” John says in thought.

Bella nods, but felt unnerved. This would make the first they discovered Clark had a weakness. This was something none, of them were used to.

Page break

Bella scrolls through the articles of the meteor shower online. She leaned back in her seat knowing this stuff had to be spread about Smallville. She look towards Clark’s room in thought. Then shuts off her computer and heads outside. The house felt stuffy and she felt as though she were suffocating. Bella takes in a deep breath as she leans over the porch.

“You too huh?”

Bella turns to see Clark on the porch swing. She nodded and lookd back out to the sunset.

“How do you do it Clark?”
“What do you mean?”

“I mean… If I were you, I’d be freaking out. Doesn’t this frighten you?”

“More than you think.”

“You hardly ever show it.”

He pats the area beside him on the swing. Bella sits down and he wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“You wanna know the truth?”

He questions softly as they rock back and forth.

“It terrifies me, the never ending cycle of things unknown.”
“You never show it.”

He half smiles.

“Oh believe me it’s there.”

Bella lays in his lap, kicking her feet out, and looked upon him.

“What did it feel like? You know the meteor rocks?”

Bella watched as he swallowed back. He moves her hair away from Bella’s face.

“Like I was paralyzed with a heavy dose of the flu. In which of course I’ve never had, but that’s the closet I can come up with. I remembered when you had the flu last year. You had fever, chills, broke into sweats, and your body ached. I’m guessing it’s about like that.”

“You remember all that huh?”

“I thought you were dying.”

They both laugh.

“You were the one sick, yet I was the one having a conniption.”

“Too funny Clark.”

Page break



Clark blinks awake and see his father. He sighs shaking his head and looking down. He raises his brows and rubs the back of his neck. Clark quickly moves his other hand from Bella’s breast and clears his throat. How’d that get there?! Clark thinks feeling himself blush.

“Hmm, get her in bed Clark.”

Clark nodded and lifted her up.

“Her bed… and you to your bed Clark.”

“Dad…” Clark groans in embarrassment.

“Now Clark.”

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