Chapter 6 Hero

Chapter 6

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“I’m serious I want details.”

Bella’s eyes widen as Clark enters the room.

“I want to know everything Clark…” Bella quickly cover Chloe’s mouth.

He grins and leans back against one of the desk.

“Everything I?” He taunts.

Bella gives her a death stare as she drops my hand.

“Oh well hi Clark!”

“Hi Chloe.”

Bella shakes her head and goes back to the article Chloe has her working on. In which, of course, was related to Whitney their first addition to “Wall of Weird” this year. Chloe and Bella look to Clark oddly as he takes a seat.

“Not going to practice today?”

“I quit the team.”

Bella’s taken back by this.

“You quit?”

He nods.

“Thought maybe I could join you both with this instead.”

“Sorry girls only Clark.” Bella teases and chunks a pencil at him.

He laughs.

“I don’t know Bella. We could use a dreamy, blue eyed guy, on the team.”

Bella raises her brows at Chloe. She wiggles her brows.

“Who says Clark is dreamy?”

Bella says with a shrug, but once her back is turned Bella gives him a wink. Bella swore he blushed.

“He’ll be good with the ladies when needed.”


Bella couldn’t help herself; she just had to mess with his head.

“Well stand up Clark show us what you got.”

He looked a bit flustered.

“Come on now.”

Meanwhile, Chloe’s literally dying as Bella circles Clark. He’s in his usual blue jeans, tight cobalt shirt, and red jacket. Once she’s walked around him completely. She smacks him on the butt.

“He’ll do.” Bella says with a shrug and sits back down.

“BELLA!” Chloe scolds, but is laughing.

Bella thought she put Clark into a temporary state of shock. The poor guy didn’t move. She wasn’t even sure what came over her.

“I think you stunned him.”

Bella grins and goes back to what she was working on. Finally, he clears his throat and sits back down.

“So um, what can I do?” He finally speaks.

“Well apparently, Bella’s only hired you, for your ass.”

“Chloe… do you want to make it to the dance tonight?”

She nods.

“Then it’d be wise to glue that upper lip to the bottom.”

Bella shows Clark what all they’ve been working on. She’s leaning over him as they’re reading over some of Chloe’s notes. However, she catches Lex through the corner of her eye. Bella turn towards him. He smiles and peeks inside.

“What do you want?”

“Actually, I’m here to see Chloe.”

“You should go home, it looks creepy for a man your age, to be hanging around school. Didn’t you graduate like many moons ago?”

He chuckles.

“Ah, how I’ve missed our talks Ms. Swan.”

“Funny, you’d be the only one.”

Clark looks to us oddly.

“Ms. Sullivan a word please…”

Lex looks to Clark.

“Good luck Clark, you’re going to need it with that one.”

Bella grits her teeth and makes her way out the door. She grabs Lex roughly by the arm.

“You ever kiss me against my will again! I’ll do more than just pop you across the face!”

“Then by all means it won’t be against your will next time I can assure you. Believe it or not, I really did come here with other business. For once it has nothing to do with you.”

“Keep it that way. You might be Clark’s friend and that’s fine. But you’re certainly no friend of mine. Stay the fuck away from me.”

The pencil in his hand snaps. Clark reaches to his temples as the sounds begin to hit. He could hear Chloe smacking her gum, her bracelet clanking on the desk as she typed, Clark could pick up all the heart beats around him, other students talking even. The one that hit was Lex and Bella it were as if they were in the room shouting at each other, only they were in the hallway whispering.

You ever kiss me against my will again! I’ll do more than just pop you across the face!”

WHAT?! He kissed Bella?! Clark rear back in shock realizing the shiner was from her!

Then by all means it won’t be against your will next time I can assure you. Believe it or not, I really did come here with other business. For once it has nothing to do with you.”

Next time! There will NEVER be a next time! Clark thought he was his friend. He grinded his teeth together.

Keep it that way. You might be Clark’s friend and that’s fine. But you’re certainly no friend of mine. Stay the fuck away from me.”

Yeah some friend… he couldn’t believe Lex! I sat there in your house! YOU SAID NOTHING OF ANY OF THIS! You knew I was taking her to the dance. Clark thinks and half growls and Chloe looks to him oddly. Clark’s entire body is trembling with anger. He felt betrayed. He could have told Clark, but chose not to. “I think I’m in love Clark…” The words socked Clark in the face as he put it together. He’s in love with MY GIRL! He thinks furiously.

Bella comes back into the room. Chloe looks to Lex oddly, but steps out. Bella’s hands shake a bit as she takes a seat. Clark had never wanted to hit Lex before. However, at the moment he wanted to beat the living crap out of him. She’s typing something into the computer. But her heart’s racing.


She looks over to Clark. The noises around him were echoing even louder now. She rushes over as Clark bows over reaching to his temples.

“It’s so loud!”

She nods and starts to drag Clark out of the building. She’s got a hand to his shoulder as he cover his ears.


“It won’t stop!”

“Look at me Clark…” She says softly.


Both her hands go upon his face.


Clark begins to breathe in sync with her.

“Now close your eyes. Don’t let it overwhelm you.”

What is it about her? In every given situation. There she was walking Clark through it. It was working too.


Clark nods. She smiles and runs her fingers through his hair. Clark wanted to kiss her so bad it was unreal.

“So what happened in there Clark?”

Bella wish you’d have told me about Lex. He close his eyes in thought. Bella was always out to protect him. This however, had gone too far. Lex was someone Clark trusted. He felt he should be in there beating Lex’s face in. Instead, she’s hovering over him, over another discovery of Clark’s freakish body! He gritted his teeth in thought.

“Everything just got really loud all a sudden. I was picking up every bit of noise around the area.”

Lex steps out of the building as Bella and Clark are standing off to the side. Her hand is still on his shoulder as Clark’s leaned against the building. It was then Clark finally saw it, that jealousy coursing through Lex. Still, he smiled. Still, he acted as though he was Clark’s friend.

“You have fun tonight Clark.”

Clark stares Lex down and wrap his arms around Bella’s waist. He pulls Bella into him.

“I plan to.”

Bella looked upon the mirror as she got ready for tonight. Her nerves however, were getting the best of Bella. She was excited yet nervous all the same. She tried doing her hair a million different ways, but nothing seemed to appease her. Bella turned to her sapphire dress and leaned over the sink feeling slightly nauseas. She put on her robe feeling defeated. She couldn’t decide on anything tonight. Bella headed to her room and shut the door. She laid the dress on her bed staring at it and paced the room.

She turned to a knock at the door.

“Um who is it?”

“It’s me sweetheart.”

“Come on in.”

Martha comes in and shuts the door.

“Why I thought you’d be dressed by now.”

“I’m freaking out I think!”

Martha laughs shaking her head.

“I’m serious. I’ve fixed my hair a million times and I keep putting it back down. What if the dress is too much?! I mean it’s not prom! What if…”

“Bella… breathe. I’m here to help.”

“I don’t know tie or not?!”

Clarks father laughs shaking his head.

“It’s just a school dance right?”

Clark nods uncomfortably.

“No tie then just keep it classy, but casually.”


He sighs.

“Here…” He tosses Clark a shirt.

“That one.”

“Is it here yet?”

“No son, but it will be.”

“What if it doesn’t?”

“It will be.”

“Dad, seriously. I don’t want to look like an idiot.”

“It’s Bella son.”


Johnathon chuckles a bit.

“Just be yourself Clark. You’ll do fine.”

Clark sighs on this and looks into the mirror in the loft.

Johnathon and Clark had managed to rebuild the barn, within the span of a few days. They kept it pretty much the same only added more space.

“Go on son. Good luck.”

Clark nodded and makes my way down. He sighs in relief seeing the carriage he’d rented out had arrived. Clark quickly makes his way over before Bella stepped out of the house. The carriage was white and so were the two horses.

Clark takes in a breath as the door opens. This right here would be the part where Clark nearly passed out. She steps out pulling the door shut. Bella was in this sapphire dress that stopped just above the knees. A black ribbon was tied about her waist. It was shoulder less and made him go completely dumb, her hair partially up as the rest dropped down in slight curls. He stood there without words.

His father knocked him in the back of the head before Clark woke. He sees Bella smiling as she takes notice of his reaction. Martha comes up behind her as Bella makes her way over. Clark takes her arm. However, his parents just can’t resist. Poor Clark rolled his eyes as his mother went to take a picture, but freezes and licks her thumb cleaning something off his forehead.

“Mom!” Bella starts laughing, but his dad looks to her.

“Where’s your bra young lady!”

Bella’s jaw drops and Clark looks to his dad wide eyed. Did he seriously just say that?! He winks at Clark patting him on the back. They take a Polaroid picture. The picture comes out ridiculous. Clark’s jaw is dropped still and Bella looked terrified.

“Burn it.”

“Nah, this is going to be our Christmas card this year.” Clark’s father says raising it up looking upon it.

Bella looks to Clark mortified.

“He’s joking.”

“You’d think.” He says.

His mother laughs as Clark helps Bella into the carriage. He cut them both a I can’t believe you’re trying to ruin my life look. They both laugh and waved them off. Parents… Clark thinks embarrassed as hell.

Bella looks to me however, and genuinely smiles.

“This is pretty cool Clark, gotta say.”

Clark smiles and put his arm around her.

“I hoped you’d think so.”

Clark truly took her by surprise. He was wearing smoky gray slacks, black dress shirt and black dress shoes. Bella didn’t think it possible he could be sexier than he already was. The carriage she truly didn’t expect. She loved it, very Clark like when she thought about it. It was beautiful.

Bella leaned against him as he put his arm around her. The night couldn’t have been more perfect with the stars out, the slight chill in the air, barely a breeze about. She breathed him in and felt those butterflies in her stomach. This was finally their night. They didn’t have to hold back anymore on their feelings. Bella couldn’t control her smile on the mere thought. She leaned into him deeper and put her arm around his waist taking in the scenery as the horses galloped on.

Bella felt the heat flush over her face as Clark kissed the top of her head. The silly girl urge to cry came about. Only because she’d been waiting for this and truly never dreamed Clark would ever see her that way. Bella always knew he’d end up with the girl next door, not the one down the hall.

After they arrive Clark makes his way down first then offers his arm. She takes it as he leads her down the steps of the carriage. The entire gym where the dance was being held was done in red, yellow and orange fall leaves. There were also fall trees about the area. It was really pretty the way it was set up. Different from anything I’d seen.

“Oh my god!” Chloe and Pete make their way over.

“You’re dress is gorgeous!” Chloe fusses over her and spins Bella around.

Clark smiles and looks around.

“Um thanks so is yours.”
She was in this deep green dress that had one shoulder to it, her hair pixie like. Pete was dressed almost like Clark but his shirt was white, slacks black.

Bella thought she’d faint though as Clark’s arms wrap around her waist and his head rest on her shoulder. Holy hell, how will she survive the night or Clark Kent period she thought.

“Wow.” Chloe says looking us over.

“You’re like the hottest couple here.”

Bella softly laughs.

“You’re damn right we are.”

Bella felt Clark chuckling against her. Pete takes her hand and kissed it.

“Well maybe Clark will let me steal you away for one dance.”

“We’ll see.” Clark says.

Pete laughs. Lana walks past in a beautiful black dress. She looks directly at Clark.

“You look very handsome Clark.”

Clark simply nods.

“I thought you said you were busy tonight.”

“I am…” He says and takes Bella’s hand walking away.

Hot damn did Clark honestly just give Lana the cold shoulder?! Bella though truly stunned.

He drags her towards the dance floor.

“Clark…” She says nervously looking around.

He smiles.

“Come on Bell, no one’s even paying attention to us.”

Bella’s taken back at the irony, the song that starts playing, Hero by Enrique Iglesias. She takes in a nervous breath as his strong arms go around her. From there it seems to go naturally for them. Bella’s arms go around his neck and before she realizes it they’re dancing. She lean into his chest and felt his hands gliding along her back. Once the song is over he twirls her around then pulls her back into him. Pretty smooth Clark… she finds herself thinking again.

She softly laughs shaking her head.

“Would you like some punch?”

He motions towards the bowl.


They drink their punch and watch as Pete and Chloe are dancing. Bella swallows back however, feeling bad for Whitney. However, she noticed Lana sitting alone as well. That’s certainly new. They sat on opposite ends of the gym. After, they finished their drinks Clark’s arms wrap around her again. Each time he did that it literally took her breath away. To think this was the same boy she’d grown up with skating on a half-pipe, played basketball with, and run to whenever a bad storm hit. Only Clark was no longer a boy.

They danced again for a while. Towards the end of the night, Clark handed her off to Pete and he took Chloe’s hand. However, halfway through the dance, she was taken by surprise as Whitney tapped Clark on the shoulder and asked to step in. Chloe looked to him oddly. Clark looked to her for permission. She shrugged and Whitney took over. Clark nodded towards Bella as she and Pete finished dancing.

“I think someone stole your date.”

Pete chuckles a bit.

“So it seems.”

He looks back to Clark.

“I better give you back.” He did this slight bow thing and hands her back off to Clark

“You ready?” Clark asks as they see the carriage waiting outside.

Bella nods and he takes her hand leading her out. The both of them sat in silence on the way home. His arms were around Bella the entire ride back. Once the carriage pulled up to the house, yet again, Clark made his way down and helped her down the stairs.

They waited until the carriage left. Clark cleared his throat and moves a strand of hair from Bella’s face.

“Bella I can honestly say I’ve never had a more perfect night.”

She felt the blush coming about her face.

“Me too Clark.”

He smiles, but looks nervy.

“Bella… I think it’s safe to say we both see more to this relationship. I’d like to take that leap and see how it goes.”

Bella thought her heart would fly out of her chest. She swallowed back on this.

“I’d like that.”

He takes in a breath as if he’d been holding it all night. He puts his hand to her cheek. Before she had time to think Clark Kent was kissing her. Not just any kiss, a full on passionate mouthwatering kiss that she never wanted to end. Her arms are locked around his neck and his around her waist.

Little, were both aware Johnathon and Marta were on the porch swing. They couldn’t make them out do to the shadow casted upon the night. Martha and John looked to one another and smiled. However, Martha tugged at John’s sleeve. Not long after, they were talking to one another they look over and see Clark kissing Bella. Neither one aware, they were at least a foot of the ground. Martha covered her mouth in shock. John smiled looking a bit teary eyed himself. He winked upon his wife and took her hand kissing it.

Once the kiss slowed down, both came back down. Their son hadn’t a clue what he’d just done. He took her hand and led her up the porch. John cleared his throat.

“We’ll how’d it go you two?”

They both smile.

“I knew you two couldn’t resist.” Clark whispers.

John and Martha both laugh.

“Of course not we’re your parents.”

Bella softly giggles.

“It was perfect actually.”

“That’s wonderful you two deserved it.”

“Thanks mom.”

Martha nodded towards her son. She had to admit at first she wasn’t too pleased about him and Bella. But now… She looked upon the both of them and can’t possibly picture anything else. They were meant to be no doubt about it. Honestly, no other girl would ever be good enough for their son.

Please keep in mind my stories are rated MATURE sexual events are sure to take place as well as violence and other goodies are in store. You’ve been warned…

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