Chapter 7 How To Date An Alien

Chapter 7

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Bella’s sweeping up the barn as Johnathon and Clark are stacking hay into the back of John’s truck. They were about to go set it out for the cattle. Meanwhile, last night was still on her mind. She swallowed back thinking of every little touch and the feelings that consumed Bella whole. They head out and she waved them off. She finished up her chores and kicked back on the new tan couch Clark and Bella picked out for the newly built loft. Of course, Clark had no problem getting it rebuilt quickly.

Bella shut her eyes for a moment, but heard someone roaming around the barn. She quietly make my way off the couch. She watch curiously, as this guy was just snooping about. He was a tall dark haired man in a suit. Bella reached under the sofa and grabbed her Uncle John’s shotgun. She got a good aim and cocked the chamber. Nothing like the sound of a gun about to go off to catch a prowler’s attention. The man freezes and looks up. He nervously laughs and raises his hands in the air.

“I wouldn’t laugh I got the gun.”

“That you do.”

“This is private property as I’m sure you can tell.”

“I’m well aware. I was looking for Jonathon Kent.”

“Well I can assure you he’s not in that toolbox!”

“Very well I’ll come back.”

“Who are you?”

“I believe that information is between Mr. Kent and I.”

She sighed with irritation. Then fires a shot at the ground. He was too close to for comfort, she had to protect Clark’s secret.

“Wrong answer who are you?”

His eyes widen and she makes her way down.

“I’m an investor.”

Bella has a good laugh at this.

“John would chew you up and spit you out. I can promise you whatever it is he’s not interested.”

“Hmm, what are you his daughter?”

She smirks.

“Damn near, trust me, I’d just be on my way now.”

Clark appears at the entrance. He’d obviously heard the gun go off.

“Are you ok?” He questions and I nod.

The man turns back towards Clark.

“And who are you?”

“He’s another one, which agrees we don’t want your kind around here!”

“Look, enough of the games where’s Mr. Johnathon Kent?”

“That’d be me.” John walks in behind Clark.

“Lower the gun Bella.”

Bella sighs and cuts the man another look.

“He was snooping around, claims he’s some sort of investor.”

“Bella the gun…” John warns.

She walks over and hand it to John.

“Is there a place we could talk a bit more private Mr. Kent?”

John takes in a breath looking to Clark and Bella.

“You two go on now.”

She looks to Clark. Bella didn’t trust this guy at all.


“Dad…” Clark says looking to her catching her concerned glance.

“I got it son.”

Bella shakes her head with gritted teeth. Then points to the man.

“I’d watch your back!”

Clark’s eyes widen.

“Son take Bella inside.”

Clark takes Bella’s hand dragging her out.

“Something’s fishy about that guy Clark. He just welcomed himself inside the barn and was looking around as if he owned the place.”

Clark acts as though he’s perplexed.

“Clark please I don’t want him alone with him!”

“I’ll go keep an eye out, but I want you to go wait at the house.”

Bella looks back towards the barn.

“He’ll be ok I promise.”

Bella nodded and headed to the house. Martha was in town buying groceries. Bella kick’s back on Clark’s bed waiting for him to return so he could tell her what that jerk was wanting. Clark appears after a few more minutes.

“Everything’s ok. It was just some loser wanting to buy the farm.”


Clark half laughs and crosses his arms about his chest.

“Should have heard dad, the guy couldn’t get away fast enough.”


Clark shakes his head.

“Everything’s ok. I can’t believe you shot a gun at him.”

“I missed…” I say with a shrug.

“You’re crazy you know that?”

“Private property, we have rights.”


Clark looks back and pulls his door shut. He plops down on the bed next to her. His fingers graze along Bella’s cheek. He then leans in kissing her. What starts out as kissing, turns out to be making out. Clark’s bracing himself over Bella kissing along her neck and pressing himself against her eagerly. They both hear the front door open. Clark leaps off Bella and quickly opens his door as they hastily adjusts their clothing. Bella rolls over giggling into his pillow.

“Are you trying to give us away?” He whispers, but he too is laughing as he sits at his computer chair.

He twirls around as if completely innocent and tossing that baseball of his around. Clark Kent, Bella was beginning to realize had a bit of a bad boy side to him. She bit her lower lip in thought. She liked this side of him.
Sure enough John peers into the bedroom. He looks to both of them. They give him their best innocent glare. He narrows his eyes with his arms crossed about his chest. He then looks to Bella. At first he looks mad like he’s about to scold me.

“What were you thinking Bella?”

She swallows back nervously. However, he breaks into a smile.

“You had that guy nearly pissing himself. That right there was your father!”

He chuckles shaking his head and leaves the room. Clark was choking. Bella however, was completely baffled.

“Did your dad just say what I think he did?”

“Sure did…”


Clark chuckles shaking his head.

“Swan or not you certainly got Kent blood running through you somewhere Bell.”

“I’ll take it as a prideful thing.”

He grins ear to ear and leans back looking at her a certain way.

“Let’s go out.”


“Sure, let’s hit a movie or something.”

She gasps in a mocking matter.

“And what be seen with you?!”

“Terrible isn’t it?”
“What if people get the wrong idea Clark?”

He looks to the doorway as if in suffering.

“You’re trying to make me break my parent’s rules aren’t you?”

Bella shrugs. He pinches the bridge of his nose. She can’t help, but to giggle a bit.

“I’ll go get ready.”

He nods.

She makes her downstairs once Bella freshens up and changes clothes. John and Clark look to be in deep conversation about something. Bella narrowed her eyes as he tossed Clark his truck keys. Clark grins and pockets them.

“Don’t be out too late.” John says leaving the room.

Clark and Bella had just gotten their license over the summer, but hadn’t had a car to drive of course. John had taught them both to drive before they took the classes. Bella barely passed the final test she can’t parallel park to save her life. In fact, she’d been thinking about getting a part time job so Bella could get a cheap vehicle. She just wasn’t sure where Smallville didn’t have much to offer jobwise.

“You ready?” Clark questions.

Bella nodded and followed him out to John’s truck. He opened the door for her. After she got in, he dashed over and hopped in. This felt weird to the both of them, but in a good way. Clark started the truck and they headed into town. They stopped by the tavern first and got a bite to eat. Ironically, a couple tables away were Whitney and Chloe. Bella smiled at this and nudged Clark’s shoulder.

“Huh…” He says with a smile.

“Not a bad looking couple.” Bella says with a shrug.

Bella bet Lana was stifling with anger. Karma’s a bitch… and Bella would leave it at that. Bella waved at Chloe as she looked their direction. She grinned and waved. Whitney turned back towards them. He too had a smile about his face.

“Times are changing…” Bella says in a whisper. She never thought she’d see the day Whitney and Chloe hooked up.

Clark smiled.

“Yes they are.” He takes her hand.

Once they’re done eating they head to the Talon. Clark picks some sort of love comedy. However, as he’s buying the tickets Bella turned back with a wrinkled nose. Directly, behind them were Lana and freaking Lex.

Bella froze for a moment taking it in. They were hand in hand as if on a date! Gross! Bella thought to herself.

Clark however, cuts Lex a look of complete hatred. He pulled Bella behind him protectively. Lex narrows his eyes at this.

“What’s with you Clark?”

Bella swore she heard Clark’s teeth grind. Clark then looks to Lana.

“What are you doing Lana?!” He questions and that for some reason had Bella boiling.

Heat flushed over Bella’s face. Lex however, grinned, but his eyes are locked to Bella. Bella screamed out as Clark punched Lex in the face. He grabbed him by the collar and started shaking him.

“CLARK!” She grabbed his arm trying to make him stop.

Lex fires back hitting Clark in the face in return. Bella shoved Lex back. She stand between the both of them and put out her hands.

“You both made your point. Let it go!” Lana and Bella’s eyes lock.

“I’m not sure who the bigger idiot is.” Bella muttered and walked away.

Clark made his way over and put a hand to Bella’s shoulder. She shrug it off.

“Don’t Clark…”
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have hit him, but…”

She turned to him furiously.

“I get it ok! You didn’t like that he was with HER!”

Clark stumbles back like she smacked him in the face.

“You honestly think that’s why I hit him?!”

“Why else would you?”
He shakes his head.

“I don’t know Bella you tell me!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I wish you’d come to me!”



Bella had a bewildered look about her face.


“I know Bella…”

Shit… Her total bitch alarm was going off. Bella shut her eyes for a moment feeling sick. She thought he punched him because of freaking Lana.

“Clark…” Bella says the nausea hitting her.

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I’m sorry.” Yeah you are, you idiot! She scolded herself.

He sighs and wraps his arms around her, something Bella don’t deserve at the moment. He lifts her chin with his fingers.

“There’s something you should know Bell.”

He hands the tickets he just bought, to some random couple. They thank him profusely.

“Let’s go.”

I look to him oddly. He opens the truck door for me and he drives to a more secluded area.

After he parks they both sat there for a moment.

“Lana Lang wasn’t my first crush.”

She looked to him oddly as he ran his fingers along the steering wheel.

“You see there was this certain girl…” He smiled shaking his head.

“She sat right across from me in math in the 3rd grade. She had the cutest smile, always could make me laugh, this girl was always there when I needed her in any given situation. However, through my own guilt, I pushed those feelings away because, I thought it was wrong. I was supposed to see her in a different light. Therefore, I fought against it. I did everything, I could think of to not see her that way. But come middle school the feelings only got worse. I started to notice things about her and because, of that I began to push myself away. I started sitting with another group of friends. There’s where my feelings for Lana began however, that other girl never left my mind. Lana might have lived next door but this other girl lived with me. Making her all that much harder to get over, I thought I had… but let’s face it she’s not someone you can just get over. Before Lana Lang was Bella Swan…”

Bella couldn’t breathe, think, or talk. She swallowed back on this.

“I punched Lex Luthor because; no one kisses my girl and gets away with it. By the way… nice hook! I saw the damage you left on his face. I couldn’t have been prouder!”

Bella half laughed shaking her head.

“I should have known that came from you. You’re the only girl I know of that can wallop someone that way.”

“I learned from the best.”

He chuckles.

She wiped her eyes a bit and cleared her throat. Clark opened his door and appeared at her side. He opened the door and she stepped out. He picked her up putting her on the hood of the truck. He leans his body into Bella’s her entire body awoke as he started kissing along her neck. Their lips lock and he brought her down closer to his hips. His hands were firmly around her waist. He stopped for a moment and she felt him throbbing against her. He takes in a breath and shuts his eyes for a moment.

“You make it hard to behave.” He softly says.

Bella smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He gently pushes her back on the hood. His hand runs down her tummy. He swallowed back and quickly turned his head as if fighting something off.

“Are you ok?”

He nodded, but turned around completely. Clark leaned against the truck and she rose back up. Bella placed her arms around him with her chest pressed against his back.

“What’s wrong Clark?”

He kisses her arm.

“Nothing, I just need to be careful that’s all. I don’t want to hurt you. That and well there are other things about me. Things I don’t want to take advantage of. Temptation is heavy around you.”

“Hmm, temptation?”

“Bell…” He warns softly.

“Just curious.”

“I think you know very well what I mean.”

“Humor me.”

“What if I said, I’d the ability to see you naked?”

Bella half laughed.

“You only wish.”

He turns around slowly. Bella’s eyes widen.


He half laughs nervously.

“You’re serious aren’t you?!”

“You remember the episode in the barn?”

She nodded.

“OH MY GOD! CLARK!” She punched him in the chest as if it’d really hurt him.

“Let’s just say you managed to bring out two of my newly acquired abilities that day.”

“I should kick your ass!”

He laughs and puts his hands along her thighs.

“It was an accident. I didn’t realize what I was doing when it took place. It just well… happened. You were lying on the couch and it was as if you were laying there in the buff.”

Bella blushed and looked to the ground

“Then that led to the heat vision or whatever you wish to call it. I couldn’t stop the images…”

He looks down shaking his head. Her jaw drops as she remembered the hard on…

“So you were aroused!”

His eyes widen as he now seems disordered.

“Um huh?”

“I felt you Clark!”

He clears his throat.

“Yeah… sorry about that.”


“So just how many times Clark?”

He narrows his eyes upon her.

“How many times have you seen me in my birthday suit?”

“Huh… look at the time…”

He takes in a breath.

“Only a handful.”

“A handful!”

“You’re going to kill me aren’t you?”

“Seriously considering it you perv!”

But she bit her lip in thought.


“What’d you think?” His eyes get as big as saucers like she floored him by her question.

“I think I’m in big trouble, that’s what I think.”

Bella blushed and she laugh.
“I should be mad at you!”

“Bell you’re the only one I’ve seen like that…” He hints.

“I can control it now.”

“Is that so?”

He nods.

“So how many times since you’ve learned to control it?”

“Jesus…” He says looking ill.

“Come on Clark…”

He narrowed his eyes and rose up two fingers. Her jaw dropped.

“And they were?”

“I think you’re merely trying to torture me now.”

“Precisely, we both know I can’t physically harm you, so I’m doing it through humiliation.”

“I can see that…”

He sighs.

“There was one time you were leaving my room…”


He nods.

“I saw your rear…” He says with a blush.

“And the other…?”

He squinted his eyes tightly shut.

“Just now, when I laid you down on the truck.’

“CLARK KENT!” She scolded, but was entirely red in the face not able to stop laughing.

“I should be furious.”

“Actually, yes you should be…”

He was floored looking her in the eyes.

“Why aren’t you?”

She shrugged.

“I guess I get you more than I ever realized.”

The both grew serious on this.

“I think you’re right.”

He caressed her cheek looking Bella in the eyes.

“You asked what I thought… You’re breath taking Bell. All the more reason it’s hard resisting the urge, to take a peek.”

“And I thought you were a good boy Clark.”

“I was until teenage Bella came along.”

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