Chapter 8 It Sucks To Be Me

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(Keep in mind that this Clark has slightly grown up differently. Therefore, he will think and act differently. He’s grown up with a teenage girl unlike in Smallville, whereas he had to learn a lot of things on his own or through his parents. In this story, he’s had Bella to help him through these things. Therefore, his abilities come a bit quicker do to a rapider adolescence thanks to Bella. This Clark is also slightly darker and not as naïve. He also thinks like a teenage guy actually would! Yet, he’s still a gentleman or tries to be. There were something’s that bothered me about Smallville, that never touched base. So I’m adding my own spicy flare to it. So he’s about to discover certain things that Smallville didn’t quite cover. But considering it was cable television lol well… onto the story. Sexy times ahead and will be getting more in depth.)

Clark leans against the entrance of the barn. Bella’s belting out lyrics to some song she’s listening to. He’s laughing to himself as she’s dancing about the barn. She’s entirely too cute for words sometimes. He thinks to himself. Her eyes open and she starts to stumble back as she catches him watching.


He appears behind her breaking her fall. She hits Clark on the arm.

“Quit doing that! It freaks me out!”

Clark can’t help, but to laugh.

“You would have heard me if you hadn’t had your headphones blaring.”

“I doubt that!”

“The bus is about to be here.”

She sighs and grabs her backpack. Clark takes her hand as they make their way to the bus. They actually make it in time. Of course all eyes are on them, the “new” couple. Clark ignores Lana’s piercing gaze. They sit in front of Whitney and Chloe. Pete sighs in his seat. Bella peers over at him.

“Well I still love ya Petey!”

He chuckles.

“Thanks Bella.”

“No problem.”

“Just don’t tell Clark.” He teases with a wink.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Clark roll my eyes, but with a smile.

“Lost interest already huh?” Clark whispers.

“Eh, it was good while it lasted.”

He sighs as if truly disappointed.

“Well at least I got one weekend.”

She softly laughs and leans into his shoulder. Her hands wrap around his arm. Clark kisses the top of her head.

“What’s that?” He questions as she takes out an application from her backpack.

“It’s for the Talon Theater. They’re hiring part time.”

“You’re getting a job?”



“Well think about it Clark. We could have our own vehicle!”

He smiles.

“That would be pretty cool.”


“You’d look really cute in that red vest.”

“Watch it Clark!”

He laughs.

“Nah, I think you’d like working there.”

“Then that leaves you to help with all the chores!” She hints.

“Yep sure does slacker.”

This was a constant ongoing joke. What took Bella hours, to do took him only minutes. A lot of times Clark would help with her chores as well. It hardly seemed fair to him that she’d be busting a sweat and he was already done. She’s filling out her application when the thunder sounded. Bella jumped marking across her paper.


Johnathon claims Charlie’s the reason for Bella’s vivid language. She doesn’t curse all the time, but sometimes it just pops out. Clark always just thought it was kind of funny. She clears her throat.


Clark merely shrugs. It thuds again and she clenches tightly to her pen. The Kent’s think it’s because of the meteor shower that she reacts this way to storms. His parents explained to Clark once how loud it was and how frightened Bella remained. He didn’t remember much of that day neither does Bella. Clark noted how she looked out the window. The clouds were getting pretty dark. he put his arm around her. She stuffs her pen and application back into her bag.

The bus pulled up to the school. They made their way out and the ground shakes beneath them as the lightening continued to strike. Clark could make out Bella’s heart racing and she’s shaking. They’re heading inside and she’s rushing to her locker.

“What’s with her?” Pete questions.

“She’s just not too crazy about storms.”

Pete laughs.

“Be nice Pete.”

“Come on Clark, it’s just a storm.”

The blunder happens again and Bella closes her eyes. Clark put a hand to her shoulder. Bella swallowed back and grabbed her books.

“What’s wrong Bella? You’re afraid you’ll find out you’re not in Kansas anymore?”

Clark rolled his eyes and smacked him in the back of the head. He laughed and heads on to class. Clark takes her books and walked with her to class. Chloe narrowed her eyes at Bella during class. The two seem to forget that Bella was in a horrible car accident, lost her father, and her mother just recently died all because of that day. Clark took in a breath on this thought. The day he arrived…

Clark looked out the window in thought. Often, he wondered how she doesn’t hate his very existence. It’s more that obvious he the cause to a lot of things off about Smallville. From Clark’s knowledge it’d only been since that very day. All these lives affected by him. Bella would have had a chance at a normal life. However, he looked upon her and selfishly thought then he wouldn’t be in her life. He’d have probably never even met her.

The wind outside picks up and the lightning strikes nearby. Bella covers her ears and Chloe and Pete are laughing at how she’s acting. Come on guys… not cool. Clark thinks irritably. Bella raises up a book trying to hide her face as she takes the notes off the board. The entire building shakes as it hits again and Bella jumps. Pete laughs even harder, he cuts them a look. Clark gripped his desk with crossness.

“Enough…” He warned harshly.

They both clear their throats and look to Clark oddly. That’s something he never does. They were pressing his buttons though. This is hard enough on her without them acting like that. Bella brings up her hood over her face during class. She keeps her head down and continues this even as their assignments are handed out.

The storm continues throughout the day. Bella keeps quiet. They have to go outside to head the cafeteria for lunch. The storm hasn’t really let up. They’re halfway there when the lightning strikes a nearby transformer. Clark’s eyes widen as it sends a bolt about the area. He immediately grabbed Bella seeing the pole about to come down. He braced his body around hers and can hear her screaming. Once it died down they all looked to one another.

“Everyone ok?”

They nod towards Clark. He didn’t do anything to give him away. He didn’t need to. Clark just placed himself over Bella. Pete and Chloe look to her concerned. Bella kept her head down.

“Hey are you guys alright?” One of the male teachers hollered out.

“Yeah.” Clark called out.

He nods.

“Ok well you all need to come back inside and take cover. A warning’s been called out.”

Clark hurriedly took Bella’s hand and they headed inside. The teachers are lining the students up against the wall. They line get up against the wall. Bella’s practically hyperventilating. This girl fears nothing this seems to be her one weakness. Everyone has something Clark supposed. He’d just learned his as of late. However, he narrowed his eyes upon Bella. Well make that two weaknesses…

They hear the sirens going off and Clark put his arms around Bella. The wind picks up even heavier. The windows start to break and there’s a slight suction coming about the air. Clark realized he felt it before anyone else. He literally placed Bella in-between his legs. The loud train track like sound begins and everyone begins to panic. The teachers are yelling something, but the sound is so loud no one can hear them. Bella’s hiding her face into his chest. Clark sees something flying in and Chloe’s coming to her feet, just as the metal object is soaring past. Clark reaches out yanking her down it barely misses her.


She nods and Whitney checks her over.

Something else comes sailing through and Pete covers one of the cheerleaders.

“PETE!” Clark calls out as the branch hits him in the head.

Bella turns checking on him.

“Bell please.” Clark brings her back towards him as debris continues to coast about the hallway.

What seemed like forever ended in a matter of seconds. So much was going on. Clark checked Bella over and once he saw she was ok he made his way to Pete.

“I’m ok.” Clark nodded looking to the bump on his head.

He gives him the back off Clark look as the cheerleader was clinging to him. Clark tried not to laugh considering the situation. He got the point and gave Pete his moment of heroism.

“Is he ok?”

Clark half smiled shaking his head.

“He’s perfectly fine.”

She nods as they look around making sure everyone’s accounted for and ok. It’s just something you pick up in their family. You start feeling responsible for everyone. Clark the only one with abilities yet he noticed his parents and Bella seem to put the weight on their shoulders as well. Once they see everyone’s ok. Bella wraps her arms around Clark’s neck. Pete gives him that grin showing that the blonde cheerleader next to him was doing the same thing. Go Pete. Clark found himself thinking.

Once everything dies down the teachers send them home for the day. The school only had a bit of window, and roof damage. However, some of the students weren’t too thrilled with their vehicles. Clark tried calling his mom and dad to check on them, but there’s no answer. He looked to Bella concerned as they headed home on foot. Once they cut through the cornfield or what was left of it. He picked her up and took off.

They headed inside the house looking around.

“Mom? Dad?”

Clark called out seeing the house also was slightly damaged. They both turned as Clark’s father enters the house. He looks to Clark frantically.

“Clark I can’t find your mother.”

They all exchanged a glance. Clark rushed outside and began to scan the area. He focused and listened to everything around him. Clark picked up the slightest of whimpers and dart his head that direction. He took off and found his mother in the field.


“I’m alright Clark, but I think my leg’s broken.”

Clark nodded and picked her up.

“The herd got startled once the storm hit. I couldn’t get away from the stampede in time.”

Clark rushed her back to the house.

“Oh thank God.” His dad rushed over and Bella covered her mouth, making her way over.


“I’m ok John. It’s just my leg.”

He takes her from Clark’s hold and kisses her forehead. He hurriedly places her in the truck.

Bella and Clark hop in the back.

“Is she going to be alright?”

“It’s just a broken leg and a few bruises. I imaged her over Bell. She’s going to be ok.”

She sighs in relief.

Thankfully, that’s all it was. They cast her leg and said they’d keep her for a few days.

“Bella sweetheart I’m ok…” My mom says hugging her.

Bella starts crying against his mother’s shoulder.

“Aww, hun calm down now I’m alright.”

Clark and Johnathon exchanged a look. He half smiles shaking his head and puts his arm around her shoulder.

“We’re all ok.” Johnathon says trying to reassure Bella as well.

Bella nods as she rises up. She wipes her eyes and clears her throat. Johnathon stays with Martha that night and they insist Bella and Clark head back.

Clark checks on the cattle and barn first. They board up what broken windows there were and clean up the mess left behind. Bella picks up a shard of glass and cuts her finger.


Her and that language, Clark thinks shaking his head in thought and crouched over looking at her finger.

“Should have let me pick that up.”

“I’m fine Clark.”


Clark picks her up and grabs the first aid kit. He cleaned and bandaged her finger up.

“Didn’t have to amputate.”

“Funny aren’t you?”

She looks around for a minute as he leaning against the counter. Clark’s hands are on her legs.

“Thank you by the way?”


“I think we both know…”

Neither, of them says anything else on the matter. Clark just nods and put his arms around her.

Bella fixes something for them to eat and Clark sat the table. This felt a bit strange in a way. It was like playing house with Bella. It kind of made him think about the future a bit. Not that he’d ever say that to her. Let’s not send her running for the hills just yet. He grinned in thought.

“What are you smiling about?”

She asks as she puts the food on the table. The thought of this being us in years to come that’s what, but he swallowed it back.

“I think you burnt the biscuits.”

Her eyes widen as she rushes to the stove.

“Oh no!” She groans as she takes them out from the oven.

“I’ve never burnt anything before!”

She was right. Bella’s never burnt anything she’s cooked before. In fact Bella’s quite a cook. However, if she felt near as nervous as Clark did at the moment. He understood how she burned the biscuits.

She sighs tossing them in the trash. Clark caught one before it landed and eat it anyway.


“They’re not too bad.”

“You seriously, didn’t have to do that.”

He shrugged.

“It looks good Bella.”

“Um thanks.”

They both sat down and both seemed to be a bit red in the face. They’ve been alone before in the house, but not since they’d begun their relationship. She blushed a bit as she passes Clark the chicken.

“It’s so quiet…” She says.

“I can fix that.”

He zips over and puts on the radio. She laughs.

“Better?” Clark questioned as he sat back down.

“Much, better Mork!”

“That again?” Clark looked agitated; holding a chicken leg in his hand.

“Yep, seems to be your thing.”


“Don’t go getting a big head now Clark. Eat your chicken.”

He bit into the meat and Bella grinned evilly.

“And don’t you even think about doing your little pervy X- ray vision thing.”

Clark choked back on his chicken a bit.

She laughs and sips from her tea.

Afterword, they did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. They both leaned against the kitchen counter.

“Want to watch TV or something?”


Clark grabbed the remote and they both sat on the couch. This felt so odd with Clark’s parents not here. Clark felt like there were camera’s everywhere and they were secretly being set up. Like the moment he did something sexual, alarms would go off and s.w.a.t would be at their door. He shrugged back in thought.

Totally worth it…

Bella laid her head down in his lap once Clark picked out a movie on TV.

Bella had a thing for comedies and she was a closet romantic. Something only Clark knew, tomboy at heart, but complete mush behind that tough exterior. Clark remembered catching her all teary eyed to a couple of romantic comedies or just romantic films in general. She’d always have some excuse or would play it off. There was one time, he remembered, she actually shut off the TV, and buried the remote as if to fool Clark that it was somehow, stuck on that channel.

One of her favorite ongoing jokes though was Mork and Mindy ones. It was an old series where Robin Williams played an alien of course. Ha, ha right? There are still times she’ll poke fun at him and call Clark, Mork just to mess with him. That was her way of calling him alien. She’d be the only one to ever get away with that. That’s what she was referring to earlier in the dining room earlier. Only now, Clark guessed in a way, she was Mindy… he thought of the irony to that.

“What’s going on in those gears of yours Clark?”

She questioned looking up at him. He swallowed back on this. With narrowed eyes he says nothing. Clark ran his fingers along her cheek, down her neck and arm. The urge to touch her came naturally, however, so did Clarks fears. He found himself being extra cautious. His body was like a massive weapon or so it felt at times, last thing Clark wanted was anything like the barn episode again. Which he still hated himself for. His perverseness alone almost got her killed.

Clark wasn’t sure what he could or couldn’t do in this relationship. Clearly, he wasn’t human. Could he even give Bella everything a normal man could? He took her hand as these things came to mind. Clark brought it to his lips and kissed it. That’s another thing. He was beginning to realize his feelings were growing more and more intense. She rolled back over facing the TV. She continues to hold Clark’s hand wrapping it around her waist. Honestly, around Bella Clark felt human, almost too human; which is something he’d really have to watch.

Once the movie’s over Bella raises from the couch.

“I’m going to shower and get ready for bed.”

Clark nodded looking to the time. However, the idea of her in the shower messed with his head. Clark shut his eyes to avoid temptation. It was a constant battle to be respectful. He heard the shower start upstairs and took in a breath. That was the problem, he knew how easy it would be to have a peek. Clark could simply watch everything she was doing. The mere idea aroused him. Come on Clark. Its Bella don’t be a jerk. He rubbed his face in misery and decided to distract himself. He called his dad and checked to see how his mom was doing. Clark talked to the both of them for a little while.

Dad took the phone once more.

“So what are you two up to?”

Without thinking…

“Bella’s taking a shower.”

Johnathon sighed as if agitated.

“I mean she’s getting ready for bed.”


“Dad…” Clark hinted pinching the bridge of his nose. Like this wasn’t hard enough.

“You two behave…”

“Ok…” I say not sure what else to say to that.

He hangs up and Clark stands there staring at the phone like it bit him. She comes down the stairs. Bella’s hair was still damp, beads of water ran down her neck, and she was in that black tank pajama set of hers. I’m so dead. Clark thought repeatedly as he stood there drooling all over himself.

“What’s with you?”

Are you kidding me? Clark thinks rubbing the back of his neck.

“Nothing. I better go shower now.”

She shrugs and makes her way to the fridge.

Clark turned the water to ice cold and stood under it. Once I’m done with my shower. Clark brushed his teeth and hair. He wrapped the white towel around him and head to his room. Bella’s pacing her room on the phone with Chloe. She stops when she sees him. Her eyes widen a bit and she shuts her door. Clark shrugged on this and got ready in his room.

Clark heard her door open again and she knocked on his door.

“Who is it?” He taunted and plopped down on his bed.


“Housekeeping huh?”

The door opens. She leans against my doorway. Her arms folded about her chest.

“How’s Chloe?”

“Eavesdropping now Clark?”

“Not really considered eavesdropping, when you’re hearing’s as good as mine.”

She narrowed her eyes as if something was dawning on her.

“That’s how you find out about Lex? Isn’t it?”

Clark nodded.

“It wasn’t intentional Bell. I just happened to of picked it up.”

“When we were in the hall?”

Clark nodded again.

“Jesus, I was whispering.”

“Didn’t sound like whispering. It was like you both were in the room.”

Bella makes a certain face, one that rather bothers Clark. It’s like she was hiding something else.

“Anything else I need to know about?”

She shakes her head.

“He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“No Clark, just hit my gag reflex that’s all.”

He laughs.

“That bad huh?”

She wrinkled her nose.


“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

She lies down next to Clark. The both of them stare at the ceiling for a moment. Bella eventually rolls over and lays on his chest. Clark pulled the comforter over them and cut off the lamp.

“Goodnight Bell.”

“Night Mork.”

Clark shook his head and playfully popped her on the butt. His eyes widen though as he felt the bareness of skin. Clark realized her shorts had hiked up a bit. He curiously kept his hand there and gently felt around. Clark felt her giggling against him. He cleared his throat and move his hand.

Halfway through the night though. Clark’s startled as Bella’s laying across his chest, but whimpering. Clark narrowed his eyes and reached over cutting the lamp on. Her nails are digging into his chest. Clark swallowed back and gently ran his fingers along her hair and scooted up a bit.

“No! Please…NO!”

“Hey… Bell…” He shook her a bit.

She gasped out and nearly shot off the bed. He raised a brow at this and reached for her.

“It’s ok. Just a dream.”

She nods looking around. Her heart slows back down. Clark brought her back along his chest.

“What were you dreaming about?”

“I’m not really sure.”

“Something had you pretty spooked.”


“Why are you sorry?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I don’t care about that Bella.”

She nods, but her eyes start to close once more, and he reaches over cutting the lamp off again.

The next morning, he woke to see Bella looking at him. He kissed her forehead and stretch out his arms. He looked back down though and a good amount of cleavage showing under her tank. Bella grins watching his reaction. Clark goes to say something and she grabs his hand and places it on one of her breasts. His eyes nearly roll into the back of my head. Clark swallowed and hard. She was actually giving him permission to explore. Bella was his first experience period with anything like this. First off he wasn’t not human… Clark didn’t know about things normal teenage guys did; about porn and other things, he remembered Pete telling him about. Clark knew it existed, but that’s about where his knowledge ended. He was literally learning everything about the female body and about his own body through Bella. So was she, however, both of them were virgins, and hadn’t a clue exactly what they were doing.

Clark was more or less taking her lead on this. He ran his hand along them and watch as her nipples begin to grow hard and poke through her tanktop. Clark thought he was going to die. He was growing harder than ever, but couldn’t move his hand and didn’t want to. Clark found himself thinking very, very bad things. He ran a finger along one of her nipples and she does this back arching thing. Before Clark realized it, he was lavishly kissing her, and humping the poor girl like a wild animal, that’d just been uncaged. There’s this pressure continuing to build up below. It’s so intense it causes him concern. Clark stopped and gritted his teeth he was aching so badly. It felt the way it did in the barn that day.


“I’m ok just need a breather.”

She softly laughs and kisses his cheek.

“It’s time for school anyway.”

Clark looked to the time. Bella got up and headed to the bathroom. However, she stops at the doorway and turns towards Clark. She smiles and flashed him. Clark’s jaw dropped as she flashed him. It’s one thing to see them through X-ray vision, something entirely different when she allowed him to see. Clark’s mouth watered at the sight. Everything about her was so perfect. He wanted to touch them, to run his tongue along them. She heads into the bathroom, where he hears her shut and lock the door. Oh it gets worse. At that point, Clark looks down and sees he’s stroking himself and not just any minor touching. Clark knew he should stop. This isn’t him! He’d never done this! He was full on going to town and couldn’t stop. He wanted her so bad it was unreal. Her name’s on the tip of his tongue as he kept going. Clark quickly reached over and grabbed her pillow biting into it. Her scent was still on the pillow making it that much easier to picture. Clark kept imagining what it’d be like. He never felt so good, this was so new to him. That pressure within him fired like a bat out of hell. It was the most incredible thing Clark had ever felt. He was covered in sweat, but finally felt relaxed. At least for a moment.

“Oh no…” He muttered once he was done he looked to the ceiling to see a perfect round hole in it.

“Guess that answers my question.” He uttered in misery.

This was his first time of what humans called masturbating. Clark looked to the small hole above him… he felt ill and cover his face with the pillow. This literally meant one thing; if he was to ever have sex with Bella he’d kill her! Clark was worried about breaking something, not literally firing a hole within her! He quickly adjusted, and throw the covers back over him. What’s wrong with me?! Bella enters the room after she’s done in the bathroom.

“Something wrong slugger?”

“Are you sweating?”

“Clark why are you breathing so hard?”

Clark didn’t move the pillow. He couldn’t bear to face her. He felt her tugging the pillow away from his face.

“Clark? What’s wrong?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Clark?!” She shakes him.

“Please you’re scaring me! Did I do something wrong?”

Clark looked to her like she’d lost her mind. Why would she think that? Bella narrowed her eyes and looked to the ceiling above them.

“Um what’s that?”

Clark hopped out of the bed. It seemed to be one thing after another. It’s bad enough what he’d just discovered about his body YET AGAIN! But to tell his girlfriend, he couldn’t help it, Clark had to pleasure himself while she was in the bathroom… he couldn’t wait?!

“Did you do that?”

Clark paced the room.

“Clark, it’s me remember? Talk to me please!”

“Bell please… trust me you don’t want to know.”

“Clark, we were friends, long before we started dating. Now tell me. You can trust me, I promise.”

Clark sat down at his computer chair and still couldn’t face her.

“Bell, I’m so sorry.”

“Why are you sorry Clark?”

“Well for one thing it seems I can’t stop being a freakish pervert. The other is that hole… yes, is from me. But the way it got there…” His entire body was hot with humiliation. Why can’t he be normal?! Clark thought in agony.

Bella makes her way over and leans over me wrapping her arms around him.

“How’d the hole get there Clark?”

“I was thinking about you and…”

“Clark… were you masturbating?” She questions, but softly. How’s she know these things? How is she so chill about it? She doesn’t even sound angry! Clark continued to wonder.

He nodded feeling like the biggest JERK!

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Clark. If anything you’re more human than you think.”

“What human leaves a hole in their ceiling afterword?!”

“Knock it off Clark. Look at me.”

He forced his eyes upon her. She sat in his lap.

“For one thing, what you did wasn’t wrong! Everyone pleasures themselves from time to time. They’re lying if they say they don’t.”

How embarrassing is it that my girlfriend has to give him this speech? Ok so Johnathon had somewhat, but not to this extent. Clark seriously doubted his father ever thought his first sexual experience, would be putting a hole through his ceiling as well.

“You’re just a late bloomer that’s all.”

Clark looked to her in disbelief..

“Late bloomer?”

“Well yeah, I thought you’d been hitting that release valve already. I mean damn Clark no wonder you left a hole in the ceiling. I probably would have too!”

She says with a smile, and pecks him on the cheek. However, his thoughts are now distracted with something else.

“Wait… so you…?” What Clark wouldn’t give to see that!

“Well… yeah…” She says with a blush.

“Especially, since…” She takes in a breath.

“You and I…” She hints.

So not helping me Bella, only making the urge that much stronger to take a peek at night. Then of course I’d promptly, put a hole in your wall. Then you’d certainly know I was being pervy as she so calls it. Clark thinks again losing his mind.

“Come on Clark we’re teenagers and we’re hormonal…” That’s an understatement.

She puts her forehead to mine. She looks back to the ceiling after too long.

“So you like shot bullets or something?”

He didn’t know what that was! He found himself yelling in his head. Clark grimaced in thought. Her fingers ran through his hair. He swore she had to be the most understanding person on this planet! Bella, he knew she should be slapping him hardcore. Calling Clark names! Telling him how she HATED HIM! She should have ran from him years ago. If anything just now! Her alien boyfriend just put a hole in the ceiling, while thinking about having sex with her. That’s not Bella though. No she’s sitting in Clark’s lap playing with his hair, telling him it’s ok. But it’s NOT! What if they were actually having sex? Clarks hands tremble in thought.

“You know what this means right?”

“Yeah, that I can never give you everything!”

She cuts him this astonished look.

“Clark, stop beating yourself up over something you can’t control.”

“I’m just saying if you want to end this now…”

She grits her teeth and hops out of Clark’s lap.

“What the fuck did you just say?”

“You heard me. I won’t hold it against you if you break this off now. I wouldn’t blame you.”

Her jaw drops.

“You’re something else Clark Kent! You know that! I’m not dating you for SEX! You blockhead! You’re not getting rid of me that easy! So WRONG try again! If you want to push me away, it’s going to take an act of god! You might be built like one Clark, but even you can’t tell me who to love!”

He froze at her words and she covered her mouth, realizing what she said as well. She makes a gasping sound, her entire face is rosy red, and she bolts out of his room. Clark heard her rushing to get dressed. Clark tried to move, but her words had him stunned. This seemed to be a day of revelations for the both of them.

Before long, Clark hear the front door slam. He finally, forced himself up. He was moving slower than Clark ever had. Literal human speed, he was in a daze.

“Even you can’t tell me who to love!”

Clark just sat there like an idiot. She totally threw him off. In roundabout way Bella just said she loved Clark. But why? All he kept doing is proving what a screw up he was. How could she possibly love me?! Clark continued with this inner battle.

Clark headed out and used his X-ray vision to see her getting on the bus. He sighed in thought and took off for school. After he entered the building, Clark zoned into the sound of Bella crying and Chloe’s off in a corner hugging her. He winced and that odd heart dropping feeling hits him. Clark never ever wanted Bella to cry because of something he’d said or done. Pete looks to Clakr.

“Dude, since when does she cry?” It was a known fact that Bella wasn’t much of a crier.

Since she started dating an idiot that’s when, Clark thinks making his way over and looked to Chloe.

“May I take over from here?”

She nods and flashes a smile upon Bella. He takes Bella’s hand and walks her outside the building.

“Bell, it wasn’t my intention to hurt you with what I said. You must understand, I don’t ever want you to feel stuck. I know being with me is not exactly a normal…” She puts a finger to his lips.

“I don’t want normal. Don’t you see Clark? I’ve had feelings for you, way before you ever had them for me. This for me has been something that’s been building and only growing stronger as time goes by. This isn’t some silly crush to me! This is just something we work around and figure out! That doesn’t mean we just give up! I knew what I was getting into, the moment, I agreed to this relationship. I’ve no regrets! I’m not going anywhere! DEAL WITH IT CLARK KENT! YOU’RE STUCK WITH ME UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE ME! BECAUSE, THAT’S THE ONLY WAY THIS IS EVER OVER BETWEEN US!”

His heart was sprinting. Clark was sure it was going to leap out of his chest. He pulled her into him and kissed her more avidly, than he ever has. He dropped his backpack onto the ground and picked her up. Her legs wrap around his waist. They freeze however, as they hear clapping and hoots, and hollers. Bella’s eyes widen and they stay put. They both slowly turn towards the other students.

“Go Clark!” Pete hollered.

Bella’s biting her lower lip as he leans into her.

“I love you too.” Clark whispered and kissed her lips once more before letting her down.

Clark then took her hand as they head to class. Meanwhile, He’s sitting there trying to think of how to make all this work. It was obvious; Bella and Clark couldn’t keep our hands off one another. He also couldn’t very well keep putting holes in the house. Clark covered his face and a small groan escaped. He needed to get that hole fixed before his parents got home. Clark sure didn’t want to explain that to either of them. His mother would have a runaway and his dad, would lock Bella away in a tower, somewhere, where Clark could never get to her again. Not that Clark could blame him.

After school Bella takes her application into the theater. Clark was scoping out some of the damage the small tornado left that passed through. Bella comes out all smiles. Lex is walking past with Lana and Clark was across the street from them. Screams are heard as shots are being fired from a black car driving past.

Bella turns shoving Lex and Lana out of the line of fire. Clark didn’t have time to even think. He shot across and took the hit. He vanished afterword, so not to raise suspicion. Afterword Clark ducked into an alleyway, he checked himself over. He narrowed his eyes as he took the bullet from his chest. Clark looked upon it in disbelief and watched as his body healed. He peered over at Bella who’s looking over her entire body. Her heart was racing proving, Bella, knew she should have been hit.

“Are you both ok?”

She helps them to their feet. Clark shut his eyes as the realization is finally hitting him. Bella had just risked her life to save Lana and Lex’s. Two people she didn’t even get along with. She wasn’t even aware of what he’d done. No one knew. He watched as she checked them over.

“Again?” Lex questions looking amazed.

Bella rolls her eyes.

“That’s twice…” Lex says shaking his head.

“Twice?” Lana questions.

“This girl has saved me twice now!”

Lana looks to be in disbelief.

“You mean Bella?” She says in disbelief and distastefully.

One of you could have possibly died Lana! Clark thought bitterly. He was slightly angry with Bella for having done that. Clark felt her life was more important than either of theirs. She had no business doing that! None, whatsoever! His hands balled up in thought.

Bella however, grows pale. Her heart rate is starting to slow down. Come on Bella stay on your feet. She’s going into shock… Clark thinks in a panic.

“Hey are you ok?”

“BELLA!” Lana says putting a hand to her forehead.

Bella’s eyes close and Lex catches her as she passes out cold. There was no way Clark could get there without revealing himself. He barely made it out before anyone saw him when he took the hit. Clark looked to the bullet wondering how; he himself took such a hit. How was he still standing? Clark put the bullet in his pocket. He zipped up his jacket to cover the hole in his shirt.

“Bella?” He questions and shakes her slightly, trying to get her to stir awake.

“Wake up now…”

This is where Clark’s acting skills had to come in. He took in a breath. His entire body however, completely on edge. There were a million things going through his mind at the moment.

“What happened?! BELL!”

He rushed over and took Bella from Lex’s hold.


Clark looked to Lex in a panic. He knew she was ok, He’d scanned her over. However, Clark had to make it look convincing. No one had even taken notice he was there, not even Bella. Clark was lucky in that sense that he could get to her in time.

“What’s going on?!”

“Easy, now Clark, there was some sort of drive by shooting. Bella shoved Lana and I out of the way.”

Drive by? Clark thought, he saw it those men looked to be aiming directly at him! What have you gotten yourself into?! Lex looks to Bella as she starts to come to. Clark sighed in relief and he pulled her into his chest.

“There’s something about you isn’t there?” Lex says quietly looking upon her.

Clark wasn’t sure he liked how he said that. Like there was something behind that. Lex smiles shaking his head.


Bella says looking around as he placed her down. She reaches to her temples. Clark knew she was still looking for the bullet. Her eyes darted around the entire area. Her hands shook. Police arrived and started to question everyone that was outside and making sure everyone was ok thankfully no one was hurt. Once it’s all taken care off I look to Bella.

“We need to talk.”

She looks to him oddly. Clark takes her to the alleyway he was in earlier. He took the bullet out from his pocket. Bella looked to him astonished.


“What were you thinking?!”

She narrows her eyes.

“I saw what you did Bella.”

“And what were you thinking Clark?”

“That’s different and we both know that.”

“How?! We both know you haven’t exactly been bulletproof tested.”

“Well you for certain are not!”

“I don’t know what to tell you Clark. I just reacted. I didn’t think!”

“Well you should have! Do you realize what this could have done to you Bella! You’re human! You’re not me! I could have lost you! THEN WHAT!”

She lowers her head.


She nods and he wrapped his arms around her. Clark glanced yet, again upon the bullet. He shut his eyes tightly and clench it upon his fist.

“Are you ok?”

Clark sighed.

“Yes Bell.”

“Did it hurt?”

“A little yes.”


Clark pulled a back and unzipped his jacket showing the hole. She narrowed her eyes and lifted his shirt.

“Jesus Clark, there’s nothing there…”

Her fingers ran along his chest. Then she rests her forehead against Clark’s chest as if taking it all in herself.

“Now you see why you can’t be doing that right? I would have taken care of the situation. It’s my responsibility not yours.”

“How is it yours?”

“Haven’t I done enough to this town? Isn’t it time I make up for it?”

“How? By playing hero?”

Clark shrugged. Isn’t that what you were doing? He thought still floored by all this.

She shakes her head on this.

“Since when did you decide this Clark?”

“Come on Bell. I just witnessed my girlfriend willingly; risk her life to save two people, she can’t even stand!”

She looks to the ground again.

“I don’t know whether to admire you or shout at you for hours on end!”

“Shout at me then if it makes you feel better!”


“Clark… You know I will support you in anything you do. I always have. All I ask is that you remember you too are vulnerable. Your life matters just as much as anyone else’s! If anything ever happened to you…” She shakes her head. Your life means more. Clark thinks again feeling ill about all this.

“Nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“You say that now Clark.”

“You need to trust me.”

She nods.

“I’d just like to think that there is more to me Bell. There’s a reason behind all I can do. There has to be. If anything you just opened my eyes to that.”

She smiles.

“I’ve always thought the same. You were put here for a reason Clark. I’ve always felt that way.”

“Then let’s find out what it is together.” Clark says with a shrug.

She softly laughs.

“SO I’m your wingman?”

“I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have by my side. I trust in you more than anyone, even mom and dad.”


“I mean it. I’d like you there along the way as I figure all this out. You get me more than anyone. You literally know everything about me. I need you Bella.”

“You need me?”

“I most certainly do, I’ll always need you. All the more reason for you not to be making life altering decisions such as you had today. Let that be my job not yours!”

She bites her bottom lip.

“Very well… just let me know when, what, and how I can help.”

Clark smiled and kissed her forehead. He wasn’t even sure where he should begin. Things around Smallville had been getting a bit insane. Crime had risen and Chloe’s wall of weird was only growing with strange phenomenon. Who knows maybe this would get him a step closer to finding out who he was? Where did he come from? Who are his biological parents?

“I will.” Whilst doing my damnest to keep you safe. Clark thinks to himself.

He couldn’t lie though even to himself. He was scared. He hadn’t a clue what he’d learn when it came time if that time ever came. What would happen from there? What would happen between Bella and Clark? He just knew he couldn’t lose her. Clark wasn’t lying. He really does love her. He knew they hadn’t been dating long, but there’s history that’s only built up to this very day.

Clark narrowed his eyes thinking about the tornado yesterday, his mother in the hospital with a broken leg, and Bella almost bit a bullet and to save Lex and Lana of all people? Could things get crazier?

“Why don’t we go visit mom? Bring her something that doesn’t taste like cardboard.”

Bella smiled and puts her arms around his neck.

“She’d like that. Maybe we could get her some flowers?”

“Sounds good to me”

“I got the job by the way.”

“Congrats! I guess that means I no longer have to pay!”

“Funny guy Clark.”

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