Chapter 1 Welcome To Brooklyn

Postcards From The Big Apple

This story is rated MATURE for a reason such as violence, language, alcohol usage, horror, and sex.

This story begins where Edward has left Bella. Uncle Ben has already died and Peter is just discovering his abilities. Charlie’s best friends with Mike Newton’s father. In this story Mr. Newton works for the force. Mike and Bella are best friends. Mike in my story is gay so if you’re a hater on this then back out now. There will be no slash only innuendos. Honestly, if you’re that much of a homophobe then you need to get yourself checked out. Anyway… Mike’s father gets Charlie on with the force in Brooklyn. This story will contain humor, adventure, drama, romance, and whatever else I throw into the mix. And on to the story! Comic/Movie fusion.

Chapter 1

I do not own Marvel Universe or Twilight.

Hey Jake,

Well we made it. Barely… After two flat tires and the radiator burning out on us, honestly what is dad thinking? My ass is hurts! I never want to travel again. That’s another thing if I have to hear one more freaking country song, I’ll hurl. This place Jake it’s insane. You should see Brooklyn. It swallows Forks… no take it back it swallows Washington. I’m just glad I have at least one friend here. That and it seems our neighbor goes to school with us as well. His name’s Peter Parker. He’s seems pretty cool. Maybe, that’ll give me at least one other person I know. I’m sure going to miss you and the others. I still hate the fact we had to move. Tell everyone I said hello. I hope you get this postcard. Yes I know cliché and I’m rubbing it in. The wolf reminded me of you though. I’ll find a better postcard letter later. Take care Jake. From the Big Apple itself! Bella

P.S- It’s becoming easier… I just stay pissed off.


“What now Bella?!”

“You just broke my cd’s!”


“You slammed that freaking box on them! Dang it dad, I just bought that Avenged Sevenfold CD!” She snaps as she storms outside bitterly.

Her eyes widen and she blushes. The boy across the street waves at her. Bella nervously swallows back she couldn’t believe he just heard that.

“Great…” She mumbles and heads to the trunk to unload more stuff.

The boy looks back down to his homework. He was sitting on the rooftop of his apartment. Bella picks up a box and starts to take it inside. The entire contents of the box drop out from the bottom.

“Dang it…” She half growls and crouches down fixing the box.

She grabs her father’s books and starts to place them back inside.

“Need some help?”

She looks up to see the boy from earlier.

He crouches down and starts helping her pick the books back up. Charlie makes his way out of the house.

“Jesus Bells already?”


He sighs shaking his head.

“Can’t take you anywhere.”

The boy narrows his eyes at this. He hadn’t a clue what that meant. However, Bella did. Her face lit up with a nice red hue.


Charlie looks to the boy.

“What’s your name?”


“Peter huh?”

He nods and picks up the box for Bella.

“Where do you want this sir?”

“Just put it in the living room.”

Peter heads that way. Bella cuts her dad a look.

“I can’t believe you.”

Charlie sighs and hands Bella another box.

“This goes into the kitchen. Let’s try not dropping this one. It’s got dishes inside.”

Bella nods and makes her way inside. Peter’s making his way out and he reaches for the box.

“It’s ok I got it.”

He watches as she goes and sits it down on the dining room table. They both look to one another.

“So um just moving in?” Peter winces at the stupid question that left his mouth.

Bella half smiles.

“I mean…”


Peter narrows his eyes as Bella runs right past him. She hugs the preppy blond haired boy behind him. He spins her around and kisses the top of her head. Of course… Peter thinks to himself. He’d been scoping her out from the rooftop. He couldn’t help, but to take in those blue denim hip huggers, her sapphire slightly midriff tank top. He liked her long brunette hair and how it fell along her shoulders. He adored her hazel brown eyes even more. Hot girl like that’s gotta be taken. That was fast. Mike chuckles and they both turn back to Peter.

“And who’s this?” Mike questions.
“Oh that’s Peter…”


“Peter Parker.” Peter offers a hand.

Mike makes his way over and shakes his hand.

“Mike Newton.”

“And that’s my dad Charlie and I’m Bella Swan.”

“I was beginning to wonder if you had names.”

Mike looks to him oddly.

“Why wouldn’t they?”

Bella nudges his shoulder.


“I’m just sayin’.”

“Dad! You can’t lift that couch on your own!”

Peter peers over. He too sees him trying to take on an entire couch. He rushes over and begins to help.

“Making friends already…” Mike hints.

“Um yeah, why don’t you help me?”

Mike elbows Bella trying to get her attention. They both look over to see Charlie holding his back. However, Peter’s holding the couch up on his own even higher than Charlie had it. Bella’s rather taken back by the sight.

“Hmm. That boy’s got some potential.”


“I wonder what he looks like with his shirt off.”

“Shut up!”

They continue to watch as Charlie goes back to helping. Bella however, blushed as she found herself checking Peter out. He was tall, had wild chestnut hair, he’d dark brown eyes. He dressed rather like a skater he was wearing black jeans and a navy blue shirt.

“Now who’s staring…” Mike says and she jumps forgetting where she was temporarily.

She clears her throat and grabs another box.

“Wait… Peter Parker…” Mike says under his breath.

“I think he’s in my math class.”

“So he goes to school with you?”

Mike smiles.

“Correction with us.”


Bella says carrying the box inside.

“You like him don’t you?”



“Do me a favor and shut it.”

He chuckles. Bella heads to the fridge and tosses Mike a bottle of water. She then grabs one for Peter and Charlie.

“Hey…” Peter turns as he’s leaned against the wall.

She tosses the bottle water over and he catches it.


She nods and opens hers. Bella however, jumps back choking on her water a bit.


Charlie rushes over as she points to the floor.

“IS that a…”

Her father sighs rolling his eyes. He grabs a paper towel and picks up the dead roach. He smiles and shoves it near his daughter’s face.


Peter laughs.

“Welcome to Brooklyn.”

Bella grimaces. Mike pats her on the back.

“Yeah this sure isn’t Forks anymore.”

Peter tilts his head on this.
“Forks?” He questions curiously.

“Um yeah… Washington? Population of only like 3 thousand something.”

“Oh wow… So a small town girl huh?”

“You could say that.”

“Wait… I think your boyfriend is in my math class.” Peter says in thought.

“That’s what he thought, but Mike’s not my boyfriend.”

Just as she says this though; Mike makes his way over and pecks her on the cheek. Peter shakes his head on this. Not your boyfriend huh? He thinks rather bitterly. What’s my deal I just met her?!

“Mike…” She scolds and Mike starts laughing.

He then smacks her on the ass. Bella sighs agitated.

“Knock it off.”

Mike then wraps his arm around Bella eyeing Peter.

“I’m gay actually.”

“Oh… well. Of course you are.” Peter says yet again, sounding and feeling very stupid.

Bella softly laughs. Peter pinches the bridge of his nose looking embarrassed.

“Um yeah, I’m going to go see if your father needs some more help.”

Bella nods, but continues to giggle.

“He likes you.” Mike says as they watch him leave the apartment.

“You’re such an ass Mike. I can’t believe you.”

“What? He’s cute, the way he was getting all flustered around you. He was certainly relieved to find out I’m not competition.”

“I hardly doubt that.”

“Trust me Bella. He’s smitten.”

As they continue to unpack Bella looks over to see a blond haired guy in a red Charger driving past. He lowers his shades making it all too obvious he was checking her out. He actually stops the car and wiggles his finger for her to come to the car. Peter and Mike take notice of this as well.

“Damn Flash? That girl’s got some game. What I wouldn’t give…” Peter hears Mike say.

Bella rolls her eyes. Mike’s jaw drops as she ignores Flash and walks away.

“Bella do you know who that is?”


He grabs her by the arm.

“That’s freaking Flash Thompson. If he asks you to go anywhere with him, you go!”

Bella looks to Mike in disbelief.

“Fine you go with him. The guy screams douchebag. I mean seriously Mike look at him and that stupid car!”

Peter beamed on the inside at her words. He didn’t know of a single girl that didn’t flock to the guy himself.

“Oh I am…”


She turns back to see he’s not leaving.

“Oh my god really?”

Bella storms over and Peter curiously watches her every move. She leans over the passenger side.

“Hey there…”

“Hey yourself.”

She couldn’t help, but to note the way he looked upon Peter.

“What’s with the geek?”

“Excuse me?!”

Flash presses his lips together, changing his game somewhat.

“What’s your name babe?”



She nods and runs her fingers along his vanilla leather.

“Well Tracy how about we go for a little ride?”

“Oh sure! But wait… You got to meet my dad first!”


“Yeah he’s a cop. You’d really like him! Wait right here!”

She takes off like she’s going to get him. Flash burns rubber out of there. Peter couldn’t stop laughing.

“Jackass…” She utters under her breath.

“Huh… Wonder what his problem was?” Bella says looking directly at Peter.

Peter shrugs.

Once they’re done Bella and Mike walk back outside. Peter follows behind them.

“We owe you big time.” Bella says to Peter.

“It was nothing really.”

“So we’re kind of neighbors huh?”

Peter nods and looks back to see Aunt May coming out of the apartment.

“That’s my Aunt May.”

“Oh…” Bella smiles and waves.

The older woman smiles and waves in return. Bella thought she was rather pretty for an older woman.

“It was nice meeting you.” Peter says offering a hand.

Bella smiles and shakes his hand.

“You too Peter. Thanks for helping my dad. He seems to think he’s younger than he actually is.”

Peter smiles.

“Don’t all parents?”

“I assume so.”

“See you at school Peter.”

He nods and crosses the street heading back home.

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