Chapter 10 Heres you go Spid Man!

Chapter 10

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Yes, I’m sending you a Spiderman postcard. I tried not to go too cliché with his web slinging. SO yes he’s sitting at a park bench feeding pigeons. Cute huh? Or at least I thought so. That’s my goal by the way to send the most asinine postcards of Spiderman there are. Don’t ask me why, just go with the flow.

Anyway, hmm, things well… Honestly, Jake I’m not even sure how to write this. Let’s just say yet again, I’ve fallen into the pit of crazy. Seems to be my thing. I wouldn’t be Bella Swan if things were any different. Here’s the kicker… I’m actually content for once. Sure it’s life in the fast lane. But it’s mine. For once, I’m doing most of the steering. However, like usual, there are a few surprises around the corner. Ones that make Forks look like Disneyland in comparison. I suppose I’m adapting? If that’s how you’d put it. Peter and I also had our first date. Let’s just say it was an eye opener… We also confirmed how we truly feel about one another. I just never dreamed it all take place in one day and on our first actual date.

I miss mom though. This still seems like a nightmare often enough. I just can’t believe their gone. That I’ll never see her or Phil again. About Charlie… things seem better between us now. Mike is doing good as well. I miss you Jake. Bella

Bella slips her postcard into the postbox. She stuffs her hands into her pockets and heads into town.

“Hey! Wait up.”

Bella turns and she rolls her eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

She ignores him and starts walking again. He picks up pace catching up to her. Bella quickly whips around.

“Did I not punch you hard enough last time?!”

“Easy now…” He raises his hands in the air.

“If you even ask me what I think you’re about to. I’ll use my foot this time and shove it right up your ass!”

Peter just happens to be on his board coming around the corner. He heard everything she just said. He makes his way off his board. He comes up behind Bella.

“So who’s your friend?”

“This is Dick. Dick this is Peter, my boyfriend.”

“She’s obviously already forgotten my name. It’s actually Eddie Brock.”

Peter narrows his eyes.

“Nah, I’m pretty sure if she said your name is Dick. Then it’s Dick.”

“Are you aware, that your girlfriend seems to be having a fling with New York’s new mysterious hero?”

Peter shakes his head on this.

“You had better choose your next words carefully. That’s my girl you’re talking about and harassing.”

Eddie sighs he opens his briefcase and hands over the file.

“Here’s the proof. See for yourself.”

Peter flips through the files. He now knew who was behind all the pictures.

“A little cozy for just friends don’t you think?”

Peter nods and continues to flip through them. He hands them over to Bella.

“All this proves Eddie boy is that you’re nothing more than a stalker. You see my girlfriend here. Her father’s a cop. I’m sure he’d love to get ahold of these. In fact I’m pretty sure I have him on speed dial.” Peter takes out his cell.

Ironically, sirens come from not far off. Eddie’s eyes widen and he takes off running.

“Huh…” Peter puts his arm around Bella.

“Guess he had to run.”

Bella takes out a photo of her and Spiderman hip to hip.

“I have to admit I’m keeping this one.”

He laughs.

“You are having an affair aren’t you?!” He mocks in terror.

“Oh yeah, big time. Whatcha going to do about it?!” She taunts in return.

He has to shut his eyes on this for a moment. She laughs at his reaction.

“You ok there?”

“Not really… just give me a minute.” He says and swallows back.

Bella laughs and heads into a nearby store. Peter follows behind like a stray puppy. They both rather eye the Spiderman display section. Bella laughs pointing to a stuffed Spiderman doll.

“It looks nothing like him! I mean look his eyes are crossed.” Peter scoffs bitterly.

“Actually…” Bella heckles.

“Hey now be nice.”

Bella picks up another doll.

“This one’s more dead on.”

Peter nods, but with a certain grin about his face. He takes the chibi Spiderman from her hold.

“What are you doing?”

“Buying it.”


“You’re buying me a stuffed Spiderman?”

He nods again.


She laughs.

“Gives you something to cuddle to at night.” He whispers with an egotistical grin.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you?”

“You’ve no idea.”

“Why don’t I just deck out my entire room? All with Spidey?”

He cocks a brow at this new nickname.

“Spidey huh?”

She shrugs.

“Has a nice ring to it.”

He actually liked that. But what he liked even more… That Bella was accepting both sides of him. A sense of pride washed about him. He pays for the doll and she jerks it out of his hold. Peter laughs.

“Thank you!” She says all chipper like.

He chuckles as she hugs the doll up to her chest.

“Lucky little cuss.”

They head to the hotdog stand and get their usual. Yet again they plant themselves on the bench. Both had already finished their projects with their partners so tonight was for her and Peter. Tomorrow would be their field trip at school. They were heading to one of the local science fairs to demonstrate their research.

After Bella finishes her hotdog she turns to Peter.

“So where do you think he went?” She hints.

Peter finishes chewing back a bite of his.

“Who knows… But a guy that big can’t hide out forever. He’s bound to reveal himself soon enough.”

Bella sips at her drink then sits it down. She then rests her head in Peter’s lap. He runs a hand along her tummy and waist. After a few more minutes Peter finds himself chuckling softly. Bella’s in his lap her eyes are closed. Not only that, but she was holding the stuffed Spiderman. He grinned in thought and ran his fingers along her locks of hair. He let her sleep. He figured she must not be getting enough lately. He was in no hurry anyhow. He was just pleased to have her sleeping in his lap. An hour passes by when Bella finally opens her eyes. She cuts him an embarrassed glance.

“I fell asleep didn’t I?”

“Sure did.” He says with a smile.

“Ugh, Peter I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be, besides you’re rather cute when you’re sleeping.” He clears his throat a smirk forming on his face.

“By the way did you know, you talk in your sleep?”

She gets this horrified expression on her face.

“Oh no… what did I say?”

He shrugs.

“Hmm, that’s between Spiderman and I.”

She rolls over and groans into his stomach.

“Let’s just say I learned a couple things. That’s all.”

“Peter…” She grumbles against him.

She sighs and lifts herself up.

“Guess we better get back. I still got homework.”
Peter frowns.

“Unfortunately, so do I.”

They both stand outside her house.

“Charlie working another all-nighter?”


“Damn…” Peter says in thought.

“Yep, often enough it feels like I live alone.”

“Sorry Bella.”

She shrugs.

“Just how it is. He usually gets off work by the time I’m already at school.”

“Well I’m right across the way…” He hints.

She smiles and kisses him.

“I better get started.”

“Ok see you later.”


Bella does her homework. She then cooks supper and puts up the leftovers for Charlie. She wasn’t really hungry after her and Peter’s hotdogs. She does the dishes, laundry and cleans the house. She looks to the time and realizes it’s almost time for bed. Bella makes her way to the shower and gets ready to call it a night.

Peter puts his homework up and rubs his face. He leans back in his chair. He looks over towards Bella’s apartment. He was half tempted to call and see if he could come over. He didn’t want to suffocate her though. He knew he could easily spend 24/7 with her. For this he felt rather pathetic. It was true though all the same. Peter decides to call it a night and he jumps in the shower.

Bella wrapped her black cotton robe around her. She head into her room. She brushed her hair and smiled at the Spiderman doll on her computer desk. She softly laughed. Bella looked out her window towards Peter’s place. She bit her lower lip in thought. A thought crossed her mind. A very brave and seductive thought. She looked to the doll, then to her bed, back to Peter’s apartment. A nervous giggle escaped her mouth. She quickly covered it feeling a red hue coming over her. The thoughts she was having was new to her. She wasn’t quite sure what was coming over her. All Bella knew was she found herself desiring his company. She takes in a deep nervy breath. She swallows back.

Bella pulls her curtain shut. She drops her robe and positions her webcam towards her bed. She makes certain her long chocolate locks of hair cover her breast. She then covers her sex with the doll. She set a recording long enough to get a snap shot from it. Once she’s done she rises from the bed. She goes over what material was recorded. She picks her favorite snap shot. She crops it then leans back in her chair in thought. She almost deleted it. Come on you chicken… Send it! She looks towards her window once more. He was probably asleep anyway. What if she came off entirely too strong or worse pure slut? Ok well it was slutty. She thinks with a smirk. She takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes as her finger grazes along the enter button. Bella Swan finds herself doing something she’d never done in her life. Her teeth dig into her bottom lip as it shows it being sent to ParkerSPM’s email address. She blushes in thought.

Bella continued to blush. She couldn’t believe she just did that. She quickly jumps into her bed and pulls the covers over her entire body.

Peter was brushing his teeth as he heard the email signal go off in his room. He finishes up and rinses his mouth out. He enters his room and grabs one of his blue shirts. He pulls it over his head. He ties his pajama pants. He narrows his eyes seeing the message was from Bella. Not only that, but it had a download clip to it. Peter ran his fingers through his hair. He leaned back in his seat as he clicked the download icon.

He turned away for a second. However, when Peter turned back around. He literally fell back in his chair. His eyes stayed as though an owl’s. He zoomed in on it.

“Bella?!” He swallows hard on this.

Peter Parker had never been stiffer than he was now. He rubs his face in thought. He continued to eye hump the photo. However, he found himself eyeing her window off and on as well. Was she still naked?! Peter looked to his drawer. An inner battle went off in his head. He took in a deep breath. He grabbed a roll of condoms and stuffed them into his pajama pants. He snuck out of his window. Peter crossed the street. He climbed up to Bella’s window. He didn’t bother to even tap on it. He simply raised it open. He moved the curtain out of his way as he crawled through.

He looked towards her bed. Her lamp was still on. Her entire body was buried beneath the covers. Peter cocked a brow at this. Stealth like he made his way over. He crawled onto the bed.

Bella’s eyes widened as she felt someone on her bed. She almost screamed. Bella moved the covers from her face. Peter quickly covered her mouth.

“Shh… it’s just me.”

He moved his hand.

“Peter!” She scolded looking startled.

He smirked shaking his head.

“You can’t send a picture like that and not expect a reaction!”

She blushed in thought and giggled.

“So… are you still?” He hinted as he throbbed against her through the bed sheets.

She nodded shyly.

“Damn…” The idea made him slightly dizzy with euphoria.

His lips automatically locked with hers. He rubbed himself against her through the sheets.

“Peter…” He heard her whisper a certain way. A way he never dreamed he’d hear.

He stopped and looked into her eyes. Her hips moved beneath him. In fact her entire body seemed as antsy as he was. There was no need for her to say anything else. Peter gently moved the covers back. Naked she was indeed. He took his time he took her all in. He ran a hand along her milky-white perfect breasts. They were warm to the touch and her nipples became roused at his touch. Curiously and gently he ran that same hand along her mound. There was one little sexy strip of hair. Bella lay in all her glory. Peter had never seen anything like what he gawked at now. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. That and he found it hard to believe that she was his. It just didn’t seem possible to him.

Bella ran her hands along his chest as he threw his shirt off. She never longed for anyone the way she did for Peter. Her entire body felt as though it’d been set aflame. He was the only one that could put it out. She couldn’t control her hips. That twinge below became unruly, desperate, and damn near agonizing. Bella found herself wanting to beg for release.

Peter took out the condoms. He tore one package open with his teeth. He then slipped out of his pants. Bella curiously watched as he placed the condom on. His eyes never leaving her. A small moaning sound escaped his mouth. Peter stroked himself a couple times making sure it was on good. This caused an odd thrill within Bella. This made her feel an even more vibrant sensation below. Though there was a bit of concern on the issue of him fitting that in her. When it came to sex Bella hadn’t a clue. She felt a bit overawed and slightly fearful all at once. She wasn’t sure how bad it’d hurt. She hadn’t thought about “size” before. She blushed feeling rather foolish by her own thoughts. Sure she and Peter had made out a few times. Bella often enough felt it as well. But seeing it? That was something entirely different. She’d never seen a man naked, not in reality. She never even saw Edward in the buff. When it came to the male anatomy; all the experience Bella had was either from movies; which was rare or school when they had those videos on hormones and such.

He brought himself back down. He kissed her even more compulsively. Their bare bodies were now pressed against each other. He gripped her pillow tight as he teased himself against her. He came up once more. Only this time, he began to place himself inside her. He gently eased his way in. Peter stopped once he felt himself enter all the way. Her arms wrapped around him and her hips started to buck egging him on. He began to move again. The both of them losing themselves amongst one another. Peter felt the pressure below becoming more and more intense as he thrusts himself about her. He felt an odd sensation coming from her. She was suddenly very wet below. He glided within her now as though she were merely silk below. He couldn’t’ get over how incredible she felt. She literally gloved him. Peter gritted his teeth as hit him and heavy. This wave of oversensitivity and dizziness occurred. The pressure below became agonizing he found himself picking up the pace. He drove within her even harder now. He shut his eyes and a moan surpassed his lips as he erupted into the condom. Once they were done however, Peter didn’t move. Nor did he want to. He loved the way she felt beneath him. How intoxicating she smelt.

Bella kissed his lips keeping her arms locked around his neck. This overwhelming need came over Peter. He leaned into her ear.
“I love you, Bella.” He kissed her again and rolled over onto his back.

He laid her across his chest.

“I love you too.”

Peter wrapped his arms around her. To the both of them now this seemed surreal. Neither Bella nor Peter ever dreamed they’d have what they did now… Each other.

Bella shot up to the sound of her alarm. She reached over and hit the snooze button. Without truly thinking she rolled back over. She smiled and snuggled up against the warmth beside her. However, reality hit. Her eyes widen. She jumped up and shockingly covered her mouth. Yet a small giggle somehow developed.


He tiredly opened his eyes.


She gathered his clothes. Her eyes widened as she heard her dad’s truck pull up.


He smiled.

“My dad’s home!”

“SHIT!” Peter rolled out of bed.

Bella giggled as he stumbled around her room. She tossed him his pants first then his shirt. They heard Charlie unlocking the front door.

“I’m so dead!” Peter said in this pubescent sounding shrill of a voice.

Bella covered her mouth in laughter.

“Hurry!” She finally managed to say pushing him towards her window.

Peter pecked her on the lips as she continued to shove him towards her window.

They heard Charlie coming towards her room. Peter’s eyes widened. Bella gasped out as he tumbled off the roof.

“Peter…” She whispered.

He came back to his feet dusting himself off. He gave her a thumbs up and took off. Charlie knocked on Bella’s door.

“Um just a sec dad!”
She tried to keep her voice cool. She fixed the curtain, threw on her robe. Her jaw dropped as she saw the leftover roll of condoms still on her nightstand from last night. She quickly stuffed them into her backpack. She then fixed her bed to look half normal.

“Come in.”

Charlie entered the room. He looked to his daughter thrown off a bit.

“Not dressed for school yet kid?”

“Um no just woke up actually.”

He nods and hands her an envelope. This came for you yesterday. I just hadn’t had time to give it to you yet.

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s apparently from your mother.”

She looked to him confused.


“I think it was something she had in her will Bells.”

Bella timidly opens the letter. It was a letter in her mother’s hand writing. Not only that but a check in Bella’s name. A check for thirty grand.


He nods as she flashes him the check.

“That’s about what I figured.”

“What do I do with it?!” She says in almost a panic.

Charlie shrugs.

“It’s yours to do what you want with. It’s all yours kiddo the way your mother intended it.”

“Anyway’s I’m going to hit the shower and call it a day. Long night.”

Bella nods as Charlie reaches over and hugs her. He kisses the top of her head.

“You have a good day at school.” He says before heading out of her room

She looks to the check once more. She shakes her head and stuffs it into her dresser drawer.

She then reads the letter.


If for some reason you’re reading this. It’s because I’ve passed on. There are something’s I wanted to say and things you should know. For one thing… Always remember babygirl that I’m with you no matter what. My body might have given out. But my soul will always live on. I’ll always love and watch over you.

As I’m writing this… you’re 7 years old now. You’re on the swing and we’re at the park. You’ve got a big smile on your face. You’re beautiful sweetheart. Always have been always will be. I’m so proud of you. I love you so much. At times I feel undeserving of such a wonderful being in my life. I look at you and can’t believe I’m your mother. That I gave birth to you. This amazing child that grows more wondrous by age.

Know that your father and I spilt do to our own personal differences. None of it ever had anything to do with you. I was being pulled one direction he another. Truth of the matter is I never stopped loving your father. It’s just over time things became more strained between the two of us. It was more of a mutual understanding that we needed to part. We spent more time fighting than we had together. If that makes any sense. We didn’t want to raise you in that type of environment. You didn’t deserve such a thing. Your father and I just rather grew apart. But don’t you make that turn you into a cynic on relationships and love in general. I want you too always keep an open heart and open mind. If love comes a knocking babygirl. Don’t you shove it out the door. I want you to keep your guard of course. But I don’t want you to become too scared to take that leap. One day you’re going to meet an amazing man. One that just sweeps you off your feet and gets you completely. One that you can’t even fathom life without.

That’s what Phil is to me. I know it probably hurts to hear. But it’s true. Sometimes love takes a second glance and chance even. After your father I thought I’d never love again. I didn’t think it’d be possible. I just hope you give Phil a chance. He’s not ever replacing your father nor do I want him to. Charlie’s a wonderful man. In fact he’s one of the most tremendous people I’ve ever met. I can’t really tell you want happened between us. The truth of the matter is. Neither of us ever knew. It just happened. Day by day it got worse. All we had in common when it came to anything anymore was you.

About the money… Phil and I have made out our own wills. My portion of whatever is owned goes to you sweetheart. I don’t want anyone telling you how to spend it either or what to do with the material possessions. YOU do whatever you wish. It’s all yours now. Phil felt the same we both wanted you to have it all. He has no use for any of my things and I’ve no other family or children. Don’t let your father try to force college on you either. If you so choose to use the money towards that then great. If not who cares. What matters is you did what you wanted! Take a trip if you so desire, buy a car, go on vacation! I don’t care what you do with it. As long as whatever you do choose makes you happy.

I love you, Bella. I hope life gives you hope, faith, love and a dream come true.

Love always and forever,


Bella put the letter to her heart. She wiped her tears with the sleeves of her robe. She hadn’t a clue what she wanted to do. Honestly, she didn’t even care about the money. Nor did she wish to think about it.

Bella placed the letter with the check. She quickly showered and got ready for school. She then grabbed her bag and rushed out the door. Peter was crossing the street at that moment. Both shared the same expression. Yet both also broke into grins.

“Close call enough for you?” Peter teased.

“Yep… we should do it again sometime.” She says with a shrug.

“Do what?” Mike chimes in as he came up behind them.

Peter and Bella exchanged glances.


“Chess?” Mike questions with a wrinkled nose.

“Jesus you two have got to be the most boring couple known to mankind.” He complains and gets on the bus.

“If only he knew…” Bella heard Peter grumble.

She laughed shaking her head.

After they got to school. The bus for the field trip was already there. The students head to their lockers first and put away everything, but their projects for the fair. Peter dragged Bella to the very back seats of the bus. Once the bus had left the school grounds. Peter looked around. With last night on his mind still he discreetly started making out with Bella. The both of them too into one another to even see what was coming right for them.

The bus was slammed into with great force. Peter grabbed ahold of Bella as the bus spun around. The students were screaming. Bella and Peter looked out the window to see the familiar reptile. Before either could truly think or utter a word on it the emergency door was ripped off. Peter shoved Bella back towards the window as the Lizard’s hand made it’s way inside. It felt around. Peter knew he was looking for Gwen and Bella. He looked over to see Gwen towards the front. Peter couldn’t do anything without exposing himself. The Lizard couldn’t get a grip on anyone as everyone stood back in fear. He slid his hand back out. The ground beneath them shook as the Lizard threw its tantrum. Peter’s eyes widened seeing what was coming next. The Lizard took its tail and started shoving the bus off the bridge. Peter immediately grabbed Bella he braced himself around her best he could. The bus began to topple over.

“Peter…” Bella whispered in a panic.

He nodded. They both knew… He looked around once more. He had to find a way to free Spiderman and promptly. The bus now teeter tottered back and forth. The sound of metal scrapping each movement it made. Each of the students looked to one another in sheer horror.

Mike started to move.

“NO!” Bella shouted.

“Nobody move!” The teacher said in agreement.

Peter gathered what Bella was trying to warn about. If one student added just the smallest amount of weight to the front. The bus would come crashing down. Peter winced hearing the cries of nearby civilians.

Bella leaned into his ear.

“I’ll cover you. We just need to find you a way out.”

He tried to think as he looked around. Bella looked to the window next to them.

“Can you crawl through that?” She whispered.

Peter looked over.

“I think so.”

Bella kept watch as Peter opened the window. They glanced upon each other once more. Bella cut him an understanding nod. Bella maneuvered her body so that no one could see Peter crawling out of the bus.

Not long after the students screeched out as a car from the bridge came flying down. The car came to a stop before it hit the water. The car swung a bit and she nodded at this. Peter had found a way. She looked over to see Spiderman getting the father and child out of the car.

However, Bella gasped out as she saw the Lizard looking directly at her. He was peering through the area he had ripped off. She remained frozen as he brought out his tongue. It came right for her. The students bellowed out as he licked her cheek. She grimaced. He then proceeded to wrap his tongue around her.

“NO!” Mike darted out and started to make his way over.

Before Bella could say a word the entire bus shifted. Mike and Bella locked eyes with that oh shit look. Mike braced himself for impact as the bus came tumbling down. The Lizard dropped its hold on Bella. Spiderman snapped his tongue off with his webbing. Mike caught Bella as she came sliding back. Spiderman tried to stop the bus from smashing into the water, but failed as someone else was also interfering.

“NOOOOOOOO!” He shouted as Spiderman was slammed back by another being.

Spiderman reached out his hand in a panic as he watched the bus crash into the water.
“No, no, no!” He growled and gripped the other man by the collar.

“WHO ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!” Spiderman demanded on top of his lungs.

The man merely smiled.

“The Lizard is mine! GO HOME!”

Spiderman shook his head on this. The man was in some sort of fur. His clothing looked to be that of a lion’s mane around his neck, the fur of a leopard completed the rest of his awkward ensemble.

He had long caveman like hair, as mustache, beard and he was extremely burly. The guy smelt as though he’d never showered a day in his life.

The students collided around the bus as it landed. Mike wrapped himself around Bella. Causing him to get knocked out during the impact. Screams of terror filled the bus once it landed. It began to sink. Water began to seep in. Bella thought quickly. She grabbed Mike and began her way to the exit. The water came pouring in she took in a breath. She found herself getting pushed back by the current.

The bus suddenly was being pulled out of the water. Spiderman was using everything he had within him. He was desperate to get them to safety. He just prayed everyone was ok. He wanted to personally check for himself, but had no time. Lizard was right on his tail as he fixated the bus to safety. Bella fought for a breath as the bus came to. The water began to pour back out. Students held on for dear life. She blinked her eyes a few times. Mike was still in her hold. Only he wasn’t breathing. Gwen and a couple other students quickly began to check on everyone. Bella however, rolled Mike over. She checked for a pulse. Nothing.


The other students looked over. They circled Bella and Mike as she started CPR. She pumped his chest, and then gave him mouth to mouth. She continued to check for any signs. Her hands shook and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She continued… The other students watched in shock. Some even joined hands and began to pray. The teacher put a hand upon Bella’s shoulder. As Bella continued to try and bring her friend back.

Spiderman shook his head on the nonsense before him. Not only did he have to fight Lizard, but some other guy in freaking fur. He had a Russian accent. He was loud and annoying. Every time Spiderman dove for Lizard. The man would knock him out of the way. He’d then attack Spiderman. So it had now somehow turned out to be a combat triangle.

“WHAT?!” This made no sense to Spiderman.

If he’s after the Lizard as well; shouldn’t they be working together on this? Who the hell was this boozo anyhow? All Spiderman could do for the moment is keep the civilians safe. He worked diligently to get them each out of harm’s way as the battle continued. He had vehicles and individuals hanging from webs all over the place.

Bella took in a breath of relief and rolled Mike over onto his side. He began to cough up the water from his lungs. Bella smiled and wrapped her arms around him.
“Oh thank God!”

The students took turns patting Bella on the back.

“Where’s Peter?”

Mike questioned once he fully came too.

“He fell out. He’s ok though they pulled him out of the water.” There began her first lie for Peter Parker’s sake. She knew it wouldn’t be her last.

“Damn poor Peter! Glad he’s ok.”

“Me too.”

Spiderman spins around Lizard bringing him down upon the bridge. The man in the fur looks to him. With his drawl thick…
“Perhaps, I’ve come for the wrong adversary!” He says with a smirk.

Spiderman ignores him and continues to try and take Lizard down.

“This kill however, is mine! You’re in my way! Wait your turn!” The man bellows and comes at Spiderman with a hunter’s knife. Spiderman turns distracted. Lizard jabs his claws into Spiderman’s back. Spiderman lets out a yell that everyone in the area can hear. Bella freezes as even she heard it. Her heart sank and she rushed over to the exit. She peered out towards the bridge.

“Come back from there young lady you’ll only fall out!”

The teacher scolded her, but still she watched. Her hand went over her mouth as she saw Spiderman on his knees. Bella saw the other guy in front of Spiderman. She also saw Lizard behind him.

There was nothing she could do other than watch in fright. The man swung out his arm; preparing to pierce his blade through Spiderman. Bella felt ill as Spiderman barely succeeded in dodging in time. Spiderman arched back completely he fired off both wrists opposite directions. He circled the entire Brooklyn Bridge in a 360. He twirled around just in time to see the Lizard become Dr. Connors again.

“NO!” Spiderman shouted as the unknown man dove his blade into Dr. Connor’s heart.

He then took out the blade and wiped it clean; with the fur he wore about his clothes. He smiled and bowed before Spiderman. Spiderman reached out for Dr. Connor’s body. The man flung a throwing knife into Spiderman’s arm. He then picked up Dr. Connors body flipping it over his shoulder.

“Don’t even try it he belongs to me now! I earned this! If you value their lives you will stand down!” He hints looking towards the civilians.

The man placed his blade back into a vanilla colored sheath.

“You’re no match for me now! You’re puny and wretched! It’d be too easy! No… I want you strong! We shall meet again! Only next time we fight it’ll be to the death! No holding back!”

“I’ve no reason to KILL anyone!” Spiderman fires back holding his shoulder in agony.

His back felt as though it were set ablaze.

“Oh I will give you a reason. Once I return. You will suffer. You’ll writhe to the point where there’s nothing left other than pure indignation. I want the challenge. You Spiderman will be my next trophy!”

George Stacy made his way through the crowd. Bella narrows her eyes. She turns to Gwen.

“What’s your father doing?!”

Gwen makes her way over and takes a look herself. They turn to one another as George reaches for Spiderman’s mask. Bella covered her mouth. Spiderman kept his head down as George ripped off the mask.

“NO!” Charlie fought his way through the crowd.

Helicopters surrounded the area now and police cursors.

“You can’t do this George!”

“The hell I can’t!”

“He just saved us all! Everyone on this bridge would have died! Look around you! Let him go!”

“I can’t!”

“Yes you can George. Think about what you’re doing! We need him and you know it!”

Tears formed in Bella’s eyes as the crowd around them started to shout out Spiderman’s name. George was about to reveal him to everyone around the area.


Bella turned to see it was the father that Spiderman had saved. He had his boy in his arms.

He made his way over and yanked the mask back out of George’s hold. He handed it to his son. He then placed down the boy.

“Give him back the mask son.”

The toddler nodded. He made his way over to Spiderman.

“Heres you go Spid man.” The boy said as he placed the mask back onto Spiderman.

Bella knew she had to keep her emotions in check. Her throat constricted as she fought to keep herself at bay. Spiderman cleaned up his mess bringing the civilians back to the bridge and their vehicles. Bella could see him weakening though. He staggered about as he continued on. Lastly, he made his way to the bus. He dragged it back up with the help of the community around him. Bella fought the urge to run up to him. She wanted to kiss him to hug him. They locked eyes for a short moment as he helped her off the bus. She grimaced as she witnessed the flesh on his back. It’d been peeled back. The knife was still imbedded into his shoulder. Bella had to force herself away. She knew if she hadn’t’ she’d only give them away.

“BELLS?!” Charlie shouted.

Bella felt the need to run to him.


He wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey now…” Charlie said as he held her.

“I got you kiddo.”

She nodded and felt as though she’d never stop crying. Spiderman took a quick glance their direction. He too had to keep himself in check. Once he finished pulling everyone back up. He sorely took his leave. He heard the crowd clapping and cheering him on as he did. It warmed his heart. Yet at the same time he felt like utter shit. There wasn’t a part of him that didn’t ache. He felt like he’d pass out if he didn’t make it home soon. He too hated not being able to show his feelings with Bella as Spiderman. He knew he couldn’t’ not in public eye. He’d seen what damaged that had caused already.

Somehow he manages to inconspicuously make it home. Or so he thought… He climbed into the window and collapsed. Spiderman’s eyes came to a close.

“I got you now. You hear me! I’m right here Peter.”

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