Chapter 13 Can Hardly Wait

Chapter 13

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Peter and head to the bus after school.

“So you’re all mine tonight?”

Bella nods with a hint of a blush about her face.

“Yes…” He does that guy fist pump thing.

“You’re such a dork Peter.”

He chuckles.

“But you still love me.”

She shrugs as if indifferent.


She gets on the bus and takes her seat.

“Bella?!” He continues.

She pretends out to hear him and looks out the window. He grins shaking his head. Peter tickles her waist.

“Peter!” She squirms against him.

“Stop it.” She giggles and hits him in the chest.

They turn their attention to outside of the bus. Gwen and Flash were arguing. Gwen was throwing her hands into the air. Flash was rolling his eyes.

“Trouble in paradise?”

“I suppose.” Peter says with a shrug.

Bella’s jaw drops as Gwen slaps Flash across the face. She prances off and walks away.

“Charming couple.” Bella scoffs and props back into their seat.

“A cab will pick you up at 7.”
“Wait what about you?”

“I’ve my own sources of transportation.” He hints.
“Right…” She says with a grin shaking her head.

He hands her a piece of paper with the hotel address. After, the bus drops them off at their stop. Peter, Mike and Bella walk on home. Bella looks through her closet. She decided to keep it simple and pack light. She doubted they left the hotel much. Bella blushed in thought. This felt incredibly naughty. Charlie would absolutely kill Bella if he knew. No take that back he’d kill Peter Parker. He’d then have his daughter locked away in a tower somewhere far away.

When she’s done packing; she fixes her and Charlie some supper.

“So when you coming back?”

“Sunday before supper.”

He nods at this and cuts his steak.

Lies, lies, lies ugh. They seemed to pour out of her mouth lately. She swallowed back in thought as she sipped on her tea.

“Well you two have a good time.”

“Um thanks dad.”

Dirty liar! She scolded herself. Slight guilt hit her on this. There was just no way Charlie could handle the truth. Once the cab arrives Bella grabs her things and heads on out.

“You be careful Bells.”

“I will.”

“Love you kiddo.”

“Love you too dad.”

As soon as she’s in the cab; Bella takes in a deep breath. She hands the man the address. Other than that Peter had already set up everything. Which she felt a lot better about considering she knew nothing about how to get around. The cab arrives at her destination. She grabs her things and steps out of the cab. The cab driver peels away.

Her cell goes off showing she had a text.

Room 231 door, open

She grins and shakes her head.

“Ok then…” Bella steps inside the hotel. She starts to follow the numbers leading that way. She stops at an elevator. Their hotel was on the 2nd floor. She still found herself having to get used to some of the buildings. Everything was so much bigger. That and fancier in some aspects such as this hotel. The whole thing was done in white, red, brown, and yellow it had a modern feel to it. Even the art was like a modern Picasso or something. She’d never seen such a place.”

Bella finds the room and she opens the door.

Her jaw drops and she finds herself taken completely back.


He smiles and is holding a white tulip. He was in a black blazer, navy blue dress shirt and blue jeans. There were red heart shaped candles about the room. A smile formed on her face. She folded her arms about her chest.

“Now someone’s trying awfully hard to get laid.”

He snickers and sends out his web pulling the door shut. He sends it about her waist and drags her towards him. She teasingly fights against it. He shakes his head and keeps tugging her his way. Once she’s chest to chest with him. He eagerly kisses her. Peter’s hands run along her black skirt.

Bella begins to unbutton his shirt. He feels her kissing along his chest, up his neck, back to his lips. He picks her up her legs instantly wrap around his waist. Her hips grind against him. Bella’s arms are wrapped around his neck.

Peter lays her down on the bed. He slides off her skirt and she blushes.

“Holy shit!” He runs a hand through his hair floored.

“They make these?!”

She nods as he stares upon the red Spiderman thong.

“Shouldn’t I be getting some sort of royalty off this stuff?”

“You mean Spiderman…”

He laughs as he slides the thong off.


Peter slides her white sweater off. He unclasps her bra. His warm hands run along her torso. He swallows back as he gazes upon her. Yet again his breath was taken away. Peter steps out of his jeans. They’d already discussed Bella getting on birth control. So this time they didn’t have to concern themselves with condoms. Bella blushes a bit as he makes his way over.

She gasps in surprise as Peter begins to take his tongue along her breast. Her hips react as he begins to take turns sucking on them. Another new sensation hits and she moans out in revelation. He looks up watching her as he moves his fingers about her. An egotistical grin appears on his face. He watches in sheer amazement. He couldn’t believe the way Bella’s body reacted to everything he was doing. He pulls back his hand seeing it was soaked.

“Damn…” He utters blown away.

“You haven’t a clue do you?”

“How freaking hot you are.”

He crawls over her. They lock lips again as he slips directly into her. She moans out arching her back a bit.

“Does it hurt?” He questions softly knowing this was only their second time.

“Not even close.”

She says with a smile.

Oh thank God. He thinks as he groans out, driving himself about her harder. He couldn’t believe the difference in how it felt without a condom. Her fingers ran through his locks of hair and down his back. They continued to kiss off and on as he thrust about her. It seemed with each thrust he gave she was coming. He was immersed in her juices. Peter tried to last as long as possible, but the pressure was becoming too much to bear. She felt entirely too good to keep holding back. He gripped the pillow beneath her and shot his load.

Beads of sweat dropped from his chest onto hers. He grazed her lips once more and flipped them over on the bed. With her now laying on him he wrapped his arms around her. Before long both had passed out.

Peter woke the next morning to have Bella rocking against him. Her breasts lively with each movement she made. He gripped her hips firmly with encouragement. Before long he was gone. He gritted his teeth and shut his eyes as he fired off within her.

She kissed his lips afterword. He ran his hands along her back, taking her all in.

“I may very well keep you in this hotel forever.”

She softly laughs against his chest.

“By the way good morning to you too.”

Bella rose up, making her way off the bed. He tilts his head admiring her ass as she headed to the bathroom. Before long he hears the shower start. His eyes practically bulged in thought; of seeing Bella naked and soaking wet. He couldn’t get out of the bed fast enough. He stumbled about desperate to make his way there.

Bella giggles hearing him slam into the door as he makes his way in.

“You’d think you’d have more dexterity considering…” She hints as she scrubs her hair.

He pulls back the curtain and gawks at her like a peeking tom. The water was running down her entire body as she rinsed her hair out.



“You’re letting in a draft.”

He nods and steps inside pulling the curtain closed.

“I think I’ve discovered Spiderman and Peter Parker’s one weakness…” He utters breathlessly.

“And what would that be?”

“Bella Swan all naked and wet.”

She blushes and shakes her head.


“I’m serious. I damn near killed over.”
She switches places letting him over. She raises her brows as he too steps under the water.

He opens his eyes to see her fingers running along his chest. Peter pulls her into his chest. The water trickling down on the both of them, as they held one another.

They spent the rest of the weekend ordering cheap take out, holding one another, and rarely leaving the bed. Come Sunday neither of them wanted to leave. They packed up anyhow. They were about to head out. Peter however, looked upon her once more. He dropped the bags where he stood. He locked the door once more.

Just like the rooftop that one day. He webbed her wrists up against the wall. Quickly he freed himself. He lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. He took her right there against the wall with her legs wrapped around him. She was still bound to the wall. Once they finished he gently released her and brought her back down. He shut his eyes for a moment as she tightly wrapped her arms around him. He said nothing knowing just how she felt. He too felt it heavily.

Neither says a word as they leave the hotel. Peter hails her a cab. He opens the door for her.

“I love you.” He says hugging her once more.

“I love too.” He caresses her cheek and then helps her inside.

He waves as the cab driver takes off.

Neither saw the man that was driving the cab however. He smiled demonically into the rearview mirror…

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