Chapter 14 Anxiety

Chapter 14

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Peter looks up from the couch as they hear a knock at the door. Aunt May makes her way over and answers the door. Peter comes to his feet as he sees its Mike.

“Um… is Bella here?”

“She should be at home…” Peter hints looking to Mike.

Aunt May steps aside allowing the boys to talk.

“Well Charlie came by the place looking for her.” Mike does his best to hint.

Peter narrows his eyes and steps out pulling the door shut.

“He’s sure she’s not maybe just asleep in her room.”

“Nah man, trust me she hasn’t come home.”

“Maybe she went into town…” Peter takes out his cell and tries to reach her.

“We’ve both tried that already.”

Peter nods as it goes straight to her voicemail.

“Mike, I personally put her in that cab over three hours ago.”

Mike nods.

“She’s probably has her phone off or something. Maybe she’s in town.”

Peter looks towards her window in thought.

“I told him she may have gone to the store or something before coming home.”

“K…” Peter takes in a breath.

“Look I’ll go into town and check a few places I know she hangs out.”

“If you find her just make sure she comes on home.”

“Will do.”

‘Thanks Peter.”

Peter nods again and watches as Mike heads back home. He enters the house and grabs his jacket.

“Everything ok?”

“No one knows where Bella is. I’m going to head into town and see if I can find her.”

“Ok sweetheart. I’m sure she’s fine.”

Peter heads on out. He heads to her usual café, music store, the library was closed. He even asked Jax if he’d seen her. Of course no such luck. The only other option left was the park. He prayed he found her there. Peter walked the park up and down, but nothing.

Panic begins to rise within Peter. He was running out of ideas on where to look. He tries once more to call. Her voicemail picks up.

“It’s Peter… Everyone’s worried about you. Please call as soon as you get this. Love you.”

He hangs up this anxiety feeling was taking him over. He quickly darted into an alleyway. Peter took off his clothes. Then he placed them into a plastic back, then in a nearby dumpster. He put his mask. He figured Spiderman could find her if Peter Parker couldn’t.


Bella looked out the window. The cab driver had driven right past her neighborhood.

“Sir… You missed the turn.”

She points out. He ignores her and keeps driving.


Still he doesn’t answer. He looks straight on ahead. Bella reaches out and gently puts her hand upon his shoulder. With one massive arm he reaches over and yanks her into the front seat. He clamps his hand tightly over her mouth. Then pulls her up against his chest. Bella struggles in his hold trying to break free. When Bella finally gets a good look at the man; she sees the man that killed Dr. Connors. The very one that told Spiderman he his next trophy. At this panic sets in. She kicks her legs out trying to bust through the taxi window.

He roughly forces her further up against him and he holds her down. He looks down upon her.

“Sleep…” He says gruffly and pinches the nerve area between her neck and shoulder.

Bella passes out cold.

He explored every nook and cranny he could think of. There was no sign of Bella whatsoever. Yet again in a last desperate attempt he called; still no answer.

“This isn’t happening!” He growls as he looks upon the city.

He swings back down and gathers his clothes. He takes it upon himself to sneak into Bella’s window. She’s nowhere to be found naturally. But he looks high and low for any clues. He finds nothing. He picks up a picture on her nightstand. It was one Mike took of the two of them. He hadn’t realized she had it framed and put it on her nightstand. He sits the picture back down. Peter was beginning to lose it. Where could she possibly be? His hands shook as he ran his fingers through his hair. He heard Charlie stirring below. He took in a breath trying to keep it together. Peter climbed back out of her window and headed on home.

“Any luck?” His aunt questioned as he came through the door.

He shook his head and rushed on up to his room. Peter paced back and forth. He began to replay the entire night. Trying to think of something anything. He pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned against the wall with one hand. His heart dropped to his knees and he came down with it. He leaned his forehead against the wall.

“Please… This can’t be happening. NO!”

Peter began to feel as though he couldn’t breathe. His entire body began to heat up with fury. He reached to his heart feeling a full on anxiety attack coming.


Bella blinks her eyes a few times. The area around her came as a blur at first. Gradually, she begins to make out what was around her. They were in some sort of creepy looking mansion. Taxidermy was all around the room. Damn near every animal known to mankind. Her throat ached with dehydration. Her wrists throbbed. She tried to bring them down to ease the pain. Only to have them jarred back at great force. The sound of chains clanked about the wooden floor beneath her.

Bella grimaces as she felt her body against someone else’s.

“I see you’re finally awake.”

They yanked on the chains again twirling her around.

“Such a pretty thing aren’t you? Yet so brittle… I could snap you with my bare hands. The man sat upon a medieval looking throne. A lion skin lay across it. The paws of a lion sheathed the arms of the chair. He tugged on the chain again forcing her into his lap. Guns, swords and knifes were displayed along the wall behind him.

” Such a wondrous prize you will be.”

He caresses her cheek.

“I’m sure Spiderman would agree. He smiles. Or should I say Peter Parker?”

Bella’s heart speeds up at this.

“That’s right.” He hysterically laughs.

“I know. Just like any patient hunter. You get to know your prey. I’ve been watching and waiting.”

He squeezes her cheeks together crudely.

“And you’re his little girlfriend. Only not for long… You see…” He pulls on her chains again raising her up to the ceiling. Her arms begin to spread apart. She grits her teeth as she hangs above the room.

“Winner takes all… That includes the girl. Soon you will become KRAVEN’S!” He smiles and starts laughing.

“Kraven always wins!” He forces her body to the right of the room.

Bella screams out seeing Dr. Connors head on a plague. It read Lizard underneath. Next to it was an empty plague that read Spiderman underneath. He forces her back around lifting her even higher. Bella felt her body being stretched out. Her teeth grind together as she looks upon him. The guy literally looked as though a caveman covered in fur. Bella licked her already dry lips. Kraven stared upon her.

“Oh the fun we’ll have my soon to be slave, all within time. He will die knowing that you belong to me. Together we will share the trophy that is Spiderman.”

He comes to his feet and exits the room. Bella squirms about trying to find a way to break free. Sweat burned her eyes as it trickled down her face. There wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t in agony. Her head rolled back as she fought to stay awake. The room came to a spin bright pivoting lights began to fill the area and everything went black.

Peter watched as the bus came and went the next morning. He hadn’t slept all night. He stayed in that chair planted next to his phone in sheer hopes. The only times it rang however, was when Charlie and Mike called to check in. Out of one last desperate attempt he decided to head on to school. In mere hopes that somehow Bella would show up after all. That maybe she had some sort of crazy explanation.

“You missed the bus!” She calls out before he heads out the door.

“I know.” He replies and darts out.

When no one’s looking he webs himself across town within the shadows. He stops once he’s a couple blocks away from the school. Peter says a silent prayer amongst himself as he leans against one of the buildings. He waits until the bus drops off the other students. Then Peter makes his way inside. Something about the school seemed dreary to him now. This empty feeling washed over him. It hit even heavier as he looked towards her locker. This would normally be where they wave to one another. She’d blow him kisses or he’d wink at her. Often enough he’d pushed her up against that very locker and they’d make out.

Peter forced himself to grab his books and placed them into his bag.

“Hi Peter!” Gwen said over happily.

He simply nods and heads on to class. Once he enters class. Mike practically leaps out of his seat. Peter takes in a breath and shakes his head. Mike shuts his eyes for a moment. His hands fold into fists and he sits back down. Peter takes his seat.

Gwen taps him on the shoulder.

“Is Bella sick today?”

He swallows back on this. He’s never one to hit a woman ever. But Gwen had been pushing his buttons for some time now. He clenched his jaw tight.

“I don’t know Gwen.” He says firmly feeling queasy.

His eyes darted between Bella’s empty seat and the door. He kept picturing the way she’d look over at him during class. How she’d cut him a certain grin or would giggle at something he was doing. That anxiety feeling hit him again. He gripped the table with both his hands. Mike reached over and put a hand upon his shoulder. Mike found himself taken back as Peter turned to him with tears in his eyes.

Peter quickly wiped his face. Mike patted his shoulder and leaned back into his seat. Now Mike found himself more concerned than ever as well. He knew something was wrong if Peter was reacting this way. Peter was telling the truth. He really had put her on that cab. So where the FUCK was she? Mike grew nauseas in thought. She could very well be lying in some damn ditch… The images of possible scenarios played out. He too felt as though he was going to lose his shit big time.

Both boys spent the rest of the day; in sheer hopes that Bella would merely pop up. Its New York after all anything’s possible. Come lunchtime though no such luck. Mike and Peter sat across from one another. Neither really saying a word, both were checking their phones often, both tried calling or texting her a few more times. Peter called Charlie and still he too had no word. The man sounded as broken as he and Mike were.

“Where’s that little hot piece of ass of yours Parker?”

Flash said as he passed by them. Mike’s eyes widened as he saw it coming. There was nothing he could do to stop it though. Peter shot up from his seat. He instantly slammed Flash’s tray into his face. He then grabbed him by the collar. He punched him in the gut.

“PETER!” Gwen shouted and went to Flash’s defense.

Peter ignored her and pushed his way past the other students. He then whizzed out of the cafeteria. He ran to the football field. Peter made his way up the bleachers. Another usual place of his and Bella’s. She’d often lay her head in his lap.

“Where are you Bella?” He says softly looking around the stadium.

Kraven jerks on the chains yet again. Bella’s drawn up to the ceiling. The cuffs were cutting into her wrist.

“I must say you really spice up the place. Just imagine what it’ll be like when you’re directly by my side. Are you a leopard or cheetah fan slave?” He holds up two different collars in his hands.

Bella half laughs shaking her head.

“Try black and blue.”

“Black and blue?” He questions with narrowed eyes as he’s kicked back on his throne.

“Yeah you know like your balls are going to be!”

He grits his teeth and pulls the chains even harder. Bella grits her teeth.

“Maybe a shock collar is the way to go.” He sneers.

“Oh lookie here… That’s just what we got here!”

He grins twirling the collar around.

“It seems you need a bit of obedience.”

He lowers her back down and makes his way over. He grabs the collar of her sweater ripping it open. He places the collar around her neck.

“A bit of a test?”
He says taking out a remote.

Bella jolts back her entire body reacting to the hit. He laughs and cups her chin.

“I’ll have you trained in no time.”

Bella comes to her knees her arms still hanging in the air. Bella maneuvers her hands upon the chains she grasps them firmly as he continues to keep her head down. With all she’s got left she quickly brings her body up an unwavering yell coming from her mouth. She wraps her legs tightly around his neck. The electric current flowed through her, but she knew it’d hit him now as well. She continued to activate it with her cries.

“Look Alex what would you do if it were Mike?”

He sighs on the other line.

“I’ll see what I can do Charlie. But we both know not much can be done before 48 hours.”

“And we both know the odds after 48 hours. Especially, in Brooklyn!” Charlie snaps.

“Now calm down Charlie. You know I’m going to look into it.”

Charlie grips the phone tightly.

“Look into it huh?! Fuck that!’ Charlie slams down the phone.

He punches through the wall in the hallway. Charlie opens the door to her room once more. He was about to do something Bella would truly hate. Deep down though Charlie knew something was wrong. He began to practically tear her room apart. He was digging around for any clues whatsoever he could find that would lead to finding her.

After about an hour of searching he finds nothing. Charlie sighs and sits on her bed in thought. He then lays his head back on her pillow looking to the ceiling. He puts his hands back behind the pillow. He narrows his eyes as he feels something within his hands. Charlie takes it out and see’s it’s her journal. He takes in the deepest of breaths. He runs his fingers along the cover.

He shuts his eyes for a moment. The biggest battle played out in Charlie’s mind. He knew damn well what this could do to his and Bella’s relationship. However, he was thinking like a cop at the moment. This is something they go straight for when a child is missing. With a trembling hand, Charlie Swan opens his daughter’s journal to the first page. He sits there on the edge of her bed. Praying to God that she will somehow forgive him for this, but even more so he prayed to God she was still alive, safe and sound. That maybe she’d walk through that door any moment. That she’d yell at him furiously for invading her privacy. Tell Charlie how she HATED HIS GUTS! That she’d slam a few doors maybe even cry. He’d take that any day over the other alternatives.

Aunt May and Peter sat the dinner table. They joined hands in prayer. Peter went about his usual.

“Lord we pray that you will bless this food, this house, our family and friends. That you may watch over…” Peter swallows back. The knot in his throat became overwhelming. Yet again he couldn’t breathe.

“Peter?” His aunt looked to him concerned.

Peter shut his eyes tightly.

“Peter sweetheart what’s wrong?”

She comes to her feet. His hands ball up.

“I can’t lose her too!” He shouts.

She wraps her arms around his head and pulls him against her stomach.

“I don’t know what to do!” He sucks back a breath.

“I put her on that cab Aunt May. I sent her off safe and sound! She was safe!” He slams his fist down on the table.

“She’s my responsibility! MINE!”

She holds him tighter.

“I love her… I can’t… I can’t do this! Not again! I CAN’T!”

His name is Edward. Edward Cullen… A vampire…

Charlie rubbed his eyes tiredly. He takes in a breath at this. What slang is that? What does she mean vampire? He shakes his head on this and continues reading.

Mike looked to his phone. Once again his attempts to reach Bella had failed. He began to think of whatever he could think of. He scrolled through his list in thought. He came across Jacob Black’s name. He shrugged figuring it wouldn’t hurt.





“Hey how’s it going buddy?”

“Eh… been better actually.”

“That good huh?”

Mike sighs.

“What’s wrong Mike?”

“Look I was calling to see if you’d seen Bella?”

Jake half laughs.

“Nah, man why how would that be possible?”

“I just didn’t know if she decided to go home.”

“Wait… what’s going on Mike?!”

“Bella’s missing…”



“For how long?!”

“Nearly 48 hours now.”

“JESUS CHRIST! Wait have you tried that new boyfriend of hers?”

“Of course Jake that was my first go to. After all he lives directly across from her.”

Jake twirls around his chair and looks towards her last postcard.

“I’ll do some checking around Mike. We’ll find her.”

“I hope so.”

“We will.”

Jake picks up the postcard and thumbs it in thought. He snarls back as one person comes to mind.

“Edward!” He barks and jumps out of his seat.

Peter didn’t go to school the next day. He watched yet again as the bus drove away. There was just no way he could stare at her empty seat all day long. He couldn’t sleep, eat, he could barely function. Peter propped back in his chair. There was no way he could sit around here and wait anymore. He had to do something. He had to find Bella and he wouldn’t stop searching until he did. He rushed down the stairs and pecked his aunt on the cheek.


He freezes at the door and takes one more glance her direction.

“It’ll be ok you know that right?”

He nods, but says nothing. He rushes on out the door. Peter had been fighting that anxiety thing all night long. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

Peter stoops into the shadows of a nearby building. He rips off his shirt and pants. He trashes them. Spiderman wouldn’t rest until Bella Swan was in his embrace. Yet again he tried all her usual hangouts. After that he began to spread himself about New York and its entirety. No matter how tired he felt, how hungry or thirsty he grew. He didn’t stop. Spiderman kept searching.

The night grew colder the clouds came rolling in. He crouched over on one of the skyscrapers overlooking the city. The lightening cascaded across the sky. The sound of thunder shook the entire building he was on. Then the rain came pouring down.

A fog escaped his mouth as he breathed out. Decidedly, he began to back trace his steps all over again. Once he found himself back in Queens he saw that a robbery was taking place. He growled out under his suit. He didn’t time for this! This wasn’t what he wanted to be dealing with at the moment. The thought to pass right by as though he saw nothing hit.

His head was pounding. He was growing more and more furious as the night progressed. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with these assholes. But he knew not only could one of them be Uncle Ben’s murderer. But he’d also made a pledge to his uncle and to himself. Therefore, Spiderman made his appearance.

He dropped down in front of the robbers. That ironically stood before Oscorp. They stood there dumbfounded.

“Ah, fuck it’s that freak Spiderman.”

“I’m the freak huh? I’m not the one robbing a place dressed like Bill Clinton. Personally, I’m more of an Abe Lincoln fan. But then again that’s just me.”

They drop their load and start to take off running. Spiderman goes to fire his web with the intentions of having them arrested.

“What the…” He looks down some sort of sticky black substance. It was coming from one of the military bags they’d thrown down. The material started to crawl up his feet, legs, and waist and continued on.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” He questions with alarm.

He tries to wipe it off him. His eyes widen as it takes over his hands. It was like whatever it was had a life as its own. He watches it take over his body. He came to his knees as he tried to fight whatever this was. He gasped out as a solid mass of complete darkness took over his face. Spiderman stayed crouched down on one knee as it completed its transformation. He opened his eyes and came to a stand. He looked upon his reflection on one of the windows. He tilted his head as he walked up closer to the window. He curiously put a hand upon the reflection. His suit was now solid black.

This sense of overwhelming power took him over. A surge of energy fired through his core. No longer was he weary. He sent out his web and took down the suspects within a matter of minutes. He wrapped them up nice and tight and placed them right in front of the police station. He took off their mask and checked them each over. Still none were the one responsible for Uncle Ben. Just before one of the officers stepped out he vanished from the area.

Spiderman found himself practically soaring throughout the city. Preforming even more flips and somersaults throughout the air than usual. He’d find himself just a few inches from hitting the ground or a nearby car. He’d zip across using his web like it was nothing. He couldn’t believe the agility and strength he now had. Spiderman found himself welcoming the cold, harsh, rain that continued to pour. He spread out his arms and faced the sky. The lightening continued to worsen. It was then as the thunder boomed. He sneered back in thought. He grew furious. There was one… One he hadn’t even thought about. Edward Cullen…

Charlie gripped the journal firmly into his hand. He’d finally finished. He felt as though he were trapped in another realm. He raised his head with all this newfound information. He looked to the Spiderman doll on her desk. Charlie then looked out Bella’s window to Peter Parker’s apartment. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he leaned against the frame.

Bella gasped out as she felt ice cold water hit her across the face.

Kraven yanked her up by the hair.

“You’ll never pull anything like that again! You hear me!”

He forces her head back as he dumps more water on her face. She chokes back trying to catch her breath. Kraven slaps her across the face.

“You will respect me slave! Do we have an understanding?!”

He shakes her in his hold. Then brings her up off the ground.

“DO WE?!”

Bella wearily laughs.

“…Fuck you…”

His eyes become crazed. He slams down on the chains with full force. Bella flies back towards the ceiling. She screams out as she feels her body beings stretched out.


Edward rears his head back at the sight.

“What are you doing here?”

Jake ignores him and welcomes himself inside. Edward snarls back. Jake starts to sniff out the place.

“Where is she?!” He bellows.

The other Cullen’s come to attention.
“Who?!” Edward snaps.

“You know damn well who!”

Edward tilts his head reading his mind.

“I KNEW IT!” Edward growls out furiously.

“I knew that idiot couldn’t keep her safe!”

Jake literally growls out. He then grabs Edward slamming him back against the wall.
“Watch what you say!”

Edward narrows his eyes.

“Since when are you supportive of Bella’s relationships?”

“Since she got rid of your dumbass! Subsequently, she learned to smile, laugh and know what it’s like to be happy again! That’s when asshole! So yeah you watch what you say about this guy!”

Edward laughs and shakes out his hold.

“You’ve always wanted her for yourself. We both know that.” Edward points to his temple.

Edward looks to Jake oddly.

“Wait… seriously? Leah?”

Jake sighs.

“Stay out of my head.”

“I thought you hated Leah.”

Jake shrugs.

“That’s none of your business leech. Now I want to know where Bella is and NOW!”

“She’s not here…” Carlisle says as he comes down the stairs.

Edward sighs.

“I’ll go look for her.
Jake half laughs.

“Um no you won’t. You’re going to stay your happy glittery ass here! I’ll go look for her.”

“Not happening. I knew I should have brought her back home!”

“This isn’t her home Edward! New York is now her home.”

Edward gets a bewildered look on his face. He staggers back. Jake smiles.

“That’s right bitch.”

Carlisle sighs and puts a hand upon Jake’s shoulder. Emmett places both his on Edward’s.

“Not worth it bro.” Emmett says.

However, even Jake caught the nod Emmett gave him.

“She’s been writing you?!” Edward shouts angrily.


Edward breaks out of Emmett’s hold and grabs Jake by the throat. Jake shifts and pins Edward to the floor. Emmett and Jasper slam themselves against Jake. Jake flies back in wolf form. He snaps at the air as a warning and scraps his paw against the marble tile. Edward grits his teeth and sails through the air right for him. He wraps himself around Jake and squeezes with all he has.
“NO!” Carlisle yells as it takes him, Emmett and Jasper to pry him off.

Jake whimpers out and falls to the floor.

“What have you done son?!” Carlisle retorts.

He quickly picks Jake up.

“Alice, come help!’

Peter crawls back through his window. He goes to take off the new suit. Something he hated to do. He knew however, he couldn’t very well fly as Spiderman or walk through Forks for that matter. But when he looks down he sees he’s already in regular clothing.

“What the hell?”

He runs his hands along the black shirt, blue jeans and jacket. Something very Peter Parker like. Peter wasn’t sure whether to be frightened out of his mind or think this was cool as freaking shit!

He was leaning more towards frightened. He exhales. He hadn’t the time to concern himself with this now.

“What about school Peter?”

He laments.

“I’ll have to make up for it. I can stay after school if I have to.”

His aunt sighs.

“Whatever reason do you have to go to Forks?”

“This is just something I have to do. I just need you to trust me Aunt May.”

“This is about Bella isn’t it?”

Peter nods.

“Then you’re right. You should go.”

Peter looked to her amazed.

“You said so yourself Peter. You love her. We fight for those we love. So yes… go. Meanwhile, I’ll be praying…”

Peter kisses her forehead.

“Thank you.”

“You be careful now Peter.”

“I will.”

He rushes out the door and becomes frozen. Charlie’s already making his way over. He looks to Peter’s bag oddly.

“Going somewhere?”

Peter swallows back in thought.

“Um yes sir…”

Charlie nods at this. Both stand there uncomfortably for a moment. Charlie takes in a breath. He puts a hand upon Peter’s shoulder.

“I don’t care how you go about it. Just bring her back son.”

Peter looks to Charlie floored for a moment. Charlie doesn’t say another word. He simply turns back and heads on home. Peter stood there for a moment gathering himself trying to figure Charlie out at that point. However, he forced himself to snap out of it. He hopped into the cab as it pulled up.

Kraven slams down a metal dish.


He then places down a glass of water.


Bella looks to the massive turkey leg and water. She’d wondered how many days she’d been here now. Normally, she’d fight against this. The damn turkey leg was in a metal dog bowl. She was so hungry and thirsty she swallowed her pride. She immediately went for the water first. She downed it not even caring at this point if it might’ve been poisoned. She grabbed the turkey leg and bit into it.

Kraven started to laugh.

“Just like an animal. I knew it!” He bellows in that thick Russian accent.

He pulls her into his lap as she eats. She feels his fingers running along her neckline.

“Tomorrow I will claim you. Tomorrow will be the day I take Spiderman’s head.”

Chills ran down her body.

“If you’re to be mine you must fit the part.”

Once she finishes her food. He tugs on the chain again bring her back up. Bella shrieked out as he tore off her clothing. He handed her some sort of dress made of cheetah fur.

“Made it myself.”

He says forcing it on her.

“There… now that’s much better.”

He fills her glass once more.


Tears stream down her face as she drinks the nice cool water.

He raises her up towards the ceiling again.

“There you will stay until I’ve earned you.”

Peter finally gets word on where to find the Cullen house. He makes his way there and knocks on the door.

A tall blonde haired man answers the door. So this is the family? Huh? Mike was right they do look like a cult. Peter thinks as he peeks inside. Like deer caught in headlights they each look his way.

“May I help you?”

“Yes I was looking for Edward Cullen.”

Peter eyes the bastard as he comes down the stairs. They lock eyes for a moment.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Edward sneers.

“You need to leave!” Edward says pointing at him all sassy much like a mother hen.

“Um not happening.”

Like Jake, Peter welcomes himself inside. Carlisle sighs.

“Well please come in.”
“Thanks.” Peter sarcastically says.

Peter takes it upon himself to look around.

“So where’s she at?”

Edward rolls his eyes.

“First the mutt now you?”

“Mutt?” Peter questions.

Peter’s darts his eyes towards the stairs as he hears a whimper. He looks to the entire Cullen family.

“Who’s up there?!”

“None of your business!” Edward snaps.

Peter ignores him and rushes up the stairs. He opens the door where the sound was coming from.


He was hooked up to IV’s and his waist was completely wrapped in some sort of white gauze tape.

“It was an accident.” The tall blonde vampire says.

“Accident my ass!” He says looking to Edward.

“What have you done?!”

Peter checks Jake over.

“What happened Jake?”

Edward goes to say something. Peter sends out his web and webs Edward’s mouth shut. The entire family looks to Peter in shock.

“That’s right bitches who’s next?!”

Peter could still feel the effect of whatever had taken over his body. It was coursing through him. He hears Jake softly laughing.

“I knew it…”

“That’s fucking cool as hell by the way.” Jake says and forces himself up on the bed.

“Easy now.” Peter says helping him up.

“I knew she was trying to tell me something! Damn near every postcard she sent me had you on it!”

Peter grins.


“Yep, some pretty ridiculous one too.”


Peter questions, but looks to Jake and then back to Edward.

“So wait… she’s not here?!”

Edward rolls his eyes.

“NO!” Peter hands through his hair madly.

“Where is she?!” He points to Edward.

Jake sighs.

“For once the idiot is innocent. None of them know.” Jake admits.

“This isn’t happening! She has to be here! This is the only other place! I’ve tried EVERYWHERE I CAN THINK OF!”

“So um… like how’d you do that?” Emmett questions poking at the webbing still attached to his mouth.

Edward shakes his head bitterly and rips it off.

“Ouch…” Emmett comments.

“Who did this to you Jake?”

“Yours truly…” He hints looking to Edward.

“You were on our territory. What did you think would happen?!”

“Wow now why didn’t you and Bella work out again?” Peter sarcastically remarks.

“I’ll be fine. Just slow healing process.”

Peter looks back to Edward. He half laughs.

“You honestly, thought she’d come back to you didn’t you? That’s why you moved back to Forks!”

“Couldn’t be more dead on.” Jake groans.

“Seriously? Wow… You’re something else.”

“That’s rich coming from someone that couldn’t even protect her!”

“TOUCHE!” Peter shouts.

Peter sighs trying to keep his anger intact. He wanted to KILL Edward. He looks back down to Bella’s friend.

“Can I do something anything to help?”

“Yeah can you help me get home? Don’t really care for the stench around here.”

“Sure thing buddy.”

“Buddy?!” Edward sneers.

“You don’t even know him!”

“Any friend of Bella’s is a friend of mine. As for you all; you’re on my shit list!”

“This is the same wolf that wanted to nail my girl!” Edward fires furiously.

“Newsflash, she’s no longer your girl and hasn’t been! That and he’s not the one; I’m in a pissing match with. She’s not your property Edward! And none of that matters to me at the moment! All that I care about is getting HER BACK!”

Peter helps Jake to his feet. As Peter gets to the door; he looks to each Cullen.

“I know your secret as well and there are a lot more of you to expose. If I were you I’d put all this to a closure; the moment I pull this door closed. I hope we all have an understanding.”

“Crystal clear.” Carlisle says with a nod.

“Good at least one of you; is wise enough to get my drift.”

Peter pulls the door shut.

“So where to?”

Jake points the direction.

“Alright hold on tough guy.”

Jake’s eyes widen as Peter sends off his web.


Peter gets him home and helps him to the front door.

“Yeah we don’t EVER mention that to anyone.” Jake states firmly.

Peter half chuckles.

“Dually noted.”

“So now what?” Jake questions as he leans back against his door.

“I don’t give up until I find her that’s what.”

“You mean Spiderman?”

Jake says with a smirk. Peter nods.

“I can’t believe freaking Bella Swan’s dating Spiderman. That’s like… well it’s pretty cool actually.”

The door behind him opens.

Peter sees a real pretty Quileute girl behind him.


“Hey Leah baby.”

Peter gives her a nod. However, his cell rang. He saw the name and his heart galloped in his chest.


Jake and the Leah looked up at this.


He shut his eyes temporarily in relief. The sound of her voice stirred something even more within him.

“Bella… where are you?”

“Peter… I can’t hear you over the tr…”

He hears the sound of her getting hit.


Peter’s whole body becomes tense. His jaw tightly clenches.


He hears the familiar bass like laugh on the other line.

“I’m going to enjoy my new slave. Quite the little minx she is.” His Russian voice carried over thick.

“You haven’t a clue just what world of pain you’ve just created for yourself.”

“I’m counting on it! Tell me Spiderman, just how good of a hunter are you? Can you find your little doe?”


He winces as he hears Bella shrieking out in pain. The line goes dead.


He growls out.


He frantically paces around. Jake puts hand to his shoulder.

“You’ll find her.”

Peter nods, but doesn’t even look back. He instantly takes off.

He repeats the entire phone conversation in his head. This immense anger filled him to the brim. He was erupting with vengeance; when it finally hit him. There was another sound amongst Bella’s scream. That’s what she was trying to tell him! They were by train tracks!

“I found you jackass!”

However, he had a good eight hours at least, before he could even make it back to New York.

Charlie answers the door.


He nods.

Alex hands Charlie back his badge and gun. Mike waves to Charlie from across the street as he’s talking to Aunt May.

“Let’s go find your daughter.”


Alex doesn’t answer he just heads on to the car. He nods and grabs his jacket. He then follows Alex squad car.

Kraven becomes more and more impatient as he waits for Spiderman.

“Either he’s lost, chicken, or doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you.”

Bella rolls her eyes. Her entire upper body was growing numb. Not only that, but Kraven kept this place freezing. She fought to stay awake. But it became a losing battle…

Peter was on edge the entire flight. He wanted to enter the cockpit and demand the pilot fly faster. Her screaming sounded over and over in his mind. Peter leaned over bringing his head down. He pulled at his hair every once in a while. It was all coming together.

He’d thought this was Edward’s doing…

But it was his…

Kraven shoves her into the bathroom.

“Hurry it up!”

She hurriedly goes to the bathroom. Bella knew if she didn’t hurry he’d come in. He had no problem doing so. She washes her hands and face. The place they were in even reminded her a bit of a haunted house. Everything about it was massive and had huge creep factor to it. Bella looked into the mirror as she washed her hands. She winced as the water hit the embedded marks within her wrists. She rubbed them gently as the feeling was finally coming too. She quickly rinsed off her face. Sure enough he loses his patience. The door flies open and he grabs her by the hair. He drags her back into the living area.

He hits the remote testing it. He laughs as she comes to her knees. Kraven places her back into the cuffs.

“He doesn’t show up. The prize is still MINE!” He hints yanking her towards him.

“You’d have to kill me first!”

“That could very well be arranged. It just depends on my mood.”

Peter finally finds the place. He starts to think about how to activate the suit again. As he thinks this though… Peter looks to his hands. His eyes widen as the black residue starts to crawl along his body. He open and closes both his hands in disbelief. What the hell is this?!

He brings her back up. Bella starts laughing as she hangs from the ceiling.

“What do you have to be laughing about?”

“Oh Kraven… You’re in so much trouble…”

He tilts his head on this as he’s sitting back at his thrown.

He jumps as Spiderman leaps down.

“She’s right… You’re screwed!”

Kraven smiles and comes to his feet.

“Ah, he finally shows. She certainly spices up the place don’t ya think? Quite the little minx.”

Kraven taps his finger to his chin.

“Hmm, may the best one win.”

He does a backflip and bounces of the wall out one of the windows. Spiderman turns back to Bella.

“Go… just make sure it’s you that returns.” She hints with concern.

Spiderman bows.

“I vow to.”

He takes off and even through the pain. Bella manages a smile.

“I know you will.” She says softly.

Spiderman chases Kraven throughout the city. He couldn’t believe some of the moves this Kraven guy was able to pull off. He finally manages to catch up. He slings his web around Kraven’s chest. He sends him through one of the buildings. Spiderman tumbles on inside the area. He comes towards Kraven. Kraven laughs as he comes to his feet. He dust himself off. The people in the building start screaming and running all in different directions.

“You’re even stronger than before. You’ve done something different with your suit as well.”

“Can’t say much yours… Do tell me who’s your inspiration is it Mogli? Or is that one of those new adult diaper’s that come in print?”

Kraven grits his teeth and comes at him with his blade. He aims right for his heart. Spiderman grips his wrist firmly pushing it back. He swipes Kraven’s ankle knocking him down. He pins back the wrist with the knife. Spiderman then leaps on top of his chest. He squeezes with his legs and with his free hand he punches Kraven in the face.

Kraven uses his girth to flip them back over. He returns the punch only getting a couple more in than Spiderman had. Spiderman shoves out his hands flinging Kraven off him. He then fires off both wrists. He leaps out of the building dragging Kraven behind with him.

Kraven shouts out as he’s about to hit the asphalt. Spiderman jerks on the webbing and tosses him back up into the air. He then flings himself into the air. He grabs Kraven and slams him onto the roof of another building.

“How are you doing that!” Kraven roars.

“Now, now that’s my little secret!” Spiderman puts a knee to his sternum and pinches Kraven’s cheeks together.


Kraven does that laugh of his again. Irritating the hell out of Spiderman.


Kraven sends Spiderman flying off the roof with his knees. Just as he’s about to smash into the ground he sends out his web and comes back up.

Charlie and Alex were in the car not far from the sight.

“Wait! Stop the car!” Charlie demands.

Alex stops and Charlie rushes out of the car. He looks up and see’s Spiderman and the other man going at it. He takes in a breath. He looked around wondering where his daughter… He knew how that wherever Spiderman was. His daughter wasn’t far away. Charlie flinched as he watched the man toss Spiderman into a window.

“Dammit son!” Charlie runs that direction and takes out his gun.

Kraven grabbed Spiderman by the throat. He started choking him. Spiderman wrapped his hands around his wrists. Kraven’s teeth gritted as Spiderman continued to squeeze. As Kraven’s grasp got tighter so did Spiderman’s. Kraven was first to cave as Spiderman snapped his left wrist. Kraven cried out in pain.

Spiderman staggered back catching his breath again. He couldn’t get over what this was though. Another wave of energy hit him. It felt great as it coursed through him. He jumped up and down feeling as though he couldn’t contain the boast it was giving him.

He looked at Kraven and pointed.

“You’re so dead.” He says shrugging as he brings his finger back down.

He grabs Kraven and purposely falls off the building with Kraven falling beneath him. Kraven struggled to get free. They landed on a nearby taxi.

“Ooooh, I bet that hurt!” Spiderman says as Kraven landed back first.

“Yep… you’re bleeding a bit. Ready to call it a night yet?”

Kraven growled out and threw Spiderman into the middle of the street. He shot out his hands trying to keep from getting hit as cars slammed on their brakes. Charlie and Alex were making their way over. Charlie watched as Spiderman leaped back over and held Kraven up into the air by the collar.


Charlie heard the heartbreak in the voice. He knew Peter was losing it behind that mask.


He forced Kraven into an alleyway up against a building. He punched and kicked Kraven repeatedly. Whenever Kraven would fall and come back to his feet. Spiderman yanked him up by the collar again.


Spiderman laughs. Charlie slowly approaches hearing everything that he was saying.


Charlie’s eyes widen as Spiderman wraps his web around the man’s neck. He begins to pull back choking him. Just like he had Bella. Spiderman raises him with his webbing it continues to choke him. Charlie puts a hand to his shoulder and squeezes.

“Don’t do it son.”

Spiderman turns.

“This isn’t you… You don’t take lives. You’re not this person.”


“Let us take it from here…”

He looks from Charlie back to Kraven. He closes his eyes for a moment and lowers the Kraven.

Charlie pats him on the back.

“You did the right thing son. Now go on…. We got it from here.”

“NO!” They both turn as Mike’s father’s aiming a gun their way.

Charlie and Spiderman are taken back as they hear the gunshot. Charlie immediately raises his gun and fires. Kraven falls to the ground shotgun still in hand. Spiderman drops to his knees.

“NO!” Charlie grabbed Spiderman by the shoulders.

“Dammit !”

Charlie continues to check him over.

“Where were you shot?!”

Spiderman looks down to his chest where he took the hit.

“HOW THE HELL DID YOU PULL THAT OFF SON?!” Charlie continues to check him over in utter shock.

“It’s the suit…” Spiderman says in disbelief.


Charlie turns as the other officers are coming around the corner.

“Get lost!” He says forcing Spiderman back to his feet.

“NOW!” He says as he cuts him one last glance.


She opens her eyes. He breaks her free and brings her down gently. He snaps the collar off her neck. He winces at all the marks along her body. Her wrist, neck and face. He felt like a failure.

“I’m so sorry.” He says breaking down.

“Bella…” He says with guilt bringing her into his chest.

Her arms go around his neck. She clings to him tightly.

“Don’t you dare Peter…”

As she says his name she gasps out. He narrows his eyes as the suit was disappearing. He’s back in his civilian clothing.

“Peter?!” She jumps to her feet in shock.

“How’d you do that?!”

She runs her hands along his clothes.

“Wish I knew…”

Bella reaches to her head stumbling back a bit.

“Easy now…” He wraps an arm around her.

With his free hand he moves her hair away from her face. He presses his forehead against hers.

“I thought I lost you. Bella… I…”

“I’m right here Peter.”

He nods and kisses her lips. They get lost within each other for the moment. Once Peter pulls back.

“Bella… You could have died. It would have been my fault! I can’t lose you! I…”

She looks upon.

“Bella… Being with Spiderman… It’s an eventual death sentence. I can’t allow that. I love you too damn much to keep putting you…”

Bella grits her teeth. Her entire face grows red with complete and utter fury.

“Don’t you dare pull what he did Peter Parker! Don’t you pull an Edward Cullen on me!”

Peter brings his hand over his mouth. He looks to her realizing she was right.


She reaches to her heart; just the way he had with the panic attacks. His heart shatters as he realized what he’d just pulled. He reaches to her.

“No! Don’t even!” She starts to walk away.

He ignores her and fires his web bringing her into his arms. She hits against his chest and arms.

“I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you were going to…”

He shakes his head and drags her out of the mansion. He brings them onto a nearby rooftop.

Peter kisses her even more passionately now as she continues to hit him. Only her body caves and surrenders to him. Yet again he puts his forehead to hers. Tears streaming down his own face as well now. He lifts her head gently.

“Together… always…” He promises as he pecks her lips once more.

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  1. I loved this chapter! I absolutely love how you allow the hero, the big macho man, to have a complete break down when the love of their life is in danger. It’s refreshing to see thy even the strongest of people have weaknesses.

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