Chapter 15 One Hell of a WEB Dream

Chapter 15

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Sorry I haven’t written. This is probably the shortest postcard I’ve sent. Yet, ironically so much has happened. I’m just not sure how to put it all into one card. That and I’m not sure how to go about it all. Take care – Bella

It’d been three days now since…

Charlie never told Bella he knew. He continued the inner battle off and on, but no matter how hard he tried to bring up the subject; he couldn’t. All he prayed is that these secrets his daughter kept wouldn’t eventually be her demise. Now how did Charlie feel about her dating Spiderman aka Peter Parker. Well he wasn’t thrilled on the idea. However, he preferred it any day over the vampire or wolf. At least Spiderman stood for a purpose. As a cop Spiderman had Charlie’s utmost respect even before he knew that he was his daughter’s boyfriend. Yet at the same time he did wish his daughter would find a normal boy to date and fall in love with. Deep down though. Charlie knew his daughter was different from other girls. She always has been. She’s stronger, smarter, and full of life. It only makes sense to him that his daughter led such an adventurous life. He feared he understood his daughter more than he ever knew possible. It’s because, of that same desire within himself that he became a cop. He might not be Spiderman. Not even close. But Charlie Swan knew he went to bed each night making some sort of difference in the world no matter how insignificant it might seem to others. At least he knew it was there and that’s all that ever mattered. However, recently… He discovered the truth about how his daughter felt about him. Charlie had never realized just how much she truly paid attention. Nor did he realize just how much Bella looked up to him. Some of the things he read hurt no doubt. As any parent that digs through their child’s personal diary. You will find something’s that will tear you apart; that being said though. There wasn’t a doubt now that Bella loved and respected him. For every time she grew cross with her father and wrote about it. She always wrote something positive about the man he truly was. He never comprehended just how truly deep his daughter was until reading her journal. All the more reason; Charlie could never say the words. I don’t want you seeing Peter Parker. Charlie knew this was the love of her life. That without Peter she’d fall apart. She loved him more than she ever had Edward or Jacob. She even wrote down; that she knew this was the man she’d one day marry. That damn near tore the man apart. Then again he respected her reasons for loving this boy. She loved Parker before she even knew who he was. The irony; she felt wrong for having feelings for Spiderman. That she was somehow cheating on Peter Parker for the thoughts she had. She often felt she didn’t deserve Peter because of her attraction to Spiderman and her curiosity. It even mentioned once how she wished she would have kissed him when he offered. But she knew Peter was the one. That’s all she’d ever want. Spiderman to her she thought was just a silly teenage girl phase, a crush. And she knew he took interest in her making her feel even more euphoric on the idea. What girl wouldn’t want Spiderman chasing after her? The more Charlie read though the more he realized. That it was the same. She respected Charlie because he put himself out there. He put his life on the line each and everyday damn near to help others.

That was her appeal to Spiderman. Bella often mentioned how brave, noble, and wonderful Spiderman was. How he gave others hope. Hope when they needed it most. She often compared him to Peter before she even knew about the truth. About how Peter often reminded her of Spiderman in the sense that he gave her hope. He’d rebuilt her heart and made her realize it was possible to love again. Charlie had never truly realized the real damage Edward Cullen had done to her. He figured it to be some simple high school crush that she’d be fine. He just hadn’t a clue how deep his daughter was really in. To Charlie Swan his daughter was a godsend. Therefore, he wasn’t about to tell her who to love. He knew the risks as well such as she put down herself. Bella knew there was a chance that dating Spiderman could very well lead to her dying one day. That’s not what she feared the most. What Bella absolutely feared were two things and two things only. One… that Charlie Swan may not come home one day. Two that Peter Parker would mysteriously come up missing just as Spiderman did… She let it known often enough that those were the two people she loved most in this world. She couldn’t bear the thought of living without Charlie or Peter.

Peter had taken it upon himself to call Jake and let him know Bella was alright. He told him to spread the word of her safety. Mike of course visited the day after they got back from dealing with Kraven. They made up some story about a kidnapping; which wasn’t a total lie. They just didn’t go into detail about Kraven or Spiderman. Mike of course had a meltdown. They both had to calm him down. Peter thought Mike would lock Bella away just to make sure no more harm came to her.

Jake and Peter also made the deal not to tell Bella about him getting hurt. He was fine now since Edward’s attack. Honestly, Peter felt a hint of guilt on keeping that from Bella. But he felt after Kraven, Dr. Connors and losing her mother. Bella needed one less thing to worry about. That and both boys didn’t want her getting involved with the Cullen’s. They knew if she came down; that’s what it’d lead to.

Peter continued to struggle with the nightmares. He often dreamt of Bella dying in various ways. How he and Spiderman could never get to her in time. The images of seeing her chained up the way Kraven had her continued to haunt him. Even more so when he saw her naked not long after word. He personally cared for each wound; just as she had his after the fight with Lizard. Her body was covered in cuts and bruises. He hated himself for each one he found. He couldn’t stand seeing her so beat up. It damn near killed him. In fact it wasn’t long after he’d brought her back home safe and sound to Charlie. That he did finally break down. Peter damn near tore up everything he owned. He’d destroyed his room with a bat that night. His computer and TV were no more. He didn’t care about any material possessions he owned. All he kept thinking about was how empty his life would have become if he never got her back. How much darkness would have taken over his heart. He would’ve no longer cared about anything. Not even about being Spiderman… Peter felt without Bella he’d simply die. He’d shut down and he’d never look at the world the same again. He’d wish for a quick and painless death.

Bella’s wrists were finally healing. But even more so Peter, Spiderman, and Bella were on the process of healing. After what Kraven had done Peter was careful about how he touched Bella. They hadn’t made love since. Spiderman hadn’t showed his face since. That and well Peter was still struggling with whatever had taken over his body. He felt different. He was more confident, stronger, agile, and faster. He also had more libido. All the more reason he watched himself closely. He constantly found himself wanting to take Bella wherever they were. Whether they were at school, the movies, hell even the park. All he could think about was sex when he was around her. It took all will to act as though a gentleman. Tonight it was a losing battle…


“Peter it’s just a dream…”

He shoots his entire body drenched in sweat. Another nightmare… they always felt so real to Peter. Yet, again Bella had died. Bella places her hands on his face.

“Are you alright?”

He locks eyes with her and takes in a breath. He instantly wraps his arms around her and pulls her into his lap.


Peter swallows back and leans his forehead against hers. Without another word he rolls her over on the bed. He kisses her and rubs against her in longing. He intertwines his fingers with hers pinning her to the mattress. Her jaw drops as he literally rips her tank top and panties off. His fingers go inside her and he watches her gush all his fingers and his bed. He breathes in the air taking in the scent. She swore she heard him growl under his breath. He looked her directly in the eyes. Then he gripped himself firmly with one hand he fondled himself. His other hand ran along her breasts down her torso and private. He stuck his fingers once more once she saturated him again he placed himself inside.

“Peter…” She moaned out.

She couldn’t help, but notice he seemed different somehow. He kisses her lips and he grips the pillow as he moves about her.

“I don’t ever want to stop Bella.” He says in a very seductive matter.

He grins as she comes again.

“I love that feeling. Do it again.”

She blushed a bit in thought. But within a few more strokes he felt her release again. He grits his teeth at the sensation. He moved about more vigorously now. He gripped the pillow tighter. He drove himself even harder and deeper. He felt he couldn’t get enough. Something about her scent tonight it seemed even more powerful than usual. He felt the need to demand that she was his. Something animalistic had taken him over. Peter felt the urge to dominate Bella. The both of them so caught up in the moment. Both covered in sweat as Peter kept going. He’d already gotten off. Still he kept going he nowhere near done with her. Neither, aware however, of the sticky black residue crawling amongst the both of them as they made love. It seemed to have a mind of its own; like it too were mating as well.

Bella rolls over and smiles as the sunlight beams into her room. She stretches out her arms and thinks about last night. Bella nibbles on her lower lip in thought. She still felt a bit aroused as she reminisced. Bella rises up in bed and reaches for her alarm clock to see what time it is. Without truly thinking it appears in her hand. Still half asleep she looks to the time and sits it down. She stumbles out of bed and puts her hand upon the chair to her desk. She then grabs her robe and throws it on. She reaches for the doorknob and freezes. She tilts her head looking to the webbing around it. She rubs the sleep out from her eyes. She could have sworn that she and Peter had sex at his apartment last night. Slowly, she turns around and Bella literally shrieks out. She covers her mouth in shock.

She hears her father rushing to her room. He knocks on the door. She quickly leans against it. “Bells are you alright in there?”

“Um yeah dad…”

“Are you sure I heard you screaming.”

She swallows back.

“Um yeah I thought I saw…”

“Saw what?”

“A spider.” She says rolling her eyes feeling stupid.


“Um yeah a really big one!”

“Do ya need me to kill it.”

“Um no dad I got it.”

“Well ok then Bells. I’m heading to the office kiddo.”

“Um ok…”
“Are you sure you’re alright.”

“Um yep peachy!”

She waits until she hears her father leave. She immediately calls Peter.

“Hey Bella…”

“Um Peter you seriously need to get over here.”

“Ok give me five.”

“No now.”

Peter looks to the phone like it bit him.

“Ok fine now…”
She hangs up and he appears at her window before too long. He lifts it up and smiles as he locks eyes with her. She folds her arms about her chest.

“Something wrong?”

“I don’t know Peter you look around and tell me.”

He shrugs, but his eyes suddenly bulge out as he looks around the web covered room. Strings of it were on her bed, desk, alarm clock, closet, window, damn near everything had some sort of webbing on it.

“Didn’t we?”

“In your room?”

He nods and picks up her jacket with the sticky webbing all over it.

“Yep… so explain Peter… What where you doing in my room last night?”

He looks to her perplexed.

“All I did is take you home and tuck you in Bella.”

“Then how do you explain all this Peter?”

He shrugs.

“You got another boyfriend with spider like qualities? Or you got a huge mating issue time for an exterminator.” He narrows his eyes and picks off a piece off her bed sheets. He lifts the sheets up and sees the sticky deposit all under her covers.

“Do you have another boyfriend I don’t know about?!”

She rolls her eyes.

“Funny Peter… Look just clean it up. I’m going to shower.”

“Seriously, Peter we’ve got to be more careful. My dad almost walked in. Seriously, what do you think he would have thought?”

“That Spiderman’s been visiting and he’s having trouble with premature firing?”

He says with a shrug.

“Or maybe his voice is changing?”

Bella shakes her head and leaves the room.

“Great, I’m whipped.” He complains under his breath as he starts to clean up her room.

He thinks back to last night and he knew there was no way this was his doing. All he did was put her in bed, kissed her goodnight, and then left. Peter peels back her bed sheets again. Her bra and panties were underneath the covers. He pried them off the sheets. He curiously held up the red bra looking upon it. He held it to his own chest and of course Bella walks in. She laughs shaking her head.

“Honestly, Peter what are you doing?”
He shrugs.

“I forgot to get a shirt.” She says and heads into her closet.

She reaches out for a shirt and she screams out. The shirt comes flying at her and is stuck to her wrist.


“The damn shirt’s stuck to me!” She tries to shake it off.

Peter shrugs and grabs the shirt. They both freeze however. As he grabs the shirt a long string of web drags along with it. Bella’s eyes widen and her face turns pale. Peter continues to pull the shirt along with the webbing only to see it’s connected to her.


Peter catches her as Bella faints.

“Huh… well this is different.” He comments as he carries her to the bed.

He narrows his eyes as he looks upon her wrists. He tugged at the web material.

“Oh no…” He groans and quickly takes a step back.

“What have you done now Peter Parker?!”

He runs his fingers through his hair. Panic washing over him. He looks around the room and to Bella.

“SHIT! Why can’t I be like a normal teenage guy and just knock her up?!” He rears back in disbelief at his own words.

“Wait… that’s not right.” He shakes his head and continues to panic.

“How’d this happen?!” He paces her room in thought.

He quickly cleans up her room. Whilst, he tries desperately to think of an explanation. That and well he knew she was going to KILL him!

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  1. Oh nooo…hehehe…did he pass on his ability? That worrying and funny at the same time…great update hon, I’m really enjoying reading this story, and I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs. Peggy

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