Chapter 17 Bloody Hell!

Chapter 17

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He laughs.

“You trying to fuc…” He covers her mouth.

“Such a filthy mouth!” He moves his hand away.

“FUCKITY, FUCK, FUCK!” Peter’s crossing the street and he chuckles as he hears Bella.

“Why do you curse so much?”

She shrugs and turns away.

“It’s not very lady like!” Mike calls out.

“Who ever said I was a lady?!”

Mike cuts Peter a glance.

“And that’s your girlfriend.”
Peter nods with a smile.

“Sure is.”

“You like never cuss… Do you Peter?”

Mike glances back at Bella as she’s walking on ahead. He tilts his head as if checking her out.

“Have you been working out or something Bella?”
Peter’s eyes widen at this.

“Your ass is like…”

Bella freezes and turns.

“Switching teams again Mike?”

“I just might. It’s like BAM! Damn…” He narrows his eyes taking her all in.

“What the hell happened to you?”

Peter and Bella lock eyes for a split second. Bella takes in a breath.


“Yep… I’ve taken up steroids.”

Peter dies in laughter and rushes onto the bus. Mike leans into Bella’s ear.

“They make your breasts bigger?”

“MICHAEL TAP DANCING FREAKING NEWTON!” She pops the shit out of his arm.


“Don’t be a dick!”

“Then don’t be a bitch!”



Peter taps on the window.
“WHAT?!” They both chorus.

Peter raises a brow. Bella and Mike clear their throats; realizing everyone was staring upon them.

“We’ll finish this later Sparky!”

“Fine Butch!”


Peter flinches as Bella swings back around. Mike blocks, but is chuckling.

“They fight like brother and sister.” Peter mutters.

They finally make their way on the bus. Bella slides in next to Peter. She goes to put her bag down and looks to him wide eyed. The bag was stuck to her hand. He nods and helps her detach the bag. She sighs and leans back in her seat.

“This ought to be interesting.”

“To say the least.”

He takes her hand. He wasn’t about to leave her side today. He remembered all too well what it was like. He didn’t want Bella going through that utter hell. However, Peter was having one big issue…


He clears his throat.

“Stop that.”

He nods and turns his head. Once the bus stops she catches him staring again.

“Oh my God.”

He quickly averts his eyes and raises up.
“Peter…” She hisses.

“Put a book in front of it or something!”

He clears his throat as he looks down. Bella giggles. Peter quickly holds his skateboard in front. Bella continues to die in laughter as he does his best to hide the obvious.

“You’re too funny.” She says as they make their way to their lockers.

“It’s your fault.”

“Um actually no it isn’t. I didn’t create this thing on my own you know!”

Peter’s eyes widen as Gwen over hears this. She cuts them an offbeat glance. Bella looks to Peter.

“What’s with you?”


Peter heads on to his locker. He turns back around once he got his books. He swallows back as Bella’s bent over grabbing her books from her locker. He shuts his eyes for a moment.
“I’m going to die…”

Bella rises up and turns to him.

“Did you say something?”

He shakes his head.

Flash passes by the hall clearly heading for Gwen. Only he stops and twirls around. He bites at his knuckle as he stares Bella down.

“Good God…” He tilts his head about.

Peter rolls his eyes. Bella hadn’t even noticed. She was talking to Mike. Gwen’s jaw drops as she turns and takes catches him. She comes up behind Flash and smacks him in the back of the head; with a book. Peter acts quickly as he goes to stop him from slapping Gwen. Bella and Mike turn just in time to see Peter’s hand wrapped around Flashes wrist.

Gwen looks to Flash in shock.

“You were going to hit me?!”

Bella narrows her eyes and watches as Gwen storms off.

“Move your hand dipshit.”

“Even you should know better…” Peter hints.

“Keep your nose out of my business Parker.”

“If you’d quit gawking at my business. Maybe, you could keep yours in order enough; that I wouldn’t have to!”

Peter drops his hand. He grabs Flash by the collar of his shirt and slams him up against Gwen’s locker. He stares him down feeling that odd thing coming about him again. He felt dominate all over again. The mere thought of not only this asshole hitting a woman. On top of the fact he couldn’t take his damn eyes of HIS.

He twirled around and hove Flash onto the ground. Bella quickly comes around and takes Peter’s hand.

“What was that about?” She questions once they’re in class.

Bella sits back in her chair. She makes a miserable face as she looks down to her shirt.

“Something wrong?”

“I think I’m going to need bigger shirts.”

Peter’s grips his desk firmly as she’s looking down her shirt with a wrinkled nose.

“Why?” He says stupidly.

“These are way too tight now Peter.”

“Um… I think they look fine.” He says with a shrug.

“Of course he thinks so…” Mike says with a chuckle.

Mike flicks a paper football at Bella. She catches it without even looking back.

“What the…” Mike says.

Peter gives Bella the cut throat motion. She drops her jaw and looks to her hand. The paper was stuck to her hand. Peter pinches the bridge of his nose. She quickly hides it.

“What kind of steroids are you on again?” Mike whispers.

“The really good kind.” She utters and sinks further down in her chair.

She brings her red hood up over her face.

Once it’s time for lunch Peter makes his way over to Bella’s locker. She puts her books up and shuts her locker.


He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“I swear one more time and I’m going to smack you!”

“Sorry…” He says and pecks her on the lips.

“You’re such a perv…”

He nods, but his eyes can’t help, but to dart back that direction.

Did she just middle name me? And slap me?! SHIT! Bella goes to move her hand. Her jaw drops. He flinches as she’s pulling back.

“Oh no…”

He presses his lips together.


“Noooo.” She utters in sheer misery.



He sighs. She tries to break free again.

“So… this just makes the day more interesting.” Peter says all chipper like.

Bella starts laughing hysterically. Peter finds himself grinning now.

“Well let’s do this.”

“What do we tell everyone?”

“I lost a bet apparently.”

They walk on down the hallway with her hand stuck to his face.

Thankfully, by next class she was able to break free. Bella only had one last little hiccup towards the end of the day. Literally, she started having hiccup fits. Each time Peter noticed web shooting from her wrists.

He leans over and quickly catches it before anyone has a chance to notice.

“Stop that will you?” He scolds bitterly.

She shakes her head and hiccups again. He quickly catches the one, but the other hits Mike’s chair. The both quickly lean back in their chairs trying to play dumb. Bella takes off her hoodie and wraps it around her wrists. She hiccups again and some of it hits Peter on the shoulder. He raises a brow and picks it up. He shakes his head her direction.
“Sorry…” She shrugs innocently.

He sighs. Other than that they managed to make it through the day. However, Bella still had Charlie to fool. That and well Peter was determined to find out what this was exactly. He’d plans to sneak into Oscorp and do a bit of his own research. He still felt incredible guilt on having brought this on Bella.

Charlie looks upon his daughter oddly as she enters the apartment.

“What the hell kid did ya hit a growth spurt?”

He comes to his feet. He was still in his uniform.

“Um milk? Does a body good? And I’m eating all my greens!”

“Jesus kid you look like.”

“Like?” She bats her eyes innocently.
“Like your mother…” He sighs as if in misery.

“Growing up too damn fast.”

Bella nods and makes her way upstairs. She places her bag by her desk. She takes in a deep breath. She makes her way back to the mirror. She hadn’t thought she’d changed that much! She was trying to see what everyone was talking about. Bella lifted her shirt and she sighs realizing she needed bigger bra’s as well.

“Great I look like a freaking porn star…” She utters and plops down on the bed.

“Yeah you do…”


He quickly looks to her door. He shakes his head as they hear Charlie making his way over. He quickly clings on to her ceiling as the door flies open.


“Um hey dad…”

He looks around the room.

“Everything ok?”

“Yep I was just on the phone with Peter.”

He nods.

“So you were yelling at him.”

“Well someone’s got to keep him in line dad.”

Peter rolls his eyes. Charlie nods.

“I believe that…”

Peter looks to Charlie in disbelief. Wait… what? Bella giggles as Charlie leaves the room. Peter drops back down.

“Way to go…” He harshly whispers.

“So did you come here to gawk at my breast again…” She whispers bitterly.

“Yes… I mean no.”

Peter shuts his eyes and shakes his head.

“Seriously, Peter. I’m not that much different…”

Peter looked into her eyes; realizing she truly looked bothered. She sighs and sits on the edge of her bed. She looks to the floor. Peter felt like a real jerk about now. As if this wasn’t hard enough…

And there it was… He’d made her cry. Way to go… Peter grabbed the chair to her desk. He placed it directly in front of her and took her hands into his own.


“Honestly was I that bad before?”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s just how you’re looking at me now. The way you’re acting.”

He wasn’t even sure how to explain it. Yeah her body had changed, but even before then he’d been in overdrive. Ever since this thing took him over… His libido had skyrocketed. He felt like he was always freaking horny now. He never meant to make her think otherwise. But he could see how it looked. Yeah he was guilty a bit of overlooking since this was still just as new to him as well. It wasn’t that he preferred one look over the other. It was the fact that this was new to him. That’s why he kept staring like a perv. He meant no disrespect by it. To him she was still Bella. He tried desperately to think of how to explain this to her.

“Bella… please look at me.” He reaches over and lifts her chin.

“This has actually been going on since this thing took me over. I’m not even sure what it is. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I wasn’t reacting to it at first because, of what Kraven had done… But even before this all took place. I was “into” you and you only. I’m in love with you Bella; not your body. Yeah I know I’m staring more. It’s like a guy thing we get one thing on our mind and it’s hard to veer away from it. If you woke up to your original body I’d still be humping you like a damn dog.”

“So it’s you too huh?”

Peter looks to her puzzled.

“What is?”

She blushes a bit.

“Wait… so you…”
She nods her face beet red.

“And you were getting on to me because…” He teases.

She hits him on the arm.

“Look Bella I’m going to try and find a way to fix this. I promise. In fact I’m starting tonight. Hopefully, soon you’ll be back to your old self.”
Bella nods, but looks to be in thought.

“What if I like the new me?”

He looks completely lost now.

She sighs.

“I’ve been doing some thinking myself now Peter. I rather like the idea of being out there as your equal. In fact I’ve even thought of a name…”

“Oh really?” He looks to her curiously.

“Thought we were sticking with Spiderwoman or Spidergirl…”

She wrinkles her nose.


He raises his brows. He looks to her in thought.


She shrugs.

“Kind of suits you actually.”

However, Peter wasn’t so sure he liked the idea. He looked upon her and goes to voice this.

Only she beats him to the punch.

“It kills me every time you have to go Peter. It’s like my worst fears come to play. I’d feel better knowing I’m out there with you.”

Peter sighs and is silent for a couple minutes. He looks to the floor with his arms about his chest.

“If we do this Bella. Then neither of us goes out alone. We’re a team now. If you wish to be equals then that’s how it should be. We do this the right way. That’s another thing. You will need some training.”

“OH and who do you have in mind?” She says in a sultry matter.

He shrugs.

“Just some spider I picked up off the street. Lord knows it can’t be Spiderman himself. He’ll have you caught in a web in no time.” Peter looks to the time.

“I better get…”

She nods. He’d still had plans to go to Oscorp and figure out whatever he could. Even if Bella was ok with this after all. He personally wished to know what it was that had taken over their bodies.

“Don’t hesitate to call if you need anything. I’ll have my phone on me.”

He kisses her lips. Both get caught up in the moment. He sighs realizing where his hands were.

She giggles a bit.

“It’s ok Peter… “

She makes certain her door is shut. She lifts her shirt flashing him.

“Is this a test? Because, I’m not a very good test taker. Seriously, poor tester!”

“Peter you’re a straight A student…”

“Even so…”

Bella smiles shaking her head.

“They’re all yours…”

He swallows back. He then latches on and starts sucking on them. Bella quickly covers her mouth. Peter chuckles a bit and forcing himself to stop.

“Um… we might have to sneak out later…” He hints with eagerness.

She lowers her shirt.

“I’ll catch you later.”

She nods as Peter crawls back out of her window.

Bella surprising managed to cook supper. Then do the dishes without any issues. So far it seemed Charlie didn’t suspect anything other than “hormonal changes.” Bella took out the trash and saw Aunt May across the way. She waved. Bella smiled and waved in return. She looked to have been carrying in some groceries. Bella made her way over offering her help.

“Oh no I got it.”

Bella insists and grabs a bag anyway. Once she’s done helping Aunt May with the groceries. She starts to make her way out.
“Why don’t you and Peter join us Saturday for supper? If you haven’t any plans of course.”
She smiles warmly.
“Oh we’d love to!”

Bella nods.

“Ok we’ll see you around 6:30?”

“Sounds wonderful dear.”

Bella goes to step out.

“Bella hun?”

She freezes and turns back towards Aunt May.

“There’s something different about you isn’t there?”

Bella merely smiles.

“You could say that. Have a goodnight.”

“You too hun.”

Bella softly laughs and pulls the door close. She steps out as a cab pulls up to the house. She crosses the street. She shakes her head in full disbelief. The nerve of this guy.

“Wait!” She calls out to the cab driver.

“He’s at the wrong address.” She gives the cab driver an address to a local gay club she knows Mike attends.

“Funny…” Eddie says and steps out of the cab.

“Seriously, I don’t want him here.”
“I don’t want him either babe.”

“GRRRRRRR Thanks!”

“What the hell are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking damn…” He looks her up and down.
“That’s great! NOW LEAVE!”

“Actually I’m not here to talk to you. I’m here to talk to daddy.”
“That’s right…”

He starts towards the door. Bella roughly grabs his arm.

“You’re not entering that apartment.”

“That’s your father’s choice… It’s his home after all. You’re still under daddy’s roof.”

“Oh Eddie boy truly you are a fool.”

He raises a brow as she circles him. She leans into his ear.

“You come near my father and I’m going to make your entrails your out trails. Ka-peach?”

“That’s just it… He’s already expecting me…”

Bella looks up as Charlie opens the door.

“What the fuck kind of game are you playing here?”

“I’m getting my interview one way or another. If not through you then why not Daddy Swan.”

“You’re a real douchebag you know that?”

“So that’s a no to a date.”

“Great, I just threw up in my mouth a little.”

He sighs and looks to her then a back to her father.

“Tell you what… I’ll leave right now; if you give me just one date and one interview.”

Bella looks upon her father and back to Eddie.

“FINE! If a date’s what you want then a date’s what you got!”

Bella looks to her father.

“I’m heading out.”

He looks to them confused as he’s leaning against the doorway.


Bella nods.

“ON a date!”

“Date?” He looks to Eddie oddly.

“Aren’t you the guy that called for some sort of meeting?”

Eddie nods.

“Change of plans dad.”

Bella utters and takes Eddie by the hand. She drags him across the street and they start walking into town.

“I could have called us a cab…”

“What are you a pussy?”

Eddie clears his throat.
“Do you mind if I actually lead this date now?”

Bella fights the urge to laugh. Eddie Brock hadn’t a clue what he just got himself into…

“Well by all means…” He nods and Bella allows him to lead the way.

Peter finally manages to rip a sample away from the suit. It seemed to take forever. Whatever, it was fought against it. In a way it’s like it didn’t stop until he willed it to. It was the strangest feeling. He thought as he hurriedly places the patch into a glass box he seals it. Peter then observes it for a few moments. He shakes his head in thought as the entity was acting as if it was trying to escape. Like it had a mind of its own and was trying to get back to Peter.

With much patience; Peter manages to get a small enough sample to observe under a microscope. He continued to zoom in and out and took notes on what he was witnessing. Curiously, Peter decided to add a drop of his blood into the sample. The sample when haywire as it took over completely. Ironically, Peter had seen this before; in toxins such as venom from snakes, and spiders. It spread like it did along the veins of a human. It took over… He leans back and tiredly rubs his eyes. It never entered his blood stream though. He couldn’t’ even imagine what it’d have done to him or Bella even if it had.

“So what do we call you?”
He questions looking to both samples. He decidedly calls Bella.


“Hey I thought you might want to come look at something.”

“And what might that be?”

“Just swing on by Oscorp. I’ll get you inside.”
“I can’t right now I’m on a date.”


“Oh really and with whom?”

“Eddie Brock, he even took me to my favorite place.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes sir.”


“Maybe I’ll see you soon?” She tries desperately to hint.


“Bye now!”

He hangs up and shakes his head. He half laughed; knowing this guy was up shit creek. Peter packs up everything. He was curious as to what Bella had up her sleeve.

“So… where were we?”

“I was telling you about my latest work.” He says with a smug grin.

“Oh yeah please continue.”

She says taking a bit of her food. Bella just prayed Mike would hurry the hell up…

“Actually, I was thinking we might move on to the interview?”

“On our first date?” She pretends to be insulted.

He clears his throat.

“You’re right perhaps after?”

She smiles and takes another bite. She suppresses the urge to smile. Bella caught Peter sneaking into the restaurant. He sat at a booth and hid his face into a menu. Of course Peter would show up first. Where are you Mike? She thinks wishing she could get this over with.

“Out of curiosity. Whatever happened to that one guy you was dating?”

“Oh you know…” Bella shrugs.

“Actually, no I don’t that’s why I’m asking.”

“He’s around somewhere…”

Eddie raises a brow at this.

“Would you like some red or white wine?

“I’m 17 Eddie what do you think?”

He grins.

“Right… you’re still a baby. So champagne it is!”

“And how old are you?”

He half chuckles.


Bella chokes back on her water. She hits at her chest. Peter could hear everything being said. Jackass… He found himself thinking with a wrinkled nose.

“Is that a problem?”

“Oh no not at all. I mean we’re at least a year past statutory rape right?”

Eddie smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

“Is that 17 or 18? I can’t remember?” Bella taunts.

“Eh…Perhaps I should look into that.”

Bella waved over the waitress.

“Do you mind if we get some desserts?”

“Of course not get whatever you’d like.”

Bella nods and she slyly points to 5 different desserts on the menu. The waitress nods. Once Eddie looks away to his phone. Bella tugs at the waitress’s apron. She then points out the most expensive bottle of champagne there was. Peter knew she was up to something as he continued to look on. This was the same place he’d originally taken Bella to. Only they ended up going for pizza directly after. The waitress nods and takes off.

“So you graduate this year?”

“Next year.”
He nods and looks to be in thought.

“Have you been considering college?”

She shrugs and takes in a breath of relief. Mike walks in and nods towards her.

“Yes actually.”


Eddie turns towards the voice.

“I’m sorry do I know you?” He questions Mike looking lost.

Mike’s jaw drops.

“This had better not be what I think it is!” Mike shouts directly at Eddie.


Bella had to try her hardest not to bust and play along.

“Who is this man Eddie?” Bella asked.

Mike pointed furiously at Bella.

“You hush tramp!”

Peter was losing it as he hid behind the menu. Bella pretended to be insulted.

“Excuse me?”


Eddie’s face was priceless. He looked completely baffled.

“Is this true Eddie?” Bella questioned softly.

Eddie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I haven’t a clue what this is all about. There must be some sort of misunderstanding. I don’t even know this guy.”

Mike gasps back as though in horror.


The entire restaurant looks upon Eddie Brock in shame. Mike starts to cry.


“You’re a real piece of work you know that!”

Bella snaps and jumps up. The waitress brings over the expensive champagne and dessert. Bella picks up one of the desserts. She shoves it into Eddie’s face. She leans into his ear.

“Come near me or my father again… And you’ll soon find out. This is nothing in comparison to the literal hell I can dish out.”

She pops open the expensive champagne. She then pours him a glass. She then pours the remains over his head. The entire restaurant claps. Bella and Mike storm out of the restaurant. Once they’re a couple blocks away. Bella dies in laughter and high fives Mike.

“Now that was awesome! I can’t believe you actually cried! You almost had me fooled!”

Mike chuckles.

“Glad I could be of service.”

Eddie jumps as he wipes his face. Peter was sitting across from him now. His arms folded about his chest. Peter shakes his finger upon Eddie as if to scold him like a child.

“Now you should have known better.”

Peter leans over.

“Next time I’ll take matters into my own hands. Quit harassing my girl! Got it?!”

Peter comes to his feet and makes his way out. Eddie furiously slams down a credit card. He then bolts out of the restaurant. He catches Peter outside.

“Who says she’s off limits?”

Peter narrows his eyes.

“Afraid of a little competition?!”

“Who’s the competition again?” Peter looks around in wonder.

Eddie shoves him back. The lab work in Peter’s backpack gets cracked as he’s pushed against the wall. Peter decks Eddie across the face with his skateboard. Eddie returns the punch and Peter sends him sailing through a patio table. Peter crouches over Eddie.

“Oh look blood!” He scoffs.

Eddie looks down to the gash on his leg. His eyes roll back and he passes out. Peter looks to him perplexed.

“Really?” He scratches the top of his head.

“What a whimp!”

Peter sighs and grabs his bag and leaves Eddie where he lies.

Peter catches up to Mike and Bella.

“You two are something else.”

They both turn in laughter as they hear Peter.

“So what was it you wanted to show me?”

Peter nods as he’s leaned against a building of a nearby rooftop. He unzips his bag. Peter’s eyes widen. He takes out the empty glass container that had the sample in it. There was a small crack in the glass.

“Um…” He digs through his bag seeing if it possibly leaked out.

Peter dumps out the entire contents onto the roof.



“I lost the sample.”
“What sample?”

He sighs and starts explaining everything to Bella. Once he goes over everything he learned. She looks to him bewildered.

“So are you telling me that this is some sort of venom?”

“Well it certainly reacts like it. In fact I thought we could call it that.”
She makes a disgusted face.

“You really couldn’t come up with a better name Peter? I mean Venom really?”

He chuckles.

“You got something better?”

“Well it could very well be a parasite…”

Peter looks to her in thought.

“Think about it Peter.”

Bella purposely begins her transformation. They both watch curiously as it takes over her body.

“It sure takes over like one.”

“So we’re at a cross between a parasite and a toxin?”

“An organism living in a state of symbiosis.” Bella says as if she’s not quite sure.

“So a symbiosis. This could be a symbiote.”

She paces around the building watching curiously as it takes over her body.

“I think we should run some more test. Decide for sure if it’s an organism of some kind or not. I’d like to know what this is.” She runs her hands along the suit looking it over.

Peter nods, but finds himself distracted now.


He shakes head.

“You’re not helping me…” He hints.

Peter makes his way behind her. He tilts his head and runs his hand along her rear.

“I thought you were going to train me…”

He nods again. He looks around then curiously runs his fingers along the area of her sex. He grins sure enough it bared itself to him.

“That’s gotta be the coolest thing ever. It’s like it has to do what we want.”

Bella softly laughs as Peter continues to run his fingers back and forth. She looks up and gasps out softly as he’s already in his Spiderman getup. Bella runs her fingers along the new silver spider symbol on his chest. That and there was now silver webbing across the entire suit.

“That’s like really cool.”

He looks down to see what she’s talking about.

“Huh… That’s strange. That’s the idea I sketched in class earlier today.”

“You were drawing in class?”

He shrugs and starts kissing her. He stops for a moment looking her in the eyes.

“So Arachnia right?”

She smiles.

“Ok then.”

Spiderman then bends Arachnia over. Her hands were steadied against the building. He couldn’t believe the view he was getting. She was bent over ready to go. His eyes widened as he looked down and saw that he too was ready.

“Holy…” He uttered in disbelief.

Without another thought; he drove into her. He reached around cupping her breast as he thrust within her. He almost felt as though he was in sensory overload. Like Spiderman would eventually pass out from sexual stimulation alone. He never dreamed he’d have Bella on a rooftop and literally plowing her from behind. Furthermore, he never dreamed she’d be into it. And she was… He couldn’t get over the way she was moaning and how drenched she was. How the hell did Spiderman score this? Much less Peter Parker?

“I’m gonna come…” He warns with gritted teeth.

His eyes shut tightly as he releases. He strokes himself a few more times before pulling out.

Peter yet again gets thrown completely off. She turns around and cleans him off with her tongue. She then looks to him in shock realizing what she was doing.

“No, no by all means…” He motions.

Bella giggles a bit. Her face was bright and red.

“I can’t believe I did that.” She says wiping her mouth clean.

“Why’d you stop?!”

“You’re too funny.”

“Seriously… why?”

She laughs.

“You’re supposed to train me remember Spidey?”

He clears his throat.


“By the way you epically failed.”
He calls as he swings across to another building. She follows behind and gasps out at first. He smiles as he watches her swinging over.

“And how’s that?” She questions breathless looking down.

“You just totally let me seduce you. Didn’t you tell Peter Parker that you wouldn’t let Spiderman…”

She sighs and fires off again and he chuckles chasing after her. Spiderman hears her holler out in amazement as she swings about the city. Deja vu hit him as he watched her. That wasn’t the only thing. He was beginning to feel this strange sense of pride. One he hadn’t truly expected.

Eddie finally wakes up. He stretches out his arms. His head was pounding. He tried to gather his surroundings.

“Are you alright?”

He nods as a beautiful woman with white hair stands over him; offering him a hand.

“Bad luck?” She questions.

“You could say that.”

She smiles. Eddie comes to his feet and dusts himself off.

“Um thanks.”

She softly laughs.

“Don’t mention it.”

“What’s your name?”

She turns.

“Felicia Hardy.”

Eddie grins and watches as she walks away.

“Hmm… Felicia… huh?”

“Think we could go out sometime?”

“I doubt it!” She calls back playfully.

She turns the corner and is gone. Eddie sighs in misery. However, he looks down realizing he’d stepped in something. He shakes his head bitterly and tries to wipe it off.

“What the fuck?”

He looks down to see it’s spreading across his leg. He rolls his eyes and grabs a nearby napkin. He goes to wipe it off only it’s not going anywhere. It continues to spread. Eddie screams out as it enters the cut on his leg. He falls to his knees as it continues to spread. The black became blood red it crawled up along his face. He gasped out and started to gag as it entered his mouth and nostrils. Once it crawled upon his shoulders it lifted him a few feet off the ground. Eddie Brock shut his eyes and began to accept it. A new sense of power washed over him. He lifted his head back up. His form was monstrous; nothing like that of Bella or Peter’s. The venom had entered his bloodstream unlike theirs. Whereas Bella’s transformation came from true love. Eddie’s was from hate. Only the hatred came within himself. It’s affect was polar opposite of Bella Swan’s. The true mate of Spiderman and Peter Parker… The venom recognized this as it took her over.

Eddie’s was as though a lively show of blood constantly flowing about. He’d whip like extensions that continuously stretched and moved about. His eyes as though something alien. His teeth as though a sharks only they were never ending, longer and sharper.


You should really come visit. Like maybe during the Christmas holidays? I’d like to see you. Bring Leah! I’d be fun for us all to hit the big city and stir things up a bit. So many things to tell you… in person… Take care! Bella

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