Chapter 18 Asses And Elbows

Chapter 18

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“I think you’re getting the hang of it.” He calls out.

“Am I now?”

He nods as she swings back around. He wraps webbing around her waist and starts pulling her towards him. She grins mischievously and she too fires a web around his waist. He tilts his head on this.

She nods and yanks back. He firmly plants his feet. The both of them try to outdo the other. Spiderman grins as he jerks back and she flies back against him. She half growls.

“Sorry no one tops me. Even you sexy…”

He chuckles a bit. He looks to her in thought.

“I still can’t believe you can pull off all the same moves. This crazy.”

He says running his fingers along the ends of her hair. Arachnia wraps her arms around his neck.

“So I did good?”

“Eh, you were fair.”

She shakes her head and hits him on the arm.

“Ow! You are aware that actually freaking hurts now?”


She declares and breaks free. She flips off the building and zips away. He shakes his head chasing after her. They head back towards their neighborhood. As they come down their civilian wear returns. Peter curiously cocks a brow eyeing Bella. He claps his hands together as she’s suddenly in a pair of daisy dukes and a white midriff tank top.

“PETER!” She hisses feeling a draft.

“That’s not fair!”

“Sure it is.”

She shakes her head looking down to her new outfit.

“Great so you have reins over this thing?”

He nods with a smug grin.

“It seems so. Say if I wanted to see you in…” He thinks of a red bikini.

“Holy shit!”
She quickly covers herself. He jumps up and down in laughter.

“That’s so awesome!”

“Yeah for you!”

“You still have control…”

“Yeah only when you’re not around!”

He makes his way over and lowers her hands.

“Man…” He reaches over and squeezes her breast together.

“Peter… I’m cold!”

He sighs.

“You sure complain a lot.”

He dies in laughter as she’s wearing a snowsuit now.

“That’s it!” She starts walking away.

“Aw, now don’t be like; that I was just having a bit of fun.”

“You’re an ass!”


He catches up to her and wraps his arms around her. She was back in her usual blue jeans and band t-shirt. Peter kissed along her neck.

“Kissing up now?”

“Is it working?”

She shrugs her shoulders.


He twirls her around and kisses her lips. He pulls back and leans his forehead against hers.

“Goodnight Bella.”

“Goodnight Peter.”

He watches as she sneaks back into her room. She climbed right up the wall like it was nothing. He grinned as she blew him a kiss and crawled through her window.

“Think I don’t know; when you’re sneaking through the window at night?”

Bella froze at the door; Poptart in hand. She swallows back. She turns to see her father fixing his tie. He looked downright pissed.

“Since when do you ever sneak around Bells?”

“Um… I wasn’t. I just didn’t want to wake you.”

“Bella you were out past midnight, on a school night. Just how clueless do you think I am?”

She presses her lips together.

“Look it’s not happening again. Understood? You know how I feel about school nights. You need your rest.”

“Um… ok.” She says with a shrug.

She goes to head out.

“That’s all you have to say? Is um… ok?”

“What would you like for me to say dad?”

She flinched seeing that brow of his raise. The one that says watch it kid! She nervously laughs.

“I better go. I’ll miss the bus.”

“I want you home for supper tonight. Understood?”

She nods and rushes out the door. She takes in a breath as Mike and Peter; were already waiting for her.

“Everything alright?” Peter questioned with concern.


Peter looked to her oddly. Bella threw her untouched Poptart into the trash on the bus. She took a seat and Peter slid in beside her. His eyes widened as she straddled his lap halfway to school. She heavily made out with him. Mike patted her on the shoulder during this.

“Steroids huh?”

She nods and returns to what she was doing.

“No PDA on the bus!” The bus driver scolds as they come to a stop.

Bella softly giggles. She crawls out of Peter’s lap. Everyone looked upon them. Peter quickly put his skateboard in his lap. He waved with a huge grin on his face.

“Nice day huh?!”

Mike died in laughter. He grabbed Bella’s arm on the way off the bus.

“What’s come over you?! I’ve never seen you like that. I thought you were going to rape Peter Parker.”

“You can’t rape the willing Mike.”

“That maybe true even so. Seriously, you’re like different, Bella. What is it?”

“Hormones? Maybe, hell if I know.”

He looks to her strangely.

“Come on Bella…”

She sighs.

“Mike you’re reading way too much into this.”

“Nah, I’ve known you for years now. Brooklyn girl or not now… You’ve completely fallen off the grid; of what is Bella Swan.”

“I’m still me Mike…”

He reaches over and cups her chin.

“I’m not saying; I don’t approve. It’s good to see you with a backbone! Hell, Bella if anything it’s nice to see you smile again. I do believe Brooklyn has done you wonders.”

She looks back to Peter as he’s heading on inside the building. Mike chuckles a bit.

“Or shall I say…. Parker has done you wonders.”

Bella blushes in thought. She hugs her books closer to her chest; as they head on to their lockers. Bella and Mike look to Gwen and Peter oddly. Gwen had Peter’s hand in her own talking to him at his locker. Bella said nothing as she walked past. Gwen was thanking Peter for the other day. Once she was done thanking him; she leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. Bella half laughed shaking her head. She grabbed what she needed from her locker and headed on to class.

Once lunchtime came; Bella told them about Jake coming down for Christmas break. They began to make plans on where to go. Mike and Peter had some good ideas. Just a couple more days of school was all they had left before the two week vacation. Peter looked to Bella in thought. He’d been struggling on what to get her for Christmas. The three of them however, turned towards Gwen and Flash with distaste. Yet again they were back together. She was in his lap and he was feeding her a grape. Bella rolled her eyes at Gwen’s sheer stupidity. She looked upon Peter thankful he wasn’t nothing like Flash. Still, she wasn’t all that sure Gwen was right in the head.

At the end of the day Peter and Bella had made plans; for Spiderman and Arachnia to meet up that night. He’d wanted Bella to have some more training; amongst other ideas. He grinned in thought and pecked her on the lips, before she went on home. Both Peter and Bella did their homework. Both of them came down for supper… Both having their usual days in their separate lives.

Bella had cooked lasagna for supper. She’d made plans in what to cook for Aunt May and Peter this weekend. She even wrote down a list; of some extra things in which to grab at the store. She thought she could do that tonight on her way home.

Peter did the dishes once he and Aunt May were done eating. Afterword, he went to his room. He narrowed his eyes upon the police scanner. A robbery was taking place. Peter looked to Bella’s window in thought. He figured she was still eating with her father or busy. It was just a robbery anyhow. He’d be in and out before he knew it. He’d be back in plenty of time to train Bella.

“I’m heading out.”

Aunt May turned from her laundry.

“Ok hun, don’t be out too late.”

“I won’t.”

He rushes out the door and heads straight into town. His Spiderman persona taking over as he slung out his web. He expected the typical robbery. So he hadn’t a clue what to think. He saw a woman all in black leaping off the building of the bank. She’d the bag of money in hand. She fired off some sort of grapple. He watched as zipped onto another building. She took off running.

Spiderman took off after her as he swung from building to building. Finally, he was able to get the upper hand in speed. He appeared in front of her catching her completely off-guard. He tilted his head in confusion. No robber he ever came across was this agile nor were they ever this attractive; much less a woman! This woman was in a skin tight black leather suit. She wore fluffy white knee high boots, and white gloves with catlike fur around the wrists. She wore a black collar with some sort of silver tag. She sported a domino mask. Her hair was long and white; it flowed sensually about the cool breeze. Everything about her screamed out sexy little feline. Her breasts damn near popped out of her tight little suit. Spiderman forced himself to look away. He knew Arachnia would murder him on spot! He’d deserve it too.

“I’m going to be needing that back now.” He held out his hand for the bag.

She seductively smiles.

“Sorry can’t do that.”

“That’s just it you have no choice. I’ve got a long night ahead of me. So if we could just move this along now… I’d appreciate it.”

“I bet you would.”

His eyes widen as she leans over. Her breasts even more pronounced as they were bunched up together now. He swallowed back. This was beyond his realm of experience; when it came to corrupt criminals he’d taken down before. Never had he had one quite like this. She makes her way over.

“So you’re the famous Spiderman?”

He nods as she runs a hand along his chest.

“And who might you be?”

She leans into his ear.

“You can call me Blackcat, loverboy.”

He shuts his eyes for a moment. I’m so dead! SHIT! Don’t be an idiot! She’s still a criminal! Apprehend her, take the money and go grovel at your girlfriend’s feet, because you’re acting like a typical DICK! He scolded himself as this woman leaned against him. Her body and well-endowed breasts were firmly pressed up against his chest. He kept backing up. Spiderman was thrown completely off; by this woman’s sudden forwardness. Sure he’d been flirted with as Spiderman. Women of all ages dug the whole Spiderman saved me idea. Even so, this was the strongest flirtation he’d had; even more so than that of Gwen Stacy. And she was one of the worst. He continues to step back as she keeps pressing herself against him. His arms quickly wrap around her; as they start to fall off the building. He barely manages to stop them from hitting the pavement. He fires off a web. He keeps one arm around her and the other on the web as they swing just a foot off the ground. Civilians looked on and witnessed. Black cat giggled and she wrapped her arms around his neck as they swung about.

“You truly are something special aren’t you?”

He goes to lower her down to the ground. Only she partially lifts his mask; enough to reveal his lips. He quickly goes to stop her; afraid she was about to expose his identity. Only he’s thrown off yet again as she locks her lips with his. People all around them began to take pictures. Gossip began to spread. He gently pushed her away.

“This one’s off the market, sorry. That and I don’t fraternize with criminals even one such as yourself.”

“That’s too bad…” She lowers his mask back down.

“I bet within time you’ll change your mind.”

She says and quickly she fires off her grapple and yet again he finds himself chasing after her.

Bella waited for Peter. He was 20 minutes late. She decidedly looked to his window and called him on the phone. He didn’t answer. So she snuck out and gently tapped on his window. She peeked inside to see he was nowhere in his room. Bella shrugged in thought. She decided to shower and head on to bed.

That morning Charlie heads outside. He grabs the paper coffee mug in hand. He reads the headline…

Spiderman’s New Pet?

He spits his coffee all over the place. His eyes darted to the picture of Spiderman and this other woman kissing. He looks back towards Peter Parker’s house.

“What the hell have you done son!” He grumbles, hoping there was some sort of explanation.

That maybe, this was another one of those celebrity type stunts Spiderman known for pulling. Even so he thought this was pretty low. He had half the mind; to knock his damn door down and punch Peter in the face. Charlie sighed and turned back towards the apartment. He wondered how his daughter was going to take seeing this. For now he hid it in his jacket. He made his way back inside. Bella had already made her way downstairs. Her hair was up in a ponytail today. She poured herself a glass of orange juice. She looked upon her father strangely.

“What’s with you?”

He shrugs and sips at his coffee.

“You still dating that Parker kid?”

She nods. Not for long… he thinks miserably. Idiot kid! I oughta beat his head in. What was he thinking?! Charlie was growing furious in thought. She finishes her orange juice.

“So, how are things back at the station?” She hints.

He’d just realized they hadn’t really discussed what had taken place.

“George was forced into early retirement. The entire station stood against him. We’ve a new captain now.”

“How’s that going?”

“Not so bad, actually. She’s a woman so it’s different. Some of the men aren’t too thrilled.”

“Because she’s a woman?”

He chuckles a bit. He heard that little miff in her voice.


“And what about you dad?”

He shrugs.
“I could care less as long as she gets the job done and properly.”

Bella seemed to beam at this.

He nods and finishes his coffee. Bella grabs her bag and heads for the door. Charlie clears his throat. He takes in a breath.

“You have a good day kiddo.

She nods.

“You too dad.”

He waits until she leaves the apartment. He pinches the bridge of his nose. He takes the paper back out from his jacket.

“Jesus son…” He utters and slams down the paper.

Mike’s about to make his way over to Bella. Paper in hand. He was all smiles. Bella jumps to the sound of Peter’s door slamming shut. He doesn’t even pay attention as he darts across the street. He quickly yanks the paper out of Mike’s hand. Bella looks to Peter peculiarly. Mike narrows his eyes.

“Hey give that back.”

Peter shakes his head.

“Um what’s with him?” Mike says as Peter rushed right past them onto the bus.

Bella shrugged. She and Mike got on the bus. Bella noticed how Peter was checking everyone’s seats.

“Peter what are you doing?” She hisses as he yanks the paper out of another student’s hand.

“Bella, we need to talk…”

He says looking awfully pale. Peter plops down in their usual seat. He quickly stuffs the paper into his backpack. He zips it shut. She sighs and sits beside him. He puts his arm around her and pecks her on the lips.

“So where were you last night Peter? You never showed up.”

He clears his throat.

“Sorry, I got caught up in something else. That’s what we need to talk about.”

She nods.

“But everything’s ok?”

He takes in a deep breath the guilt weighing heavily. He knew he should have called her last night. He should have come to her ; as soon as it a happened. He hadn’t thought about this damn near going global it was all over the media. He wondered how she hadn’t known yet. He half expected to get greeted; with a punch across the face this morning.

“Bella…” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“What’s wrong Peter?”

Mike taps her on the shoulder.

“Did you see the paper this morning?”

Bella shrugs.

“Nope… I don’t think Charlie brought it in yet.”

Mike chuckles. Peter felt as though he were about to die.

“It seems Spiderman’s over ya babe!”

Bella half laughs.

“Oh really?”

“Yep. Go on Peter let her see the paper. Why you hogging them up?”

Peter grew sick feeling. He sunk down in his seat.

“What’s with you Peter?”

“We really need to talk…” He says with desperation.
“I’m all ears.”

“In private.”

“Oh well um ok. Peter, are you ok?”

“No Bella, I’m not I…” He shakes his head.

“You should have seen the hottie Spiderman was locking lips with.” Mike chimes in behind them.

“She was like BAM!”

Peter flinches like he got slapped. Bella looks to Peter curiously. She reaches to his bag. Peter shakes his head and yanks it back out.

“Bella… please we need to discuss this first.”

“Discuss what?”

She looks him in the eyes as she unzips his bag. She takes out the paper. Her heart comes to a complete stop. Peter nervously rubbed his face. Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. She gives a simple nod. She crams the paper back into his backpack. Once the bus comes to a stop. Peter grabs her arm before she goes to storm off the bus.

“Drop it Parker!” She demands with tears in her eyes.

She jerks out of his hold and practically sprints off the bus. Peter stood there; as the other students made their way around him. He sat back down on the empty bus. He covered his face in thought. The day continued to get worse. Once he picked up the bravery to enter the building. He saw Bella being dragged away by the principal and a couple other teachers. His eyes widened. Another teacher was helping Flash to his feet. His face was busted all to hell. Peter looked to Mike. Mike had a look of shock about his face.

“What happened?”

Mike shakes his head in disbelief.

“Bella beat the shit out of Flash. I mean literally let him have it.”


He nods. He grabbed her ass and that was all she wrote! Bella slammed him back and started waylaying the guy. I’ve never seen her do such a thing. You should have seen her face. It’s like she wasn’t even truly in there. Peter grimaced. He knew that was more directed at him.

“He had it coming, but still. This is Bella… What the hell has come over her?”

Spiderman! That’s what! What have I done? He stumbled back against his locker in thought.

“You ok there Parker?” Mike questioned with concern.

“No… No I’m not.”

“Jesus kiddo…” Charlie says as he looks back upon the damage done to Flash’s face.

The new principal had called Charlie; about an incident with his daughter. He just never imagined.

“He’s going to need stitches Mr. Swan. You’re daughter needs to realize just how inappropriate this sort of behavior at school is.”

“Now hold on. You haven’t even asked her side of the story behind this!” Charlie defends.

He knew his daughter. Charlie knew she wouldn’t pull something like this; unless there was some sort of warrant behind it.

“So what happened Bells?”

She had her arms folded about her chest.

“He grabbed my ass! So I gave him a makeover!

Charlie looked to her in sheer disbelief. Part of him wanted to celebrate this. To high five her even. To say way to go Bells! He suppressed the urge to grin with full on pride. He clears his throat.

“Cleary she was defending herself. Sexual harassment isn’t something taken lightly.”

“Neither is this destructive behavior.”

“He’s an asshole dad! He had it coming!”

“Watch your mouth kid!”

“Oh come on dad! This so isn’t fair. Flash has been damn near harassing me since day one! The only time something even happens; is when I get caught doing something in return?! THIS IS COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP!” She turns back to the principal.

“Flash is nothing more than a bully! And you all let him get away with it; just because, he’s one of the top jocks at this school. Well, that’s just fine! But I have a mind of my own! He ever touches me again; I’ll put his ass in the hospital!”

“Are you threatening me?!” The principal scoffs.

Bella half laughs.

“OH believe me that’s no threat.”





He points to the door.


She grabs her bag and heads outside. She flips Flash off on the way out. The principal darts her eyes back over to Charlie.

“It just so happens we had a meeting about your daughter the other day.”

The principal hands over the file. The one from when the counselor was here; dealing with the students, over the Lizard incident. Charlie takes a seat and flips through the file.

“This was discussed in a meeting? Without the knowledge of my daughter or myself?”

She nods.

“Mostly her teachers, myself, and the school counselor herself.”

Charlie shakes his head as he reads through some of it. He shuts the folder and slams it down on her desk.

“First of all you should know that you’ve broken the law. Sharing any of this, even with me, without my daughter’s consent; is against the law. This was a sworn oath taken by the counselor herself. Whatever is said between a student and the counselor is considered private information. It isn’t allowed to be discussed outside those walls. That goes against confidentiality. Secondly, I have my daughter’s back on this one. The way I see it… The boy had it coming. Sexual harassment is not something to be taken lightly. Neither is bullying period.”

“Are you telling me… you’re ok with the fact that your daughter hit another student?”

“Under the circumstances?! Yes, yes I am.”

Her jaw drops.

“Well this is absurd! I truly believe your daughter needs some professional help sir! What sort of father are you?!”

He smiles and takes out his badge.

“The law abiding one… If you had paid enough attention; to my daughter’s records you’d have seen that. Now we’re going to drop this. There is nothing wrong with my daughter. She’s just another teenager trying to find her place in this world. From what I’ve seen she’s not doing that bad of a job! I’m going back home as it’s my only day off! My daughter will return to class. She will not be harassed or punished by no means. She was merely defending herself. The boy is lucky that my daughter doesn’t press charges! That’s not to say that as her father I won’t! This happens again. It won’t be just the boy who I press charges against. Pay more attention to what goes on in your school! Have a good day!”

Charlie greets his daughter out in the hall.

“Head on to class now.”

She looks to her father oddly.

“It’s been taken care of Bells.”

She watches with complete puzzlement. Charlie exits the building like nothing even happened.

She heads on to class. Mike and Peter cut her a look as she takes her seat. She keeps her head down as she writes her notes. She doesn’t even look to anyone. Bella kept to herself. When lunch came she headed straight for the football field. Peter took notice and followed. She was laying back on one of the bleachers. He made his way up. He sat down directly above her.

“What do you want Peter?”

“Just to be given a chance to explain…”

“Explain what? That you stood me up last night; so you could suck face with some DOM in leather?”

He winces.

“Eh… that’s not quite how it went.”

“I was actually hoping; you’d tell me that was photo shopped or something Peter! Jesus! SO that kiss… that really happened?!”

“Not on my part…”

“Oh come on Peter. I saw the picture myself. You had your arm around her and you were dangling from a web, kissing! I didn’t realized that Arachnia had already lost her charm. That certainly died fast!”

“That’s not even possible!”


“Bella I’m sorry. I know how it looks, but I can promise you that’s not it!”

“She was a bank robber Bella.”

“So you always kiss the villains?”

“I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me.”

“And you didn’t stop it because?”

“I was thrown off my game. I didn’t expect it.”

“Oh and just how so? The picture clearly shows Spiderman with his mask lifted enough; that his lips were bared to her. Yet, you were caught off your game? It’s not even so much about the kiss. You could have been discovered! Then what? So who lifted the mask Peter you or her?”

He sighs.

“She did…”

“Yet, you didn’t know what was coming? Not only did you let her nearly reveal who you are. But you allowed her to kiss you?”

“Bella please…”

“Look… I just need some space.” She says looking completely broken.

He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Please don’t say that! That word… Bella, it’s death for any relationship.”

She looks him in the eyes as she comes to her feet.

“No Peter, it’s Spiderman’s ego! I’ve seen the pictures of you and other women before. So I knew somewhat to expect. Only, this tops it off. Call me old fashioned, but I’m not willing to share! That goes for Spiderman as well. How would he feel if this was the other way around?! Picture the headlines differently! I’ve always supported you. I’ve always supported Spiderman even before I knew the truth! This however, this draws the line!”

“You gotta believe me! There’s nothing there. I’m in love with you! That’s it for me! You’re all I want!”

“Funny… wasn’t it you that said we were in this together? That if we were to do this… then it was together? Yet, I didn’t hear a word from you. Then I get up the next day to this? Do you have any idea just how fucked up this is? I’d swear it looks as though this was planned! Why else would you not ask for me to come along? A robbery would have been the perfect time to teach Arachnia! Don’t you think?”

“Bella, I can’t apologize enough.” He says looking down; his fingers slightly tugging at his hair.

“I don’t want your apology! What I wanted was for you to be different. I fell for you for reason Peter! This right here…” She shoves the paper into his chest.


She storms off and he groans in misery. He looks to the paper as she walks away.

“What have you done?!” He rebukes looking to the picture.

“I don’t even know you and you’ve already managed to ruin my life!”

“Hot damn look at that…”

Bella sighs and turns to see who Mike was referring to. There was a tall blondish looking guy at the register. He was wearing a leather jacket. He turned facing them as he grabbed his burger, fries, and drink. He had a deep blue shirt on under his jacket. He smiled and gave Bella the nod. Bella raised her brows on this. Mike covered his mouth in laughter.

“Oh Peter would be throwing a fit about now.”

She rolls her eyes and leans back in her seat.

“What was that about?” Mike questions.

The guy that had checked Bella out; sits at the booth directly behind her. So they were back to back.


“No, no do tell. Are you and Peter having issues? Is the honeymoon already over?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“It’s me Bella, you can tell me anything.”

She sighs again and throws down one of her fries in defeat.

“He just pisses me off sometimes.”

“How so?”

“By being a man!

Mike dies in laughter. They both turn as the man behind Bella; was also laughing. She shakes her head and turns back around.

“Not thinking of switching teams are you?”

She wrinkles her nose.

“More like becoming a nun or something.”

“In that body? Hun that’s a sin in itself. They’d take one look at your voluptuous self and start throwing holy water in your face.”

“Mike…” She hisses in embarrassment.

“I’m serious you’ve like blossomed or something it’s freaky. You’re no longer the little beanpole from Forks.”

“Ugh, really Mike?”


“You know what I mean! You act as if I was this ugly duckling or something.”

“Far from it, I’m just saying milk does a body good.”

“I don’t even really drink milk.”

“Huh… well something’s working out for you. Whatever it is I want some of it! I could go for some washboard abs. Maybe even a bit more bump in the rump if you get my drift.”

“You’re so disturbing.”

“So do you stare at yourself? You know when you’re naked?”

“Jesus Mike! That’s enough.”

“I’m just saying if I were you…”

The guy behind Bella laughs again. She shakes her head staring Mike ruefully.

“Great, why don’t you just announce my freakish ways to the entire world?” She whispers harshly.

“I just might. Besides, he’s hot…”

She covers her face and slides her burger over.

“Aren’t you going to eat that?”

“NO!” She hisses again.

“You can be such an ass. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a global thing. It’s all men including gay little fairies such as yourself.”

“Ouch!” He says with a smirk.

“Tell me how you really feel!”

Bella breaks and starts laughing.

“You almost had me believing you. You should work on that. Try harder to sound like a cold hearted bitch!”

“I will!”


“I WON’T!”



They both die in laughter.

“I think we’re seriously fucked up.”
“What was your first clue?”

She shrugs and sips at her drink.

“So what did Peter do? To deserve the wrath of Bella?”

She takes in a breath.

“I just don’t feel like I can trust him as well as I thought.”

“Parker?” He says skeptic.

“That’d be the one.”

Mike really pays closer attention. He realized she truly looked hurt.


She lowers her head and covers her face for a moment.

“Hey… what happened to you guys?”

He reaches over and takes her hand.

“He just did something really stupid. I’m not even sure I know how to forgive him. Through everything we’ve been through… It’s just so fucking frustrating.”

“Did he cheat on you or something?”

Her face reddens a bit.

“Not really…”
“What does that mean?”

She sighs with frustration.

“He didn’t cheat, but it feels like it.”

Mike leans back in thought.

“That’s irony…”
“What is?”

“Nothing…” He lies, but felt as though he were now putting together a puzzle.

She looks to Mike oddly.

“So how does it feel like he cheated? What did he do to warrant such a feeling?”

“It doesn’t matter…”

“Wait… where you going?”

“I just need to clear my head.”

“It’s late Bella at least let me take you home.”

“I’m a big girl Mike. I can fend for myself.”
“This is Brooklyn baby… haven’t you learned by now?”

“Seriously, Mike I’m just going for a walk and heading straight home.”

He sighs.

“Just be careful will you? It wasn’t that long ago you were fucking kidnapped.”

She winces.

“Gee, Mike way to trudge up unwanted memories.”

“I’m just saying.”

Bella pecks him on the cheek.

“Night Mike.”

“Night hun…”

She heads on out. The man that was sitting behind; her leaves directly after as well. Mike takes a moment to enjoy the view; as the man heads out.

“Always the straight ones.” He says with a miserable sigh.

Bella placed her headphones into her ears. She then stuffed her hands into her hoodie. The man from earlier; was trying to catch up to her. However, he froze as he heard a sound. He looked up and his eyes widened. A massive creature was climbing along the building across the way. It was atrocious and its body looked as though a bloody show of tendrils. The creature was going right for the girl. He tried to call out to her, but she couldn’t hear through her headphones she just kept walking.

Before he could react the creature dived in and scooped her up.


He lit up and took off after them. Bella gasped out as she rolled over. She was now in her Arachnia persona. The demonic crimson creature stared her down. She quickly dodged as he sent a piercing crimson blade her way. The creature crawled along the walls. Arachnia’s heart raced as it opened its massive mouth. It’s multiple needle sharp teeth bared to her.

“You die FIRST!”

The creature let out a demonic laugh as he dropped down coming right for her. A fiery blaze was sent about the room. It crashed into the creature. Arachnia quickly came to her feet. She saw that it was a man.

“Where’s the girl?” He questioned her.

She looked to him confused.

“What girl?”
“The one he snagged!”

“WATCH OUT!” She yelled and slung out her web around the horrific form before them.

She twirled around quickly as she continued to wrap up the creature. The man shot a few fiery balls at it. Arachnia gasped out as the creature burst through the webbing like it was nothing.

“What the hell is this thing?!” She shouted.

“You got me! That’s what I was wondering! That and who the hell are you?”


“The name’s Johnny Storm!”


“I don’t suppose, you’re going to give me a real name?”

She half smiles as they both continue to dodge blows.

“Dammit, I should have said Human Torch.” He bickers as he leaps over a tendril coming right for him.


“FUCK!” She growls as the creature wrapped one of it’s bloody tendrils around her waist.

“Maybe we should talk later?” The guy smarted.

“Sounds awesome.” Arachnia responded as she was lifted into the air.

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

Spiderman shakes his head as the security alarms went off. He’d been trying to find Bella. He was still hoping to make amends somehow. This just wasn’t his night! Blackcat yet again took off. She fired her grapple and this time it was a bag of jewels. He chased her down as she somersaulted about and landed on a nearby rooftop. He sends out his web and impatiently yanks her back towards him.

“Not this time kitty.”

She smiles.

“Are you stalking me?”

“You wouldn’t be so lucky.”

“Hmm, humble aren’t we?”

“You’ve no idea.”

Spiderman flings her over his shoulder. However, she promptly rolls off him. And sends a nice little roundhouse his way.

“Oh so that’s how we’re doing this?” He says through gritted teeth he bowed over in pain.

She softly giggled. He quickly scissor kicked her; knocking her down. They both hop back up. They circle one another.

“You’re not playing very nice today!”

“Whoever said I was nice?!”

“Oh, I’ve heard about you. New York’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman. You’re all over the place.”

“Yeah speaking of which. You’ve managed to get me in quite a pickle!”


He nods and shakes his finger as if to scold a child.

“That little kiss of yours.”

She smiles seductively and makes her way over again.

“So that’s why you’re pursuing me? You want more? All you had to do was ask baby.”

“Believe me, not even close. That’s also NOT happening again.”

“I thought Spiderman was all about the beautiful ladies.”

“Now who’s humble?”
She puts her hand upon his chest again. He grabs it roughly and forces it back down to her side.

“Like I was saying… and I’m taking you in. I hope you enjoy your little cat baths in prison.”

“You could give me a bath… I’d let you lick me all over.”

He shut his eyes for a moment. He clears his throat.

“I’m afraid of what STD I might pick up. It’s more than apparent you tend to get around.”

She bites upon her lower lip.

“Don’t even pretend you don’t enjoy the view.”

“Oh there’s no denying that. However, I got something much better waiting for me. You’re just a bit too loosey goosey for my taste.”

“By the time I’m done with you. You won’t even remember her name. You’ll be too busy moaning mine.”

“Yeah, that’s so not happening.” He says in a cheery yet sarcastic tone.

She shoves him down and pins him to the ground. His eyes widen as he begins to realize what she’s doing. The man beneath the mask was freaking out! She literally straddled him and brought out her breasts. He quickly hurled her off him.

“What the hell are you doing?!” He snapped.

“Oops, I see our little party is over?”

She places her breasts back into her suit.

“You’re not near as fun as you’re made out to be.” She says with a frown.

He fires a web across her mouth. Spiderman begins to wrap her up nice and tight so she can’t escape. Nevertheless, his senses go off. He reaches to his temples.
“Arachnia!” He panics and takes off leaving Blackcat where she stood.

She hobbled around trying to break free. He’d already forgotten about her and was long gone.

“NO!” Johnny yells as he’d gone to help her break free.

The both of them now were being squeezed, by the creature’s tendrils.

“Come now don’t go passing out on me!” He yelled as Arachnia’s eyes start to roll back.

Johnny fired up again even though his weaken state.

“Hold on nowl!” He hollered trying desperately to help break her free.

Her face had turned a bluish hue; due to loss of circulation. The creature laughed. The Human Torch managed to break his hands free. He fired a blaze towards the tendril holding the woman. She dropped down. He then freed himself. He turned back around. The creature had made some sort of hammer looking object with one of it’s tendrils. It was heading directly for Arachnia.

“WATCH OUT!” Johnny yelled.

Spiderman appeared before Arachnia taking the blow.

“NOOO!” Arachnia screamed out as he was sent flying out of the building they were in.

She took off that direction. Johnny turned back around to see that the creature was gone. He narrowed his eyes and looked around. He found Arachnia crouched over Spiderman. This making him feel a bit star struck even if he himself was well known. Just not as much as Spiderman. He was a bit newer to the realm of heroes. He couldn’t’ believe he was looking upon the man at this very moment.

He helped Arachnia gather him to his feet. Spiderman groaned out.

“Spidey…” She said softly checking him over.

He reached out.

“I’m alright just give me a moment. That reaaaalllyy sucked!”

She shuts her eyes in relief. Johnny looked around wondering where the girl was. However, the more he looked upon the New York’s newest hero; he began to put two and two together.

“You’re her aren’t you?”
She looks to him oddly.


“The hot chick, I was following.”

Spiderman looks to Arachnia accusingly.

“Um I’m afraid I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to.”

“Oh come on. I’m the guy from the restaurant. The hot one…”

She shrugs.

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Oh come on babe hero to hero… You’re her aren’t you?! The girl that was mouthing off about men and how she felt chea…” She quickly clasped a hand over his mouth.

“Shut it or lose it! And I’m no hero! That’s abundantly clear!”

“Something you both wish to share with the class now?”

Johnny sighs as she drops her hand.

“I just wanted to ask you out. I hadn’t any idea; you came with this much baggage.”
“Excuse me?!”

“Oh come on, I’ve known you for what 15 maybe 20 minutes and we almost get slaughtered by some maniac that apparently has it out personally for you.”

“How do you know it was me?!”
“Damn near every hit was directed at you! Trust me that thing wants you dead in a bad way.”

“Wait… you said you’re name was Johnny Storm?”

He smiles vainly.

“Oh my god!”

He nods and puts his hands upon his waist as if to pose.

“Ugh, you’re so nauseating. I remember who you are now! I’ve seen you on TV. Jesus, you make Spiderman look like a damn dud in comparison to egos!”

“Gee thanks!” Spiderman fires back bitterly.

He bows back over a bit though. Arachnia puts her hands upon his rib cage. His ribs were broken she could feel it.

“You’re ribs are broken…”

“Yep, I was afraid of that.”

“So that’s a yes or no?” Johnny questions.

“Really bro? I mean do you not get the bigger picture here!” Spiderman bickers.

“Wait are you two…?”
“YES!” Arachnia and Spiderman chorus.

“So you’re the jerk she was referring to!”

Arachnia’s jaw drops. Spiderman decks him across the face. He takes a few steps trying to head home, but Spiderman passes out as Arachnia breaks his fall.

“Help me dammit!” She yaps at Johnny.

He sighs.

“Oh come on. You rather owe me; after putting me under the bus like that, you ass!”

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