Chapter 2 The Worm

Chapter 2

I do not own Marvel Characters or Twilight.

Bella couldn’t believe she had her own truck. Yet, she found herself having to take the bus to school. She sighed as she put on her headphones and walked to the bus stop. She looked across the street to see Peter. He too had headphones on. Only he was on his skateboard. Bella waved. Peter hopped off his board waving back.


Bella took out her headphones and turned around. She saw Mike rushing towards them.

“Couldn’t wait up?”

“You were late!” Bella calls back.

“He’s always late.” She utters just so Peter can hear.

Mike finally catches up. The three of them walk up to the bus stop. Peter and Bella lock eyes for a split moment. Mike however, puts his arms around their shoulders as they wait for the bus. Bella takes in a breath.

“I’m going to kill you.” She whispers.

“Now that’s not very nice. Didn’t Peter just help your father not long ago?”

Bella elbows Mike.

“Not him you idiot.”

The bus arrives and Mike finally drops his arms. He’s first on the bus. Peter steps aside allowing Bella on next.

“Um thanks.”

Peter hoped to sit beside her. Bella however, sat by Mike. So Peter sat behind them. Bella noticed all eyes were on her. She rather sunk down in her seat. She knew this part she was going to hate, being the new girl. Mike chuckles back as he hears her groan.

“What’s your problem?”

“I think I’m going to hurl.”

“You better not this is a new shirt a sixty dollar shirt at that.”

“Who the hell spends sixty dollars on a shirt?!”

Mike sighs.

“It’s not my fault you got dreadful taste in clothes.”

Bella looks down to her clothes.

“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“At times it’s like I’m not the only one swinging for the other team.”

Peter overhears this with widened eyes.

“Michael Newton you take that back.” She hisses harshly.

Even Peter thought that wasn’t cool. He liked how she dressed.

Mike laughs.

“I’m just messing with you Bella. On a serious note though. Lose the flannel jacket. You’re not your father.”

Bella looks to her brown and tan flannel jacket. She covers her mouth realizing Mike was right. It did look like something Charlie would wear.

“Oh my god!”
She quickly covers her mouth as everyone looks back at her. She promptly takes the jacket off.

“Much better… We should go shopping Bella. Get you something that’s well… more New York like.”

“Ugh I hate shopping.”

Peter grinned at this. What girl hates shopping?

“That’s why you need me.”

“I don’t know Mike. I don’t want to become all…”

“Well… You know.”
“Apparently not.”

“Diva and whatnot?”

Bella swiftly turns as Peter’s losing it. He clears his throat.


Bella sighs and turns back around. She then punches Mike in the arm.

“Ouch, what was that for?”

“Being you! I swear Mike.”

“You shouldn’t, not very lady like.”

“Who the hell says I’m a lady.” She mutters under her breath.

The bus comes to a stop in front of the school. The students start to get off the bus. Bella turns to Mike.

“Yep I’m going to hurl.”

Mike sighs shaking his head.

“Don’t be so melodramatic.”

“I’m not!”

“Are to!”

She growls and comes to her feet. She reaches for her bag. Mike grins as he catches Peter staring at her ass. He chuckles under his breath.

“What?” Bella questions as she rises back up.

“Oh nothing…” Mike says with a shrug.

Mike purposely pushes his way past Bella. Just enough so she starts to fall back against Peter.

“MIKE!” He laughs and rushes off the bus.

Bella sighs with a huge blush to her face. Peter braces her back to her feet.

“I’m so sorry.” Bella says and turns facing Peter.

“No prob. Guess he was in a hurry.”

Bella nods looking to his hands. They were still about her waist. He promptly drops them, clinging on to his board and backpack. They both have that uncomfortable silence moment. Both turn back to realize they’re the only ones left on the bus.

“Crap!” Bella darts off the bus.

Peter follows behind her. Bella freezes though before they even get to the building.

“You alright?” Peter questions.

“That’s the school?”

He nods. Bella looks to her the schedule in her hand, then back to the massive building.

“Oh no…” She groans.

Peter takes it upon himself to grab her schedule.

“Huh… we got a few classes together. I can show you around.”

He laughs as she continues to stand there eyeing the building.

“Come on now.” He takes her by the arm leading her inside.

He shows her to her locker first which is ironically across from his. The blonde next to Bella bumps up against her locker door.

“Oh I’m so sorry.”

Bella smiles.

“It’s cool.”

“Hey you’re new aren’t you?”

Bella frowns.

“Um yeah…”

“Gwen Stacy.”

“Bella Swan.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Bella.”

“You too.”

Bella watches as she heads to class. She couldn’t help, but notice how pretty she was.

“Now that’s how you should dress.”

She hears Mike directly behind her.

“That girl’s got it going.”

Bella shakes her head.

“Gee thanks Mike.”

“Aw, come on now. I didn’t mean…”

“You know I don’t need your commentary.”

Peter looks over to seeing her face. He’d also picked up on what Mike said. Some friend he found himself thinking. However, he too had noticed Gwen Stacy. Both girls he thought were hot in different ways.

“Bella hun you know I mean nothing by it.”

“It’s whatever Mike.”

Mike sighs as she follows Peter to their next class. Flash passes by making it a point to knock into Peter. He knocks his books out of his hands.

“What’s this jokester doing?”

Bella looks to Flash furiously and bends down helping Peter pick up his books. She noticed that Peter looked the way she felt earlier.

“Nah, allow him.” Flash reaches over yanking the schedule from her hand.

“I can show you around.” Flash puts his arm around Bella’s shoulder.

He tries to lead her around. Bella however, steps out from his hold and hands Peter his last book.

“Thanks…” Peter said looking to the floor.

Flash sighs.

“Whatever…” Flash childishly utters and turns his back to both of them

“Hey Flash.”

He turns with that smug grin of his.

“Are you afraid of heights?”

He narrows his eyes in confusion.

“No… Why?”

She grins and points to his zipper.

“Just curious.”

Peter himself looks over and breaks into a smile. Flash quickly looks around as he zips his pants.

“Huh… guess we know why they call him Flash.” Peter says coming to his feet.

Bella grins ear to ear turning to Peter.

“Nice!” She says and high fives him.

Bella gasp back as Flash rushes over. Peter’s eyes widen as Flash swings his fist at him. He punches into the locker behind Peter. Bella notices the surprised look on Peter’s face. It’s like he couldn’t’ believe he pulled that off. Flash comes after him again with another swing. Bella covers her mouth as Peter arches back. This causes Flash to stagger forward. He falls to the ground and Peter flips over him landing firmly on his feet.

Bella and Peter lock eyes. Both had the same expression. Bella smiles and a small giggle escapes from her mouth. Peter steps over Flash and grabs Bella’s books.

“Actually our class is this way…”

Bella continues to laugh off and on as they walk on to class.

“You’re both late.”

Peter nods as he and Bella take their seats.

“I was showing her around.”

The plump, red headed, teacher with rosy cheeks looks over Bella. She looks to her attendance records.

“Isabella Swan?”

“Bella actually.”

“You should know we do not tolerate tardiness at this school. I see you come from Forks?”

The students look to Bella.

“Forks?” One of the boy’s questions with a chuckle.

“It seems our new student comes all the way from Washington.”

The entire class except for Peter, Mike and Gwen start laughing.

“Um… yeah pretty hilarious.” Bella utters miserably.

Peter shakes his head.

“Well welcome to Brooklyn Ms. Swan.”

Bella nods.

Somehow Bella manages to survive her other classes. Come lunch time though she floors Peter. He’s off sitting to himself like usual. Like usual he’s watching Gwen with her friends. Like usual he’s not really touching his food. Very unusual for him… Bella sits directly beside him. Mike in front of him.

“Hey Peter.”

He looked to Bella oddly. He was also confused by Mike. Mike usually sat with the more popular kids. He figured his and Bella’s friendship to be pretty tight when he willingly sat with her instead.

“What’s up Peter?” Mike says and picks at a fry on his plate.

Mike wrinkles his nose. He then tosses the fry back down.

“Well the food certainly is as warm as the hospitality.” Bella mouths pushing her tray aside.

She folds her arms about her chest. Bella looks around. That’s when it truly starts to hit her. Mike notices the look on her face.

“Hey you ok?”

She nods. Ok she thought she was moving past this… her hands balled up into fist.

“Bella…” Mike questions again concerned.

“I’m fine Mike.”

He sighs knowing damn well what it was. He knew it was going to take some serious adjusting. He’d hoped to help pull her out of that hole. Peter meanwhile, was completely lost. Bella scoots her chair out and grabs her tray. Both boys watch as she dumps out her tray and heads out of the cafeteria.

Peter nods towards Mike.

“What’s that about?”

Mike shakes his head and leans back.

“Some idiot, that’s what?”


“Yeah he did a real number on her. Ripped my damn girl’s heart out.”

Peter tilts his head on this looking back towards the area she went out.


“More like douchebag, but yeah if you want to call him that. Granted the guy was an easy ten, but still a jerk nonetheless. He broke every promise he ever made her. He then turned his back on her like it was nothing.”

“You’re right he is an idiot.” Peter realizes he said this out loud and quickly swallows back.

Mike grins.

Bella leans against the brick wall with one hand. She does her best to catch her breath. She thought she was done with these stupid anxiety attacks. Bella places on her headphones and holds her breath for a moment. She slumps down against the wall. Bella then brings her knees to her chest with her eyes closed.

She feels someone’s else’s presence though and opens her eyes.

“Whatcha listening to?”

He crouches down. He then takes out one of the headphones from her ears. Peter brings it to his and listens. A smile forms on his face.

“Stone Sour?”

Bella had rather changed her taste after him. She no longer cared for freaking Debussy or anything of the such.

“So Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour. What else do you like?”

Her jaw drops realizing he’d indeed heard the argument between her and Charlie.

“Oh god you heard that?”

He shrugs and sits beside her. He places the ear bud back into her ear. Bella cuts off her Ipod.

“I don’t blame you actually, I’d be pretty ticked too.”

“Hmm, so where’s your player…”

He grins and takes it out of his pocket. He hands it to her. Bella scans through it.

“Hmm, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Disturbed…” Bella however, stops and looks to Peter oddly. “Um? Jungle Love/Morris Day and The Time?”

Peter rubs the back of his neck. He’d forgotten that was there. He reaches back for the Ipod. Something comes over Bella though and she holds it back.

“Nah, this is like perfect blackmail.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“Now why would you need to blackmail me?”

“You never know.”

“Fine…” Peter grabs her Ipod from her pocket.

He too skims through it, but finds nothing he could hold against her. Instead he pockets it.

“So what was that?”

“Thought we’d trade out for a bit; you should give Jungle Love a try.”

“No…” She laughs.

“I mean what you did earlier? You know with that jerk Flash?”

Peter leans back in thought. He’d been having issues ever since… the bite. What was he supposed to tell her? I got bit by a spider? He rolls his eyes in thought. It wasn’t just any spider, Peter knew that. Even at that he wasn’t sure how to explain it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to. He was already a freak why add to it. Especially to the one girl that’s ever willingly sat next to him during lunch. He rather smiles in thought.

“Um hello earth to Peter?”


“I was asking how you managed what you did? Are you in like gymnastics or something?”

He narrows his eyes.

“No not really.”

Bella smiles.

“So sheer luck?”

“You could say that.”

“I believe that actually. The look on your face… I think you were more shocked than Flash was.” She clears her throat. “Or me for that matter.”

Peter grins.

“So what’s his deal anyway?”



“He’s just one of those guys.” He says with a shrug.

“He’s like a simpleminded caveman.”

Peter laughs. The bell rings and Peter hops to his feet. He offers her a hand. She takes it and he helps her off the ground. They both dust themselves off.

Mike exits the cafeteria. He looks over and gives Bella a thumbs up. Bella’s eyes widen and she flips him off. Mike dies laughing and walks away.

“Your friend he’s a bit… exuberant I believe is the word?”

“I was going to say flaming…” Bella adds with a grin.

Peter laughs.

“Guess we better head to class, before we’re late again.”

At the end of the day Bella heads to her locker. Gwen looks over from her locker towards Bella.

“So…” Gwen looks over to Peter who’s at his locker.

“Are you two?” She hints.

Bella quickly snaps a look back towards him. He’s unloading his books from his backpack and getting out his homework ones.

“Um no.”

Gwen smiles.

“Oh, I thought…”

Bella shakes her head.


Bella however, notices the way Gwen looks over at Peter. For reasons she didn’t truly understand. She felt her face flush and jealousy rather washed over her. Bella shut her locker and quickly made her way out of the building.

“What’s with you?” Mike says as she promptly plops down in a seat on the bus.


“I know that look…”

Mike looks out the window to see Gwen Stacy walking beside Peter Parker. Oh no… He thinks and leans back in his seat, shaking his head. Bella has the worst LUCK!


Ugh, my first day was… well… interesting. If I didn’t know any better. I’d swear I set myself up for these things. I haven’t even been here a week yet and already. I’m acting like an idiot. Apparently, nothing’s changed in that department. I’m not really sure I like it here. Everything’s so big, I’m not just talking about the city or the buildings, but life here in general. It’s so fast paced in comparison. Never a moment’s rest or so it seems. It’s like being in another dimension. I hope things back home are good. As for the Big Apple ugh I feel like the worm. Bella

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