Chapter 21 Christmas In Brooklyn

Chapter 21

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Please read and review. Author note: I wrote some characters the way I did just for comic relief. I’m a big fan of Spidey and just wanted to take it a different route. I know Gwen and Felicia were a bit out of character. There were some complaints about competition. Well to me Peter didn’t have much competition either. Personally, I feel Spiderman aka Peter Parker kicks way more ass than freaking Human Torch aka Johnny Storm could ever possibly dream. I’m a much bigger fan of Spiderman. I didn’t put much competition for EITHER because they are mated. So no matter what they are destined to be together. Everyone that’s a true Peter Parker fan knows this guy’s life is a living HELL. There never is a break. So that is why I chose to have someone that understands what he goes through. Someone that he can confide in etc… Anywho… To those that got rather upset I do apologize. I was just trying to mix some comic relief in with the drama. It is Spiderman after all. He’s known for his humor and I wanted Arachnia to share that sense of humor with him. I think they deserve it after the constant struggles they face. On to the story… Sorry for the long winded rant…

Bella finishes wrapping up Peter’s shoulder. She grazes her fingers along his cheek. Peter groans out a bit as she tucks him in. Before long her father pulls up. Bella to her feet and before she has time to truly think the door flies open.


He shakes his head looking to the bed. Charlie makes his way over and checks on Peter. Bella swallows back nervously. Bella winces and reaches to her heart as her father pulls the sheets back.

“Jesus son…” Charlie pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“He needs to go to the hospital Bells.”

“Dad, he can’t please. I can take care of him here. He’ll be fine. He just needs some time.”


“Dad, please I need you to trust me. Peter is better under my care. He can’t go to the hospital.”

Charlie sighs and places the covers back over him. He puts his hands upon his hips and looks upon his daughter.

“It’s because of his secret isn’t it?”

Bella lowers her brows a bit.

“Come on Bells, enough with the games. I know. Hell, I’ve known for some time kid.”

Bella looks to her father bewildered.

“You knew what exactly?” She queries nervously.

Charlie takes in a breath.

“That my daughter wasn’t just dating Peter Parker, but Spiderman as well.”

She shuts her eyes for a second and stumbles back.

“How long have you known?” She questions feeling nauseas.

“For a while.”

“Jesus dad… How’d you…”

He sighs not wanting to answer that.

“I just know. Just like I know about Edward Cullen and everything else you’ve kept hidden from me, or attempted to try.”


Charlie shakes his head. He points directly upon her.

“That’s not what has my main concern though. Do you truly think your old man a fool?”
She swallows back her heart was going ninety to nothing.

“You think I don’t know?! Come on Bells! I wasn’t born yesterday! You’re Arachnia aren’t you?!”

Bella flinches.

“It doesn’t take a genius, to figure out whom Spiderman’s new sidekick is.”

“Sidekick?” She utters with a wrinkled nose.

“We’re partners I’m not a side…”

Charlie cuts her a look of death.

“SIT!” He demands.

Bella sits at her computer chair eyeing her father.

“This isn’t going to fly with me! It’s one thing when it’s your boyfriend. But I’ll be damned if it’s my own daughter! You’re not to go out there again! Your days of Arachnia are OVER! Do we have an understanding?”

Bella shakes her head.

“Not happening!”

“Dammit Bells! I’m telling you right now! KNOCK IT OFF! It’ll be you in that damn bed next or worse! Haven’t you had enough drama and scares to last a lifetime! Must you insist on living life on the edge constantly?!”

“Dad, this is who I am now! I’m sorry. But that’s it. This is my choice not yours!”



“I’M NOT LOSING YOU KID! That’s the difference! It didn’t take me long to figure it out! I had to sit there, at that hospital next to your best friend! I sat there and watched wondering which one of you would bite the bullet my daughter or her boyfriend! I watched you fight that monster Bells! I damn near had a heart attack!”

“He’s not doing this alone dad. Spiderman he needs me! And I need him! This is who WE are! If he can do this, so can I. He shouldn’t have to face this alone.”

“Bells! GOD DAMN IT!” Bella jumps as Charlie punches the wall directly behind her.

Charlie felt something hit his foot. He looked down to see a ball of web on his boot.

“Please sir… It’s my fault. Don’t take it out on her…” Peter murmurs weakly and passes back out.

Bella cringes at this. She makes her way over and feels his forehead. Charlie sighs. They both turn to hear the doorbell ring. Bella shuts her eyes for a moment.

“That’d be Leah and Jake.”

“I’ll let them in.”

“Tell them I’ll be down in a moment.”

Charlie puts a hand upon his daughter’s shoulder. Neither says another word. He gently squeezes and leaves the room. Bella looks upon Peter once again.

“I’m so sorry Peter…” She whispers and kisses his forehead.

After she gets Peter settled in, she makes her way downstairs. Her dad had a beer in hand.

Jake smiles and makes his way over. He gives her a big bear hug. She winced a bit as her body had been through the ringer as well. Charlie notices this and shakes his head.

“Take it easy son.” He politely warns patting Jake on the back.

Jake smiles.

“And how are you sir?”

“I’m doing just fine.”

Charlie nods towards Leah. Leah warmly smiles his direction.

“Well you two have a seat. Make yourselves at home.” Charlie states.

Jake looks to Bella oddly.

“Everything ok?”

Bella takes in a breath. Charlie heads on to his room, to give them some privacy. Bella swallows back her mixed emotions.


“I’m guessing you haven’t seen the news?”

Jake shakes his head.

“No, we’ve been traveling a lot as of late. That’s why I haven’t answered your last few postcards.”

Bella nods and looks to Leah and Jake.

“Mike’s in the hospital. He’s hurt pretty bad. And Peter…” She takes in a breath looking towards her room.

“Peter’s not doing so great either. He’ll be fine, but…”
Bella still didn’t’ know that Jake knew the truth. Peter nor Jake ever told her about that visit. Jake nods.

“What happened?”

Bella tells them a little bit about that Carnage guy attacking. How Peter got caught in middle and hurt… About how Spiderman and Human Torch defeated him, she left Arachnia and Blackcat completely out of it. She wasn’t in the mood to even think about that situation. She also felt Spiderman should earn more credit than anyone else on taking Carnage on. He did most of the work. That’s the only reason he even got hurt. He’d been battling for hours on end without a break.

“Then we should go see them.” Jake suggests.

“Mike would love that…”

Jake looks upon Bella in wonder.

“Where’s Peter?”

She shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Here…” She whispers.

Jake nods and Leah looks to them both bewildered.

“He’s just tired. He’s getting some rest.” She does her best to assure.

“Are you certain everything is alright?”

“Yes, Jake everything’s fine. Um look let me just go tell Charlie and Peter I’m heading out. We’ll grab a bite to eat and go visit Mike. We’ll get him some flowers on the way.”

Bella hits ignore on her cell as Johnny tries to call yet again. Bella knocks on her father’s door.

“Dad I’m heading out with Jake and Leah.”

He opens his door.

“Just be careful.” He says with a hint of desperation in his voice.

She nods and looks towards her room.
“I’ll watch after him Bella.”

“He’s in good hands Bells. I promise.”

She shuts her eyes for a moment.

“If Aunt May calls.”

“Bells… I got it… You want me to trust you. I need you to trust in me. I will take care of Peter.”

She hugs Charlie.

“Thank you.”

He nods. Bella makes her way back to her room. The guilt continued to hit her. Bella blamed herself. She let her jealousy consume her. She allowed it to destroy her and Peter. She wiped away a few stray tears. She pecked Peter on the lips and squeezed his hand.

“I’ll be back. I promise.” She whispered and she headed out of the room.

Bella looks to Mike in relief. He was actually wide awake and had a smile on his face. She practically ran up to him. Jake chuckled under his breath.


He kissed the top of her head as she hugged him.

“How are you feeling?”

“Sooooo much better.”

She smiles.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Mike looks over to Leah and Jake.

“And look what the cat dragged in!” Mike announced.

Jake nodded.

“Hey buddy.” Jake came up and shook his hand.

“Where’s your dad?” Bella questioned.

“He had to go back to work today. But hey good news, I should be getting out in a few days. They’re going to put me in a back brace.”

Mike takes her hand.
“What’s wrong hun? I see it all over your face.”

“Nothing, I’m just glad you’re ok.”

“Nah, I’m not buying it. Where’s Parker?”

“He’s resting.”

Mike looks to her peculiarly.

“And why is he resting at noon? Is he alright?”

“He’s fine. He’ll be fine.” He heard the quiver in her voice.

“Did something happen?”

“Mike, everything’s ok. Just focus on getting better.”

He sighs.

“I hate when you pull that shit.”

Bella softly laughs.

“Yeah well deal with it.”

He rolls his eyes.

“So what have you two been up to? Didn’t expect to see either of you.”

Jake shrugs and wraps his arms around Leah’s waist. He rests his head along her shoulder. Bella smiles thinking they looked great together. She couldn’t believe they were dating now. They used to hate one another.

“Like the flowers too guys thanks.”

“The girls picked them out.” Jake admits.

“So how long you guys down for?”

“Just a few days, we’ll be returning so we’ll be home for Christmas.”

“That’s right it’s just around the corner now.” Mike says in thought.

Bella looks out the window. It was starting to snow a bit.

“Is there anything you’d like for us to get you? To kill sometime?”

He shakes his head.

“You worry too much. I’m perfectly fine. Just relax.”

“He’s right. Relax Bella.” Jake remarks.

She sits next to Mike on the bed. The three of them visit for a couple hours. Before they leave Bella kisses his cheek.

“Take care, Mike.”

“You too hun. It was good seeing you guys again.”

“You too.” Jake says with a nod.

“Hope you get to feeling better soon.” Leah adds.

“Like I said better already.” Mike assures.

Afterword, Bella shows Leah and Jake around Brooklyn. They pass by the Aquarium and Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach in recollection.

“You ok?” Jake questions taking notice.

Bella nods. She hears Jake laughing. She turns to see what it is. He was at one of the nearby vendors outside.

“This must be where you get the postcards.”

She smiles.

“They do tend to have the best.”

Jake picks one of them up. It was one of Spiderman walking an elderly woman across the street. Leah laughs at this as well.
“So why Spiderman?” Jake taunts already knowing.

She shrugs as they keep walking. The snow was picking up. They were halfway back to the house, when Bella reached to her temples.

“Um… you guys go on ahead. I’ll be home after a while.”

Jake goes to say something, but when he and Leah turn around she’s gone.

Bella takes off down an alley. Her Arachnia persona already taking over. She could make out the screaming, from a few blocks away. She fired off her web and followed the sound. Arachnia crouched down, from a nearby rooftop. She watched as a few men stuffed a young woman into a van. They went to take off with her, Arachnia landed right on the hood. She peeked into the window and shook her finger. The man looked upon her wide eyed. He started the van and slammed on the accelerator. Arachnia made her way to the back of the van. She pried the van doors open. Her teeth ground together as two men were holding the young red headed girl down. The third had his pants down and was attempting to force himself on her.

Arachnia fires a web at his back side. She yanks him off the girl and sends him flying back into the road. His body did a nice little tumble into a nearby stop light. She then grabbed the other two and threw them out as well. The driver pulled out a gun and fired at her. She sent out her web and jerked the gun out from his clutch. The van crashed into another car. Arachnia swiftly grabbed the girl and they went flying back. She groaned out as she skids along the asphalt. She kept the young girl on top of her so she wouldn’t take any hits.

“Are you alright?”

The young girl nodded. She looked no older than 16. She was slightly younger than Arachnia. Thus, had Arachnia not only ill in thought, but PISSED OFF!

“Head into that restaurant and dial the police, stay in there until they arrive.”

The girl nods and takes off running that direction. Arachnia quickly turns to the smell of gas. She looks towards the other car. She rushes over to see it was a dad and his two kids.

“Just hold on…” She said seeing how the dad was panicking.

She got the kids out of the back first. She rushed them back to a nearby bus stop. She then returned for the father. The gas smell was stronger. She gasped back as her senses picked up the beginning of a fire. Arachnia opened the door to see the man’s leg was caught, between the stirring wheel and his seat.

“Sir, put your arms around my neck.”

He nodded. She rapidly unjammed his leg. Just as the fire began to spread she slung out her web. The car and van exploded as she brought the man back to his two boys. The driver of the van screamed out as he was on fire. She shook her head on this. There would be no saving him. It was too late and the life of the father and his children? Yeah to Arachnia, were more important than that of attempted rapist. The man thanked her profusely.

A knot formed in her throat as one of the little boys clung on to her leg. He was crying. He looked no older than 7 if that. She squatted down and parted his hair away from his face.

“You were so brave. Where did you learn to be so brave?”

The little boy leans into her ear.

“Spiderman and my daddy.”

A genuine beam overcomes Arachnia. She whispers back into his ear…

“I got a secret to tell you.”

He looks to her excitedly.

“I’m brave because of Spiderman as well.”

The boy hugs her and returns to his father and older brother. Arachnia takes off and starts to track down the men. She comes across the three of them. They were staggering around. Without knowing it her suit had become solid black. The vision of that man on the girl that was about her age hit. The guy looked old enough to be Charlie’s age. Arachia webbed the other two to a nearby bench at a bus stop. She phoned the police at a nearby payphone. She grabbed the one that was on top of the girl. She shot off her web. Arachnia brought them up on top of one of the skyscrapers. She sent several jabs at the man’s face and gut.

“You like young girls? Well baby… You’re going to LOVE ME!”

She wraps her web around his waist and has him dangling from the building.

“Give me one good reason, why I shouldn’t end your pathetic excuse for a life!”


Arachnia shakes her head. She sits on the edge of the building, dangling her feet off the edge of the building.

“Don’t you just love the view?”

“Lady I’m begging you. I’ll never touch another woman again.”

Arachnia takes back a breath.

“That’s right you won’t!”

She snaps the webbing and he starts to fall. She watches with an inner battle going through her mind.

“Dammit!” She growls and puts a stop to it.

She sends out a web and he’s hanging just an inch off the ground. She comes down in a crouching stance.

“”You will never touch another woman again, because you’re going to become someone’s bitch instead! I hope they rip you from D to A!”

Bella enters the door and throw down her keys. Jake, Leah, and Charlie look upon her.

She nods their direction and takes off her jacket.

“Everything alright?” Charlie inquires looking his daughter over.

“Yep, just had a little errand to run.”

“So who wants coffee? Cocoa?”
She offers as she goes to check on Peter. Bella wakes him up to have him take some more medicine and drink some water. Not long after he’s out again. She takes off his shoulder dressing. She hears a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

She sighs.

“Come on in dad.”

He steps inside and watches as she changes out the gauze and wraps Peter back up.

“You were on a job weren’t you?”
“Dad please, it’s been a long day…”

“Bells…” He says almost pleadingly.

“I didn’t have a choice.” She whispers.

“Sure you did.”

She shuts her eyes and shakes her head.

“What was I supposed to do? Let some girl about my age get raped? Then let a man and his two boys die?”

Charlie winces at this. Bella nods.

“This is who I am. Either you can accept it or not. I don’t want to argue with you anymore on this dad. This one you won’t win. It doesn’t matter the suit dad. I’m a police man’s daughter. I’m sorry.”

Charlie lets out a sigh, once Bella’s done caring after Peter’s wound. Charlie makes his way over. He hugs her and neither says another word on the issue.

“So what’d you tell her?”

“That Peter was mugged. You brought him here because I could patch him up faster. I assured her he was in good hands. That I’d personally bring him back after he got plenty of rest.”

“Did she freak out?”

“Surprisingly no, if anything she just sounded thankful.”

Bella sighs in relief. She places supper on the table.

“Bells… You didn’t have to cook. You got enough on your shoulders.”

“Don’t dad… I’m fine. Let me go let Jake and Leah let them know it’s ready.”

They were outside having a snowball fight, after she calls them inside. Bella checks on Peter once again. Her cell rings as she sits at the edge of the bed. Once again it’s Johnny. She hesitantly answers.

“What is it?”

“Bout time you answer.”

“Look, we clearly need to talk. So meet me at the deli at lunch tomorrow.”

“Which one?”
“You know which one.”

“OK then it’s a date.” He hangs up before she has a chance to argue.

“Dick…” Bella utters and tosses her phone onto her desk.

Leah, Jake and Bella exit the hospital. They’d just visited Mike and brought him some Christmas gifts. Bella had gotten him a small tree for his bedside. It seemed to brighten his spirits.

“I gotta take care of something. Why don’t we meet at the theater over there say in about an hour or so?”
“Sounds good.” Jake says.

Bella nods and starts to walk towards the deli.

“See you in a bit.” She calls out as she turns at the corner.

Bella pulls her hood over her head as she walks to the deli. After she gets there she sees Johnny’s bike already parked outside. Bella lowers her hood as she swings open the door. She steps inside and stomps the snow off her shoes. Johnny already had a smug grin about his face. He came to his feet and opened his arms for a hug. Bella sat down instead. She took off her jacket. She temporarily cut off her cell.


“Ah, so you wanna call the shots?”

She sighs.

“I need you to sit there and listen. Just listen without interruption. Without any sarcastic remarks. If you cannot do that I will leave.”

He shrugs and leans back.

“I suppose I can do that.”

She looks to him apprehensively.

“First of all, I wanted to thank you for helping…” She whispers looking around.

“You really came in handy and we owe you big time.”

He smiles and folds his arms about his chest.

“However, that’s where it ends. This right here Johnny. Is where you and I part ways. It’s obvious, you don’t know how to take no for an answer. You don’t listen to what anyone else has to say. You want to do things your way. Which is fine, but it doesn’t mesh well with the way I do things.” She swallows back.

“You see Johnny. It doesn’t matter what man enters my life. He’ll never fill Spiderman’s shoes. I will never feel the way I do about anyone the way I do him.”

Johnny raises his hand as if in class.

“What?” She asks uncertainly.

“Then why did you dump him and why is he kissing other women.”

Bella shakes her head.

“Name me one couple that is perfect. One Johnny! So we both screwed up. The difference is… I still love him. I know I will always love him.”

She pinches the bridge of her nose as tears begin to form.

“And I failed him! Dammit…”

Johnny looks to her worriedly as she reaches to her heart.

“I let him down when he needed me most. I told him I’d never do that, but I did!”

“He doesn’t deserve you! Listen to yourself! You still want to be with some guy whose merchandise is plastered all over the place, with him locking lips with some other chick?”

“It’s me that doesn’t deserve him. He’s the most selfless person on this earth. He puts himself out there. No matter the situation. No matter how tired or how hurt he his. He never gives up. That’s why I love him so much. That’s why no man would ever stand a chance against him. He is literally one of a kind. And I’m the idiot that let him go.”

“Wow, you truly are screwed up. You’re sitting there blaming yourself for what HE DID!”

Bella reaches to her heart again. Johnny looks to her in concern.

“Are you alright?”

She nods and tightly squeezes her eyes shut for a moment.

“Yeah…” She comes to her feet.

“You take care.”

He sighs.

“So that’s it?”

“Yes Johnny. That’s it…”

“Goodbye then!”

She waves, but doesn’t look back. Bella quickly ducks into the shadows of a building. She leans back against it. The guilt continued to build within her core. This empty feeling began to take over. She stumbled around as the entity took over against her will. Arachnia came to her knees. Her body felt funny. She didn’t like it. With the great power came fear. She looked to see she was in solid black now. She felt suffocated. Bell desperately tried to remove the mask from her face. Her senses went off and she felt as though her eardrums would burst. Arachnia did her best to push it aside and see what was going on.

A robbery was taking place. Only by the time she got there the clerk had already been shot. The guy was taking the money from the register. Arachnia tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned she promptly punched him in the face. The guy was knocked out. She hadn’t been mindful, that there were two other men with guns. That and there was another customer unaware of what was taking place. She entered the store. Arachnia’s senses went through the roof. She quickly grabbed the woman with a sinking heart. Arachnia took the shoots that were suddenly fired. Her heart continued to race as she continued to shield her, once the shootings stopped. She promptly webbed the woman to safety. Arachnia quickly disarmed the men. She then apprehended the three of them. Once she had them tied up and ready for the police. She turned to the familiar woman.

She gently freed her and checked her over thoroughly. It was Peter’s Aunt May. Aunt May looked to be in shock. Arachnia thought about how Peter’s Uncle Ben died. She couldn’t help herself. She hugged his aunt and then personally handed her over to the police. His Aunt thanked her profusely. Arachnia for once said nothing. She couldn’t her emotions were taking over. The mask she wore became more suffocating. She found it hard to breath. Her heart felt as though it’d burst through her chest.

She headed towards the theater. Still she stayed hidden as her civilian clothes had not returned. Arachnia looked down in panic. She could see Jake and Leah from a distance. But she couldn’t join them. She didn’t understand why it wouldn’t go away. She decided to hide out a bit and try to calm down. She called to Jake and told him something came up. He sounded disappointed. She felt terrible only adding to the guilt.

An hour and half had passed and it felt as though it was getting worse. Through fear and not knowing what else to do, she turned to the one person she knew she could. She made her way back home. She discreetly crawled through the window. Peter had finally awoken his senses had hit him like sirens going off. His eyes widened as he saw Arachnia. Her suit was completely black and the face was almost monstrous looking. She turned away in shame.
He whispered and hastily grabbed hold of her. He pulled her into his chest. The silver spider symbol suddenly appeared on Peter’s chest. The legs of the spider spread along his body like water as they traveled down his arms where his veins and hers seemingly connected. They too turned silver and began to pulse. Peter shut his eyes and held her tighter. Bella sucked back a breath as her face was finally free. Bella broke down and began to cry.

The color had returned to her suit. She was back to her yellow and red. Peter lay her down beside him and looked into her eyes.

“Together.” He reminds and kisses her lips.

Peter wiped her tears away with his thumbs.

“Just so you know. It’s NOT over between us. It never will be.” Peter expresses in a demanding whispering. He kisses her again. Through the pleasure came the pain. He still wasn’t thoroughly healed. Carnage had put a literal hole through his shoulder a good size one too. Though it was starting to heal it wasn’t fast enough. Bella noticed this and she ran her fingers along his bare chest. Yet again she fixes the dressing on his shoulder. She doctors it up and wraps it back up.

Peter moves her hair away from her face as she’s back in citizen wear.

“I love you, Bella. I love you so damn much it often seems surreal. Women like you… they just don’t exist. Making you all the more special. I was wrong you know. I thought you were my weakness. If anything… These last few days have taught me that you are my strength. Without you I’m at my weakest. Without you Bella not even Spiderman can stand on his own two feet. I need you back in my life. We belong together. Please… Just open your eyes now and see that. I’m right and you know it. I was wrong in what I did and I will die making it up to you. I’m more than willing to die a thousand times over for you. What I’m not willing to do is to go another day knowing I can no longer call you my girl. Bella Swan is Peter Parker’s girl. Just as Arachnia is Spiderman’s… Don’t let this be over. Don’t let us die.”

“How can you still want me Peter?”

He looks to her completely baffled.

“I failed you! I gave up on you. I was just so mad, hurt, and jealous. I couldn’t take it anymore!”

“You have never once failed me. It’s the other way around Bella! I failed you! I’m the one that screwed us over! I’m the one that did all this. You’ve done nothing wrong. Hell Bella even after everything. Here you are still taking care of my undeserving ass! That’s twice now since we’ve broken up that you’ve come to my aid. Jesus Bella… That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Women like you aren’t real. They simply don’t exist. So I’m claiming alien or something.”

Bella softly laughs.

“There she is…” He caresses her cheek.

“That’s my Bella right there. I missed seeing that. I love your smile and the way you laugh.”

Tears start to form again.
“No I said I liked it when you smile not cry! You’re getting all confused again.” He teases.

She quietly giggles against his chest.

“I love you too Peter.”

Peter closes his eyes for a moment. He’d been dying to hear those words from her again.

Before long Bella had fallen asleep. Peter watched her sleep for a bit. He hated to leave, but knew his aunt would be freaking out soon. He planted one more kiss on her lips. He was writing her a note, when there was a knock at the door. Peter answered it to see it was Charlie. They both nod towards one another. Peter looks back to Bella.
“She’s out. She’ll probably sleep the rest of the night.”

Charlie nods and he takes in a breath.

“Look son, I promised your aunt I’d personally take you back home. She believes you were mugged and under our care for the time being.”

Peter swallows back on this.

“Thank you sir.”

Peter looks to Bella once more before exiting the room. He follows Charlie out. Once Charlie walks him to his aunt’s door. Charlie puts a hand upon his shoulder.

“Just take care of her, that’s all I ask. That kid is all I got.”

“Trust me sir I understand…”

“Take care of yourself as well.”

Aunt May answers the door. She hugs the daylights out of her nephew.

“Thank you Mr. Swan.”

Charlie nods and heads back home.

The next day…

“I’m telling you Peter. She moved just like that Spiderman fellow. Only her suit was a bit scarier looking to be honest. She saved me though. I’d have died Peter. That Spidergirl person took those bullets like it was nothing! She didn’t even act hurt. Why I’d never seen such a thing. And she even hugged me after word and escorted me over to the police. The poor thing though she seemed pretty shaken up. She didn’t even utter a single word.”

Peter sat at the table looking bleak. He knew damn well who his aunt was talking about. Not once did Bella mention this to him. Arachnia had saved his aunt from meeting the same fate as his Uncle Ben.

“Are you alright Peter?”

He shakes his head. His hands shook a bit. He took his aunt’s hand at the table.

“I’m perfectly fine. I’m just glad you’re ok Aunt May. It seems I owe this person big time.”

She smiles.

“It’s just nice to know that there are others out there like Spiderman. It makes the world a much brighter place.”

Peter genuinely smiles.

“It sure does.”

They say their prayer before breakfast. Peter was already almost perfectly healed now. He was feeling better as time progressed. He and his aunt talked a bit longer. He then decided to head on to Bella’s. They’d plans to spend the day with Jake and Leah. That and to go visit Mike for a bit. Peter was anxious to see Bella again. Peter knocked on the door and Jake answered.


They shook hands and Jake stepped aside allowing Peter in. Leah and Bella were sitting at the dining room table, talking about something. Charlie was at work. His heart stopped momentarily. Bella was in tight skinny jeans and a red cashmere sweater. He swallowed back not able to take his eyes off her. She’d left her hair down today. He was beginning to realize just how much he’d truly missed her. She smiled once she saw him.

“Hey Peter.”

He made his way over and kissed her cheek. Bella came to her feet and grabbed her jacket.

“So where to first?” She asked everyone.

The bedroom? Peter thought in longing. He wanted her so bad it was unreal. He was backed up he thought he’d die. It didn’t help that everything about Bella screamed SEX,SEX,SEX, and more SEX! He gasped a bit in thought. The others looked to him oddly. He cleared his throat taking notice of the stares he was getting.

“Are you ok there Peter?”

“YEP!” He stated in a bit of a high pitched tone.

She smiled and grabbed her keys. They headed out as they had a cab outside already waiting for them. They went to visit Mike first. Then they went out to eat for lunch. Jake, Leah, and Bella shared some stories about Forks with Peter. He couldn’t believe half the things there were to that little town and the bizarre stories they told. Peter and Bella shared some of what they could with Leah and Jake about Brooklyn and some of the crazy shit that takes place here in New York. Peter felt a bit of guilt though that he and Jake hadn’t told Bella about the Cullen’s and what took place that day. Also about how Jake already knew his secret.

Because of the guilt and because of everything they’d gone through. Peter looked to Jake a certain way. Jake nodded in agreement. Leah already knew because Jake had confided in her. So it was no shock to her. Bella listened as Jake and Peter told of their little adventure together when Kraven had taken her and they thought Edward had done it. Peter also admitted how Jake knew his secret. Bella looked around. She whispered harshly. “You knew the whole time! Even through the postcards?”

Jake cuts her a sheepish look. Peter softly laughs.


Bella sighs and looks to Peter in thought. He nods giving her the go ahead. She too admits her secret. Jake leans back with a huge grin on his face. Leah looked to be in awe.

“That is fucking awesome!” Leah damn near shouted.

Bella’s eyes widened.

“Shh… keep it down Leah would you.”

Leah covers her mouth, but laughs.

“So we’re wolves and you’re a couple of spiders.” Jake mumbles with a wink directed at Bella.

“To think, you wanted to become a blood sucking leach at one point. This is way cooler!”

She wrinkles her nose.

“Jake…” She warns with a hiss.

He has a good laugh at her reaction.

“They moved by the way, left town again. I think they finally got the point.”


“Yep we Quileute rule Washington all over again!” He smarts.

Leah rolls her eyes and elbows him.

“Well it’s true!”

Bella and Peter laugh.

After lunch they head to a few other attractions. Leah wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. So they took her there. They then went to a nearby flea market. They went to a museum then decided to head to Central Park and see the Christmas tree something they all wanted to see. Peter wrapped his arms around Bella’s waist as they stood before the tree. Peter took out something from his pocket. Something he’d had for a few weeks now. Something that took nearly all his savings to get… He placed it around Bella’s neck. Bella narrowed her eyes and looked down.

“I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to give it to you. Merry Christmas, Bella.”

Bella’s jaw dropped at the heart shaped ruby diamond necklace.

“Peter… I can’t accept this it’s way too…”

He covers her mouth with his hand.

“You can and you will. You deserve far more than that.”

He moves his hand.

“It’s beautiful Peter… But…”

“Shhhh… quiet… You’re ruining the moment.” He warns with a grin shaking his head.

She sighs.

“I don’t have your gift on me.”

“I already have what I want.”

They both turn as a snowball had hit Bella on the arm. They turn to see Leah and Jake looking to the both of them mischievously.

“Shall we?” Peter whispers in her ear.


They both reach down and form snowballs. The four of them end up in a massive snowball fight.

“I can’t believe we got kicked out of Central Park.”

“I can’t believe you hit a child with a snowball!” Bella points to Jake.
“What he was in the way and it was just a snowball. The kid’s fine.”

They all laugh.

“That’s so wrong Jake!”

Jake and Leah look to one another.

“Guess we better get back to our hotel now. Look you guys, take it easy and be careful. Watch each other’s backs.”

“You do the same.”

Leah and Bella hug then Jake hugs her. Peter shakes their hands.

“It was fun.” Peter said.
“Yeah maybe over the summer we can all get together again.”

“That’d be fun.” Leah says with a smile.

They watch as Jake and Leah get into a cab. They drive away and Peter takes Bella’s hand. They head back to her house. Peter sighed in relief seeing Charlie was still at work. Once they were inside. Peter flipped Bella over his shoulder.


He chuckles and carries her to her room. Peter lays her down on the bed.

“That never gets old.” He smarts and Bella realized she was completely naked now.

Bella’s jaw drops as he webs her wrists to the headboard and her feet to the bed. Peter spreads her legs and he takes his tongue to her sex. Bella’s hips react by lifting off the bed. Peter found himself in disbelief on how much of a turn on this was. Something had just come over him and he found himself wanting to try it. She’d already given him oral before, but he hadn’t returned the favor yet. Coos of pleasure left her lips. He found himself lifting his eyes her direction watching her reaction. She was biting into her pillow and squirming around a bit. He grinned amongst himself. He got a firmer hold of her trying to keep her still. He drove his tongue in deeper and lapped it along her.

“Peter…” She moaned out struggling within the entrapment he had her confined in.

He was breathless just from mere arousal alone. Peter felt as though he’d come just from doing this. He comes back up knowing he needed immediate release. He was throbbing so hard it was agonizing. Bella dripping wet he slid right on in. His eyes widen as he almost came just from that alone. He cut her an apologetic glance knowing he was screwed. He was already about to come and hardcore. Sure enough just two more strokes. He fired off like a rocket. He sighed shamefully and buried his face into the crevice of her neck.

“Well that was terrible.” He uttered shamefully.
“Um what?”

He lifts his head looking upon her.

“I don’t see how that was terrible.”

“I came like a virgin Bella.”

She softly giggles.

“So did I.” She admits with a shrug.

He grins.

“So… fifteen minutes?”



They both laugh. Peter frees her from her hold. Her arms wrap around his neck.

“I think we were both pretty backed up.” Peter acknowledges.

He kisses along her neck. Peter makes his way to her breasts. It doesn’t take long as he’s sucking on her nipples. He grows erect again. He hadn’t pulled out yet from earlier. Bella felt him growing inside her. She sucked back a breath at the vibration he was sending her.

“OK so it was less than two minutes.” He whispers in her ear.

She bites her lower lip as he drives himself within her. This time his movements were more aggressive. She literally felt like silk below. Peter wiggled his brows as he had her Arachnia persona appear.

“Damn…” He growled as her breast and sex were still bare to him.

He was in his Spiderman suit, but without the mask. They rolled around on the bed until they ended up on the floor. Neither cared they just keep going. By the time they’d both gotten off again they saw that they’d been going at it for another hour. Yet again Bella’s room was covered in webs. They hurriedly clean everything up and showered. Once they’re done showering, they head back to the bed. Peter holds her for a bit longer before heading home. He thinks about his Aunt May and what she’d told him. Peter rolls Bella over and hovers over her.

“Thank you…”

“For?” She voices confused.

“I know about Aunt May Bella…”

Bella shudders at the memory.

“Besides you, she’s all I got. I owe you…”

“Peter you don’t owe me anything. You’d have done the same if it were Charlie. You and I both know what it’s like, when it comes to what little we have. Honestly, I think that’s why the entity reacted the way it had. It needed Spiderman’s influence. You’re my strength as well. Without you everything just seemed so dark. It was consuming me, literally. It’s so odd. I don’t even feel it anymore. It was freaky. Like this instant fear had washed directly over me.”

Bella reaches over and grabs a rectangular package. It was wrapped in Spiderman wrapping paper. He chuckles.

“What do they not make? I’d rather have sultry Arachnia wrapping paper.”

“Sorry fresh out of that.”

“And shouldn’t I get royalty off this stuff? Seriously, who is making bank of Spiderman?”

Peter opens the present. He stops as he sees the familiar face. Bella nervously watches his reaction. She’d gotten a picture from his aunt. Peter, Uncle Ben, and his Aunt May. Bella had paid to have it professionally painted. Alarm came over her as Peter covered his face.

“Peter? I’m sorry I…” She sighs and lowers her head.

“I should have known I…”

Peter uncovers his face and had tears in his eyes.

“Bella, this is the best gift I’ve ever received. Thank you.”

She swallows back her nerves had got the best of her. Peter kissed her.

“In fact this is going right above my desk, in my room.”

She smiles.

“I’m glad you like it Peter.”

He comes to his feet, just before he heads out. Peter gazes upon her once more.

“Merry Christmas, Bella.”

“Merry Christmas, Peter.”

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