Chapter 22 Rebuilding

Chapter 22

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“What the…?”

Peter looks around as a couple of snowballs peg him in the back. He lowers his brows and looks around. Another one pegs him in the back of the head. He hears giggling. Peter looks towards the area of the roof by his window.

Bella waves with a stack of snowballs directly beside her. She pats them as if petting them. She then looks around to make sure no one’s looking. Bella then sends a spiraling web of snowballs his direction. He grins and quickly blocks them with his skateboard. She hops down before Mike catches her on the roof. He was just stepping out of his apartment. He’d his back brace on.

Peter quickly grabs her and stuffs a snowball in her hair.


He laughs and takes off on his skateboard. Bella dusts the snow out of her hair. She then chases after Peter. Peter makes it to the bus first he jumps of his board and rushes inside. Mike had caught up to Bella. He had stepped in a bank of ice though. Without even truly thinking, Bella quickly caught him. He narrowed his eyes as she had him cradled in her arms. Peter’s eyes widened as he caught what had taken place. The students on the bus were laughing and pointing. Bella clears her throat.

“Um my hero? I think… Wanna put me down now Bella hun?”

She blushes a bit. Peter covered his mouth in laughter. She carefully placed Mike down.

“Milk and steroids huh?” He utters as he makes his way to the bus.

Peter sees Bella shut her eyes for a moment. She was taking in a deep breath. She then looked towards him in the window he merely shrugged. Bella got on the bus and slid in beside Peter.

“Sorry…” She whispered.

“I don’t think anyone truly realized anything. They thought it was funny.” He replied putting his arm around her.

“It was by reflex.” She explains softly.

“Trust me I’ve been there.” Peter kisses her forehead and then leans back, in his seat.

Bella rests her head against him. Peter found himself breathing her in. He’d missed even just the smallest things he’d taken for granted. He found himself cupping her chin. Peter enthusiastically kissed her they kissed the entire ride to school. After the bus came to a stop, Mike leaned over and cleared his throat.

Peter raised his brows and turned towards Mike. Mike sighed.

“You two really should get a room.” He mutters and makes his way off the bus.

Bella giggles a bit. Peter simply grins and kisses her once more before they get off the bus. He playfully smacks her on the rear as they head down the stairs. He walks her to her locker. He noticed her hair was back to brunette. She was wearing a red cashmere sweater and denim jeans. She no longer looked like a miserable Goth. It was also good to see her smiling and laughing again. Just seeing that again had him on cloud nine. He caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead before he went on to his locker.

Things were slowly, but surely going back to normal for them. They just had to rebuild somewhat. Lunch came around the corner. The three of them caught up about what they did over the holidays. Mike was just glad to finally be out of the hospital. He got to be home for Christmas. The back brace however he had to wear for a few months. Peter could see it all over Bella’s face. She blamed herself. That urge to cry resided in her eyes. He took her hand under the table. He wished she wouldn’t blame herself. This was all Carnage’s doing, not hers.

At the end of the day Peter and Bella headed into town for a bit. They sat at their usual bench in the park. Bella lay in Peter’s lap as they did their homework. After their homework they got some hotdogs and sodas. Peter looked to Bella in thought.

“Follow me…” He says as he gets up.

He throws their trash away and starts towards a skate park. She smiles as he hops on his board. He nodded and grinned in return.
“I haven’t forgotten. We just got rather busy with other things.”

“Watch out for the ice…” She points out a few patches.

“I will.”

They luckily had the park to themselves. Since they had, Peter showed off with a bit of Spiderman flare to it.

“Cheater…” Bella called out taking notice.

He laughed, but continued to flip around through the air. He’d send out his web to gather his board. Or he’d use his speed to pick up some more air time. He was pulling off tricks left and right. He grinded along the half pipe and preformed a kickflip as he came back down. He stopped just before Bella. He came off his board and handed it to Bella. She looked to him confused.

“You’re turn.”

“Huh?” With a dumbfounded expression.

He smiled and opened his bag. He took out some arm and leg pads and a helmet. It was Arachnia colors.


He places the helmet on her head and starts helping her set up.

“Um Peter…”


“I don’t skate.”

“Yet…” He pats her on the back.

“I look like a dork Peter.” She sighs and looks around.

“Safety first.” He says with a shrug.

“How come you don’t wear all this?”

“Because I’m awesome!”

“Shut up!” She says with laughter.

“You’re just jealous.”

“That’s it… you got me.”

“I know…” He says behind laughter.

“Ok… I’ll start off by giving you some pointers.”

“Peter I don’t know the first thing about skating.”

“Well of course not. I haven’t taught you yet.”

“If I fall and bust my face.”

He knocks on the helmet she was wearing.

“This will help!”

“I can’t believe you bought me safety gear.”

“It was either that or bubble wrap.”

“So you’d been planning on teaching me?”

He nods, but had a bit of a sad look about him.

“Is something wrong?”

He shakes his head. He’d planned on teaching her, before the whole Blackcat ordeal. Then Carnage came along then that asshole Johnny. He says nothing though. He was just glad everything was seemingly back to normal.

He began to go through a few pointers. He showed her how to balance on the board and how to go about takeoff. He wasn’t expecting her to truly pull off anything near what he could. The point was to get her used to the idea. For her to also gain some confidence, then he’d work his way from there. He also figured this would give them the bonding time they needed. He rather liked the idea of teaching her. Just as Spiderman with Arachnia. Now Peter could teach Bella something.

Bella got down some of it, but was very unstable at first. Which seemed to hack her off, eh… just a touch that’s all…

“Dammit…” Her first attempt at the ramp and her busting.

“What the hell…?” Her second attempt.

“Son of a bitch!” Her third.

“MOTHERF…” Peter quickly webbed her mouth shut, with a cocked brow.

He looked to her shamefully. She cut him a go to hell look and ripped the web away from her lips.

“You really should watch that mouth of yours!” He calls out shaking his finger scoldingly towards her.
She gets on his board and comes right for him.

“Oh shit…” He utters and takes off.

He turns back around. Peter noticed how great she was doing chasing after him on the board.

“Hey you’re doing great!” He says with a thumbs up.

“OUCH!” He yells as she sends out a shot of web at his ass.

“Uncool!” He shouts back, but keeps running.

“I was just trying to help!” She fires at him again.


She chases him into a nearby alleyway. He quickly ducks behind a green dumpster. Once she’s looking around he peeks around. He quickly crawls up the building. After he’s up there he sends out a web around her waist. He swiftly pulls her up.

“Face it I’m stronger, smarter and quicker!” He taunts.

“Peter!” She scolds suddenly feeling a very cold draft.

He chuckles as she was in a sultry nurse outfit.

“Glad to see it still works!”


“I’m pretty sure that’s not my actual name.”

She continues to back him into building on the rooftop they were on.


“Aw, I love you too!”

Bella starts laughing.

“I swear Peter!”

“I know that’s the problem!”

“Does anyone ever tell you, you have a serious impulse control problem?!”

She looks down and slightly lifts the skirt.

“Where are my panties?”

He grins and tilts his head a bit looking.

“Huh… dunno…”



Once she’s got him blocked she jabs her finger into his chest.

“Knock it off!”

He takes in a breath. She appears in her normal attire. Peter’s arms wrap around her. He pecks her on the lips.

“You can’t just…” She starts to say only they suddenly appear in their other personas. They look to one another.

“Duty calls.” Spiderman announces with a shrug.

“We’ll continue this later?”

“Awesome, can’t wait.”

He softly laughs and she takes off after him. They end up at a bank with men running out. They were in President Clinton masks and black suits. There were 6 with machine guns. Spiderman nodded towards Arachnia from a nearby rooftop. The both sent out their webs disarming four of them, leaving two still with guns. The other two turned towards them and started shooting. Arachnia and Spiderman dodged the bullets. The other men were starting to pile up with the stolen money into a van. Arachnia took notice. She sailed off the building she was on and landed on the van. Arachnia webbed the doors shut. She crawled along the van and entered through the backdoors.

Spiderman began to pick on the other two men. He disarmed them as well. Only he leaped down promptly after. He began firing at their crotches. They hopped around grabbing themselves and crying out. Spiderman tilted his head.

“That’s for ruining my day.” He sighs with agitation.

He looks back to the van. He raises his brows as the van is rocking back and forth. He hears the men screaming out. The back of the van opens again. Arachnia has the other four men. She’s dragging them by a long strand of web. They had it wrapped around their necks like dogs. They were on their hands and knees as she dragged them towards the others.

“Sit!” She demands.

“Jesus lady I…”


She commands webbing his mouth shut. Spiderman puts hand to his heart.

“Aw, I love you so much right now.”

Arachnia smiles.

“I love you too.”

“You hear that?! She loves me!” Spiderman wits as he too webs the other guys into custody.

Irony has it Charlie’s the one pulling up with a few other officers. He keeps his trap shut, but looks to the both of them shaking his head. Arachnia merely nods his way and flings out her web. He watches as his daughter takes off. He grumbles under his breath. Spiderman pats him on the shoulder after he helps them load up the suspects. Afterword he too escaped.

He found Arachnia propped up against an alleyway wall. He laughed as she had an ice cream cone in her hand.

“Where’d you get that?” He questioned as she licked on it.

She shrugs.

“Where’s mine?”

She shrugs again and continues to eat.


She offers him a bite.

“Hmm, cookies and cream?”

She nods as he takes a bite. He leans against the wall across from her and watches her eat her ice cream. He chuckled off and on as she took her time. He folded his arms about his chest once she was done.

“Feel better?”

She grins.


They’re regular clothing appears once again. Peter remembered the argument between her and Charlie. He rather grimaced in thought.

“Bella…” He said clearing his throat and growing serious.

“I’m sorry, you know about you and Charlie. About all this mess… I…”

She puts a finger to his lips.

“Don’t Peter. I’m fine. We’re fine, so are my dad and I. He’ll be alright.”

Peter sighs.

“He has a point though. What we do is dangerous, look at everything that’s just recently taken place. You just keep getting hurt and this time Charlie and Mike paid the price.”

“And you don’t Peter? What about me and Aunt May? That’s just something that comes with it. If we stick together on this we can protect our loved ones, each other, and others. Trust me Peter we’re better off doing this together than alone.”

“I’m not arguing that Bella, but put yourself in Charlie’s place.”

“Dammit Peter really? You think I don’t live in his shoes already? You think I don’t worry about the day my father doesn’t come home?! Trust me I’ve had to deal with this fear for years! It’s the same damn thing! Seriously, how do you think Aunt May would feel if she found out the truth about you? What would you do if she asked you or told you even to step down? Would you? Could you? And it wasn’t just my father I had to concern myself with! I had to worry about YOU too. So don’t you even pull that with me! ”
“Bella I’m not trying to talk you out of it. I just don’t want anything to happen to you. That’s my only issue.”
“That’s impossible Peter. That just comes with the territory. Look at how many times you’ve gotten hurt. Not once have I asked you to put away the cape so to speak.”

“Cape? That’s just silly I’d never wear a cape!” He taunts.

Bella smiles a bit.

“You know what I mean Peter.”

“Yes I do. And I’ve noticed that. I appreciate that, but this started out my responsibility and that’s how it should end. Not yours… This is Spiderman’s life; it doesn’t have to be yours.”

“Why do you think this thing chose me Peter?”

“I thought we agreed this was an STD.” He teases.


He sighs and wraps his arms around her waist.

“Even Spiderman has his fears. His greatest is losing you. When Kraven took you I thought that was it. Then you breaking up with me. I deserved it and I know it, but it felt like my heart had shut down. Part of me died Bella. I need you so does Spiderman. You’re what makes me stronger and better. Do you know what got me through those hellacious hours of fighting Carnage?”

He moves her hair away from her face and looks her in the eyes.

“You Bella, every time I wanted to give up I thought of you and felt a new surge of energy. I felt myself wanting to win for you. It wasn’t even so much just that. The thought of not seeing you again… I had to fight I had to survive even if you never loved me again. I wanted to see you. The only way I knew to do that was to keep fighting.”

“I never stopped loving you Peter.” She whispers leaning into his chest.

He takes in a breath. Bella kisses him and they start heading back home.

Peter wakes up to hear the window rising in his room. Before he can even make out who it is, he feels someone straddling him. His eyes widen as he looks up to see Bella in all her glory on top of him. She bent down and started kissing him. Her breasts were pressed up against his chest. Peter ground his teeth together as he felt himself already entering her. His hands instantly gripped her hips. He helped spur her on as he moved her even more dynamically along him.

Bella rose back up. The moonlight shined into his room and along her naked body. He throbbed even greater at the sight. Her long dark locks hung along her shoulders. He couldn’t get over how amazingly sexy she was.

“Bella…” He moaned out as he watched her moving about him.

She smiled driving him even madder.

“Damn…” He uttered breathlessly.

His hips began to gyrate off the bed as he fought for even more friction. He found himself literally slamming her against him now. Bella gasped out his name as she released with her back arched.

A soft growl escaped from Peter’s mouth as he felt her sudden evidence below.

“I can’t hold it anymore.” Peter whispered.

Bella felt him pulsate within her then immediate heat filled her as he came. She breathlessly lay against him. He held her and ran his hands along her back. He kissed along her neck and shoulders. Before long she’d fallen asleep. He merely smiled and held her tighter, before long he too fell asleep.

Charlie cleared his throat and looked to his daughter.

“So how’s everything going?” He questioned curiously over supper.

She shrugged.

“Good I suppose, you?”

He nods and takes a sip off his beer.

“About the same I suppose.”

He leans back in his seat and slants his head somewhat.

“Arachnia and Spiderman did good the other day.” He says in an odd tone.

“Um thanks?”

“I gotta admit it’s kind of cool yet, disturbing to see you in action. Where the hell did you learn all of that?”

Bella genuinely smiles.
“Well dad, Arachnia learned it from Spiderman.”

“Is that so?”

She nods with pride to it.

“Huh, well I’ll be damned.”

He takes another plunge off his beer. He grabs her wrist and looks to it.

“How do you do that web thing and how …”
“Dad…” She shakes her head as if dealing with unruly child.
“I can’t give all our secrets away…” She says not wanting to get into the whole how she became ordeal. She doubted that’d go over so well.
“So I’m just supposed to sit in silence wondering how my daughter gained these “abilities”?”

“That’d be preferable.” She states honestly.
“Jesus kid.”

“Come on now dad. Do you come home and tell me everything about your day and about every case, how you went about it word for word?”

“That’s confidential, you know that Bells.”

“Dammit Bells.”

“Touché dad.” She forks another steak and places it on his plate.

“What exactly am I supposed to do with all this?!” He questions desperately.

She pinches her eyes shut for a moment.

“I’m not doing this to punish you or as an act of rebellion. Please don’t think that.”

“I know you’re not kiddo. I know… I just… I’m just having a hard time adjusting to all this. I’m trying Bells, I really am.”

She takes his hand and gently squeezes it.

“That’s all I’m asking you to do.”

After supper she does cleans off the table and does the dishes. She thinks about the destruction and lives affected by Carnage, everything that had taken place. How Carnage had her father and Mike. She pops a couple of Tylenol feeling a headache coming on. She then heads to her room. Bella does her homework, whilst listening to her music. She grins as Jungle Love starts playing. She leans back in her chair and looks towards Peter’s window. He too was looking her way. He waves, Bella blew a kiss in return. He pretended to catch it and put it too his lips.

Their relationship continued to rebuild and grow even stronger. Charlie began to deal with his daughter’s double life somewhat better. Which often enough came in handy when they needed a cover, Charlie always had their back. Johnny finally got the hint and left Bella and Arachnia alone. Word of Arachnia had begun to spread. So did the relationship between Arachnia and Spiderman. Slowly, but surely Blackcat and Spiderman was no longer the talk of New York. Arachnia had stolen the spotlight. For once Peter and Bella had peace in their relationship. Spiderman and Arachnia only had to deal with minor criminals here and there. Things were seemingly peaceful until about a year later… When betrayal came knocking at their door. Betrayal of the worst kind…


Things are so much better now. Peter and I are doing great! If anything I’d swear we’ve only grown closer. We’re stronger somehow. We both know what it’s like to be able to breathe. Charlie’s become somewhat accepting. New York is also fairly peaceful for now as well… Only a few minor bugs here and there… I can’t believe we’re all going to be seniors next year. That’s crazy right? I hope things are good back in La Push and Forks. I miss you. Tell Leah I said hi. You both take care! Hope you enjoy this postcard of Spiderman playing hopscotch! – Bella P.S- Mike says hi!

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