Chapter 24 Closure

Chapter 24

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Please read and review. BTW THE MOVIE KIIIIIIIIICKED ASSS WOOOO so did Winter Soldier. Now I gotta see my man Wolverine here soon! Yes I’m a nerd don’t care! Don’t worry no spoiler alerts in this I do have some respect for those that haven’t seen the movie. GO SEE IT! I heart Spidey ok ok on to the story.


Bella whimpers out in her sleep and she clenches onto Peter’s pillow.

“Bella…” Peter shakes her trying to stir her from the nightmare.

“Come on now… wake up.”

Bella shoots up with a gasp. Peter goes to check her over. However, Bella hops up and rushes to his bathroom. She turns on the sink and starts splashing down her face. She leans against the sink as if out of breath. Peter comes up behind her and runs a soothing land along her back.

“Another one?”

She closes her eyes for a moment. She’d been having these dreams off and on since Carnage. Even though they’d ended him over a year ago now, he still haunted her dreams. Peter wrapped his arms around her and looked upon their reflection as she dried her face off.

“You know… we’re like dead sexy.”

Bella half grins and shakes her head.

“There it is…” He kisses along her neck.

Bella reaches back and wraps her arm around his neck. Bella quickly drops her arm and giggles as he runs his hand along it.

“Peter that tickles.”

“So have you talked to Charlie yet?”

“No have you talked to Aunt May?”

He shakes his head. They both sigh. Peter presses his lips together.

“Hmmm… maybe we should go about this together.’
“And what have you in mind?”

“I say we get together for dinner, the four of us. You’ll be cooking of course.”

“Oh really?”

Peter nods with a smile upon his face.

“I say some of your fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and corn. Then we’ll have us some Long Island tea.”
“So you want to get my father and your aunt drunk.”

“Well that is the idea.”

“How about I get drunk and you cook.”


He drops his hold.

“There’s a reason my aunt doesn’t let me in the kitchen you know.”

“And why’s that?”

“I can burn ramen noodles.”

Bella laughs.

“I’m serious! She came home one day and I got distracted one day. I forget to put the water in to boil. I was switching out the laundry and smelled something burning. By the time I made my way to the kitchen. She had a fire extinguisher and was smothering the fire out. That was the same day I turned all her whites red and blue.”

“You washed your Spiderman outfit?”

“It was dirty. He had a very long night!”

Bella dies in laughter.

“And don’t you know you’re supposed to bring the water to a boil then put the noodles and seasoning in?”


“For someone that’s so smart you sure are ignorant.”

Peter rears back at her words.

“Um… thanks?”

“You’re welcome!”

Bella plops back down on his bed. She laughs and reaches over grabbing something he’d tucked under his pillow. He grimaces.

“An Arachnia doll?”

He sighs.

“You weren’t exactly supposed to find that.”

“It’s like a freaking Barbie!”

Bella curiously takes off the outfit.
“Holy shit she’s even, like naked!”

Bella cuts Peter an accusing glance.



“Why do you have an Arachnia doll under your pillow?”

He shrugs.

“For the same reason you have a Spiderman one?”

“Oh I highly doubt it’s for the same reasons.”

He laughs as she chunks the doll over.

“That does feel really weird.”

“Tell me about it.”
“Do you ever get used to it?”

“Never… Seriously, it’s like so weird to see yourself everywhere you go.”

She wrinkles her nose.

“I don’t want to see myself on one of those billboards or buses like Spiderman.”

He has a good laugh.

“It’s a bit too late for that.”

She narrows her eyes.

“Come on I’ll show you.”

He crawls out of his window. Bella jumps out and he catches her. Peter takes her hand and they head into town. Once they’re out of sight. He fires off his web. They go into their other personas. He takes her to the billboard he’d seen the other day.

“Now this is what I need on my ceiling. Talk about HOT!”

Bella has this miserable look on her face.

“I hate it.”


Bella laughs at his reaction.

“Nah, this is like that lamp in the Christmas Story. Electric sex!” He reaches up and runs his hand along the giant boob.

It was a billboard with Arachnia lying about rather seductively. It looked as though she were shooting out her web at whoever was looking at the billboard.

“I’m going to figure out a way to steal this one.”

She laughs.

“I’m serious! Besides I don’t see any royalties from this do you?”

She shakes her head.

“Fraid not.”

“Think I could sell a few selfies with this in the background?”

They both laugh.
“I’d love to see that.”

“Hey you never know it could work.”

“And how’d you catch this one Parker?! Eh… well sir. I just walked by and happened to have seen Spiderman licking the billboard. It was the craziest thing!”

“Ew… can you imagine how many pigeons poop on that?!”

“Huh well way to ruin it for everyone else!”

“Just sayin’…”
“Well you can stop now.”

She laughs as he webs her over to him.

“Hmmm…” Peter moans into her mouth as they kiss.

She wraps her arms around his neck. Her eyes widen as she felt a draft.


He chuckles.

“Ugh stop it!”

He sighs and runs his hands up the schoolgirl skirt.

“Now NYU would love this.”

He comments and takes a step back.

“I’m sure they would Peter.” She folds her arms about her chest.

“Aw, don’t be mad now.”

“You’re such a perv.”
He shrugs and fires his web and used it to lift her skirt. Her eyes widen as he suddenly starts firing web all around them. He’d made a massive spider web between the billboard and another building. Yet again he snatched her and they landed in the middle of the web.

Bella instantly clamped her hand over her mouth. Peter was taking his tongue to her sex. He had her legs spread about the web beneath them. Her hands gripped around the strands of web as he continued. The warmth and wetness of his tongue drove her mad. She gritted her teeth trying not to scream out. It was dark still; she didn’t want to chance being heard, which was extremely difficult at the moment. She sucked back a breath feeling his tongue inside her now. He twirled it about and gave her one last good lick. He then got her to release along his fingers. Peter’s eyes widen as he saw her dripping down the web underneath them. He couldn’t help, but to find that a huge turn on.

He crawls over her and Bella moans out feeling him inside her. He took gripped the web firmly beneath him as he drove about her. Peter teased her as he looked back to the billboard off and on.

“Peter…” She said with a giggle.


He chuckled into her mouth as he kissed her.

“It’s not my fault! She’s hot! And she’s like RIGHT THERE! Watching us…”

Before long he moans out in a finish. Just as he’s giving his last few strokes. They both freeze from a distance they heard.

“BEWBS!” And the sound of a gun going off. (evil author insert)

They both reared back looking to one another.

“Um I guess someone else liked the billboard as well?” Peter utters.

“Let’s just let that one go…”

Bella steps out of the store. She’d been searching for a prom dress, but couldn’t find anything that really grabbed her. That and well she hated shopping to begin with. She couldn’t decide what she thought Peter would like. She was about to head on to the store instead and get some stuff she needed for their dinner tomorrow. She’d done her best to hide the ring in public places for now, until they had a chance to tell Aunt May and Charlie. They both agreed it should come from them first. Though she’d already sent a postcard to Jake and told him, she doubted it made it’s way to Washington by now. Bella just wanted to get it over with. She rather liked the idea of wearing Peter’s ring. There was a sense of pride to it.

She was about a block away from the store. The familiar voice carried over like nails on a chalkboard.


She froze and shut her eyes for a moment. Bella slowly turned. She half laughs.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I just want to talk…”

“I’ve noting to say to you.”

“Bella please just hear me out.”

“It’s been how long? And didn’t I tell you the last time I saw you that I NEVER wanted to see you again?”

“I know and I’m sorry. It’s just we were beginning to worry. Alice couldn’t see you in her visions and hasn’t been able to in quite some time. I just had to come see for myself. I had to know you were alright.”

Bella does a slight bow.
“Well I’m perfectly fine. Now that you know that you can go home. And you all quit keeping tabs on me! I mean it Edward!”

He rolls his eyes.

“Bella just let me buy you dinner or something.”

“Yeah that’s so not happening. Go home Edward.”

“You’re different somehow… You even smell different.”

She gasps back as he suddenly appears before her. He leans in and narrows her eyes as he takes in a good whiff. He snarls back.

“You smell like him. WHY?! DO YOU SMELL LIKE THAT?!” He shouts and before Bella can even think.

Edward takes off with her. He takes her upon one of the buildings out of view of everyone else.

She raises her brows on this.
“Oh Edward…” She shakes her head and half laughs.

“You just haven’t a clue. And you’re putting me in a very, very bad mood.”

“WHAT ARE YOU?!” He points at her.


“Edward I’m warning you now…” She felt the persona trying to take over it felt she was threatened.

“What did he do to you?!”

“Edward…” She grits her teeth and continues to fight it.

“BACK OFF!” She warns as she paces the rooftop.

Her entire body shakes. She wasn’t used to trying to fight back the entity. She didn’t want to expose herself to Edward. Bella was so focused on fighting it she continued to back up on the roof as he came towards her.

She reached to her temples as it became painful fighting to keep it at bay. All her senses at the moment were haywire she was focusing so much.

“BEEEELLLLAAAA!” Edward shouted as Bella began to fall.

He rushed over only to have Spiderman beat him to the punch. He brought her back on the rooftop. Bella looked to Spiderman like a deer caught in headlights. She couldn’t breathe and was freaking out. Spiderman took her by the shoulders and looked upon her.
“I got this… Just calm down.”

She nodded, but felt ill as she continued to fight Arachnia off from making an appearance.

“What have you done?! What’s wrong with her?!” Edward shouts.

Spiderman shakes his head.

“I can do this…” He hears Bella say, but he turns back to see she’s still fighting off the other persona.

So much so she was shaking all over. Spiderman nods. He becomes Peter Parker and helps her keep Arachnia at bay.

“Then we do this together.”

“Bella you should have come with me! I would’ve taken care of you.”

“Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but still a tool!”

“Edward you need to really listen for once. And listen good… This is my home! This is my life! All in which I don’t want you a part of. There was a time you were my world Edward, but that time has long since passed. I love Peter and in fact we’re engaged.”

Edward’s eyes become pitch black and he snarls back.

“You’re what?” He sneers.

Bella half laughs.

“You’re making a huge mistake! You wanted to be turned right that was it?! That’s the only way it would have worked for us?”

He points to her furiously.


Her eyes widen as Edward flashes before her and slams her back. Peter grits his teeth and fires of a web yanking Edward back. He slams him into the roof like a slingshot.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nods as she comes back to a stand and dusts herself off. She starts laughing and shakes her head.

“Fuck it!” She sends out her own web and jerks Edward back over towards her.

She socks him in the face and sends him flying off the roof. Peter’s eyes widen.

“Nice!” He calls out with a grin.

Edward comes soaring back.

“HOW’D YOU DO THAT?!” He shouts at Bella.

She merely shrugs innocently.

“Vitamins? Milk does a body good?”

“I’m being serious!’

“SO am I!” She shouts back with a giggle.

Peter puts a hand to his heart.

“Isn’t she amazing?! What can I say pal you snooze you loose!”

Edward comes sailing right for him. Peter dodges his blows left and right.

“You really should work out more. You’re getting sloppy in your old age. Try harder!”

Peter sighs as he continues to dodge Edward’s attempts.

“Getting closer!”

Bella tilts her head and fires a shot of web at Edward’s ass. Edward turns to her with hatred.

“Oops. It went off in my hands. You know having skin of marble doesn’t really help if you still got the body of a weenie.”

Peter dies in laughter.

“Now who’s stealing my lines?”
Bella shrugs with mischief in her eyes.

“Knock it off both of you!” Edward snaps irately.

Bella webs his mouth shut. He rips it off and she webs it shut again. Edward lunges at her and Bella side steps he runs right pass.


Peter and Bella high five one another and laugh. Peter puts his arm around Bella.

“You do realize just how stupid you look about now don’t you? I mean seriously just how do you think this is going to end?” Peter clears his voice and does his best Edward impersonation.

Bella… I need you to come with me. I can protect you.”

He then changes to Bella’s voice.

Oh Edward, I’ve missed you so much please save me!”

Bella bites down on her lip as Peter continued to taunt Edward.

Bella we belong together. I sparkle what girl doesn’t want that?!”

OH SPARKLES! You’re so dreamy and so hot. Not like that Spiderman guy. No nothing like that.” He giggles like Bella.

“Um Peter?”


“Going a tad over the top.”

“But I didn’t even use props?! And I really had to cross my legs tightly to hit that high note!.” She cuts him a look.

“Right… sorry about that.”

She laughs.

“You’re forgiven.”

He nods and pecks her on the cheek.

“Hmm, so what to do with you… It’s clear you just can’t take a hint or a bow for that matter. You’d still live if took your legs right?”

Edward rolls his eyes.

“So it’s not like I’d actually be taking your life and you’d gradually heal. Thus, whilst I’m still making a point. You see… You came after my girl not just once, but twice. And that’s not just something I’m merely going to let you walk away from. No not this time buddy. Of course, please allow me to ask the lady how she feels.” Peter looks to Bella she was glued onto Edward with distaste.

“My lady do you want to fall back into his arms and run off into the sunset?”

She wrinkles her nose.

“Seriously Peter?”

“Just checking, you never know!”

Peter taps his chin with his finger.

“So what to do… what to do…”

Edward leaps over and shoves Peter on the ground of the roof.

“EDWARD!” Her jaw drops as Edward finally manages to get a good punch in across Peter’s face.

Bella grits her teeth.

“EDWARD CULLEN, YOU DOUCHEBAG GET OFF MY FUCKING FIANCE!” She growls and wraps a line of web around his ankle she yanks him off and grabs Edward.

“Oh shit!” Peter calls out as Bella fires off her web with Edward in her clutch.

“She’s gonna kill him! Maybe I should let this one slide and look away…” He sighs.

“Dammit stupid conscience always telling me to do the right thing even when it’s wrong! Wait what?”

Peter rears back at his own thoughts and hurriedly follows after.

Bella was on top of the bridge waylaying the living hell out of Edward. Peter chuckled to himself.

“I truly love that woman.”

Peter spins his way over and snatches him from her clutch.

“My turn!”

Peter lassos him around a few times before snapping the web line.

“Incoming!” He calls out to Bella.

They nod towards one another. Both send out a line of webbing around his kneecaps.

“Make a wish!” Peter calls out as they pull like you would the wishbone of a chicken.

They snap his legs off at the knees. Then they web his body to where he can’t move or even speak. Peter gets a good enough size box. They mail him back to Washington with a sympathy card strapped to his chest.

Bella hands Peter the bowl of biscuits. He chuckles.

“So you actually made fried chicken?!”

Bella grins.

“Well it is what you wanted.”
“So I can pretty much tell you whatever I want and you just do it? Just like that?”

“Watch it Parker…”

He places the biscuits down and Bella takes her engagement ring out from her pocket. She then places it on her finger. Peter kisses it and they both take in a breath, as Charlie and Aunt May were visiting in the living room. Bella calls them to the table.

They each sit down and Peter leads the prayer. Afterword Peter clears his throat and looks to Charlie and Aunt May.

“There’s something Bella and I wanted to tell you both.”

Aunt May does her usual warm smile. Charlie raises his brows. Bella looked as though she was about to bail. Peter chuckles to himself in thought and rubs the back of his neck.

“Bella and I are engaged to be married once we graduate from college.”
Charlie chokes back on his chicken leg and Aunt May spits tea out all over the table. A nervous laugh escapes Bella’s mouth.

“Engaged? But you two haven’t even graduated high school yet.”

“But we will!” Peter says.

Aunt May’s eyes widen. Bella gives Peter the cut throat motion.

“You will what son?”


Bella whimpers out pinching the bridge of her nose. Aunt May looks to her nephew and shakes her head, but had a grin on her face.

“Well I sure hope so!” Charlie practically snaps.

Charlie rolls his eyes. He looks to his daughter’s hand and sighs.

“Jesus kid whatever happened to asking the father’s permission?”
“…eh…” Peter says in a gasping whimpering way.

“Dad this isn’t the 18th century!”

“I’m just saying Bells there’s gotta be some sort of respect. No one asked my opinion.”
“Well are you the one being proposed to dad?”

“Bells…” He warns.
“I’m just saying dad. It’s not really your choice.”

Charlie grumbles under his breath.

“Look at it like this I’m not pregnant!”

All three of them choke on whatever they’re eating and Bella dies in laughter.

“Wait, are you telling me that you two are having SEX?!”

Peter shakes his head upon Bella. She winces.

“Way to go Bella…” Peter scolds in a whisper.

“Sorry I was just trying to get the attention off the whole engagement thing.”

“Well you sure managed to do that.”

“Well shit…” Aunt May and Charlie cut Bella a glance.

She quickly covers her mouth with wide eyes.

“I’m so sorry!”

“You’re damn right you are kid! Where the hell did you learn to talk like that?”

“Do you really want an honest answer?”

Aunt May burst into laughter and she quickly clears her throat. Bella and Peter groan in misery.

Charlie sighs and wipes his mouth clean.

“So you two are really going to get hitched?”

Aunt May looks upon Bella.
“Well I for one think this is wonderful news. I can’t wait to have you in the family.”

Bella smiles.

“Foul mouth and all?” Bella utters looking embarrassed.

“Sweetheart, you haven’t any idea just how thankful I am that Peter met you. You’ve done wonders with my boy. I noticed a big change in him once you came into his life. Make that both of our lives.”

Bella swallows back and starts to tear up a bit. Aunt May smiles and reaches over taking her hand, from across the table. Peter smiles and mouths the words thank you to his aunt. She nods, but meant every word she said.

“Thank you…” Bella said with a quivery voice.

Charlie takes in a breath.

“I gotta be honest as well son. It seems you two have some sort of connection. Before we moved here my daughter she was a mess. Then with her mother and all…” Charlie looks over to Bella.

“I suppose you both found each other at just the right time. I can’t ignore the fact that you pulled my daughter out of a few dark times as well. Now no father’s going to truly approve of an engagement taking place in high school, but I will say this much. You had better take damn good care of her and always be there for her. Now I mean it son…”


“I will sir, you’ve my word.”

“See you’re getting better!” Peter calls out as they skate around the parking lot before school starts.

She circles Peter before hoping off her own board. They’d picked her out one not too long ago. They also were looking into some apartments around NYU. They were discussing the possibility of moving in together while they went to college. Which meant both would have to get part time jobs in order to even consider affording it. Bella also thought about using the money Renee had given her.

The bell rang and they put their boards up and headed inside. The entire school as of late was discussing prom and graduation. Prom was just in a few days. Girls were going scatterbrained and crazy. Bella frowned realizing she never did get her dress.

“Do we have to go to prom?”

Peter looked to her oddly as he walked her to her locker.

“Um I suppose not why?”
She shrugs.

“Don’t want to be seen with me or afraid I’ll step on your feet?”

“A little bit of both.” She teases.


She laughs.

“Actually it’s the whole dress thing and I can’t dance.”

Peter grins ear to ear.

“I can’t dance either Bella. And we both know how to fix the dress issue.” He knocks on her head.

Bella rolls her eyes feeling rather sheepish now. Peter laughs seeing the look on her face.

“Yeah you really should have thought that one through.”

“Shut up.” Bella couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought about that.

“And what exactly are you into?”

“You of course.”
“Peter I’m being serious.”

“So am I…”

“Ugh at least tell me what color.”

“Nope, just surprise me.” He calls out as he heads to his locker.

“I’m going to show up in a trash bag and duct tape.”

“Awesome! Don’t forget your duct tape shoes now! I’ll wear a tux to match!”


Quen and Jane stepped inside they looked to be arguing about something. Quen shook his head as if irritated and headed onto his locker. Bella and Peter cut each other a glance on this. Jane walks by and looked as though she’d been crying.

“Are you ok?” Bella whispered.

Jane nodded and quickly wiped her eyes. Quen and Peter were talking at his locker. Mike entered not long after. Bella smiled and waved at him. Mike rolled his eyes.

“Mike?” Bella questioned in wonder.

“What the fuck do you want?”

Peter and Bella both snapped a look his way. His eyes were bloodshot his hair was a mess.

“Um ok… what’s with you?”

Jane looked to Quen a certain way.

“What did you do Quen?”

Peter and Bella hadn’t a clue what was going on or what that meant exactly. Quen rushed over to Jane and grabbed her arm he walked her outside.

“What the hell was that all about?” Peter asked.

“I’ve no clue…” Bella says looking to Mike in shock.

She made her way to his locker.

“Mike…? What’s wrong?”

Mike growls out and slams his locker.


“Um ok it was funny the first time, but it’s over remember.” She hints playfully and pats him on the back.

Mike grabs Bella by the collar and shoves her down.

“WHOA!” Peter shouts in disbelief.

Peter helps Bella up and he pins Mike back. He looks him in the eyes.

“What’s with you? Why would you do that? That’s your best friend!” Peter scolds.

“That’s no friend of mine. She’s nothing, but a poser, a liar, and a whore!”

Peter grits his teeth and slams him back even harder.


“Watch what you say Mike. That’s my girl you’re talking about! Since when do you ever act like this?”

Bella reached to her temples and turned towards Quen and Jane. She reared back to see them kissing and smiling again as they came back inside. Peter felt it too they both froze trying to figure out what it was they were sensing, but couldn’t. Something wasn’t right. But neither could quite put their fingers on it.

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