Chapter 25 In This Together

Chapter 25

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Things are getting well weird again. Mike… well I don’t even know what to say to that. He’s somehow changed. He acts as though he can’t stand me. He’s constantly criticizing me and giving me looks of complete hatred. Perhaps, I should have never admitted the “truth”? I don’t know. I mean he seemed ok with everything at the time. The conversation in fact ended on great terms. We were laughing and ourselves again. I don’t get it. I mean what changed? It’s literally like he flipped a switch. Now I find myself nervous. Like any day “it’s” going to get out… What will I do then? I mean I can’t sleep. I’m constantly on edge. My nerves are shot beyond belief.

He’s not the only one acting strange. Our friends Quentin and Jane are as well, starting to wonder if it’s something in the water. Jane and Quen, they’re like off and on again constantly. She’s always telling me how she’s going to dump him or how unhappy she is with Quen. They will argue or even break up. Then before you can even blink they’re making out and acting as if nothing happened. Then she tells me how she loves him and how wonderful he is.

Prom went surprisingly smooth. Now graduation is coming up. Peter and I however, are great. It’s about the only normal seeming thing as of late. Well besides Charlie and Aunt May. I don’t know maybe I’m reading too much into it. I just get this feeling though… Like something is really off something isn’t right. It doesn’t make sense. It all seems to evolve around Quentin. I hate saying that or even thinking that. He’s one of our best friends, Peter’s mainly. I’m reading too much into all this I’m afraid. I need to clear my head and just realize that my secrets alone destroyed Mike and I’s relationship. That’s all this really is. I’m just seeing entirely too much into all this and making it bigger than what it really is.

Tell everyone I said hi. Hope you and Leah are doing well. Miss ya!


That was the last postcard received by Jacob Black…

“Peter!” Bella scolds as he takes yanks the picture of them at prom out of her hand.

“What? I don’t have this picture.”

“Then I’ll make you a copy. Don’t be a jerk Peter.”

He chuckles.

“Your dress was so short!”

“It wasn’t that short Peter.”

“It was totally short. Trust me I caught the seam of panty line when you got in the limo that night.”

Her jaw drops.
“You did not!”
He wiggles his brows.

“I totally did. Talk about hot!”

He tilts his head and looks upon her. He makes the dress reappear. It was red with black lace around the waist. It was very form fitting and short indeed, Bella just hadn’t realized how short.

“It’s a good thing Charlie was working that night or he’d have never let you leave the house.”

Peter says as he runs a hand along her rear. Bella scans him a copy of the picture as he lifts the back of her dress.



She giggles as he rubs himself against her. He hintingly kisses along her neck and gropes her breasts. Bella gasps back a little feeling his bareness against her. Peter welcomed himself inside. He grunted out at the sensitivity. He had her bent over her desk. He still had her in the dress. He’d remembered that night. How torturous it was, because this was exactly what he wanted to do. Peter watched the sway of her ass as he pounded her from behind. Peter gripped her tightly and came so hard webbing shot from his wrists.

“Um oops…” He uttered as it broke one of her figurines on the desk.

“Maybe I can web it back together?”

He pulls out as their clothing fixes itself. He manages to fix the figurine of the angel that was on her desk.
“See, good as new!”

Bella laughs and heads to the bathroom.

“You really are a perv Peter.” She calls out as she goes to rinse off.

He shrugs.

“Like she didn’t know this.” He utters and plops down on her bed.

Since Aunt May was out of town and Charlie was working graveyard that night. Peter stayed the night at Bella’s. She fixed them some supper and they spent the rest of the night watching horror flicks. Bella eventually passed out in Peter’s arms.

“Mike’s still not talking to you?”

Bella shrugs and stuffs a strawberry in her mouth. Peter sighs.

“I’m sorry Bella.”

“I just don’t get it. It’s like something in him completely snapped.”

Peter nod in agreement.

“And Quen…” They both chorus.

Peter and Bella eye one another. Peter raises his brows on this.

“So you’re sensing it too?”

Bella nods as she sets the waffles she made down on the table.

“I just don’t know what it is.”
“Neither do I…” Peter admits.

“And this thing with Jane and him being on and off again.”

“How many times has she dumped him?”

“Honestly Peter I’ve lost count, but here’s the kicker. It’s like she doesn’t even remember dumping him. Like all is right in the world.”

Peter narrows his eyes on this as he cuts into his waffles.

“That’s creepy if you think about it.”

He lifts his eyes towards her as he chews and swallows a bit of waffles.

“You don’t think Quen is abusing her do you? I mean…”

Peter grimaced.

“I’m not sure how to answer that. He seems like a nice enough guy, but behind closed doors? No one ever truly knows. Just like how much of a freak you are.”

He chuckles and takes another bite of his waffles.

“Jane just also doesn’t seem like the type to stick around and deal with it if that were the case.”

“They always seem so lovey dovey and happy together though. Hell even more than we are!”

“That’s so not true, we’re pretty darn loving!”

Peter has a good laugh on how defensive Bella got on this.
“Come on Peter we’re like the envy of all couples at school.” She says with a smirk and slides over a glass of orange juice.

He takes a sip and clears his throat.

“So we give everyone tooth aches? Great I’m one of those guys?!”

“Yep face it Peter you’re total mush!”

He curls his lip a bit. Bella laughs and takes her seat. She starts eating her breakfast as well.

“Relax Peter. You wouldn’t be you if you weren’t.”

He smirks and finishes his breakfast.

“You coming dad?”

“Yeah just give me min kid.”

Bella sighs as she heads out the door. She smiles seeing Aunt May and Peter coming out of their house. They start walking over. Charlie had offered to take them along. He didn’t see the point in them going in separate vehicles. As of late they’d been eating together more every other weekend Bella and Aunt May would switch out in cooking. Aunt May got a kick out of it.

Tonight they were all going to the theater at school. Some of the seniors were holding a talent show. Peter and Bella didn’t participate it wasn’t neither of their kind of deals. But tonight was Quentin’s big night. He insisted over and over how important EVERYONE attend. It was to be his biggest show yet. They always loved his shows. Quentin was extremely talented in his illusions and magic shows. Peter swore however that Aunt May was his biggest fan.

Once they all got to the theater they took their seats. Peter and Bella sat in the middle of Charlie and Aunt May. Peter took Bella’s hand as they lights went out. The show began before long. There was singing, dancing, other not so great magic shows, and other tid bits. They perked up though once the spotlight hit. The red curtains opened and Quentin stepped out in a baby blue tux. Peter laughed thinking he looked like a dork, even for someone as good looking as Quentin. Quentin took a kerchief from his pocket and a dozen doves appeared. Everyone clapped.

He smiled and bowed before them.

“As you all know my name is Quentin Beck and this is will be my greatest show yet!”

Everyone clapped Bella and Peter looked around realizing just how big of a turn out he had. Everyone seemed to love this guy. Bella reached to her temples with an oncoming migraine. Peter was feeling the beginnings of it. He turned to her concerned.

“You alright.”
“Um yeah it’s just like this high pitch frequency thing. It’s making me sort of nauseas.”

“So you’re feeling it too?”

“For this one I need a couple of volunteers.” Quentin says with a smile.

Over half the room raises their hands. Quentin looks out with disappointment.

“Ah, come now. I’m truly hurt. I don’t see the hands of my two most supportive friends. What’s wrong are you scared?”

The crowd laughs. The spotlight shines directly on Peter and Bella. They look to one another sheepishly. Both swallow back and turn towards Quentin like deer caught in headlights.

“Come on now you two don’t be shy.”

They both shrug and come to their feet. Peter continues to hold Bella’s hand as they make their way down to the stage.

“Please give two of my bestest friends a big hand.”

Bella blushes a little as she looks to the crowd. Her father chuckles and Aunt May waves.

“Friends… Best of friends…” Quentin says, but continues to talk into the microphone as he paces around.

“What exactly does that word mean?”

He looks to Peter and Bella. Peter however, narrows his eyes upon the menacing glare Quentin gives him.

“Or so I thought. Apparently, so did Michael Newton and Jane Foster. Please won’t you two join me as well?”

They both step out of the curtain. Bella staggers back as the ringing becomes louder. Quentin smiles directly upon her.

“What’s wrong Bella hun? Something on your mind?”

Peter gets a better hold on her and checks her over.

“Mike… Do tell everyone about the betrayal of your best friend Bella Swan.”

Bella snaps towards them in alarm.

“Peter… what’s going on?” Bella utters looking frail.

He looks confused as he’s experiencing the same things Bella was. Mike takes the mic. A giant clock appears behind Quentin. The ticking sound added to the ringing in Bella’s ears was enough to send her to her knees.

“Bella…” Peter hurriedly hunkered over.

Charlie shot up to his feet so did Aunt May.
“Not so fast…” Quentin points upon the two of them.


Like clockwork… they sit. Peter looks to Quentin. He tries to say something, but is sent to his knees as well. Mike makes his way over to Bella. He roughly cups her chin.

“You didn’t trust me with the truth. I was there for you from the beginning. From the time you were a NOBODY! Did you honestly think you were better than me?!”

Bella tried to respond, but she couldn’t. She and Peter remained frozen on their knees.

“It wasn’t just Mike… Peter…”

Quentin crouches down before Peter. He takes the mic from Mike’s hand.

“It seems you two have some trust issues when it comes to your friends. You told me once you thought it was cool, to have a guy you could finally confide in and talk to. You could tell me things like how Bella talks in her sleep, your favorite sexual position, and how well she goes down on you.”

Quentin looks back to Jane who looked as though she were in a trance.

“This one’s such a prude she bitches about just putting out. Yet, here you are getting the whole damn kama sutra! And how? I mean come on Parker. Look at me and then look at you?! How does one man such as yourself have all the luck? Gorgeous girlfriend, wonderful aunt that thinks the world of you, you even somehow got the respect of Charlie Swan. He happens to approve of your relationship whole heartedly. I know all these things about you. But I also know what Mike knows.”

Quentin rises. He stands before everyone on the stage.

“Please allow me to introduce you all to New York’s very own Spiderman and Arachnia aka Peter Parker and Bella Swan.”

He motions towards them with a smile. The both of them are lifted into the air in their personas. The entire room gasps out. Quentin sees the alarm in Peter and Bella’s faces.

“Oh don’t worry… I’m going to fix this. All this… You’re worried about exposure right? That’s what you both fought so hard to avoid.”

He laughs.

“No, no actually this is quite the opposite. You see as I stand here everyone in this room and New York in general is going through my strongest hypnosis yet. I did tell you this was my biggest show right? Well here it is. I’m going to give you the best of both worlds and both of your greatest fears. Just like how I’ve now ousted you all to all of New York. I’m now going to make them forget your very existence. I don’t just mean Spiderman and Arachnia. No… By the time I am done. No one not even your precious Aunt May or Charlie Swan will know you ever existed. You will be erased from each and everyone’s memory, now that my friends is quite a show. What will this world do without their beloved Spiderman and Arachnia. What will your loved ones do without Bella Swan and Peter Parker. Yet…” He dies in laughter.

“Here is the best part. When I snap my fingers. You both will disappear and neither of you will remember who the other is or that you have the powers you possess. You will remain in lockdown for the rest of your lives giving however long that might be!”

Bella and Peter cut each other one last desperate glance. They reach out to one another as they’re lowered back down. They both holler out in pain and reach to their temples.

He places shock collars on both their necks. Quen snaps his fingers. The flooring beneath Peter and Bella falls through. They vanish and just as Quentin assured. No one had any recollection of what took place. Anything left in this world that had to do with Bella and Peter was now a void. Everyone that is, but Jacob Black…

Peter and Bella suck back a breath as they both land in a cage. They look to one another oddly and immediately back away from each other. Darkness fills the area they’re in and they feel themselves being wheeled away.

Peter growls out just as Bella shrieks in pain. Both were being electrocuted through the shock collars.

“Sorry bout that. I had to make certain it worked.”

The lights come on and Quentin now stands before them in a white tux. He’d a red rose pinned to it. His arm was around Jane’s waist.

“Quite the couple aren’t we? Yeah I think we’ll take over from here. You two aren’t the only ones that can make an impression. Right Jane?”

She nods with that trance look still about her. He chuckles and kisses the top of her head.

“I truly hate how all this turned out. But you both know how I truly hate to be upstaged.”

He winks at Peter and slightly unbuttons his dress shirt revealing a red and blue Spiderman suit beneath white tux. Bella and Peter look to him and each other confused. Both of them were just in their underwear.

“I always was a bigger fan of the original work. So I’ll be bringing it back old school! Like I said we’ll take over from here. Only Arachnia… I’m afraid that ships done sailed. Sorry Jane hun.”

Both Peter and Bella look upon one another as though merely strangers. The both of them were in their underwear. Peter was in a blue and white stripped set of boxers and Bella was in a white bra and bikini panties. They sat across from one another in the cage. The cage itself was 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

Bella looks down and covers herself in a blushing matter. Peter looks upon himself as well and lowers his brows.

“Who are you?” Bella questions.



He nods.

“And you?”


Peter sighs he could barely make her out there was a very small hint of light about the room they were in. From what he could gather it was some sort of basement.

“Why are we in here?” Peter questioned.

Bella reaches to her head.

“It’s because of my secret… I think…” She makes this puzzled expression.

“I think I had a secret…” She practically whispers.

“I forgot what it was.”
“No I’m the one with the secret.” Peter utters with hesitation.

Without the memory of Peter Parker, Bella couldn’t remember Arachnia. In fact she was thinking she was in here because she knew Edward and Jacob’s secret, she kept. However, Peter remembered bits and pieces about being Spiderman. Only it was conflicting because everything that involved Bella or Arachnia was now this black hole in his memory. It felt strange like something was missing. Both their minds felt as though they had only patches of memories.

Bella could only truly remember her life back in Forks. Everything else pertaining to New York was nothing more than a blur. Spiderman and Arachnia? She hadn’t a clue who they were or knew about anything pertaining to them. In fact in Bella’s mind it wasn’t long ago Edward dumped her. When in reality it’d been over 3 years ago. She and Peter had been together for 2.

Bella lay down feeling very tired. Peter looked to her oddly. He couldn’t help, but to feel like he’d seen her before. She just seemed so familiar. That and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He found her to be very pretty. Bella being in her underwear also wasn’t helping him.

What neither was aware of…

The collars Quen placed on them had not only had an electric charge to them, but low level sonic vibrations, just enough to keep the symbiotes at bay. This kept their powers from being revealed. So in Peter’s mind, he truly thought he somehow lost his powers. In fact because of all the patches in his memory, he assumed he’d retired Spiderman a while back.

“Are you alright?” Peter calls to the girl before him.

She nods, but had her eyes closed. He watches with concern as she falls into a deep sleep. Peter found himself quietly crawling towards her. He felt this odd need to protect her. He wasn’t sure why. He felt her pulse and scanned her over. Peter moved strands of hair away from her face.

“Who are you…?” He whispered in damn near agony, it was driving him mad. She seemed so familiar.

It wasn’t just how she looked and talked, but her scent. It carried over so potently. He forced himself to back away from her. Peter was growing aroused and that’s the last thing he wanted her to wake to some perv she was trapped with. Instead, Peter began to focus on trying to find a way out. Every time he even touched the metal bars though the collar would go off. He gritted his teeth as he continued the attempt. At his last attempt he too passed out as the currents became too much to bear. They both eventually woke up. Their eyes locked onto one another’s. They both were hungry, thirsty, and cold. The area they were being held in seemed to only grow colder as time progressed. Bella shivered as she scooted away from Peter. Her back however hit the metal bars behind her. She cried out in pain and jarred back. Peter reached out to her.


“What the fuck!” She shouted and hopped to her feet.

He raised his brows on this.

“Where are we?! Why are we here?!” She began to panic and paced around the cage.

Bella felt along the shock collar on her neck. She looked to Peter.


He noticed the way her chest heaved and her body trembled all over. He didn’t understand the sudden urge to hold her. Peter didn’t even know her what was his problem?!

“Easy now… We’ll figure this out ok.”

“My dad… He’s a cop… He’ll find us! He has to!”

Peter nodded, not sure what to say on this. He knew his Aunt May would grow concerned after too long as well. Peter blew a warm breath into his hands trying to keep them warm. Bella sat back down and wrapped her arms around her knees. Peter sat down as well. From what he could see there was no way out. Just touching the bars activated the collars around their neck. He felt dehydrated as it was and the more he allowed the currents to hit attempting to get out the more the dehydrated he grew.

A few hours had passed, the both of them sat in silence. Bella rocked back and forth desperate for warmth. Eventually she came to her feet. She looked around as Peter had. Peter lifted his eyes towards her. He could make out her testing the bars off and on. She’d wince every so often. Bella looked up curiously. Peter shot up in alarm as Bella literally began to climb the metal bars. She was heading right for the top of the cage. The agony was all over her face as she continued. She’d just put her hands to the very top as she made her way there. It seemed to charge a much higher voltage. Bella literally came tumbling down. Peter quickly caught her before she hit the ground.


Peter lay her down on the ground.

“Come on now… Wake up.”

He felt for a pulse, but nothing.


Peter quickly began CPR. He gave her mouth to mouth and chest compressions. As he gave her mouth to mouth he felt an odd familiarity to it. Her breathe was sweet and very welcoming.

“Please wake up!” He uttered and continued chest compressions.

Bella shot up with a gasp. Her arms automatically wrapped around Peter.

“Easy now…” He held her in return.

They welcomed the warmth their bodies began to give out as they held one another. Peter wrapped his arms and legs around her as she violently shivered. He blew his hot breath along her body. Within an hour they both stopped shivering. Their bodies became still their bodies created the heat they needed. Only there was one problem creeping up on Peter. Though his mind didn’t remember Bella Swan, his body did. The man downstairs manly new damn well who she was. So did the entity as it fought to come out through the sonic waves they were being sent. He rolled his eyes feeling it coming. Sure enough he lost the battle. Bella swiftly popped the shit out of him and rolled out of his hold.


His eyes widen… only it was much worse. Peter was so hard he had come out of the slit in his boxers. He quickly turned and adjusted himself. Bella scooted away from him with a disgusted face.

“I mean what the fuck?! I don’t even know you!”

Peter sighs feeling his face flushing , big time.

“How can you even think about that in this situation? You are aware we may very well die?!”

He had already embarrassed himself anyhow, might as well make it worthwhile.

“Well, all the more reason…”

Her jaw drops and he softly chuckles.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

He shrugs and another sigh escapes his mouth.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional.”


Peter shook his head on this. A sudden flash of something entered his mind. His heart did that beat skipping thing.

What if I’m this sexy, dashing, rich guy?”

Guess I’ll never know.”

You’re not going to ask?”


Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

Peter sees her shrugging through his memory. He was Spiderman and he was talking to this girl!

What about that kiss?”
“It belongs to someone else… “

This odd feeling came over Peter as the memory forced it’s way through.

Lucky guy.”

Peter swallows back and looks back towards the furious girl before him.

“You’re certain we don’t know one another?”

She nods with a baffled look to her. Bella kept quiet and wrapped her arms back around her knees. Chills came about the both of them all over again. As time went on Peter’s eyes grew heavy. He eventually passed out. When he woke however, the girl was curled up next to him. A small smile formed on his face. He wrapped his arms around her keeping her warm as he possibly could. Once she woke though she’d quickly bolt away from him. This went on for two more nights. He’d fall asleep and wake with her curled up beside him.

They suffered from thirst and hunger pains. The girl on the third day, finally caved. She didn’t move this time. They merely lay there trying to keep as warm as possible.

Aunt May and Charlie Swan passed right by Peter and Bella’s rooms, like they weren’t even there. Just as Quentin had said everything that remained of Peter and Bella was a literal void. People walked right past it without another thought.

All Aunt May remembered was losing Ben. Peter Parker never existed. Because of this though, Aunt May became more recluse and depressed. She kept to herself more. Charlie and Aunt May no longer remembered knowing one another. It was as if they were no more than strangers now. Charlie couldn’t even remember why he’d moved to New York. He went about his life anyhow, but with that odd feeling that something was missing. He just couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

Without Peter and Bella Mike, Charlie, and Aunt May’s lives began to crumble. Mike began to shut down again. He kept to himself he wasn’t his usual bubbly self. Charlie picked up a bit of a drinking habit as well. Aunt May just felt as though the loneliest person on earth.

As for Jacob Black…

He hadn’t received a postcard in some time now. It just wasn’t like Bella. He checked the mail and his email every day, still no word. So he attempted a long distance call on her cellphone. It acted as if it was no longer in service. Jake twirled about in his computer chair. He looked over to Leah.

“That’s weird.”
She looked to him in wonder as she flipped through the channels on the TV. Jake had made a habit as well to always watch the news online that dealt with New York. He’d noticed that Spiderman went back to his red and blue colors. That wasn’t the oddest part. Not only did New York citizens act as if they’d never see him before. Spiderman was now a villain. Mysterio was the newest hero of New York. Arachnia was nowhere to be found. In fact it was as if she never even existed. Jake ran his fingers through his hair in complete confusion.

At one last desperate attempt to get ahold of Bella, he called Charlie.


“Hey Charlie how’s it going?”


He smiled.

“Yes sir.”
“Well hell son how are you?”

“I’m good and you?”

“Can’t complain, look I’m having some trouble getting ahold of Bella. Does she happen to be there?”

Jake laughs.

“You know the paler and smaller version of yourself.”

“Son what are you talking about?”

“Your daughter Charlie, just wanted to see how she was.”

“You know I don’t have a kid. You’re acting rather odd you know that. Are you on something?”

“Please tell me this is some sort of dark sense of humor?”

Charlie sighs on the other end.

“I gotta get to work. Tell Billy I said hi.”

“Charlie!” Jake calls out desperately as he hangs up the phone.

“Something’s not right. Leah, I think Bella and Peter are in trouble.”

Both their jaws drop as they witness Mysterio killing Spiderman on national television.

“What the fuck?!” Jake hoped out of his chair.

“Pack light Leah, we’re heading to New York!”

Four days had passed now. Peter and Bella did their best to aim outside the cage they were in when they urinated. Thankfully there was no need for the other business. They hadn’t anything in their bodies to release. They continued to count on one another for warmth. Peter found himself in suffering off and on though. He fought to keep his desires at bay. Even he didn’t understand why his body was reacting this way under the circumstances they were in. Sex should be the last thing on his mind. Right? But it wasn’t… he constantly had to talk down the beast as it creeped up on him.

Peter was losing the battle though and big time. It didn’t help the dreams he had. She was starring in each of them, like they’d had sex before. These odd things that flashed through his mind… Things like her laughter, smile, and the way she’d look at him. But that was just it. It was more like a dream or memory of some sort. He couldn’t’ quite place it.

Bella rolled over facing him.

“Are we going to die?”
She questioned softly.

“I’d like to think not.”

“I thought my father would have found us by now.”

Peter caressed her cheek. This time she didn’t recoil.

“Someone will, let’s not give up hope just yet.”

Peter sighs feeling it coming on again. He went to back away from her not wanting to get hit again or to offend her.

“Something wrong?” She questions.

He shakes his head and hastily covers himself so she won’t take notice. Bella shrugs. Peter sighs with frustration and comes to his feet once he calms down.

“That’s it…” He growls.

Bella’s jaw drops as Peter leaps up and climbs towards the top of the cage.

“How’d you…?”
She shrieks out though as Peter’s hit with the charge he falls to the ground.


“Please sir, wake up!” She shouted and straddled him as she slapped at his cheeks.

Peter shot up and his eyes widened as he looked upon Bella. He immediately rolled her over and had her pinned down. Without warning he locked lips with hers. Peter eagerly kissed her. Bella gasped out as she felt him pulling her panties to the side.

“What the fuck do you think you’re…”
He shook his head and kissed her again as he placed himself inside. He couldn’t control the animalistic behavior that took over. All he knew was that she was his. He wasn’t sure why. But something in him had him claiming her. The familiarity hit them both. Bella moaned out and her back arched off the ground.


Peter narrowed his eyes as he drove himself within her.

Oh no, you don’t get to say that! Not to me! I’m Spiderman! Don’t you stand there and try to tell me; that I don’t understand the importance, behind all this. Everyone around me Bella their life is at risk as well. I understand a lot more than you can even think. You and I Bella we’re pretty much wearing the same shoes. Instead of standing there fighting me on this. You could try opening up to me. Come on Bella. Do you have any clue just how I feel about you?! This! This right here is killing me. I’m afraid of losing you. I don’t want to lose you. Dammit Bella I love you!”

Peter growled out as the memories suddenly came pouring in.

“I know you…” He hissed as he continued.

“And you know me!” He demanded as he thrusts about her.


Bella cried out in climax as Peter gave her everything he had.


He remembered the way Bella reached to her heart. It was right after he’d defeated Kraven. He’d almost broken it off with her in order to keep her safe. His heart shattered all over again as he made love to her.

No! Don’t even!” He remembered she was about to walk out right out of his life.

But through his own selfishness he couldn’t allow it.

I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you were going to…”

Peter remembered the way they kissed that night. The way she cried. He also remembered his promise… Together Always…

“FUCK!” Peter mouthed as he spilled his seed.

He looked into her eyes.

“Please tell me you remember me…” He whispered.

Her bottom lip quivered and she nodded as tears streamed down her face. He took in a breath of relief and kissed her again.

“So no screaming rape right? Cause I promise you were just as willing!”

They both nervously laughed. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and continued to cry.

“Shh… we’ll figure this out Bella. We always do. This bastard isn’t getting away with this. You have my word.”

“I can’t believe I just had sex with a stranger…” Bella utters in his ear pretending to be appalled.

He softly laughs and kisses her lips.

“I can’t believe you did either. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You were so easy!”


He swallows back and caresses her cheek.

“I’m glad you’re back Bella.” He says meaningfully.

He then kissed the engagement ring on her finger.

“And I do believe I gave you that.”

She smiles. Peter nods and wipes the tears from her face.

“Now let’s work on a plan on how to get the hell out of here.”

He pulls out and groans out at the sensitivity. They both adjust their undergarments and start to come up with a plan.

Jacob and Leah looked to Charlie in complete shock. They walked about Bella’s room. All her stuff remained. The both of them could see everything. Charlie claimed it was a guest room. He saw nothing relating to his own daughter. Jacob felt ill. He hadn’t a clue what was going on. He decided to visit with Mike and Peter’s Aunt May. Leah and Jacob both couldn’t believe what had taken place. Bella and Peter no longer existed amongst the three of them.

Jacob looked upon Leah in damn near hysterics.
“What the fuck is going on around here?”

“I’m just as lost as you are.”

Leah and Jacob walked amongst Brooklyn completely lost. They hadn’t a clue where to even begin. Jacob thought back to the very last postcard, he’d received.

“Jane Foster and Quentin Beck.” He undertone in thought.

He’d remembered how Bella stated Quen had been acting odd as of late.

Peter and Bella decided to brave it one more time. The plan? For the both of them to quickly climb to the top and see if they could lift the top, if it even opened. They saw no other way out. There wasn’t a door. Both figured it would open if they had put enough force behind it.

“Together right?” Peter reminded.

They both took in a deep breath and nodded.

“OK then. Let’s do this. On my count ok, on three.”

Bella nodded.

“One… two… three…” They both fled into immediate action.

They grunted out at the pain that coursed through their bodies. When they got to the top, they gave it all they had. The top finally scooted off with both their strengths behind it. However… it was too much. Peter and Bella hit the floor and were out cold.

“I haven’t a clue whom you’re referring to.”

Jake half laughs and shakes his head. This guy’s girlfriend had been acting funny the entire time. That and both wolves smelled something fishy around here. Quentin looked into Jake’s eyes. He started to feel funny.

“And you don’t have any idea who you’re talking about either. There is no Peter or Bella.”

Leah snapped her attention towards the boys during this. She growled out and socked Quen in the face.

“Not my man dipshit!”

She grabs Jake and shakes him out of it. Once Jake realized what the bastard was trying to do they both shifted.

“SHIT!” Quen jumped back.

Jake growled out and leaped on him. This thunderous barking like sound came from his mouth. He dragged him out by the collar. Leah gently took Jane by the hand. She knew something wasn’t right with her. They’d managed to find Quen’s apartment.

They scared Quen into showing them where he was holding Peter and Bella. They followed Quen in wolf form throughout Brooklyn. They ignored the screams of terror, running, and looks they were getting. Jake had had enough. He was ready to rip this guy a new one. They followed him to an abandoned warehouse. Quen lifted up a hatchway door. He had created a passage way from the school’s theater basement to this very room.

Jake and Leah froze at the sight however. Quen cut on the lights and before them lay Peter and Bella motionless in a cage. Jake shifted back naked as a jaybird but not giving a shit.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” He growled out and slammed Quen up against the wall. Leah whimpered out and paced the area of the cage. She sniffed around trying to see if they were still alive.

She shifted back.

“Jake they’re alive but barely their pulses are faint.”

Jake nodded and dragged Quen along with him. Jake leaped on inside the cage. He scooped up Bella first and lay her down next to Leah. Leah began to check her over. He then grabbed Peter. Peter’s eyes shot open.


Jake nodded and set him down. Peter hurriedly crawled over to Bella.

“Bella…” He whispered as he shook her.

“Bella come on now, wake up. You won’t believe who found us.” He says with a small grin.

Jake tilts his head upon the devices on their necks. He rips the one off Peter’s neck, then Bella’s.

“Bella…” Peter continues to try and stir her awake.

He tries scooping her up and waking her. Her entire body however was limp in his hold. He looks to Leah and Jake startled.

“No! Dammit Bella NO that wasn’t the deal! Together remember?! I’m awake so now it’s time you wake up as well.”

“WAKE UP!” He snaps and shakes her more harshly.

Jake puts a hand upon his shoulder.

“No she’s fucking waking up! That was the deal! We’re supposed to be in this together! DAMMIT BELLA DON’T YOU DARE BREAK YOUR PROMISE YOU WAKE UP NOW!” Peter shouted on top of his lungs.

The three of them scanned her over with their senses. Jake shuts his eyes feeling ill.

“She’s slipped into a coma bro…”
Peter shakes his head.

“No…” He half laughs.


Jake reached around and socked Quen in the gut.


Leah shifts back into her wolf form and bares her teeth to Quen.

Quen had one last performance. Leah and Jake made certain it truly was his BEST EVER! He returned the citizens of New York’s memories all of them. All except the knowledge of who Spiderman and Arachnia were. They also made him release his hold on Mike and Jane. Both of them were under his hypnosis. He’d turned them into his little puppets. Once Jane and Mike recollected what had truly taken place. They beat the shit out of Quen. Leah and Jake high fived one another, but they were far from done. They also had to erase any knowledge Quentin had of Spiderman and Arachnia’s true identities. Through the brilliance of none other than Jane Foster, she successfully achieved that goal by giving Quen a taste of his own medicine. It took her a bit to learn his little tricks. However, once she got them down she had Quentin believing he was a refugee and had him frightened out of his mind. He didn’t even bother to pack he left asap.

Meanwhile, Peter, Charlie, and even Aunt May awaited in the hospital room, five days had passed Bella hadn’t come to. They had her on an IV and feeding tube now. Peter hadn’t left her even for a second. The only time Charlie left was to get a cup of coffee. Graduation was in three days. Jake called to the reservation back home and let them know the situation. Neither was leaving until Bella woke.

Peter blamed himself naturally. They’d seen all the signs that something wasn’t right. Yet he ignored it. Even his Spider senses told him something was off. Still he sat back and let it happen. Even Charlie tried his best to convince Peter it wasn’t his or Spiderman’s fault. Both men were devastated as time continued on. Mike was on damn near suicide watch as the memories of what happened took over. Jake did everything in his power to help him. It took the work of Alex(Mike’s father), Charlie, Peter, and Jake to calm Mike down. It got even worse once he saw Bella in the hospital.

On the 7th day the doctors came in and began to go over choices on what to do with Charlie. Peter overheard and grew sick. They wanted her off life support. The doctors had tried to convince Charlie that if she had woke up now she could very well be either brain dead or have possible brain damage. Peter however could still sense her and he wasn’t buying it.

Once the doctors left the room and left Charlie to make his decision. Peter locked eyes with him.

“You don’t truly believe that right? This is Bella we’re talking about. She’s still in there sir I can feel it! I know she is!”

Charlie lowers his head and pinches his eyes shut. He staggers back in a chair.


Aunt May covers her mouth and cries into a tissue.

“We’re not giving up on her.” Peter demands and punches at the wall.

“I’m not son…” Charlie utters in a broken voice.

“If there’s one thing I don’t know how to do is let go. I never will…”
That’s exactly what they did. Graduation day eventually passed. Mike, Leah, Jake, Jane and Peter spent that evening after in the room with Bella. They talked to her and watched movies as if she was right there talking to them. Peter never let go of her hand. Charlie remained in the room as well, but kept to himself as he read some sort of sports magazine.

“Mom…?” Everyone in the room grew dead silent.

Charlie immediately hopped up and turned off the TV. Bella blinked a few times as everyone in the room’s heart dropped. Bella’s eyes squinted as she looked upon the room. Her eyes fixed directly upon her father.

“Is she here?”

Charlie swallowed back with confusion and his heart began to race.

“No Bella your mother isn’t here.”

Bells took in a breath.

“I saw her… She was standing right there!” Bella pointed beside Peter.

“She told me it was time to get up.”

Charlie covered his mouth in shock. Peter shut his eyes momentarily.

“Your mother’s right Bells. It is time to get up. You’ve kept us waiting long enough.” Charlie says softly and takes her hand.

Bella looks to everyone else. She rises once she fully takes notice of Peter.


He takes in a huge breath of relief. Jake smiles and pats him on the back.

“You were right buddy.” Jake laughs.

“You were right!” He announces again happily.

“Right?” Bella questions.

Peter’s eyes never left hers.

“I told everyone you were a pain in the ass.” He utters with a smirk.

Charlie chokes back in laughter and tears.
“Hell son I can’t even get mad at you for that one. Not when it’s the damn truth.”

Four years later…

“What’s the deal with you and ice cream when we’re dealing with criminals?”

Arachnia shrugs as she walks past Spiderman. He was hanging upside down on a web.

“And how come you never bring me any?”

She shrugs again and continues eating it. He fires a shot of web at her ass.

“See you keep doing that and that’s where it’s going to go STRAIGHT TO YOUR…”

Arachnia spins around and webs his mouth shut.

“Watch it Spidey.”
He fires another web stealing her ice cream and takes off. Arachnia spins her web chasing after him. He chuckles as he continues throughout New York. Little was she aware what he was truly up too. They’d had the worst luck when it came to weddings. Two of theirs had been ruined already one by a villain they had to face. The other was because they were both no shows to their own wedding because of the same villain later on. Only with him locked away now… Peter decided to take things into his own hands.

Arachnia chased him throughout New York until they got to the Botanical Gardens. Bella looked down as she felt a draft. She noticed she was in a wedding dress. Spiderman landed before her and appeared as Peter Parker in a black tux. He bowed down before her.

She dropped down from her web and Peter caught her. The trail of her dress had a web design going down it. Her hair was wild and free, the way Peter preferred it. He sat her down and rose back up. Peter took her hand from there and led her to the wedding reception he’d already had set up. Bella came to complete stop. Peter smirked as the look of shock came about her face.

“Peter…?” She softly questions.

All of their friends and family was there and dressed in their best. The wedding colors were red and white. Red roses and rose petals were spread about the area. White benches are what the guest sat upon. Only they all rose once they saw Peter and Bella. Charlie made his way over and offered his arm.


Charlie merely winked as the wedding march started. He led her down the aisle as Peter rushed to his post. Bella softly laughs.

They’d just earned their teaching degrees. Both were to teach high school this next oncoming school year. They also had their own apartment now. Over the span of the years they’d met other heroes as well and had become friends with them. Apparently what Bella had told Jane had actually come true. Her wedding date was Thor a thunder god that came from some realm by the name of Asgard. Bella had become friends with Kitty Pyrde who was with some group known as the X-Men. Her wedding date was Colossus he too an X-Men. Peter’s friend Harry Osborne was there as well. He had attended college with them.

After Charlie handed Bella off to Peter. He went and sat by Aunt May. He had his arm around her as she began to cry, but tears of joy. Once Peter and Bella finally sealed the deal, everyone clapped, whistled or hollered out. Peter and Bella laughed as they both had their first kiss as husband and wife. Peter pulled the classic dipping pose. Once he pulled her back up he pressed his forehead against hers.

“Finally…” He whispered.

Bella smiled.

“Not so bad Mr. Parker. “

“Only for you Mrs. Parker…”


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  1. Fabulous hon, I loved every word…and sad to see it end…thanks for sharing your talent with us…until next time…bigg huggs. Peggy

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