Chapter 3 I Kissed What?

Chapter 3

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Peter leans back in back in his chair. He looks over towards Bella’s apartment. He folds his arms about his chest in thought. Gwen Stacy asked him to take her on a date. This weekend as a matter of fact. Still he was in shock. He’d wanted to ask her out. He just didn’t have the balls to do so. However, he looks out the window conflicted now. Gwen never really showed much interest in him until now. He wondered why. Sure she says hello every now and then, but other than that nothing. He shouldn’t even question it right. What guy does? Men would kill for this opportunity. Which also made Peter question why? Why him? She was gorgeous and popular. He was well he was Peter Parker plain and simple.

He needed to get his mind off things. Peter pulls out his drawer. This would make the first night he put his abilities to the test. He skims through his sketch pad at the multitude of suits he’d created. He didn’t have the material he needed at the moment. So for now he had to use what he had. He holds up the red hood. Yet again he looks towards Bella’s apartment. He found himself wondering if she was home and what she was doing.

Peter closes his blinds and gets in his makeshift costume for now. Once he’s got it on he looks into the mirror. A new vote of confidence rather built up within him. Something about the idea of knowing no one would know who he was. It was exciting. Little was he aware just how it’d truly hit him until tonight…

“I’m serious Mike no more shopping!”

She groans out miserably. They head to the car and he chuckles. Bella shoves the bags into the trunk and slams it shut.

“Hey easy on my beauty here.”

“It’s just a car.”

He ignores her and gets in.

“Wanna hit a movie before we go home?”

“Sure.” She says with a shrug.

Once they get their tickets and popcorn. Mike looks over to Bella.

“So have you talked to Peter lately?

She shrugs and tosses a piece of popcorn in her mouth.

“You mean besides school?”
Mike nods.

“Well we’re all neighbors after all?”

Bella sips at her soda and they hand the man their tickets.

“No Mike I haven’t talked to him outside of school.”


“Let it go Mike. I mean come on you pointed out the obvious yourself.”

“Bella I was joking. Come on now. You know that.”

“I really shouldn’t be thinking about that anyway.”

Mike rolls his eyes.

He’s not even worth your thoughts, much less your energy.”

Peter hollered out with a huge grin planted on his face. He spun about the city swinging from building to building. He was pulling of moves he never dreamed he could. At one point he bravely fires off with both wrists. He bobs about between two skyscrapers. He then uses this to fling himself into the air he comes back down in a twirling somersault. He lands coming down in a crouching stance; with one hand to the ground.

He chuckles on this shaking his head.

“Now that was awesome.” He utters softly.

He already knew he could climb buildings with no issues whatsoever. He was flexible, fast, strong. He was discovering more and more about what he was capable of. He fires his web again and takes off towards another building. He plants himself there for a moment in a crouching stance. He looks over the city taking it all in. He remembered his Uncle’s words. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Yet it was his fault. Uncle Ben was dead because of him! Peter shakes his head coming to a full stand. He staggers back at the memory. He shakes his head. He takes off his ski mask suddenly feeling as though he was suffocating. He growls out pulling at his hair. No matter how much he tried to overcome the guilt. He couldn’t. He could barely stand to look upon Aunt May now. She’d fallen apart without Uncle Ben around. Aunt May begin to look older than she was really was as of late. She stayed at home more than usual.

He hadn’t even told her yet. He should. He knew she needed to be mad at him. She should. Uncle Ben’s death was on his shoulders! He’d never forgive himself. He and his uncle might’ve not always seen eye to eye. But he was like a father to Peter. The closest thing he’d ever really know of. The buildup continues in his throat. Once again he gazes upon the city beneath him. He nods coming to a decision. “For you Uncle Ben.” He puts the ski mask and hood back on. He nods to himself and continues about the city.

A group of guys come in and immediately fixate on Mike. Bella takes notice of this and looks back to Mike. He shakes his head and slouches back in his chair.

“Who are they?”

“Trouble…” Mike sighs as they sit directly in front of them.

“Look maybe we should go.”

Bella looks to him taken back a bit. It was never like Mike to act that way.


Mike comes to his feet and takes her hand.

“Let’s go Bella.”

“But the movie…”
Bella turns as the guys start laughing.

“He’s really got you fooled.” One of the guy’s smart off.

Bella goes to stop looking to them oddly.

“COME ON!” Mike says dragging her out of one of the side doors.

“What’s with you?”

He continues to drag her towards his car. Bella looks back to see the four guys following them.

Mike grits his teeth and shoves his keys into Bella’s hand.

“Run to the car. Don’t look back.”

Bella screams out as one of the guys grabs Mike by the hair.

“Didn’t we tell you? We didn’t want to see your kind around here anymore. You little fag.”

Bella’s jaw drops and she rushes towards Mike.

“NO!” Mike yells holding up a hand.

“Stay back hun.”

The guys turn their attention to Bella.

“Let me guess. You didn’t know you’re little boyfriend here; was nothing more than a queer.”

“YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE ASSHOLE!” Bella reaches over and goes to shove the guy off Mike.

Bella gets grabbed from behind. They wrap their hand around her mouth. They drag her away from Mike as she struggles in their hold. Mike becomes furious and punches one of the guys in the face. They swing back and Mike stumbles back. One of the men grabs him from behind.

“She needs to see what happens. You know to those that support your kind.”

“NO!” Mike shouts.

They sock him in the gut. Mike tries his hardest to break free. Bella stomps on the guy’s foot that’s holding her. She then twirls around and shoves him back with all she’s got. She uses the pepper spray her father gave her. The guy hollers out in pain. She then knees him in the groin.

Peter crawls along one of the rooftops. He shakes his head on the sight below him. Wait what’s this? Are you serious? What are the odds? He thinks to himself. Peter notices how well Bella’s holding her own however. Meanwhile, Mike was getting the crap beat out of him. In all fairness it was three against one. He swings down. Peter knocks one of the guys down. He swiftly turns and fires his web at the guy holding Mike back.

“What the fuck?” The other guy snaps at him.

“You know I don’t like your tone.” Peter fires at his mouth.

The guys eyes widen as his mouth is webbed shut.

Bella looks back in shock. The man was in a red hooded sweater giant black spider across the front and back. His face covered by a red ski mask and hood. He wore blue jeans and black Converse. Her focus however, goes back to Mike who’s arched back against the wall. She takes off that direction.

“Hey get back here you little bitch.” The guy yells reaching for Bella.

Peter immediately turns anger coursing through him. He grits his teeth under his ski mask. Wrong girl to be calling a bitch! He fires at his crotch and drags him towards him.

“What are you? YOU FREAK!”

“Yeah likes that’s going to help you!” Peter says tilting his head.

Bella comes to Mike’s aid.


“I’m ok…”

She shakes her head taking his hand. Bella turns back off and on watching as this man continues to deal with the men. She couldn’t get over how precise and fast he was. Bella looks back down to Mike.

“Jesus Mike.”

She takes off her jacket and places it on his busted lip and nose. She pulls Mike into her chest. Peter turns around seeing they were safe and sound now. He keeps his distance.

“Now what I wouldn’t give to be him at the moment…” Peter smarts. Bella looks down gathering what the man meant. Mike was still pressed up against her chest. Her jaw drops.

“Did you just…”

Peter shrugs clearing his throat.

“I mean… is your friend ok Ms?”

She looks up to the man. Mike groans out, but forces himself up. Bella helps him keep his balance.

“I’m fine Bella.”

“Um no you’re not!”

Mike comes to a full stand.

“See I’m fine.”

Bella sighs as he starts walking away.

“Dammit Mike don’t be an idiot!”

Peter tilts his head. He wanted to play some more. Something had him riled up, about being able to flirt with Bella. Something he didn’t have the nerve to do without the mask.

“You held your own pretty good back there.”

Bella turns back towards the man.


“I saw what you did. Some pretty swift moves. Rather hot actually. Kudos on the pepper spray as well. I especially liked the part where you kneed him in the groin.”

“Who are you?”
Peter smiles under his mask.

“You know most guys get a kiss for such a heroic event.”

Her jaw drops again and she shakes her head in disbelief.

“Just think of me as your friendly neighborhood…. watch…” Peter sighs on how cheesy that sounded.

“Neighborhood watch?” She questions rushing back to Mike’s side as he continues towards the car.

She turns back to see him fire off his web. From there he vanishes.

Bella helps Mike into the car taking his keys.

“You don’t know the first thing about driving in Brooklyn.”

“Well you’re in certainly no shape to drive. Guess it’s time I learned.”

“Oh we’re so dead.”


“I know. I know shut up.” He groans miserably.

Bella sighs and reaches over hugging him.

“Are you sure you’re ok Mike? Maybe we should go to the hospital.”

“I’m fine hun. Let’s just go home.”



“Did you know those guys?”



“Bella they’re just a bunch of haters. It happens. I made the mistake once of hitting on one of them. I assumed he was gay. The way he acted and dressed to be honest. I thought he was giving me the eye too. Ever since then they’ve managed to make my life hell.”

“Jesus Mike you should report them to the police. Does your dad know about this?”

Mike sighs.

“Bella… you know how my dad feels about my coming out as it is.”

Bella grips the wheel in memory on that. She hasn’t quite respected Mike’s father since. Only further prove of how Charlie could be a saint. Not only did he manage to sit Mr. Newton straight. Charlie had once told her he’d love her no matter her life choices. Charlie was like that though. He had a big heart and he was hardly judgmental of anyone. That and he treated Mike with the upmost respect.

However, there was a time Mike stayed with Charlie and Bella for a bit. His own father kicked him out. Told him he wasn’t going to have a freak for a son. He even tried to talk Bella into seducing his own son; in hopes she could someone change Mike’s mind. She told him off big time. After that Charlie took it upon himself to deal with his best friend. Bella never knew what was said or done. All she knew was his father came and got him after that. He even apologized and hugged Mike. Still she knew he and Mike had a bit of an estranged relationship since.

“I’m sorry Mike. I can’t even imagine.”

“Don’t Bella. Ok, I don’t want you concerning yourself with my issues.”

“You’re like my best friend Mike of course I’m going to!”

He sighs, but breaks into a smile.

“So who was that sexy, sexy man that saved us?”

Bella finds herself smiling as well now. She drops her hold on Mike and leans back in her seat.

“I’ve no idea, but even I have to admit it was pretty cool. I’d never seen such a thing.”

However, she frowns remembering how arrogant he sounded.

“He sure had a mouth on him.”

Mike chuckles.

“OH yeah he did. Hmm.” Mike sighs.

“He’s a hot mess!” Mike says with excitement.

Bella laughs.

“What am I going to do with you Mike?”

“Nothing… you’re not my type. But hero boy back there? Hello!”

Bella shakes her head on this and starts the car.

The next day Peter’s taking out the trash for Aunt May. Bella’s on her porch writing in some sort of spiral. He tilts his head on this. She was wearing denim shorts today, low heel white Converse, and ACDC shirt. He felt like drooling the longer he stared. He grins however, seeing she’s using his Ipod. Peter was about to head into town his date was tonight. That and he found himself needing a job. If he was going to be dating Gwen Stacy he’d need some money. Luckily he’d saved some up for tonight. Peter crosses the street. He sneaks up on Bella. He crouches down and Bella jumps.


He laughs and as Bella’s pen goes across her journal.

“Oops.” Peter says looking down.

Bella quickly slams shut her journal.

“So whatcha writing?”


“Oh… well that’s a whole lot of nothing.”

Bella smiles. She takes notice of how he’s dressed. He looked kind of sexy he thought. He was wearing a white dress shirt, black blazer and jeans. It seemed to work for him. Without thinking she mouths off.

“Lookin’ sharp there… You got a date or something?”

“Um thanks and yeah actually yeah I do.”

Bella nods. She swallows back. She felt really stupid right now.

“Oh well… good luck.”
“Thanks.” He says and sits beside her.

He cracks up though making out what she’s listening to.

“HA! I knew it!”

Bella blushes.

“Ok so you’re right. It grows on you.”

He grins and leans back.

“By the way I’ve been officially welcomed to Brooklyn.”

“How so?” He questions curiously.

“Mike and I were jumped the other night.”

He pretends to be in shock.

“Really?! Are you two alright?”

“Yeah…” She makes an odd face and looks to the sky.

“These guys were some real jerks. Obviously they had it out for Mike…” She didn’t want to go into detail out of respect for Mike.

“They didn’t hurt you did they?”

“No, but Mike got a pretty good beating.”

Peter noticed how she looked as though she might start crying. Bella clears her throat.


She sighs shaking her head.

“It was crazy though. This guy Peter I swore he came out of nowhere. He was so fast. He kicked those guys asses.” She smiles shaking her head.

“They got what they deserved.”

It takes Peter all his will not to grin on this.


“You should have seen him.” She wanted to tell him about that thing, he was doing with his wrists. How she swore up and down it was some sort of web material. She doubt he’d believe her. Besides Mike Peter was her only other friend. She wasn’t about to run him off by telling some tall tale. Even if she knew it to be true. Bella knew what she saw.

“If it wasn’t for this guy. There’s no telling what would have happened.”

“Sounds like you had a pretty exciting night.”

She smiles.

“You could say that. The guy had some mouth on him though. He was a bit cocky.”

Was I that bad? I was cocky? I’m cocky? Peter back traces and remembers some of the things he said.

“How so?”

“Just some of the things he was saying.”

“Such as?”

Bella blushes.

“He mentioned something about me kissing him…”

Peter chuckles.

“He must’ve really liked you.”

Bella shrugs.

“It’d never work…” She says in a teasing matter.

HUH?! Wait why does that bother me? I’m about to go on a date with Gwen?! He swallows back feeling strange about her comment.

“Why’s that?”

“I hate spiders. Like I think I have arachnophobia. This guy had a giant spider spray painted on his back and chest on some sort of red hoodie. In some ways he even acted as though one.”

“He sounds deep and troubled Bella!” Peter mocks tauntingly.

Bella laughs.

“You maybe right, still we rather owe him one. I’d hate to think what they’d had done to Mike if…” He notes the way her hands ball up into fists.

He put his arm around her.

“Hey its ok now…”

Bella nods.

“I know. I just hate guys like that. Mike… he didn’t deserve that. He’s had a hard enough time.” She looks back towards Mike’s apartment.

“I can only imagine.” Peter says gathering the hint.

He thought he’d change the subject. He hated seeing her so upset.

“So you got any plans tonight?”

“Hmm maybe a pint with Mike and some silly romantic comedy…”


“He’s a cookie dough ice cream fan…” She hints.


The conflicting thoughts continue to mess with Peter. He found himself wanting to ask her if he could see her tonight after his date. What’s wrong with me? He refrains and comes back to his feet.

“Well I better get going. I just wanted to come say hello.”

“Well hello.” She says with a smile.

However, something on her face… He couldn’t quite read what it was.

“She’s really pretty Peter.”


“Um Gwen… you know the girl you’re taking out tonight?”

“Right…” He shrugs.

“Have fun.”

“You too.”

She watches as he heads back. Not long after a cab pulls up. Peter hops in and waves as the cab driver drives away.

She turns seeing Mike coming out of his apartment. He’s walking over with a couple movies in hand. Bella laughs at the situation.

“What are you laughing about?”

“OH a little of this and a lot of that.”

He nods looking towards Peter’s apartment.

Damn… Peter thinks as Gwen steps out. She was in this short black skirt, high heel boots and white blouse. She wore a black headband in her hair and she left it down. He couldn’t stop staring. Nor could he believe he was getting to date that! He quickly gets out of the cab and walks around. He opens the door for her.

“Thank you Peter.”

He nods feeling flustered. His eyes nearly bulged out as she took her seat in the cab. Her skirt hiked up even higher revealing even more. He forces himself to snap out of it. Peter shuts the door and makes his way back inside.

“You look nice Peter.”

He looks down to his clothes. Gwen smiles and crosses her legs.

“You look really nice too.”

“Why thank you!”

He nods again and forces himself to look away. However, Bella enters his mind and he finds himself smiling. He thought about what she said. He leans back.

“Something on your mind?” Gwen questions.

“No, not really.”

After they arrive at the restaurant, Peter opens her door. He then takes her hand and leads her inside. The hostess leads them to table. He pulls out a chair for her. He then takes a seat. This was a bit more upscale than he was used to. He just figured with Gwen she might not be too keen on pizza. Peter looks over as Gwen’s looking upon her menu. She smiles at him. He smiles in return.

“So…” Peter says clearing his throat nervously.

She puts down her menu. Gwen gives him her full attention.

He sighs trying to think of how to word it.

“Why me?” Is what spills out.

She narrows her eyes.

“What do you mean Peter?”

He shrugs.

“I have to be honest. You sort of threw me for a loop; when you asked if I’d take you out.”

“Let’s just say I had my eyes opened. I’ve always liked you Peter.”

“Eyes opened?”

She nods sipping at her drink.

“The new girl at school, I thought you were dating.”

I wish… WAIT WHAT?! What was that?! To make matters worse… He thought he said this to himself.

“I wish.”

The look on Gwen’s face…

“I mean…” What do I mean?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING PETER PARKER?!
Gwen looked as though she’d been slapped. Peter felt like a royal dick.


“It’s ok Peter…”

He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I’ve totally screwed up this date haven’t I?” He says miserably.

She softly laughs.

“It’s ok Peter. I know you didn’t mean it.”

Wait what?”

“You meant me right?” She says doing that batting eye thing girls do.

Go for it Peter your one way ticket out. Most girls would have slapped the hell out of you and ran. What’s with her? That’s not normal? I mean is it? Granted I’m new to the whole dating thing. Even so this doesn’t happen! Is this normal?

“Um yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. Bella’s just a friend.”

Gwen smiles. Peter was completely baffled.

“I know. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you like me.”

HUH? Am I that transparent?

“I won’t lie though. I am a little jealous.”


“The new girl.”


She nods and picks her menu back up. He doesn’t comment. This date was turning out to be a total disaster. He’d managed to say and do all the wrong things in the matter of minutes.

Somehow, for reasons Peter will never truly fathom. The rest of the date went ok. That was until it was time to drop Gwen off. The both of them sat in the cab.

“I really had a good time Peter.”

“Um yeah it was fun.” Eh…

Gwen leans over and catches him off-guard yet again. She starts kissing him. Not just any kiss. A tonsil hockey kiss. Something Peter had always dreamed of. Only… it wasn’t. What was wrong with this picture? He had one of the hottest girls in school throwing herself at him. Yet he had another in mind. The same girl that’s been on his mind throughout the entire date. He never dreamed that kissing Gwen Stacy would be a bit of a downer. It was nothing like he imagined it would be. Making this even worse. It was the first kiss he’d ever had in his entire life. Very disappointing, he’d hoped the moment to be something entirely different. Gwen starts getting even more into it though. Peter takes it upon himself to gently break away first. For the first time ever he was beginning to see Gwen Stacy in a different light. She wasn’t what he wanted after all. He hated this feeling.

Gwen however, was all into it. She pulls back with a smile. She fixes her hair before she goes to open the door.

“So again sometime?”

“Um… when I’m ready I’ll call.”

“I’d really like that.”

“Um yeah we’ll see.”

She heads on out. Normally, this is the part where Peter walks her to her door. Instead, he smacks himself in the head with the palm of his hand.

“Oh no…” He groans out miserably.

“Worst date ever.” He mumbles.

The taxi driver starts laughing.

“What are you an idiot?”

“Yeah a big one.”

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