Chapter 5 I Don’t Date Guys In Unitard

Chapter 5

I’ve checked, but still do not own the rights to Marvel or Twilight Characters.

“Peter what on earth?”

Peter had tried to move past his Aunt May as he walked in the door.

“What happened to your face?!”

He sighs and makes his way to the fridge.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“Peter! And where have you been its late. I was worried.”

Peter looks to his Aunt.

“I’m sorry Aunt May didn’t mean to make you worry.”

She shakes her head. She opens the freezer and grabs a frozen bag of peas. Aunt May holds it to his face.

“Don’t… I’m fine.” He says taking over.

“Well at least let me warm you up some leftovers.”

Peter shuts his eyes for a moment. He didn’t want her fussing over him. She had enough to deal with. Aunt May starts taking leftovers from the fridge. The guilt only continued to pile up on him. Here she was going out and beyond for him. HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT! He gently grabs her hand and takes the bowls. He places them back into the fridge. He then shuts the fridge. Peter sits her down. He paces the kitchen for a bit.

“Peter you’re scaring me what’s wrong?”

He stops in his tracks and he turns to her.

“It’s my fault.”

“What’s your fault sweetheart?”

He turns and grips the counter with his hands.

“I never told you. I was afraid to. I…”

She comes to her feet and makes her way over. Aunt May puts a hand upon his back.

“Uncle Ben’s dead because of me! I LET HIM DIE!”

Her jaw drops.

“What are you talking about?! How could you even possibly think such a thing?!”

“Because it’s true!”

He turns to face her. Tears streaming down his face.

“Peter…” She says softly putting a hand to her heart.

“The man that killed Uncle Ben; he’d just robbed a store. The very store I happened to have been in.

I witnessed everything. I could have stopped him, but I didn’t. I let the guy go. I let him walk right past me! The cashier asked for my help on detaining him. I specifically told him. That it wasn’t MY PROBLEM!

I had just made it across the street. Not long after I hear the gunshot. I turned and it was Uncle Ben.

The guy that robbed the store killed him Aunt May! The same guy I told the cashier wasn’t my problem!

He killed Uncle Ben! I could have prevented it! If I had just done something anything!”

His Aunt shakes her head. She grabs a tissue and cries into it.

“I’m so sorry. I know there’s no forgiveness for such a thing. I don’t deserve it! I don’t deserve anything you do for me!”

“Now you listen to me young man! The weight of the world isn’t on your shoulders! These things they happen! You can’t spend the rest of your life taking the blame. That’s not what he’d want. So you made a mistake!”

Peter flinches at her words.

“It could have happened to anyone!”

“No! I don’t accept that! You don’t understand. If only…”

“Oh I understand perfectly. And you’re not pushing me away that easily. You hear me Peter!”

He shuts his eyes for a moment. She wraps her arms around him.

“I love you Peter. Always remember that.”

Peter falls apart in her hold. She holds him tighter.

Peter grabs his hot cocoa on the way out. He sees Bella coming out of the apartment. A newspaper practically glued to her face. He narrowed his eyes at this. She continues walking and Peter see’s it coming as she’s trips about to fall flat on her face. He quickly makes his way over and catches her. She gasps out and her eyes widen.

“Jesus!” She looks to see, she would have landed right on her face if he hadn’t caught her.

“Um thanks. Quick reflexes you got there.”

They turn to see Mike. He too with a newspaper in hand. He waved it about the air.

“Bella you won’t believe this!” He shouts.

Peter shrugs in thought. He goes to take a drink of his hot cocoa. Just as he sees the picture on the front cover of the newspaper. It was Spiderman… he chokes back and spits all over Bella’s paper.


He covers his mouth and continues to choke.

“What’s with you?” She pats him on the back.

“Must’ve went down the wrong pipe.”

Mike finally catches up.

“Look!” He says.

Bella sighs.

“I know I already read it. Thankfully, before Peter managed to ruin it.”

“Sorry Bella.”

She smiles.

“You’re forgiven.”

“Isn’t that?” Mike questions Bella.
“I guess, but he looks different. I mean what’s with the spandex?” Bella says and yanks the paper out of Mike’s hand.

Peter narrows his eyes at her comment. What’s wrong with spandex?

“Hmm…” She twists the paper around in various ways.

“I suppose I can get over it. If that’s even the same guy. He’s certainly bumped it up a bit. Not bad really. I like the colors.” She says with a shrug.

“Look at that ass though Bella. You could bounce a roll of quarters off that. I’m telling you it’s the same guy. I know a good ass when I see one.”

Peter’s eyes widen. He refrained from looking at his own.

She peers back over to the picture.

“I suppose he does have a nice ass.” She says with another shrug.

Peter was losing it; his mind going ninety to nothing. Yet, what Bella just said messed with his mind something fierce. He swallows back in thought. How did that picture get out and that fast?! It was just last night!

The other students on the bus are also talking about it. A few of them also had the paper. Bella overhears what some of them are saying though. She sighs irritated. Her father already told her what actually took place. This paper was mostly full of shit. They were making him out to be some sort of villain. Once they take their seats she hears a couple of girls gossiping about it. She wrinkles her nose and leans back in her seat.

“Idiots.” Bella utters.

She looks over though and quickly raises back up.


She reaches over cupping his chin.

“What happened to your face?”

She questions seeing how bruised his cheek was. He sighs.

“Skating accident.”

“You really should be more careful.”

Peter shakes his head on this. He remembered what she said about people lying to her. He just became one of them. Oh no… he thinks.

“Does it hurt?”

He looks over to everyone reading the paper on the bus. His nerves were getting to him big time. He certainly didn’t expect this. Not only was Spiderman now public. He just lied to Bella. That was never his intention.



“I asked if it hurt?”

He shakes his head.

“Are you alright? You seem a bit off today.”

“I’s ok.”

She smiles.


He clears his throat.

“I mean I’m ok Bella.”

“This picture’s going up in my locker!”

Peter hears Mike as he sits behind them. Could this day get any worse?! Bella laughs at Mike’s comment. She looks out the window. Bella looked to have been blushing. This had Peter’s curiosity. He nudges her.

“What are you thinking about?”

Bella shrugs stuffing her hands into her pockets.

“What my dad said about this guy. That paper has it all wrong Peter. Charlie said that Spiderman took down those robbers and handed them over to the police. That paper barely touches on that. All it’s focusing on is the driver that was shot. It makes it sound as if this Spiderman person shot him. Charlie said he didn’t even have a gun on him. That they even had proof that the gun was one of the robbers. It was a friendly fire on their part. Still the lies are all right there. This guy finds a way to help society and they spit in his face. Ok so the guy has a mouth on him. But I didn’t get the impression that he was a murderer. Neither did my dad.”

Bella half laughs.

“Besides, I’ve seen how this guy moves. He doesn’t need a gun in order to take a life. If he so wished. He could probably use his bare hands.”

Peter was truly dying… He couldn’t’ believe what she was saying. In fact he couldn’t believe any of this. Once the bus comes to a stop. Peter rushes off the bus. Mike and Bella look to one another oddly. They make their way inside. Only to see a circle formed around Gwen Stacy as she tells her story.

Bella and Mike listen curiously. She’s telling everyone about how Spiderman saved her.

Bella nudges Mike.

“See… Just what I thought he’s a vigilante! Not a villain. Even ten kinds of crazy over there thinks so!”

“Well either way… He’s mine.” Mike says with a grin.

“Ugh, Mike you’re so disturbed.”

Bella and he continue onto their lockers. Bella giggles as Mike tapes Spiderman’s picture onto his locker.

Meanwhile, Peter was losing his breakfast in the bathroom. Once he’s done he flushes. He makes his way to the sink and rinses out his mouth. He then rinses his face off. Peter looks into the mirror. An inner war tossed about his mind. What now? He takes in a deep breath. He grabs his board and backpack. He heads back out.

Peter enters class and Bella cuts him a concerned glance.

During lunch the three of them sit in silence. The talks of Spiderman filled the school; some believed him to be a hero, others not so much. Bella ignored the rueful glances Gwen kept giving her off and on. Peter sighs taking notice as well.

“Sorry Bella.”

“Don’t… I’m a big girl. I can handle Barbie.”

Peter finds himself chuckling.

“Actually, I don’t doubt that for a second.” He meant it too.

“MIKE!” Bella reaches over for her backpack.

Mike swiped. Peter tilted his head with his arms crossed about his chest. He took a good long stare at her ass. He swallowed back as it wiggled at one point once she got her bag back.

“I just needed a piece of paper.” Mike says as he had her journal in hand.

Bella’s eyes widen.

“NO Mike!”

Mike ignores her and opens the journal. He grins and looks directly at Bella. Peter narrowed his eyes seeing his name in the journal. Bella climbs onto the table and yanks the journal out from Mike’s hold. Mike dies laughing.

Meanwhile, Peter was wondering why his name was in there. What did it say? And who’s Edward? Bella rolls back off the table.

“You can be such a jerk Mike I swear.”

“Ah, come on now hun. I didn’t know what it was.”

The bell rings and Bella promptly grabs her bag. She dumps out her tray and rushes to class.

Couple days later…

Peter paces his room in thought. It was driving him mad. The more time he spent with Bella. The more torturous his thoughts became. He’d tried multiply now to ask her out. Hell he even tried once to tell her the actual truth. Peter just couldn’t grasp the nerve. He still felt guilty about the one lie. He didn’t want to be on the list of people Bella didn’t trust. Peter was lost on what to do. He desperately wanted somehow to find the nerve to flirt with her. To ask her out! To kiss her. He’d been having some pretty vivid dreams about Bella as well lately. He found himself aroused again in thought. He half growls frustrated. However, an idea came to mind. He narrows his eyes upon the desk. If there was one person besides, Flash that didn’t have a problem flirting with Bella Swan… It was Spiderman.

Bella leans over getting her pen out of her bag. She sits outside one of the cafés in town. Bella sips at her coffee and begins to write her postcard to Jacob.

“Who’s Jake?”

Bella looks up and jumps knocking her coffee off the table. He catches it and promptly places it down. She swallows back. Then looks around.

“Spiderman?” She whispers.

“Ah, so you do know my name!”

She blinks a few times in disbelief. He leans back in the chair across from here.

“And what’s your name?”


“Huh… so you come here often Bella?”

She narrows her eyes.

“Um no, actually this is my first time.”

“It’s crap.”

She raises her brows on this.

“Excuse me?”

“The coffee and food here are crap. If you wanted a good cup of coffee you should have gone there.” He points to a place across the street.

“Ok… I’ll try to remember that.”

People are walking by taking pictures and gossiping. Bella notices this and blushes. She pulls her hood over her head.

“So that’s what you came here for? To save me from a bad cup of coffee.”

“Actually, no. You still owe me that kiss.”

Her jaw drops and she looks around.

“Could you keep it down?” She whispers harshly.

He shakes his head.

“Am I embarrassing you?”


He nods.


He smiles under that mask.

“Would you be willing to come with me?”

“Go with you?”

Before she can even answer; he quickly grabs her bag, and straps it over his shoulder. He then picks her up and fires his web, taking off with her. Bella gasp back as they appear on a roof. She hits him on the chest.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

He chuckles keeping his hold on her.

“You’re going to have to hit a lot harder than that. I can’t even feel that.”

She growls out and hits him harder.


“You have absolutely no filter do you?!”

He shrugs. Bella swallows back though as he moves a strand of hair from her face. She lowers her head. Spiderman places his fingers beneath her chin lifting it back up.

“About that kiss…”

She blushes shaking her head.

“Not happening.”

He rears back on this.


She softly laughs.

“And why not? Are you married or something?”

“I’m in high school!”

“Ok so boyfriend? Let me guess a big burly football player?”

Bella wrinkles her nose.


“Hmm… So what’s this boyfriend like then?”

“I don’t even know you!”

He sighs.

“Sure you do.”

“Um no I don’t. I’ve met you once and in very odd circumstances. Which I’ve yet to thank you for by the way.”
“No need to thank me. Now about this boyfriend…”

“I don’t have a boyfriend!”

“So I do have a chance?”

Her eyes widen.


“If I were to ask you out?”

She laughs.

“You’re asking me out?”

He nods.

“That’s funny. Good one.” She steps out of his hold.

He shakes his head and fires his web around her waist. He brings her back towards him.

“I actually wasn’t joking.”

“Neither was I.” Bella clears her throat looking around.

“Besides I can’t go out with you…”

“Why not?” He questions disappointedly.

“Because you swing…” She says with a shrug.

Wait what? I thought I was the one to tell the jokes.

Spiderman sighs as he hears the sound of gunfire and sirens not far away.

“Well, that’s my cue. We’ll continue this another time. I’ll convince you soon enough.”

He wraps an arm around her and brings her back down. Spiderman pops her on the butt before he leaves. Her jaw drops and she turns to see him swinging away.

“What’s with that guy?” She utters.

Bella shakes her head. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. She felt wrong. Wait…Dammit am I in another love triangle?!

“OH COME ON! SON OF A BITCH!” Everyone turns looking upon her.

She sighs.

“What?! This is New York like you’ve never heard cussing before!” She snaps bitterly and starts towards the bus stop.

“I wouldn’t…”

She feels someone’s presence directly behind her. She swallows back recognizing the voice. Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. She prayed it was her imagination. She felt the coolness of his skin as he moved her hair from her neckline.

“Come with me…”

Bella tries to ignore the voice. She starts to cross the street. Only she gets yanked back.

“Now that wasn’t very nice. You’re not playing by the rules.”

Bella goes to scream and he quickly covers her mouth. He takes off with her. Bella tries her hardest to break out of his hold. She gets slammed back against a wall in an alleyway. She wheezes out trying to catch her breath. He tilts his head and crouches before her.

“I do not like this game. I once told your protectors. I wanted no part of this…” He caresses her cheek.

“However, Victoria wished for me to send you a message…”

He roughly grabs Bella by the hair and pulls her up against his chest. He breathes her in and swallows back.

“Just like I remember… So mouthwatering… What I wouldn’t give for just one taste. You’ve made me quite thirsty. I did not appreciate having to come so far in order to find you.”

He pins her against the wall.

“You should know that your precious mother’s been paid a visit. Only unlike James… we managed to get the job done. If I were you… I’d find the first plane back to Arizona and see the gift we’ve bestowed upon you. When you’re done you will return to me. I will personally hand you over to Victoria. Do we have an understanding?”

Bella shakes her head warm tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Laurent… Please.” He cups her chin squeezing her cheeks together.

He shoves her to the ground once more and disappears. Bella rolls over to her stomach. She crawls towards the wall and uses it to help herself up. She hurt all over. Bella manages to hail her a cab. Once it pulls up to her apartment. She pays her toll. She opens the door. And tumbles out of the cab. The cab driver peels out. Neither Charlie or Peter were home. She reaches for her cell phone, but it was broken. Bella lie on the cool concrete and shut her eyes.


“Hey… Come on now…”

Peter takes notice of the bruises already forming on her body. His heart sunk to his knees. WHO THE HELL?! WHO DID THIS?! WHO HURT YOU BELLA?!


“I got you.” He picks her up and notices Charlie isn’t home yet.

He shakes his head on this and carries her back to his place. He enters the apartment and Aunt May jumps to her feet.

“My heavens!”

She rushes over. Peter looks to his Aunt with desperation.

“Please…” He says to his Aunt.

“Put her on the couch. I’ll get her set up.” Bella groans out.

“Mom…” She whimpers.

“No it’s Peter, Bella.” He quickly covers her up with multiple blankets. He body shook violently.

“I’m going to call your dad, Bella. Is he at work?”

She nods.

“My mom…” Tears continue down her face.

“He said they killed her.”

Her bottom lip quivers.

“Peter… I think my mom’s dead. I think they really did it this time!”

He and Aunt May share a glance. He dashes to the phone and calls the station. How did I miss this! He thinks as he looks back over at her. His Aunt was sponging her down and doctoring her wounds.

How did Spiderman miss this?! I was just with her! How could this happen?! He was furious with himself.

They pick up after what felt like forever to Peter.

“Yes I need to get ahold of Charlie Swan. It’s an emergency.”

After a few more minutes Charlie finally picks up.


“Mr. Swan?”


“This is Peter Parker. My Aunt and I have your daughter at our house. Someone’s banged her up pretty good.”

“JESUS! I’m on my way.”

Peter nods and hangs up. He felt nauseas. Whoever did this must’ve gotten to her just as he left!

“Dad please! Listen to me!”

“Bella I assure you it’s merely a prank! How would this guy even know where to look for your mother?”

Bella winces at this. Charlie hadn’t a clue.

“Dad I need you to trust me!”

Charlie sighs and takes out his cell phone.

“Look I’ll prove to you she’s alright.”

Peter holds her hand as they sit on Aunt May’s couch. Aunt May brings Bella a cup of coffee.

“Thank you.”

Her hands shook around the cup. Peter gently took it from her hand and set it down. He was afraid she’d spill it and burn herself. Charlie tries a few times, but no answer. He looks to his daughter.

“This was just some thug trying to scare you Bells. That’s all…”

He kisses her forehead.

“You’re not listening to me. This guy dad… He wasn’t a thug. He…”

Her hands ball up into fists.

“He knows me. This was personal. They want to hurt me…”

Peter grew grim on her words.

“How would you know someone like that Bella? Jesus kid! I think we need to get you to the hospital.”

“NO! I’ve had it with fucking HOSPITALS! MOM NEEDS US! NOOOOOOOOOOW!”

Charlie, Peter and Aunt May’s eyes widen.

“You watch your mouth kiddo!”

Bella comes to her feet. She reaches over and grabs her father by the collar. If you won’t take me to my mother! I’ll go to Arizona on my own! I’m 17, I don’t need your permission! She starts towards the door.

“OK fine… Let’s go.”

She turns to her father.

“First plane out. I’ll call George and let him know.”

Peter looks to his Aunt May in permission. She nods patting him on the back. Peter follows as they head out. He was glad he’d just sold his first batch of Spiderman pictures today. He had hoped to use the money to take Bella out. Then again she turned him down as Spiderman. He still wasn’t too thrilled about that. This however, was much more important. Though after this he wouldn’t have a penny to his name. He didn’t care about that though.

Charlie looks to Peter shaking his head.

“What are you doing son?”

“Going…” He says with a shrug.

Charlie sighs and looks to Bella.

“I want him to.”

Charlie nods.

“Ok then…”

On the plane ride there. Bella’s eyes begin to bat. She leans against Peter falling asleep. Charlie cuts him a glance. Peter swallows back nervously and raises both hands in the air. Not touching… see?! Though he wanted to badly. He wanted to hold her. Pathetic as it was he enjoyed just her leaning against him. He leans back a bit. When Charlie isn’t looking Peter kisses her forehead.

Peter thinks about what everything she said. He tries to piece it altogether, but is coming up with nothing. Peter was beginning to feel as though he wasn’t the only one with secrets. Bella was hiding something from Charlie. He could see it all over her face. The same look he’s given Aunt May before. So what’s your secret Bella? He thinks looking upon her. What are you so frightened of? Who’s after you?

They arrive hours later; from the airport. They take a cab straight to her mother’s house. Peter takes in the huge difference. Bella and Charlie lived in a tiny apartment. Like he and Aunt May. However, her mother lived in the suburbs and had a really nice home.

Charlie knocks on the door. Peter and Bella stand behind him. He turns back to his daughter as there’s no answer.

“I don’t’ know what to tell ya kid. They might not be home.”

Bella shakes her head. She reaches up around the porch. She takes down a spare key. Peter wished Charlie would have stepped in first. Bella took it upon herself to open the door. The three of them stood there frozen. Bella lets out this earth shattering scream. Charlie quickly shoves her into Peter’s arms.

“Get her away from here now!”

Peter nods and rushes her out of the area.

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