Chapter 6 Caught In A Whirlwind

Chapter 6

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Peter rocked her back and forth. He wasn’t sure what else to do. He himself couldn’t believe what he saw. The image burned into his mind like a horror movie. Peter was at a loss for words. He found himself kissing the top of her head off and on. He wasn’t about to let go. His shirt was becoming soaked by her tears. He too felt the urge to cry. Whoever did this was a sick bastard! However, now more than ever Peter feared for Bella’s life, even Charlie’s. What’s to say they won’t come for her father next, then her?! He had to find a way to get Bella to come clean about her past. How could he or much less Spiderman protect her if she did not?

Bella shoves Peter back at one point though. She darts over to a nearby corner of an alley. Bella reached to her gut with one hand. The wall with another and started to puke. Peter held her hair back and smoothly patted her back. She wiped her eyes as she came to a stand. She looked broken. Literally, the look on her face damn near killed Peter. Her eyes were sunken in and blood shot. She looked so fragile. The bruises were even darker now. Bella took a few steps. She blinked her eyes a few times. The area around her spun.

His eyes widen as Bella’s eyes roll back. He catches her as she passes out cold.

“I’m so sorry…” He says softly.

Charlie makes his way around the corner.

“I might be awhile.” Charlie sighs looking upon his daughter.

“She passed out sir.”


Charlie reaches over taking Bella out of his hold. He pulls her into his chest. Charlie wipes a few of his own tears with his shoulder. He then clears his throat looking to Peter.

“Can I trust you son?”

Peter narrows his eyes a bit confused.

“Um, yes sir I believe so.”

“I don’t want Bella around this. There’s no telling how long I’ll be. I’m going to get you a cab. I’ve already reserved us a hotel. The three of us in one room…” Charlie hints.

Peter nodded respectfully. He wasn’t about to try anything anyway considering the situation. He wasn’t a jackass. Charlie hands Peter his credit card.

“Just in case.”

The cab arrives and Charlie carries Bella to the cab. Peter gets in as well. Charlie’s fastening her seatbelt when he looks over to Peter.
“I like you kid. Don’t give a reason to feel otherwise.”

“Yes sir.”

Charlie nods and pays the fair in advance.

“Just take care of her. Here’s my number you use the hotel phone to call me if you need me. Don’t worry about charges. I got everything from here.”

Peter nods again. Charlie shuts the cab door and he watches as it drives away. Charlie then looks back to the house. He pinches the bridge of his nose. He too wanted to lose it. Charlie Swan needed to let out a good scream. He needed to shed a few tears. More than anything he wanted to deal with the one responsible for this. The Phoenix police begin to pull up around the corner. Charlie forces himself to get his act together. Truth was he’d never gotten over his ex-wife; even when she remarried. He’d still always loved Renee. He had just wished he was enough for her. But he never was. She wanted more in life. Charlie Swan wasn’t it.

Now she and Phil’s body’s hung in the hallway. Renee’s held up a sign that said “Welcome Home…” Phil’s said “Isabella baby…” He now knew his daughter was right. Someone had it out for her. He had a couple of men go to the hotel. They were to keep watch over her and Peter. This seemed like a never ending night for Charlie. Question after question, pictures after pictures, they finger printed the entire place nothing was to be found. He saw the bite marks all over their bodies as well. Neither Phil or Renee had a drop of blood left in their bodies. They were literally drained dry. He hadn’t a clue how a human could pull of such a thing.

Things got worse for Charlie. He hadn’t been upstairs yet. One of the other officers had motioned for him to come up. Everything was intact except for Bella’s old room. He remembered a time where Phil and Renee were all about traveling. However, after Phil hurt his arm and couldn’t play baseball anymore they took their old house back. Bella’s room was destroyed. It was spray painted back with the words “You’re next…”, “Happy Hunting”, “Little Lamb”. On her pillow laid a dozen red roses.

“For your mother’s funeral.” The card read. Charlie felt completely ill.

“Are you alright sir?”
One of the officers questioned putting a hand to his shoulder.

“No… no I’m not!”

Charlie staggered out of the room. He felt as though he were trapped in a nightmare. He never knew his little girl was in so much danger. He should have listened to her. More than anything he wanted to know just what she got herself mixed up in! He remembered her saying she knew the guy. All he knew was he couldn’t lose his Bells. No! He’d take down whatever son of a bitch came his way. He wouldn’t let them touch his daughter!

Once Peter got the keys. He carried Bella to their room. He shut and locked the door behind him. Peter then lay Bella down on one of the beds. There was a small couch and two full size beds. He’d take the couch so they could have the beds. That was the plan going through his mind anyhow. After he laid her down he sits down their bags. He took off her shoes and tucked her in. Bella whimpered out off and on in her sleep.

Peter took off his jacket. He paced about the room in thought. He never dreamed that Bella’s life was surrounded by this much darkness. Peter sits down on the edge of the other bed. His eyes were growing heavy. Yet the urge to stay awake and watch after her was strong. He sighed and made himself a cup of coffee. He sips from it and rubs his eyes.


He turns to see Bella raised up in the bed. He makes his way over. Bella looks around the room.

“Where are we?”

“Hotel… your dad reserved us a room; said he’d be here when he could.”

She nods and rubs her face with her hands. Her hands continued to tremble.

“This is real isn’t it? I’m not waking up?”
Peter swallowed back on her words. She brings her knees to her chest.

“They really did it this time…” She says and buries her face into her arms.

She rocks back and forth a bit. Every now and then she pulls at her hair.

“Their blood is on my hands. They died because of me! Because I loved him. My mother and stepfather are dead and it’s all my fault!”

De ja vu slapped Peter in the face. And loved who? Was it this jerk guy that Mike had mentioned? Is this somehow all connected to this one guy? Peter sat down his coffee. He yet again held her. He lay on the bed and propped her up against his chest.

“Why do you think it’s your fault?” He questions and covers her up.

“Bella?” However, he looks to see she’s fallen back asleep.

He leans back and he himself is losing the battle. Peter’s eyes start to close, before long he too is out.

Peter awakes the next morning. To the sound of keys being tossed about the table. He cocks open an eye and sees Charlie eyeing him. His hands are about his waist. He’s shaking his head. Peter clears his throat. He quietly sneaks out from under Bella. Charlie shakes his head. He points to the bed like Peter was a mongrel.

“I’ll take the couch.” Charlie says.

“I can take the couch.” Peter says.

Charlie ignores him and throws off his jacket. Charlie lies down on the couch. Peter sighs and makes his way to the other bed.

The funeral…

Peter had let his Aunt May know he’d be a few more days. She rather fell apart herself when Peter told her what had happened. She told him to take all the time he needed. Aunt May was just like that though. She had already informed the school that there was an emergency. She mentioned that Mike Newton had come by looking for Bella. Peter had his Aunt May relay the message for Bella’s sake.

He and Charlie were already dressed for the funeral. Bella came out of the hotel bathroom in her black dress. Peter had never seen her in a dress. He found himself taken back. He just hated the conditions; making him feel a bit wrong about checking her out. That was the last thing she needed. It was a short sleeve simple dress that came to the knees. She wore 1/2 inch high heels and had her hair pinned up. Another thing he’d never seen. He and Charlie got some cheap suits from the mall. They had come completely unprepared for such events.

“You look pretty Bells.” Her father says.

“Your mother’s dress?”

She nods.

“It suits you kiddo.”

Peter nods in agreement.

“You ready?” Charlie questions.

“NO…” She says softly.

“Neither am I.” He says with a sigh.

They head out to see the limo already waiting for them outside. Bella puts on her shades and Peter opens the door for her. Still Bella felt as though she was trapped in another realm. She looked out the window as they followed behind the hearse; that carried her mother and stepfather’s bodies. Bella had to make most of the funeral decisions for her mother. Phil’s family took care of his. But Bella had to pick out the coffin, her mother’s dress, what flowers she wanted.

They arrive at the cemetery. The three of them are seated upfront. Peter was about to learn more than he ever imagined. People had arrived all the way from Forks, Bella’s hometown. Mike Newton had also come down. In fact he stood next to a tall Native American. Bella however, didn’t seem to notice anyone there. Her head pretty much stayed lowered the entire time. Charlie kept his arm around her. Peter noticed someone else as well. He stood off from the crowd off under the shade of a tree. His hair a rustic color and he wore shades as well. Peter swore he looked to have been staring at Bella the entire time.

It was a beautiful service. Everyone had very nice things to say about Renee and Phil Dwyer. However, things were about to get far more interesting. After the funeral came to an end. Each member lined up to say their goodbyes to Renee and Phil. Bella had a white lily in her hand. She laid it upon her mother’s white coffin. Peter watched as she kissed her fingers and put it to her mother’s coffin. He ran a hand along her back as they made their way out of the canopy area.

The man standing beside Mike made his way over. Peter noticed how her face lit up a bit.


Peter narrowed his eyes on this. The man smiles and opens his arms.

“You came!”

He nods and wraps his arms around her. He spins her around. So that’s Jake? Peter thinks watching how the two interacted. Jake kisses the top of her head before dropping his hold. Bella wipes her eyes again.

“How you holdin’ up?”

Bella doesn’t answer just shakes her head. Peter’s attention goes back to the other man. The one standing under the shade; he hadn’t budged. Jake sighs.

“I’m so sorry.”

Bella nods.

“It doesn’t feel real.”

Peter notices how Jake’s hands ball up. He turns towards the same area the man is in.

“He really has no business being here.” He growls.

“Who?” Bella questions softly.

Jake sighs bitterly shaking his head.

“This is his fault and he knows it!”

Peter notes the way Jake’s entire begins to shake. Bella looks over to the area now. Her hand flies over her mouth. She literally stumbles back. Peter braces his arm around her. The man nods towards her.

Bella starts that direction. Jake gently grabs her arm.

“I really wish you wouldn’t…”

Bella nods, but shakes out of Jake’s hold. She darts that direction. Jake sighs shaking his head. He looks up towards Peter.

“You must be him.”

Peter looks to him confused.

“Him?” He questions.

Jake smiles and holds out his hand.

“I’m Jacob Black. You must be Peter Parker.” Jake gives him firm handshake.

Peter nods feeling lost.

“She’s writes about you constantly.”

Huh? She does? Peter looks back towards the direction she went. He tilts his head in wonder. Both men turn to see Bella slap the shit out of the man.

“What are you doing here?!” Bella snaps.

He takes his shades off and looks to the ground. Bella shoves him back against the tree.

“Yep about what I figured… She’s pissed, rightfully so, the fucking bastard. Let him have it baby.” Jake mutters.

Peter starts to put the pieces together. He looks back to Jake.
“Wait is he?”

“Yep… the dipshit himself. The reason behind all this mess.”


The man looks around then back to her. He reaches over and cups her chin. He leans his forehead against hers.

“Come on Bella don’t let him…” Jake says.

Mike sighs. The three of them continue to watch as the display continues. He places both hands on her face. He looks her in the eyes.

“I love you Bella. That’s why I came back.”

Peter felt ill. What?!

“WAIT! WHAT?! AH, HELL NO!” Jake mouths.

“Douchebag.” Mike adds.

Peter however, notices Bella’s hand balling up. She steps away from him. She takes her fist and fires at his face. Peter rushes over as she grabs at it in pain.
“Dammit.” Jake utters and follows.

“I don’t want you here!” Through the pain she continues to shove him.


“You don’t mean that Bella.”

The man sighs and takes her hand checking it over.

“You should know better by now.”

She yanks it out of his hold.

“What part of GO AWAY do you not get?”

“I’m not leaving you Bella. Not ever again. I already made that mistake once. Look what happened.” He says looking towards her mother’s coffin.

“Is there a problem?” Peter says putting his hand to Bella’s shoulder.

The man tilts his head upon Peter. It looked as though he was struggling with something. He reaches to his temples shaking his head.

“You better not be Edward Cullen!” Bella shouts as she looks to Peter then to him.

“You stay out of his head!”

Spiders… that’s all Edward could make out. Everytime he tried to read Peter’s mind it was tiny spiders crawling about a huge web.

“What?!” He hisses looking to Peter.

“I believe she told you to leave.” Peter says standing his ground firmly.

“This is between Bella and I…”

Jake and Mike take stance beside Peter; Edward rolls his eyes at Jake. He then shakes his head and looks back to Peter.

“You’re kidding…” He hisses.

Jake smiles.

“That’s right you idiot. What did you think would happen?”

Edward reaches over and grabs Peter by the collar.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” He shakes him up in the air.

Peter rolls his eyes. He flings out his hands and pins Edward up against the tree. Jake looks to Peter oddly, Edward as well.

“How…” Edward questions with his hands wrapped around Peter’s wrists.

Peter just smiles and drops his hold. Edward goes to swing his fist at Peter’s face. Jake and Mike hold Edward back. Peter and Edward continue to eye one another.

“You don’t touch him!” Bella yells and takes Peter’s arm.

She starts to lead him away.

“You and I aren’t finished.” Edward says to Bella.

Bella snaps back his direction.


Everyone including Charlie is watching the scene now. Edward’s jaw drops.

“Bella…” He says like he’d been stabbed.

“You heard her! You stay away from our girl!” Mike yells pointing at him.

“That’s right Edward. You and Bella are finished. You did this to yourself!” Jake adds.

Edward cuts one more glance Peter’s way; a very menacing one. Charlie makes his way over.

“Edward?” He questions.

Edward nods and offers a hand. Charlie shakes his head and folds his arms about his chest.

“If my daughter said to leave. Then I suggest you leave.”

Edward rolls his eyes and goes to walk away. Charlie however, grabs him by the shoulder.

“Go against my daughter’s wishes again…” Charlie hints and pats his gun that was in the holster.

“Do we have an understanding?”

Edward makes another hissing sound.

“Perfectly.” He says behind gritted teeth.

Peter pulls Bella into his chest. Jake nods towards him with approval.

“You ok there Bells?”

Charlie calls. She nods against Peter’s chest. Meanwhile, Peter’s emotions were going off like fireworks. He was learning more and more. What he wouldn’t give to teach Edward a lesson. People are starting to leave. Some hug Bella and Charlie off and on. All that’s left is a few of Phil’s family who’s off to a distance talking. Bella, Charlie, Mike and Jake stay behind.

“I can’t stay long loco. I got school tomorrow.” Jake hints.

She nods and reaches over hugging him once more.

“Keep writing. Let me know everything.”

“I will.”

Jake wipes her tears with his thumbs.

“You take care. I mean it Bella…”

Jake makes his way over to Peter. He shakes his hand again.

“It was nice meeting you. Take care of her will ya? She’s kind of special.”

Peter nods.

“Mike…”Jake says with a nod.

“Later Jake.” Mike says with a nod in return.

“Later Charlie.”

Charlie hugs Jake.

“You tell that uncle of yours I said hello.”

“Will do sir.”

Back in Brooklyn first day back to school….

Bella enters the hall feeling as though death was creeping up behind her. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. Flashes of her and her mother came to play. If there was one good thing about dying, it would be seeing her again. Still, she couldn’t help, but to feel angry. She hadn’t said a word since they returned to Brooklyn. She kept to herself. She ignored Peter and Mike’s calls. She didn’t want to get any more attached to everyone than she was already. It’d only make it that much harder to accept. The fact that any second of any day she was going to die.

Bella gets to her locker and Mike catches up to her.

“Hey… thought maybe I could come over tonight? I got a couple of new movies…”

Something within her erupts. Keep him away from you; if you want him to live. Bella turns and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. She slams him up against the locker.

Mike’s eyes widen. Everyone turns to her. Peter rushes over and yanks her off Mike.

“That’s your best friend…” Peter reminds.

Bella shrugs out of Peter’s hold. She grabs her books and heads to class. Peter looks to Mike. He’d been where Bella was. He understood more than anyone.
“She’s just hurting Mike…” Peter says.

Mike nods, but Peter could tell he took it bad. Peter sighs as Mike heads on to class. Bella kept her head buried into her books. She looked to no one. At one point she even brings her hood up over her face. When the bell rings, she’s first to dart out of class.

Come lunch time. Peter catches her taking off towards the football field. He sighs wishing he knew what to do. He pats Mike on the back.

“I’m gonna go check on her.”

Mike nods and heads on to the cafeteria.

Peter makes his way up the bleachers. Bella’s lying down with his Ipod. Her eyes are closed, hood still over her face. Peter gently moves the hood away from her face. Bella opens her eyes. She sighs and rises up. She gets his Ipod out and hands it to him.

“You really should take it back.”

“Just hold on to it. I got yours at home still. We can trade out later.”

“Just take it!” She clasps his fingers over it.

He shakes his head and stuffs it back into her hoodie.

“You too Peter…” She says sternly and comes to her feet.


“Stay away from me!”

She makes her way down the bleachers. He rolls his eyes and comes to a stand. He ignores her and follows her down.


“WHAT?!” He says giving his most innocent expression.

“Knock it off!”

Peter reaches over and grabs her hand. He starts to drag her away.

“What are you doing?!”

He ignores her and keeps going.


He throws down his board and gets on it. He picks up some speed then circles around grabbing Bella by the waist. She gasps out in surprise. He speeds on down. He doesn’t stop until he gets to the hotdog stand.

“Parker?” Jax says as Peter comes to a stop.

Peter nods.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school? Both of you?”

Peter shrugs.

“Not today Jax.”

Peter flashes him a five dollar bill.

Peter nods again.

“Peter…” Bella says shaking her head.

“Just relax. We’re going to sit there on that bench the rest of the day. Watch as the city runs its course. It’s amazing what you take notice of… when you do nothing at all.”

Bella exhales as Peter leads her to the bench. She finds herself laughing as a van with Spiderman painted on the side drives past.

“He’s sure making a name for himself.” Peter says before taking a bite of his hotdog.

“Yeah he is. You either love him or hate him.” She says shaking her head with a slight grin.

Bella was taken back. They sat there for three hours. During those three hours… Peter was right. She saw things she’d never think possible in a city like this. A woman had dropped a fifty dollar bill and the man behind her picked it up. Instead of pocketing it, he promptly called to her and gave it back. The woman thanked the man profusely.

Then there was a couple off to the distance of the park. They were elderly. The man dropped down to his knee and proposed. Bella watched in astonishment. After she said yes they made out like they were merely teenagers. Peter caught her blushing a bit on this. He grinned to himself.

A guide dog protected his owner from stumbling. He barked out and stood right in front of him to keep him from tripping over a sprinkler in the park. The man patted his head and walked around. The dog wagged its tail, and begin to lead him again.

Then there was the pregnant woman. She was playing with her husband and child. The husband had bent down and kissed her tummy. He then picked up they’re little toddler son and he too kissed her belly. “I love you bubby!” The boy giggled.

Bella smiled. The last thing that took place though showed Bella. There was still hope for this world. Spiderman was nowhere to be found. Yet a neighborhood stuck together. This man ran past the elderly woman that had just been proposed to. He snagged her purse and took off. Bella jumped to her feet, but before she could even react. A nearby jogger tripped the man. The elderly man and the husband of the pregnant woman; chased after the mugger. The younger man picked him up from the ground. The elderly man snagged the purse back and tossed it back to the woman. Bella found herself giggling as the elder man kicked the guy in the groin. Then the younger man picked him up by the collar and threw him out of the park. The mugger took off running. The female jogger, and other two men high fived one another and went back to their daily lives.

Peter nodded at this. He rose and took Bella’s hand.

“I better get you home.”

Bella nodded.



“Thank you.”

He squeezes her hand and nods.

Once Bella was home, she did her homework, did the laundry, and fixed her and Charlie some supper. She hugged and kissed her father goodnight. As she entered her room she pulled the door shut. She leaned against it. Bella shut her eyes and took in a deep breath… She then…

She began her letter to Charlie…


If you get this, I’m sorry…

I don’t even know where to begin. Just know I love you. Even when we didn’t always agree. I never stopped loving you. I’m lucky. I can’t say many have a father like you. You’ve always been there for me. Even when I gave you hell dad you had my back. I understand now. I’m still upset that you would lie to me. But then again if I were in your situation and I have been. I probably would have done the same to protect someone I love as well. Sometimes… you have to in order to protect the ones you love. I get it now. Just like in your field of work. Especially here in Brooklyn. I can only imagine… The truth is dad. I too have been lying to you. I have for a couple years now. I wish I could tell you the truth. But I can’t. I just can’t’ do that to you dad. My life it’s pretty complicated. It’s unrelenting. As I’m writing this its irony. Because this is my death note… my goodbye. Yet I’ve never had my eyes more open than I have now.

About mom and Phil…

That’s my fault as well. Mom died because of the secret I was keeping. I take the secret to my grave in order to protect others around me. I hope you understand that. Another irony… New York? Well, honestly dad it’s growing on me. I guess it’s easy to get caught up in the life it offers. As of late I prefer it over the life of Washington, even that of Arizona. I guess what I’m trying to say dad… is thank you. If you had never moved us here. I’d have never known what this city had to offer. There seems to be some sort of excitement every corner. I never thought I’d appreciate something like that. But I do. It keeps my mind off other things. Keeps me busy…

Tell Jake and Mike I love them and that… well honestly I don’t know dad. If you could rather fill that in for me? I never was good with goodbyes. Just writing this is killing me. Please promise me you’ll take care of yourself. EAT! Go to work! Catch the bad guys! Say hello to Spiderman for me… eh… seems I’ve met him as well. I never told you. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how. He’s well… it’s awkward to say the least. One more thing…

Peter Parker…

I tried to write to him… I’ve ripped apart at least ten different letters. None in which are good enough. I can’t seem to express exactly what it is I want to say. Even on my death bed… I don’t wish to sound like a complete idiot. Everything is either too much… too mushy or just downright sad. I know awkward yet again considering you’re my father.

Just tell Peter, I said thank you. He fixed the hole in my chest. He taught me to laugh again. He showed me how to love a city; I never deemed possible to love. There’s just something about him. I’m not sure what it is… It’s just too bad I didn’t live long enough to find out.

I love you! I guess the way to truly look at this is. At least I’ll be with mom again… that and I can meet Ben Parker. Bella

P.s- I know I said I’d stay put… that’s just another long list of lies that I myself have created. Yes I’m a complete hypocrite. I just never realized that until now. Please understand. I had to keep you safe. So instead of them coming to find me. I going to find them.

Bella crawls out of her window. Peter narrows his eyes as he peeks through the blinds. He quickly darts back as she looks his way.

“What are you up to?! Didn’t daddy say for you to stay put?!”

He looks back over. Peter sees her slide an envelope onto her dad’s windshield. He ducks back once more as she looks back towards his apartment. He peers back over to see her hop into a cab down the street. Peter crawls out of his window. He takes it upon himself to open the envelope.

Peter shut his eyes once he’s done. He bows over staggering back a bit. He paces up and down the street. He growls out and takes off with the letter in hand.


Bella stops in her tracks as she’s walking along the bridge.


He holds up the letter and Bella’s jaw drops.


He shakes his head furiously.

“This is how I find out! THIS!” He shakes the letter in the air.

Bella looks around.

“Peter… you really shouldn’t…”

He makes his way over.

“Peter please its dangerous! Just stay away from me!”

Bella looks around freaking out.

“What is it Bella…?!”


Bella turns to see Edward hopping down from the top of the bridge. Peter’s struck stupid.

“What?!” He utters in disbelief.

Edward ignores him and comes towards Bella.

“Bella you’re in danger… Come with me.”

Bella starts laughing.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Bella I’m not playing around. I get that you’re mad at me, but it’s time to get over it. Your life depends on it.”

“I don’t need your saving Edward! I’m not some damsel in distress! I’d rather die at their hands than to have you play savior to me again.”



Edward shakes his head and hisses out. Bella turns back to see Peter’s nowhere to be found.


“Let’s go Bella.”

“NO! I have to find Peter!”

Edward grabs her by the arm.

“Dammit Edward if you don’t let me go!”

Bella yanks her arm out from his hold.


He reaches for her again.

“Stop it Edward. Peter could be in danger! I can’t have that!”

Edward looks to her peculiarly.

“So it’s true…”

Bella snaps back at him. Still she continues to look around for Peter.

“What’s that Edward?”

“You’ve fallen for someone else haven’t you?”

“That’s none of your business.”
“THE HELL IT ISN’T!” Edward hisses.

Bella looks to him with narrowed eyes.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me Bella! You are my business. Now quit acting like an idiot and lets’ go!”

“Excuse me?! You’re going to have to drag my ass, because I’m not going anywhere with you!”

“You have no business being with someone; that can’t even protect you! He’s human Bella. He’s chop liver when it comes to Laurent and Victoria. Honestly, you being with that boy its only cruelty in its finest! You’re being selfish and going to get him killed! You and I make sense Bella. I can protect you. I know I’ve messed up and I’m more than willing to make up for that. But right now my first concern is keeping you safe! I will make amends later.”

“You’re one to talk. You masochistic lion… wasn’t it how you put it Edward? I’m just this nothing puny lamb?!” She rushes down the bridge.

“Peter please where are you!”

“Ok I’ve had enough of this…” Edward grabs her and leaps over the bridge.


“I’m not so sure how my friend would feel about that!”

Edward turns with Bella in his hold. He snarls back at the man on the building. In the cobalt blue, crimson red and black costume. Edward takes in the giant spider on his chest. He thinks about Peter’s thoughts and the irony about this character…

“Who are you?”

“You wanna do me the honors Bella?”

She sighs.

“I guess not… you continue to break my heart.” He waves his finger at Bella as if to scold her like a child.

“I’m Spiderman and you are?”

“I haven’t the time for this…” Edward hisses again.

He starts to take off with Bella.

“Not so fast…” Spiderman flings out his web.

It wraps around Edward’s feet and he falls back. Spiderman then rushes over catching Bella.

“Are you by chance afraid of heights?”

Bella looks to him oddly.


He fires upon the bridge and grabs her.


She hears him chuckling as Edward’s chasing after them.

“Persistent isn’t he?”

“You’ve no idea…” She utters miserably.

Meanwhile, her heart was going ninety to nothing. She feared the worse. Where was Peter? Did they get ahold of him?!

“We need to go back!” She shouts frantically.

Spiderman looks down at her. He continues to duck away from Edward.

“Not an option.”

“Please… My friend… He’s missing!”

Spiderman swallows back on this. Of course her concern goes to Peter Parker. He shakes his head in thought. I wish you had told me how you felt… he thinks. Not that he could talk. He too kept his feelings at bay.

“You don’t understand! I have to know he’s ok.”

“I can assure you. Your friend is fine.”

“How would you know that?!”

“It just so happens. I saw your friend take off. He looked pissed to be honest. You truly are a heartbreaker aren’t you?”
Bella screams out as Edward slams into them. Spiderman keeps his hold on Bella as he comes tumbling down. He keeps her covered.

“KNOCK IT OFF EDWARD!” Bella yells as they come to their feet.

“Then stop this nonsense at once! You’re acting like a child!” Edward snaps at her.

Bella starts laughing.

“Me? I’m acting like a child?”

“OK you two… wait dude are you sparkling?”

The sun was starting to set and it hit Edward perfectly. Spiderman starts laughing.

“Holy crap the boy twinkles! I can only imagine how manly you feel about now!” He claps his hands.

“I’m so jealous!”

Spiderman turns back to Bella.

“You turn me down, but you dated glitterboy over here?”

Bella sighs.

Edward growls under his breath.

“At least I’m not dressed like some sort circus performer.”


“Ah, so you do care?” Spiderman chimes in.


“I feel so loved!” Spiderman perks.


“Yes?” He questions in a silly voice slowly facing her, she starts laughing.

For reasons she doesn’t know.

“This is hardly anything to laugh about!” Edward bellows.

“Actually, it’s pretty funny. I mean from where I’m standing.” Bella says with a shrug.

“Bella let’s be sensible. It’s obvious that boy doesn’t care about you too much. I mean where is he now?”

“Don’t you even Edward! You know nothing about him! He’s human you dumbass!”

“Since when do you talk this way?! And to me!”

“Ugh… this is sooooooo boring. I was hoping for a good fight.” Spiderman sits down and leans back.

“No, no you two go on. I’ll just sit here and count clouds or something.”

Bella sighs resisting the urge to laugh. Edward looks to him oddly shaking his head.

“Just come home Bella.”
“This is my home.”

“1, 2, 3…” Spiderman counts pointing to the sky.

“No it’s not Bella. I can give you everything you’ve always wanted!”

“What would you know about what I want?”

“10, 11, ohhh 12 and 13 looks like platypuses!” Spiderman continues.

A giggle escapes Bella’s mouth. Edward cocks a brow her way.

“Oh shut it.” She says with a sigh.

“You always were so repressed! It wouldn’t kill you to let loose a little. Such a downer! No Bella don’t do this. NO Bella don’t that. No Bella please don’t play with the scissors! Honestly, it was exhausting. You even had the balls to tell me who I could and couldn’t be friends with. Such as Jake! There never was anything between us! Only further proving we were never meant to be. If you fully trusted me Edward you wouldn’t have gone the lengths you had to keep me away from him. When I said my peace at the funeral. I wasn’t lying. We’re through Edward. I’m not going anywhere with you. To be honest! I think I’m in love with someone else. I’d like to stay here and find out. Granted, I even live that long.”

Peter smiles under that suit. A small celebration built up within him. Wait she didn’t even say that in the letter. She loves me? Or thinks she does?! Spiderman comes to his feet.

“I’ve heard all about I can stomach. Never was one for lover’s quarrels.”

“So this is it?” Edward says shaking his head.

“You’d honestly allow Laurent and Victoria to kill you and possibly your father. Just so you don’t have to be with me.”

Spiderman pipes up at this.

“That just proves you don’t deserve this girl! You just pretty much let it be known; that the only way you seek fit to protect her is if she takes you back. Stay out of my city. Little whiny glitter bitches such as yourself don’t belong in a place like this. Also STAY away from HER! I’ll clean up your mess and take care of your lightweight. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is your face! Seriously… it’s like reflecting or something.” Spiderman shields his eyes as though he’s blinded. Edward races up to him and starts to punch him.

“Edward STOP IT!”

He ignores Bella and swings his fist again. Spiderman sighs as if bored. He dodges each blow. “I’ll give you that much. You’re actually causing me to break into a sweat. You’re fast…. But, I’m faster!”

Edward manages to get a hit in.

“NOOO!” Bella yells and starts to run towards Spiderman. He puts up a hand letting her know to stay put. Spiderman grabs Edward by the collar.
“This Victoria and Laurent you speak of won’t stand a chance; if they’re anything like you. I’m not sure what you are. Nor do I care. Look, I got this. So, Later chump!”

Spiderman fires off both his wrists. He sends Edward flying three skyscrapers back. He then slings him around in a complete circle and sends him soaring.

“Stupid vampires…” He hears her whisper softly.

Wait what? Vampires? Well that certainly explains things. They exist? Why didn’t he burn to ashes?! Wait! She dated a freaking VAMPIRE! But SHE WON’T DATE SPIDERMAN?!

Spiderman turns facing her.

“Are you alright?”

She nods.

He nods in return. He picks her up yet again shooting his web. He gets her closer to her neighborhood. After he places her down, he looks upon her. He puts his hand to her cheek.

“I won’t let those others near you.”
“That’s not your job.”

“You couldn’t be more wrong. Anything that causes this city a threat or any civilian within, that is my problem. You’re a New Yorker now! Spiderman’s got your back!”


He tilts his head in wonder.

“I mean why me today?”

“What can I say? I like you! Didn’t care to see you being harassed.”

He exhales though.

“So you got the hots for some other guy huh?” He says as if truly heartbroken.

Bella shrugs.

“Come on now even you have to admit. It’d be a little awkward sitting next to you on a date. I mean how do you eat or drink for that matter? Not only that… but there’s no telling what’s actually behind that mask of yours.”

“What if I’m this sexy, dashing, rich guy?”

“Guess I’ll never know.”

“You’re not going to ask?”


“Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

She shrugs.

“What about that kiss?”
“Sorry… but, it belongs to someone else… “

Peter grins…

“Lucky guy!”

Bella walks to Peter’s house and knocks on the door. Peter quickly gets out of his suit. He barely managed to sneak in before her taking notice. He looks in the mirror and grimaces.

“SHIT!” He panics and quickly runs a comb through his hair.

He hears his Aunt May answering the door.

“Come on in…”

His eyes widen. Peter quickly stuffs the suit into his dresser drawer. He jumps into a pair of jeans, and a wrinkled shirt. He quickly cuts on his computer and radio trying to make himself look busy.

Bella knocks on his door. He props himself down at his chair.

“Aunt May?”

“Um no it’s Bella.”

“Bella? Doors open.”

The door opens. The both of them lock eyes for a moment. He just remembered he was supposed to be mad at her.

He folds his arms about his chest.

“Peter…” She sighs making her way in.

“Look I…”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He comes to his feet.

“You what, Bella?”

Peter slowly approaches her. She looks to the ground.

“I’m sorry…”

Peter nods and lifts her chin.
“I’m sorry too.”

She looks to him confused.

“Wait… Why are you sorry Peter?”

“Because, I should have done this awhile back.”
She narrows her eyes. Peter plants his lips against hers. Bella feels his tongue parting her lips. Peter picks her up. He presses her against the wall as he continues to kiss her. Her arms wrap around his neck. Neither can break away. Peter knew the difference right away. He was rock hard. He found himself wanting to hump poor Bella like a freaking hound dog. This was the kiss right here. The one he’d longed for. There were literal fireworks within this one. Peter’s eyes widen and he forces himself to stop. He realized he was getting too into it. His hand was traveling somewhere he knew it shouldn’t. He hadn’t even taken her on a date yet. He wasn’t about to pull that with her.

Bella blushed as she took notice as well. His hand was just about to touch her breast.

“Sorry… got a bit carried away.” He says clearing his throat.

She smiles.
“Honestly I think I did to…”

He grins seeing how her legs were wrapped around his waist. He shakes his head on this. Peter pecks her lips once more and places her back down.


“So…” She says with a grin.

She starts to exit his room.



He chuckles softly.

“Goodnight Bella.”

“Night Peter.”

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