Chapter 7 Shame On Spidey

Chapter 7

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“Where were you?!”

Charlie barks as soon as Bella enters the door. She swallows back.



“I had a cup of coffee and…”
“Do you realize how late it is?! You didn’t call!”

“Dad I…”

“This isn’t going to keep flying with me Bells. You know why you shouldn’t be going out and alone nonetheless. Not only that, but it’s a school night!”

“I don’t want to hear it! You get your ass upstairs and ready for bed!”

She looked upon him in shock.

“Dad I’m sorry, I…”

He points to the stairs. Bella lowers her head. She heads upstairs and gets ready for bed.

Meanwhile, downstairs Charlie paces the living room. Everything he’d witnessed burned through his mind. When she didn’t come through that door tonight he’d begun to fear the worst. He felt bad for how he’d talked to her. He felt he was in over his head though. He had more and more hours piling up at work. He wanted to be home to protect his daughter from whatever was after her. Yet at the same time he had to protect the citizens of Brooklyn. They were severely understaffed. Everyone at the station lately had to pull more hours. Charlie and a handful of others had to pull off and on graveyard shifts just to have enough officers about the streets. Crime was dropping thanks to Spiderman. Still even Spiderman couldn’t stop every crime committed in this city. There was too much area to cover.

That was another issue too. Spiderman was becoming wider known. They were even beginning to make merchandise with Spiderman. Today Charlie passed by a vendor selling T-shirts. He and George Stacy didn’t see eye to eye. Not on the issue of Spiderman. Whereas Charlie supported New York’s new mysterious hero, George did not. He felt Spiderman was up to no good. That he was taking the credit for what they did on a daily basis. He wanted Spiderman captured and locked away for good. Charlie however, had put the facts together. Criminals were becoming more fearful to show their faces now. Word of Spiderman was getting out and no one wished to cross him. Charlie thought this to be a good thing. George felt he was taking away from their jobs. That the police force was becoming less appreciated. That no one truly took notice of what they did. Charlie didn’t care such things though. The mere reason he became a cop in the first place was to help others. It wasn’t about people taking notice of what he did.

Bella started her shower. She wasn’t use to Charlie talking that way to her. But deep down she knew what it was about. Even so she couldn’t very well say well… Dad, I’m late because I had a run in with Edward and Spiderman. Oh by the way Peter Parker kissed me. Goodnight! Ugh, she groaned in thought. Yet still she couldn’t help, but to smile off and on. She couldn’t get Peter out of her head. His kiss was so much warmer (and not just temperature wise) than that of Edward’s. She found herself feeling a huge difference between the two. With peter she didn’t feel near as reserved. She felt she could be herself. Whereas Edward she always felt as though she watched every move she made. She’d that constant feeling of walking on eggshells. The two couldn’t be more opposite.

She steps into the shower. The warm water ran down her body. Her bruises were slowly, but surely going away. They were a slight yellowish color now. Bella scrubbed her hair, and then soaped herself down. Afterword, she started to shave her legs. Tried as she might she couldn’t keep pushing the images out of her head. That heart dropping feeling it as the flashes started. Like a camera flashing in her mind. Snap, snap, snapping away. Bright lights here and there and her mother and Phil. Displayed the way they were. She gasped out and the razor slipped in her hand she nicked herself across the knee; pretty good too. Immediately, blood poured from the cut. It ran down her leg, down her foot, into the water below her, and down the drain. Bella stood there not moving. She watched as she continued to bleed out. The blood continued to wash down the sink.

Bella put her finger to the wound. As she did this James came back to play; the way he grabbed her knee and squeezed his fingers into her kneecap. Bella slowly turned her heart racing. She reaches over and turns the water towards the cold mark. She shut her eyes and shivered as it hit her spine and waist. There she stood for a couple more minutes. She then stepped out and wrapped a towel around her. She brushed her teeth and then brushed her hair. Once she was done getting into her pj’s she went to her room. She pulled the door shut and leaned against it in thought.

Bella forced herself to go on to bed. Though she knew she wouldn’t sleep. Everything was hitting at once Phil, her mother, Laurent, Victoria, Edward, Spiderman, Peter Parker and even Charlie. She tossed and turned. Sleep never found her. She looked over to her alarm clock. It was thirty minutes before she had to get up for school anyway. She got up and put on her blue jeans. She wore her red converse today. Bella dug into her closet and put on a black sweater. She put her hair in a ponytail. Something she rarely does. She made her bed. Then she head down stairs. Charlie was already gone. He left a note telling her he had to pull a double tonight. She sighs in thought. He’d been doing that a lot as of late.

Bella opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of orange juice. As she drank her orange juice she looked around the apartment in thought. She and Peter Parker was a couple now. She wondered how everyone at school would react. Not that she cared what anyone thought. When it comes time to leave for school she grabs her bag and heads outside. Peter’s coming out just as she does. He waves and a smile manages to form along her face. He crosses the street making his way over. They turn hearing Mike making his way over. A look of guilt washes over Bella though. She takes in a breath. Peter takes her hand and squeezes it.

“Maybe you should sit by him today…” He hints.

Bella nods in agreement. After they get on the bus, Bella sits beside Mike. She nudges his arm.

“I’m sorry.”

Mike sighs.
“I know Bella. It’s ok.”

“No it’s not Mike. What I did… That was pretty low.”
“You’re right it was.” He says with a grin looking out the window.
She takes in a breath.
I just don’t want you getting hurt that’s all. Everyone around me, their life is at risk. She thinks to herself and slouches back in her seat.

He puts his arm around her shoulder.

“I get it…” He says softly and kisses her forehead.

You really don’t… Mike hadn’t been let in on her secret. There were times she almost told him, but refrained. She wasn’t quite sure how he’d take it.

“By the way… You’ve been holding out on me!” He unzips his bag.

“This came out when you were gone. I figured the funeral wouldn’t be the best time, to bring this up.” He sighs as if disappointed.

He places the paper in her lap. Bella yelps out and quickly covers her mouth. Peter looks over curiously. Oh no… His eyes widen and he leans back. It certainly wasn’t one of his pictures. He’d never do that to Bella.

The headlines read.

The Spider Catches A Fly?

Well ladies… You’ve been asking the same question we all have. Is Spiderman single or not?

Bella couldn’t even stomach to read the rest. Her hand shook as she held the paper in her hand.

“Oh no…” She groaned sloping back in her seat.

She thought of Peter though…

“Ohhhh nooo.” She whimpers out again even more pronounced.

She slowly turns around. Peter hated what he was about to do to her.

“Really?” He says as if bummed out a bit.

Her eyes widen and she blushes.

“It wasn’t like that. He just…”

“Do you have any idea how much I hate you right now.” Mike utters with a sigh.

“Lucky bitch.”

He grins however, shaking his head.

“Why didn’t you tell me you and Spiderman had something going?! You could at least give me the details! After all he was mine first!”

“That’s just it we don’t! He invited himself to the table.”

She turns back to Peter again.

“Peter I’m serious. This is just another stupid stunt the media is pulling.”

“Guess that means I don’t stand a chance.” Peter nitpicks.

Bella laughs realizing he was messing with her as he winked at her.

Once the bus pulls up to the school, Bella noticed all eyes were on her. Peter took her hand and they made their way inside. Peter walks Bella to her locker. He kisses her before heading to his locker.

“Bitch…” They hear Mike mumble again.

Bella opens one eye and looks his way.



“Go away.”

He complaints.

“You can’t have all the boys!” Mike protests and heads on to class.

Peter wrinkles his nose at this.

“So Spiderman’s trying to steal my girl?”

“Your girl huh?” She teases.

He nods and kisses her once more. Bella rolls her eyes though as she hears the slamming of a familiar locker. She and Peter both look over.

“You sure know how to work the block.” Gwen utters looking directly to Bella.

Peter’s jaw drops at Gwen’s words.

“That maybe, but no matter how hard I try. I just can’t seem to keep up with you Gwen.”

Peter’s eyes widen and he laughs only making it worse. Gwen tramples off in a hissy fit.

“Cute…” Bella comments watching her little show.

“Isn’t she?” Peter says with a scowl.

They walk into class and every girl gives Bella the, I hate you bitch look. All the guys however, pipe up and smile upon her. Bella shakes her head on this and takes her seat.

Peter was beginning to realize that Spiderman; well, he was going to have to be more careful about things. He felt horrible for putting Bella through this. That and he knew Spiderman was sure to be bitched out about this. Not that he blamed her at this point. Spiderman rather deserved a good ass kicking for this. He rubs his face miserably.

The teacher starts to call out pairings for an out of school project. Both Peter and Bella jump to attention as the names Gwen Stacy and Bella Swan, then Mike Newton and Peter Parker. Bella laughs shaking her head.

“Is there a problem Ms. Swan?”

“Nope just frickin’ peachy!”

Peter had no problem partnering up with Mike. However, he feared the worst about Gwen and Bella teaming up. That was a catfight waiting to happen. A fight Bella would win by a long shot. Well Gwen had a pretty face while it lasted. He thinks shaking his head in thought.

Gwen raises her hand.

“Yes Ms. Stacy?”

“I do not believe Bella to be an adequate enough partner. May I switch?”

“No, you may not Ms. Stacy. It just so happens, that Ms. Swan is one of the top of our class. Along with you and Mr. Parker, I put you together for a reason. I’d like to see what you both can achieve.”

“And what is the subject matter?”

“Yours and Bella’s subject is to be about regeneration.”

Bella narrows her eyes at this.

“Is there to somehow be a demonstration of this?”

“Well it wouldn’t be much of a lesson if there wasn’t. Now would there be Ms. Swan?”

Bella shrugs on this.

The teacher gives each partner their subject matter. Mike and Peter’s was combustion. When Peter asked of which kind the teacher merely shrugged. The bell rang and class was dismissed. Gwen caught Bella down the hall. She hands her a piece of paper.

“This is where I live 4:30 after school. Don’t be late. I’m not one that likes to procrastinate. I’ve just the person in mind that can give us some advice on where to begin.”
“And who might that be?”

“My very own mentor.”


She nods with a smile.
“I’ll see you then Bella.”

“Um… yeah glad I don’t’ have plans!” Bella calls out.

“Me too!” Gwen smarts off and practically skips away.

“There’s got to be pills for that.”

“I’m not so sure there is.” Peter says as they walk on to their next class.

“So is it true?” One of the girls leans over during class.

Bella looks over as she’s taking notes.


“You kissed Spiderman?”

“Um no… Who said that?’

The girl smiles.

“Too bad.”

Bella rolls her eyes.
“So are you two…”

“No.” Bella utters.


This girl gets a dreamy eyed expression on her face. She then turns to the girl behind her.

“She says she’s not dating Spiderman.”

“Oh thank God. She’s entirely too plain for him anyhow.”

Bella grits her teeth, but keeps forward.

One of the guys leans over not long after that.

“So Bella right?”

Peter tilts his head on this taking notice. She nods.

“I’m Jason.”

Bella nods.

“So you and Spiderman?”

Bella laments and sinks further into her chair.

“Actually, no there is no me and Spiderman.”

“Oh well cool… So…”

Peter rolls his eyes. Oh come on! Really dude?

“You got any plans this weekend?”

Bella looks to him oddly.


He’s asking you out Bella. Peter frowns on this and crosses his arms about his chest bitterly. Lay off my kool aid!

“Look call me sometime…” The guy hands her his number.

Bella looks to the piece of paper.

“I’m already seeing someone.”

The guy looks to her like she’s lying.

“Oh really?”

She nods.




The guy looks back to Peter. Peter makes himself look eventful.
“You don’t mean Parker do you?”

“That’s precisely what I mean.”

“But he’s…”


“He’s like a dork and you’re like hot and stuff.”

“Um like no he isn’t and stuff.”

“Face it girl you’re dating a total dork. You’re like so out of his league.”

“Huh… you know you kind of talk like a valley girl.” Bella balls up the piece of paper with his number and chunks it at his face.

Peter covers his mouth trying not to lose it.

“So can I take you out this weekend? Or am I in a long waiting line.”

“Ugh Peter… That’s not funny.”

He grins and plants his arms around her waist. Bella grabs him by the collar and kisses him. Peter moans out against her lips. Her cab shows up and Bella frowns.

“I’ll trade you partners.” She says miserably.

“Yeah even I have to admit that’s some pretty rotten luck.”

She sighs.

“Later Peter…”

“Maybe I’ll see you tonight.”

She nods and gets into the cab.

Bella’s jaw drops as the cab comes to a stop.

“Are you certain this is the right address?”

“That’s what you said.”

“Ugh could this get any worse?”

Bella pays the fair and gets out. She walks up to the house and knocks on the door. Bella however, turns around taking in the area.

“Geez, I think my tax dollars just went up. Breathing in the atmosphere.”

She turns to see a tall sandy blond haired man before her. He does this slanting his head to the side thing. He looked to be studying her.

“Um is Gwen here?”

He narrowed his eyes.

“You’re a friend of my daughters?”

“Um, sure.” She says with a shrug.

“Gwen, you got a guest.”

He looks back to Bella.

“And you are?”



“Swan sir.”

He makes this strange face.

“Don’t tell me you’re Charlie’s daughter.”
“OK I won’t.”

He smiles on this shaking his head.

“Well I’ll be. You two certainly resemble one another. That also explains the way you dress.”

Bella looks down to her clothes in wonder. The guy was in a gray suit.

“Um ok.”

“I’m George Stacy, daddy’s boss.”

What?! And who the hell introduces themselves like that?! Charlie never went around saying, that kind of crap back in Forks. What’s with this family?!

Gwen makes her way down. She’d changed clothes since school. Yet she was in another dress.

Who the hell does that? Bella thought to herself. Gwen smiled as she came to the door.

“Well, don’t be rude dad. Let her in.” He steps aside allowing Bella in.

Gwen takes Bella’s arm and leads her upstairs. Bella thought their house was unreal. She thought the Cullen house was insane. This however, topped it off by a long shot. They’d a chandelier about their dining room. Each room was huge and they had white furniture in the living room. Everything was glass as well such as their entertainment center; the coffee table was glass as well. She stepped into Gwen Stacy’s room however, and that’s when it truly hit. There was a huge difference between Bella’s room and Gwen’s. Bella barely had room enough for a bed, dresser and desk. Her room was decked out in band posters, photos of her friends and family. Gwen’s room was massive. There was a lot of pink about the room, stuffed animals, she too had pictures of her friends and family. She had a king size bed, dresser, chest, vanity, desk, TV, a laptop, and a huge walk in closet.

Bella felt very out of place.

“First of all if you’re going out with me. That won’t do… You need to dress the part. We’re about to go see a very prestigious man. With his help we’re sure to ace this assignment.” Gwen starts to dig through her closet. She picks out a dress that’s still in the plastic bag.

“I bought this, but realized I didn’t like it once I got it home. You can have it. I’m sure you need it more than I do. I can help you fix your hair too.”

Bella raised her brows on this.

“I’m not wearing that and you’re not touching my hair. We’re merely doing a school assignment Gwen not going to the Ritz.”

Gwen’s looks upon Bella as though she’d merely slapped her.

“Bella please you can’t be serious. Can’t you see I’m trying to help you?”

Bella takes in a breath. She wanted to give her a few choice of words, yet refrained. She was after all a guest in her home. But she wasn’t about to play Barbie to this chick either. Nor was she about to let Gwen take her down a notch. She wasn’t an ignorant. She knew what Gwen was trying to pull.

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Fine, but at least lose the jacket. It’s atrocious to say the least.”

“It’s Peter’s…” That’s right bitch; Bella thought wanting to smack her one.

Gwen blinks a few times. She places her fingers on the jacket.

“Why are you wearing his jacket?”

“Gwen don’t we have other matters to tend to?”

“So you and Peter really are dating?”

Bella sighs with full on agitation.

“Yes, Gwen. Now can we get to the project please?!”

Gwen nods, but stuffs the dress into Bella’s hands.

“If not for me for Peter.”

Bella grits her teeth. She shoves the dress back into Gwen’s arms.
“Forget it. I’ll flunk this semester.”

Bella storms out of Gwen’s room. She makes her way down the stairs. Gwen’s mother and father come to a stand and look upon Bella.

“Is everything ok?” Mr. Stacy asks.

Bella turns back to the stairs as Gwen’s making her way down.

“Yes, daddy why?”

Bella snaps Gwen an odd look; she half expected Gwen’s head to start doing a complete 360.
Gwen grabs her jacket.

“Bella and I are going out.”

“Ok hun. You two have a good time.”

“We will.”

Gwen locks her arm around Bella’s and leads her out.

Bella looks around as Gwen drags her into some sort of lab area. She hits a button to an intercom.

“Dr. Connors, its Gwen Stacy.”

“Ah, yes do come on.”

Bella turns to see a door opening. Gwen takes her arm again and they enter the room. A tall blonde haired older man came to his feet. He took off his glasses and nodded towards the girls.

“Ms. Stacy…” He smiles warmly.

Bella noticed that he was missing an arm. He had his lab coated pinned a certain way revealing its misshapen form. She wondered if he was born that way or if it were an accident.

“And who is your friend my dear?”

“Isabella Swan.”

He offers a hand. Bella accepts it.

“Well any friend of Gwen’s is certainly a friend of mine.”

Eh… Bella keeps her trap shut though.

“So what do I owe the pleasure of your visits today?”

“Actually, Dr. Connors we have an assignment in lab.”

“How interesting and what might this assignment be?”

Gwen smiles.

“You won’t believe it actually.”

He tilts his head on this.


He smiles and claps his hands together. He points to Gwen.

“Now that there my child is a sure sign indeed.”

Bella slanted her eyes wondering what that meant.

“That’s what I thought as well. Once we were given the assignment, I knew to come to you.”

“Well a very wise decision.”

Bella continues to look around. This guy looked as though he practically lived in this laboratory room. She grimaced at the tank of rats. Bella squatted down at one point and gently tapped on the glass.

“I wouldn’t do that. They’re currently under testing.”

“Testing?” She questions taking a more probing look.

“It just so happens that I myself am working on something. Something magnificent. Tell me Ms. Swan are you a fan?”

“Of rats?” She inquires and continues to look around.

“No, no my dear.” He chuckles a bit.

“You don’t strike me as a rodent fan.”

“Not particularly, no. But then again I’m not so sure how I feel about them being tested either. It seems a bit…”

“A bit?”

“Cruel…” She says honestly.
“It’s better them than us. How else are we to learn? It is what science is about, is it not?”

Bella shrugs.

“I suppose that answers my question.” He declares with exasperation.

Bella stops in her tracks and turns to him. Dr. Connors sits back down and twirls around in his chair. He places something under a microscope and motions for Gwen to come take a look. Bella watches interestedly.

“It didn’t do that before!” Gwen says with a smile as she comes back up.

“What?” Bella asked.

Dr. Connors turns to her.

“Come see for yourself.”

Bella takes in a breath, but she makes her way over. She peers in. She nearly shot back immediately. She looked to Dr. Connors then back to the microscope.

“The dead cells… They’re…” Bella zooms in with the microscope.

“That’s impossible. What’s in this sample?!”

“That’s my little secret now.”

“The dead cells are coming back to life and replicating new ones…” Bella says quietly.

“What is that?” She couldn’t make out what it was that was reacting. What was making them return to life?

“That my dear is the future. That is regeneration. Just think about it! Think of the people’s lives that could be changed! Such as the soldiers that serve this country! How many of them return with missing limbs?”

Bella stops and turns to him.

“Such as yours.”

He nods.

“Precisely, but it isn’t just about that. I’ve done quite well for myself. We need to see the bigger picture. Women and children even. How many lives would be affected if such a cure existed?!”

Bella looks once more she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Wait…” She says.

Bella quickly pushes the microscope his way.

“Might want to take another gander.”

He narrows his eyes and looks.

“NO!” He slams his hand down on the table.

They were all dying again.

“It’s still not strong enough.”

Bella and Gwen turn around the odd sound. They both cover their mouth in shock as all the rats were dying.

“NO!” He jumps to his feet.

“This can’t be happening! I need something stronger. Something that can suffice…”

Bella didn’t like the way that sounded.

“Their limbs grew back so why this?”

He questions and opens one of the tanks. Dr. Connors picks up one of the dead rats. He checks it over. He’s checking over its vitals as Bella yet again looks upon the microscope. She couldn’t get over her curiosity. She’d never seen such a thing. Nor did she think it possible. If she hadn’t known any better she’d sworn she was looking at the DNA of a reptile. But she knew it wasn’t it was different somehow.

Bella let’s out a yelping sound and she stumbles back against Gwen.

“Watch where you’re going…” Gwen hisses.

Bella shakes her head looking to Gwen in shock. She grabs her arm and makes Gwen take a look.

“Dr. Connor!” Gwen shouts.

He looks over, but just as he does. Both girls scream out. The rat jumps to life in his arms. Only it starts to grow. Its eyes open revealing a nice crimson glow to them. The rat however, tries to attack Dr. Connor. He falls back doing his best to hold off the rat. Bella thinks fast. She kicks the rat out of his hold. It flies out against the wall. She quickly grabs one of the empty tanks and scoops it up with the lid shoving it inside. Gwen helps him up. He fixes his coat and collar.

He turns to Bella.

“I believe I owe you one.”

“What was that?!” Bella half snaps.

He smiles, but says nothing.

“Well whatever that was it’s certainly not ready for human testing!”

“Now, now calm down.”

“Calm down?”

He pats her on the back.

“Yes. I’d do not such thing. It just means I’ve to work on a couple more issues that’s all.”

“Oh is that all?” She says sarcastically.

Bella turns to his desk to see pictures of his family. The guy had a pretty wife and two children. She also saw a picture of him, Peter, Gwen and some other students. She picked up the picture in thought. Gwen put a hand to her shoulder.

“He was Peter and I’s science teacher last year.”

Dr. Connor turns to this.

“That I was and though I miss my each of my students greatly. I had to devote more time to my work here. So I retired last year.”

Bella sighs.

“I get what you’re trying to do… And I’m all for it. I just feel it’s far from ready. I’m not even sure what to call that… What just happened to that rat and in that microscope…That wasn’t regeneration. It might have started out like it, but it didn’t end that way. If in the wrong hands Dr. Connors it could prove to be very dangerous.”

“Is a high school girl telling me how to do my job?”

Bella ignores this and looks back to the tank with the mutated looking rat.

“Think of it as more of an observation.”

“Bella is one of the top of our class.” Gwen explains.

“Is she now? I bet she hasn’t topped off Parker.”

“I don’t believe anyone could.” Gwen confirms.

Bella nods in full agreement.

“Nor would I begin to even try.” Bella adds.

“Well anyhow I got this under control. As you said it’s got a few kinks I need to work with.”

He rubs the bridge of his nose.

“Why don’t you ladies come back in a couple days? I’ll be more up to par to answer any questions you may have. Right now as you can see I’ve a mess to clean. A lot of paper work on top of that.”

“Of course Dr. Connors.”

“It was lovely to meet you Ms. Swan.”

“It was awkward yet interesting…” Bella says shaking his hand.

He chuckles.

“Yes well I do apologize for that.”

Gwen hails them a cab, after they get inside. Gwen catches Bella completely off-guard.

“I suppose I can see why he likes you.”

Bella narrows her eyes.

“You’re not so bad.” Gwen says shrugging her shoulders.

“Um thanks? I think…” Bella says and looks out the window.

“Still, I’d work on your attitude and clothes.”

Bella groans out. Of course… Thanks Gwen, you just can’t help yourself can you? Once they get back to Gwen’s…

“Won’t you stay and eat supper with us?” Her mother offered.

“But she hasn’t a dinner dress!” Gwen scoffs.

Bella grins in disbelief.

“You’re joking right?”

The three of them look to Bella as though she’s the oddball.

“She could borrow one of yours.” Her father offers.

“I’ve already tried that dad.”

“Wait you’re all serious?! A dress to dinner? At home? Is the governor coming?”

“Not today no.” Her father says with a serious tone.
Wait they have dinner with the governor?

“Um yeah… I’ve got to go.”

“We do not say yeah in this house. We say yes. And Um… isn’t really a word now is it?” George states.

Bella has a good laugh at this.

“Nice meeting you all.” She continues to giggle and exits the house.

She heads to the nearest bus stop, everything replaying in her head.

Spiderman shakes his head as he keeps watch above. He sees Bella waiting for the bus. However, he also sees the Jamaican man directly behind her. Only this man had been following Bella for some time. Just as the man reaches for Bella, Spiderman sends out his web and yanks him back. Bella takes notice of nothing; which is what Spiderman preferred. After what he’d done he didn’t want to cause Bella more stress. He wished he’d thought about the consequences. He was still pretty pissed with himself.

The man hisses out. That’s when Spiderman begins to see that he too, vampire, just like Eddie boy was. Which meant this Victoria person was also a vampire. How’d Bella get mixed up in this sort of life? He wondered.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” The vampire growls.

“Let me guess? You must be Laurent.”

The vampire looks to him bewildered.

“Now how do you know my name?” He inquires his accent thick.

“You just look like a Laurent. By the way, just between you and I. You forgot your shirt. Nice jacket though. Is that polyester?”

The vampire irritably shakes his head and turns back towards Bella. She’s just about to get on the bus. He starts to take off that direction.

“Not happening. Sorry bud she belongs to someone else.”

He fires his web again and circles the vampire completely. His web wrapping Laurent’s arms to his body. The vampire looks upon him in disbelief.

“How are you?!” He struggles to break free.

Spiderman uses his hands to drag him towards him. Flashes of Bella’s mother and stepfather hit him and hard. Anger coursed through Spiderman’s veins. For once he wasn’t in a joking mood. He was dealing with the murderers of Bella Swan’s family!

He grabs the guy by the roots of his hair.

“Take me to this Victoria.”

The man continues to try and break free.

“You’re not breaking out of those, looks painful.”

Spiderman says as he tightens the webbing around the vampire. His skin starts to crackle.

“Some strong stuff isn’t it?”
“What is this?!” Laurent panics.

“Take me to this other vampire or I’ll let you see it’s full power. This is only HALF of what I can do. If you wish to keep any ligaments or stay whole; I strongly suggest you do as I say.”

“Ok, ok… I shall take you to her.”

Spiderman nods and pats him on the head.

“That’s a good little vampy.”

Spiderman keeps his webbing around Laurent like a leash. He has Laurent lead him around. They don’t stop until they get to New York City Times Square. Laurent comes to a stop and turns to him.

“Keep going. Don’t even think about trying anything.” Spiderman say shoving him about.

Laurent leaps down from the building they’re on. Spiderman tags along and follows him to the Hard Rock Café. He turns at the alleyway there. Sure enough a petite fiery red haired woman stood off to the corner. Not only that, but she was feeding off someone. Little was Spiderman aware that the person she was feeding from; was soon to drop dead before him. He wasn’t aware of their toxic venom and what it was capable of. He grimaced at the bite marks all over the woman that fell to the ground. He rushed over and propped her up in his hold.

“What have you done?!”

The red headed vampire laughs and crosses her arms about her chest.
“And what do we have here?”

Only her smile turns to a frown as she takes notice of Laurent.

“Where’s the girl! And who is this?! This is not what I asked for!”

She cocks her head to the side a bit. She takes notice of the entrapment Laurent’s in. She turns back to Spiderman who’s realizing there’s no reviving the person in his arms. The girl was young, she was brunette like Bella.

“NO!” Spiderman lays the girl back down gently and moves his hand over her eyes to close them.

Victoria comes after him. Spiderman doesn’t even flinch. Nor does he even move. He flings out his arm and blocks her. As Spiderman does this the vampire is sent through a building. He comes to his feet. He hadn’t been this angry… Not since… Not since Uncle Ben’s murder. That girl could have been Bella. It could have been her body he was holding just now. This vampire bitch just killed some innocent girl! Spiderman steps over the debris. He crouches over Victoria. He picks her up by the collar of her shirt.

“Pardon us.” He says to the people about the restaurant, he tossed her into.

He looks around.

“Everyone ok?”

They all nod looking to be in shock. He nods and grabs Victoria by the hair dragging her out of the area. Laurent rushes him through the building as Spiderman does his best to get innocents out of the way safely. Victoria appears behind Spiderman.

“Oh no you caught me.” He raises his hands in the air as though he’s scared.

Victoria reaches for his head ready to snap it in half. Spiderman quickly zips out from between them. He aims his wrists upon them both; one around Victoria the other around Laurent. He twirls them around opposite directions. He then flings their bodies together. They make a sound; that reminded him of when Peter used to play with crackle balls, as a child. The kind that would make a loud snap then smell like smoke directly after. That’s the sound they made as they hit against each other. What he didn’t expect or realize is that they were made out of some sort of marble material. So when he did this they came back down in shattered pieces. His eyes widen he stumbles back at first in complete and utter shock. That wasn’t his intention. Now their remains scattered about Time Square. In fact people stepped over their remains not even realizing they had. There was nothing left other than their clothes. It wasn’t his intention to take their lives. But then again they weren’t exactly human. They were vampires and murderers at that. They had taken lives. They would have taken Bella’s if given the chance amongst others. Spiderman sighs in thought. He picks up their clothes and tosses them into a nearby trashcan.

Bella and Charlie were safe now and that’s what mattered. He couldn’t let this get him down. He’d not a clue what would happen. He merely meant to take them down and have them arrested.

Charlie’s making his way to his squad car after his shift. He takes his keys from his pocket. Spiderman leaps down before him. Charlie turns as Spiderman makes his way over.

“I just wanted you to know that your daughter is now safe.”

Charlie narrows his eyes on this.

“Someone tried to come after her. I got to them before she even took notice. Just let her know it’s been taken care of.”

Charlie Okays whilst pinching the bridge of his nose. He takes in a breath of relief.

“Thank you.”

Spiderman nods. Charlie lifts his head back up. He offers his hand. Peter inside the suit his throat constricted at this. He took her father’s hand and gave it a firm shake. He pats Charlie on the back and makes his escape before George Stacy drives up.

Bella had waited for Peter to stop by, but he never did. She didn’t figure he would as late as it was once she got home. After she fixed supper and put up the leftovers for Charlie in the fridge. She showered and got to bed. The more time progressed however, the harder she found it to sleep. When she did sleep the nightmares taunted her. She kept seeing everyone she cared about dying over and over. All at the hands of Victoria and Laurent…

Tonight made the worst as it seemed so real. Bella screamed out. Her back arched off the bed. Her hands balled up in fists. She sweat profusely.

Charlie heard her cries as he entered the apartment. He ran to her room and flung her door open. He turned to see she was still asleep. He sat on the edge of her bed. He softly shook her trying his best to stir her awake.

“Come on Bells.”

Charlie propped his daughter up. Her eyes bat open. Tears ran down her cheeks. Charlie wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s all over now…”

She sucked back a breath.

“Spiderman took care of it.”

Bella looks to her father oddly.

“That’s right.”
“You saw him?”

Charlie nods.

“He came and told me personally.”

Charlie clears his throat.

“Oh yeah…”

He pulls something out from his jacket. Bella narrows her eyes upon the item. She holds it up as it unfolds. She grins shaking her head.

“By the way I saw that newspaper. Something I don’t know about kid?”

“Dad we both know how the media is.”

He softly chuckles.

“Yeah I’m afraid so.”

Bella puts the blue Spiderman jersey over her pj’s. It had red rings around the arms. Spiderman’s face was in the middle of the jersey.

“Thought we could show our support.” Charlie says with a shrug.

“It’s really cool dad thanks.”

“I thought you’d like it.”

He kisses the top of her head.

“I mean it now. No more nightmares.”

Bella pulls her knees to her chest. She gives him a thumbs up as Charlie pulls her door to.


So many things… not certain how to fit it all into a postcard, but I’ll try. For one thing, I no longer have to concern myself with Laurent or Victoria. That’s a bonus. Though it doesn’t bring my mom or Phil back, nor does it damper the anguish I feel. The good thing is… I no longer have to worry about Charlie, Mike, Peter or you for that matter. That’s another thing. Peter and I well… we’re officially dating now. I suppose we’ll see how this goes. I won’t lie though I’m nervous yet excited all the same. My biggest fear? Getting hurt all over again. I guess that’s just goes with it. You never know unless you take that leap.

I still can’t get it all out of my mind though Jake. It keeps playing out like a broken record. I fear it’ll eat me alive. I know that Laurent and Victoria are gone. So there’s nothing more to worry about right? I still don’t feel justified. I’m so fucking angry. Part of me wishes, that I personally could have ended their existence. That I somehow had a hand or the satisfaction of seeing them go down. Fucked up I know. But this thing it’s so intertwined within me. Without Peter and Mike? Well let’s not even go there. I feel something coursing within me. Something I’ve never felt before. Honestly? It scares the shit out of me. I need to stay focused on the bigger picture. Everyone is safe. That’s all that matters right? Bella

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