Chapter 9 Whiplash

Chapter 9

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Peter continues to panic. Bella hasn’t said a word. He swallows back nervously. They continue to sway about. He’s got one arm wrapped around her waist. Did I put the poor girl in shock?! Please say something! Peter felt he was about to lose his mind. He takes in a breath and brings them up on the roof of the building. He drops his hold. Then Peter watches her every move.

Bella stood there frozen for a moment. She then started to pace the rooftop. Her fingers combed through her hair. A nervous laugh is the first thing Peter hears from her mouth. She leaned against a pipe on the roof with one hand. She looked to the ground. Oh no… Peter thought a wave of nausea hitting him. Please don’t dump my sorry ass… He tried to think of something anything to say. His nerves however, were getting the best of him. He takes in the deepest of breathes. With one hand he reaches out.

“Bella…” He says softly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Bella continues to stay where she is.

She doesn’t even look upon him.

“For the same reason you wrote that letter to Charlie.”

Bella closes her eyes for a moment.

“When were you going to tell me Peter? If ever?”

“You haven’t a clue just how many times…”

“No you’re right I don’t!” She finally raises her head.

“All of these damn secrets! Dammit Peter! They follow me everywhere I go!”

He nods, that was confirmation, if he ever needed one. He just lost his girlfriend and on the very first date. He rubs his hands along his face. He shakes his head on this. He knew the price. He knew what he’d be giving up. The moment he put on that suit. He chose to take that leap. He knew deep down that was it.

“Bella I’m so sorry. I should have told you and I know that.”

“I trusted you Peter!”

He shut his eyes for a moment. Yet, he too felt rather pissed. She too had been holding back on him! He too had the right to let her know, just how he felt! If he already screwed up this relationship, then why would, anything, he said matter now?!

He points directly at her.

“I’m not the only one with secrets! You’ve yet to tell me everything behind Forks! About your ex and everything else! So touché! You want to be pissed fine! I can play that game too!”
“This isn’t a game!”

“Oh sure it is! You play it very well to.”

She narrows her eyes bitterly at this.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“OH come on!”

She grits her teeth slightly pulling at her hair.

“When were you going to tell me? You’re so quick to turn the tables! You were right you know!”

“OH and what’s that?!’

“You are a hypocrite! Apparently, Isabella Swan is the only one entitled to have any secrets!”

She winces at this.

“Well, how I was I to know that physically speaking; you could handle my past!”

“And if I wasn’t?!”

She shakes her head on this.

“You’re kidding me right?! You were never going to tell me! Were you?!”

“Nah… I get it!” He nods at this.

Bella reaches to her gut.

“You don’t understand.”

“Oh no, you don’t get to say that! Not to me! I’m Spiderman! Don’t you stand there and try to tell me; that I don’t understand the importance, behind all this. Everyone around me Bella their life is at risk as well. I understand a lot more than you can even think. You and I Bella we’re pretty much wearing the same shoes. Instead of standing there fighting me on this. You could try opening up to me. Come on Bella. Do you have any clue just how I feel about you?! This! This right here is killing me. I’m afraid of losing you. I don’t want to lose you. Dammit Bella I love you!” Peter’s eyes widen at his own words.

Wait I do? Did I justON our first date? SHIT! Bella turns to him.

“What?” He nods and firmly stands his ground on this.

“You heard me. I said I love you! So I’m not letting you push me away! I’m damn sure not pushing you away.”

The area around Bella spun. She was doing her best to take it in. She continued to step back.

“Bella…” Peter warned as she was getting too close to the edge.


She stopped and turned. He sighs and sends out his web. He brings her back towards him. He flinched once he realized she was crying.

“Please don’t…” He wipes them with the sleeve of his jacket.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to be the reason you cry. Ever… That was never my intention.”

She nods. Shyly, Bella finally speaks.

“That explains so much.”
“What does?”

“Why I had feelings for Spiderman and Peter Parker. You haven’t a clue the amount of guilt; I felt towards Peter! That’s so not right either; you gave me a bit of hard time Peter! You were Spiderman all along. Jesus, the entire time…” She says thinking back to it all.

He tries to fight it, but the grin forms on his face.

“So wrong! You were trying to mess with me weren’t you?”

He softly chuckles.

“It’s not funny Peter! I felt so wrong. I knew my feelings for Peter Parker were stronger. Yet…”

“You found yourself attracted to Spiderman?”

She sighs shaking her head.

“Hey, he’s a catchy guy.”

“Ugh and there he is…”

Peter laughs. However, both of them gaze upon one another.

“Now what?” Peter bravely asks.

“I for one am not running away from this. But Bella what are you going to do?”

Peter’s taken back as Bella latches her arms around his neck. He stumbles back nearly losing his balance. He hadn’t expected that. His heart flips around in his chest. He hears her whisper in his ear.

“I love you too Peter.”

He wraps his arms around her and holds her.

“Hold on.” He whispers.

He fires out and she clings to him. He swings about the city.

“Kind of feel like Jane in Tarzan or something.” He hears her mumble.

He smirks, but continues. After a while he comes to a stop. He kisses her as they teeter back and forth a bit. Bella then shuts her eyes and leans against his chest. Peter pecks the top of her head. He feels her taking in a breath.

“He’s a vampire.”


She softly giggles, but clears her throat.


He nods already knowing that. Yet, he was glad to see she was starting to talk to him now.

“Him and his entire family.”

Um ok that he didn’t know. An entire family? Wait was this the cult Mike was referring to?

He says nothing though. He simply listens to everything she says. Peter stops her at the James part. He’d seen the scar before, but hadn’t a clue what it was. He runs a finger along it curiously. Sure enough, it remained and was icy cold. He nodded after this and she went back to her story. He also learned the truth about Jacob Black. Peter couldn’t believe everything she was telling him. She was right. These types of things seem to follow her everywhere she goes. He felt a bit of guilt now about him being one of those instances.

By the time she came to a finish. Peter felt damn near ill. Her life barely hung in the balance and that was just in a small town. He also knew without a shadow of a doubt that he HATED Edward Cullen. He sounded like a complete pussy. Some of the choices Edward made. Peter would NEVER agree with. Leaving her in harm’s way was one of them. No matter how bad the relationship goes. YOU NEVER EVER leave someone in potential danger. Bella and Charlie were left without so much a leg to even stand on. He felt now it truly was the Cullen’s fault that Bella’s mother and stepfather were no more. He didn’t blame her for being pissed and resentful.

He clears his throat to all this.

“So let me get this straight… You dated a vampire, were best friends with a shifter aka wolf, you’ve faced death more than a handful of times?”

“That pretty much sums it up.”

“Pfft, that’s nothing.” He teases with a shrug.

“That’s certainly what I thought.”

They both laugh a bit on this. He sighs in thought.

“And now you’re dating Spiderman.”

“Did I say that?”

“Nope, but it kind of goes without saying. Don’t you think?”

“Thought I was dating Peter Parker.”

“Wait… are you saying that Spiderman’s still single? Because…” He playfully hints and she punches him in the chest.

Bella narrows her eyes in thought.

“So how in the world, do I keep up with you both? Seriously, it’s enough to give a girl whip lash!”

He chuckles in thought.

“Sorry don’t have an answer for that one. By the way… Spiderman owes you an apology.”

“You mean besides the obvious?”

“Yes actually, it’s about the pictures. I didn’t think about those leaking out Bella. It was a foolish mistake that won’t happen again.”

“Um yeah about that… What came over you that day anyhow? I mean if you wanted to ask me out… Why didn’t Peter Parker just ask me?”

A nervous laugh escapes his lips.

“Let’s just say it’s amazing what you can accomplish; when you wear a mask.”

Bella rather thought about his comment. She nods at this.

“Actually that makes perfect sense. I never thought about it like that.”
“Yeah well you turned Spiderman down anyway.” He says with a shrug and starts bringing them down.

“And what would have you done?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I had said yes?”

He grins in thought.

“Guess we’ll never know.”

She smiles shaking her head.

“This is completely insane you know?”


She bites her lower lip and Peter swallows back on this. He wanted her so bad it was unreal.

He sighs however.

“I better get you home.”

“Guess dad’s pulling another all-nighter.” She says once she gets home.

Peter walks her to the door. She turns to him. Peter pins her in with one hand against the door; the other cupping her chin. He grazes her lips with his. Her body reacted to the tease. She softly gasp as he kissed along her jawline, down her neck, and shoulders. He picked her up his hands slightly going up her skirt. His hands ran along the seam of her panties. His eyes damn near crossed at this. He found her lips again. Peter knew he had to stop. Those condoms in his pocket suddenly felt as though they weighed a ton. He swallows back on this. Don’t push your luck! He thinks shamefully.

“Goodnight Bella.”

She catches her breath as he places her back down. Bella watched as he walked on home. Once she made her way inside. She threw down her keys and tossed her jacket on the couch. A smile crossed her face.

Page break

“Well how’d it go?” Mike whispers as he beats Peter to the punch on the bus.

Peter sat behind them.

“How’d what go?”

“Your date silly.”

She shrugs as if indifferent.

“Not bad.”

She knew Peter was listening.

“That’s it? Just… Not bad?”


“Oh come on. Details… please?!”

Bella giggles at this.

“You’re a hopeless mess you know that Mike.”

He grumbles and crosses his arms about his chest.

“You’re no fun you know that!”
“I’m plenty fun.”
“You’re holding back on me and you know it.” Mike looks her over.

“You got laid didn’t you?!”

Her jaw drops and she looks around the bus.
“Jesus Mike… and no you idiot.”

“You didn’t? But you have that glow to you.”
“Glow? Yeah the I just got freshly fucked look.”
“MICHAEL NEWTON!” She whispers harshly in full disbelief that he had said that.

“It just so happens I’m still a virgin you imbecile.”

Meanwhile, Peter was doing his best not to react; to what he was hearing. He too couldn’t believe what came out of Mike’s mouth. He also just learned something else. So she too was a virgin. He was sure Edward had already taken care of that. He was relieved to know he hadn’t. Thus, however, only further proved to Peter what a dumbass Edward was. He now understood something that Bella had mentioned when she told him her story. She said something about how she’d practically throw herself at Edward. Only to have him often enough push her away. He understood the dude was a vampire and feared he could harm her. Yet, that’s all the jackass seemed to do. If not physically he damn sure emotionally jacked her up. Even at that though where there’s a will there’s a way. How the hell do you turn away from Bella Swan? IDIOT!

“Earth to Peter?”

He shook his head snapping back into attention.

“You ok there?”

Peter blinked a few times. Mike and Bella were looking right at him.


Bella grinned and started giggling.

“Guess that answers your question.” She said to Mike as they both turned back around.

What question? Peter wondered. There was a question?! Bella and Mike continued to laugh off and on.

The bus comes to a stop and they make their way off the bus. Peter walks with Bella to her locker. Only once she’s got the door shielding her. She looks around. Peter looks to her curiously. She unzips her jacket exposing the Spiderman shirt. It was tightly fitted. Peter damn near fell back in disbelief. He swallowed hard taking it in. She smiled and zipped her jacket back up.

“You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?” He said practically panting.

She blushed a bit.

“Well here’s to his number one fan.” He whispers presses her against the locker kissing her.

“Now who said I was?”

“He did…” Peter says with complete assurance.

“Sounds about right.”

He chuckles on this and heads on to class. Both Bella and Peter eye one another off and on. They were still taking in everything they learned about one another last night. Peter however, he thought of the irony. It wasn’t that long ago he and Mike talked about this very thing. Now Peter felt as though he himself had someone he could go to when needed. He also wanted Bella to realize he was there whenever she needed. That she could trust in him completely.

This was a good thing right? At least he hoped. He sunk back in his seat a bit in thought.

Gwen leaned over and tapped Bella on the shoulder.

“Thought we’d pay Dr. Connor another visit. Our project is due in two days Bella!”

Peter noticed the look on her face. She didn’t want to go back there. She swallowed, back with a nod.

“Um I’m not so sure about that Gwen.”

“Why not? He’s exactly what we need to get this project done.”

“With all due respect Gwen haven’t I done more than my fair share already?”

Peter reared back a bit at this. Has she been making Bella do all the work?!

“Fine, I’ll go alone.”
Bella sighs.

“Gwen I also don’t think that’s a good idea. Why don’t you come by my place this time? We don’t need Dr. Connors to complete our assignment. It’s almost done to be honest.”

“What’s your deal Bella? We totally need him. You want to ace this right?”

“Well sure, but..”
“But what?”

Bella shakes her head.

“I’m sorry Gwen, but I’ve no intentions of going back there.”

“Very well. I’ll finish the rest of the assignment on my own.”

Bella shrugged.



Bella looked back at her.

“I said ok.”


“Gwen, I’m not even about to feel bad about that. I’ve done like 85 percent of the work. It won’t kill you to finish the rest.”

“Fine we don’t need you anyway.”

“So you’re going anyway?”

She nods.

“What’s with you Bella?”

Bella takes in a breath.

“Nothing… Just please be careful Gwen.”

Gwen cuts Bella an odd glance.

“By the way, I must say nice work on the poster. I read over your notes as well. I must admit even I hadn’t thought of scenario c.”

Bella nodded, but kept forward.

“There should always be an alternative.”

Peter wondered what they were referring to.

The rest of the day went about usual for them. Mike was heading to Peter’s after school so they too could finish their assignment. Yet, Bella was having an inner battle within herself. She didn’t like the idea of Gwen being alone with Dr. Connor. However, she wanted to be nowhere near him after what she’d witnessed. But did she truly see what she thought she had? Bella was beginning to wonder if she was truly downright losing it. She’d heard nothing since. She sat by Peter on the bus ride back home. The guilt continued to rise within her. Bella couldn’t stand the idea of Gwen getting hurt if something shall arise.

She waved Peter and Mike off as they went into Peter’s house. Bella went inside. She started some laundry and was about to start her homework. No matter what she did though. She couldn’t concentrate. All she kept picturing was the worst scenarios. She slammed down her pencil and grabbed her jacket. Bella got on the first bus into town. She hadn’t enough money for cab fare. She knew she’d have to walk the rest of the way. Still she couldn’t rest until she knew Gwen was ok. Granted she don’t really like her and all. Even Bella wasn’t cruel enough to wish her harm.

Bella eventually made her way there. She walked inside and immediately knew her assumptions were right. The lights were flickering off and on. Signs that something huge had rampaged through the area. Walls had been busted through, debris was everywhere. Bella’s nerves were shot. She took out her phone and dialed Peter. Bella jumped however, as she heard something directly above her. Upstairs something was making its way through. Something big as the entire building shook. She heard screaming from above.

“Peter…” She started to say, but she heard what sounded to be crying.

She turned.

“Oh no…”

“Peter, Gwen…”

Peter’s eyes widened as he heard both girls screaming. He turned towards Mike.

“I gotta go.”

“Um everything ok?”

Peter grabbed his jacket. Mike stood in his room blankly as Peter literally bolted out of the room.


He heard the front door slam. Mike sighed and grabbed their materials and went on home after he locked up for Peter.

“Shh…” Bella said covering Gwen’s mouth.

Gwen had tears rolling down her cheeks. Her breaths were erratic. Bella found herself wanting to freak out as well. They hid behind a bookcase. Bella continued to stare Gwen in the eyes. Gwen and Bella’s bodies shook with each step the giant creature made. Bella peered in between some books to take another gander. She watched as he sniffed the air. It looked as though a giant lizard. It was reptile like with a massive long tail, sharp teeth, long nails, its skin was a deep hunter green, its undercarriage a tannish color. He even had a lizard like tongue. Bella now knew what DNA strand Dr. Connors was using. She was right about everything!

“I know you’re in here. I can smell you.” It sneered in a rough voice.

Bella brought her and Gwen to a crouching position. She motioned Gwen towards a nearby vent. One they could both fit through. Gwen nodded. Bella put a finger to her mouth. Letting Gwen know they had to be extremely quiet. Gwen nodded and they crawled along the cold tile. Bella quickly, but quietly as possible unscrewed the vent. Bella shoved Gwen towards that direction first. However, Gwen kicked at the vent on the floor, making a tinging metal sound, as she crawled inside the vent. Bella’s eyes widen at this. Gwen started to peek her head out again.

“GO!” Bella hissed.

Bella got halfway inside and was yanked back by her jacket. Gwen screamed out.

“GO!” Bella shouted on top of her lungs.

Gwen looked upon her as though lost on what to do.

Gwen took off at this. The lizard like creature lifted Bella up within eye level.

“It was you that was here… that day wasn’t it! I know your scent!” He roared.

He brought her towards his nose. He breathed her in.

“You need help Dr. Connors. I tried to warn you. I wish you would have listened!”

He laughs and his breath causes her hair to fly back.

“So you know?” He says and shakes his head.

“Please, this isn’t you! You don’t want to hurt people. Think about your family!”

He shakes his head looking down for a moment.

“It’s too late!” He hisses.

“NO! No, it’s not. Just put me down. I’ll help you go over this. We’ll bring you back somehow. Let me help.”

He shakes his head continuing to breathe directly on her.

“You and Gwen know. I can’t have that. I will have to find her next!” He barks.

Bella manages to slip out of her jacket. She lands amongst the floor in a crouching stance. The Lizard snarls back. Bella takes off between his legs as he whips around to try and grab her. She gets yanked away.

“Sorry this one’s taken.” He grabs her jacket as well.

Spiderman flings them about the building. They continue to be chased down.

“Think I’m going to have to take a different approach.” He says looking back.

“Whatever you do, don’t let go.” He says as places her jacket back over her. Spiderman then exits the building.


He fires his web another direction. He places her hands on it. He gives her a nod and sends her swinging away from the confrontation. Bella’s jaw drops as she realizes she’s hanging a good 20 feet in the air.

“Really?” She utters in a slight panic; looking down at the passing cars and pedestrians below her.

Bella hangs on for dear life; whilst praying for Spiderman’s.

Spiderman does his best to shake it off as he’s smacked through one of the building windows. He sighs as he raises up. He dusts himself off. He nods towards the employees at their cubicles.

“How’s it going?”

“OK?” One of the women say bewildered.

“That’s good. Well eh… keep up the good work.” Spiderman says giving them a thumbs up.

They all nod. The woman screams however, as Lizard peeks inside. Spiderman runs and slides his body across the floor. He spins his web around Lizard’s neck. He keeps swinging onto a nearby building. Spiderman however, gets yanked back at great force. That’s not the only issue. He’s getting shot at now. Charlie slams on the brakes. He gets out of the car. He slams the door and knocks the gun out of his fellow officer’s hand.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Charlie shouts.

Spiderman finally manages to brace himself as he fires off both wrists. He sees he’s just a few feet from the ground. He sighs in relief. He looks around. The Lizard aka Dr. Connors was nowhere to be seen now. However, Spiderman was surrounded.

George Stacy gets on his loud speaker.

“You’re coming with us.”

“It didn’t work the first time! What makes you think it’ll work this time?!”

“We’re not giving you a choice!”

Charlie sighs on this. Spiderman sees him pinching the bridge of his nose. Come on now Charlie. I’ve left your daughter literally hanging.

“He hasn’t’ broken any laws.” Charlie defends.

“He’s caused destruction something in which our tax payers will have to rebuild! He’s a menace to society!”

“Do you not see the bigger guy? The real threat!” Charlie shouts back pointing furiously to his boss.

At this distraction… Spiderman makes his escape. Rounds of bullets being shoot as he vanishes.

“Dammit! One more time Swan! Just one more! You ever speak out against my orders again! You will find yourself at a desk! Possibly without a gun or a badge!”

“Sorry I kept you waiting…” He says and wraps his arm around her.

He sends them onto one of the nearby buildings. He places Bella down. She rubs her hands and wrists. He gently grabs them checking them over.
“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Are you?”

He nods, but sighs with irritation.
“He got away.”

She shakes her head on this.

“I’m sorry. He was there one moment the next he was gone.”

“I think his transformations only last for so long.”

“Meaning he returns to his former self after too long?”

Bella nodded.

“That would explain a few things.”

Spiderman paces around in thought.

“Meanwhile, you and Gwen are in danger. Both of you need to watch your backs. I don’t want either of you out alone. You’re nothing more than a threat to him now Bella. It maybe Dr. Connors, but something else has taken over.”
“So what carry economy size pepper spray?”

“If it makes you feel better. I know I’d feel better. Maybe it’s time to invest in that body suit made of bubble wrap.”

“Sure I’ll get right on that.”

“See feeling better already.”

Bella grins shaking her head. He reaches over and unzips her jacket.


He looks around and backs her up against a door area of the roof. He lifts his mask up enough to free his lips. Spiderman leans into her. She puts a hand to his lips.

“I’m already seeing someone else.”

He grabs both her wrists and webs them up against the door.

“I could hand him his ass in a heartbeat. At the moment you’re mine.”

She blushes at this. He kisses her with longing. He slightly lifts her shirt running his hands along her waist. Her chest moves more frequently between breathes. He takes a moment to appreciate the view before him. Bella’s arms forced up against the door. Her shirt lifted enough to reveal that flat tummy of hers. Her hair was wild from the wind blowing it. That and she was wearing her Spiderman shirt.

“Now I wish I had a camera!” He says continuing to take in the view. He lowers his mask back down.

He sighs with disappointment.

“I better release you, I suppose.”

Bella softly laughs.

He snaps the webbing away from her wrists.

“Hold on.”

He gets them closer to their neighborhood. He then lowers her down.

“Straight home…”

She nods and he watches from a distance making certain she got there safely. He hurriedly decided to check on Gwen. He makes his way to her neighborhood. Gwen’s coming out of a cab. Once the cab leaves Spiderman appears before her.

She narrows her eyes.

“It would be wise. Not to go anywhere alone. You and this other girl now know something that could very well put your lives at risk.”

Gwen slowly approaches him.

“Thank you.”

“Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman doing his job. NO need.”

She smiles. She puts her hand upon his chest.

“I shall reward you with a kiss.”

Eh? Ugh not again.

“Um I’m good actually!” He says with a nod.

She ignores him leaning into him.

“Well look at the time!” He looks to a watch on his wrist that isn’t there.

“Gotta fly!”

He sends out his web and makes his escape.

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