Chapter 2 Finding A Friend

classroom2Chapter 2

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“Alright everyone! It seems we have a new student today.” The teacher smiled towards the doorway, looking at the little girl and her mother.

The mother then nodded in a gesturing manner. The small girl shook her head with a pouty look about her. Natasha, the mother, sighed.

“You’re going to be fine, Isabella. Go on now.” She then nudged her daughter towards the door.

“Oh, don’t be shy now!” The teacher called out with a warm smile. Bella lowered her head shyly as her mother motioned for her to go on.

“I don’t have all day…” Bella’s bottom lip quivered.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Her mother scolded and pointed upon her, “You’re a big girl now! We don’t cry now; do we?”

Bella shook her head in reply.

“That’s right now, go on…”

Bella nodded and turned back towards the room as the teacher waved in her direction. She timidly entered the room. A few of the students started giggling. Bella then quickly sat in the nearest empty seat.

“What’s your name sweetie?” the teacher asked kindly.

“Isabella…” she whispered.

“A little louder… that way everyone can hear!”

She sighed and looked to her desk. It was her mother’s wish that she go by her full name now, something Bella wasn’t too happy about. Everyone had always referred to her as Bella, or in her adoptive father’s case, Bells.

“Isabella.” she spoke softly.

“Isabella… what a pretty name! What a beautiful last name you have, too! How unique that it’s Swan… just like the bird.”

The little boy sitting beside her giggled. Bella then turned her head to look at him.

“She thinks you’re a bird!” he announced happily, causing the other students to laugh.

And that had been the first time Bella actually smiled, since she first moved to Manhattan three months ago.

“Peter!” The blonde girl beside him said with a giggle.

He shrugged and went back to coloring his project.

“We’re making rainbows, Isabella. Would you like to make a rainbow too? We’re using cotton balls for the clouds.” the teacher explained.

“EWWWW, Peter!” a girl suddenly shrieked.

Bella glanced over to see that he had his cotton up his nose. Bella covered her mouth in laughter. His nostrils looked huge with the balls of cotton stuffed inside. The teacher heavily sighed.

“That’s enough, Peter. Take those out of your nose!”

“Gwen dared me to do it.”

“So that means you had to?”

He nodded with full assurance, “If you don’t you’re a chicken! And I’m no chicken.”

“Harry, would you mind sharing some of your colors with Isabella?”

The boy on the other side of Bella smiled,“You can use my colors! But not the green… I’m using that one.” Bella nodded and reached for the red.

“That’s my favorite color!” Peter remarked, looking over.

“You said your favorite color was blue!” Gwen said as she was pasting the cotton clouds onto the end of her rainbow.

“Why, what a beautiful picture, Miss. Stacy!” She grinned as the teacher praised it.

“I like red and blue. You can like more than one color, you know!”

“That’s very true Peter. How about you, Isabella?”

Bella lifted her eyes upon the teacher as she started her rainbow.

“Do you have a favorite color?”

Bella shook her head as her gaze dropped back down to her picture. That red line she’d just drew set off one of her “spells”. She swiftly dropped the crayon and then shot out of her chair. The other students looked on with confusion. Bella continued to back away with fear in her eyes, as she glared at her white piece of construction paper with the one red mark.

“Higher, daddy!”

Charlie chuckled and gave another push, “Too much higher and you’ll be flying!” Bella giggles and happily swings her feet about.

“Look, mommy’s home!” Charlie announced and grabbed ahold of the tire swing. He lifted Bella out of the swing and placed her down. Bella then took off to greet Renee. Charlie tagged along behind her. Bella opened the door to see another man in the car with Renee. Her mother was crying and shaking all over.

“Get in the house, Bella…”

“Mommy?” She looked to the man once again gasped. He had a gun to her mother’s heart.

“Bella… do as mommy says.”

“DADDY, THERE’S A BAD MAN! GET HIM!” Bella shouted. Charlie reared back on his daughter’s words.

He hadn’t even noticed the gunman until his wife went to peel out of the driveway. “INSIDE!” Charlie shouted at his daughter while he rushed over to help his wife.

“NOW!!!!” he ordered.

Bella’s lip quivered, but she did as she was told. Once she entered the house, she grabbed a chair from the dining room table. She pushed it towards the kitchen counter, where the phone was. She then climbed up the chair and reached for the phone. Bella dialed 911, like her father had taught her.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

And just like she was taught, Bella gave her name and address first.

“Very good…” The operator commented, amazed by this little girl’s bravery.

“A bad man has a gun pointing at my mommy and my daddy he’s a cop and …”

Bella shrieked out as she was jerked away from the phone. It was then ripped from the wall. Charlie and Renee were now in the house, along with five other men. They were all dressed in black and every one of them had guns.

“Is that her?” One of the men asked.

The main gunman nodded while he caressed Bella’s cheek, “Looks just like her.”

“She sure does. Same eyes even…”

“OH yeah… It’s her alright!”

Get your hands off my daughter!” Charlie shouted as they grabbed Bella and forced her into a chair.

One of the men socked Charlie across the face with his gun. That caused Bella and Renee to scream out. They tied Bella to the chair. One of the men then took off his tie, rolled it up and stuffed it into her mouth. “That ought to shut you up; you little shit!” Tears streamed down her face. The man then put a gun to Bella’s head and smiled.

“NO!” her parents shouted.

“Charlie!! Please do something!” Renee hollered.

Bella’s tiny heart raced with nothing but fear. The man locked eyes with hers while he ran the gun along her cheek and down her stomach. He then aimed the gun at her parents. She squirmed about the chair desperately, once he did this. He chuckled with amusement when he put the gun back to her head. He smiled as she instantly stopped squirming. He nodded, “Interesting…”

“I thought we were gonna kill the girl.” one of the other men called out.               

The man shrugged and forced Bella’s mouth open. He shoved the gun in her mouth, then took her small hand, wrapping it around the trigger.

 “YOU, BASTARD!” Charlie roared. Charlie then rushed off the couch and took out one of the men nearest him with their own gun. The man that had Bella swiftly removed the gun from her mouth and with a wink, shot Charlie. Bella had jumped as Renee screeched out.

Another man made his way up behind Renee, eyeing Bella as he slit Renee’s throat,

“Remember this day… If you shall ever decide to follow mommy’s footsteps… we’ll be back for you, kid. Keep your nose clean and there won’t be any issues.”




She blinked a few times. Before her, stood the teacher. Mrs. Whitmore cupped her chin with concern, “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

All the students were staring at her. Almost every one of them laughed and pointed at her, except for Gwen, Peter, and Harry. They all had looks of concern about them.

“She peed her pants!” One of the students remarked with a snicker.

Peter cut the boy a dirty look. Bella’s eyes widened and she looked down. Sure enough, she really had. Bella’s lip trembled, then she grabbed her backpack and took off running. She ran out of the classroom and right on out the building. Mrs. Whitmore rushed out of the room chasing after her.

Bella was so distraught, she wasn’t even paying attention. She just ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. It wasn’t until she heard the sound of honking horns that she realized she was in the middle of a busy highway. She didn’t even scream, she simply covered her face and froze. One car slammed on its brakes to keep from hitting her. Another man caught wind of this and immediately hopped out of his car. He had heard her teacher calling out to her in hysterics. He quickly scooped her up, bracing for an impact as another car headed right for her. The man sighed in relief as the bumper barely grazed his legs.

“Oh thank, God. Mr. Parker!” Mrs. Whitmore cried out, recognizing the man to be none other than Peter Parker’s uncle. The man dropped to one knee as the traffic came to a halt. He lifted Bella’s chin with his index finger after placing her down, “Are you alright, my dear?”

His sky blue eyes were glued to Bella’s big brown ones. She’d this torn expression about her. Something about it had him hugging her. Another first for her since she’d moved here. She’d been told repeatedly that big girls do not cry. No matter the situation. It shows weakness. The best way to get back at her parents killers was to simply move on! Don’t sit around and mope about it, or the ones responsible win. Most of the people in Bella’s life now were agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, or other friends of her mother’s. A few of them had no a clue when it came to children. Others, well they feared Romanoff and wouldn’t dare utter a word against her parenting.

That day had been  one of many firsts for Bella Swan. The stranger had showed her a kindness, something no one else had since her adoptive parents were murdered. He held her without any harsh words or judgment; there was no mention of how she’d wet her pants, or how she was getting snot on his new shirt. No, this man didn’t utter a word. He simply held her. He hadn’t a clue what that one little hug meant to her, to a girl that had constant night terrors and had been wetting the bed off and on ever since she witnessed those murders. That was another thing her birth mother gave her absolute hell about. Saying things such as how she wasn’t a baby! She even threatened to put her in diapers if it continued!

Mr. Parker looked to Mrs. Whitmore in alarm as Bella went limp in his hold. The teacher gasped, taken aback, then they hurriedly rushed her to the nurse’s station. Mr. Parker lay her down and the nurse checked her vitals.

“She’s asleep…” The nurse said with an awkward shrug.

Mr. Parker swallowed thickly and narrowed his eyes as he finally got a good look of the girl, “Shock perhaps?”

The nurse nodded once the teacher explained what had taken place. “That’s very possible.” she said while she searched for a number to call Ms. Romanoff.

Mr. Parker patiently waited with the girl. Before long, her mother entered the nurse’s station. She looked frazzled as it was. She didn’t appreciate being interrupted at work. She sighed as if merely annoyed. Mr. Parker raised his brows on that.

Natasha walked right over and gave Bella a shake, “Get up…”

Bella whimpered out, curling into a fetal position on the nurse’s bed.

“UP!” her mother coldly commanded.

Mr. Parker reared back in disbelief. The woman cupped her daughter’s chin as she came to, “What did I tell you about these little episodes of yours?!”

This had the teacher, the nurse, and Mr. Parker eying Natasha in sheer astonishment. Mr. Parker cleared his throat, “With all due respect, I do believe the girl is somewhat traumatized. After all, she was almost hit by a car Mrs.…”

“Ms. Romanoff.”

He nodded and offered a hand, “Benjamin Parker… I do believe my nephew is your daughter’s age.” He tilted his head a certain way, as if something else had dawned on him as well. “I may be mistaken, but aren’t you the new neighbors?”

Natasha nodded in response, but snapped a bitter look upon the teacher, “Care to explain?”

Mrs. Whitmore clarified what took place, with apprehension. Once she finished speaking, Natasha simply nodded and took Bella by the arm. She led her to the girl’s bathroom.

“What were you thinking?! You do realize you could’ve been killed?!” Bella lowered her head and fidgeted about nervously.

“And please tell me that you didn’t pee your pants, on the first day of school! Do you want everyone to make fun of you?”

Bella’s lip quivered about and her entire face turned beet red. Natasha removed a pair of panties and jeans out from her purse and tossed them Bella’s way.

“I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE MY MOMMY! YOU’RE MEAN! I WANT MY REAL MOMMY AND DADDY!” Bella then reached out and tried to shove Natasha back using all her weight. But she didn’t budge and that only made Bella even angrier.

“I am your mother…” Natasha said with a sigh.

“NO YOU’RE NOT! You don’t read to me like my mommy and daddy did. You don’t ever play with me! You didn’t want me! YOU JUST HATE ME!”

Natasha staggered back at the child’s words as Bella stood there shaking and her little hands balled into fists, “And I hate you…” She said through gritted teeth.

Natasha’s cell phone went off and with a trembling hand she held up a single finger, “Give me a minute.”

Bella rolled her eyes and changed her clothes. Natasha sighed once she was off the phone, “I have to get back to work.”

Bella says not a word as she merely walked right past her, heading back to class. Her mother ignored the looks Mr. Parker, the nurse, and Mrs. Whitmore gave her. They had been able able to hear everything that was said.

On the way out, Mr. Parker catches her. “Ms. Romanoff?” he called out, just as she’s getting into her car. She cuts him a look of annoyance. But he noticed the tears in her eyes as he spoke, “We’re right next door if you two should ever need anything. I imagine the kids would love to arrange a playdate even.”

She gives a simple nod and gets into her car.

Once Bella returned to class, her entire face was flushed over with humiliation. A few of the students were making fun of her and laughing. She lowered her head and hurriedly made her way back to her seat.

Peter slid over his rainbow picture. “You can have mine. Rainbows are for girls anyhow.” He said with a shrug. Bella looked at the picture and saw that he’d written FOR IZZY in big bold letters across the rainbow.

“Izzy?” She questioned shyly.

He smiled, “I don’t know how to spell Isabella.” he whispered in her ear.

Bella kicked her feet about and picked at her food.


Bella wrinkled her nose and stabbed her fork through her macaroni, bitterly. Natasha leaned back and sighed, “Let me guess. You don’t like the food… Again…”

“It’s dry…” Bella complained, “Mommy makes it different.”

Natasha closed her eyes, and inhaled a breath, “I’m sure Mrs. Swan and I do a lot of things differently…”

Bella nodded and dropped her fork onto her plate, crossing her arms about her chest, “Can I go to bed now?”

“It’s only 6:30.” Natasha commented, looking to the time. Bella shrugged and hopped down from the table.

“You haven’t even had your bath or brushed your teeth yet!” She called out while Bella exited the room. She shook her head, hearing Bella’s door shut. A frustrated sigh escaped her as she gathered up the dishes, looking at all the wasted food. She scraped the plates off into the trash and was loading the dishwasher when the doorbell rang. Natasha grabbed a kitchen towel and dried her hands off before answering the door.


Natasha raised her brows upon the boy. He nosily poked his head in.

“Izzy here?!” He questioned, while he looked around.


“I mean…” He scratched the top of his head, trying to remember her full name, “Isabel? Or Isabella?”

“She’s gone to bed.”

The boy reared back and looked to his watch, “Already?! But it’s not even bedtime yet!”

She nodded and stepped back a bit, allowing the boy inside. “She’s in her room…” Natasha replied, pointing towards Bella’s bedroom.

“COOL!” He takes off and goes and knocks on her door. Natasha curiously observed.

“I’M SLEEPING!” Bella called out moodily.

The boy had a good laugh at this, “She’s so funny!” He exclaimed, glancing back towards Natasha. She doesn’t comment and only nodded.

“But it’s not even dark outside!” he voiced to the door.

They heard the pitter patter of feet and the door suddenly flew open, “Peter?”

He nodded with a huge grin, “HI!”

Natasha damn near fainted as Bella managed to smile. Something she wasn’t ever used to seeing. Bella looked to Natasha confused, “Why is he here?” Natasha shrugged.

“Wanna come over? Uncle Ben got me a new game. But I can’t play it because it says two players. So, you should come play too.”

Bella lifted her eyes upon her mother with hope, “Can I?”

Natasha swallowed back rather hard. She couldn’t believe the random night and day difference. And all with just one little boy…


“OK, but be back by 8.”


The boy grabbed her hand and hurriedly started out the door.

“I have to meet your parents first, of course.”

“My parents?” the boy asked, looking disordered. They both then turned their heads at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

“I believe we’ve met already.”

“Mr. Parker…” She greeted, looking to her apartment, thinking on how much of a mess it was. He nodded with a warm glow about him.

“Peter… Didn’t I ask you to wait for me?” Peter shrugged and tried for the door once again.

“Peter…” his uncle scolded.

“But you eat really slow! If I waited, it would be bedtime! And I wanted to play my new game and…”

“What have we discussed about manners?”

Peter frowned. “Uncle Ben…” He groaned exaggeratedly.

“Next time I tell you to wait, that’s exactly what it means. Do we have an understanding young man?”

“Yes…” Peter said with the lowering of his head, followed by a long winded sigh.

“Now did you ask her mother if it were alright for her to come over?”

“No, but she asked and her mom said it was ok.”

His uncle nodded, “Did you introduce yourself?”

Peter sighed with anxiousness and turned back facing Natasha, “I’m Peter Parker. I’m in first grade and go to school with Izzy.” He turned back towards his uncle, “BETTER?!”

Uncle Ben raised his brows in warning. Peter made an uh oh face.

“Go on now, but watch that tone.”

“YES!!!!” Peter then eagerly rushed Bella out the door and to their apartment.

“My wife May will be home shortly. I’m sure she’d love to meet you.” Natasha only nodded. “I apologize on my nephew’s behalf. He’s …”

“Thank you…”

Mr. Parker narrowed his eyes on this.

“For what you did today… Saving my daughter’s life… I mean…”

He nodded, not sure what to say to that. He quickly shut the door however, as Natasha covered her face, losing her cool. Mr. Parker let her cry it out. But once she was done…

“These walls are pretty thin.” he commented knocking against one of them with his knuckle.

“So are ours… Seems to be that way throughout the entire complex.”

He cleared his throat, “I do not believe you to be weak, Ms. Romanoff.”

She snapped a look upon him and he nodded in return, “Neither is the young lady.”

Her jaw dropped and her face flushed with fury. She shook her head and irately headed out of the apartment. She welcomed herself inside the Parker’s apartment. Mr. Parker sighed with frustration. He acknowledged his wife as she’d just walked in.

“Everything alright?” She called out as they watched Natasha peek through all the rooms.

Natasha said nothing. Once she finds Peter’s room…

“Let’s go.”

Bella turned back from the board game she and Peter were playing.

“Go?” she questioned, looking lost.


“But you said…”

“Now… Hop to it!”


Natasha points towards the door with a scowl.

“Ms. Romanoff… I sincerely apologize, I…”

The kids looked to each other confused as Mr. Parker spoke, “Come now… Don’t take it out on the children. Your beef is with me after all.” His wife placed her purse down, looking to him in wonder. He blew out a breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, “She needs this…”

Natasha gritted her teeth, “And who are you to tell me what my daughter needs?!”

“…Oh dear…” Mrs. Parker whispered under her breath. Mr. Parker half laughed with a hint of nerves behind it.

“MY MOMMY AND DADDY ARE DEAD! YOU’RE NOT MY MOMMY” Bella fired back with tears in her eyes.

Mrs. Parker covered her mouth looking as though she could cry herself. Peter had this look of shock about him. He hadn’t realized that her parents had died as well

“My mom and dad died too…” He uttered sadly. Bella looked to Peter and they seemed to be having some sort of silent moment going between them.

“Perhaps we need a little breather. Why don’t we let the children get back to their playing? Why not the three of us enjoy a cup of tea?” Mrs. Parker said with a forced smile, but deep down her heart broke for the young girl’s horrible situation.

When Mr. Parker mentioned how thin the walls were, he wasn’t exaggerating. The Parkers knew their situation quite well, and knew that while Ms. Romanoff never laid a hand on her daughter, her words stung just as much. She had not a maternal bone in her body. She also hadn’t any patience and resentment consumed her whole. It wasn’t just the conversations between her and Bella they picked up, but the night terrors Bella had and conversations with others, as well.

Such as with a man named Clint, A man whose heart Natasha ripped apart. Clint couldn’t stand the way she treated Bella. When he defended the child, she dumped him and told him to mind his own business. Then, there was another man that went by the name of Tony. He’d been seeing someone by the name of Pepper. Yet, made it clear it wasn’t anything serious; that nothing could never come of it, because Pepper worked for Stark Industries. The Parkers knew the woman that had babysat for Ms. Romanoff a few times. Bella loved Pepper and vice versa.

Only he and Natasha had had a drunken night. That one drunken night led to more; and soon they were having an affair. Though Pepper and Tony were never “serious” it still hurt Pepper, nevertheless. A fight broke out and Natasha yanked Bella right out from Pepper’s care. That had taken place over the summer, before school even started.

Natasha made it more than clear that she didn’t want the responsibility of raising Bella, even if she was her daughter. She had other things to worry about, such as work. She’d given her up for adoption for a reason! Such as she was too young and hadn’t the means to care for her. She didn’t even wanted children. And though she never intended the words to be cruel, they were.

Tony had suggested placing Bella in foster care, or getting a nanny. He even offered to pay for the nanny personally. Through Natasha’s guilt alone, she never agreed to such things. She was determined to figure this out and on her own. The Parkers felt for Bella and Ms. Romanoff. However, they believed Ms. Romanoff to be extremely selfish and entirely too harsh.

Mrs. Parker nodded towards her nephew hintingly. He nodded in return and took Bella’s hand once again. He led her back to his room and shut the door.

“Please, have a seat.” Mrs. Parker then motioned towards the table with a friendly smile.

Natasha and Mr. Parker continued to eye one another, with scrutiny. Hesitantly, she took a seat. Mrs. Parker started some tea and set out some appetizers. Rather than pointing the finger and condemning Ms. Romanoff, they told their story. About losing their son, Richard and his wife, Mary, in a plane crash and how they took Peter in afterword. They went on about their struggles of raising another child at their age. They spoke about how unexpected it was since they were both retired now and had planned on traveling etc… But like Bella with Natasha… Peter put a damper on their plans. They had no regrets, however and couldn’t be happier with their new situation.

Like Natasha, Richard and Mary had their own secrets… Peter and Bella had more in common then they’d ever realize.

The Parkers continued to share their story with Ms. Romanoff and she sat quietly as she listened to all they had to say.

“Beginners luck!” Peter said and folded his arms about his chest.

Bella giggled, “Nuh uh! I won fair and square.”

“Nah, I bet you cheated.”

“I don’t cheat!”

“I bet you did this time!”

She shook her head no and threw one of the cards to the game at him.

“Do you miss them?” Peter questioned.

Bella lifted her eyes upon him. She nodded with certain coyness. He returned the nod.

“I don’t really remember my parents anymore.” he said with a shrug, “But I have a picture of them! Would you like to see?”


He hopped up and rushed to over to his nightstand. He grabbed a framed picture and sprinted back over, “That’s my mom and dad.”

She nodded as she glanced at the picture, “Cool…”

“Yeah…” Peter replies.

Bella took off a silver locket and handed it over. Peter looked at her oddly. “Open it.” she prompted.

“Um ok…”

He opened the locket and smiled. “So they’re always with you…” He softly states, handing it back.

Bella nodded and glanced upon the picture. Her bottom lip quivered a bit as she placed it back on.

Peter took notice and being the intuitive child he was, he reached over and hugged her. That made  it her second hug of the day and since the death of her parents. Peter’s uncle had just opened the door and a genuine beam came over him. He nodded to himself, quietly shut the door and let them be.

Natasha shot up and rolled off the bed, rushing to her daughter’s room. It was just like clockwork… Another nightmare… Bella screamed out in terror, tossing and turning. Natasha reached over, shaking her awake like usual. Only this time, she reared back as Bella started punching at her. She was still out of it and swung with everything she had.

“HEY!” Natasha called out.

Bella continued to swing her arms about. Natasha swallowed back as her daughter’s movements slowed down and when her body slunk back against the bed, Natasha cautiously reached over moving a strand of hair from the girl’s face. She shut her eyes for a moment and took in a quivery breath herself. Once she was sure Bella was alright, she exited the room. She put her robe on and dashed on out of the apartment.

She felt as though she’d have anxiety attack herself. She leaned against the hallway wall, beside their apartment, and took out her cell, dialing the one person she always turned to when needed someone. Which was rare, because she was never one to show any sort of weakness.

“Missing me already?”

“Tony…” He heard the slightest hint of panic in her voice and cleared his throat.

“Not your typical nightcap voice. What’s up?”

Only something else took place. Something even Natasha hadn’t truly planned. She took in a breath, “We can’t do this anymore…”

“This… meaning…?”

“I think we both know.”

Tony let out a halfhearted chuckle, “You’re just upset. Why don’t you come over?”

“I can’t… Isabella…” She reminded him

“Eh, bring the kid over! I think I got some Lucky Charms stashed around here somewhere from last time.”

Natasha sighed, “Tony… this thing between you and me. It can’t continue.”

“Ok so you got the kid now. I suppose you want to make things more official between us, right? You’re gaining some sort of morals? Is that where this is going?”

“No, Tony. It’s not going anywhere. It’s run its course. It’s done.”

“Tish… come on now. If you want to make things more concrete, that’s fine. I’m game. But you’re not doing this. You and I have something. Don’t let the kid get in the way.”

At this, she hung up.

Like usual, the kids still picked on Bella about her “accident,” and called her things such as Potty Pants, Peepee Head, and Baby. She did her best to ignore it. The only ones that never poked fun at her were Harry, Gwen, and Peter. The very ones that soon became her best friends. She sat with them at lunch and the three of them played together every day.

Before long, the Parkers were babysitting for Natasha when she was at work. Often enough, she did her homework with Peter and would eat with them. Natasha would make certain she was home to get her bathed and put to bed at night. She also had Bella talking various courses, ones such as language arts, self-defense, and martial arts.

As time progressed, Tony went out his way to get Natasha back. He started hanging out with Bella and Natasha more. He wanted to prove that he could handle the kid being in Romanoff’s life. Bella was happiest however when she got to be with the Parkers. She’d that certain sparkle in her eye every time Natasha dropped her off; one that set wrong within her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy for Bella; that couldn’t be further from the truth.

She might have been hard on the girl, but she truly cared about her happiness as well. On that same note, she taught Bella not to be so quick to trust others, to always watch her back. She also taught her how to fight! She taught her how to count solely on herself and no one else, because that’s the only way Natasha knew. Natasha envied the Parkers in the sense of not seeing that same sparkle in Bella’s eyes when it was just the two of them.

During that time Natasha learned she had a weakness, after all. There was only one thing that could take down the notorious Black Widow. And as she put her daughter down for bed, she gazed into those big brown eyes, nodding to herself in realization. She’d never say the words, but she felt them all the same…




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  6. LOL thank you everyone for your comments/reviews. WP will not allow me to give you a like. UGH annoying! But I wanted you all to know I have read them and greatly appreciate it!

  7. That ending? Perfect. As pissed as I am at Natasha and her parenting ‘methods’ I have to admit it’s in character and I pity her. At least she ended up having the good sense to let the Parkers be in Izzy’s life even if a small part of her almost resents not being the one to be able to be there for her like that. But as the last bit here reveals, she does love her in probably the only way she knows how. Love this so much, sweets. Awesome job and already a great start on the character development!

    PS… Little Peter and Bella are absolutely adorable!

  8. Very cute beginning between Bella and Peter!

    So heartbreaking to see how Natasha treats Bella even though she knew that the girl had just seen her adoptive parents get killed. The girl is just five/six years old!

    It’s good to see Bella get the love she needs from the Parker ;D

  9. Oh the roller coaster of feels!! You did good, kid. Real good!!

    You had us worried about Bella, hating on Natasha, but by the end, you had us nodding our heads understanding her better. Not liking her maybe, but understanding. And Peter?!? How adorable!!

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