Chapter 9 That’s Right Bub!

Chapter 9

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Logan narrowed his eyes as most of the staff now stood in Xavier’s office. Scott Summers and Dr. Hank McCoy were absent as the doctor was currently tending to Professor Summers medical needs. Jean cut Logan a rather apprehensive look. So far, she was the only one that had seen the video.

“What’s going on Jeanie?” Logan questioned upon seeing the worrisome look about her.

In fact, she damn near looked as though she were about to cry. She said nothing as she slipped a disc into the device and images of the Danger Room came up onto the screen. He reared back as did the others when they noticed the two figures on the screen.

“Why is Scott taking a student into the danger room? A first year one at that?” Storm wondered out loud. Logan’s jaw clenched as he recognized the student to be his daughter!

“What’s in there?”

“The danger room.”

“Danger room?”

“This is what we use to train our students.”

“So like sparring or…”

Logan growled under his breath, seeing as how Scott was setting up a session.

“You’ll see…”

That anger continued to rise as Scott had her enter the danger room afterword.

“Stay close and do as I say.”

“What the fuck?

“That language isn’t necessary.”

“Sorry… What the duck…? Better?”

Logan fought the smirk that was dying to form along that face of his. He found himself thinking something along the lines of, ‘you tell em, darlin’.

“Three things you should know… One – our students keep a clean mouth. Two – We work together as a team, not against each other. And three – the little PDA you got going with your boyfriend. That’s to come to a stop as well. You’re fifteen not twenty-one! You’re still a kid and you haven’t any business acting like that with a boy. It leaves a bad impression. Do you want others to perceive you in that sort of light?”

Ya gotta be kidding! So the Boy Scout thinks he can father my daughter around?

“Sixteen in September! And just how do you believe I’ll be perceived professor?”

“I believe we both know.”

Logan’s claws popped out at this.


“Our session starts in just a few seconds now. Keep in mind these things can inflict harm if you’re not careful.”

“WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!” Logan barked as the androids appeared.

“How can a holographic image cause harm?”

“SON OF A BITCH!” He roared as the beam hit his daughter right in the abdomen.


He fought to keep the Wolverine at bay as he saw Scott grab his daughter by the shirt and yelling in her face.

“Pay attention and stop with the language!”

They all watched as the entire 40 minute session played out. Logan nodded to himself with his eyes closed in a grimace once he heard Scott refer to Bella as Logan. He could see the envy and spite in the man’s eyes and it made Logan plum ill. How dare he take out his issues with him personally out on HIS DAUGHTER!

It wasn’t long after that they witnessed Bella staggering about, with her hands about her temples, looking to be fighting something off. She began pacing the room looking as though she was a caged animal.

“Shit…” Logan muttered under his breath, already knowing.

Her head snapped in Scott’s direction. The look on her face was enough to send everyone within the room chills; even her father. Logan swallowed back… waiting for it. They all watched on the screen as Bella bounded off the wall and sailed across the room, heading right for Scott. But during this, she reached out, taking the heads of any nearby androids. Everything was happening so fast they couldn’t believe their eyes. She held the last android’s head in one hand and with the other she caught Scott off-guard and slammed him up against the wall. She shoved the droid’s head in his face, then smashed it up against the wall behind him. The look on Scott’s face was priceless. She went to exit the room and he hurriedly dashed over in an attempt to block her. Logan raised his brows as she growled out and when she did, the impact of it sent Scott flying back. His entire body crashed against the wall from the force of it. When he went to get back up, she grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and slugged him a good one. Logan reared back as she took off running. That growl escaped her once again as the door to the danger room then burst open.

Once they finished watching the video, the room was filled with a stunned silence before Professor Xavier quietly spoke, “Jean… please gather Professor Summers and Miss. Romanoff and bring them here.”

She nodded and exited the room. Logan paced the office and lit up one of his cigars.

Jean entered the clinic area in which Scott was being treated. He was sitting on one of the examination tables, holding an ice pack against the side of his face.

“Xavier wishes to see you.”

Scott nodded. Jean started to walk back out but came to a halt. She pivoted back around to face him, “What were you thinking Scott?”

He drew back a breath. “I wasn’t…” he admitted with a remorseful look about him.

“Clearly! You put a child in danger and you went against the rules. No student is allowed to participate in danger room sessions until they’ve completed their training.”
“I know the rules. I just thought…”
“Thought what? That she’s somehow different than the others? Because she’s his… Right?”
“Jean…” he called out, coming to his feet.

“Don’t…” she said with a quivery lip as she held her hand up. “You know how I feel about these students, this school and the purpose in which it stands for. You went against everything we believe in! All order to make an innocent child pay!”

“That wasn’t it, Jean…”

He staggered back as a something just dawned on him. She eyed him with a certain mien about her, “That’s right… you forgot! Didn’t you?” She shook her head in disappointment, “All sessions are recorded and the others have seen it, too…”
“I’m sorry, Jean.”
“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to! You haven’t a clue what that girl has been through…she came here for a new start! Like most our students do! She wanted to get away from the adversities life has thrown her way. How dare you take away from that!”
“Jean…” he called out once more as she exited the room.

Bella’s entire face was flushed over and her body was covered in sweat. She punched at the bag relentlessly. Even though it stung at her knuckles and it was beginning to peel the flesh back, she kept swinging over and over. Tears were streaming down her face; all she knew was to just keep going. That’s all her body would allow her. It was all she knew… She couldn’t even recall why she felt so angry. But it was there and she had nit a clue how to rid of it.


The girl was off in her own world and hadn’t heard a word. Since she hadn’t bothered to wrap her hands, blood was smeared all over the bag. It had splattered along her face and body, as well. She went to punch at the bag once again, but the bag was swiftly sent several feet back. Bella reared back and spun around, “Professor Grey…”

Jean nodded but her heart sank at the sight of the girl before her, taking note of the blood splattered amongst her face and clothes. “Come with me hun…” she said gently.

Bella swallowed back looking apprehensive. Jean had half the mind to have Bella shower and get herself more ‘presentable.’ On the other hand, she wanted Scott to see the damage he’d caused for himself. So without further hesitation, she led Bella to the office.

“Now Logan, there is no need for that.” Xavier expressed as he had Scott up against the wall.

Logan ignored Xavier’s words. “Stay out of this, Chuck! For once, this isn’t yer business.” Logan growled out without even looking at Charles.

“Ya just couldn’t stand it could ya , Boy Scout? Ya know ya couldn’t take me on so ya thought ya could go after the next best thing! A fifteen year old girl…and my just recently discovered daughter! It’s sad because despite all the crap between you and me, you at least had my respect! Those days are gone! Ya don’t deserve to teach here, ya don’t deserve to be anywhere close to Bella, and even though it won’t matter…” Logan then whispered, “after this… you’ll never deserve Jean.”

With that, Logan growled out one last time and punched Scott one handed, right in the stomach. He punched him so hard Scott threw up at Logan’s feet.

“Stay away from my daughter, Summers if ya know what’s good for ya!”

Xavier shouted out, “That’s enough Logan!”

The door opened and everyone’s eyes darted that direction.

“JESUS!” Logan hollered out and rushed over to his daughter.

He took her hands and looked them over. Scott grimaced once he took notice as well and shook his head. Jean and Storm cut him sheer go to hell looks. Bella froze rather wide eyed as Logan actually hugged her. Not sure how to react, she just stood there rather stiff. Jean had a lump form within the back of her throat as she took notice of the disordered look on Bella’s face.

Charles motioned for Jean to replay the video once more. Jean and Logan shared a nod as they observed Bella closely. It was written all over her face. She hadn’t any recollection. In fact, she looked somewhere between pissed and frightened out of her mind. A hand clamped over her mouth when it got to the part where she took the head of the last droid and smashed it up against the wall. She gasped out in shock when she saw herself go after Scott and then somehow busted the door down without even touching either. She cut her father a wide eyed glare. He drew back a breath, wishing he knew how to help. He just wasn’t sure how even go about it. When the screen went black when the video was over, Bella finally understood why she still felt enraged. Her mind literally wiped out everything after Scott referred to her as Logan.

Jean took notice of something in the video that she had missed when she first viewed it and thought about the fact that neither she nor Xavier could get a read on Bella. Something blocked them both from doing so. She’d heard of mutants that were referred to as Shields. With what she’d witnessed, she was more than certain that Bella was one of them; in addition to the gifts she’d inherited from her father. She wondered if Bella was even consciously aware of it. The girl not only guarded her mind, but used it as a method of attack.

Xavier wheeled himself around, “Have a seat Miss Romanoff. You as well, Professor Summers.”

They both sat before Xavier. He glanced between the two of them and spoke, “You should know I found fault in both your actions today.” Logan’s lip curled and both women put a gentle hand upon his shoulders.

“However… Professor, you’re considered a role model for these students such as we all are. Normally, I would ask Miss. Romanoff to step out of the room for this. However, I feel she needs to hear this just as much. After all we all owe her somewhat of an apology, at least on the behalf of our own. What you did was beyond careless and greatly uncalled for. You put a student in danger! That is something I will never tolerate! EVER! On that same note Miss. Romanoff… this is your second offence! Not only did you cause harm to a fellow student, but you have also harmed a teacher.”

“HE HAD IT COMING!” Logan shouted and both women were doing their best to calm him down. “And ya know it!”

“That may be… though Mr. LeBeau did not. Therefore, I only deem it fair that you both receive some sort of penalty. I think we can all agree that you that you both were in the wrong. Miss. Romanoff, you are to write a four page essay on right from wrong.”


“It’s ok… I got this,” Bella chimed in, interrupting her father’s rant.

“Bella…” Logan uttered looking on in disbelief.

“Ya ain’t done nothing wrong, darlin’ and deep down everyone in this room knows it.”

“Just let me handle this, Logan…” she softly stated.

He drew back a breath, shaking his head in full disagreement. At the moment though, Jean was in awe over the way Bella was handling this.

“You will have your essay by tomorrow morning.” Bella declared.
Xavier nodded, “Good deal… Now as for you…” He peered over Scott’s direction, “You’re to have your title stripped this year. You will not be teaching our students this quarter.” Scott looked ill and shook his head, but didn’t comment.

“I cannot trust you around the students after what I witnessed. I strongly advise you to use this time to reflect and make amends with Miss. Romanoff.”

Scott nodded. Xavier drew back a breath, “You’re both dismissed. Everyone else, please standby…”

Bella was first to come to her feet and Scott followed her out. “I’ll come check on ya later, darlin’.” Logan threw out there before she exited the room.

Bella nodded upon her father and headed on out. Once she and Scott were out the door, he turned and faced her, “Bella…”

She glanced back his direction but had a look of damn near amusement about her. “I’m sorry it’s just your father and I…” Scott started to say, only to have Bella interrupt him.

“Look I don’t won’t your apology nor do I care to hear your excuses… You expected a junior Logan… well ya got it, bub! Later!”

The words oh shit came to mind as Scott just stood there baffled.

“Izzy?!” Peter called out with alarm, running over to her. “What happened to you?!”

He looked to her hands and cringed. Peter hurriedly led her to the men’s shower room. Once they were inside, he made certain the coast was clear before webbing the door shut. He started one of the showers, getting the water nice and warm. Peter waved her over. Bella flinched at first as he aimed the shower hose upon her hands. Her teeth were gritted and she leaned back against the wall as a burning like sensation coursed through her. Peter grabbed a washcloth, wet it down and used it to cleanse the blood off her face and neck. Once he got her cleaned up, he reached over to turn the water off. “So…” Peter softly said with a nod.

He grabbed a towel off a rack from the wall, then wrapped it around her and sat her down on one of the benches. Bella closed her eyes for a moment before explaining everything that took place. The waterworks didn’t start until she got to the part about her father and how he not only came to her defense, but actually hugged her. Peter caressed her cheek, but deep down he was writhing with anger. The only thing keeping him from ripping Scott a new one, was knowing Logan would if he hadn’t already. That’s not to say he wasn’t planning on some sort of payback of his own and the man was officially on Peter’s shit list. Not a good place to be…

For once, Peter was without words. He was too angry to talk and didn’t want to take it out on Bella. She’d been through enough. So he brought her against his chest and held her in silence. Figuring that’s probably what she truly needed more than anything right now. But even Peter grew concerned over these sudden black outs. He knew it must’ve had something to do with her father’s blood. Sure, she already carried his gene but his donation seemed to set off some sort of trigger… a dangerous one at that.

“Why don’t we go visit your father’s friend?”
“Friend?” Bella inquired.

“Dr. McCoy, right? Maybe he’ll have some answers for us and he can take a look at your hands.”

Just as Peter propped Bella up on the examination table, Logan entered the room. He nodded upon them as he made his way over. “Ya alright?” he questioned to which Bella simply nodded.

“Sorry I kept you waiting,” Dr. McCoy stated sincerely as he exited his office.

He washed his hands and dried off, before checking Bella’s vitals and scanning her over. She sucked back a painful breath, however as he was listening to her tummy with the stethoscope. Dr. McCoy narrowed his eyes on this, “May I?”

She nodded and he carefully lifted her shirt, just enough to reveal her tummy. Each man winced at the sight. She had a massive bruise going across her tummy. That had Logan wanting to waylay the hell out of Scott all over again. Dr. McCoy swallowed thickly at the sight and shook his head. He hadn’t seen the footage, but Scott had admitted what he’d done. “Would you mind laying down Miss Romanoff? I wish to check on something.”

Logan and Peter helped her to lay back and got her better situated. The doctor began examining her for any broken ribs. Thankfully, there didn’t seem to be any. “Well, everything seems to be fine. You just need to take some time to heal. I can give you something for the pain if you like and I’ll give you some antibiotic cream for those knuckles. However, I do believe it best if you keep them wrapped afterword. You’d run the risk of infection, if not. That, and I’m sure they’re quite sensitive, keeping them wrapped will help. One more thing, my dear… I’d better not see you in that gym for another couple weeks. Do I make myself clear?”


Peter and Logan sighed and simultaneously shook his head. “Doctor’s orders.” Dr. McCoy sternly stated.

“How about one?”

“Dammit kid… Leave it to ya to argue with the doc! He said two weeks! So that means two damn weeks! Got it?!” Bella frowned and rolled her eyes.

“Izzy … they’re just trying to help. And you could use the break.”

“I can’t stop! I’m sorry.”

“And why not?!” Logan barks.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head, “I need something to keep ‘it’ from happening. My sessions are the only thing that seem to calm it. If I go too long…”
Logan grimaced and drew back a breath, “So ya keep yerself distracted with other things!”
“Such as?”

“Well, by then school will be starting. Ya won’t have much time to be training like that, anyhow. At least not on your own time… The students here; they train as a team. So in the meantime, why don’t ya spend some time with your friends? Hell, maybe even make some time for your old man. Seems we have some issues to discuss…”

Bella looked to Logan rather surprised and this had Peter grinning. “What would we do?” she asked.

Logan shrugged, “Hell if I know, but I’m sure we’d figure something out.”

“While I have you both here…” Dr. McCoy muttered as he began setting up.

Peter and Bella looked to him wide eyed and Logan chuckled as Dr. McCoy retrieved blood samples from both.

“Let me guess… another requirement of your students?” Peter threw out there, looking rather bitter.

Logan nodded and patted him on the back, “If I didn’t trust Hank, I wouldn’t let him near my daughter with that needle. It’s because of this man I’m not spitting daisies in some cemetery somewhere.” Bella reared back on her father’s words.

“The more he learns about yer DNA and abilities, the more we can help you understand them, as well.”

Peter narrowed his eyes and observed as he labeled them and put them away. Bella laughed as he returned with a couple suckers. “Oh, cherry!” Peter exclaimed as he opened his and popped it into his mouth. He then cut Bella a playful wink. Bella softly laughed and twirled hers about in her hand.

“So there ya go! Ya even got a sucker. I didn’t get no damn sucker when ya took my sample!”

Hank sighed, “Would you like a sucker Logan?”

“Ya! I would!”

He nodded and gathered Logan a sucker as well. “Thanks!” Logan smarted as he opened it and stuffed it in his mouth.

“Don’t mention it.”

Peter yawned as he stretched his arms about. His eyes fixated on Bella who was curled up beside him. He hadn’t realized they’d fallen asleep. He smiled contently and kissed the top of her head. However, his eyes widened as he looked to her hand. It was resting along his chest as she slept. It was completely healed. Out of curiosity, he looked to her other hand as well and noticed it healed as well. Peter gently rolled her over and slightly lifted her shirt. He shook his head with utter bafflement. How could she be fully healed? He was going to help Izzy wrap her hands once the crème set as Dr. McCoy instructed. He hadn’t meant for them to fall asleep. “Izzy…” he called out while he gently shook her.

“Izzy…” Peter said once more. Bella’s eyes fluttered about as she came to. She smiled upon him. His train of thought temporarily left the building. Bella had planted herself over him and was kissing him. Peter’s hands firmly gripped her ass. His hips slightly arched off the bed as she was grinding herself against him. They froze however as there was a knock at Peter’s door. He cleared his throat and rolled out from under her. She covered her mouth stifling a giggle as Peter was poking through his jeans. He raised his brows and ‘adjusted’ himself.

“It won’t go down…” he whispered with slight alarm and embarrassment.


“No, you’re not…” Peter murmured with a grin.
“You’re right. I’m not.”

The knock sounded once again. And Peter drew back a breath and shook his head. He answered the door seeing how it was Gambit and Rogue.
“We’re gonna head out in about an hour or so if you guys still want to join us.” Peter glanced back Bella’s direction.

“Oh yeah, the movies…” her jaw dropped, though as she just discovered what Peter had already.

“Peter…” she whispered looking startled.

“Um yeah, can you two give us a moment? ” Peter politely asked as he poked his head back out.
“Sure! We’ll catch up with you later, sug.”

He nodded and shut the door. Bella lifted her shirt and looked to her tummy wide eyed.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

“It’s like nothing even happened!”

He made his way over and grazed his fingers along her hands and tummy. He shook his head, just as lost as she was. Bella lowered her shirt back down and drew back a bewildered breath.

“How do you feel?” He curiously asked.

She tested her hands out and shrugged. “Great actually.”

Peter nodded, “I bet it has something to do with your father’s genetics. You really need to sit down and find out everything you can Izzy. Especially when it comes to these black outs of yours.”

She nodded in full agreement.

The girls sat in the theater as the guys were gathering snacks for everyone. Kitty peered over with a giddy look about her.

“So what’s it like?”

Bella narrowed her eyes, “What’s what like?”
“You know…”

Kitty sighed and made her way over to the seat right beside Bella. “Having Spiderman as a boyfriend.” She said in an excited tone.

Bella found herself smiling. “Pretty damn cool, actually.”

This dreamlike sigh escaped Kitty, “You’re so lucky….”

Bella nodded in full agreement while the girl piped up with another question, “So is it serious?”
“KITTY!” Rogue hissed and scowled upon her.

Kitty giggled, “What? I’m just asking!”

“Of course it’s serious. Now get your ass back here, sug before she rightfully belts you one!”

Bella giggled on this, as Kitty frowned and came to her feet and pouted the entire way back to her seat. She jumped however as someone plopped down beside her.


She raised her brows seeing as how it was Warren. He had a couple drinks in his hand, candy and popcorn. “I’m good! Peter’s getting me a drink.”
“Ah, but I bought this for you.”

“Well, you could give it to Jubilee. I don’t think she has a drink.”
“But I didn’t buy it for her. I bought it for you.” he said, handing it over.

Bella smiled and took the drink from his hand. He nodded with a ‘mission complete’ look about him. Only to wind up frowning as Bella handed it the drink to Jubilee.

“It’s from Warren!”
‘Awe, thank you!” she called out.

Warren forced a smile Jubilee’s way. Once she cranked her head back towards the screen, Warren leaned into Bella’s ear and whispered, “I don’t even like her…”

Bella’s jaw dropped and she elbowed him. “Don’t be an ass!”
“What?! She’s annoying…”

“You’re annoying…”

He grinned at that and leaned back, getting comfy. “Am I?”
“Yes!” she hissed then rolled her eyes as he wrapped his arm around her. She promptly moved it with an irritated sigh, “You just keep that to yourself, now.” He shrugged and offered her some candy.

“Thanks!” She then took the box of candy and handed it over to Jubilee as well. “He says this is yours, too.”

Warren shook his head, with full on frustration. “That was for us to share.”

“What was?” Peter asked as he sat on the other side of her.

He handed her a drink and box of candy. Peter also had popcorn. She pecked him on the cheek,

“Thank you!”

Peter nodded but cut Warren a rather guarded look. Piotr sat on the other side of Peter. Rogue was beside him and then Gambit, and Kurt and Jubilee. Bobby decided to sit on the other side of Warren just in case. There seemed to be some sort of private guy code amongst Kurt, Piotr, Gambit, and Bobby. Each of them expected all hell to break loose if Warren didn’t stop testing the waters.

Once the movie started, Peter took Bella’s hand. Warren rolled his eyes and leaned back bitterly. Bobby shook his head on this and leaned in, “Dude, give it a rest. You’re making yourself look like a jerk.”

“I just don’t get what she sees in the guy.”
Bobby raised his brows and chuckled. “He’s freaking Spiderman. Not a one of us can compare to that. So you might as well get over it. Why are you so hung up on her anyhow? I mean, you do remember who her father is right?”

“Is that supposed to intimidate me?”

Bobby reared back at this, “Man… You’re taking this a bit too personal. You barely know her! I’ve never seen you act this way. It’s kind of pathetic really…”

He reached over and grabbed Bobby by the collar of his shirt. “You wanna repeat that?” he growled out.

“What the fuck?” Bobby uttered and pried out of Warren’s hold.

Warren however, snapped his head Bella’s direction. She was staring him down something fierce. Little was he aware that she’d her father’s hearing, as well. And she wasn’t the only one that made out everything that was being said. Peter’s hands were balled up into fists.

“A word… now!” Bella hissed with a flushed face.

He shrugged and followed Bella outside the room. She paced the hallway before him for a moment. Once she found the words she was looking for she pointed upon him. “Knock it off…”

Warren half laughed. She scowled, “I’m not playing around. What you pulled with Bobby. Not cool! He didn’t deserve that. And furthermore, you really want to know what I see in Peter?” He rolled his eyes.

“Well for one thing, he’s not a complete and total DOUCHEBAG! I swear to GOD Warren if you say one more thing against Peter I’ll…”

Her jaw dropped as Warren planted his lips on hers. Not only that but he had a handful of her ass in his hand. Peter stepped out just in time to see this and Bella sock the hell out of Warren. “Don’t you ever…” she said with a disgusted snarl.

Peter shoved Warren back and webbed him to the wall across the way. Warren gritted his teeth and spread his wings as he broke out of the webbing.

“BRING IT WOODPECKER!” Peter challenged furiously.

Everyone looked to Peter in shock thinking he meant peckerwood instead. “No, I had it right!” Peter stated as if reading their minds.

“NO!” Bella shouted as Warren punched Peter across the face. Peter quickly returned the blow and it became a full out brawl between the two.

The guys rushed out and hurriedly seized them, dragging them away from one another.

“Stay away from her! I MEAN IT!”
“Why don’t you make me?!”

“I’d be more than happy to!” Peter snapped as Gambit and Piotr held him back. Bobby and Kurt had a good hold on Warren.


Your Kind?” Peter inquired as the manager made his way over.

“You damn muties! Always stirring up trouble! OUT OF MY THEATER!”

“Muties eh?” Gambit uttered with a curled lip.

“That’s right! None of you should even be allowed in public!”

“Oh shut do the fuck up! The years of segregation are now over, jackass!” Peter’s eyes widened as this came out of Bella’s mouth.
“Little what?” she challenged, eyeing the man down.

“That’s right… you’ve nothing to back up that ridiculous mouth of yours.”

“Oh shit…” Bobby whispered wide eyed as Bella was jabbing the man in the sternum with her index finger and backing him into a corner.

“Izzy…” Peter softly called out. The others in the group just about died in laughter.

Bella raised her brows with a smirk and playfully slapped the man on the cheek. “Looks like you sprang a leak…” she taunted seeing as how he pissed himself.

Peter took her by the hand and dragged her out of the theater.

The others continued to laugh and followed them out. All but Warren who disappeared right after the manager showed up.

“Now that was entertainment!” Gambit announced. Rogue shook her head and punched him in the arm.

“What’s that for, chere? I speak the truth, no?!”

“I gotta agree that was pretty freaking funny. The guy had it coming.” Bobby threw out there.

Peter nodded, but his eyes were locked onto Bella’s, “Can you guys give us a minute?”
They nodded and headed to a local ice cream place. Just as he assumed the moment they were out of sight. Bella sucked back a breath as though she were in pain. Her bottom lip quivered and Peter hurriedly grabbed a hold of her. “Deep breaths, Izzy…” he whispered.

“I’m so sorry Peter. I…”
“Don’t…you don’t have to apologize. But what was that in there? That wasn’t like you.”

“I don’t know! I was just so angry! First, at that asshole Warren, then that racist manager! I couldn’t help myself!”

Peter hugged her to himself, “Don’t worry, Izzy… I get it. I couldn’t believe the nerve of that guy either, But – I don’t know. With the powers we have, that doesn’t give us the right to make others fear us. I hated how that guy was acting…” he shook his head, “but the fact that Rogue, Gambit and the others thought that it was funny as hell to scare that guy?! The whole deal just sat wrong with me, you know?”

“To be honest, Peter… I scared myself too. What’s happening to me?”

“I strongly advise you spend more time with your father and find out. Ask him whatever questions come to mind. I can tell he really wants to help.”

Bella was about to bite into her ice cream as Rogue reached over and took it away.

“If you’re as tough as your old man you don’t eat ice cream.” she taunted with a grin and started eating it.

Everyone laughed as Bella pouted and reached for the ice cream. “But…” she said with a pout. Rogue cut her wink and walked away, while she continued to eat it.
“Peter…” Bella whined and he chuckled, offering her some of his ice cream. “But it’s not Rocky Road! I wanted Rocky Road!”

Peter sighed, “We can get some marshmallows on the way back.”

“But what about the nuts?”

“Well… I got the biggest pair you’ve ever seen.”

Rogue did a spit take with her ice cream and Gambit laughed as he patted her on the back. “Easy there, Mon Chere!”


“What?!” he asked putting on his best innocent front, whilst stuffing a mouthful of ice cream into her mouth.

“So are you going to take up smoking and drinking too?” Gambit added with a smirk.

“I just might!”

“That’s going to be so hot, having a girl that smokes cigars.” Peter commented sarcastically.

“I know, right?” Bella teased in return.

“You should learn how to make those smoke rings too. That’d only add to the appeal.”
“Well Logan wanted me to hang out with him more. So I guess that gives us something to do now.”
See! There you go.”
Peter put his arm around her as they walked to the bus stop. Piotr chuckled to himself as he’d been observing Kitty most of the night. He knew she had a massive crush on Spiderman and was curious as to how she’d deal with a night out with him. To his great surprise, she was unusually quiet. Nevertheless, she seemed to be fixated on not only Peter, but Bella’s every move; like she was in literal awe.

He couldn’t help but to rear back as she blushed with a beam about her when Peter and Bella kissed while waiting for the bus. He found it interesting that there was slight envy in her eyes, naturally. Then again, there was also admiration. She acted nowhere near like that of Warren. Deep down, Piotr knew it was more personal with Warren. He wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. He never had a woman turn him down before. Warren just wasn’t used to taking no for an answer. In fact, he didn’t even think it had that much to do with Bella as much as it was the challenge.

Storm narrowed her eyes as she passed Logan on the second floor balcony. Logan was chuckling to himself and smoking a cigar. He was still in his pajama pants and wearing a white tank top. “Lovely morning, isn’t it?”

She reared back at his awfully chipper mood. Something she wasn’t used to, especially in the morning. She followed his gaze, however and saw what had him in such a wondrous mood. Storm cringed at the sight and Logan continued to chuckle. “Love the view!” Logan smarted.

Scott’s precious bike had been webbed into the tallest tree of the manor. “Oh no…” Storm mumbled but stifled a giggle as she covered her mouth.

“Ah, he’s gonna fit in just fine,” Logan said with a grin.


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