Chapter 1 My Girl

A Webcatcher’s Dream

Peter Parker Pov

Intro: Present time Chapter 1

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So here I am on a plane to this small town known as Forks. The town has no real significance to me, but it does to her. The one girl I’d carried a torch for since I was ten years old. She’s been my best friend and neighbor since first grade. Why haven’t I told her? For various reasons… One – not wanting to ruin the friendship we do have. Two – Because once we got older we were dating other people. Such as me, with Gwen Stacy and it wasn’t long ago I dumped Mary Jane. And she (the girl of my dreams) had been dating the one guy I can’t stand, Flash Thompson. That was a nasty break up, as well. The guy still hasn’t quite left that one alone. He’s desperate to get her back. But she finally saw him for his true colors. Them being red, white, and blue by the time my girl was done with his ass. See? There it is!  MY girl… In my head this very moment, always has been, always will be. Was I a glutton for punishment? Three – The most obvious of reasons… Well I’m Spiderman… Not much else to say to that. And no I haven’t told her either. Yes, I already know I’m an idiot, thank you very much. And no for the millionth time lady, I don’t want peanuts or a soda!

“No, thank you…” I tell the lady, putting on my best front and smile.

The stewardess nods and makes her way down. Man, why do they have to do that? Now, I was thirsty. I also wish they’d bring me a soda. But if they brought me something to drink, I might get hungry. Hey! That guy’s got peanuts. Yeah, peanuts sound good. Wonder if I could get two bags?

“Um, mam…”

She cuts me a look of hell. I’d turned that woman down on serving me three times now. And here I was, being a dick, naturally. But I can’t seem to focus. My mind is jumping around. My nerves are shot, too.

“I could use a drink after all and some nuts…”

She rolls her eyes.

“Umm… sorry?”

It seems my girl ran away a few weeks ago. No one’s seen or heard from her since. Then again, no one’s thought to look in the most obvious of places. She’s always said how she wished things were the way they were; before her adoptive parents were murdered. Something that hasn’t been solved to this day… the ones responsible were never found. My girl was only six years old. That’s about the time her real mother came into the picture and took her in, Natasha Romanoff, soon to be Natasha Stark. She was for the reason my girl ran away, or so I assume.

Man, that chick’s really harsh. Maybe she needs to get laid. Seriously. Makes me wonder if Tony Stark’s game isn’t quite what he makes it out to be. The world’s most well-known bachelor, playboy, genius, billionaire, and blah, blah, blah… This guy’s ego is even bigger than Spiderman’s!

I just prayed my intuitions were right. I damn near scanned all of New York in search for her. It wasn’t until recent that it dawned on me, just where she might be. Thinking back to all our talks and everything she’d ever confided in me, I take out my phone and scan through her pictures. This girl has the most amazing smile. And her laugh, it’s adorable, and infectious. She hates having her picture taken, something I never understood. I mean… Damn… I shake my head on this as I zoom in on one of them. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Always has been…

“Please be ok, Izzy…”

So this is Forks? Ummmm…ok. This should be easy enough. Everyone should know everyone, right? I park the rental car I’d gotten outside a diner. Upon entering the diner, I bring her picture up on my cell phone, stopping the first person at the door.

“Excuse me… Have you seen this girl?”

He was an older man, looked to be in his 70s, maybe. He gives me a simple shrug and walks right out the door.  There were a group of guys about our age. They were laughing and roughing around with one another at one of the tables. I give the nod and make my way over.

“Umm, hey…”

They lift their eyes towards me. I adjust my glasses and flash them the picture.

“Any of you guys seen her?”

Each of them looked to one particular guy at the table. He eyes me rather menacingly and folds his arms about his chest.


The way he said this was rather possessive. It was more than obvious he knew her alright.

“Just looking for my friend, that’s all.”

“Well she isn’t here.” He says waving his hands about.

“I can clearly see that. But that’s not what I asked. I asked if you’d seen her.”

He rolls his eyes.

“Why don’t you go back to wherever you came from?”

The other guys laugh except for the eldest. He was also the tallest one of the bunch.

“Knock it off, Jacob.”

“So, who are you and why are you looking for her?”

“I’m Peter Parker… a friend of hers.”

“Funny, she hasn’t mentioned you.” The possessive one mutters.

The eldest rolls his eyes.

“So you’ve seen her?”

He shrugs and goes back to eating. OK this guy was hacking me off. He knew where my girl was, so what was his deal? So let’s pull up a chair and find out.

“That’s okay. I can wait until you’re done!”

One of them burst into laughter, as if he’s fully amused by all this.

“Shut it, Paul!” He snaps.

“So Jacob and Paul… And you are?” I ask looking to the eldest.

He sighed and came to his feet. He threw down a couple of bills and started out the door. The others stopped eating and followed him out like lost pups. I thought that was rather odd. They didn’t leave enough for a tip.

“Cheapskates…” I mutter, throwing down a five on the table.

Before they had a chance to leave, I catch the possessive acting one in the parking lot.

“So where is she?”

“Look… Here’s the way I see it, if you were really her friend, you’d already know. She doesn’t want to be found. So here’s my suggestion…go back from wherever you came from and forget she ever existed!”

He starts towards his group of friends; they were piling into two different vehicles. He growls under his breath once my hand touches his shoulder.

“I’m not leaving until I see her!”

He gives a simple nod, then twirls around socking me in the gut. And damn! The guy could hit! That actually fucking hurt! I suck back a breath, and look at him rather astonished. What was this guy made of? Concrete? The jackass shoves me down to the ground and points in my direction.


“JACOB!” The eldest shouted.

Two of his buddies come and drag him away. They hurriedly force him into one of the cars, then peel out of the parking lot. Dammit… I come to my feet and dust myself off, head back into the café and sit at a booth. I decide to get something to eat. I ask others around me if they’ve seen her. Some didn’t even know her. Others mention how she’d just moved to town not too long ago, that she’s residing at the old Swan house. Or at least, they presume she is… Its hard to pinpoint her exact location. There are multiple sources giving me numerous stories. One source truly believes she was now residing with a local doctor and his children; a family known as the Cullens. What was she up to? I finish my meal, keeping a mental note on everything that’s been said.

After leaving the café, I decide to try and find the Swan house. Apparently, no one knew street addresses. It was, you know the house by the Michaels? Or you know, the house that’s got the two big ole trees in front? The white house! Great! So my girl is living with the president now? Maybe they had Washington State confused with DC?

After going down damn near every residence road there was in Forks, I finally found the house. Or at least there was hope! It certainly looked as though the one described. I swallow back in thought and merely gawk at it for a moment. So this is where it all happened… The house in which she witnessed her parents brutal murders. My skin crawls at the thought. It wasn’t too long ago I lost my Uncle Ben. Through, it was no other’s fault but my own. If I had done what I was supposed to… he’d still be alive. But I didn’t… and I will forever pay the price. So will my Aunt May. Uncle Ben thought the world of Izzy. He was always nagging on me about making a move… But even to this day, I could never bring myself to do so. It was the fear of rejection and the thought of ruining the one thing that kept me going.

On this note, I exit the car and walk up to the house.  It seems to be empty, but I knock on the door first, just in case. Just as I assumed, there was no answer. So why not look through the windows and whatnot? But, its hard to see through the blinds. So, do the next best thing…I broke in! Awesome right!? Jamming the doorknob just right and knocking it off its axis should be easy enough. For “Spiderman,” anyhow…

Once I get inside, I come to a pause and look around. This place is spick and span. This alone tells me someone has been here recently. Otherwise, this house would smell like mothballs and it’d be covered in dust. I glanced towards the stairs, remembering how she once said that’s where she slept. So I make my way up and open a couple of the doors. One room looks to be her parent’s old bedroom, the other a bathroom, and the last door leads to her bedroom from childhood. All the furniture is still intact, surprisingly.

When it came to her bedroom… Man! Purple walls, bedspread, and curtains and stuffed animals are everywhere! There is a white daybed up against one of the walls. I take in a breath of relief. The shoes on the floor next to the bed and the jacket on the purple bedspread is a clear indication that she’s been staying here. But where is she? There’s two ways I could go about this now… One – stay put and wait for her. Or two – go scouting and find out where the hell this doctor lived. However, something else caught my attention; a breeze hit me dead on and I then notice that the window to her room was open. How do you miss something like that? The sheer white curtains are fluttering about. I poke my head out and look down. There were footprints, only one set, though.  But Izzy’s weren’t there! A wave of panic hit… Did someone take off with my girl?!

So l leap out and begin tracking down the footprints. My heart starts thumping a tad faster than usual. The prints lead towards the woods. I take off, following the trail. Halfway throughout the woods, the tracks stopped. It’s like whoever they belonged to just… vanished! “Great!” So what, they’re hiding in the trees? I climb up in one of the trees and think. There’s a storm blowing in. Just as I am about leap back down, thunder rumbles about. But I swear, there is something else… Its odd, like a loud thud during this. And whatever it is, echoes throughout the area… I closed my eyes and focus, using my “spider senses”. (Well that’s what I refer to them as anyhow. I was bit by one after all.) There is some sort of vibration that could be felt through the trees. Curiously, I begin looking for the source. It sure isn’t anything I’d ever imagine. That’s for damn sure!

“What the…”

Wind of what’s actually taking place hit. A chuckle of amusement leaves my lips, then.  Did I fall asleep back at the house? Or does it truly look as though my girl has joined a cult and drank the Kool-Aid? I call B.S.! There is no way a human can hit a ball like that, or run that fast! How are they doing that!? So she decide to hang out with crack heads? Look at them! Each of them are rather sickly looking; and talk about needing a tan! Seriously!  That one on the end? Well…it looks as though he’s about to hurl. He seems to get worse every time he’s around Izzy. And what’s with Mr. Constipation staring at her constantly?! I mean, really? The guy looks as though he’s about to crap his pants.

The fairy looking girl makes some sort of odd face, halfway through their game. Is she constipated too? Maybe this entire family suffers from I.B.S? If this is the doc’s family that she’s supposedly residing with, then he really should look into that. This was the most insane baseball game I’d ever witnessed. How they manage to pull this off is beyond me.

“I shouldn’t have brought you here. Bella, I’m so sorry!”

“What? What’s going on Edward?”

This had my curiosity as well. Why are they acting all jumpy?

“I need to get you out of here.”

“Edward… Tell me what’s going on!”

Yes, please do! That’s when I come to my feet as I’d been kicked back on the bleachers, merely observing from afar. This guy reaches over and lowers Bella’s hair that was beneath a baseball cap. He straightens it over her neckline.

“Like that’ll help. I can smell her from across the field.” The blonde Barbie-looking one called out.

This family hurriedly places Izzy behind them, as if expecting something horrible to take place. Each of them looks to the woods with unease about their faces. My senses are detecting certain things as well. There is a rustling of leaves and laughter heard from afar. I couldn’t help but to rear back in astonishment. What I hear is miles away; then suddenly, three individuals stand before this family. Menacing looking ones at that! This trio, are barefoot and have horrible sense in fashion.

“I do believe this belongs to you.” The taller African-American calls out.

He hands the baseball back to the oldest looking man.

“Thank you.”

“I am Laurent. This is Victoria and James.”

“It’s nice to meet you… This is Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Bella, Edward, and Rosalie…. I am Carlisle.”

I inch my way over, whilst listening to their awkward conversation. Hunting activities? They didn’t look like hunters to me. Shouldn’t they have guns or be wearing camo?

“Could you use three more players?” The one called Laurent asks.

The one he introduced as James however, is eyeing my girl something fierce, enough to cause me unease. It’s not your typical she’s hot stare down. Oh no, it is one of those threatening looking stares. To make matters worse, this Edward guy has his arm wrapped around my girl, possessively! Something within me to life and I clear my throat.

“I volunteer!”

I have everyone’s attention now. Bella narrows her eyes upon me.


I nod at her but my eyes are fixated on the one eyeing her. He closed his eyes and seemingly breathed in the air around him. His eyes fly open and that’s when I take notice of his blood red eyes. He bends into a crouching position with a smirk.

“You brought a snack.”

Um, what the hell? What’s with these people? And why are they all hissing like a bunch of cats coughing up hairballs?! Is there something in the water? I mean it is a small town thing? It must be affecting everyone! But my senses were going off like that of a car alarm. This guy rushes over, about to snatch my girl away from this Edward guy. Only I beat him to the punch. And yep… that’s right… I just exposed myself. After all this time… the secret I’d fought so hard to keep.

“…Peter…?” Bella whispers, looking rather stunned as I had her in my grasp.

She gazes upon the ring of webbing around her waist. Her jaw drops in awareness as she realizes what’s what.

“No freaking way…” I hear her muttering under her breath.

But I didn’t have much time to respond to her. I shot out a hand as this James dived after her once again.

“Ummm, no… Stop that…” I reprimand as he lands on his ass.

Oh, and by the way, that hurts like hell. It leaves an ice cold sting against the palm of my hand. So we got the one guy that’s made of concrete. Now what’s with this group of crazies?

“Look, I haven’t a clue what’s going on here! But you’d better back off!”

He sneers at me and hops back up, dusting himself off. He then tilts his head a certain way.

“I believe it’s safe to say our game is over. You should leave now.” Carlisle sternly suggests.

James snarls at this and hisses out once more. Seriously, what is it with them? I want to know!

“James…” Laurent said in warning.

“We’re sorry to have caused you any trouble. We will be on our way now.”

The red head laughs as the blond wraps his arm around her. He whispers something in her ear as the three of them make their way off the field.

“Get her out of here!” Carlisle says.

Edward nods and reaches for Izzy.

“Umm, not so fast buddy.” I place her behind me.

“What’s going on?”

He pulls that hissing ordeal again, causing my eyes to roll.

“Bella, we need to go!”

He shoves me to the side and grabs her. Her jaw drops as he literally drags her towards a jeep.

“HEY!” I yell out, chasing after them.

This guy opens the passenger door, forcing her inside.

“Stop it!”

He sighs and shakes his head. The idiot tries to buckle her in as though she were a child.

“Edward! STOP! I GOT THIS! And we’re not leaving him!” She snaps.

He goes to slam the door, but I catch it with my hand.

“Izzy… What’s going on?”

She goes to say something, only to get interrupted.

“You’re endangering her life as we speak!”

“Am I now?”

I look around.

“There’s what… seven of you? Eight, if you include me. There were what, three of them? I’m pretty sure we got this.”

His lip curls at this. For some reason, I find that comical and die in laughter. He hisses at me, yet again.

“Awww, that’s so cute! Do you purr in your sleep as well?”

“Peter!” Bella scolds, behind laughter.

He sighs as I welcome myself into the jeep. He slams the door and rushes to the other side.

“Soooo… you have a lot of explaining to do.” I say regarding her through the rearview mirror.

“OH I do?! What about you?! Honestly! This whole time?!”

This girl is blushing from ear to ear now. I couldn’t control the smirk on my face. Believe me, I tried.  Yeah… that isn’t going to happen. You see. My girl and “Spiderman” have history. Well, sort of. That and well …she’s a fan. I even found a pair of Spiderman panties in her room once. I never let her live it down either. I swallow back with guilt however as she covers her face.

“Peter…” She sighs, sounding as if she’s going to start bawling.

“The entire time…” She softly says.

Man… And I have Mr. Constipated shooting me go to hell looks through the rearview mirror as well now. What’s his deal anyhow? I clear my throat deciding to ignore it.

“I’m sorry, Izzy… I should have told you the truth.”

And then there it is…she starts to cry, because of me. The one girl I never wanted to hurt. My Izzy… She’s different from all the others. And in my case… A breath of fresh air.

“Are you alright?” The idiot asks.

Of course she’s not! She’s crying Ex-Lax! She nods, but keeps her face covered.

“We need to come up with a plan. Get you out of town.” He says all James Bond like.

“That’s a great idea actually. In fact, I’ll just take her on home from here!”

He cuts me another look in the mirror. I wave obnoxiously.

“Not an option.”

“And why’s that?”

“She needs protection.”

“Got it covered!”

He slams on the brakes. He then whips around, facing me.

“You haven’t a clue what we’re dealing with! I’ve seen his mind.”

“Have you now?”

“WHO ARE YOU ANYHOW?!” He shouts irately.


He looked upon her apologetically.

“He’s my friend! The one I told you about!”

He makes a certain face and regards me once again.
“That’s Peter?”

She nods. A smug smile forms on my face.

“I thought you said he was your best friend?”

“Well he is.”

“But he made you cry.”

I rolled my eyes on this while Izzy sighs.

“Some best friend…” He mutters under his breath.

“And you are?” I challenge in return.

“Edward Cullen, Bella’s boyfriend.”
“What?!” Only this didn’t come from just me.

No… Bella was just as shocked by this news as I was. She starts this nervous laughter.

“Why would you say that?”

He rears back looking offended. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing.

“I thought…”

“You thought what?”
“That you and I…”

“Edward… You never even asked me out! You can’t just assume…”

“Awkward…” I utter rather high pitching the ward towards the end, pun intended.

“My apologies… I just thought…”

“Thought…?” She probes.

He sighs, with true disappointment.


“Just take me back.”

“Bella…” He replies, with a pleading voice.

He starts spouting off things about seeing into James’s mind. How he won’t give up until he tracks Bella down. That she’s now his prey. That it’s nothing more than a game. Her eyes locked with my own through the rearview mirror. Bella was no stranger to seeing “Spidey” as she called him, in action. Something I’d never admit to but rather adored. It was sort of cute how she’d refer to him as Spidey. Or, at times she’d be a complete goober and say “her Spidey”. She usually pulled that when she was dating Flash and he was being a dick. That guy hated Spiderman. He never could stand it when Bella talked about him. Naturally, I ate it up.

“Trust me. I’ll be fine Edward.”

I actually heard this guy’s teeth grounding together. He firmly grips the steering wheel.

“Don’t be an idiot!”

Her jaw drops at his words. This guy had driven so fast, I didn’t even realize we are at the old Swan house.

“Excuse me?!’

“Come on Bella! He can’t protect you!”

“So that’s what you call it? Protection!?” I fired back.

“Don’t even get me started. What you did out there was pretty stupid.”

I shrug.

“I kept her alive, did I not?”

“Don’t patronize me! You think I don’t know who you are?!”

“Jesus, Edward! What’s come over you?!”

“You could’ve died today, that’s what!”

“But I didn’t. I’m fine.”

“You won’t be, if you don’t come with me! My family and I can keep you safe.”

Izzy doesn’t utter a word. She simply opens the door and hops out. I tag along.

“You’re making a big mistake.”

“It’s mine to make. I barely know you.”

He tilts his head about a certain way.

“Barely know me?! You know everything… “He says with a certainty, eyeing her rather coldly.

She sighs.

“I never asked that of you. You made a few subtle hints and I figured it out from there. I pay more attention than you think. That and well…”


“You obviously wanted me to know.”

“Yet, he wouldn’t tell you the truth about him!” Edward scoffs, quick to try and turn the tables around. Okay buddy, I get it. You wanna play? I can play…

Izzy shakes her head looking upon him in disbelief.

“Just go home Edward.”

“You’re going to regret not trusting me!”

Izzy lifts her eyes upon me as she went to enter the house.

“Peter did you…?”

“Did I…?” I inquire putting on an innocent front.

“Ugh!” She groans and pushes the door open.

“It’s whatever.” Bella utters and tosses her keys about the coffee table.

I pull the door to, doing my best to mend it back together. I manage to get it to lock, which is all that matters at the moment. To my great surprise, Bella rushes over and hugs the daylights out of me. My throat constricts on this. She isn’t the only one emotional at the moment.

“I’ve really missed you Peter.” she says, with a quivery voice.

It takes all my will not to take things further than a hug.

“Then why’d you leave?” Yeah, that comes out somewhat pouty, but at this point, I don’t care. Honestly, my feelings have been truly hurt that she’d just up and left like that, without uttering a word.

“SHIT!” I holler out as she dead armed me.

“Don’t you even start with me, Parker!”

Ah, great. Here it comes…she’s pissed. Her lip quivers as she backs away from me. I sorely rub my arm. The girl can hit, that’s for damn sure! My arm will be sore for a few hours now. Tears are streaming down her face, now.

“You just pulled what everyone else in my life has! You were the one person in this entire world I knew I could trust!”


She staggers back and leans against the wall. Izzy wipes her eyes with the back of her hand.

“When were you going to tell me? Or were you even planning to?”

Memories on what she’s gone through with her mother and Tony Stark hit. Dammit, she sure has a point. She was right! I was no better than they were. Come to think of it, I was an even bigger jackass because she had confided in me about her mother aka Black Widow. And as for Mr. Stark? Well, that man is loose cannon. It wasn’t long ago that he admitted to the world he was indeed Iron Man. I damn near passed out when I heard the news and Bella… well, she did. It’s not every day you find out your future stepfather is Iron Man!

Those two have had a rocky relationship. And by that, I mean Bella and Mr. Stark. This man is easily one of the most selfish pricks known to mankind. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the guy… in some ways. What’s not to admire? He’s a freaking genius! But when it comes to things like raising kids, the guy hasn’t got a clue. And if he screws up… His way of making amends is to throw some money at it.  That is something Izzy absolutely loathes.

She slides down against the wall, sitting on the ground, burying her face within her knees. My heart literally shattered at the sight.  It was very rare to see Izzy this broken up about something. But I’d never been on the receiving end. I was never the one to make her cry. If anything, I was the one she always came to when shit hit the fan. I make my way over and squat down before her. My fingers reach over, lifting her chin.

“It’s not what you’re thinking. You haven’t a clue how many times I wanted to tell you. But all I could think about was the danger behind it. Izzy, no one knows my secret. Not even Aunt May. Believe me if there were one person in this entire world I’d come to with something like this. It’d be you and I mean that.”

She nods, but even behind the tears that blush returns. Of course, I break into a smile.



“Ugh! You’re such an ass!”

“That’s not what you thought that day!”

“That’s so fucked up!”

I nod in full agreement. That kiss… There is no real way to describe it. Even fireworks sound lame in comparison.

“So…” I clear my throat in thought.

“What panties are you wearing today?”


“It was just a question.”

“UGH!” She shoots to her feet, nearly knocking me down as she does.

“She’s worried you know…” the words escape me with a serious tone.

Bella’s eyes dart in my direction. I rise back up and nod.

“She knows she messed up.”

Bella shakes her head bitterly.

“Says the woman that gave me up for adoption and took me back, as an obligation. She thinks this marriage will somehow fix everything. But it won’t! We both know that! I mean, come on, Peter. Tony’s more screwed up than she is!”

“Sounds like a match made in heaven.” I sarcastically reply.

“He just had to go and ruin things with Pepper Potts and make a move on my mother! Of all the women in the world… and she’s dumb enough to fall for his playboy ways! He’s … well he’s… FUCKING TONY STARK! GRRRRRRRRRRR!”

She starts pacing the area and running her fingers through her hair.

“Two more years…”

She cuts me an odd glance. I smile and make my way over.

“We only got two more years of high school, Izzy. Then, the sky is the limit… and we both know you’re smart enough to attend whatever college you desire.”

She gets this look of melancholy about her.

“And what about you?”

Without even thinking, I find myself caressing her cheek.

“Well, you’re not about to go anywhere without me! So don’t even think about it. In fact, from now on I’m tagging along wherever you go!”

She starts laughing.

“Izzy… That’s not really a joke…” I sigh and I’m the one pacing about now.

“You haven’t a clue what you put me through. And now that you know my secret… You can only imagine what thoughts occurred. I get it, okay. So you needed your space. But you can’t ever do that to me again. I mean it.”

My senses were picking something up, however. My eyes locked with hers and I put a finger to my lips. She nodded in understanding. I took stance in front of her and focused. Bella gasped out as the glass within the living room shattered. Without another thought I fired off a string of web. It wrapped around James’ neck.


I reared back at her words.

“Huh?” I call out.

“They’re vampires. Peter, please just…”

Oh shit! Without meaning to jerk back on the webbing, a bit too much. The “vampire’s” head snaps off and hits the floor.

“Holy shit!” I heard Bella utter in disbelief.

Honestly, I was in a bit of a stupor myself.

“Huh… Vampires you say?” So what vampires don’t bleed? Yet, they drink blood? This guy’s insides look damn near like granite. BUT HOW?! That’s no vampire! And if it is, man talk about disappointment.

She nods, her eyes wide open; looking exactly the same way I’m feeling. The head however kept rolling. It stopped right at her feet and she looks to me, screaming into her hands. I hurry over and kick it out the window.

“It’s gone…” I say soothingly as possible.

She nods, but still has that look of absolute shock about her.

“Hey,” I cup her chin, “It’s ok. You’re ok. I’m ok…”

She nods doing her best to control her erratic breathing. Something about this girl… It just came naturally. Without truly thinking about it, I have her in my embrace, once again. Only it was short and sweet, because someone yanks her right out of my arms. The class A jackass sneered upon me.


“THE HELL…” And like that she is gone.

I shake my head. This vampire just started one hell of a war. No one touches my girl. Okay, so I get it. She’s not technically my girl. Nonetheless, she did make it abundantly clear that she wanted him to leave her be! Not something I’m about to take lightly.

With gritted teeth I rush on out, following the trail the idiot left behind. He hasn’t a clue…

The longest minutes of my life pass by, before the trail finally ends. My body became immobile as I stopped swinging about the trees. A sinking feeling hit the pit of my stomach. There, on the ground, lay my Izzy.

There was so much blood and she is shrieking out in terror. Edward hovered over her, looking to be in panic mode. His eyes are wild.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” I shout and instantly shove him back, taking over.

He simply shakes his head, taking a few steps back.


At this, he runs off. Now I understood why vampires hissed. Edward Cullen is a complete PUSSY!

And that’s how it all played out… Now here I sit in this hospital room, listening to my Izzy’s cries. They’re unrelenting and chilling. Fire… She speaks of fire and how much it burns. Nothing seems to dull the pain. She has every nurse and doctor completely baffled. They say there’s something about her DNA. How it’s not quite normal. That whatever is within her system, the cells within her, keep fighting whatever it is. During the attack, she’d lost a lot of blood. This hospital staff… they’ve tried everything, even giving her blood. Her cells merely soak it up as though a sponge. They’re thirsty is how her doctor described it. Everyone within the first few floors could hear her screams of absolute torment. They had to restrain her to keep her from clawing at the bite marks; one upon her right shoulder, the other on her left thigh.

Once her mother and Mr. Stark arrive, I come to a stand. And even though I had described just how bad off she was on the phone, they hadn’t a clue just how serious I was. Ms. Romanoff tries everything she could think of to help her daughter. But the cries of hell only continue. Mr. Stark naturally throws money at the staff, thinking they weren’t doing enough already. He even had someone by the name of Dr. Banner come and visit to examine Izzy. But he too, had no answers. After that little meeting, her mother turns to Mr. Stark.

“I better go.”

“GO?!” We chorus in complete disbelief.

“Go where?” Mr. Stark inquires, looking rather peeved.

“To find the one person who could possibly save her life!”

“And that’d be?”

“Her father…”





Author note : (The next few chapters will be of the past. How they grew up together etc… Only not in POV form. I only did this to get Peter’s true feelings across. So my readers understand the history between the two.) I am also creating a banner page. Ones I’ve personally made. And a Meet The Cast Page, which I’ve started but haven’t finished. This will have pictures all the main characters from all my stories even the villains!  Thank you, for your time – Harley


20 thoughts on “Chapter 1 My Girl”

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