Chapter 10 For The Love of Apes


Chapter 10

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“Miss Romanoff?”


“I don’t believe you quite understood the assignment given to you.”

She pivoted about as her hand was along the handle of Xavier’s office door. “I understood perfectly.”

Xavier drew back a breath on this as he flipped through her essay, “The essay was meant to be written about right from wrong.”

Bella smiled, “Precisely…”

He narrowed his eyes, tilting his head about, “There isn’t any mention of the things you did, Miss Romanoff. You only reference the actions Professor Summers and myself in the punishment given.”

“Perhaps we have different points of view, professor?” she said with a wink and headed on out.

“What’s going on?” Bella asked as the girls who were circled around something outside.

Kitty eagerly grabbed ahold of her and pulled her into the circle. She reared back once she caught wind of Professor Summer’s bike.

“Oh no…” Bella murmured, then as something came to realization, she groaned. “Peter…” she uttered.

“Uh oh…” Rogue said with a grimace, and Bella turned to see what she was reacting to.

Kitty, Jubilee, and Rogue all gazed upon the approaching figure with widened eyes. Scott had his keys in hand as he looked to the tree with a pitiful expression.

“Better get to climbing, Boy Scout!”

Rogue’s jaw dropped on Bella’s words, while Scott cringed on the familiarity of her words and shook his head. Bella then sent the girls a playful wink.

Cyclops sighed.

“Whoa… Man! Is that your bike!?” Peter chimed in behind them as the small gathering was joined by many others.

“You’re not supposed to park there.” Kurt chided.

“Kurt!” Rogue scolded.

He smiled, already knowing the story as Peter had told him and the guys about Scott’s idiotic actions.

The girls were still in the dark about it. But, they wouldn’t be for long…word would sure spread like wildfire.

“Think one of you can help me get it down?”

Piotr was about to offer, but Logan snuck up behind him, handing over a hundred dollar bill and cut him a hinting wink. He patted the big guy on the back and took his daughter by the hand.

“Where we going?”



Peter waved her off and blew her a kiss.


“Um ok…”

Logan looked her over once they were in the Jeep and reared back with narrowed eyes, “Ah hell, so ya got my healing ability too, huh?”

She nodded with a rather apprehensive look about her.

“How long did it take ya?”

“A few hours or so I think… I fell asleep, so can’t be certain.”

He nodded on this. “Guess that means we got some things to discuss along the way…”

During this small road trip of theirs, Logan told her about his healing capabilities and more about his other abilities. Once he got to the point about his black outs, he found a rest stop area to pull into. His hands ran along the steering wheel for a moment.

“About those black outs of yers…”

Logan thickly swallowed as an overwhelming sense of guilt washed over his face. He drew back a breath and eyed her, “Those also come from me.”

She gazed upon her father in wonder. Chills ran down Bella’s spine while her father went into detail about his ‘berserker rage’. Only in her father’s case, it was much more gruesome and troubling. He admitted to seeing nothing but red when he went into that mode and when he woke, aka ‘snapped out of it’, there would be dozens of bodies around him. He never had recollection whatsoever of what he’d done or how those bodies got there. All he knew was they’d be sliced and diced and he’d be covered in blood. Logan sighed as his daughter went pale on him.

“Now I want ya to hear me out, darlin’. Ya aren’t gonna become like me.”

She shook her head on this, “And how do you know that?”

“Cause I’m gonna do whatever I can to help ya. I learned over the years how to distract myself from those thoughts that lead to the berserker phase. Ya see Bella, it’s about you having control of it, not the other way around. And the best way of going about it is to do something about that anger. Believe me, it’s no easy task, but if I can do it – ya sure as hell can! Ya just need other means of releasing stress and using another focus point besides being pissed.”

She half laughs at this. The Wolverine found himself grinning.

“Yeh… I know. Easier said than done, huh? I know ya got a lot to be pissed about kid. Hell! At times I wonder just how the hell ya do it. But the one thing I’m trying my damnest to get through to ya on this… things are different now. Now, there’s gonna be shit to deal with no matter where ya go and what path ya chose. There’s always some asshole… such as Boy Scout for instance.”

Bella looked at her father with a cocked brow. Before she could utter anything in response, he continued with what he wanted to say.

I gotta admit, darlin’… he ain’t normally like that. So he kind of took me by surprise. I never thought that Summers, of all people, would stoop that fucking low. And I’m sorry he took his personal frustrations with me out on ya. I’d never seen him go off on a kid like that. If ya weren’t my girl, he woulda never messed with ya. In fact, you’d have probably become one of his favorite students. But, the Boy Scout and I got some history and obviously he let that get in the way of his judgement about ya. Not that ya deserved it, cause ya damn sure didn’t. ”

Bella lowered her head with this guilty air about her.

“Is there something else…?”

A full on blush came about her as she admitted to her father about the theater incident and how she lit into the manager. She told him how out of control and angry she felt…

Her father drew back a breath. “Well, yer right. The guy was just another stupid racist, but I have to agree with Peter on that one. For one thing… think of it like this… Assholes like that… They’re nothing more than trolls and you’re feeding them each time you give into their idiocy. You going off the handle like that only further proved the jerk’s point. Now, I’m not saying you hadn’t any right to defend yourself and yer friends, but there are better means of going about it. Though, I gotta admit… I’m rather impressed that ya made the guy piss himself.”

Bella managed to smile and shook her head while Logan smiled in return.

“Hell darlin’! As a mutant yer gonna deal with this racist mutie stuff for the rest of yer existence. That just comes with it.”

“You really think you can help me?”

“Ya we’re gonna figure this out together kid.”


He rather shrugged on this. “Well for one thing, yer gonna need more training. Only it’ll be my way, now. Its the only way of going about this. Ya need to learn what all yer capable of. The best way to test these spells of yers is to go about a few sessions in the danger room. Meaning, I will have to push ya and see what gets that blood boiling and sets off red hazard lights of yers.”

She nodded, looking to be in thought.

“On that note, however; I feel I should make myself clear about something.”

Bella looked to him curiously.

“I stand by Dr. McCoy on taking that time off. Whether yer healed or not, ya need the break. I truly think it’d do ya some good to just let go and relax for once. That’ll also give you more time to get to know yer friends and to enjoy what little is left of yer summer.”

Bella looked to her father oddly as they eventually pulled up to a zoo. He parked the Jeep and took out one of his cigars and clipped it, before lighting it up. She found herself giggling at the jokes they were making last night about her picking up her father’s bad habits. His love of cigars was one of them. He stepped out of the Jeep and Bella followed. He’d this uncomfortable look about him as he paid to enter the zoo.

“Do ya want some crackers to feed the animals?”

Bella’s face flushed over on this. “Um… I’m good!”

Logan nodded as she followed him through the zoo gates. Bella felt awkward while they walked around the zoo. She broke into a giggle fit when they came across a wolverine exhibit. Her father rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah laugh it up shortcake. There’s a red fox one around here somewhere, ya know.”

She frowned on this and he died in laughter.

“Ah yer something else, ya know that kid?”

She shrugged as they came to the gorilla exhibit; one she’d paid special attention to. She seemed to enjoy watching the babies playing with parents. Bella even hunkered down with a smile about her as she observed them for a few moments. Logan found himself paying attention to what seemed to be her favorite exhibits – the gorillas for certain. She also had a fondness for wild cats such as the tigers, and whether she’d admit it or not, she seemed to enjoy the foxes.

Once they were done, she went to the bathroom before heading out. When she stepped out, she looked to her father wide eyed. He had this giant stuffed gorilla in his hold. He handed it over with a simple nod. Bella hid her face amongst the giant stuffed animal as they headed back to the Jeep. She couldn’t believe her father bought her a giant gorilla. Bella wondered just how much the damn thing cost him.

Things grew worse for Bella as he pulled into a Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. He got out and Bella had to climb over the enormous gorilla in order to get out.

“Do ya want some tokens?” Logan asked after purchasing their buffets.

Bella played games with Peter all the time, but she’d never been to places like Chuck E. Cheese. She had she not a clue how to act, being there with her father and all. The place was for children, not teenagers. She looked around realizing she was the oldest one there besides the parents. She found herself wishing she’d had brought the damn gorilla along with her so she could hide behind it.

“No…” Bella softy replied as he handed her a tray.

How did a man that taught teenagers not know a thing about where to take them? She found herself pondering. After they got their food, Logan found them a place to sit. Both of them hated the food, and the annoying noise of the animatronics on stage. It didn’t help that there was a birthday party going and because of that event, they had a giant Chuck E. Cheese mascot walking around. It just seemed like every time Logan tried to carry on some sort of conversation with his daughter, that damn mascot would make his way over and interrupt him. By the fifth interruption, Logan discreetly popped his claws out to where only Bella and the mascot took notice.

“Look bub! I’m trying to talk to my daughter and yer getting’ under my skin. We done told ya we don’t want to sing happy birthday to some kid we don’t know and we damn sure don’t wanna dance! Now get lost!”

Bella covered her mouth to keep from laughing as the mascot couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

“Thought we weren’t meant to cause fear amongst others,” she taunted her father.

He cocked a brow at this. “Ya hate this place, don’t ya kid?”


He chuckled on this, “Thank God! Let’s get the fuck out of dodge!”

“Thought you’d never ask.” She said in relief as they hightailed it out of there.

Once they were in the jeep he turned toward her. “Did ya even enjoy our day?” he asked looking frustrated.

“Well yeah… just…”


“I’m almost 16… I don’t do things like Chuck E. Cheese.”

“Yeah, I figured that after we done paid for our meals. Ya looked like we entered the gates of hell or something.”

She giggled on this. “So did you…” Bella admitted.

“Hell darlin’… I think we did!”

They both laughed and shook their heads.

“So what do ya like to do? Sorry kid. I don’t’ know much about what y’all do outside of school and training. I suppose I screwed up, huh?”

Bella found herself taken aback. Her father truly looked disappointed and angry with himself.

“Nah… we’ll just do something else next time.”


“Not sure.”

“Hmmm… Well, ya like pool?”

“Never played.”

“Ya wanna learn?”



He looked more than relieved as he pulled out of the parking lot and headed to a billiards place.

Logan taught her how to play while they shared stories about one another’s past and got to know each other a little better. And just as he figured, all sorts of men had their eyes on his daughter. He wanted to knock some heads together. They hadn’t a clue she just 15, considering the way her body had filled out since she came into her newfound abilities. He had a few beers and she had a cherry coke. Logan even gave her a couple dollars for the jukebox his way of learning what music she was into.

Over the years, Peter had gotten her into bands such as Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach… bands that Logan didn’t particularly care for. He was a bit more old school; he liked classic rock and a little country. He didn’t know much about the new bands kids were into, nowadays.

He also discovered that his daughter was a fast learner. It wasn’t long before he had her calling pockets and nailing her shots.

Logan had to hit the head before they called it a night. As he was at the urinal doing his business, one of the guys that had been scoping his daughter earlier in the night entered the bathroom with another buddy of his. The guy peered over. “So, you’re one lucky bastard.”

Logan cocked a brow on this. He then finished up and zipped his pants. When he went to wash his hands the guy continued on, “What’s it like to hit that?”

His jaw clenched as his body grew tense.

The buddy of his was laughing, and had this stupid humping motion going. The two guys high-fived one another. Logan cleared his throat and dried his hands off. He gradually made his way over. He acted as if he were to high five them in return, but took both their heads and slammed them up against the wall.

“That’s my daughter, ya dipshits!”

“Ya ready darlin’?” Logan asked once he stepped out.

She smiled upon him and gave a simple nod.

Bella entered her room with the giant gorilla. She tossed it onto her bed, but then a wide-eyed expression came about her.

“Just what I always wanted! Thanks Izzy!”

She rolled her eyes with a grin while Peter propped the gorilla into the corner of her bed.

“So… how’d it go?” he asked as he motioned her over.

Bella laid beside him, “Well… he took me to the zoo and Chuck E. Cheese…”

Peter narrowed his eyes as if waiting for the punch line. He died in laughter as he realized she wasn’t joking. He reached out and caressed her arm.

“Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?”

She wrinkled her nose on this, “Um no…”


She laughed and shook her head. “Actually, I got you something on the way back…”

He perked up on this. She reached into her blue jean pocket and pulled out a red collar with a blue tag that that red ‘Izzy’s’ in black italics.


She giggled as he sat up and eagerly put it on.

“Wait!” Bella called out, then took her cellphone from her back pocket and took a picture of him proudly posing in it.

“You’re such a dork, Peter.”

He webbed her over and kissed her, “Hmmm… besides me being a dork and your old man not having a clue… Did you at least enjoy your day?”

“Yes, actually. He taught me how to play pool.”

Peter raised his brows on this. “So it begins… Great! I’m mated to Wolverine’s mini-me!”


He chuckled and held her even closer to him. He wiggled his brows as her breasts were pressed up against his face. Peter nuzzled against them.

“Peter…” she scolded behind a giggle.

“What?” he asked, putting on an innocent front. “So, when do I get to take my incredibly hot girlfriend on an actual first date?”

“Well you haven’t asked me.”

“Didn’t I just ask?!”


“Awe, you really think my ass is smart? Thanks Izzy!”

Before she could come back with something on that, he locked lips with her, once again.

Peter died in laughter as he entered Bella’s room the following morning. She had put metal claws on the gorilla and had a cigar in his mouth.

“Let me guess… his name is Wolverine?”

Bella shook her head and patted the stuffed gorilla on the head. “Bub…” she said with a grin.

He chuckled, “So I was thinking…”

She cut him a mocking glance of mortification.

He quickly placed his index finger upon her lips, “Shhhh… play nice now.” He laughed as she actually pouted. “I thought we’d go to breakfast and head into town…”

“And do what?”

Peter shrugged as she went through the shirts in her closet. “Hang out and maybe go on that date.”

“A date, huh?”

He nodded and kicked back on her bed as she changed her shirt in the closet. Peter tried peeking through the crack of the door, in hopes of catching a glimpse. He sighed with disappointment when all he could make out was her bare back, for like a split second. Bella stepped back out and was adjusting her hair.

“You can leave the door open next time,” Peter remarked with a shrug.

“Oh. Can I, now?”

“Yep! Won’t bother me none.”

She giggled and shook her head, “Oh I bet!” She then turned towards the door as there was a knock. Bella answered it and reared back with annoyance.

“What do you want?”

“Look I just came to apologize.”

“Apologize… for?”

He rolled his eyes.

She half laughed at his mannerisms. “Save it. You obviously don’t mean it.”

She went to shut the door, but Warren put a hand upon the door so she couldn’t. “I’m just going to put this out there, then leave you be. If things don’t work about between you and him, you know where to find me.”

Bella felt her entire face flush over. She hurriedly stepped out and pulled the door to behind her. “Warren, even if Peter weren’t in the picture…”

She scoffed, “You and I? Would NEVER happen. Not in a million years! You are conceited, rude, impossible, and well, frankly I can’t stand you! In fact, you remind me a lot of my ex. And that’s just it… He’s my ex for a very good damn reason. So do yourself a favor… forget I even exist and find someone else to…”

She froze seeing her father through the corner of her eye.

“Everything alright?” he called out.

She nodded but was thoroughly embarrassed that Logan had witnessed this. “Just go…” she whispered at Warren.

Warren pulled that egotistical laugh of his and shook his head, “Whatever.”

Bella ground her teeth together on how he’d said this. “I mean it…” she hissed.

The door opened and Peter and Warren eyed one another down.

“You heard her. Get lost…”

“You just wait… first danger room session. You’re mine, Parker!”

“I’ll keep that in mind…” the three of them turned seeing as how this came from Logan’s mouth.

“That’s my area this year.” He then cut Warren a menacing wink, “You want the webslinger as your first go? You got it, bub! Good luck to ya, birdbrain!”

“The cookies need more flour, or they’ll stick.”

“It’ll take away from the flavor, Bella!”

“No it won’t…”

“Bella!” Aunt May scolded as she held Bella by the waist, reaching for the bag of flour.

Peter and the other students looked on in wonder as they saw his aunt and Bella covered head to toe in flour. They both cleared their throats and nodded towards the students.

“Hello Peter!” his aunt greeted.

He tilted his head about as the other women working the kitchen laughed.

“I thought you went to ask about the strawberry slices for the pancakes…” he said with a glance towards Bella.

“I did… but… she attacked me!”

His aunt’s jaw dropped at Bella’s words. “I so did not!”

Bella died in laughter and took off with the flour still in hand. Peter chuckled as his aunt dashed after her. The flour spilled all over about the floor. Bella lost traction because of that and her eyes widened as she was heading right for the double doors. Two men were entering just as she and Aunt May were sliding about the kitchen floor uncontrollably.

“SHIT!” Bella hollered.

The men hurriedly caught them and Bella looked up to see it was her father that had caught her. She turned around to see Beast had Aunt May.

“What the hell, kid?”

“Ummm… hey!”

Logan sighed and lowered her back down. Bella dusted the flour off his shoulder and chest. She broke into a giggle fit, however as Dr. McCoy had it all in his fur.

“You can put me down now…” Aunt May said as his eyes were locked onto hers.

“Right… my apologies, madam.” Dr. McCoy muttered looking flustered and slightly embarrassed.

Bella covered her mouth, hiding another giggle.

Her father cocked a brow upon her.

Bella cleared her throat and grabbed a couple brooms. “Uh, we better get to cleaning up…” she murmured and handed Peter’s aunt the other broom. Bella continued to giggle off and on as she and Aunt May cleaned up their mess.

The older woman simply rolled her eyes, but was trying not to laugh as well.

“So, Aunt May… do you by chance need a lint roller?”

“Honestly, Bella! Hush!” Aunt May scolded playfully.

That only made Bella laugh harder.

Bella pressed the camera button and her eyes widened as Peter eagerly kissed her and didn’t stop until all four slots were filled. He reached over once the film was done printing.


She laughed as she grabbed her copy as well.

“See, proof that I have an incredibly hot girlfriend; who I make out with.”

“That’s why you wanted the picture?”


Bella elbowed him and he chuckled while they headed out of the photo booth.

“Okay, fine! Then, I have proof as well…”

“Proof of what?” he questioned curiously as they walked along the mall. He stuffed a Twizzler in his mouth.

She took her phone out from her pocket, flashing the picture of him wearing the collar she got him.

“That Peter Parker is my bitch…” she muttered under her breath.

He shrugged, “I don’t see the issue on this.”

Bella laughed. “You’re the only man I’ve ever known that takes pride in being claimed by a woman.”

“Have you looked in the mirror?”

She drew back a breath on this and slowed down. “I’m not all that Peter. I’m still me…”

He swallowed back on that and led her to one of the benches. He sat down and motioned for her to sit beside him. “Izzy, it’s because it’s you… Do you not get that?”

She leaned back looking to be in thought. “It’s just odd that’s all…”

“What is?”

“How accepting of this you are…”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Bella sort of laughed as her cheeks got a nice red hue to them. “You know how you always tease me about hanging up that picture you gave me when we first met?”

He nodded with a grin.

“Well do you know the real reason behind it?”

“You really like rainbows? Or you want to point how I could never stay in the lines?”

She smiled and shook her head, “Peter… It was instant for me. Like, I can’t even explain it. You were all about Gwen Stacy at the time. But, you were my first crush. I had it bad…”

Peter looked on rather stunned. “Really?!”

She blushed once again and nodded. “Oh yeah… Like I was pretty pathetic. Even when I was with Flash… I was still pretty hung up on you.”

Peter drew back a breath on this, “I honestly never knew that… Man… The things you learn.”

She softly laughed, “Right?”

Peter nodded and wrapped his arm around her. He then popped a Twizzler into her mouth and kissed her cheek. “Well here we are now. And I’m feeding you candy! How awesome is that? Oh and guess what?”


“I’m also Spiderman…” he whispered in her ear.

“You don’t say!”

He nodded. “So… When do I get to see you in those panties?”

She shrugged.

“And you know, I’m rather insulted.”

“How come?”

“You’ve never once asked me for my autograph.”



“Stop while you’re ahead…”

They spent the entire hanging around town. What was meant to be a first date, felt like old times to them, though. There wasn’t that awkward feeling or jittery nerves that one normally have on a first date. The only difference was they were making out at every given opportunity.

Peter walked Bella to her door after their date. He went to kiss her goodnight, only to end up in another heavy make out session.

“Say goodnight, son.”

The webslinger froze with this oh shit expression about him. Bella peered over Peter’s shoulder, seeing her father standing directly behind him. He nodded upon her and Peter thickly swallowed as he dropped his hold on her.

“Um goodnight?” Peter nervously called out.

Bella sighed and cut Peter an apologetic glance. Once he was in his room, she shook her head upon Logan.

“Why did you do that?”

“Cause it’s my job to make him sweat!”

She rolled her eyes and opened her door. Logan reared back as he saw the gorilla on her bed.

“Is that one of my cigars?”

Bella smiled, “Yep!”

“How the hell did you get one of my cigars?”

She shrugged as he stepped into her room and tilted his head upon the gorilla. “Ya gave him claws?”

She nodded. “Does he remind you of someone?” she asked with a sly smile.

“What are ya trying to say!? Ya think I’m a big ape?”

Bella was just about to head to bed for the night, when she could’ve sworn she heard what sounded to be arguing outside the manor. Out of curiosity, she snuck out of the window, following the voices. She soon learned they belonged to none other than Scott and Jean. She peered around a corner of the building and watched in utter surprise as Jean threw her engagement ring at Scott’s feet.

“Jean, please…”

“It’s over Scott. After everything… I can’t even look at you the same.”

“Jean… I can fix this. Just give me a chance…”

“You can’t… And deep down you know that. Just go…”

Bella swallowed thickly, feeling guilty about eavesdropping. She was just about to head back to her room when an icy cold hand clamp around her mouth. She felt herself being dragged away. She was then forced up against the wall of the manor.

“You…” Bella sneered once she saw who it was.

“We need to talk.”

She knocked his hand away from her mouth and he looked to her in astonishment. Bella gasped back in shock as he started to hover about the air. Her eyes darted around and found Jean standing there.

The woman nodded at the teenager, “Go get your father…

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