Chapter 12 Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Chapter 12

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“And what is it you’d like to say?” the TV reporter asked one of Vulture’s victims.

“Thank you Spiderman! You saved my life and the life of many others.” The young woman motioned towards other civilians behind her. Over half of them were holding up billboards that read – Thank You Spiderman, We Love You, Can I Have Your Autograph, Marry Me, Spiderman Saved Me, etc…

“I don’t know how you do it. But you truly are amazing.”

“And there you have it. Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman strikes again. This is Samantha Tucker, Channel Three news signing off…”

Aunt May turned off the TV. “Yet, he doesn’t belong here… perhaps you’re right, professor. My nephew is by far… greater than anything you could ever offer.”

Logan nodded in agreement as Peter’s aunt stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind her.

Xavier drew back a breath.

“Don’t tell me ya didn’t see this coming!” Logan mocked as there were already a few students outside of the building.

Each of them were rioting in honor of Spiderman – threatening to leave the premises or go to school elsewhere. Among these students were Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, Gambit, and to Logan and Aunt May’s surprise, Dr. McCoy was amid these students.

Xavier cocked a brow upon the Spiderman shirt Logan wore under his leather Harley Davidson jacket.

“So you’re willing to lose over half your students because you can’t bend the rules even a little?” Jean surprisingly threw out there, as well.

Xavier pinched the bridge of his nose, “If I bend the rules for just one of my students… I must bend them for everyone. Do you not see the whole picture, Jean?”

Jean glanced towards Logan and Storm. “Could you two give us a minute?”

Logan nodded and opened the door, allowing Storm to step out first. His gaze met Jean’s briefly before exiting the office. Jean then pulled up a chair and sat before Xavier.

“Are you seeing something I’m not?”

Xavier drew back a breath on this, “I believe we both know that to be impossible. There’s something about the girl. And whatever it is; it’s affecting the boy, too. I’m not even sure she’s aware. So no… I didn’t foresee this.”

Jean nodded. “I’ve been experiencing the same thing. It’s like a bad reception on both ends.”
“I’d go as far as to say that she’s somehow shielding the boy. Herself as well?”


He nodded, looking to be in thought.

“That actually makes sense if you think about it. This imprint Logan speaks of – it’s only natural that she’d want to protect her mate.”

“Yes, but there are concerns as well.”
“Those being?”

“Well, we’ve two students that are rather rebellious.”

Jean softly laughed, “You do remember how Logan and Remy were when they first walked through these doors? And even at that, they aren’t exactly what I’d refer to as ‘tame’. Yet, where would we be without them? At times, those are the ones we count on to get the job done. They are willing to go that extra mile others wouldn’t. Spiderman is most certainly one of them. Can we truly hold that against him?”

Xavier shook his head and glanced out the window at the protesting students. Word had spread like wildfire and Xavier struggled to make a decision.

“What is this really about, professor? The lack of control or the unknowing…?”

The look on his face said it all. Jean closed her eyes and shook her head. She shot up from her seat. “Is that what you first thought of me?!”

Xavier raised his brows on this and pivoted around.

“You seem to forget exactly who I am! What I’m capable of! Yet, I’m here. You never once cast me aside! How are Peter and Bella any different? You knew the risk… and here I am teaching YOUR students! When are you going to learn that there isn’t any control? The moment you come into terms with that, the better off you’ll be. As for the boy… I stand with them…” she pointed towards the protesters.

Xavier sighed.

“Don’t… I’m not so sure I can stomach anymore. Following the rules verbatim doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s right or what’s for the best. As we’re both aware…”

“IZZY!” Peter shouted as she continued to rip the vampire apart limb from limb.

He’d never seen such a thing. Body parts were flying all over the place. He fought to keep from going into shock. Not sure what else to do, the webslinger quickly fired off a web, wrapping it around her waist and pulled her towards him. Bella growled out with a curled lip.

“Oh shit…” he called out as she burst right on through the webbing.

The shattering of glass was heard as she leaped out of the bedroom window. Panic came over him as he hurriedly dressed and took off after her.

He finally caught up with her at a nearby creek. A knot formed within the back of his throat as he observed for a moment. Her mannerisms were like that of a wild animal. There was fear in her eyes while she paced about like a caged lioness.

“Izzy…” he softly called out.

Peter inched his way over and held out a hand as if approaching a stray, “It’s okay… I’m not going to hurt you.”

She backed up against a tree and gritted her teeth as he got closer to her.

“It’s just me Izzy…”

Her eyes momentarily closed as she seemingly breathed in the area. Before long, her eyes flew open and the beginnings of tears were seen in her eyes.

“That’s right… It’s me…”

Peter froze with caution as she started towards him. He remained perfectly still, allowing her to breathe him in. His eyes widened as she began to nuzzle against the crevice of his neck.

“Izzy…” he called out, sensing her.

He caught her just before she passed out.

“I don’t know what to tell ya. I haven’t seen them.”
Aunt May nodded as Logan lit up one of his cigars.

“Can’t really blame them for taking off… all things considered. Look at it this way, we know that they are together. So they’re gonna be just fine.”

She nodded once again and then they peered over as Xavier exited the building. Once he made the announcement that no students were to be expelled, the students clapped and put away their signs.

“Well there’s one less thing to worry about.”
“I must say I’ve never met a more arrogant man!” Aunt May scoffed and Logan died in laughter.

“Eh, Chuckles has his moments. This one…not his finest.”

“That’s an understatement; if I ever heard one.”

“What the hell?” Logan muttered and quickly dropped his cigar.

Aunt May’s jaw dropped as Peter was swinging on over with Bella in his hold. Logan reared back at the old jersey and sweats Peter had dressed her in.

“What happened?!”Logan asked as he took Bella from Peter’s hold and rushed her inside.

Dr. McCoy had taken notice as well and made his way over. He checked her vitals first thing, then proceeded with examining her more thoroughly.

Peter explained what took place to the best of his ability, leaving out the fact that he’d just taken his daughter’s virginity. But Logan was no idiot. He knew damn well why they were there. He didn’t need his senses to know the damn boy done plucked his daughter.

“I should’ve killed the little shit myself!” Logan barked irately as Dr. McCoy took over and was carrying her into the lab.

Aunt May, Peter, and Logan all jumped at a sudden ruckus and glanced in Dr. McCoy’s direction.

“No Bella!” Logan hollered out.

She had a scalpel at Hank’s throat.

Peter hurriedly webbed the scalpel out from her hand. Her father leaped over and forced her up against the wall behind them. He let out a growl as Bella shoved him through one of the tables.

“Ah! Nah ya don’t, darlin’.” Logan shoved the debris off him and shot back up.

He rushed over and wrapped his arms around her. His teeth gritted as she writhed about in his hold.

“Everybody out!” Logan demanded, knowing she was about to break out of his hold. “NOW!”

Dr. McCoy rushed everyone out of the room. Just as he shut the door, Bella broke free out of her father’s arms. He dodged whatever she threw his way. She leaped onto one of the lab tables and was walking around on all fours, eyeing him threateningly. Logan drew back a breath; he didn’t want to hurt her, so kept his claws at bay.

“Shit…” he groaned out as she bound over and had her hands wrapped around his throat.

Her nails dug into his flesh.

“Come on, darlin’ I don’t wanna hurt ya. But I can’t let ya act like some rabid beast either.” He brought his hands up and pried hers off his neck.

“Now I know ya don’t wanna hurt me or anyone else. So I need ya to snap out of it.”

Logan grunted out as she sent him one hell of a kick. He blocked whatever he could but found himself actually struggling in order to keep up with her movements. There was no denying his daughter was as deadly as they come. With him as her father and Black Widow as a mother… it was enough to make the Wolverine cringe on the behalf of anyone who became the target of his daughter’s wrath.

He narrowed his eyes in thought. She had passed out briefly, yet woke up full throttle again? HOW? On this thought, he paid more attention and a new realization came to mind.

He grabbed ahold of her and flinched as she was socking the living shit out of him. He took the pain and continued in dragging her throughout the lab. Her feet were kicking about, knocking things down along the way.

“FUCK!” he shouted as she grabbed a nearby medical tray and hit him in the face with it, repeatedly.

She quickly tossed it aside and snatched a pair of scissors off another table. Logan quickly jarred her hand back, knocking them out of her hold as she was aiming for his jugular. He held her back with one hand and reached over, pulling the triangular bar to the emergency safety shower of the laboratory. Once the shower started, he wrapped his arms and legs around her and brought her to the ground as if doing a take down. She choked back as the water hit her face.

“Ya awake now?!”

That outraged mien of hers quickly turned childlike. She looked around the room in confusion. Logan thickly swallowed and rolled off her. Bella reached to her temples as she shot up and brought her knees to her chest. He hurriedly turned the water off and grabbed them a few towels. She scooted off to a corner of the room with her arms wrapped around her knees, shivering.

“Ya alright kid?”
She shook her head, “It happened again… didn’t it?”
He nodded as he wrapped a towel around her shoulders.

“Did I hurt anyone?”
“Not anyone of any real importance.”

She regarded her father with a puzzled expression.

“Now hear me out, Bella. Ya killed that kid vampire! But, he had it comin’.”

She shot to her feet once memory came to serve, “Peter!”

“He’s alright…”

“He was gonna kill him!”

Bella then put a hand over hear heart and staggered back, remembering the blue hue to Peter’s face.

“Did I do that?” she asked, seeing how her father’s lip and nose were busted open.

He shrugged, “Eh… it’s already healing.”

She cringed and grabbed a medical wipe. His daughter dabbed at the blood on his face.

“I’m sorry…” Bella whispered with a look of guilt.

“None of that, now. Ya hear me!? I’m fine. Like I said, I’m healing.”

She nodded, but that bottom lip of hers quivered. Logan saw it coming and grabbed ahold of her. Sure enough, she sucked back a breath and a breakdown shortly followed.

“Hey…” he called out.

“I can’t do this. I could’ve hurt you or Peter! What if it wasn’t Edward’s life I took? I don’t remember anything past Edward choking Peter. That scares the SHIT OUT OF ME!”

Her father swallowed back knowing that feeling all too well. He let her cry it out as he hugged her. Once he got her to calm down, he had her follow him. He gestured towards the danger room area.

“Ya want nights or mornings?”

She reared back in wonder.

“I think it’s safe to say we should get started ASAP. We need to find whatever the trigger is and see what we can do about monitoring it.”
“I guess nights.”

“Good deal. I can sleep in then. Alright, ya meet me here tomorrow at 7pm. Let’s see what we can do about these spells of yers.”

“I know you’re out there…” Peter called out as he was burning Edward’s remains.

He glanced a certain direction and sure enough Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie stepped out of the woods. Peter nodded to himself while he tossed Edward’s hand into the barrel. “Need a hand?” He witted.

Alice’s jaw dropped realizing her vision had come true and they were too late. She started towards him. Only to have Jasper and Emmett immediately held her back.

Rosalie took a few steps closer and peaked into the barrel looking ill.

“Looking for someone?”

“Is that…”

“You’re insane stalker of a brother? You betcha! You know it’s a bit of a letdown, really. I figured with the way you guys sparkle in the sun that he’d go off like a Roman candle. But I got nothing!” He then sighed as if truly disappointed.

“So, any last words?”

“I’m gonna kill that little…”

Peter snarled back at this and quickly fired off his web. He yanked Rosalie towards him with webbing tightly wrapped around her throat.

“You were saying…”

Rosalie choked back as the webbing was actually cutting into her marble like frame. Peter eyed Alice down.

“We’re not going to touch her…” Rosalie assured.

Peter jerked her head back rather roughly.

“That’s right! Any of you come near my girl and I’ll have your fucking head! Do I make myself clear?”

“We have no quarrel with you or Bella.” Jasper guaranteed.

“BUT SHE KILLED HIM!” Alice cried.

“And rightfully so.” Rosalie declared as Peter set her free.

“Face it, Alice. Edward lost his mind.” Rosalie added.

“And his mother dressed him funny…”

“Jokes?! You wanna make jokes about our brother dying?”

Peter shrugged, “I figured now’s good as time as any.”

Alice sneered at this and struggled in their hold.

“Are we going to have problem?” Peter questioned her rather menacingly.

“No…no you won’t. Right, darlin’?”

Peter took notice of the way Jasper said this. He put it together; realizing Alice and Jasper were an item. And Jasper was just sitting his woman straight. He was even eyeing her down as if daring her to utter another word.

“I believe we’re all in agreement. Edward had it coming. It’s unfortunate. But there was nothing any of us could do about it. He decided his own fate and ignored anything we had to say on the matter.” Emmett put out there stating his peace as well.

Bella sighed as she went on to her room, after she helped her father and Dr. McCoy clean up the mess in the lab. She couldn’t find Peter anywhere. Part of her feared that she might’ve hurt him, or that he was avoiding her. She wasn’t so sure she’d blame him if that were the case. The young woman plopped down on her bed. Her cellphone buzzed and she reached over seeing as how it was Clint. A genuine beam came about her as she answered.


He chuckled, “Hey yourself, Lil Devil! How’s things going?”
“Eh, could be better could be worse.”
One of those days?”
“Try weeks.”
I hear ya.”

“How’s things going with you?”

Not too shabby. Look, I’m gonna pass through your area in a couple days. I thought maybe I could swing by and we’d get a bite to eat or something?”
“That’d be awesome!”

She cleared her throat realizing how childish she sounded, “I mean can’t wait…”

You sound happy…”

She nodded to herself and drew back a breath on this, “I am…”

Despite certain annoying obstacles… she thought to herself.

That’s really good Bella. I’m glad to hear that.”

“So…. have you heard from mom or Tony?”

Not recently, no. I take it your mother hasn’t called since…”

“Nope… Guess she finally got the freedom she wanted.”

Come on, Lil Devil… none of that now.”
“Just calling it the way I see it.”
How are things with you and Peter?” he questioned hoping to change the subject.

“I’m guessing they’re okay.”

Um okay… Did something happen?”

“I’ve been having these spells.”


“Yeah… long story…”
I hate to cut you short, Lil Devil… but I gotta go. This conversation isn’t over though. I want to pick up where we left off when I come down there.”


Love you, kiddo.”

She swallowed back the lump within the back of her throat. Bella hadn’t realized how much she truly missed him until now, “Love you too Clint.”

Bella put her phone back on the nightstand and buried her face into her pillow.


He nodded and reached out, caressing her cheek. She smiled until memory came to serve and she shot up.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

He shook his head, “No, Izzy.”
“Promise? I mean… you would tell me if I did, right?”
“I think it’s safe to say that side of you recognizes me as your mate…” he hinted about her animalistic behavior.

Peter chuckled on the way she blushed.

“Ugh, do I even want to know?”

“Actually, I was sorely disappointed. You didn’t dominate me once!”

“Peter…” she uttered behind laughter.

“What!? I thought you were supposed to mark your territory. Soooo disappointing!”

She hit him in the arm and rolled onto her back.

“That’s not what I had in mind when it comes to marking one’s territory.” he murmured, looking to the slight red spot on his arm.

“You want me to ravish you? Is that it?”


Bella died in laughter and Peter smiled, folding his arms about his chest.

“So we’re okay?”
He narrowed his eyes on this, “Why wouldn’t we be?”

“You were gone…”

“I went back to the cabin and cleaned things up a bit,” he hinted.

She winced on this. “I’m sorry, Peter.”

“You haven’t anything to be sorry about. I was going to end him if you hadn’t. There wasn’t a choice on the matter. The vampire had to die. The only real concern I had was you. You were gone Izzy. That’s what startled me the most. Not that you ended his life. But the fact that you hadn’t any control. You weren’t even aware… and I can’t even imagine how scared you must be. Just know I’m here for you, Izzy even if I’m not quite sure how to help at times. You’re not alone.”

“So I didn’t run you off?”

He had a good laugh at this, “Oh Izzy, you can’t run stalkers off!”

She broke into a giggle fit. “Stalker, huh?”

He grinned, “Oh yeah, big time… You never know when I’m lurking about.”

“Just admit it! There is definitely favoritism! If it were any of us, Xavier would have either suspended or expelled us!”

Gambit rolled his eyes, “You just can’t leave dis alone can you? Jealousy is such a waste of energy, no?”

“Jealous? Of some freak that can shoot webbing out from his wrists?”

“Freak?!” Kurt uttered with a curled lip.

Angel sighed, “You know what I mean.”
“Yeah, we do. Even you don’t like dat term. None of us do. We hear it all de time.”
“So, you’re all gaining up on me now?”

“You brought dis upon yourself! No one forced you in any direction but yourself.”

“I was here long before that idiot Spiderman! He doesn’t even belong here. He’s not even a mutant. SO what if he got bit by a spider! Big deal… He hasn’t been through half of what we have.”
Kitty and Rogue looked to Angel in disbelief.

“Oh, you know his life story?” Piotr questioned.

“Yeah de way I see it there is only one of us with a silver spoon jammed up deir derriere.”

Warren shot up and jerked Remy out of his seat by the collar of his shirt.

“Let me guess, we’re going to hear another story of you growing up in the bayou? We can barely understand a word you say you…”

He groaned out as Remy sent him a good jab to the gut. Warren returned the blow and a full out brawl sparked.

“STOP IT!” Rogue shouted as she and Kurt were doing their best to break it up.

Piotr quickly shoved them back and split them up as he stepped in-between them just as Bella and Peter had just entered the cafeteria and saw the fight taking place.

“That’s enough,” he made clear eyeing Warren down.

“Fighting each other is not the answer. We’re a team. It’s time you realized that. Not a one of us is better than the other. As for you, Warren; no one’s against you but yourself. You have no one to blame for your actions. And it’s also up to you to fix it. You are in control of you. We’re still your friends and we have your back. But when it comes to matters such as this, you stand alone. Now… do you want to be part of a team again or do you want to continue down this road of self-destruction?”

Kitty smiled and was eyeing Piotr a certain way. “He’s kind of hot when he’s taking charge.” she whispered into Rogue’s ear.

Rogue softly laughed whilst shaking her head.

“Team, huh?” Warren pointed to Peter.

“What would Spiderman know about that? The truth now! We both know you went out there for one thing and one thing only… you want to bask in the glory! You don’t want anyone else stealing the spotlight. Team? You don’t even know the meaning of it! I guarantee you won’t last as an X-Men. First time any of us steal your thunder, you’ll be done.”

Peter gasped back in mockery, “Well shit! You’re right! You know me so well!”

“Honestly Peter, you should be less selfish!” Bella pretended to scold.

“I know, right? I’m such an ass!”

“That’s right! So very selfish… Putting your life on the line in order to save people you’ve never met. Selfish in the sense that not once, did you ever ask for anything in return! Peter didn’t come from money. He could’ve used his newfound abilities to undergo a life of crime rather than the greater good.”

Angel rolled his eyes, “What makes you think he hasn’t? You honestly think he’s never been tempted?”
“Aren’t we all?”

Peter sat his tray of food down. “He’s right…” he admitted. “I’ve had my fair share of juggling right from wrong. And I’m no stranger to using my abilities in order to get what I want. ”
“That’s any of us…” Bella added thinking back to her underground fighting.

Remy nodded, “I of all understand. Dat’s for sure,” he murmured.

Rogue drew back a breath as well and raised a guilty hand, “Brotherhood and all… Long story…”

“Thievery…” Remy admitted.

“I stole a tank once… Joy ride.” Piotr stated.

Everyone looked upon him in disbelief.

“I brought it back!”

They broke into laughter.

“I’ve never once paid for tickets to a concert or the movies…” Kitty admitted, as to her gift.

“I stole a sucker once…”

Each of them looked to Peter and shook their heads.
“What? I have you know that kid was just looking at it with this blank expression. I did the parents a favor! It was going to waste.”
“You stole a sucker from a child? That’s your big crime?” Remy asked with annoyance.

“Peter, drink your milk…” Bella ordered.

He sighed, “Okay…”

Kurt raised a hand as well. “My dad’s the devil!”

“Dude, really?” Peter questioned.

“Well, he is red…” he remarked with a shrug.

“I beat up a cop once…” Jubilee threw out there as she smacked on her gum. This had everyone rearing back in shock.

Each of them looked upon Angel waiting for his answer. His focus was on Bella, however.

“And you…” he questioned in wonder.

“Try illegal, underground fight club.”


Everyone looked to Angel waiting for an answer. Only Bella noticed the look of pain that flashed within Angel’s eyes as he simply walked away.

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