Chapter 13 Bring It

Chapter 13

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Bella pulled her hair back into a ponytail as her father prepared the session for the danger room. “I see the door got repaired.”

Her father grinned on this but didn’t comment.

They walked to the entrance and he cocked an eyebrow her way, “Ya ready kid?”

She shrugged, but couldn’t disguise the apprehensive look on her face.

“Alright then, I’m guessing I don’t need to go over much. Ya already know what to expect.”

His daughter nodded, remembering what she’d witnessed with her last session. Before entering she tapped her father on the shoulder, “What if I hurt you?”

“Why would ya hurt me? Yer supposed to fight the holograms. Not yer old man? Was that why Scott bit the dust last time? Ya got confused?” he questioned playfully.

Bella softly laughed and shook her head. “He’s such a dick…” she murmured then, looked to Logan wide-eyed upon realizing what she had said.
“I couldn’t agree more, darlin.’ He needed a good ass kicking; might as well come from my own blood.”

The door came to a close and locked behind them. What she didn’t know that her father had set it up for Jean, Peter, and Rogue to keep watch at the console. He didn’t want to take any chances considering they both had issues with blacking out and going ‘berserker’ as he often put it. He hadn’t told her out of fear she’d get some sort of stage fright.

That familiar mechanism sound spread throughout the room. Bella looked to her father as he popped his claws out. She took notice of the painful look in his eyes as he did. For some reason, it never occurred to her that it caused him pain every time. She thought about the way it felt when her fangs made their appearance. It felt like a knife cutting through her gums and this odd nerve sensation spread through her entire mouth. She wondered if it were like that for Logan, as well; only she imagined it to be much more agonizing.

Bella whipped around as these odd spider like-things appeared, similar to that of the droids from last time. They were crawling along the walls and ceiling.

“This seems more like Peter’s area of expertise…”

Peter raised his brows as he’d heard her remark. Jean and Rogue laughed.

“Spiders… not a fan…”

Logan reared back on her words, “But yer mated to one!”

“Yeah, well he doesn’t have eight eyes and legs… that’d be a real deal breaker!”

Her father had a good laugh at this, considering he knew Peter was hearing all this. He could only imagine the look on the boy’s face.

“HEY!” Peter called out, as if offended.

“Good thing your mutation didn’t go haywire that day, huh?” Rogue teased.


She and Jean laughed once again.

Bella and Logan charged right for the droids. Both seemed to barely break a sweat as they went about that part of the session. In fact, if the others hadn’t known better they’d have thought Logan and Bella had been fighting side by side for years – the two were very in sync. As for Logan, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His daughter didn’t even blink, or so it seemed. She was just going for it. Any droid that got in her way, she was either snapping their necks or ripping wires out. At one point, she was being attacked by two of them and a third one came her way. Bella sent the other sailing right for her father.

“Heads up!” She called out.

He swiftly whipped around, after taking one of their heads. He drove his claws right through the oncoming droid and then kicked the thing off his claws.

“Damn…” Peter muttered under his breath.

He truly couldn’t get over how kick ass his girl was. Sure, he’d seen her in action before, but it hit him just the same. He was in awe.

“You can say that again.” Rogue added.

Bella looked over, seeing a slew of the spider-like drones heading right for her father. She quickly took another one out of existence and shot her hands out that direction. Everyone, including Logan – looked on in amazement as she used this shield Xavier had spoken of, only she was sending it out like she had that day with Scott. Bella had moved her father off to a corner of the room. Logan narrowed his eyes sensing the protective barrier she had over him. And while she used that part of her shield to protect her father, she used the other to send the spiders flying back. Hard enough that a few of them begun malfunctioning.

“HEY!” Logan shouted.

She drew back a painful breath as one of them snuck up behind her. It drove it’s fangs into her shoulder.

“…fuck…” she groaned out and reached back grabbing the droid, then hurled it across the room. Logan dived after it and finished it off.

Bella put her hand to the area and looked to the blood on her hand. She shook her head as it stung like hell.

“Ya alright?”

She nodded and went back to fighting. After another five minutes the images began to fade out. Logan made his way over and checked on her shoulder.

He grimaced, “Sorry darlin’, warning came a bit late on that one.”
“I’m okay.”

“I hope so. Things are only gonna get tougher from here…”

Bella’s looked to her father in wonder, “What the hell is that? A Transformer?”

“I don’t believe the danger room has Decepticons programmed into it.”
“Wait… you know what Transformers are?” she questioned, rather impressed.

Logan cocked a brow at this. “What?! Ya think I spent all these years under a rock?”

“Could’ve fooled me. Actually, I just didn’t expect you to be watching Saturday morning cartoons. Honestly, what do you watch? Poker games? Pay per view – The adult section?” she taunted while her father shook his head.

Peter reached to his gut in laughter.

“Watch yourself, darlin'”

“SHIT!” They chorused as a massive entity, made entirely of metal, began firing at them.

“They’re real bullets!” Bella hollered out as she picked one up.

“Well…. yeah, at least that’s the way they’re supposed to feel…” Logan uttered as if to say ‘duh’.


“They’re little ones…” Logan replied with a shrug as they took cover.

“Oh that just makes it that much better!” she hissed.

“Look, we gotta dismantle the bot and find its core. That’s where its energy source comes from. Once we…”

Bella gasped out as the entity had her father by the throat. She hadn’t realized it could extend it’s arm like that. Logan wrapped his hands around the thing’s wrists. The entity had him in a hold with one hand, while using the other to continue firing at Bella. Bella dodged the bullets, but was in attempts to help her father as she slowly inched her way over. Now, Logan knew he could easily breakout out of this, but he was curious to see how she’d handle a situation like this. So he took the pain as the entity squeezed the life out of him. And like that of Peter, his face gathered that bluish hue. He gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to break out of the it’s hold. He knew she needed to be pushed. This was about her spells more than it was a training session. Bella bounded off a nearby wall and leaped onto its back. She then drove her nails into the base of it’s neck.

And everyone, Logan included could see it in her eyes. The struggle was there… she acted as if she were shaking something off. Logan drew back a breath, knowing this was going to suck. The entity formed some sort of blade with its free hand and plunged it right into Logan’s stomach.

“Logan…” Jean whispered in disbelief, realizing what he was doing.

“Is he…?” Peter questioned, gathering it as well.
Jean nodded.


“And there she is…” Rogue uttered, looking to be in horror as Bella slipped into her berserker mode.


Logan nodded to himself and hurriedly clawed his way out. Once he was free he took off and gathered the fire extinguisher.

“Oh man! That’s gonna really piss her off!” Peter commented.

“You think?” Rogue stated with a grimace as Bella was slicing and dicing the entity.

Peter staggered back when he realized Bella was taking a beating in return. Logan darted over and doused his daughter with the extinguisher. Jean took it upon herself to stop the session.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Bella shouted afterward.

Her father reared back as she actually sliced through what was left of the can.

She shoved him back and gritted her teeth, “Did you seriously just spray me with that shit?”

“She certainly has her father’s colorful language.” Jean uttered with a look of disapproval.

“That’s not the only thing she’s inherited…” Peter added with a murmur.

“She doesn’t have his hairy butt, too… does she?” Rogue whispered into Peter’s ear, causing him to do a double take her direction.

“Wait, when did you see his butt?”

She blushed a bit and shrugged, putting on her best innocent front.

The door to the Danger Room opened and out stormed Bella.

“What the?” she started to say seeing as how Jean, Peter, and Rogue were at the window to the Danger Room.

“Just hear me out now Bella…” her father started to explain.

When he finished admitting to everything, Bella’s entire face flushed over.

“YOU DID WHAT?! I can’t believe you! You put yourself in danger – in order to test me? You have a fucking hole in your gut!”

“Ah… it’ll heal.” He uttered with a shrug.

She shook her head and threw her hands in the air.

“FUCK THIS!” Bella shouted with tears in her eyes and exited the room.

“Well that went pretty well.” Peter smarted.

“Yeah… yeah… She’ll get over it. But now we know what triggers these spells…. Its when she’s pushed past her brink, or if someone she cares about is in danger. So, now we know what we’re working with. Meaning, we gotta keep making her face these two situations over and over until she learns how to deal with it – without letting out Ms. Hyde.”

Peter drew back a breath on it. “I’m amazed the fire extinguisher snapped her out of it.” he admitted.

“Me too, actually…” Logan replied, looking to be in thought.

“That however means there’s some hope… If it had been you… It would have had only pushed you further.” Jean mentioned.

“Exactly, she ain’t nowhere near as bad as me. So, I truly feel we can work with this.”

“Go away!” Bella shouted when there was a knock on her door.

Jean drew back a breath thinking something along the lines of that there no doubt she’s Logan’s daughter.

“It’s me… Jean…”

Before long the door opened. Jean nodded upon her, “May I come in?”

Bella shrugged and stepped aside.

“Thank you.”

She shut the door and looked to Jean oddly as she was looking around the room.

“Cute setup you’ve got here.”

“Um thanks…”

“About your father…”

Bella peered over with her arms crossed about her chest.

“He means well. He’s just new to all this…being a father I mean.”

Jean nodded, leaning against the edge of Bella’s bed.

“While I admit he went about this rather foolishly… he had his reasons. The both of you are on new territory. And you’re going to be pushed to the edge often enough. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like – for either of you. The key, however? To try and understand one another and the choices either of you make, even if you don’t always agree. He’s going to do things that really have you boiling sometimes and vice versa. Everything is a learning process from here. Just keep in mind, you both missed out on the milestones.”
“So, this is a make the best of it and forgive your father for being an idiot speech?”

Jean softly laughed, “I suppose it is.”

Bella sighed.

Peter stayed behind once Jean and Rogue left the room. He looked to the console and monitors within the area. He couldn’t deny how intriguing the Danger Room was. What he wouldn’t give to have free reign to this whenever he pleased. He drew back a breath on this and ran his fingers along the console. He jumped when he heard Logan clearing his throat. He’d forgotten he was still in the room.

“Don’t even think about it. Ya know the rules…” Logan barked.

But he then caught Peter completely by surprise. He discreetly placed the keycard into Peter’s shirt pocket.

“There’s just no way, bub. All sessions are recorded, after all.”

He patted him on the back and exited the room.

Peter got this mischievous grin to him, “Are they now?” he murmured, knowing damn well he could always find a way around that.

“See you soon…” Peter uttered, eyeing the Danger Room like a child would a toy store.

“What’s this?”

“A banana cream milkshake.”

Bella raised her brows as her father plopped down beside her. “You got me a milkshake?”

He nodded.

“And how’d you know what I liked?”
“Ya ordered one at the zoo. I thought it was gonna be for the monkeys until ya took a swig of it.”

Bella tried not to smile as she popped the cherry into her mouth.

“Look kid… I’m sorry. I wasn’t meaning ta get ya all upset. I just needed to test these spells of yers. And the only way of going about it was by leaving ya in the dark about some things. I wasn’t trying to make you feel as though I betrayed ya, or something.”
“I know you weren’t… I just wasn’t expecting you to take things that far.”

He nodded, “Bella… I gotta do whatever it takes in order to help you. So yeah, we probably got some rough times ahead of us. But look at it like this… We’re closer than we were before at figuring this out. ”

She nodded in understanding whilst sipping at her milkshake. Bella smiled in realization…

“Aunt May…”

He raised his brows on this.

“She made this. Didn’t she?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I figured you could use some comfort food. That’s like a teenage girl thing, right?”

“She used to make these for Peter and I after school. So… you just looked around for Aunt May and asked her to make this?”

“Actually, I ran into her in the hallway. She asked what I was up to and I told her I was gonna get you this shake. She insisted that she make it, instead.”
Bella wasn’t even sure why, but this odd knot formed within the back of her throat. She suddenly felt very emotional. This was something her mother would’ve never done. She’d have told her to suck it up and give her twenty.


“So… am I in the clear or do I need to get ya another gorilla as well?”

Logan swallowed back as she started to laugh and quickly wiped a few tears that’d made their escape.

“Ya alright?”

“I can’t believe you got me a milkshake.”
Her father just didn’t get it. Why was she so upset? Yet, not… Was she having some sort of episode or meltdown? It was just a milkshake. What was the big deal? He was taken by surprise as she hopped down from the stone wall they were on. She kissed his cheek before heading inside. Logan just sat there lost as hell.


He chuckled as Bella rushed over, nearly knocking him down as she hugged the daylights out of him. He twirled her about and got a good look at her.

“Man, I swear you’ve grown like foot since I last saw you.”

Barton peered over glancing towards the school, “Is that a school or castle?”
“I believe those were my exact words, as well.”
“This place is nuts!”

“You can say that again! Would you like a tour?”


She took him by the hand and led him inside. The moment he stepped inside, he froze and raised his brows.

“Damn… I can’t believe this is a school.”

Bella snorted on the way he was acting. On the tour, they ran into Peter and Aunt May. They greeted him warmly and asked how things were going. The Parkers thought the world of Clint. And there were times before Logan came into the picture, Peter found himself pondering on how things would’ve been so much better if Bella had Clint as a father.

She saved her room for last. Clint died in laughter once he caught wind of the gorilla. He loved the story behind it even more. However, a part of him was a little envious and heartbroken. Not that he’d ever express that to Bella or anyone else. What he wouldn’t give to be in Logan’s position. But that was just never an option. Natasha made certain of that years ago, when she left his ass for Tony. That was something Clint would always feel a bit bitter about. And it had to do more with his connection with Bella than it had Natasha in general. Yeah he loved her… well, back then. Now all he saw when he looked upon her was resentment.

When they exited her room, Logan and Jean were passing by. Bella blushed a bit seeing how they were somewhat touchy feely with one another. Logan cleared his throat once he took notice of Barton and his daughter.

“Hey…” he said with a nod upon Clint and offering his hand.

Clint nodded in return and gave it a firm shake.

“How’s it going?”
“Eh… it’s going. Yourself?”
“Bout the same.”

“Clint Barton…” he stated introducing himself.

“Jean Grey.”

“A pleasure.” Barton said, thinking on how Logan was one lucky bastard.

This woman was a knock out.

“I thought I’d take Bella to lunch. Get caught up a bit…”
Logan nodded, “Sounds good. You two have fun.”

Bella smiled as they headed on out.

Over lunch they got caught up with one another’s lives. While he learned of the X-Men and what they truly stood for and etc… She learned about the Avengers – a team that Tony had put together.

He helped them from time to time, but only when truly needed. He and Tony never could see eye to eye. Not to mention how awkward it was to be fighting alongside his ex and her fiancé. And he wasn’t about to say anything to Bella on the matter. But he wasn’t sure if this marriage would follow through or not. The two seemed to bicker more and more. Both were drinking in order to deal with the other. There was nothing stable about their relationship.

Towards the end of their lunch, Clint cleared his throat and dapped at his mouth with a napkin.

“So, what’s this about having some sort of spells?”

She drew back a breath and sipped at her soda before answering. Bella did her best to enlighten him on these episodes…that it was no picnic. Clint sighed as he thought back to the hospital. How she damn near killed herself leaping out of that window.

“But they think they can help you?”

Bella nodded, looking somewhat hesitant.

“Do you believe they can?”

“I’m not sure what to believe anymore. All I know is that I don’t want to hurt anyone. And when these spells occur, I haven’t any control or real memory of what took place.”
He found himself wondering if Dr. Banner could somehow help, as well. He leaned back in thought.

“You know, Lil Devil… if you ever come to our neck of the woods to visit again, you should talk to Dr. Banner.”

“The Hulk guy?” she inquired remembering his talk about the Avengers.

Clint smiled on this. “That’d be him.”

“So you want someone that has his own rage issues to help with mine?”

He had a good laugh at this. “He’s learned to tame the beast – somewhat, anyhow.”

“No offense, but if there was something that could be done; Dr. McCoy would’ve already done it.”

“Doesn’t hurt to get another opinion, at least.”

“We’ll see… I don’t see myself heading that way anytime soon.”

“I can understand that.”

Clint sighed and looked to the time. He hated to cut it short, but he was in the middle of a mission as it was.
“I’ll get you a cab back. I gotta hit the road, Lil Devil. Sorry it wasn’t very long…”
She smiled, “Still it was fun and good to catch up.”

He nodded in agreement. Clint personally escorted her to a cab and paid for the anticipated fare, leaving the driver a little extra just in case.

“You take care. I’ll see you again soon.”

“You too.”
Barton waved her off and hurriedly got into his car and took off.

A few days later…

Peter reared back at the sound of someone clapping once he exited the Danger Room. He drew back a breath of relief.


She smiled and shook her finger as if to scold him. Her legs were kicked about the console. He glanced towards the room. “Wait, did you see that entire session?”

She shrugged. “You mean the parts where you were all … awesome, hell yeah, kick ass, I fucking rock this shit?! No… not at all.”

Peter’s face flushed over. “How’d you know I was in here?”
“I followed you,” she stated with a shrug.

“So how’d you get in here, anyhow? Did you break in using your ‘incredible Spidey strength’?”


She narrowed her eyes upon the jacket he was wearing. It was red and black with the Spiderman symbol on the chest and X-Men one at the elbows. Bella came to her feet and he raised his brows as she ran a hand along his chest.

“That’s not bad, actually. Is this what you were doing in Dr. McCoy’s lab? I’m surprised you went ahead and added these…” she admitted as she grazed her fingers along the X-Men symbol.

“So, are you stalking me or something?”
“You never know when I’m lurking about,” she mocked with a wink.

“Actually, I was curious as to where you were running off to every night. I suppose I have my answer. You’re a kind of a bad boy, aren’t you? Always breaking the rules?”

He smirked at this, “I can be…”

“And how’d you do that, by the way?”
“Do what?” he questioned as he backed her up against the wall.

“You were electrocuting those droids. How?”

He showed her the wrist part of the jacket. He’d made some sort of handmade wrist shooter. It was much like that of the natural webbing that shot out from his wrists, only this one had a bit more kick to it. Peter shot off just enough webbing to reveal the current going through it.

“Holy shit! That’s freaking awesome Peter!”

“I know, right?”

“How do you come up with these things?”

He shrugged and withdrew the webbing.

“Seriously, Peter! You’re like a freaking genius.”

“I know… but please, do go on…”

She giggled as he was kissing along her neck. He had one of her legs hiked up and was pressing himself against her.

“Izzy…” he whispered in longing.

He’d grown eager in trying sex without the condoms now; ever since they’d gotten her on birth control a couple days ago.

“Are you sure no one knows we’re in here?”

Peter cocked a brow towards the door. He quickly webbed the entire area of the door. Bella broke into a giggle fit. She let out a gasp of surprise as he webbed her wrists to the wall next. The webslinger readily stripped her down, tossing her tank top and shorts to the floor.

“I wanna try something, Izzy.” Peter softly declared with a hint of nerves behind his words.

She bit down on that lower lip of hers as Peter kneeled to the floor and brought her legs up. He had them draped over his arms. He tilted his head about as he got a good look at her pussy. The sight of her pink slit had him wanting to cream his pants. He spread her apart and swallowed back as her intoxicating scent hit him hardcore. It had his mouth watering. Bella gasped back a moan as he started bathing her with his tongue. He paid extra attention to her clit. She was sweet to the taste and had his cock begging for release. Peter reached down and unfastened his pants. Once he set himself free he stroked himself and gave a few more licks. He wiggled his brows once he came up.

“I’ve been dying to try that.”

She blushed.

“That was fucking hot Izzy!”

He didn’t give her much time to think as he soon had his cock buried within her. He pumped himself within her relentlessly. Peter looked down watching as he would disappear and reappear in that fitted slit of hers. He could see her juices glistening around his cock. The webslinger quickly covered her mouth with a slight chuckle as she cried out his name.
“Izzy…” he scolded in reminder of where they were.
Sorry…” she whispered with seductive grin.

“Oh fuck…” Peter knew he was gone and within a beat he shot his load.

Logan reared back with a ‘what the fuck’ look as Mr. Tony Stark stepped out of Xavier’s office. He was adjusting his tie and had a slight look of annoyance about him.

“I really wish you’d reconsider,” he called over his shoulder.

“I appreciate your offer Mr. Stark. But your money isn’t needed around here.” Logan heard Xavier call out.

“Could’ve fooled me…” Tony smarted off as he looked around the building.

Logan cocked a brow and nodded upon him, “Are ya lost?”

Tony smiled. “Nope! Actually, you’re just the man I wanted to see!”

“I bet…”

He went to put an arm around his shoulder, but Logan popped his claws out.

“Move it or lose it, bub.”
The billionaire raised his hands in the air, “Gotcha.”

“Good. Now what the hell do ya want?”

“Actually, I’ve come to make a proposition. One that would benefit us all… Bella, especially.”

“I seriously doubt that. Look, whatever yer selling, I ain’t buying. If ya came to see Bella, you had better be certain she even wants to see ya.”

Tony made this odd tsking sound with his tongue.

“Like I said… You’re the man I want to see. You and the kid…”
“And like I said… Ya had better make certain she wants ta see ya.”
“Wrong kid; I meant the boy.”

“Ya mean Parker?”
“Yes! That’d be the one! Think we can gather him and find a more private area to have a bit of a discussion?”

“I tell ya what…” Logan then took out one of his cigars and lit it.

He took a nice long drag and blew it right in Tony’s face. Tony wrinkled his nose and choked back.


“How about you find the boy and I go about my day? I got nothin’ ta say to ya and I doubt ya have anything I wanna hear. So, let’s just nip this in the bud.”
“Come on, now… I know we have at least the one thing in common.”

Tony flashed Logan a picture of Bella.

“Ya ain’t gonna come in here and use my daughter ta get yer way, pretty boy. Now ya had better get to steppin’ before I decide to make some billionaire kabobs.

“Is that like a thing with you? I mean, aren’t you Canadian?”

They whipped around as they heard Peter and Kurt entering the building. They were laughing about something and high fiving one another.

“Well, he sure fit in fast.”
“What are you doing here?” Peter practically hissed and immediately looked around for Bella.

“Such the warm welcome!” he said sarcastically. “Now all we need is a meeting place!”

Out of fear of Bella seeing him and possibly losing her shit, Peter herded them into the nearest available room and pulled the door to.

“Where’s the worse half?” Peter questioned, looking slightly ill.

“Back at the nest, or so I presume. I don’t keep tabs on her.”
“Maybe you should.” Peter countered while Logan chuckled.

“That’s no lie…”

Tony drew back a breath on this, “Are you two done?”

Peter and Logan shrugged.
Cute… you two got the whole bonding thing going. I get it…”

“Actually, no you don’t. Not even close. This is not a good time for one of your random visits. I mean honestly… why are you even here? What’s in it for you?”

Logan smirked on Parker’s words.

“For once, this isn’t about me… I have something that could solve all our problems. Bella’s, especially.”
“And what would you know about Izzy’s problems?”
“I’ve got this team… And it just so happens that it’s right up your alley. Bella’s as well…”
“Team?” Logan uttered.

Tony nodded, “Yep we’re known as the Avengers. You two would fit in just perfectly. And look at it like this… Bella can move back home. She can have everyone she loves in one place and we’ll all be just one big, happy, family.”
“Have you lost yer ever lovin’ mind?”

“I’ve been accused of such things. But, no… not this time.”

“And just how do ya think that would go?”
“Well, we haven’t a clue until we try it out.”
“Out of mere curiosity – who is on this ‘team’ of yours?”

“Eh, some gorgeous blond haired alien…quite the voluptuous body, by the way! His name is Thor! He’s like a god or something. Then there’s Falcon, War Machine, Black Widow and yours truly!”

“Who the hell are Falcon and War Machine?”
“I suppose you’ll never know… unless you join us!”

“Yer gluten for punishment. Ya know that? Ya really want to work alongside of yer woman’s ex, and couple of teenagers that can’t stand yer sorry ass? For good reasons, I might add. All in order to make ya look good to the rest of the public? That’s what this is, right? Yer stinkin’ image? Ya could give a rat’s ass about that girl.”
“Don’t… just watch yourself, Paul Bunyan. Don’t even presume that you know me.”

“Ah, I know yer kind. Ya have nothing better to do then ta wipe yer ass with hundred dollar bills. Cause that’s the only way yer shit’s ever gonna get clean! Yer so full of it!”

“Truly, I just love our little gatherings. Think we can stop with the pissing match now and get down to business?”

“That’s all it ever is with you? Isn’t it?” Peter snapped.

“Go home, Richie. We don’t want any part of yer little team!”
“Oh, he speaks for you now? Does he?”

Logan gritted his teeth on this while Peter pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I believe I made myself clear.”
“And there ya go! Ya have yer answer… Now why don’t ya get in yer limo and cry into the flask ya keep hidden in that blazer of yers?!”

Tony raised his brows on this, “Tell me Mr. Howlett, are you a betting man?”

“What’s that have to do with anything?”
“Just a simple question…”

Logan rolled his eyes.

“I bet I could take you…”

Logan had a good laugh at this. “Ah hell, I wasn’t aware the tin can liked to be kicked around.”

Tony shrugged, “If you win, I’ll leave in peace, but with a generous ‘anonymous donation’ to the academy. However, if I win…you’re my next Avenger; you and Bella will move back to Manhattan.”

Logan chuckled. “I tell ya what, if ya can beat me… I’ll become yer god damn maid, skirt and all!”

“Let me guess, European? All nat- ur- al? I could work with this…”

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    Tony wanted Peter, Logan, and Bella. So Bella should have been in this conversation. It shouldn’t have been oh hey if I beat you you and Bella move to where i’m at even though she has no idea this is going on! This is going to go well when Bella finds out as this is another choice being taken from her. Logan means well I know…but he can’t do this without informing Bella…especially since it chances her life and puts her in a place she does not want to be if he did by a chance lose.

    Sorry for the long comment ❤

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    Anywho, it was a great chapter! I loved Logan and Bella in the Danger Room and how well they worked together. I know he had to push her, even though she did get upset about it. Loved how he made it up to her with the milkshake. Daddy Wolverine makes me smile!
    Bella finding Peter in the Danger Room later on and the lemon that followed was…hot!! 😉
    Tony Stark….You know how much I love that man – But in this story I want Wolvie to kick his ass. Can’t wait till the next chapter to read that!!
    You do a good job at bringing out Tony’s dick side and it makes me want to slap him ,myself! I know! The blasphemy!! Just shows how awesome you are as a writer! Truly!
    I am loving Jean in this too, btw. I really liked the scene where she went to talk to Bella.
    You never cease to wow me with your writing and this chapter was no exception!! WTG Kittenbutt! 😉

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