Chapter 14 Knuckle Sandwiches

Chapter 14

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Please note that like usual most my stories are AU so is Angel’s history! This is all out of my wicked mind. Thanks everyone!

“So what’d you call this place again? The Danger Room? That’s cute…”
“Yeah well, we’ll see just how ‘cute’ you think it is when yer knocking dents out that tin suit of yours.”

Peter shook his head and drew back a breath. “Oh man, Izzy’s gonna be pissed.”

“What’s going on?” Gambit questioned as he, Kurt, and Piotr entered the room.

“Holy shit! Is dat de Iron Man?”

Peter nodded.

“Haha, what an idiot. Ole man Logan’s gonna hand him his ass!”

“I don’t know man… have you seen Iron Man in battle?” Bobby threw out there as he entered the room as well. “The guy is highly intelligent and that’s what he uses in battle. It’s like he has everything mapped out.”

Peter had a good laugh at the comment. “That’s after he’s made a new suit for each adversary. He’s not even prepared for this one. I’ve seen the guy in battle, as well. He usually loses the first round, then goes to that pathetic shop of his and starts tinkering away.”
“Clearly, you and I are seeing two different fights.” Bobby added.
“Do I hear a bet?” Gambit taunted with a smirk.

Peter and Bobby eyed one another.

“Sorry, this one’s on Logan. I’ve seen them both in battle. Mr. Stark doesn’t stand a chance.”
“Hmmm, it’s Iron Man all the way.” Bobby said with a shrug.

“Man, you’re betting against Logan?!” Gambit uttered in disbelief.

“I’m telling you the guy’s a genius! Whereas Logan might be all brawn and has the healing factor going for him, Mr. Stark has intellect and science on his side.”

“Science…” Peter murmured and glanced back towards the Danger Room. “That’ll only get you so far.” he said, looking to be in thought.

“Parker should know about that. Funny how you critique a man that’s right up your alley…”

The webslinger rolled his eyes as Warren patted him on the shoulder. He shrugged him off.

Peter handed him some old newspapers.

“Don’t you have some bedding to change?”

“How’d you know I had your girl over last night?”

“OH SHIT!” Gambit hollered out as Peter had Warren against the wall socking the living daylights out of him.

The students looked to one another confused on which fight to watch. They had Wolverine and Iron Man on one side, Spiderman and Angel on the other. The girls made their way in before long and were running back and forth, trying not to miss anything of the two fights taking place.

Danger Room:

Wolverine rolled his head about his shoulders as Iron Man checked his suit over.

“Are ya ready, or do ya need a mirror, bub?”

“Once you move to Manhattan… I’ll build you a walker.”

A single claw made its appearance.

Iron Man launched himself into the air and was first to attack with a repulsor beam. Wolverine quickly dodged it with a tuck and roll. He continued evading Iron Man’s beams.

“Yer bound to run out of fuel at some point. Ya wanna stay up there and take the pussy way out – be my guest. We can do this all night.”

Just as Iron Man started to lower himself down somewhat, Logan bounded off the wall and was heading right for him. He popped those claws of his out and they scraped along the backside of Iron Man’s suit as he went to avoid the hit. Tony grimaced, even inside that suit; he could actually hear the shredding of the metal. He pivoted around and sent a decent blast Wolverine’s way, knocking him back against the wall of the Danger Room.

The Wolverine rolled his eyes and came to his feet. He popped his neck and charged right for Iron Man, once again. Iron Man reacted with a punch to the gut. That only had Wolverine cocking an irritated brow.

“Really Bub?”

Iron Man reared back and sailed across the room, hitting him once again, only putting much more girth behind it. Wolverine shook his head and interlocked both hands and slammed them against Iron Man’s shoulder.

Console Room:

Spiderman spun Angel around the room with a string of web. Angel flapped his wings about in attempts to break free, but was jarred up against the wall.

Students were stepping out of their way and doing their best to observe both fights. Gambit was taking everyone’s bets on both fights. It seemed most had their bets on Logan and Spiderman, which was where his bets were laid at that moment… he even had the girls in on it.

The webslinger tilted his head in realization. He thought he smelled it earlier, but it was a clear indication as Spiderman stepped aside, escaping Angel’s spiraling attack. Angel slammed into the wall directly behind Spiderman breaking his wing in the process. He staggered about and was eyeing Spiderman down. Warren Worthington was drunk off his ass. Rich, handsome, holier-than-thou Warren Worthington was more plastered than an Irish priest after Sunday mass.

The winged mutant pointed upon the webslinger, “I won’t let you do it! You just waltzed on into this school like you own the place. Staking claims before anyone else had a chance! You’re just another one of ‘them’.”

Peter tilted his head in confusion.

“Through ‘her’ I could’ve had my one chance at salvation. But you just couldn’t help yourself! You had to go and take that away from me! I was the one with the girl once, you know. She was just like her!”

“She was never yours to begin with!” Peter then swallowed back as tears formed in Angel’s eyes. He dived right for Peter and socked him in the face. Peter did his best to try and shove him back, thinking it wouldn’t be fair fight if Angel was drunk.

“You need to go and sleep it off…” Peter whispered as the mutant came for him once again.

Peter shoved him back for a second time.

“Everything was taken away from me! I wasn’t even given the chance. They decided for me! They knew what was best for me. And you’re no different. What makes you so special, Parker? What makes you think you deserve someone like ‘HER’?! Look at you! You’re pathetic! And tell me what happens when you knock her ass up? You haven’t a car, a job, and your parents are dead! You gonna send her off to the clinic? With what money? I have the means to take care of her! You haven’t any business…”

On this Peter gritted his teeth and webbed Angel’s mouth shut and fired off another round around his waist, yanking him on over. He then grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“You watch your fucking mouth! How I take care of my girl is none of your concern. I would never do that to Izzy!”

Warren pried the webbing off his mouth.

“Oh really? You’re just so sure… that it will never happen to you. Right? Because you’re so much better than me. Well fuck you!”

Peter groaned out as Angel struck him in the balls. Peter dropped to his knees, then Angel sent him one hell of an uppercut. The students were looking on in shock now. Not just at the fight, but what Angel was revealing in his drunken state. The webslinger groaned out, rolled over and crawled back to his feet.

“She chose me!” Peter roared.

He sent off a web and used it to swing across and flung his legs out, sending Angel soaring back. He came at him with an elbow to the sternum. It became a full on rummage, now while the two took swipes at one another and rolled about the ground, each trying to gain the upper hand.

“I could’ve been a great father, you know! I would’ve taken care of them both!” Angel said in literal sobs as he punched away.

Peter dodged the attempts and was just doing his best to hold him down now.

“I made plans for just the three of us. I would’ve married her and raised that child, but my father went behind my back with plans of his own. He blackmailed my girl and paid for the abortion. The bastard took her himself! I hadn’t any idea what was taking place until I came home. I had all these messages from when she tried to get ahold of me. The very last ending with how my father took care of everything. She hated me and never wanted to see me or my family again. I LOST EVERYTHING! But no, I was meant for higher things. I’m a fucking Worthington! We don’t knock girls up before graduating high school! We go to college, get married in our early thirties…have children in our late thirties. Later, we get divorced and find a trophy wife, forgetting the family you left behind. After taking your son’s away, as well… And you just had to go and ruin everything! Why are you even here?!”

Peter swallowed back on that. “I’m here to show my support to Izzy.”

“Support…” Warren scoffed.

“Support isn’t always about financial means. It’s about being there. It’s not so much what you say; it’s what you do.”

Peter came to his feet and offered Warren a hand, who rolled his eyes and came to his own feet.

“Go to hell Parker…” Angel murmured as he exited the console room.

Everyone wrinkled their noses, hearing him upchuck outside the door.

Danger Room:

Wolverine growled out as he was sent flying back by one of Iron Man’s repulsor beams. He curled that lip of his and looked down seeing the damage done to his chest.

Iron Man tilted his head as the man was healing right before his very eyes. “Interesting…”
“Isn’t it?” Wolverine fired back sarcastically.

Iron Man shrugged and charged up another round. Wolverine leaped, just in time to miss the intended hit.

“I really think you and Bella will love it back in Manhattan. I can set you up in a really nice studio apartment… get Bella one of those sports cars for her birthday that’s coming up…”

Wolverine’s teeth ground together at that. He continually dodged Iron Man’s beams.

“I’ll give you one thing, you’re certainly faster than I pegged you for. Nevertheless…”

Wolverine grunted out as Iron Man charged right for him and sent him several jabs to the gut and face. Wolverine then punched him in return, chipping away at parts of Tony’s helmet in the process. He took his claws and drove them right into the center of his suit. Tony’s eyes widened as he looked down to see Wolverine dismantling the suit with his claws, piece by piece at such a rapid pace that Tony’s eyes could barely keep up.

“You ain’t shit without that tin of yers, are ya? I’d skin ya like a deer and gut ya like a fish.”

Iron Man rocketed back in a reverse maneuver, causing Wolverine to chuckle. He laughed even harder as Iron Man had some sort of laser device going and attempted to laser his claws off.

“And I thought ya were smart…”

Iron Man reared back as Wolverine dived for him, once again. He drove his claws right through his chest. Or so Tony thought…

Logan retracted his claws just in time and all Tony took was one hell of a punch. He gasped back and came to his knees. Tony tossed his cookies right there as he reached to his gut.

Wolverine nodded and pivoted around with a nice round house. The kick itself split that helmet of his in half.

“Yer lucky it wasn’t your god damned skull, ya knucklehead! Now, ya get the hell out of dodge or I won’t be retracting my claws next time. I’ll send you back to Natalia in a pine box.”

“Who are you and why are you following me?” Bella whispered as she picked a book up from a nearby shelf.

After breaking into the console room earlier to see not only Peter but her father in fights, she high tailed it out of there. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. The only place of tranquility that came to mind was the library. Bella was determined to keep ‘it’ at bay.

“I believe I asked you a question! I highly doubt Memoirs of a Geisha is why you’re here.”

The man smirked on this and put the book away. Still, he said nothing as Bella grabbed a book and took a seat. She rolled her eyes as he welcomed himself to her table.

“Are you a ped or something?”

“Do you want me to be?”

Her lip curled in disgust and she snapped her head towards the strange man with a ‘go to hell’ look. The librarian made a shushing sound.

“I should be going…”

He shook his head as she came to her feet. He wrapped a hand around her wrist pulling her back down.

“Not so fast… Stay… Let’s get to know one another.”

“I’ve a feeling I don’t particularly care to.”

“I’m afraid I’m not giving you much of a choice. So, have a seat, my dear and get comfy…”

Bella drew back a breath while the man reached over, brushing her hair away from her face so he could get a better look at her.

“Well I’ll be damned. It’s uncanny… Only…”

He chuckled when she slapped his hand away.

“Daddy’s looks but…’ he cupped her mouth forcing it upon. He grinned once he took notice of the fangs.

She knocked his hand aside, once again.

“Uncle’s bite…”

Bella quickly shot up, eyeing him down. The man had her father’s chops and fangs just like hers. Her eyes traveled to his hands and she noticed how, he too had claws much like hers. Her heart skipped a beat. “Victor…” she hissed, remembering her father mentioning him. But, she hadn’t a clue about the man, other than that.

“You two need to leave now…” The librarian hissed.

He nodded and then turned his gaze back to the young mutant, “And you are?”

“You’re doing the stalking! You tell me…”

“I want a name…”

The librarian gestured for them to keep it down. Bella pointed upon Victor, “He started it…”

Victor nodded at the librarian and chuckled. Only when he turned back around, Bella had hauled ass out of there. He drew back a breath of irritation. He then glanced back towards the librarian, “You’re really ticking me off, you know…”

The woman took a couple timid steps back.

At this, he came to his feet and eyed the librarian down. He purposely knocked an entire bookshelf down on the way out. “Oops…” he called out as he exited the building.


Victor smiled like a cat that ate the canary as Bella suddenly had him pinned up against a building in a nearby alley. He raised his hands in the air.

“Quit following me, asshole!”

He shook his head and within seconds had the pin reversed. His hand was wrapped around her throat as he lifted her up off the ground. He took a single claw and ran it along the side of her face. She struggled in his hold, fighting to break free.

“Let’s try this again… Name?”

She gritted her teeth and wouldn’t answer.

His hold got even tighter and she couldn’t breathe.



He nodded, then dropped his hold. She came to her knees and crawled amongst the ground, catching her breath. He sighed and bent down, offering a hand.


He tilted his hand as her claws made their appearance and they were scrapping against the asphalt.

“Who’s your mother?” he asked, genuinely curious.

Bella was damn near panting as she fought ‘it’. She wouldn’t answer as she eyed him down. He drew back a breath of impatience, and took his boot to her claws. She cried out as he managed to break them.

“Like father, like daughter. Why are you fighting it? Give into it! You’re an animal! A beast! It’s in your nature!”

“I have to!”

“Why?” he said with a shrug. “Are you ashamed of who you are? Of what you can do? You know… I heard Jimmy had a daughter. I came here in hopes that maybe she was a bit wiser, stronger, had more balls than her old man. But you’re just as weak and pathetic as he is.”

He turned and started to walk away.

A growl so chilling sounded out into the area, actually causing Victor Creed’s hair to stand on end. Before he even had the chance to turn and see where it came from, he was knocked to the ground. He choked back as his niece straddled him and had punctured her claws into his throat.

“Don’t you talk about my father! EVER!”

She rolled away from him and took off once again. Victor rolled over and started laughing so hard, he had tears streaming down his face.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about! Oh Jimmy… I dare say you have your hands full. Perhaps you need some weight lifted off those shoulders of yours…”

Tony got into the limo feeling somewhat disgruntled. He adjusted his tie and motioned for his driver, Happy to head on. He raised the privacy windows and reached for his hidden bottle of bourbon, only to find it wasn’t there.

“So how’d it go?”

He jumped as the voice, realizing it came from the back of the limo. He looked over to see Bella crawling over one of the seats. His bottle of bourbon was in her hand and she was three sheets to the wind. She welcomed herself to the seat across from him.

“How’d you get in here?”

She shrugged, taking another swig of his bourbon. He couldn’t help but to notice how that had been a full bottle and it was nearly gone. He wondered how she was even able to function… she should’ve had of alcohol poisoning.

“Looks like you got your ass kicked.” she said behind laughter. Bella then arched an eyebrow, “So why are you here, Tony?”

He drew back a breath and reached for the bourbon. She jerked it back and shook her head, “This is mine… get your own.”
“Jesus…” he murmured as she finished it off and tossed the empty bottle across the limo.

Happy slammed on the brakes as he heard the shattering of glass. He lowered the privacy window while Tony made a ‘hold up’ motion with his hands. The driver nodded.

“So, you came to pick a fight with my father? Is that what this is? And where the fuck is mom? Does she even know you’re here?”

“Now, just hear me out…”

“No man, you hear me out…” she was slurring her words and her eyes were heavy.

“I don’t want you here. Don’t you get it? I don’t want anything to do with you or mom, ever again. You two go and get married, punch out a couple of kids and mess up their lives. But you stay the fuck out of mine! You’re dead to me! BOTH OF YOU!”
“You’re killing her you know that?”

“Me? I’m killing her?! She hasn’t so much as called or written since I been here! And I damn sure doubt she’ll ever come see my ass. Clint’s not even blood, yet he came to see me!”
“Well I’m here.”

“And you were just leaving… with no plans of letting me know you were even here. Let me guess… another hidden agenda that’s somehow beneficial to Tony Stark? That’s what brings you here today. It’s not like you went out your way to see how I was or to ask me to lunch like Clint. No, you’re just another…”

He shot up when Bella projectile vomited all over his new suit and precious limo. But for once, he came to her aid without batting an eye on it. She dropped to all fours as she continued to vomit and he just merely held her hair back. Another bottle came rolling out of that jacket of hers. His eyes widened in realization. Bella hadn’t just downed an entire bottle of bourbon, but she had an empty bottle of vodka on her as well.

“Shit…” he muttered under his breath and hurriedly scooped her up.

“I got you pumpkin… just hold on…”

Just as Tony was reaching for the door, it opened. Jean nodded open him and held her arms out for Bella.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes…”

“Don’t even try it. Just hand her over and don’t show your face here again. Trust me, you don’t want me on your bad side.”

“What is it with you red heads and that temper?”

“You want to stick around and find out?”

He drew back a breath and handed Bella over. Jean gave a simple nod and then headed inside.

“Why does she hate me?”

Jean thickly swallowed thickly as she sat Bella down at one of the chairs in the visitors’ area.

She brushed her hair back and wiped her tears away.

“She won’t even pick up the phone to call me!”

Logan reared back as he was passing by and came to a stop. He curiously peeked in.

“I wish I had an answer for you… But when it comes to hating you; I don’t believe your mother truly does.”

“Trust me. she does!”

Jean shook her head in disagreement.

“Every tournament I ever had, every trophy I earned… I just kept thinking…this is the one, this is it. After all, I fought for her!”

The red head tilted her head on this. “For her?”

Bella nodded.

“I never did it for me. I hated those stupid tournaments. They were exhausting… and as time progressed, the more tedious and exhausting it became. It wasn’t even a challenge by the time my middle school years hit. I could take them all out and it felt so unfair; like I was cheating! It was so easy… But, I kept doing it, just hoping she’d be there… somewhere in the crowd with a smile and cheering me on like a normal mom. Then again, I wasn’t exactly normal either… but that didn’t stop me from desiring what the other students had. I envied the ones I won against. Their mother and fathers were there! I’d take the bus back home or Aunt May would be there when she could and take me home.”
“I bet she cheered you on…” Jean said with a wink.

Bella nodded, “Yes… she did and Uncle Ben… Peter, too. He loved it…” Bella said with a hint of a smile.

“Then there you go…”

Bella nodded again, but lowered her head.

“Family isn’t always blood Bella. That’s the one thing you’ll soon learn around here. Here, we are family.”
“Can I ask you something and you be perfectly honest?”


“You don’t think I’m a burden do you?”

Jean narrowed her eyes in wonder.

“You know… with Logan?”

Logan closed his eyes on this and shook his head in disbelief.

“Why would you think that?”

“It’s just that mom never told him about me. He had this life going and all the sudden I’m thrown into it. What if he resents me one day?”

“Bella, I know your father more than anyone. Trust me when I say your father couldn’t be happier to have you in his life. His only regret is missing out on your youth. That man doesn’t, nor will he ever resent you. When it comes to your mother… she hasn’t a clue. She truly doesn’t… but that is her loss and not your own. You owe it to yourself to move on. Be happy Bella… you’ve got a wonderful father who would do anything for you, a boyfriend that loves you unconditionally and you’ve got some friends that will become family to you, soon enough. Accept that and let go of your past. Believe me, once you do; you’re going to feel so much better! I guarantee these black outs of yours will become easier to deal with, as well. Trust me… your father went through the same ordeal. But, once he joined us X-Men, it was like night and day with him… he was a much different person when he first walked through those doors.”

“Yeah… well, he’s still gonna get an earful…”

Jean and Logan reared back on her words.

“Why’s that…?”
“He seems to forget I have his hearing. I know about the stupid bet he made with Tony. Why would he do that? I mean he didn’t even ask me what I thought.”
“Maybe because he knew he’d win…”
“But what if he didn’t? Then I’d be stuck in Manhattan and he’d become a crossdresser, working for Stark.”

Jean softly laughed on this.

“I understand your feelings about that. But, you need to trust your father. He just knows certain things. There’s not a chance he’d let you go back to Manhattan, nor would he ever join Mr. Stark’s team. He’s gonna make mistakes. Just as you are…”
“I’m just tired of everyone making decisions for me. That’s all. It’s like everyone thinks I don’t have a mind of my own or something. My mother’s done that all my life.”

“Then that’s something you and your father need to discuss…”

Jean turned toward the area Logan was eavesdropping in, “Better late than never… You can come out now…”

Bella’s jaw dropped as she heard the clearing of a throat and her father entered the room.

“How long have you been there?”

Logan cut Jean an accusing glance. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Later you two…”

Her father wrinkled his nose in disgust once he came closer.

“Jesus! Ya smell like a toilet at a bar…”
“As opposed to you? Somebody that smells like a wet dog? You know…the one that peed behind the bar.”

He cocked a brow at that.

“So truth now. How much did you hear?”

“I heard enough…”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose in response.

“But Jeannie’s right…” he declared and sat across from Bella. He then folded his arms about his chest.

“Looks like you had a rough night…”
“You could say that…”

“So where’d ya run off to?”

“Maybe you should be asking about who I ran into…”

He pulled a certain face, “Whattaya mean?”

“Let’s just say I meet Aunt Vickie…”
He reared back in wonder, “Ya ain’t got no aunt…”

“Could’ve fooled me… Guess it was the claws and fangs that had me fooled.”

Logan tilted his head on this.

“When were you going to tell me about your brother?”

His eyes went wild and he shot up. “Ya saw Victor?!”

She nodded. Her father was shaking all over now as he paced the area. “Did he hurt ya?”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.”
His eyes shut on this briefly. “What’d he say to ya?”

“Something about getting word that you had a daughter. He let it be known that he was here to see if the rumors were true.”

Logan got a better look at her and shook his head. “He did hurt ya, didn’t he?”

“I’m fine… really. He was testing me more than anything. I saw it for what it was after the confrontation.”
Bella raised her brows as she heard her father growling under his breath and his claws made an appearance.

“Ya stay away from Victor darlin’. I mean it! That man is never up to any good. If he’s here…” he trailed off, looking plum ill.

“Look kid, ya just stay put…” her father uttered and took off.

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    I loved Tony calling Bella ‘pumpkin’! Made me grin! It was a nice scene in the limo and I liked that it showed Tony isn’t a total dick.
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