Chapter 15 Happy Birthday Izzy

Chapter 15

I do not own Marvel or Twilight.

September 13th – (second week of school)

“Man, it’s dark in here…”
“Eh… just gotta turn the light on darlin’.”

“Which side?”

“Left, I think.” Logan murmured as she reached over and felt for the light.

Bella flipped on the switch.


She gasped back and put a hand to her heart. Bella looked around the cafeteria to see balloons, gifts, lots of food, drinks, and a cake. Her friends, Aunt May, and all the professors were there. She staggered back, then quickly exited the room. Peter sighed, knowing her reasoning already. He and Aunt May exchanged looks. Logan reared back in wonder.

“I got this…” Peter said as he rushed on after her.

When he stepped out he saw her leaning against the wall, but bent over as she was having one hell of an anxiety attack.

“Izzy…” he softly called out.

He made his way over and gradually raised her back up.

“Easy… just nice slow breaths.” He showed her an example as he breathed along with her.

“There we go… nice and slow…” he repeated.

“I can’t go in there…”
“I just can’t.”

Peter sighed and put his forehead to hers, “Izzy… you really need this.”
“I appreciate what you and Aunt May have done. Really I do, but it’s…”
“This was your father’s idea…”

He nodded with a hint of a smile and reached over wiping the tears off her cheeks. The only part we played was Aunt May making the cake. And I helped decorate… Logan set everything else up. The catering – everything.

He offered his hand, “Come on Izzy… you deserve this. So, no more fighting it. I’m here every step of the way, but you gotta be the one that takes that plunge. You gotta leave Manhattan behind. Move past all that…”

“How do I even show my face in there now? They’re going to think I’m nuts!”

Peter softly laughed. “You are nuts…”

He chuckled once again as she playfully punched him in the chest. He then pulled her in for a hug. “You just let me worry about that part.” he whispered in her ear.

She lifted her head off his chest and gazed upon him oddly. Peter took her by the hand and headed back inside. He cut Logan a severe look.

“I told you she’d be expecting Spiderman! But noooo… you just wouldn’t listen! Now I have to call and see if he can show up on last minute’s notice. Way to go pops!”

Logan reared back with a, what in the living fuck look. But everyone else started to laugh, which was what Peter was going for. He wanted the attention off Izzy and the fact she’d ran off.

Bella giggled once she got a better look at the cake. It was a Spiderman birthday cake. She went to tease Peter about it, but he was gone. She narrowed her eyes in wonder.
“I’m so freaking jealous! I never had a Spiderman birthday party!” Kitty said as she approached Bella.

Bella handed her one of the webbing cupcakes beside the Spiderman cake.


She snorted as Kitty took a big bite of it and got red icing on her nose. Bella shook her head with a grin as she noticed even the balloons were Spiderman colored and even some of the gift wrap and bags were, too.

“Did ya not want the party darlin’?”

She turned to see her father leaning against the wall cigar in hand.

“I love it… thank you.”

He was taken back when she actually hugged him. Logan hugged her in return.

“So who’s the birthday girl?!”

Kurt died in laughter and pointed to Bella. Her entire face flushed over as Spiderman nodded upon her.

“That’s the birthday girl? Whoa momma… I can work with this…”

He fired off his web, wrapping it around her waist and pulled her towards him.

“So, balloon animals or do you wanna find a corner to make out in?”

“Watch yourself, bub…”

Spiderman tilted his head upon Logan.

“Balloon animals it is!”

They ate, then sung Happy Birthday afterward. Once Bella had blown her candles out, Aunt May cut the cake.

“Ouch…” Spiderman murmured once she got to the area of the crotch.

Bella laughed.

“She wants that piece!” Spiderman announced and reached for it.

His aunt cut him a shameful look.


“Honestly Peter… I taught you better!”

“Who’s Peter?”

Everyone laughed once again while his Aunt shook her head, smiling.

“Seriously!? Who’s Peter?”

“Just a geek that has the hots for me…”
“Oh, does he now? Sounds like a cool guy!”
She nodded as she bit into her piece of cake.

“Big time.”


Everyone turned to see Gambit leaping over the table and laughing as he ran away from Rogue.

She had a face covered in blue icing. Kurt leaped down from the ceiling just and time and shoved a red icing cupcake in Remy’s face.

“Mon Dieu!”

Laughter spread about the area once again.

Nightcrawler vanished, but quickly appeared beside Rogue. He wrapped an arm around her.

“Hey sis, we finally match.”

After the cake, Bella opened her presents. The girls pitched in and got Bella a gift basket filled with scrap-booking goodies. Kurt got Bella a journal, Piotr got her a gift card to a local bookstore, and Gambit had gotten Bella and Peter tickets to a concert that was coming up. The professors’ gift was the revealing of her new training suit for the Danger Room when it came time. The very last gift was from Logan. She opened the card first and her heart literally skipped a beat.

Hope to make up for all the time that was lost,


Short, simple, and to the point, but what had touched her heart the most was how he’d signed it Dad instead of Logan. Spiderman patted her on the shoulder, taking notice as well. She swallowed back and opened the gift that came with the card.

She smiled seeing as how it was a necklace with a red fox on it.

“Oh, how pretty!” Rogue said and eagerly hopped up to help her get put it on.

Bella cleared her throat afterward.

Logan nodded in return.

After the party…

“What are you doing Peter?”

Bella questioned as Spiderman sat her down in one of the chairs.

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

He was doing in his best impression of Marilyn Monroe.

Happy Birthday, Izzy…

Happy Birthday to you.

Thanks, Izzy

For all the things you’ve done,

The battles you’ve won.

The way you deal with Peter Parker,

And our problems by the ton.

I thank you, so much.

Happy Birthday!

She broke into a giggle fit.

“Honestly, Peter… you’re such a dork!”

He nodded and took his mask off. She only assumed her father’s gift was last… Peter cleared his throat.

“Please don’t hate me…” he murmured looking nervous as he took something out from his suit.

“It’s not what you’re thinking, okay…”

Her eyes widened as he had a ring with two diamond hearts on it.

“Peter…” he shook his head and put a finger to her lips.

“It’s not an engagement ring. When that time comes, I’ll have something even better. This is merely a promise.”

She looked to see both of their names engraved onto the ring.

“I felt the need to do this… especially since you imprinted…”

She blushed on this.

“Which is still like totally awesome!”

Bella giggled, “Peter…”

He placed the ring on her finger.

“Just let the pops know that I didn’t actually propose. I don’t wanna spend the rest of the year in ICU.”

“I’ll propose in like two or three years. Sound good?”


She looked to the ring once again and smiled, “Thank you. It’s gorgeous. I’ll wear it, always.”

“I love you Izzy.”
“I love you too, Peter.”

“So can Spiderman take you on a more private outing?”

“I’d love that…”

“It’s beautiful up here.” Bella stated as they were lying on a bed made of webbing between two buildings.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Spiderman witted as he took his mask off.

“Is someone blushing?” he said behind a chuckle and motioned her over.

“No…” she lied as she ran a hand along his chest.


“Do you miss it?”

“Being back home? You know… being the ‘friendly neighborhood Spiderman’.”
He shrugged. “Sometimes…” he admitted. “But this thing with the academy and the X-Men…. Could become something much more meaningful…”

“You sure about this?”

“Izzy when it comes to you, I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life. Even when I first became Spiderman, I had some doubts. But with you… there’s no second guessing myself. I will always be Spiderman, no matter the suit or where I am. As long as I can help others when in need… I’m perfectly fine, no matter the city we’re in. Besides, from what I’ve gathered – Manhattan is just fine. They got the Avengers now.”

Bella wrinkled her nose at the mention of the team Tony put together, causing him to laugh.

“Eh, don’t be so quick to judge them all based on Mr. Stark alone.”
“Clint mentioned something about that.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah… He mentioned something about being offered a spot… He also said it felt too awkward with my mother on the team.”
“I can understand that.”

“So your mother’s an Avenger and your father’s an X-Men. Kinda cool.”
“At least one of them is…”

He kissed the top of her head and as he looked to the stars, his Uncle Ben came to mind.

“He’d be proud of you…” she stated, as if reading his thoughts.

“I hope so…”
Bella smiled. “I know so…”

“Ready for another week of school?”


“Me either…” he said behind a grin.

“We should totally play hooky.”

The next day…

“What in the…” Logan muttered under his breath the next day during the students training sessions.

Bella was talking to the girls, but of the shiny piece of metal on her left hand caught his eye.

He shook his head and gritted his teeth. Without another thought, he stomped on over and grabbed Peter by the scruff of his shirt.

“Are ya out of yer ever lovin’ mind?”

Peter’s eyes widened and the room got eerily quiet.

“Oh shit…” Bella murmured and rushed over.

“Ya done proposed to my daughter! Was the imprint not enough, you little shit.”
“Dad!” Bella scolded but Logan narrowed his eyes and slowly craned his head around, just as she had her hands wrapped around his arm.


The entire room, including Peter and Logan, was focused on what flew out of Bella’s mouth. And she hadn’t even noticed she’d said it.

Logan immediately dropped his hold, “What did ya say?”

“I said, stop it!”

“Nah… before that?!”

Her eyes widened while Peter covered his mouth to keep from laughing.

“I believe she called you dad…” Jean said, patting him on the shoulder as she was passing through the building. Bella and Logan just stood there with the same stunned expression.

“That’s about what I thought…” he murmured.

“Guess the card did its trick.”

Her jaw dropped as her father cut her a wink, but he grabbed Peter once again.

“Is that what I think it is?” Logan questioned and pointed to the ring on Bella’s finger.

Bella gasped back in realization. She’d forgotten to even mention the ring to her father.

“It’s not what you think!” she and Peter chorused.

Rogue punched Remy in the arm because he was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face.

“Oh, Mon Cheri! This is great stuff!”

“It’s just a promise ring.”
“You mean a god damn engagement ring!”
“No! REALLY! IT’S SO NOT!” Peter defended, his voice cracking out of nervousness.

“It had better not be!” Logan declared and dropped his hold.

Peter fixed the collar of his shirt, whilst Logan looked to the other students.

“Whattaya lookin’ at! Get to running! We haven’t all damn day!”

Bella giggled as she could feel Peter’s hard on pressing up against her.

“Are you even watching the movie?”

He nodded and kissed along her shoulder as he caressed her arm.

“Sure you are…”
“Hey! You’re the one that decided a T-shirt and panties were in good taste for a movie night.”

“I assumed you would have more self-control.”
He rolled her onto her back. “Self-control? This coming from the same girl that has been known to throw even Spiderman off his game?”

“What’s the name of the movie we’re watching?”

He looked up real quick, trying to sneak a peek at the screen. Bella then hastily covered his eyes.

“Three Musketeers?”

“Just because it has Chris O Donnell in it, doesn’t mean it’s the Three Musketeers.”

“But it’s the only good thing he’s ever done…”


“Wait! Is that the same loser that played Robin?”
“Nevermind… look can we have sex now?”

“You really wanna have sex?”
He nodded eagerly.

“Like right now?”

“Yes please!”


Bella reached over and unbuttoned his pants, then unzipped them and teasingly rubbed her hand against his briefs. He arched a brow as she brought his dick out and gave it a lick. His eyes widened as she kept licking along his shaft and along the head. The moment she took her mouth to it he threw his head back and slightly bucked his hips off the bed.

“Izzy…” he softly moaned, keeping in mind where they were.

He looked down and the sight of her lips around his cock drove him over the edge.

“…Damn…” Peter murmured as he was practically fucking her mouth.

He was trying not to, but couldn’t help it. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he noticed how it was egging her on even more.

“Izzy… You might wanna stop before I make a mess.”

She stopped but lifted her eyes upon him.

“Do you want to?”

She giggled as his dick bobbed at her question.

“You mean like in your mouth?”

Bella nodded.

“That wouldn’t gross you out?”

“It’s you Peter…” she said with a shrug.

“Then by all means…” she grinned as he wiggled his brows.

The mere thought of cumming in her mouth had his dick dripping with precum. She licked it clean and Peter’s eyes rolled back as she went back down on him. He reached over and bit into her pillow to stifle his moans as he spilled his seed.

“Fuck…” he whispered as she licked her lips afterward.

“I’ll take one of those like every day! Make that like two or three times a day!”

Bella died in laughter.

They both jumped however as someone knocked on the door. Peter hurriedly tucked himself away and fixed his pants.
“Just a minute…” Bella called out as she was stepping into her pants.

The door opened anyhow and Bella froze.


Her mother nodded, but was eyeing Peter down something fierce.

“What are you doing in here?”

Bella half laughed as she fastened her pants and zipped them up.

“What kind of school lets a boy bunk with a girl at your age?!” Out!”

Bella shook her head and put up a hand, stopping Peter.

“He’s not going anywhere.”
“I’m still your mother and I say he hasn’t any business being in here. None whatsoever.”

“That’s no longer your decision.”
“Excuse me?”

Bella drew back a breath. “Dad’s my legal guardian now. Or he will be…”

Natasha reared back at this. “Dad?” she scoffed bitterly. “That man has been in your life for what? A little over a couple months or so? If you knew the truth behind that man, you’d want nothing to do with him. You think I’m a monster? You haven’t any idea.”

Bella’s entire face flushed over and tears were forming in her eyes. “And whose fault was that?”

“Peter, will you please give us a moment?” she questioned with a quivery voice.

“Um, sure…” he said but honestly hated leaving her alone in that horrible situation.

When he stepped out, he found Logan was standing across the way with finger to his lips. Peter nodded and pulled the door to.

“His past doesn’t matter to me. It’s the man he is now… and like him, you too had a choice. But yet, you continue down this path… It’s like you’re punishing yourself or something. I mean, honestly mom… is it that hard to be happy? Is life really that bad?”

“And what is happiness to you?”

Bella shrugged in return, “I’m just figuring that out myself. But I’ll tell you one thing… I’m not letting you or anyone else strip that away from me. So why are you here? I highly doubt it’s for the birds and the bees speech.”
“Something you haven’t any business in!” her mother fired back. “You’re fifteen years old!”

Natasha narrowed her eyes on this. “You’re fifteen…” she corrected once again.

“My birthday was yesterday… but I’m guessing that’s not why you came to see me.”

Her mother actually staggered back. Bella pressed her lips together and nodded.

“I’m sorry, Isabella. I…”
Bella sort of laughed. “Like you ever remembered before, right?”
“Sixteen is still too young to be…”

“A slut like my mother?”
Bella flinched as Natasha slapped her across the face. The young woman laughed afterward.

“Say what you want Isabella. But you keep going like this, you’re going wind up just like me!”

“No… that’s where you’re wrong! I’m not some miserable bitch that takes my issues out on the world surrounding me. I might be young but, I’m woman enough to face this shit dead on and deal. You’ve never been able to do that. You’re too busy droning on about the life you once had and how you feel robbed. Well, I’m sorry you feel that way… but I won’t let you drag me along with you. So if that’s what you came all this way to do, then you know where the door is.”

“It wasn’t… I didn’t expect to walk in and find my daughter shacked up with some boy.”

“He’s not just some boy and you know that!”
“They’re all the same. He isn’t any different.”

“Is that why you left dad and Clint, and then ended up with that drunken mess of a playboy? Because he’s just so much better than what either of them had to offer?”

“None of that matters now….”

Bella narrowed her eyes in wonder, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means you won’t have to worry about Tony anymore. It’s over.”

“Let me guess… you couldn’t handle the actual thought of settling down, so you ended it? Living up to your name and biting men’s heads off.”
“Why do you care? You hated him.”
Bella shrugged.

“And he was the one to call it off.”
Bella looked to her mother rather stunned.

“Ironically this was after his little visit with you…”

“Don’t you even blame me on that one! You two… that’s your deal. I’ve always stayed out of that mess of a relationship. The only thing compatible between the two of you is your tolerance for alcohol.”
“Speaking of which… he told me you got pretty wasted when he was here.”
Bella shrugged and Natasha nodded.

“So Logan’s letting your boyfriend fuck you under the roof of this academy and he’s letting you drink.”
“You’re such a fucking hypocrite. Do you even hear yourself? What I do with Peter is because I’m in love. You do it because it’s your job, or boredom, or what have you. Have you even been in love? I mean, honestly? Are you capable of that emotion? As for the drinking… Dad wasn’t even aware. That was my doing…”
“Do you even realize how foolish you’re coming off as? Love? That’s just an excuse to keep yourself blinded. That’ll only get you hurt or killed in the end.”

Bella nodded at her mother’s words. “You know, it’s a wonder you’re not some bitter old woman with a bunch of cats stinking up the place. We’re done here. I want you to walk out that door and don’t come back.”

“Bella, I came here because we needed talk. It’s important.”

“I haven’t anything to say to you. You and I are officially done… Goodbye Natasha.”
Her mother flinched on her words, but what stung more was the fact she’d referred to her by her first name rather than ‘mom’. The door opened and Logan nodded upon the infamous Black Widow.

“You heard her… let’s go.”

“I can’t, not yet… there’s something she needs to know.”

“Nah… you’ve said enough.”

Logan forced her out of the manor. Just as he was to turn his back to her…

“Don’t let her go anywhere alone. Keep a close eye on her. I mean it Logan.”

He reared back on this. “What did ya do, Natalia?” knowing that tone all too well.

But once he turned back around she was gone.

“God dammit! First the pussy of a brother and now it’s the Russian whore. I ought kill em both and get it over with.” he bitterly murmured as he headed back in.

It didn’t help that he was still bitter on not being able to find his brother that night. But they hadn’t heard from him since. Logan only hoped it stayed that way. He knew better, though… It was far from over with Victor. If he was here, it was for a reason. And Logan wasn’t so sure he wanted to find out what it was…

“I’m not quite sure… but something isn’t right.”
“So, we haven’t any idea what we’re really looking for?” Logan threw out there and Xavier sighed.

“I’m afraid not. But the power…” Xavier reached to his temples.

“Whatever it is… it’s incredible. You all must use caution.”

“So… we’re being sent on a mission we know nothing about?” Logan spat.

“If I learn anything else, I will let you know. However, all of you must go at once…”

Scott shrugged. “Okay then… let’s go.”

Page break

The Wolverine rolled his eyes and flicked his finished cigar onto the ground, then stomped on it.

“I don’t see shit!”

Cyclops nodded as they continued about the area Xavier pointed out.

“What about you two?” He called to Storm and Phoenix.

They shook their heads no.

“You don’t have a read on anything?” Cyclops hinted towards Phoenix.

“Nothing…” she said looking to be in thought.

“Hell, nobody’s even acting any different…” Wolverine said as he pointed out a few people within the area.

The only things they saw were a couple having coffee outside a local coffee shop, a woman reading a book on a nearby bench, and the man selling hotdogs.

“Guess there’s nothing here,” Cyclops added with a nod.
“It’s not like Xavier to be wrong about these things.” Phoenix added.

“Well if ya find something, I’ll be more than happy to deal with the matter, Jeannie! But truth of the matter is I don’t see or sense a god damn thing.”

“Maybe whatever it was isn’t in the area anymore.”

“Hell, we don’t even know what to look for!”

Cyclops shook his head on this.

“Guess we’re heading back then.” He nodded towards the area of the Black Bird.

The X-Men followed Cyclops back to the jet and headed back to the mansion. Unaware of the entity that was hitching a ride…

“Sorry Chuckles… not sure what to tell ya, other than there wasn’t anything around when we got there.”

The professor drew back a breath on this. “Thank you, Logan.”

He nodded and headed on out of the office.





Black… white

Good… evil

Life… death


Angel found himself walking outside the mansion, his mind in turmoil. “Why the fuck did I tell them all that? I never lose my cool! I’m a Worthington. Parker… it’s all Peter’s fault. Peter fucking Parker! How the hell can she not see I’m better for her; that I could give her everything she could ever want?”

Warren paced back and forth along the concrete path that led to the Blackbird hangar, not realizing he was talking to himself, nor how crazy he truly sounded. He walked up to the jet and leaned against it with his back to the aircraft and slowly began to bounce the back of his head against the metal hull in frustration.

What he did not realize was that rhythmic thumping was calling out to something attached to the plane. Slowly, almost spider-like, a black gelatinous mass began crawling its way up the fuselage toward him. Having no definite form, it almost seemed to be crawling over itself as new tendrils would sprout from its center to take the place of old ones. The entity made its way up and with a burst of speed positioned itself right behind Warrens head. The moment his head made impact the black mass exploded around Warrens face like two grotesque hands. Warren in a panic fell to his knees and began grabbing at it, pulling off chunks at a time but to no avail. What’s more, the torn strips began to mold themselves making the process go even faster. He couldn’t even scream as the sludge poured into his mouth, nose and ears. With only one eye still visible, a large sadistic grin spread across the ‘face’ the black slime as it seemingly formed into a suit over his body. When whatever happened was finally over, Warren stood up and flared his wings out behind him, the tips dripping as if covered in blood; the proud white feathers he once possessed lay at his feet, having been sheared off.

In a different time and place, Spiderman would face an enemy with a sick mockery of his own powers, a ‘venom’ upon the world. Now he and the rest of the X-Men would face an ‘angel of death.’


The massive jaws split open he began laughing to the sky.


(Thank you Bertie Bott and Wade for be being sound boards on this. And thanks to Mommy4Thomas for beta’ing this chapter for me. Please be a sport and leave your comment/review folks. I like knowing what you think!)

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