Chapter 16 Fall From Grace

Chapter 16

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Do you even realize how foolish you’re coming off as? Love? That’s just an excuse to keep yourself blinded. That’ll only get you hurt or killed in the end.”

Bella thought back to her mother’s words while she punched at the bag. Sweat formed along her temples, running down the sides of her cheeks and onto her neck. The more she thought about her mother, the harder the hits became.

“I’d rather wind up dead then to become some heartless, cold-blooded, BITCH!” she hollered out, her jaw dropping as she delivered another hit to the bag. She’d hit it so hard that it had split in half.

“…huh…” she uttered, eyeing the sand that was spilling out all over the place.

“Well, I’m in for a long night. Guess I better clean it up, or put the blame on someone else.” she murmured, walking off to find a broom.

After grabbing a broom from the utility room, she spun back around. She froze and narrowed her eyes upon the strange young man before her. His hair was styled in a rather long looking Mohawk, and his eyes were sky blue. Bella noted that he had some sort of tribal tattoos. The young man gave a simple nod whilst leaning against the wall, his arms folded about his chest.

“Can I help you?”

He tilted his head just ever so slightly. When he wouldn’t answer, she let out a frustrated sigh and went on to clean up the mess she’d made. She was quick to gasp out as she found herself suddenly slammed up against the wall. The young man grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her to turn back around. With gritted teeth, he buried his nose into the crevice of her neck.

“What the fuck?!” she hollered out, then went to shove him off her.

He let out a growl in response, pressing his entire weight against her. His eyes were cold and deadly as he stared her down. Bella head-butted him, dodging a swing he took at her. The two circled about, eyeing one another down. Just as she was to question him about who he was and why he was doing this; he sailed on over, knocking her to the ground. The two of them then took jabs at one another and were rolling about the ground, fighting for the upper hand. Both easily anticipated the other’s movements and were equally matched in regards to strength.

“Hmmm” he hummed with amusement as Bella overlapped him. She moaned aloud when he took his knee to her crotch. He shoved her off him, reversing the hold and held her by the throat. Her eyes watered as his hands tightened around her throat. Her eyes widened as she took note of the three bonelike claws that protruded from his knuckles and under his wrist. They slightly pierced through her neck. She gasped for a breath, her eyes watering even more.

Name…” he demanded in a deep, guttural voice.

When she wouldn’t answer, he nodded once before taking his claws and driving them into her gut. She let out an agonizing cry while young man smiled viciously.

“He was right. You are pathetic… just like him

He jerked his claws back out and smirked, licking the blood off one of his claws.

“What the…” Logan muttered once he saw his daughter.

Bella was lying in a fetal position, surrounded by a puddle of blood. The red liquid even oozed out from between her fingers as she had her hands firmly pressed against her wound. He rushed over, dropping to his knees before her.

“What the hell happened ta ya, kid?”

She went to answer, but couldn’t. The pain was too much to bear.

Jesus… alright, I need ya to listen up…”

Bella nodded in response. Her flesh was turning a nice shade of blueish purple and her whole body shook.
“It’s all up here.” her father said, pointing to his head.

“Ya gotta focus on where the healing is needed… it’ll go a lot faster.”

The Wolverine’s daughter shook her head and with a panicked expression. No matter what – she couldn’t catch her breath. She was literally suffocating.

“First off all, breathe. Yer thinkin’ too much. Close yer eyes. I need ya to concentrate on putting yerself back together. If I can do it, ya sure as hell can.”

Bella closed her eyes. Her father nodded amongst himself.

“Nice, deep breaths…” he said soothingly and lifted her tank top just enough to see what the damage was.

He recoiled at the sight. He then tilted his head, thinking the marks looked awfully similar to his. That had him bringing out his own set of claws in comparison. The words, ‘what in the fuck’ repeated in that mind of his.

Bella finally managed to catch her breath. He nodded as she was slowly, but surely healing.
“Keep it up now, darlin’. You’re doing great.”

“It hurts.” she cried out.

“I know… but it won’t for much longer. Just keep that focus – don’t you lose it.”

“I can’t… it’s too much.” she uttered and was sweating profusely.

He shook his head, then took her by the hand.

“You got this! Ya know the trick is to get mad… just enough to send those blood cells of yours a-frenzy. Get them hoppin’ around! They’ll get ta work a lot quicker.


The way she said it tugged at the man’s heartstrings. He drew back a breath, dropping his hold.

“Ya know how I told ya not to think about the Boy Scout, the Tinman, and that bitch of a mother?”

She quickly nodded with tears in her eyes.

“Well, right now I need ya to do the exact opposite of that. Think about yer last visit with Natalia. How she forgot your birthday and when she fuckin’ slapped ya!”

His heart sank to the pit of his stomach because he could actually sense her pain.

“That’s right… fuck ’em… ALL OF ‘EM!”

He couldn’t believe he was actually saying that shit to his own daughter. Even though it was how he felt and knew his daughter had, as well. Some of the things she said to her mother were dead on to the way he thought. He looked her over as the wounds started to close up and kept quiet on the matter, not wanting to push her too far. All she needed was a little drive…

“Nice and slow…” He reminded as she was hyperventilating a bit.

Logan swallowed back when she reached out, hugging him close to her.

“Easy now…” he whispered and helped Bella to her feet.

Logan narrowed his eyes upon picking up a whiff of something. He got the feeling that they were being watched. He wrapped an arm around his daughter while looking about the area with caution. Whatever it was seemed to clear up within a matter of seconds.

He cleared his throat, “Let’s get ya some grub. I’ll clean this up later.”

Judging from his own experience, he knew the one thing she needed most was some sort of substance. So, he led her straight to the kitchen. He then sat her down and gathered whatever meat he could find.

She looked to him rather wide-eyed.

Her father cut her a wink and grabbed a pan from one of the cabinets. She started to say something on this, but felt a bit faint. She laid her head on the table with a sigh, shutting her eyes. The coolness of the table felt good against her flushed face.

Logan tilted his head, looking on with concern. Once he finished cooking, he grabbed a couple plates. He’d loaded them up with steak, sausage, and chicken. He nudged her awake and sat the plate down before her.

“Eat up, shortcake.”

She rubbed her weary eyes and let out a yawn, “I can’t eat all that!”

He chuckled, “I betcha ya can!”

“Seriously!? Who the hell eats that much meat?!”

He raised a hand, taking a seat beside her. She gazed at him in disbelief, watching how he chowed down on a piece of steak. She covered her mouth, gagging because it happened to be rare. So much so, it had blood dripping from it and it was pink.

“That’s soooo gross!”

“What is?”

“It’s not even cooked all the way!”

He looked to the steak, shrugging. “Sure it is! Why the hell would ya go and ruin a good steak by turning into a hunk of charcoal? Just try it, will ya?”
“Um thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to the chicken and sausage.”
“Don’t be such a pansy! Try the damn steak.”

“I’m not a pansy!’
“Then prove it…” her father taunted with a bit of a smirk.

She rolled her eyes, picking at it with her fork, “I think it just mooed at me!”

He observed as she took the smallest of bites. She chewed and swallowed and before long, she had that steak devoured. He chuckled amongst himself as he got up to get a drink. But when he returned, what had been left of his steak was gone. He glanced over, seeing that her plate was clean. Bella was picking at her teeth with a toothpick.

“Did ya…”

“Did I what?” she questioned with a mockery of innocence.

He shook his head and let out a sigh of utter annoyance, “Feel better?”

She shrugged and tossed her toothpick into a nearby trash bin. “Is there anymore steak?”

He cocked a brow on that and finished his plate.

Bella then thought back to the young man. She looked to her claws and back to her father, “This guy… He had claws. Like yours… only they were bone.”

Logan lifted his eyes and listened as she described her attacker and what he’d said.

“The way he fought and his abilities… it was uncanny. I mean seriously… Who is this guy?”

Her father shook his head, wondering that himself.

“Another relative of ours?” she witted, but Logan had this offbeat look about him.

He would’ve made some sort of joke to that. However, something had him on edge. The attack was personal and that guy was trying to send one hell of a message. But what? Why was Bella Romanoff the target? Only two people came to mind… Natalia and Victor. One of them just had to be playing behind the scenes. Now, he knew Natalia would never hire someone to attack their daughter. Coldhearted as she was – even she wasn’t that evil. Though, it could very well be because of HER that Bella became a target; which had him thinking back to her warning. What trouble had she gotten herself into now? That was always the case with it came to Romanoff. She couldn’t keep her nose clean, no matter how hard she tried.

She always seemed to let something fall through the cracks and she’d find herself right back at square one. It was a constant climb for her and one she never finished. The more he thought on this, however – the more he was leaning towards his brother.

A low growl then escaped him and his claws made their appearance. It seemed his daughter was caught up in the middle of it all. What upset him the most was the fact that it was blood! He looked over and saw she’d fallen asleep. Logan came to his feet and walked on over, scooping her up. He carried her into her room and went to lay her down, but froze as he picked up an odd stench – one of rot. He scanned the area of her bed, then recoiled. There was a dead fox laying on her pillow with a red rose in its mouth. Logan curled his lip in disgust, eyeing the maggots crawling around its eye sockets. He darted on out of the room and knocked on Peter’s door. Peter opened the door and looked on with concern.

“Everything alright?”

“I need ya to keep an eye on her. Don’t let Bella out of yer sight. I mean it!”
“Umm… okay…”

Logan started back to her room.

“You mean as in all night?”

“Yeah. Think you can handle that, or do I need ta neuter yer ass first?”

“Is that a trick question?” Peter witted in return, but Logan was off in his own world at that moment.

He reentered his daughter’s room, switching on the lights.

Jesus Christ…” the man murmured and paced the room a bit.

Logan did the only thing he could think of…he stripped the bed and wrapped the sheets around the corpse. Then grabbed the pillows, deciding to burn everything. He could easily get her some new ones in the morning. The Wolverine worked fast, not wanting to risk his daughter seeing this. She’d been through enough. Once he finished, he returned to the room and sniffed it out. It was faint…. But he recognized the scent. It was the very one he’d picked up from the gym earlier. Logan ran his fingers through his wild hair.

“What in the fuck?!” he muttered, feeling slightly ill.


He nodded and was caressing her cheek. The young woman looked about the room in confusion, “How’d I get here?”

“Logan… he wanted me to look after you.”

“He actually wanted me to stay… as in all night?”

“My words exactly.”

“That doesn’t even sound like him!”

Right?! Something had him pretty worked up… he did threaten to neuter my ass, however.”
“That’s more like Logan.” she said with a nod.

Peter sort of laughed but let out a miserable groan.


“We have school in like thirty minutes…”

He pressed himself against her.

“Peter!” she scolded behind a giggle.
“Can’t be helped…”

He kissed along her shoulders, while lowering the straps to her top. Once he had her exposed, he went to suck on her nipples, but something else gathered his attention. He poked his finger though one of the holes in her tank top, wiggling it about.

“So…you wanna explain how this happened?”


He shook his head and covered her back up. “Izzy… We had an agreement, remember? Now, tell me what’s going on.”

Bella drew back a hesitant breath, before revealing her little adventure.

“Izzy…” he gravely murmured, sitting up in the bed.

“I’m okay Peter. Honestly.”

He grabbed ahold of her and pulled her closer to him. “So you have no idea who it could’ve been?”

“Afraid not…”

Like that of Logan, Peter was on edge. He knew one thing for certain – it was time for Spiderman to keep a closer eye on his mate. He hadn’t any idea she was even in danger. How did his senses NOT pick up on it last night? They should’ve! That truly bothered him. How was he going to keep his Izzy protected if whoever it was snuck right on past him? And right here on campus? He was here! He should’ve sensed it! But there was nothing…

“I’m sorry, Izzy.”

“Not being there… when I should’ve been.”

“Don’t you do that. It’s not your fault!”

“Still… I don’t get how I didn’t pick up on it.” he hinted, rubbing his temples.

Something seemed “different”, but he just couldn’t peg what it was. He lifted her tank top, baring her tummy to him. He then let out a sigh of relief; there wasn’t so much as a scratch.

“That healing ability sure comes in handy.”

“That’s for sure…”

He kissed her tummy and hopped up, hearing a knock at the door. Peter threw on a shirt and stepped into a pair of jeans. Just as he fastened them, the door opened.

Logan welcomed himself inside, locking eyes with his daughter. “You got school in 15. Get ready.”

She nodded and climbed on out of the bed. Once she was out of the room, he shut the door.
“I gotta give you props… I’m surprised she had her pants on. By the way, your shirt’s inside out.”

Peter’s eyes widened and he cleared his throat nervously, before taking it off and fixing it.

“Look kid, I know what’s going on…”

Peter had this ‘deer caught in headlights’ look about him.

“I’m gonna say this and just the one time. If ya ever hurt that girl… I’m gonna take my claws and gut ya. Spiderman or not, I’ll fuck ya up! Got me?”

“Yes sir…” Peter said with a rather high-pitched tone.

“And a ‘nother thing… ya knock her up – I’ll make yer life a living hell. Yer not turning me into no god damn grandpa, understood?”

Peter swallowed back rather thickly whilst nodding. Logan sighed and sat at Peter’s desk.

“What I tell you next stays between us…”

Logan went on to tell him about the fox and everything took place the night before. Peter leaned against the wall, looking awfully pale.
“Who the hell?” he muttered under his breath.

Logan nodded, “My thoughts exactly…”

“Izzy… she can’t catch a break no matter where she goes.”

“The kid’s got some rotten luck… that’s for sure.”

Logan thought back to his daughter’s birthday. “So… the party… What was all that about?”

Peter lifted his eyes as he was tying his shoes.

“Izzy isn’t used to things like that. At least not when it came to Ms. Romanoff. She wasn’t one to really celebrate things like that.”
“Like what? Her daughter’s birthday?” Logan damn near spat.

Any holiday…” Peter corrected.

Logan reared back and Peter drew back a breath. He sat on the bed. “The only time Izzy experienced things like that was when she was with us.”

“Dammit Natalia…”

“And even at that – there were times Ms. Romanoff wouldn’t allow it, for whatever reasons she could think of. We had to sneak those things in a lot of the time.”

Peter jumped up suddenly when something else dawned on him. Logan looked on in wonder as Peter headed to the closet and brought out a huge box. He sat it before Logan and opened it. Logan reared back, noting that it was filled with medals and trophies.
“What’s this?”

“They’re Izzy’s. Did you know she’s a black belt?”

Logan looked to Peter and back to the trophies in absolute disbelief.

“My uncle Ben found these in the dumpster after Ms. Romanoff threw them away.”
“She what?!”

“Yeah… Izzy and I got jumped one day and that was her mother’s way of dealing with the situation… because Izzy failed in taking them on. My uncle kept these locked away in a shed. I keep meaning to set them up in Izzy’s room, but haven’t had the time.”

Logan nodded, “Why don’t ya let me help ya with that? I can build her some display shelves.”

Peter rather beamed on this, “She’d love that.”

Logan came to his feet, regarding the box once again. He looked to Peter afterward.

“No matter how many times I wanna hate on ya… ya turn right back around and give me a reason not ta. I know yer the one thing that keeps that girl centered. If ya hadn’t been in her life, there’s no tellin’ how that girl would’ve turned out.” And on that note, Logan quickly exited the room; leaving a baffled Peter Parker.

Class was about ten minutes in when the door opened.

“You’re late, Mr. Worthington.”

Bella narrowed her eyes, seeing how Warren was dressed more laid back. He wasn’t in his typical rich boy apparel. He strutted right on over to Bella, then leaned into her ear.

“Just you wait… Before long you’re going to be on your hands and knees begging for it, Romanoff.”

Her entire face flushed over and her claws made their appearance. Peter wondered what he had said to her. For whatever reason – his senses were haywire. It was like a TV with a bad reception. Warren spun around, nodding upon Jubilee. She smiled and blushed a bit. Bella’s jaw dropped as he walked right on over and kissed the girl. Not just any kiss… it was all tongue. Jean shot out a hand and sent him flying back and right into his seat.

“There is a time and place for that and this is certainly not it!” she snapped.

Warren rolled his eyes, “Whatever…”

Jean quirked her brow, “Are you and I going to have a problem?”

He leaned back and folded his arms about his chest, then got this egotistical smirk about him.

“I suppose that all depends on you, teach.”

The entire class looked to Warren in shock. No one was ever stupid enough to talk to Jean Grey that way.

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t believe I stuttered.”

Jean nodded and pointed to the door, “Out of my class…”

Warren shrugged and came to his feet. “Fine… I wanted to sleep in anyhow.”

Just as he was at the door he looked to Jubilee with a smirk, “Would you like to join me?”

Jean gritted her teeth and shoved him out the door. Jubilee had that girlie giggle going while Bella curled her lip in disgust. “What a pig…” she muttered under her breath.

There was something that didn’t quite set right, in her opinion. Angel’s behavior was way out of character, for one thing. He’d made it abundantly clear that he didn’t like Jubilee – yet he kissed her, like that? And for him to disrespect Jean of all people – just wasn’t like him. Then there was something about his scent… it was “off.” Things got even stranger as the day progressed.

Angel was damn near macking on every girl at the academy. And every time he got touchy feely with Jubilee, he made certain Bella was watching. She rolled her eyes each time it happened and did her best to ignore it. Sometimes, it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

She was worried – Jubilee was her friend. Sure, they weren’t as close like she and Rogue were, but nonetheless; that didn’t stop her from being concerned. She didn’t care to have Warren playing with the girl’s emotions like that. Jubilee was seeing stars and didn’t seem to notice his odd behavior. She was just glad to have him finally noticing her.

Bella kept her mouth shut about it all. That is, until lunchtime came. Angel had pulled Jubilee into his lap and was kissing along her neck, but he had his eyes on Bella the entire time.

“That’s enough!” she snapped gathering the attention of the entire table.

Angel raised his brows, “Is something wrong?”

“Don’t you even pull that with me! Get your grimy hands off her.”

He let out a laugh of mockery. “Make me…”

Her hands balled up into fists. Peter wrapped his arm around her and whispered into her ear, “Not worth it…”

“Come on, Jubs! Don’t you see what he’s doing?” she questioned Jubilee, who in turn, looked up with a wounded expression.

“I can’t believe you…” she scoffed, causing Bella to rear back. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?!”

Bella sort of laughed, her then face flushed over when she saw everyone’s eyes were on them, “Don’t be ridiculous! I’m only looking out for you.”

“Well do me a favor and mind your own business! I thought you were my friend!”
“I am!”

“Then act like it and be happy for me!”

Bella shot to her feet. “Dammit, Jubs! Wake the fuck up! He’s using you!”

“Wow…” Jubilee muttered in return. “You really can’t stand it. Can you? You didn’t want him when he showed interest, but now that he’s with someone else… you’re losing your shit!”

“Do you even hear yourself?! Are you that desperate for a relationship?”

Peter recoiled on his Izzy’s words. “Izzy…” he whispered in warning.

Bella held out a hand. “Nah… she needs to hear this. You’ve been gaga over this idiot for some time, now. And I don’t get it. He’s a certified DICK!”

Angel cocked a brow and whispered something into Jubilee’s ear. Bella picked it up through her senses.

Speaking of which… Would you like some more…”

Jubilee giggled and Bella’s jaw dropped. “Tell me you didn’t…” she murmured, looking ill.

Angel laughed, while rising to his feet. He then grabbed Jubilee by the hand and was leading her out of the cafeteria.

Not to worry Romanoff… I thought of you the entire time. I promise.

On this, Bella shot to her feet and rushed after them. Once she was outside the cafeteria, she tapped Angel on the shoulder.
“What the fuck did you just say…?”

He rolled his eyes, wrapped his arm around Jubilee and started to walk away.

You should’ve seen how giddy she was about me taking her v-card. The things she was willing to do – in order to please…


He dropped his arm and stopped in his tracks. He abruptly spun around, “You already had your shot… this is just what I expected from the daughter of the great Wolverine. You think you’re entitled to everything. Well, not this time…”

Bella reared back with a ‘what the fuck’ expression as Angel spun back around and was merely walking away. She sensed Peter’s presence and twirled about, meeting his gaze, “What in the hell was that!?”

Peter sighed, wishing he knew himself. All he gathered from that little scene was that Warren wanted her knocked down a few pegs. And he damn sure did that by making his Izzy look bad in front of the entire student body. A few of the students were cutting her shameful looks. The only ones who wasn’t were their closest friends…Kurt, Rogue, Piotr, Kitty, and Remy. They knew something was “off” about Warren as well. But as the six of them discussed this, none of them knew exactly what it was. Each of them assumed it was his last desperate attempt in stealing Bella away from Peter.

“I want you at the control panel.”

Bella reared back on her father’s words, “Me?”

He nodded, “Ya gotta start somewhere and I done taught ya everything ya need to know.”
“But dad…”

Logan ignored her and headed into the Danger Room with Jean. Bella groaned amongst herself just as Peter chuckled.

“You got this…” he encouraged whilst patting her on the back.

The other students were in the room, as well. They stood behind Bella, who was sitting at the control panel. When as her father gave her the thumbs up, Angel walked in, with his arm wrapped around Jubilee. Bella was quick to turn away and roll her eyes. She begun the session, keeping in mind to start it off light. This was Logan’s way of teaching the students what they’d be facing when training.

Maybe you and I should give it a go… once everyone leaves.

Bella snapped her head back and tilted her head upon Angel. He didn’t so much as react.

Peter narrowed his eyes. “Everything alright?”

She nodded and turned back around, thinking it was merely her imagination. In fact, she was sure it was. Considering every time Angel acted as if he hadn’t said a thing and none of the others were reacting. Had she finally lost it?! Logan gave her another signal, so she amped up things in the Danger Room. More of the usual droids made their appearance, which Jean and Logan out within a matter of seconds. Bella then sighed as if she were bored. She leveled it up once again, but got this mischievous look about her. Peter’s eyes widened as he saw her reach over, hitting a particular button. She scrolled through the list, giggling as she took her pick.


The ground within the Danger Room shook and her father snapped a look her direction, knowing she was up to something.

“Watch yerself, shortcake.” he warned.

She hit the intercom, “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jean laughed as Juggernaut made his appearance, “There’s no question as to whether she’s yours or not.”

Logan sighed and brought his claws out, “Yeah? Well, she ain’t too old for an ass whoopin’…”

Bella snorted at her father’s words. She hit the intercom yet again, “Peter says he volunteers!”

Just say the word Romanoff and I’ll pull those tight pants of your down and tan that little hide of yours.

Bella reached to her temples and did her best to ignore this.

“Izzy…” Peter hissed with alarm.

Logan growled under his breath.

“Way to throw me under the bus…” Peter remarked.

She laughed, “Eh… he’ll be fine. He deserves a little payback…” She was hinting as to when her father tricked her.

“Do you have to get me involved?!”

“Are you scared of Logan?!”

“Umm, yeah… who isn’t?!”

“He’s more bark than he is bite.”

“I beg to differ.”

“Since when does Spiderman beg?” she taunted, while going through the list yet again.

“You know all the things they say about Chuck Norris?”

Bella nodded.
“Yeah… I’m pretty certain it was Logan that taught him.” He then leaned into her ear and whispered,

“And there’s only one person Spiderman “begs” to.”

“Well played…” she replied with a giggle.

Bella hit another name on the list and merely waited. Jean had just managed to get Juggernaut’s helmet off and Logan gave the deathly blow, when something else made its appearance.

“You’re kind of evil… you know that?” Peter remarked.

Bella shrugged and merely observed.

“What is that anyhow?! It’s huge.”

“Logan called it a sentinel.”

“You’re so dead…” Peter remarked, seeing the look on her father’s face.

The sentinel fired and Logan quickly snatched Jean out of harm’s way. Bella raised her brows at seeing her father’s hands planted on Jean’s ass while they stood there gawking at one another. She sighed and turned on the sprinkler system to the fire alarm. She smiled as Jean and Logan turned in her direction. She hit the intercom once again.

“Sorry, I’m just a beginner… must’ve hit the wrong button.”

Logan shook his head. “I’m gonna ring her neck.”

“Sounds like karma to me.” Jean smarted and Logan cocked a brow.

“Jeanie…” Logan warned as he bounced off the wall and was sailing right for the sentinel.

He drove his claws into the sentinel’s neck and purposely threw chunks of it towards the observation window. Bella leaned back and smiled.

“You and that temper…” she uttered.

The students watched as Jean and Logan finished their task. Of course, Bella added a few droids to the mix, and every time her father and Jean got touchy feely – she’d hit that sprinkler system. When Jean wasn’t looking, Logan flipped his daughter off.

Bella had laughed. “Love you too, dad.”

When the session was over, a very wet Jean and Logan exited the Danger Room. Bella smirked upon her father, “Is something wrong?”

The other students laughed while Logan merely shook his head. Logan then went over a few things before dismissing the class.

“Not so fast, shortcake.”

He shut the door and locked it behind him. Bella bit her lip to keep from laughing. Her father leaned against the door and folded his arms about his chest, “Ya wanna tell me what the hell that was?”

“It’s called payback and she can be a real bitch…”

He nodded, taking out one of his cigars. He clipped it before lighting up. He took a long drag and headed to the utility closet. He grabbed a bucket and broom. He handed them over, nodding towards the Danger Room, “Ya left quite a mess in there… I suggest ya get ta work, lil darlin’.'”

“You can’t be serious…”

“Have fun!”

“Son of a bitch!” she muttered.

Logan shook his head, hearing her as he exited the room and chuckled amongst himself.

Bella was in the middle of mopping up the mess when she heard the door suddenly close. She snapped her head that direction and sort of laughed.

“Alright Logan… you made your point.” she called out and went to leave the room.

Just as she put her hand to the handle of the door – it locked. She rolled her eyes.

Funny…” she murmured.

“Come on, dad! Let me out!”

She turned as a training session began. She sighed and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. “Fine! She uttered. Whatcha got?”

She narrowed her eyes as droids started coming from all directions of the Danger Room.

“Talk about overkill…” She murmured and took her stance.

They had her immediately surrounded and were sailing right for her. She hastily leaped up – causing a few of them to smash into one another and malfunction. She came back down and landed on a couple of them. She spun around, kicking off their heads off here and there. She took her claws and gouged out a few of their eyes. Bella gritted her teeth as more and more kept appearing. After a good thirty minutes, she was covered in sweat and still blowing and going. She looked towards the observation window.


She gasped out as one of the droids grabbed her ankle and brought her to the ground. She growled out and attempted to block their relentless kicks.


She maneuvered her body about, doing her best to knock a few of them down.

But she let out a groan as one of them picked her up by the ponytail.

“Dad!” she hollered out in fear.

But that fear hadn’t anything to do with the droids. No… she could feel “it” being triggered. Her vision started to blur and her body was heating over.

“Look, I’m sorry. Please just stop!”

She was shaking all over and doing her best to fight them off, but they were coming in by the hundreds now.

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” She growled with that deadly bite of hers. The droids were then sent flying back.

She let out a breath of relief as they vanished. She used the back of her hand to wipe the sweat from her brow.

“You can open the door now…”

Bella was quick to gasp out and was knocked to the ground. She looked on in utter disbelief as there was a familiar set of claws – coming right for her. She shot her hands out and was doing her best to hold him off her. What her father lacked in height, he made up by strength. The Wolverine was one hell of a powerhouse. She’d sparred against him before, but there was something different about this. Sure, she knew it wasn’t really him. Even so, something about this seemed so personal. Why would he take things this far? She meant nothing by it…she was just playing around and only because that’s how comfortable she felt with her father now. There was a connection – one she never had with her mother. But now she found herself questioning that. She held him off best she could but was fast losing her grip. His claws were right at her face. She did the only thing she could think of. She kneed him as hard as she could in the groin. The Wolverine groaned out and she rolled over pinning him down. She took her claws to his face but even through the knowledge of this not being real, it hit her wrong. She didn’t like this, not one bit. She didn’t like the idea of hurting her father, no matter the situation.

He used his arms and legs to fling her off him. She grunted out as her body hit the wall. Her vision was so bad by this point that she couldn’t see anything. She closed her eyes, knowing she had to fight it. She truly believed this to be another test. So she focused on not giving into that rage and used her senses. She could “feel” his presence, so Bella took a swing but. However, it was blocked. She groaned out of frustration before she was sent a swift jab to the imposter’s gut. She came to her knees and fought the urge to vomit. She fought to catch her breath and was then grabbed by the scruff of her shirt. She whimpered out when she was slammed up against the wall, repeatedly – like she was nothing more than a rag doll.

“…please…” she cried out as her body felt like it was caving in.

The Wolverine snatched her, lifting and her above his head. Her eyes widened as he swiftly brought her down against his knee. A loud POP was heard, then she was sent tumbling about the ground. Bella tried standing, but couldn’t. Her eyes watered as she crawled amongst the floor. The holographic image disappeared and the lights came on. The door opened and she dragged herself towards it. Once she was out of the Danger Room, she curled into a ball and had herself a good cry.

A couple hour later…

“WHAT THE FUUUUUCK?!” Bella shouted as she passed her father in the hallway.

He reared back seeing the slash marks all along her clothing. She looked as though she’d walked through the gates of hell and back.


She’d caught him flatfooted. Before he could so much as question her about what was going on, she had already stomped off.

“Man… what was that all about?” Peter questioned as he, Kurt and Gambit were making their way down the hallway.

“Hell if I know! But ya better go find her…” Logan hinted.

Peter grimaced in understanding. “Right…” he said with a sigh. “I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

Gambit and Kurt nodded as Peter took off.

Logan headed into the observation room and it was then he realized a session had taken place. Yet it showed HIM to be the last one to sign in. That just wasn’t possible. When he and Jean had that session it was his daughter that had signed in. So her pen should’ve been last. Logan sat at the observation deck and rewound the footage. He hit play and watched as the nightmare before him unfolded.

“Jesus…” He muttered when the droids came out.

Once the session was over, Logan just sat there. He had no words. And at that moment, he couldn’t so much as move. He was shaking all over and he could hear his daughter pleading for him to stop. The vision of HIM beating the living shit out of her replayed in his mind. The more he thought about everything he’d witnessed, the angrier he grew. And she had truly believed this to be HIS doing; that it was his way of punishing her. That’s what hurt the most about the whole thing. The man had one hell of a past and there were things he never wanted his daughter to know about. Like that of Natalia, he too, had been nothing more than a killing machine. And that’s what scared the shit out of him. His daughter had that in her. With Black Widow as a mother and Wolverine as a father…

The man cringed in thought. The girl had the potential to wipe out whoever she pleased. And at that very moment… she’d been given every reason to. She felt betrayed and she was hurting. Logan thought back to some of the stories Peter Parker had mentioned when it came to Bella and her mother. Though it hurt that she would think that of him as well… he understood her reasoning. But he wouldn’t hurt her – he’d much rather die. The mere idea had the Wolverine hopping to his feet. He took the chair he was sitting in, then hurled it across the room. His blood was boiling and he was seeing red as he punched at the walls and the console to the Danger Room itself.


Bella turned, but was quick to roll her eyes.

“Come on babe… don’t be like that.”

“Babe?!” she scoffed, wondering when that started. That was more of a Flash thing than an “Angel” one.

“Yeah…” he said whilst putting a hand along her shoulder.

Don’t touch me…” she warned.

Angel sort of laughed, backing her up against a nearby building. “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want…”

“Warren…?” she whispered with concern.

He smiled and tilted his head upon her, “So much anger…” he said as he seemingly breathed her in.

More…” he demanded in a voice that wasn’t his own.

It was guttural and echolike. Warren shook his head as if he were struggling with something.

“Come on, Warren… What’s going on?” she asked with slight fear.

Run Bella… get far away from me!” he exclaimed in his own voice, panic lacing his tone.


He lifted his now pitch black eyes and smiled rather demonically.

“FEED ME MORE!” the other one roared and she gasped out as this long black tendril rose from the back of his throat.

Her heart was instantly racing ninety to nothing… She’d never seen such a thing. She grimaced as that tendril reacted much like a tongue and it licked her face.

“Hmmmm…” Angel hummed and pressed himself against her.

“Was it you? All along…? SHOW ME!” “It” demanded once again.

“Warren, stop it! Whatever this is! Make it stop!”

“I CAN’T!” she heard as his voice managed to break through.

She gasped out as this black jellylike mass began its way up his legs. It continued to crawl and tendrils sprouted from it every once in a while. This deep gruff laugh followed as Angel spread his arms apart. The white wings were nothing more than an illusion created by whatever had taken him over, and they were soon replaced by what looked to be the wings of a dragon. Once the entity took over, Bella truly felt as if she were gazing into the eyes of a fallen angel – one of hell’s own. She could hear the surrounding onlookers screaming in terror. Bella let out a grunt as that tongue like tendril wrapped around her neck and she was lifted up off the ground. She wrapped her hands around the sticky substance and curled her lip in utter disgust.

“FEEEEED MEEEEEEE!” the entity barked.

Bella gritted her teeth and let out a low growl. She then used her claws to slash the tendril in half. She dropped to the ground and took off running. She could hear it laughing as it stalked her throughout the city.

Peter reared back as he heard the screaming from down below. He was on one of the high-rises looking down. There were civilians scattered about the area; each of them, running for their lives. There were cars slamming into one another and the sirens were going off.

“What the…”

“WATCH OUT!” he heard and snapped his head towards the voice.

He saw his Izzy shoving a civilian out of harm’s way. But of what…? Just as soon as that question popped into his head, he had his answer. This shadow covered the entire area below and it was created by massive wings.

“Izzy…” Peter whispered as he ripped open his shirt, flinging it off.

He pulled his mask over his face and hurriedly dived off the building.

Bella grunted out as she rolled about the asphalt dodging the knifelike tendrils.

“Shit!” she hollered out as one barely missed her face.

That echolike laugh was heard once again. She sprang to her feet and took her stance before the entity.

“I’ve no clue who are, or what you are… but you need to release him! NOW!”

“Make me…”

She jumped as a tendril came right for her. It pierced through the asphalt and when she came back down she used it to climb up. She avoided oncoming ones and continued her way up. Once she was where she wanted she leaped off it and dived right for Angel. She let out a growl and punctured her claws between his shoulder blades. He reached back and grabbed ahold of her shirt and flung her off him. Someone caught her and landed in a crouching stance.

“Need a hand?”

She let out a breath of relief, “You’ve no idea…”
Spiderman nodded, then gazed upon the entity before them.

“It’s Angel… Only it isn’t…” she said, looking perplexed.

This had Spiderman narrowing his eyes in wonder.

“We have to get him out of there…”

“Parker…” the echolike voice called out.

“Well actually, it’s Spiderman!” he said, lowering Izzy back down.

The entity regarded Bella a certain way then looked to Spiderman with a laugh of mockery. She gasped out as it swooped on in, knocking her down. It grabbed Spiderman, then took off in flight.

“NOOOOO!” Bella shouted.

(Please leave your comment/review. And thank you Mommy4Thomas for beta’ing this for me. Awesome work as usual ❤ . I will be working on this one ReStealing Twlight’s Swan and Whistling Dixon for now. Once I finish this story we will start Love Me Till It Hurts, again.)


9 thoughts on “Chapter 16 Fall From Grace”

  1. This was an awesome chapter. I positively giggled at the steak scene when I beta’d this and then again at Logan’s threat to Peter!! But, but…you left it on a cliffy!! *scowls and stares you down*
    This is one of my favorite stories and I’m so glad you’re back to writing it! I missed my boy, Peter and Daddy Logan!! ❤

  2. Oh man – I knew you’d leave a cliffy! I was so paranoid the whole time reading the end and the scroll bar had less and less to go, lol! Such an amazing chapter – so worth the wait. Loved the Bella/Logan interaction – poor guy is gonna have his work cut out for him with our mystery guy 😉
    She rolled her eyes, picking at it with her fork, “I think it just mooed at me!” – hahaha! Made me giggle!

    Poor Bella – when it rains it pours. I so get why she thought it was Logan but I hope she’ll see reason when she hears the truth.

    Can’t wait to find out what happens – awesome job, sweets!

  3. Always something with her isn’t it…lol. I wonder how their going to get this entity out of Angel, poor guy…great update hon as always. I love this story as I do all of your stories and can’t wait to read more of it…thanks, huggs.

  4. This chapter was so good. I totally love where you’re going with the story so far and I can’t wait to find out what happens to Angel. You’re righting was amazing as always; it really cheered up my day when I found out this story was updated after so long. 😊💜💙💚💗🎉🎆

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