Chapter 18 The Calvary

Chapter 18

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Angel POV

The words what have I done taunt me like a broken record. Déjà vu hit hardcore, realizing that I’ve managed to hurt and utterly destroy a girl I happened to care a great deal for. To make manners worse, I added Jubilee into the mix. Whether I find her annoying or not; she didn’t deserve what I did to her and there’s nothing I can do to take it back. Now here she was, standing before me with stars in her eyes, adding to the guilt I already felt. What could I even say? How do I deal with all that’s happened when all I have on my mind is Bella Romanoff? She’s out there – going through literal hell and it’s all because of me!

How would I ever begin to fix this, or is it even possible to? I know one thing for certain, I don’t belong here. I’m beginning to wonder if I ever did – I’ve become an outcast in the one place I felt comfortable enough to call home. But ever since that webslinger entered the picture, I’ve become nothing more than chopped liver. Wrong as it is… there’s a small part of me that hopes he won’t pull through. That there… is all the proof I need – I truly don’t belong. Professor Xavier would’ve a runaway if he got in my head at that very moment. So, the time came wrap things up around here and be on my way. I didn’t have a clue on where to go, but I suppose I’d figure that out later on.

Just as I expected, Jubs was absolutely clueless about the recent events. I could tell when she walked right on over and planted a kiss on my lips. Naturally, I recoil as she he wasn’t the one I wanted. Yet, I hadn’t any issues in taking her v-card. Yes, I remember – and no, I’m not proud of myself. In fact, the more I thought on it, the more nausea I felt.

“Oh my god…” she hissed, looking about the area with a reddened face. “Bella was right… You’re dumping me, aren’t you?” she then whispered.

Not caring for the attention we were receiving; I took her by the hand, leading her to a more secluded area. Before I can so much as utter a word with some sort of explanation, the girl hauled off and slapped the daylights out of me. She teared up directly after.

“In all fairness we weren’t exactly dating to begin with…”

Yeah I know… low blow and fucking cold as hell, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I never once established that we would ever be more than fuck buddies. And that in itself was only in mere hopes of getting under Romanoff’s skin. I was thinking those things and recoiled. Seriously!? Just how fucked up am I? Romanoff was right… I am an asshole!

“I’m sorry.” I said and yes, I actually meant it.

But no matter… there was no consoling her. I humiliated her and by doing so, I embarrassed myself as well. There was a resentful side to all this, though. Part of me could care less! I wanted to roll my eyes and remark on just how EASY it was to get into her pants, but I knew part of that was due to how long she’d been crushing on me. That weighed on me, as well. I knew and totally took advantage of the situation. I did and said things… that weren’t truly me. Sure, I’ve thought them many times. But, I would’ve never truly ‘acted’ on them, or so I thought.

It was strange… that surge of power and overwhelming sense of justified anger. And even though part of me knew it was wrong, I couldn’t stop myself. I can’t bear to think of the possible consequences. Bella… I’m so sorry. My thoughts were interrupted as I felt someone tapping me along the shoulder.

“Are you alright?”

I rolled my eyes when I saw who it was. Leave it to the demon spawn to come to Jubilee’s apparent rescue. “She’s fine.” I snapped.

He ignored me and offered Jubs his hand.

“I got it, Kurt. Back off!”

“Why don’t you leave her be. You’ve done enough damage.”

Yes, because you certainly play the part of Prince Charming. It’s too bad your looks alone prevent you from getting a real date. Sure, he’s nice enough… girls comment on that all the time, but he’s nothing to look at.

“This hasn’t anything to do with you!”

Good ole peacemaker Kurt Wagner socked me one, then me by the collar of my shirt directly after and slammed me up against the wall.

“Those are my friends you’re messing with. Jubs, Bella, and Peter… don’t you even begin to tell me it’s none of my business! Because of you, Peter’s on his deathbed, Bella’s on some sort of killing spree and no one can stop her… not even Logan! I also know you took advantage of the young Fräulein here. I don’t know what’s come over you Worthington, but you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and think!

Without another thought, I take my fist to his gut and that led to a full on brawl. Poetic… isn’t it?


We come to a screeching halt and before I can even comprehend what’s truly taken place. I’m out… cold.

“Jesus Christ, kid. What are ya doin’?” Logan muttered as he was in attempts to track his daughter down.

Seven…. Bella Romanoff had taken the lives of seven innocents, so far. But there was something about all this that threw Logan off. It was like she wasn’t even there. He wondered if she was even consciously aware of everything that had taken place. He couldn’t fathom all this mess; she he was in full on berserker mode and whatever it was… only added to the danger. It was as if the berserker state was permanent. If it hadn’t been for Logan, the body count would’ve tripled by that point. He’d been doing everything within his power to prevent more casualties, but it was easier said than done. All he could think about was how his daughter was going to react once they brought her back. And that was IF they could bring her back. He wouldn’t allow himself to think of worst case scenarios…Logan would fight tooth and nail in order to avoid THAT from happening. He wasn’t about to give up, he would find a way – no matter the depths he had to go to in order to do so.

He made his way through the panicked crowd; following the screams, knowing that they would lead right to his daughter. Sure enough, there she was, standing out in the middle of the road right before a car. A woman and her children were inside.

“SHIT!” he hollered as the ‘Draconian’ plunged one of its tendrils through the windshield. It ripped the woman right out of her seat while the children screamed out in terror. Logan rushed on over and managed to slice through the tendril using his claws. He quickly grabbed the woman, then shoved her back towards the civilians for safety purposes. He stood before his daughter, giving a simple nod.

“Ya done?” he spat as if she was nothing more than a toddler – throwing one hell of a tantrum.

He tilted his head as she laughed, but in a tone that wasn’t quite her own. Like that of the “Raptor” it was echolike, only more feminine this time. All this told him was that his assumptions were right. This wasn’t Bella Romanoff…her body had become nothing more than a host for whatever the thing was. Logan gritted his teeth while dodging oncoming tendrils.

“Alright Bella darlin’! I know yer in there. Now, I need ya to wake the fuck up and help me fight whatever this is. Yer lettin’ it take ya over. Look around ya! People are dyin’!”

There wasn’t so much as a twinge as the Draconian charged right for him. He let out a grunt as he was thrown on the hood of the car. A couple of firefighters were helping the mother get her children out of the backseat. The Draconian snapped its head towards them. Whatever the entity was… it seemed awful bloodthirsty. Logan was able to stop it by driving his claws into its shoulders; but as he did so, he heard a small whimper and knew it belonged to Bella Romanoff. He jerked his claws back out, flinching as the footage from the Danger Room replayed in that mind of his.

great…” he whispered in realization.

He couldn’t hurt IT without hurting HER! With desperation, he grabbed ahold of her and gave her a good shake.


Face it… you have no choice, but to put her down.”

Logan narrowed his eyes, turning to the direction of the voice. He locked eyes with the strange young man, just as a tendril pierced through his chest. He was then lifted up off the ground. He let out a groan of sheer agony.


Now that looks painful! Look, I’m telling you… Just take her head and be done with it. It’s best to get her out of her misery. It’s the ‘fatherly’ thing to do after all.”

Logan gritted his teeth and used his claws to snap himself free. He tossed the tendril towards the young man. The young man let out a sigh of monotony and kicked it into a nearby dumpster. Both men reared back as the sticky black ooze made its way back out of the dumpster. They observed while it crawled back towards Bella then reattached itself.

“What in the…” Logan muttered under his breath.

The strange man chuckled, his eyes alight with amusement. Logan hadn’t the time to deal with the little shit. He was too busy chasing after his daughter – who had taken off, yet again. He went back to protecting whatever residents he possibly could.

Aunt May clamped a hand over her mouth as Peter whimpered and writhed about the bed. He was fighting against another surge of excruciating pain. Dr. McCoy had been doing everything within his capability to help the webslinger. He had to inject him with powerful pain meds every two hours or so, because the young man’s body would simply burn it off. Even then, Peter would have spasms and his back arched off the bed every so often. Once the doctor finally got him to settle down, Aunt May let out a sigh of relief.

The doctor nodded her direction, “He’s got a painful journey ahead of him. But he’ll make it, no doubt.” She nodded in return and started to cry. Dr. McCoy cleared his throat, grabbed her a chair and sat it at Peter’s bedside. After he seated her into it, he took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Can I get you anything?” he questioned afterward. “Perhaps a cup of coffee?” he suggested.

She shook her head no, “I’m good. Thank you.”

“Well if you need anything… I’ll be in my office.”
“Thank you, Dr. McCoy.”
Please… call me Hank.”

Don’t you think this beyond cruel and selfish? How many are you willing to sacrifice, just in order to save herthe young man squabbled with jealousy laced in his tone.

Logan cocked a brow at that, though he was a little busy pushing civilians out of the way – doing his best to clear the area. The Draconian snatched another innocent and was just about to snap their neck. Logan swiftly reached over, yanking the teenage boy out of its hold. He then shoved the Draconian back, pinning it up against the wall. He drove both sets of claws into the wall directly behind them so she couldn’t budge.

“Ya had better wake the fuck up! And I mean RIGHT NOW! Ya hear me?!”

He gritted his teeth while tendril after tendril plunged right on through his body. The Wolverine refused to back down, fighting through the pain. He wasn’t going to let her go. He was going to fight this thing with everything he had and bring his daughter back, one way or another.

He gritted his teeth and hissed out, “Dammit kid! If yer gonna kill me, then do it! All I care about is bringin’ ya back. So, come on Bella! Tell whatever this is to fuck off!”

Those tendrils soon wrapped around his arms, legs, and neck.

“Alright fine, have it yer way…”

With that said, he pulled a set of claws out from the wall. He let out a grunt as one of the tendrils tightened around his throat, suffocating the life out of him. Logan drove his claws straight into her gut, twisting them around. Bella let out a yelp, followed by a choking-like sound. He nodded just as the tendrils loosened their grip.

“There ya are… Now, just hear me out. Something’s taken ya over. I need ya to fight it… Ya hear me?!”

The black substance separated, revealing face. She was looked to the claws her father had driven into her while tears of betrayal ran down her cheeks.

“Why?” she spoke softly in her own voice.

“I hadn’t a choice. Yer killin’ people and unlike them, you’ll heal!”

“You’re just like HER!” Bella shouted with the echo-like voice returning over her own.

“God dammit, kid! I’m tryin’ ta help ya. Look – I know what yer thinkin’, but it wasn’t ME! I would never…” he trailed off, not wanting to say anything foolish.

He removed his claws with a defeated look about him. The Wolverine cranked his head about as he heard laughter. It was that strange young man again. He had his arms wrapped around his gut, laughing so hard he was crying.

Time to amp things up a bit!” he called out, viciously seizing a nearby civilian.

He then hurled them in Bella’s direction. She shot out a hand and a set of claw-like tendrils pierced a woman’s chest. The tendrils spread apart, literally splitting the woman in half. Logan covered his mouth to keep from gagging at the sight.

The young man gave Bella a mere nod. Hmm… I suppose it runs in the family,” He turned to Logan, cutting a wink, ‘because let’s face it…she’s long gone.”

He jaunted off but Logan leaped on over and roughly yanked him back. He had his arm wrapped around his neck as the crowd around them looked on in horror.

“GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!” The Wolverine shouted, tears glistening in his eyes. He was shaking all over and at a loss…he didn’t know what the hell to do. The guy was pissing him right the fuck off and he was done with the games. But just as soon as he turned around, Bella had taken off.

“ON IT!” he heard someone shout from up above.

He narrowed his eyes seeing Hawkeye leaping from one building to another. He had his bow set up, ready to go. He spotted Iron Man off to the distance when a set of bone claws were jammed into his abdomen, then pulled out swiftly. It happened in a matter of mere seconds, and caught him off guard as he let out a painful grunt. It dawned upon him what must’ve happened at the gym while he glanced down at claws. He faced the stranger dead on, noting the rather demonic grin on the punk’s face.

“It was you…” Logan uttered as he was brought to his knees.

Daken licked one of the claws clean, closing his eyes in pure satisfaction. “Hmmm…” he hummed. “Not to worry… I’ll take care of your light work. I’ll find her and bring you her head. How’s that sound?!”

The area around Logan started to spin, uncontrollably. He felt this wave of heat and everything went red. He charged right for Daken.

“That’s right, show me what you fucking got, old man!”
He let out a chuckle as Logan drove his body through a wall. He nodded, dusting himself off.

“That all you got?” he questioned menacingly.

Logan let out an animalistic growl. So, this brat wanted to play…let’s see how he handled it when play time was over.

“I ain’t got time for a runt like ya. Get out of the way so I can save my daughter!”

This was apparently the wrong thing to say, because Daken’s face went from amused to an unstable rage. His mouth bit back into a gritted snarl, “Her!” he roared. “It’s always her!”

Both combatants rushed towards each other with their respective claws drawn. To the people observing the two of them, it looked like two identical animals about to do battle. The stared each down before leaping into midair as the fight begun. One aggressive and determined, the other savage with hints of insanity. If Logan had been more calm and rational, he might have noticed the similarities between their fighting styles. Martial arts flowed into stabs with claws, head butts and fangs out as they bit into one another. If it wasn’t for the fact that both were trained killers, it would look like two great beasts fight for dominance over the side of a mountain. The flurry of attacks grew so fast that their healing factors could scarcely keep up.

“Yer good, boy… I’ll give ya that.” he grunted, dodging a swipe. “But, I’m the best!”

With that declaration, Logan slipped inside Daken’s defense, punching him in the face and leaving him stunned. His adamantium claws then flashed out in an arc as he sliced Daken’s hand off at the wrist. The hand, which still had the bone claws extended, landed in the street with a sickening splat. The dark warrior fell to the ground whilst clutching the stump of his ruined arm in agony. Wolverine stood above him with both his claws raised to strike the killing blow. His triumph was ruined when someone rammed straight into him, hitting him in the shoulder.

“Victor,” Logan snarled. “I should have known this was yer attack dog. Put him back on his leash before I muzzle him for good!”

Sabretooth just smirked at Logan while he helped Daken up. “Damn Jimmy! I knew you were sadistic when you wanted to be…but even I never believed you would mutilate your own son.”

Logan’s eyes widened in shock, “What?!”

“Oh come on, Pug. The claws, the rage, hell – the kid kinda dresses like you. Just think on it, one kid is a monster killing anyone who gets in her way. The other one just wants you dead!”

“I don’t believe ya, ya bastard!”

“Your funeral Jimmy-boy.”

That being said, Victor slung Daken over his shoulder and ran off; disappointed that his plans didn’t quite go as intended. He’d see to it another day, though.

Logan wanted to chase after them…. however, he needed to worry about Bella first. Looking around, he spied her new form off to the side of a building stalking around. Not too far from her, he sees something that makes him slap his forehead in annoyance. Both Iron Man and Hawkeye were arguing, it was obvious Tony wanted to take the Draconian down, but Clint kept getting in his way.

Well, Logan thought as he made his way over, at least someone else still cares about her well-being. He didn’t know how he was going to get that black sludge off his daughter; he just hoped that he could reach her, somehow. Judging by the size and viciousness of the alien creature, Bella was no longer running the show. Walking past the two jabbering superheroes – who didn’t even notice him, Logan carefully made his way up to his daughter.

He spoke to her in a soft tone, “Bella darlin’, it’s me. Yer dad.”

The black, oily dragon peered down at what it deemed to be nothing more than a puny human that dared to interrupt its fun.

“I don’t know if ya can hear me in there… If ya do, know I’m not leaving ya.”

With a screech of rage, the entity whipped its tail around striking Wolverine in the shoulder, then brutally pinned him to the brick wall with a large black spike. Logan grunted in pain, but he kept his eyes on the thing’s face.

“I don’t care what ya do to me!” I love ya, Bella. You would just have to kill me because I’m not going anywhere!”

Very slowly, the mask covering the face peeled back like a hand opening up. He could finally see his daughter’s face. Her eyes were closed but her expression was that of sheer misery. Reaching out with his uninjured arm, he brushed her cheek with his hand.

“Please come back. Come back to the people who love ya! Me, Aunt May, and Peter….”

Just like that, her eyes fluttered open, “Peter?” she stuttered out before meeting his gaze. “Dad?” she questioned.

“That’s right darlin, it’s me. Peter isn’t dead, but to see him, ya need to fight this. Fight it, now!”

Logan thought back to his and Peter’s phone conversation on the way over here. Peter had referred to the entity as the symbiote. He took his claws and ran them against the brick wall, creating a noise that caused the symbiote pain. It was at a different frequency than that of the Raptor’s high-pitch screech. While he did so, he could hear the determined growls of his daughter as she fought within the black mass.

“LET ME GOOOOO!” Bella roared, fighting to claw her way out.

Logan increased the scraping sound against the brick wall, keeping his eyes glued to hers.

“Ya got this…” he encouraged through gritted teeth.

Bella let out an agonizing cry as she reached out. Logan took her by the hand and pulled her towards him. The symbiote then vanished into a nearby sewer drain.

“Dad!” she cried, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He nodded and drew her towards his chest, “I gotcha, shortcake.”

“He’s right. We got this, Lil Devil. Just go and we’ll catch up later.”

She nodded but there was no disguising the fear in her eyes. Clint took notice and lifted her chin to make her look at him, he then placed a strand of hair behind her ear. Logan kept silent but felt a twinge of remorse for the man. It seemed as if Black Widow truly lived up to her name by destroying the lives of every man that was stupid enough to bring her into their lives. Unlike Tony… he rather liked Barton. He seemed like a down to earth guy and he hadn’t any doubt that if given the chance, he’d make a great father one day.

“Do as your father said and let Miss Grey take you back to the academy now. I promise to check up on you before I leave.”

She hugged him tightly while Clint swallowed the knot within the back of his throat. Jean stepped out of the car, making her way over. She took Bella gently by the hand and escorted her to the car. Once she had her inside, Jean waved the men off.

Jean looked on with concern as Bella looked like she’d have a breakdown at any given moment. She cleared her throat a bit whilst shifting gears, “You do realize that none of those thoughts were your own, right?
Bella snapped a look in her direction, shaking her head in disagreement.

“You need to listen to your father and Mr. Barton. They weren’t just saying those things. As I’ve told you before, I have a way of just knowing… it’s not in you.”
“How do I face ‘Spider-Man’ with blood on my hands?”

“That’s just it… it wasn’t YOUR doing. It’s time for you to come to terms with that. The sooner, the better. Spider-Man… he needs you.”

“I believe it’s the other way around.”

Jean took her by the hand and smiled, “Perhaps you need each other.”

“Yes.” Bella said with a nod. “But, I will always need him more than he needs me.”

Jean narrowed her eyes, “Why do you say such things?”
“Because it’s true. It’s always been true. Ever since we were kids, it was always me leaning on Peter – for everything and even now, I’m sitting here selfishly thinking about how I can’t wait to see him because it’s whatI need.”
“There’s nothing wrong with that and I’m certain he feels the same.”

“He’s stronger than me.”
“I believe you’re stronger together. Without one, the other wouldn’t ever be the same.”

The two remained silent until Jean parked at the academy. Bella went to exit the car, but Jean got a tighter hold on her hand.

“Not so fast…”

Bella regarded her in wonder. Jean closed her eyes and Bella gasped out as she was hit with a vision. It was Peter lying in the hospital wing of the academy with his eyes closed as he cried in pain for his ‘Izzy.’ Bella’s jaw dropped as Jean dropped her hold.

“I don’t know about Spider-Man, but I believe a certain Mr. Parker has been waiting long enough.”

The moment Bella entered the room, Aunt May shot up with a gasp. Peter narrowed his eyes, following her gaze.


Bella smiled, then timidly made her way over. Aunt May hugged her close and kissed the top of her head.

“Thank goodness you’re alright.”

She teared up a bit, causing Aunt May to hold her even closer. “Oh sweetheart… everything’s going to be just fine. You’ll see.”
On that note, Aunt May exited the room. Dr. McCoy gave Bella a mere nod as he too, exited the room. Once it was just the two of them, Bella paced the foot of Peter’s bed.

“Izzy?” he called out with apprehension.

“Peter…” she whimpered, whilst covering her face.
“I’m so sorry!” she sobbed brokenly.

Peter shook his head, tossing aside the covers and got up. He stood before her with a sideways glance.

“Peter! You should be in bed!” she scolded, causing him to chuckle a bit.

“I’m fine…”

“No, you’re not! You’re as white as a ghost and you look like shit!”

“Gee, tell me how you really feel!” he retorted with an eye roll.

“Get your ass back to bed!” she demanded.
“Make me!” he taunted playfully.


She covered her mouth in laughter, which made Peter smile. But that smile was soon to fade as she wrapped her arms around him and had herself a good cry.
“I got you, Izzy…” he whispered, but as he said it, the room was spinning and he saw dancing lights.

“Peter?!” she exclaimed with worry while managing to brace him against her.

Bella struggled as she lifted him up and carried him back to the bed.
“Um… well, this is awkward.” Peter muttered as he came to.

“Perhaps now’s a good time to put on that collar. Only maybe it should read Izzy’s bitch instead?”
“How does this make you my bitch?”

Great… I’ve been turned into your accessory poodle! Whatever you do… don’t dye my hair! And I’m not wearing bows!”

“Shut it!”

“So you wanna tell me what happened?”
“You mean before or after your demise?”

“Wait… I died? Huh… I hadn’t any idea. I feel fine.”
Bella tucked him in and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“I’m alright Izzy. I’m not going anywhere. We’re in for the long haul. You’re not ridding of me that easily.”

“Peter… it’s not just that. It’s what I did… The horrible things. I truly thought that was it and I let myself…”

“It wasn’t you Izzy – we both know that. I’m pretty sure everyone else has told you the same thing…”
“I wanted it to take me over! So how can you even begin to tell me this isn’t my fault? I let this… thing take me over. I didn’t even fight it.”

“A what!?”

“The Symbiote. You didn’t do this – the symbiote did. It took control of you, mind and body.”
“So why are you calling it a symbiote?”
“Because that’s what it is… it’s an alien, basically.”

“How do you know this?”

“I was in here for three days, Izzy. How else do you think your father got the information he needed in order to take it down. I might not have been there… but you know me. I’m always working even if it’s behind the scenes.”

“I kind of adore you, you know that?”

“I know you do…” he retorted with a playful wink.

“Now, get to talking and for every time you blame yourself or even attempt to, I’m going to web your mouth shut…”

(AN: Thank you Mommy4Thomas for being an awesome beta as usual! ❤ And thanks to the hubs for letting me pick at your brain, yet again. Whistling Dixon and Restealing Twilight’s Swan coming up soon! Remember to leave your comment/review or a simple like would more than suffice. Thanks!)


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  1. I’m glad Bella is back…and Peter and her are okay…great update hon as always…I can’t wait to read more…thanks, bigg huggs.

  2. I am so happy that Bella and Peter are okay. However, where did the symbiote go? I know it went down the drain but it has to have ended up somewhere. Is it going to take over another person? If it does will it be someone we know? Ahh! Damn you and you’re amazing writing, always making me want to read more- I’m becoming addicted to it. 😃 💙😊

  3. Poor Bella… that’s gonna be tough to bounce back from no matter what. Loved that Hawkeye made an appearance. I feel so much for Clint in this story.

    And fucking Daken! He sounds like a whiny little bitch – “Why daddy?! Why do you love Izzy more than me!?!?! It’s not fair!” 😛

    Victor… well, that dude is so ruthless I kinda have to admire him, lol. Clearly he’s on the hunt.

    “Thank you, Dr. McCoy.”
    “Please… call me Hank.”
    – I melted ❤

  4. Like with all of your stories that I have read, I absolutely love this story. Keen for another chapter when you’re able.

  5. Aw! I love Bella, Peter, and Logan, but I also wish Hawkeye could get a happy ever after! He was such a great dad to her, even now!

  6. Really digging this story- can’t wait for the next update. I really hope Natasha gets her head out of her ass and tells Bella how she REALLY feels about her- but knowing Black Widow, I doubt that will happen. 😦
    Then again, this is fanfic- anything can happen.
    Loving your stories,

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