Chapter 19 Moving Forward

Chapter 19 – Moving Forward

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Bella turned up the volume as she was watching the old Draconian footage.

Jesus…” She whispered and staggered back at the sight before her.

There was a scrolling newsfeed below. It was keeping count with the injury and death toll. Bella clamped a hand over her mouth at the final total. Nine. Nine were dead and twenty-eight were injured.

“What have I done?” She whispered beyond mortified.

She whipped around as she felt a hand along her shoulder.

“You…” She growled and Warren sighed in frustration.

“I’ll take whatever you dish out. I have it coming.”

Warren reached over and turned the TV off.

“Why are you watching that anyhow?!’

Bella lowered her head on this.

That… wasn’t you. We both know that. Raptor however…” He let out a miserable laugh.

“Well he wasn’t that much different from Angel.”

“If you’re looking for some sort of sympathy…”

Warren placed a finger along her lips.

“Please, let me finish. This is hard enough as it is.”

“What’s hard?” She challenged.

“I won’t even go there…”

“Nice. Real nice, Warren. People are dead, but by all means…  Do go on with your dick jokes.”

“Not really a joke around you.” He said without an ounce of sarcasm.

“Not any better…”

Warren pinched his eyes shut on this.

“You remind me of someone; someone that meant a lot to me. Your looks, the way you carry yourself, the way you are with your friends. I would’ve done ANYTHING to have her back in my life. So when you entered the picture, all I could think about was getting THAT back. Even if it wasn’t exactly her, you were the closest thing. Just looking into your eyes…  does things to me.”

“Warren…” Bella warned with Peter in mind.

Shhh… I’m not done.”

He seated her down on the guest room couch.

“I’m leaving. It’s for the best. After everything… This will give you time to heal. And you can breathe without concerning yourself with me and when I’m going to pop up and make your life even more hell then what it is already. I’m sorry, Romanoff. I know you don’t believe a word of what I’m saying, nor should you.” Warren closed his eyes then drew back the deepest of breaths.

“When I first met you… You gave me hope. When that hope started to fade, it left me desperate.

All I could think about was winning you over, one way or another. But when I truly think back on it… I was wrong. You made yourself perfectly clear and Bobby was right… I was a jerk and made a complete ass out of myself.” He cleared his throat and looked to be somewhat embarrassed as he wiped a couple of his own tears away.

“I miss her so much… I thought if I had you in my life. You’d somehow fill in that hole. But truth of the matter? I’m not so sure it can be filled.”

Warren hunkered down and took her hand into his own.

“No matter how much I envied him… it was NEVER my intention to…”

“I know.” Bella interrupted and Warren lifted his eyes on this.

“You might be a lot of things. But a murderer? Not of them. That much I know.”

“I did and said some pretty horrible things, Romanoff.”

“We both did. But it was the symbiote and not us.”

“In your case… not so much mine.”

Bella came to her feet on this. Warren rose to his and Bella leaned against the mantle. A group photo of the X-Men caught her eye. She picked it up and looked to it in thought.

“Nine. Nine people are dead and twenty-eight ended up on the hospital. And THAT was just Draconian. I haven’t a clue what the Raptor did. I hadn’t got to that part yet. All I know is what’s here…” Bella pointed to the area of his heart.

“Warren Worthington wouldn’t do those things, neither would Bella Romanoff.  I couldn’t live with myself otherwise. That’s not to say that didn’t take some convincing from my father and Peter. But once I allowed them in, it made sense. Warren, look at me.”

He lifted his eyes and Bella gave a simple nod.

“That wasn’t you. You don’t have to leave.”

“Yes I do.”


“I already said why.”

“You and I are fine. Now I won’t lie. It’s going to take some time to get that vision of Raptor…” Bella trailed off as just recalling that day had her ill.

Her Spidey… She truly believed him to be dead.

“All the more reason.”


“Given our history. I can see where you might think otherwise. I can’t stand Spider-Man and I detest Peter Parker. But what I feel for you… Well it’s enough to know that I would never hurt you like that. No matter how much I want him out of the picture. That would utterly destroy you. I might be a lot of things… But I’m not that heartless.”

“That right there only proves I’m right. Raptor did those things Angel, not you. Now I’m saying this as kind of sort of a friend. I mean let’s be honest… I’m not sure where we stand when it comes to that. You’ve made it very hard to think of you like that. If anything… I’ve gone out my way to avoid you. But you can take it or leave it… Quit being so smug and get that silver spoon out of your ass. Don’t let the digits to your name keep you feeling entitled, because you’re not. Whether you like it or not… You’re just as fucked up as the rest of us. The sooner you come into terms with that, the better.

Warren nodded but reached over and brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“I’ll take that into consideration.” He uttered with a smirk.

“Take care, Romanoff. Maybe one day I’ll be the Logan to your Jean. Until then, enjoy your Scott.”

He did a slight bow before exiting the room. Bella shook her head as she hadn’t a clue how to respond to that. Angel hadn’t the faintest. Bella and Peter were mated for life. If anything happened to Peter, there would be no moving on. And even at that… She most certainly didn’t see Angel the way Jean so Logan. She felt a sense of pity when it came to Warren. But that was it. And pity would only get you so far.  As for the whole Scott comment… That truly got under her skin, in the sense that Peter Parker was no Scott Summers. He wasn’t quite Logan Howlett either. Hell, he was Peter Parker aka Spider-Man – One of a kind. No one would ever come close in comparison.

“Dad? Peter?” Bella called once she entered her room.

They peered back and rather sighed in unison. This had Bella rearing back in disbelief.

“Ya weren’t supposed to see this just yet.” Her father uttered.

“Yeah way to ruin things, Izzy!” Peter playfully snapped.

They had the shelves that Logan built already up and they were about to get to her trophies. Bella looked into the box and found herself rather stunned. Bella picked up one of the trophies and sat on the edge of her bed.

“How did Uncle Ben get these back?” She asked as if in another world.

Peter stopped what he was doing and peered over.

“We dug them out of the dumpster.”

“How’d he…?”

“Thin walls… We pretty much knew everything…”

Bella recoiled on this. Logan already knew the story as Peter had filled them in while they were setting this up. Had Logan been in her life at that time, he wouldn’t have missed a single tournament. Time and time again, Logan felt robbed. He missed out on so much. That alone was his reason for not being a complete hard ass. Bella had enough of that in her lifetime. Now did he like the idea of Spider-Man fucking his daughter? Not even a little. But he knew it could be much worse. At least Bella was with someone Logan knew he could trust and Peter had a good head on his shoulders. There wasn’t a doubt in Logan’s mind that Peter would do anything for his daughter. Not every father could say that about their daughter’s boyfriend. He wasn’t bullshitting the day he told Peter he wanted to hate him. He did. But there was just something about the kid. Peter had a heart of gold and you just couldn’t hate him. Not when he treated Bella like a damn goddess.

“You know when I see these… I don’t think about my tournaments. Hell, I don’t remember much about them anymore. When I see these…  I see him.” Bella cleared her throat and was quick to wipe a stray tear off her cheek.

“Izzy, I couldn’t think of a better honor…” Peter said with a warm smile and placed one of the trophies onto a shelf.

Logan came across a picture while digging through the box. This had him looking to his daughter then back to the picture in hand.

“That you?” He questioned as to the little girl in the picture.

Peter laughed as it was a picture of Bella in the second grade. Her hair was untamed and one of her front teeth was missing.

“That’s Izzy alright!”

Bella blushed in response and nodded. Logan found himself a little choked up. He couldn’t get over how adorable she was – With those big brown eyes and that goofy grin. Only now her eyes were green and her hair was as red as Jean’s. He wouldn’t dare compare that girl to that bitch of a mother.

“Mind if I keep this?” Logan asked feeling rather lame but he hadn’t a single picture of the kid.

“Sure.” Bella replied with a shrug and Logan slipped it into his wallet.

“Aunt May has a whole bunch of pictures. I’ll see about getting you some copies.” Peter offered.

“Thanks, kid.”

“No prob!”

Peter went on to take out his own wallet and showed Logan a few more pictures. The kid had a picture for every grade. This only proved Logan’s theory about Peter Parker. He couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of his daughter’s affections. It was easy to see what Bella saw. Peter was quick to flip through the black bikini one he had of her and Logan shook his head. Peter had forgotten all about that one.  “Sorry…” He said in that high-pitched nervous tone.  He put his wallet up and Bella looked over in wonder.


“Nothing.” Peter uttered and went back to placing the trophies on the shelves.

Logan rolled his eyes and was grumbling under his breath. Once they finished, Bella looked over and smiled.

“I love it. Thank you, both of you.”

When they looked over Bella was reaching to her temples.

“Ya alright?”

“Yeah. Just a headache.”

“You need to sleep.” Peter said as he knew she hadn’t been sleeping well.

Her night terrors were enough to keep even that of him and Logan awake, considering their rooms were nearby.

“That’s the last thing I need.”

Bella dreaded the mere idea of falling asleep, because of these night terrors. They felt so real. Logan knew all about night terrors. To this day he suffered from them. There weren’t anywhere near like they used to be, but he had his moments.

Peter had plans of sneaking into her room tonight. He knew she slept better when he was holding her. Something about it put her more at ease, always had.

“Peter’s right. Why don’t we give you some space and let ya knock out for a few hours?”

“I’m okay. Really.”

“Come on, shortcake. Yer eyes are bloodshot and ya look like you’re about to fall over.”

“I just need some caffeine.”

“That’s the last thing ya need. Go on. Get some sleep and we can grab a bite to eat or somethin’ later.”

Bella’s cellphone sounded and she looked to the ID in surprise. She let out a hesitant breath however as she answered.

“What do you want?”

“Easy… I was just calling to check in.”




“That’s right, sweetheart. How you holding up?”

“Been better. Been worse. Find my mother yet?”

“That’d be a big nope.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“And S.H.I.E.L.D?”


“Well she’s gotta be somewhere.”

“Is that a hint of concern I hear?” Tony witted on the other end.

“Should I be?”

“Well that all depends… How would you feel if you were to never see her again?”

Bella half laughed.

“Wow. Is THAT what you really called about?”

“Hey you asked…” He reminded and Bella sighed.

“Look kid, believe it or not I called to see how YOU were doing. That was some pretty gruesome stuff. Draconian.”

                Bella recoiled and closed her eyes.


“But it’s under control now, right?”


“Cool. Why don’t you come by this weekend? You know… for old time sake. I thought Dr. Banner could run some bloodwork on you and…”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“What’s that?”

Bella laughed then pinched the bridge of her nose.

“The hell with you, Tony.” She said then crushed the phone with her bare hands.

“Izzy?” Peter called with concern.

She held up a hand and kept her eyes closed.

“Just give me a minute…”

Bella darted on out of the room and headed outside. Logan shook his head and followed.

When he stepped out Bella had a hand up against the building and was hyperventilating. He nodded amongst himself knowing damn well what she was doing. She was fighting ‘it’. Logan placed a soothing hand along her shoulder.

“Ya gotta slow those breaths down…” He whispered then spun her around so that she was facing him.

He drew back a breath then slowly let it out. He went on to show her how he usually went about it.

“There you go. Ya did good darlin’. Real good. Ya caught yerself, before you let it take control. That’s more control than I ever had.”

“I don’t know how to do this…” She uttered in a defeated tone.

“And what’s that shortcake?”

Her entire face flushed over and tears streamed on down her face.

“I remember everything. Every time I close my eyes I see myself as Draconian. I sense their fear. I hear their screams. I can smell their blood. And even with the knowledge that it wasn’t really me. It fucks with me because I know a small part of it was. I let it take me over. Dad, I think Peter’s right. It choses it’s host. But I think there’s more behind it. Think about it. Angel then me… Two mutants filled with this incredible need for vengeance and hatred.” Bella let out a miserable laugh.

“I just never pictured myself along the same lines of Angel.  Jesus.”

“If there’s one thing I know… yer nothin’ like birdbrain.”

“You sure about that? Why else would it take me over and right after him?”

“Bella darlin’, we done talked about this. Ya thought yer mate was dead. That on top of all the other bullshit you’ve been dealin’ with. It chose ya because of what you were feeling at that very moment. You gotta quit second guessin’ yerself. I doubt ya let Warren take the blame.” She recoiled on this and Logan nodded.

“See? I’m guessin’ he came ta ya before he left?”

“You knew?”

“Yeah. Kid actually asked my permission to say his goodbyes.”

Bella regarded her father in a stupor.

“Guess he felt pretty bad about what he did to you and Spider-Man. There was no convincin’ that kid to stay. He’s done. So don’t you even think about blamin’ yerself on that one. As for the Tinman… Well, I overheard what was said… Ya had every right in tellin’ him off. That guy has some fuckin’ nerve. Callin’ like he’s all concerned then droppin’ that bomb on ya. It ain’t right and he knows it.”

“Do you think she’s really missing?”

“There’s no tellin’ when it comes to yer mother.”

“What if she is? I mean…” Bella had this look of perplexity and downright misery.

“Don’t get me wrong. I want nothing to do with the bitch. Yet the mere idea of something happening to her… Well, I guess that makes me just as fucked up as she is, right?”

“Nah, I getcha. Coldhearted bitch or not, she’s still your mom.”

“That woman was nothing more than an egg donor. Aunt May’s been more of a mother to me then Natasha’s ever been. Being raised by her was like being raised by a drill sergeant.”

“You can’t choose what you’re born into but you can choose who your family is, when moving forward. Hell, if you really want to put that shit behind ya… Why don’t you consider takin’ my name?”

Logan had caught his daughter flatfooted.

“Your name?” She asked rather stunned.

“That’s right kid. You should be carryin’ it anyhow. I am yer father after all. But that’s yer decision. How do ya feel about becomin’ a Howlett?”

“You mean as in Isabella Marie Howlett instead of Romanoff?”

“That’s exactly what I mean. Only we can drop that whole Isabella shit. I know ya hate it. Bella Marie Howlett is fine.”

Logan choked back as she hugged the hell out of him.

“I’d love that!”

Logan cleared his throat as a few of the students were looking on.

“Alright…” He uttered then petted the top of her head.

“We can head to the courthouse and get that set up in the mornin’.”


Bella dropped her hold and Logan was heading back to the manor.

“Bye daddy!” Bella teased seeing the embarrassment written all over his face.

Logan grumbled under his breath and nearly tripped on the way in. Jean caught wind of this and stifled a giggle.

“That’s wonderful news!” Aunt May exclaimed while hugging Bella close.

The young woman smiled in response.

“Thank you.”

“Yeah Izzy, that’s great!”

“Right?! He mentioned taking me to the courthouse in the morning.”

Aunt May and Peter exchanged surprised glances on this.

“Bella…” Aunt May called as she was starting to drift in and out.

“Is there anymore coffee?”

“No Izzy. You need to sleep.”


“Come on…” He said while coming to his feet and offering a hand.

Bella had this look of absolute fear.

“I can’t. Please just…”

“I’ll be right there…” Peter assured and Aunt May placed a hand along her shoulder.

“They’re just dreams, my dear.”

“No. No they’re not. They’re real. Everything Draconian did… was real. And I just keep seeing it over and over. That voice…” Bella reached to her temples.

“I keep hearing it.”

“Voice?” Peter questioned.

“Every time I fought against the symbiote’s influence. It was so loud it took over my own thoughts and…” Bella trailed off and goosebumps spread along her body. Her hands balled up into fists.

“Before I realized what I was doing… I was giving into it. The angrier, the better I felt. It had me convinced that I took pleasure in whatever it made me do. “

“Like I said… You were a host, nothing more.”

“I know. But it didn’t feel that way. When I black out… I can’t remember a thing. Part of me wishes that was the case here. Seeing you die…” She trailed off yet again and Peter was quick to brace her against him.

“Oh my…” Aunt May said behind a gasp.

“Get that young lady to bed.”

“On it.” Peter said as he scooped her up.

Peter headed into Bella’s room and got her situated. Every now and then she’d whimper out; sighs that she was fighting in order to come to. Peter lay beside her and pulled her into his chest.

“I’m right here, Izzy.” He whispered then kissed the top of her head.

As he held her he thought back to everything that had taken place. Everything from Professor Xavier’s threat of having him expelled, Izzy’s violent attack, Ms. Romanoff’s visit, to the symbiote taking control of Warren then Izzy. Peter drew back the deepest of breaths and found himself holding her even tighter. There were times he wanted to ditch everything and take his Izzy someplace faraway – a place where no harm would ever come to her. He knew those feelings were irrational, but he couldn’t help it. She might’ve imprinted on him, but that didn’t change how protective Peter felt when it came to his Izzy. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that Spider-Man would take a life, if it meant saving hers, he wouldn’t bat an eye on it. Peter had a bad feeling this was just the beginning. Logan had told him about Natasha’s warning in confidence. Leave it to Black Widow to put her daughter’s life in even more danger than it is already.

Peter swallowed back as Bella clung to him in her sleep. His name escaped her lips off and on. Peter found himself doing something he used to do when they were younger. He ran a soothing hand along her back and hummed You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. Silly as it was… He remembered how that seemed to work back in the day. So he figured it was worth a shot. Anything to let her know he was still around. Peter raised his brows as it seemed to be working. Her body seemed more at ease and she loosened her grip on him. It wasn’t long before she was in a deep sleep. This made the first full night’s rest since she though Peter died and the symbiote took her over.

Peter rubbed the sleep from his eyes then rolled over looking to the time. Bella was singing You’ll Be In My Heart as she got dressed. She had a full on blush going however once she realized Peter was listening.

“Can’t get that song out of my head for some reason…” She muttered with a shrug and stepped into her shoes.

Peter smiled but didn’t comment on it.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Great surprisingly, not a single night terror.”

“That’s great, Izzy!”

Bella pulled her hair back into a ponytail then pecked him on the lips.

“Logan’s waiting…” She reminded.

“Ah, that’s right. You got a date at the courthouse!”


Peter took her hand into his own and gave it a little squeeze.

“Good luck.”


“Love you!” She hollered on the way out.

“Love you more!”

He narrowed his eyes however as his cellphone sounded.

Love YOU more. 

He chuckled in response.

Logan pulled up to the courthouse and parked the truck. Bella looked over as he had his hands along the steering wheel and was staring straight ahead.


He cleared his throat then leaned back with this offbeat look about him.

“We don’t have to do this…” Bella said catching the man off-guard.


“If you’re having second thoughts… I understand.”

“Second thoughts?! Why would ya go and think something like that?”

“Come on, Logan. You look like you’re going to shit yourself.”

Logan cocked a brow at this.

“First off I’m Dad. So knock that Logan shit off.”

Bella had a hint of a smile and nodded.

“Look kid, there are somethin’s you should know, before we do this. I won’t have ya goin’ inta this blindly. I’m not what ya think I am. I’ve done some shit in my lifetime. Some in which I remember, others not so much.

He drew back an uneasy breath.

“You know how ya black out and can’t remember shit?”

Bella nodded.

“Well let’s just say you have more control than I ever had. First time I ever went berserk. I killed a whole bunch of people.” Logan dropped his hands and shook his head.

“And this was a reoccurring ordeal, until I truly grasped what was taking place. But to this day it’s a struggle. Nothing like it was… but I have my moments. What you went through with that symbiote takin’ ya over. That’s nothin’ in comparison to the blood on my hands. Bella, I’ve taken lives of those I truly cared about and I hadn’t any recollection. All I know was I’d snap out of it to find myself covered in their blood and their bodies mutilated by my claws.

Bella cringed in thought and Logan nodded.

“Ya go on about the nine people Draconian killed. But darlin’, at least it was somethin’ else that took ya over and not one of yer spells. That’s what I’ve been tryin’ ta tell ya. I can see the struggle when one of yer spells is about ta hit and yer doin’ everythin’ ya can think of to fight it. I didn’t have that. There was no struggle. I’d see red and the next thing I know everything goes black. I wake up and BAM, death all around me.”

Bella listened, without interruption as her father told his story about the Weapon-X program and how his claws had been bone, before they got ahold of him. He went on to explain how they wiped his memory clean of anything before then and how he hadn’t a clue who he was for years.  Not until he ran into Victor again. Victor was more than happy to remind him and even managed to get Logan onto his side of things for a while. That is until bits and pieces of Logan’s memory came to play. It was then he realized Victor had lied to him about a great deal of things; one of those being how Victor had murdered the love of Logan aka Jimmy’s life and right in front of him. Once that memory hit… a massive fight broke out between the two. A fight that Victor unfortunately won and he fled not long after. It wasn’t until Logan met Charles that more of his memories were revealed.

“So that’s why Jasper and Victor referred to you as Jimmy.”

Logan nodded.

“I have no recollection of being this James or Jimmy they refer ta.”

“You should talk to Jasper. Maybe he could help you remember? Your days of serving, at least.”

“Ya want me to talk ta yer vampire friend?”

“He was your friend, long before he was ever mine. Seems like he was pretty fond of you.”

“I don’t know nothin’ about that kid.”

“Fine. I’ll talk to him.” Bella murmured with a shrug.

“Yer gonna hang out with yer old vampire pals and talk about yer old man’s past?”

“Sure. Why not?”

“After ya went and killed yer old flame?!”

“He wasn’t my old flame!”

“Then what was he?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing!”

“Ya sure about that?”

“Logan…” Bella warned and he chuckled.

“Nothin’ like havin’ a daughter that goes and kills the love sick fools before the old man can. And I done told ya about that Logan bullshit.”

Bella cut him a look and he laughed even harder.

“Face it darlin’ yer fucked. Yer a carbon copy of me and there ain’t shit ya can do about it.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Logan looked to be in thought about this.

“It can be…”

“Dad, you’re not that same man. You’ve come a long way. I’d rather take after you any given day of the week over that of my mother.”

He nodded in understanding. Still he felt for the kid, in the sense that neither of her parents were something worth looking up to. At least that’s the way Logan saw it. Bella opened her door and Logan cranked his head that direction.

“Well you coming or not, old man?”

The clerk slid the papers over and Logan stopped his daughter before she went to sign.

“You sure this is what ya want?”


“Alright then.” He moved his hand and let her sign where needed.

After everything was taken care of, the clerk handed over the documents showing that Isabella Marie Romanoff was now Bella Marie Howlett. To Logan this was a bit of a personal fuck you to Natalia. But that wasn’t his reason for taking this route. No. He wanted Bella to put all that shit behind her. He figured this was a good start. It wasn’t until he looked to the time that he realized they were there for a good three hours.

“Ya wanna grab a bite ta eat?”


“What are ya in the mood for?”

“Steak… maybe a side of ribs?”

“Girl after my own heart.”

Bella laughed as Logan continued in his stories about some of the students from the academy.

“That certainly sounds like Bobby.”

“Oh yeah. Damn kid was smitten when he first laid eyes on Marie (aka Rogue).”

“That’s kind of sweet, yet sad when you think about it.”

“I’m afraid the kid doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to Gumbo.”


“It’s what I call the Cajun.”

“That’s too funny! I’ll have to remember that one!”

They turned to someone clearing their throat. Logan rolled his eyes once he saw who it was.

“Well I heard the Wolverine had a daughter. Had to see this for myself.”

“Yeah well you can get lost now.” Logan sneered.

Bella regarded her father in question as their silverware started to rise. The man had this rather smug grin about him.

“Magneto.” He said while offering Bella in his hand in greeting.

Bella narrowed her eyes as she looked to the floating silverware then back to the older man in the fedora.

“I’m guessing your ability has something to do with metal.”

The man nodded but seemed rather offended when Bella wouldn’t shake his hand.

“Magneto, huh?”

He nodded once again and Bella sort of laughed.

“Did you give yourself this name or was that Humphrey Bogart when you raided his closet?”

Logan had a good laugh at this and Magneto raised his brows.

“Mind putting our silverware down?”

He lowered their silverware then went on to give Bella the same spiel about The Brotherhood, that he had Logan back in the day. Bella ate her steak in silence. Once he finished, Bella dabbed at her face with a napkin.

“So let me get this straight… You want me to join a cause in which stands AGAINST mankind but WITH mutants?”

Magneto nodded.

“Are you drunk or mentally challenged?”

This had the leader of the Brotherhood tilting his head.

“That’s like saying you want to take out all the women in existence and make it a man’s world.”

Logan cocked a brow wondering where his daughter was going with this.

“One doesn’t exist without the other. You take out the entire human population then what have you? We all derive from something. I’m guessing your parents were mutant?”


Bella shook her head and regarded the mutant in absolute disbelief.

“Then you do realize just how stupid you sound, right?”

Magneto went to say something on this only to have Bella beat him to the punch.

“Look Maggie, I’m not buying whatever you’re selling. So why don’t you take a walk and go fuck yourself.”

Logan choked back on his beer and Magneto looked to him whilst shaking his head.

“She’s certainly YOUR daughter.”

“You got that right, bub.”

“What’s this?” Peter asked as Logan handed him a wad of money.

“I want ya ta take Bella out tonight.”

Peter looked to the money then back to Logan.

“You want me to take her on a date…?” Peter questioned looking lost as ever.


“And you want me to use THIS in order to do so?”

“That’s right.”

Peter stuffed the money back into Logan’s hands.

“Thanks but no thanks. I can take Izzy out with MY own money.” He said looking truly offended.

Logan reared back on this.

“Ya got a problem with me givin’ ya money ta take my daughter out?”

“Yeah actually I do.”

“Why? Shouldn’t ya be over the moon that I’m offerin’ the two of you sometime alone?!”

“That’s not it and you know it! Sorry if my idea of taking Izzy out isn’t up to PAR with you. So what is it? You want me to take her to fancier restaurants, dancing?! WHAT?!” Peter spat feeling as though he were on the verge of a panic attack.

“Jesus, kid. What’s with you?! I meant nothin’ by it. Just figured the two of you could use some time away from the academy. With everythin’ my daughter’s been through and her night terrors. I just figured it was somethin’ y’all needed. I meant nothin’ by it.”

Peter recoiled once he realized Logan was being genuine.

“Sorry. You’re right. Izzy could use some time away. I just thought…”

Logan cocked a brow and Peter let out a frustrated sigh.

“I’ll never be the rich guy and I won’t be able to take Izzy out on fancy dates. But she’s never been that type of girl to begin with. I don’t have much to offer but I’m giving your daughter my all.”

“Look at ya. Standin’ there, sweatin’ bullets, over nothin’. If you was that kind I would’ve ran yer ass off by now, son. So quit jumpin’ ta conclusions and take the fuckin’ money. All I care about is you showing my daughter a good time and helpin’ ta get her mind off this shit. I don’t care what you do as long as you treat her right. Hurt her and I’ll take my claws and neuter yer sorry ass. And that’s another thing… Yer not ta leave her side. I mean it. It’s not exactly safe for her out there but I can’t bear the thought of keepin’ that girl prisoner either. She’s had enough of that. So be safe. Keep an eye and ear out.”

Peter looked to the money and sighed as it was a hundred bucks.

“What do I do with all this?”

“Take her to dinner and a movie. Use whatever’s left ta spoil the girl.”

“Izzy hates that shit.”

“Then do it without making it noticeable.”

“I’ll do what I can.”

Logan gave a simple nod then went about his way.

“Peter!” Bella called behind a gasp.

He chuckled as he was hanging from a web on her ceiling.

“You know… We could have a lot of fun with this…” He hinted and webbed her over.

She laughed as he dropped down just a little more. He licked the crotch of her pants.

“Peter…” She scolded behind a giggle.

“What should we call this move? The webdangling sixty-nine or the webslinging buffet?”

He gave one more teasing lick before dropping down.

“We’re definitely trying that one out…” He said with a wide-grin.

Bella laughed as he plopped down on the bed.



“Thought you could put on that little black skirt Spider-Man likes and we could hit a movie. Maybe grab a bit to eat after?”

“As in a date?”

“Yeah one of those.”

“Huh… Well what if I already had plans?”

“It’s okay to cancel them.” He murmured with a shrug.

“Is it now?”

“Yep. You’re my biggest fan after all.”

“Spider-Man’s biggest fan…”


“Sorry. You’re my silver medal.” She taunted and Peter webbed her mouth shut.

“Much better. We’ll just keep it like that throughout the night.”

Bella folded her arms about her chest and Peter sighed.

“Fine…” He grumbled and made his way over.

He pried the webbing off her mouth and kissed her.

“So… little black skirt and maybe those lacy Spider-Man panties?” He pleaded whilst wiggling his brows.

“If you wear the collar…”


Bella laughed as he darted on out of the room.

Logan reared back with a what the fuck expression. He’d stepped out of the manor and just in time to see his daughter connecting a leash to the collar Peter was wearing. She pulled him into the cab that was waiting for them and Peter shut the door.

“Well that’s different…” Jean called from behind.

Logan shook his head as he hadn’t a clue what to say to that.

“Guess she has the same dominating personality as her father.”

“Are you sayin’ you want a collar too, Red?”

Jean struck the Wolverine stupid as she ran a hand along his chest. Then she leaned into his ear.

“Get me a leash to go with that and you can lead me wherever you want.”

And on this note, she walked away.

“Well fuck me sideways, I gotta find out where Bella got that collar.”

Peter let out a moan as he hovered over Bella. She was tugging at that leash and kissing him. The cab driver cleared his throat and Bella had a full on blush going. Peter chuckled as she went on to take off the collar and leash.

“Oh man… We could’ve had a lot of fun with that!” Peter playfully bitched.


“You should be!” He pouted as she stuffed them into her purse.

“Maybe later…” She teased.


“We’ll see.”

Peter wrapped his arm around her and discreetly checked to see if she was indeed wearing a pair of Spider-Man panties.

“…fuck…” he muttered in response.

She was… only these were a NEW pair and a thong at that.

“That’s so hot.” He whispered and lowered her skirt back down.

“Matching bra to go with that…”

“Izzy…” Peter murmured looking to be in absolute agony.

Peter had the cab come to a stop about halfway through town. He paid the fare and Bella regarded him in question as he stepped on out. Bella shrugged on this and exited the cab as well. He took Bella by surprise as he fired off a web and grabbed ahold of her. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck as he took her somewhere a little more secluded. It was a building that was in the midst of construction. But since it was after hours it was currently closed. Meaning they had the entire area to themselves. Bella observed as he went on to create this massive web. Once he finished he wrapped a web around her waist and sent her flying towards the middle of the web. Her jaw dropped as he went on to bond her wrists and ankles to it. From there Peter stripped Bella down to her bra and panties. He stuffed her blouse and skirt into her purse but retrieved the collar and leash. He sent her a wink as he placed them on HER. Once he finished setting everything up, he revealed the old Spider-Man suit beneath his clothes. Bella laughed as he placed the mask on and crawled on over. Spider-Man tugged at that leash then leaned into her ear.

“I hear you’re my biggest fan…” He whispered in such a way.

Bella swallowed back and Spider-Man pressed himself against her.

“That true?”

The young woman nodded as there was no a way she could speak actual words at the moment. Her heart was going ninety to nothing and she was focusing on not panting like that of a true fangirl.

“Izzy…” He seductively whispered.

“Why do you think Spider-Man went out his way to hail you that cab, to buy you that hotdog, and randomly appear whenever needed?”

She chewed on that lower lip of hers and the young man beneath the mask had this cat that ate the canary grin. And that’s just what this was. She was his canary and he was about to devour every inch of her. He lifted the mask and tugged at that leash as he kissed her. Bella moaned into his mouth and Spider-Man thought he’d rip through his suit he was so hard. The kissing continued as he pulled her little Spider-Man thong to the side. He never realized just how much of a turn on this would be. His Izzy. His biggest fan. Caught in a web and for him to do whatever he pleased. Izzy let out this pleasurable cry as he slipped a couple fingers into her slit. It wasn’t long before he had her gushing all along that suit and the web itself.

“Fuck Izzy…” He whispered in disbelief.

He went on to lick her clean. Bella squirmed about and for whatever reason that had him even more turned on. He grabbed ahold of her and buried his tongue as far as it would go. Spider-Man put that tongue to work and Izzy arched off the web and let out a cry he never dreamed of hearing.


This had the webslinger gritting his teeth. And as much as he loved that little bra and panty set, he was dying to see her in his web and in the buff. He cringed on the inside as he ripped that bra and panty set off her. He kept in mind to buy her one just like it. Hell, he’d buy her seven days’ worth just so she’d have one for every day of the week. The mere idea had him even harder. He tugged at that leash and heatedly kissed her. He couldn’t believe how turned on his Izzy was. So his girl liked a little domination. He’d have to keep that in mind. Not that he’d ever take it too far but he certainly didn’t mind toying around with the idea from time to time. It was a massive turn on. He hadn’t realized this side of him even existed. Then again it was her reaction that had him over the edge. But when he truly thought about it… It made sense. It was probably a relief to have someone else taking the reins and letting her Spidey pleasure her in whatever way he could think of. And that’s just what he planned on doing.

He took a moment to truly appreciate the view before him. He couldn’t get over just how incredibly hot that was. He’d have taken a picture if he wasn’t so into the moment. He took off the collar and leash and had those dangling off the web. From there he freed her wrists and ankles and managed to get her onto all fours. He had her clinging onto the web as he kept a good hold and went on to give her a through fucking.

Bella giggled as Peter had his face buried between her breasts.

“Can I stay here? Like forever?” He murmured.


“Awesome!” He said and went on to lick and suck on her nipples.

He lifted his head however as Izzy let out a moan during.

“You’re really into this, aren’t you?” She nodded and had him get back to work.

This had him chuckling against her breasts. He cleared his throat at one point and cut her a pleading glance.

“Umm can we go again?”

Izzy looked down and smiled as he had a precum dripping out of him.

“Like you have to ask…”

“Oh thank god…” He whispered and she let out a gasp as he drove his entire length in.

“Will you say it?” He pleaded.

“Say it?”

“…yeah…” He gave a teasing thrust and kissed along her neck.

“Come on, Izzy. I just want to hear you say it. Even if it’s just the one time and I never hear it again.”

She narrowed her eyes in question. And he sighed as he leaned into her ear.

“What do you want Spidey to do…?” He hinted.

She blushed once she realized where he was going with this. Izzy leaned into his ear in return and gave his lobe a little lick.

“…fuck me Spidey…” She whispered in a seductive matter and the webslinger lost all composure.

He thrust with everything he had and looked her in the eyes.

“I lied. Say it again…” He said with a smirk.

She let out a moaning giggle and gave into his wishes. He threw his head back in a finish. He couldn’t help it that had been the ultimate fantasy for him, at least when he first learned how into Spider-Man Izzy was. But that was just ONE of many fantasies and he planned on trying each and every one of them. In fact, he found himself rather curious… Did she ever fantasize about him the way he did her? The mere idea had him riled up yet again. He thought back to that Spider-Man poster in her closet and the panties. Bella regarded him in downright shock as he went back to pumping, yet again.

“Sorry…” He uttered behind gritted teeth.

“Don’t be…” She whispered in such a way and with a massive grin.

“GOD DAMN IZZY!” He shouted.

Peter ran a soothing hand along her back. He drew back a hesitant breath knowing they couldn’t stay much longer. The sun would be up soon and the constructers were sure to arrive any minute.

“Hey…” He called out and gave his Izzy a bit of a shake.

She yawned and stretched her arms about.

“Hmm?” She tiredly hummed.

“We gotta jet…”

She frowned and Peter chuckled.


She snuggled up against his chest and Peter kissed the top of her head.

“Come on…” He handed her clothes over.

“I’ll take you out for breakfast and maybe we can hit an early show.”

“But I’m all comfy.”

Peter lifted her chin with his fingers and kissed her.

“You got three minutes tops, before you give one of the constructers a bit of a thrill.”

Her eyes widened in thought and he chuckled as she hopped up and got dressed. Once she was fully clothed. He lowered her down and did away with any evidence of having been there. He scooped her up afterward.

“Hold on…” He warned with a grin and fired off a web.

They were on their way to one of their favorite cafés when his spider senses went off.

“Peter?” She called with concern.

Peter looked towards the area in thought.

“Sorry Izzy…” he murmured and started to lower her down.

“Take me with you. I can help.”

Peter tilted his head as if the thought never occurred to him. Normally, he’d be against something like that. But he knew his Izzy could hold her own. And he rather dug the idea of them teaming up for once.

“Alright.” He said with a shrug and kept a good hold as he headed that way.

“Thanks!” He called as she went on to help him get into costume.

“No prob!”

Not that it really mattered now. Everyone knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man. He knew that wasn’t something he couldn’t hide if he was going to join Izzy at the academy. He figured it best to rip that band-aid off himself rather than make a big fuss about it later. Big fuss as in the way Tony Stark went about his reveal. Spider-Man rolled his eyes in thought.

“What a show off…”

“Huh?” Bella questioned and he cleared his throat.

He hadn’t realized he’d said that out loud.

“Nothing.” He murmured and landed right where his senses had targeted.

Bella shook her head as Iron Man and his Avengers were already there. Before them was some guy decked out in green and he had on a helm that reminded Spider-Man of a goat. He had a staff in hand and was demanding that everyone bow before him. Spider-Man set Izzy down and Iron Man nodded their direction. Meanwhile, the guy in green went on and on about how he was a god and how he’d plans of taking over the world and would enslave all humans etc…

“Decided to join us?” Iron Man questioned.

“Lil Devil?!” Hawkeye called and Izzy ran over and hugged him.

“Oh sure… He gets a hug.” Iron man complained.

Bella ignored this and looked over to see that Spider-Man had this staff in hand now.  He tossed it Hawkeye’s direction.

“I’m guessing you need this?”

The man aka god decked out in green looked to his empty hand wide-eyed and Bella snorted.

“Uh oh… He looks mad.”

“Sorry…” Spider-Man called and went on to replace the staff with a broom.

“There you go! All better now.”

Hawkeye looked to the staff then back to Spider-Man in disbelief.

“Thanks kid!” Captain America called and Izzy’s jaw dropped.

“Captain America…?!” She called and he gave a mere nod.

“Holy shit! You’re an Avenger?!”

He nodded and Bella frowned.

“Well that sucks…”

This had the Captain rearing back in wonder.

“Never pegged you for someone that would follow that one’s lead.” She said whilst pointing Iron Man’s direction.

“Play nice…” Iron Man uttered.

“Why? You don’t.”

“Right?” Spider-Man uttered in full agreement.

“You will pay for…” The one in green started to say.

“Sweetie, can you keep it down? Mommy and daddy are having a conversation.” Spider-Man witted.


“Yeah yeah… Go ride that broom of yours and call it a day.” Spider-Man uttered and webbed his mouth shut.

“And you are…?” Bella questioned with a nod towards Thor.

“Thor, son of Odin!”

“Um okay, sure. Dig the hair. What shampoo do you use?”

Bella walked on over and ran her fingers along the ends of Thor’s hair.

“So soft…”

Spider-Man reared back on this.

“Don’t tell me you dig guys with long hair!”

Bella snorted on this.

“Why are you growing yours out?!”

“I JUST MIGHT!”  Spider-Man spat and slapped her hand away.

“Stop that.”


“It’s quite alright. I am used to it.” Thor murmured with a conceited grin.

“I bet…” Spider-Man grumbled under his breath.

Thor showed off those pearly whites of his and Bella smiled.

“That’s so cool. Getting in touch with your effeminate side like that. You know most men shy away from things like that. But not you and a god nevertheless! Impressive!”

Hawkeye choked back in laughter.

“Effeminate?!” Thor bellowed and Bella nodded.

“Dammit so now I have to grow my hair out and become one with my feminine side?!”

This had Bella wrinkling her nose.



“You like getting laid, right?”

“Sure do!”

“Then I strongly advice AGAINST that.”

“Still it doesn’t hurt to see what kind of shampoo he uses…”

“For my hair, right?”

“Not everything’s about you Izzy…”

Thor shook his head then went on to help Hulk apprehend the god known as Loki.

“Why don’t you two come by headquarters?” Iron Man called.

“Why? So you can try and sell us another one of your Avenger speeches?” Spider-Man bitterly spat.

“No. Just a visit, for old time sake.”

“Old time sake? As in you’re going to drown yourself in bourbon and go on another one of those ego kicks of yours?” The webslinger added and Bella frowned in thought.

“Yeah thanks but no thanks.” She murmured and Iron Man sighed.

“Come on, kid. I really think you should let Dr. Banner…”

“Don’t you even fucking say it…” Spider-Man interrupted knowing where this was going and he’d be damned if his Izzy became one of Tony’s lab rats.

“That’s enough Tony.” Hawkeye warned.

“Go on Lil Devil. You too kid. Thanks for the help!”

“Don’t mention it.” Spider-Man replied and went on to grab ahold of Bella.

“Say goodbye Izzy.”

“Goodbye Izzy!” Bella smarted and Spider-Man chuckled as he took off.

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