Chapter 3 Black Widow’s Web of Lies

Chapter 3

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Keep in mind this is AU. This story will not follow the movies or comic books verbatim. Only a few things here and there.

“Peter!” Bella giggled, as he circled her on his rollerblades

He grinned and skated off, catching up to Gwen Stacy. Bella sighed amongst herself. Gwen had both Peter and Harry wrapped around her little pinky. To them, she hung the moon and the stars. Throughout the years, Gwen had matured and grew to be more and more gorgeous. Gwen had beautiful jade colored eyes and long silk blonde hair. Everything about Gwen seemed flawless to someone like Bella. She was a bit of a klutz, her hair was usually a mess, because it was hard to tame and frizzy. She thought her mocha brown eyes weren’t as pretty as Gwen’s. They were now in the fourth grade. Today, they were celebrating Peter Parker’s birthday and he had invited his friends to join him at the skating rink. Before skating, they had pizza, cake, and ice cream. He had opened his presents, as well.

Harry blew past Bella on his skates nearly knocking her down. “Harry!” Bella scolded, taking off after him.

He laughed and quickly grabbed Peter, using him as a human shield. Bella then sighed, zipped around, and pulled Harry’s shirt over his head. Peter and Gwen died in laughter. Harry growled under his breath as he tugged his shirt back down. Bella waved back at Harry in a taunting manner while she skated away backwards. Peter caught up to Bella as his laughter continued.

Bella had smiled, but it quickly faded. The lights dimmed, signifying a couples’ only floor. She took notice of Peter glancing in Gwen’s direction, with hope in his eyes. Bella forced that smile to return, “You should ask her.”

He looked to her wide eyed. That caused Bella to giggle.

“Are you crazy?”

She shrugged, making her way off the floor. “Just go…” she encouraged.

He sighed, looking in Gwen’s direction. Harry however, skated right over and took Gwen’s hand without hesitation. Bella grimaced on Peter’s behalf. “Sorry…” she whispered.

Peter sighed with disappointment and sat beside Bella on one of the benches.

“I’m going to get a drink. Would you like one?”

Peter hadn’t heard a word she said; his focus was still on Gwen. Bella miserably laughed to herself. “…right…,” she muttered under her breath and headed on over to the snack bar.

A group of older kids from school blocked her path before she got there. She rolled her eyes. It was the usual group that always loved to pick on her and Peter on the way home from school. These kids were in the sixth grade, whereas Peter and Bella were only in fourth.

“Let me borrow some money.”

Bella shook her head and tried to walk past them. The taller boy then put a threatening hand on her shoulder.

“Come now… Just give me that five that’s hanging out of your pocket.”

He went to grab for it and Bella slapped his hand away. The boy just laughed, “Cute…”

Bella shrugged his hand off her shoulder, “Leave me alone!”

The boy easily reached over and jerked the five dollar bill out from her blue jean pocket.

“HEY!” Bella shouts.

Peter heard this and his eyes darted that direction. The kid held the money in the air as she jumped up reaching for it, “GIVE IT BACK!”

The boys begun to laugh, shoving her about cruelly. Peter hopped up and rushed over, “She said give it back! And quit pushing her!”

That only made them laugh harder. Peter sighed while Bella swiftly covered her mouth in shock. Without another thought, Peter swiftly kicked the guy in the balls. He then grabbed Bella’s money and handed back to her.

“NO!” Bella shouted as the other boys grabbed Peter and was about to lay into him.

“YOU KIDS KNOCK THAT OFF!” The manager shouted as he stepped out of his office.

Bella sighed in liberation as the boys hastily let go and backed off.

“I want you out of my rink! NOW! Go on!” The manager demanded, pointing to the door.

The older kids rolled their eyes bitterly and headed towards the door.

“You two alright?”

“Yes, sir.” they replied.

He nodded, heading back to his office. Bella turned to Peter afterward with a grin.
“What?” he inquired with confusion.

She giggled and pecked him on the cheek, “That was AWESOME!”

He looked to her in utter amazement, “Huh?”

“I can’t believe you kicked that guy in the balls!” she said with another giggle. “I believe that earns you a candy bar too!”

He reared back and put his hand to his cheek. Peter’s entire face then flushed over. He swallowed back in realization. He’d never been so confused. He glanced back towards Gwen. She and Harry had no clue to what had taken place, as they were still skating. Peter narrowed his eyes and turned back to Bella. A girl who unknowingly had a crush on him since she’d first met Peter Parker.

“What candy bar and drink do you want?!” she called out with a smile.

“HUH?!” He called out in a stupor.

As Bella walked off to the snack bar Peter found himself in a conundrum. He felt like he was being pulled in two different directions. On one hand, he felt this strange pull every time he looked at Gwen Stacy, his heartbeat would speed up and he’d get a little dizzy too. Then there was Bella; especially when she was nice to him. His whole body would get warm and he couldn’t help but smile.

Peter looked down, “Oh man my head hurts….”

Gwen and Bella cover their mouths in laughter as they hide from the boys. Gwen poked her head out from behind the slide.

“Do you see them?” Bella whispered.


They both shrieked out however, as Peter roared out. Their attention snapped to the top of the slide, where he’d climbed.

“PETER!” Bella scolded, reaching to her heart.

He smirked seeing it coming. They screamed once again as Harry came up behind them and tapped them on their shoulders. The girls then took off running while the two boys died in laughter, then chased after them, once again.

When the bell rang, the four of them groaned out in disappointment. “Back to class…” Harry muttered.

“Ugh! Mr. Watson’s class…” Bella droned.

“I know…” Peter added.

Like usual, Peter waited for Bella after school, whereas Gwen and Harry’s parents picked them up from school. Peter and Bella took the bus and had to walk a couple blocks in order to get home. He smiled once Bella greeted him at her locker.

“Don’t forget your math book this time, Izzy!” Peter reminded.

She sighed, “Right…”

She opened her locker, placing the books she needed into her backpack. Once she was done, Bella followed Peter out. They got on the bus and like usual sat in the very back. They started on their homework, so they’d have more time to play later.

“I got a new game!” Peter said as Bella was solving a math problem.

“What kind?”

“It’s a video game! It’s called Final Fight!”


He nodded and continued to work on his homework, as well. When the bus got to their stop, they hurriedly put their things away and rushed off the bus. Peter was telling Bella all about his new video game on the way home.


They froze and glanced upon one another.

“Oh man…” Peter groaned.

He was just about to suggest running for it. But there was no running. They were surrounded.

“I believe you owe me five dollars!”

The one who Peter had kicked in the jewels, pointed directly upon Bella.

“I don’t owe you anything!”

She gasped out as one of them jerked her backpack out of her hand.


“Nah, your little girlfriend needs to learn a lesson… and so do you!”

They force Peter and Bella into an alleyway.

“PETER!” Bella shrieked out as two of them pinned him back against a building.

The main one walked over and socked Peter in the gut.

“STOP IT!” Bella cried out.

She broke out of the other’s hold and rushed over.

“IZZY!” Peter shouted as she took a hit meant for him. She then shoved the guy back.

“Stupid girl!” He yelled and grabbed her by the hair. Peter came at him like a bull and shoved him up against a metal dumpster, “RUN IZZY!” he hollered as they each were taking a swing at him. She shook her head and started to cry.

“Awww… Is the little baby gonna cry now?”

“Look, she’s crying!”

“SHUT UP!” Peter called out.

“She’s crying over her little boyfriend. Isn’t that sweet?”

“Oh shit…” one of them called out.


“Dude, it’s my dad!” The main bully announced looking of fright.

At this they were quick to disperse. Bella angrily wiped her eyes and Peter came to his feet. He groaned out reaching to his stomach.

“Peter…?” she cried out with concern.

He gave a simple nod. The truth of the matter was that he wanted to cry, as well. But not never in front of a girl! Especially her! He gritted his teeth, forcing it back, “Let’s just go home.” He moaned.

She nodded as they grabbed their bags and headed to the apartment. To their surprise, Natasha was already home. She was waiting for Bella outside the apartment, her body was up against the wall. Her arms were folded about her chest. Just the mere appearance of Bella’s mother gave Peter chills.

“You’re late…” Natasha scoffed.

Only she does a double take and tilted her head about. She made her way over and cupped Bella’s chin. She looks to her daughter, then to Peter, “What’s this?”

Bella sighed and told her mother what took place. Once she was done… Natasha shook her head, with a look of shame about her, “You should’ve been able to defend yourself!”

Peter’s eyes widened, his jaw nearly hitting the ground.

“All these years… What has my money been going to?! You come home like this?! Then you tell me that you didn’t fight back?! You just let them beat you up?!” Bella recoiled and lowered her head.

“Inside now!”

“I don’t want to hear any more excuses!”
Bella turned to Peter with embarrassment written all over her face, “I’m sorry. I can’t play today.”

He nodded, but couldn’t help shooting her mother a rather dirty look. Natasha took notice of this, “You! Go home!”

“Yes mam…”

He entered the apartment to see his aunt and uncle at the dining room table. They nodded towards him as he swiftly shut the door, his bottom lip quivering. Whilst his aunt and uncle cared for his wounds and showed him love and concern, over what had taken place; Natasha lit into her daughter. The three of them turned towards the direction of the Romanoff apartment.

Bella jumped as her mother entered her room with a black trash bag. She angrily grabbed one of her martial art trophies and chucked it into the bag.

“What are you doing?!” Bella yelled.

“You obviously don’t deserve these!”
Bella’s jaw dropped as her mother grabbed each trophy she’d ever earned over the years and began to toss each of them into the bag.

“You can’t do that!” She screamed, while darting over and reached for the bag.

Natasha jerked it out of her reach, “Why didn’t you fight back?! Why did you let them beat you and Peter to a pulp?! I want to know and I want to know now!”

She lowered her head with no answer.

“That’s about what I thought. I bet you just stood there and cried!”
“There were FOUR of them and they were bigger than me!”

“That’s no excuse!”

Natasha picked up a certain trophy, “SIX…”

She looked to her mother confused.

“SIX is what you should be able to take down by now and on your own!”


“I could take down twice as many at your age!”

Bella’s entire face lit up, “I’M NOT YOU!”

“No, but you are MY daughter! I expect more out of you! This… this right here! NOT IT! They could have killed you and that would’ve been stupid on your part…because you can take it! You’ve been taught to deal with these sorts of situations!”

Natasha trashes the rest of her trophies, “You’re starting over! I want your belt scrapped. You will begin with white! You will retake self-defense as well!”
“NO I WON’T! I earned those!”

“Then you must’ve cheated!”

“You were there! You know I earned them!”
“It doesn’t matter. You’re starting over and that’s final.”
“GIVE THEM BACK!” Bella yanked the bag out from her mother’s hand.

She dug through the bag and begun placing them back on the shelves.

“You will put those back in the bag. Walk out to the bin outside and place the bag into the trash, where they belong. As of now… You’re grounded! Three months! That means no playdates with your friend!”
“You can’t stop me from playing with Peter! We go to school together.”
“I haven’t any issue sending you to a private school. Maybe that’s what you need!”


“In fact… That may be the issue, considering you feel the need to talk back to me!”
Bella closes her eyes and places the trophies back into the bag, “I’ll throw them away and I’ll hand in my belts.” Bella muttered with a broken heart.

“That you will…”

Bella nodded and stepped on out of the apartment. She walked over to the trash bin and threw away four years’ worth of achievements. Once she reentered the apartment, Natasha took her by the hand. She led her to the bathroom and tended to her wounds.

As for Peter? He ran to his room and slammed the door, burying his face into his pillow.

Later that night, Uncle Ben shook Peter awake, “Let’s go…”

Peter tiredly rubbed his eyes and looked to the time. It was currently 1 am.

“Hurry along now…”

Peter nodded as Uncle Ben handed Peter his jacket. They then walked out to the trash bin and retrieved Bella’s trophies. Once they were done, Uncle Ben put a finger to his lips and winked upon his nephew. Peter smiled and hugged him, “Thank you…” he whispered.

Uncle Ben merely nodded and kissed the top of his head.

“Hey, Lil Devil…” he said, while cutting Tony a look, a what the hell are you doing here one to be exact.

Bella lit up at the sound of his voice. She whipped around and took off running. He smiled, opening his arms. Though he loved seeing this girl, something that had become a rarity now, it pained him all the same. He had hoped of becoming somewhat of a father figure to Bella. He’d made plans for Bella and her mother to be in his future. Only living up to her name, Natasha ripped his head off and was quick to move on from there. It rather hurt seeing her with Tony Stark not very long after.


He chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He lifted her up off the ground, hugging her in return. Tony rather scoffed at this.

“It’s not for long. I just have a few errands to run.”
“Let me guess… She’s cramping your style?” Clint mutters.

Tony smirks at this, “At least one of us has style. Amongst other things…” Tony hinted cruelly.

“Not so sure that’s something to be proud of, Stark.”

“Hmmm… Look, I’ll be back in a couple hours.”
“Take your time. We’ll be fine. Won’t we, Lil Devil?” Bella nodded with a beam about her.

“…ass…” she heard Clint mutter, once Tony left.

She giggled at that as his eyes widened, “Umm… Yeah don’t repeat that.”
“I won’t…” she assures.

He sighed in relief, “Good. So… how are things?”

She shrugged, but Clint could see it all over her face, “Something happened, didn’t it?” he shook his head, “I should’ve known…with him bringing you here and all. So, what’s up?”

Bella plopped down on the couch. “Nothing…”

“Come on now…”

“Just got grounded, that’s all.”

“You?!” He said with the raising of brows.

He sat across from her on his recliner. He narrowed his eyes at the cuts and bruises on her face.

She then timidly told Clint a little about what took place. Once Bella was done he leaned back, looking ill.

“Care to explain?”

Natasha gazed back with a look of surprise about her, “Tony…” She then peered into the car he was driving, “Where is she?”

“You mean the beat up girl you dropped off not even an hour ago?”

“Look… I don’t have time for this.” She went off to get in her car.

“Then make time.”

“Excuse me?”

Tony took in a breath, “Come now, Tish… Let me in. What’s going on between you two? Not that I don’t appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish…”
“And what would that be exactly?” she inquired, curiously.

“You know… the attempt for us to bond and all.”

She scoffed, “That has nothing to do with it.”

“Oh… really?”

She nodded confidently, “Isabella is grounded. That’s the only reason…”

“Wait… what?! Are you telling me your sole reason for bringing her over today is because you’re punishing her?!”

She nodded once again and attempted to get into her car, but he blocked that attempt.

“So you’ll have her believing that hanging around me is something negative?”
He half laughed and shook his head, “How is that going to help our situation any? Dammit Tish! Can you not see… I’m trying here?! How will I ever earn your daughter’s trust if that’s how you go about this?”

“Our situation?”

Oh no you don’t… I know that look and that tone! You’re not pulling that shit all over again.” She rolled her eyes. “Not when I’m this involved. You got me rather fond of the kid. And you already know how I feel about you. No matter how much you wanna pull this on and off again routine, you’re not ridding of me that easily!” Natasha takes in a breath of slight annoyance. “So what happened? Why is the kid all beat up?”

Once she tells him what took place. Tony ground his teeth together, “You can’t be serious.”
“Excuse me?”

“You grounded her because she got jumped?! Just how cold can you get?!” She half laughed.

“Ummm, no, no… Not funny. Not even a little. I might not know much about children…” She then rolled her eyes.

“Ok, take that back. I don’t know squat! But I do know that what you did was WRONG, and before you go and say the hell with you, it’s over… I just want to get this across to you and now! You’re pushing her away… FURTHER AND FURTHER as time progresses! This hard ass persona of yours, it’s hot! Hell, it’s one of the reasons I chased after you! I won’t lie! I dig it, babe! But Tish… Honey… save it for the field, because you’re breaking the girl. You’re taking damaged goods and adding more and more baggage! I’ve kept my mouth shut and for a few years now, but no more. You see, I love you. I’m fond of the squirt too, but I’m not about to stand back and watch you destroy your own daughter. Now, I know for a fact you’d never lay a hand on her. But dammit! Would it kill you to tell that girl that you love her? To show her some sort of motherly affections?!”

Tony winced as she hauled off and slapped him, “You’re right! It’s none of your business!”

He nodded, laughing it off, “Oh Tish… You truly are a mess, aren’t you? Fix it… or wind up destroying the one thing that matters most to you; and I don’t mean me…” He added with wink and strutted off.

Clint dropped a couple of cherries into Bella’s triple scoop fudge sundae that he’d made for her. She had a grin going ear to ear. He smiled in return and sat beside her at the bar, “Ready?” He inquired holding his spoon up. She laughed and held hers up as well.


They hurriedly dived in. to see who could eat and the most the fastest. Bella died in laughter as Clint pretended to be sick to his stomach. He groaned out; rubbing his tummy, “Can’t… Go… On…” he exaggerated.

“That means I WIN!” She happily announced and stole one of the cherries from his sundae.

“Hey, I saw that!”

She nodded and swallowed it down, “Clint?”
“Yeah, Lil Devil?”

“Why did you and my mother break up?”

This hit him out of left field. That was something he and Natasha never discussed in front of Bella. He also wasn’t sure how to answer that. Clint wasn’t about to bad mouth her mother. Yet, he also felt Bella shouldn’t be left in the dark about things. If anything… She needed to understand why her mother was the way she was.

“Not sure how to answer that; we just disagreed on some issues. If I were to tell you a story… Would you listen?” She smiled.

Clint cleared his throat, “It’s not that kind of story…” He warned.

Bella took one more bite of her sundae before setting the spoon down. Clint sucked back a breath and folded his arms about his chest, “About 27 years ago a child was born in Vologard, Russia. A child that would soon become a very well-known agent by the name of Black Widow…”

Bella sighed and rolled her eyes, “I’ve already heard this story.”

He shook his head, “Not like this, you haven’t. You’ve only heard of the agent side of things. You know nothing about the assassin; aka spy, Black Widow.” She cut him a puzzled look.

“Now eat your ice cream and listen up.”

She shrugged and went back to eating her ice cream. Clint nodded to himself and then tiredly rubbed his face, knowing Romanoff was going to kill him for this… “As I was saying… That child begun her training at a very young age. Not only was she trained as a spy, but as a sniper, a martial artist…she learned everything there was to know about weaponry. She had all of this knowledge by the time she was your age. By the time she was your age, she’d become one of Russia’s best. It just wasn’t about her ability to hand anyone their rear, nor was it about the fact that she was a dead-shot. No, your mother had the ability to con information out of anyone, and I do mean anyone. Hence, the reason she’d picked up the persona known as Black Widow. She could reel them in and spit them back out before they even realized what had taken place. Often enough, they thought they had your mother right where they wanted.”

Clint smiled and sighed admirably, “But they couldn’t have been more wrong. Those men would beat on her… they would torture your mother. She’d just accept whatever abuse they dealt in order to play the game. She was damn good at it too. Each time she would turn the tables. They hadn’t a clue what that young woman was capable of. She only appeared to be sweet and innocent. That continued for few more years. When I first met your mother, she was 18 years old. And she had a contract…” Clint chuckled in memory, “That contract… was me! Only she hadn’t a clue that she was my target as well. She found herself on the run and I chased your mother all across Russia. Unaware that she was already playing the game. I had heard of the famous Black Widow, but hadn’t any real idea, just how skillful she was until I dealt with her face to face. I’d never known anyone that could put me in my place like she could. That chase continued back and forth, all throughout the country. By the end I wasn’t sure who was Inspector Clouseau and who the Pink Panther was. I’m not so sure she knew either.” Bella softly giggled at this. He smiled in return and roughed up her hair some.


He raised his hands, “Sorry!” He taunted.

She swallowed back on her ice cream, “So my mom was an assassin and spy for The Soviet Union.” He nodded, observing her curiously.

“Did she…” she took in a breath, “Kill people?”
He tilted his head ever so slightly, “That’s typically what assassins do, Lil Devil. They are given contracts with certain names and a nice fat check to go with it.” She wrinkled her nose.

“Bella…” Clint said, respecting her wishes on not being called Isabella. “Your mother was living another life back then. A much darker one, through no real fault of her own. It was simply her way of life; the only one she was taught. The only one your mother knew. She was raised from birth knowing no different. Now, I’m not making excuses for her, by no means. She’s a grown woman now. She knows right from wrong now. If she truly wanted to, she could make a difference…. I will say this however; your mother didn’t grow up with a loving mother and father, or a cuddly pet to keep her company. She grew up in another country where everything was done inversely. By the time she was your age, all she knew was she had a job to do and she was built for survival. If she were to fail any mission given to her, she’d be replaced. By replaced, I don’t meant in the sense of, you’re fired, good luck at the nearest fast food joint. No, I mean fired in the literal sense.”

“Were you sent to kill my mom?”

“Not so much to kill, but I was given orders to do so if necessary. I was actually sent to have her apprehended and taken into an American penitentiary.”
“What happened?”

Clint let out a rather nervous chuckle. His thumb ran along the rim of his clear bowl, “Something neither of us expected. You see, our fighting style was a lot like. It seemed neither of us could truly take the other down. That continued for days on end. I was fortunate to finally get the upper hand. Only once I had her in my custody, right where I wanted…something else had taken place. You see Lil Devil, even from afar and in the craziest situations, you can fall and hard…”
“You fell?!”

He had a good laugh at this, “Well yes. Just not in the sense you’re imagining… Bella, I was in love.”

Bella’s eyes widened, “With an assassin?!”

“Well! She was very pretty!”

She scowled at this, causing him to laugh even harder, “Oh Bella, you truly are something else…”

As he gazed upon the girl before him, his thoughts went back to Russia; to when he first laid eyes on Bella Swan. He truly believed that she might even be his. But the more he did the math and the more studied the girl’s features, he realized heartbreakingly…she wasn’t. He’d had hopes. So much so, that he even questioned Natasha on the manner. She was quick to set him straight and gave a resounding no. Natasha even acted as though she were offended, that he’d even think such a thing. He hadn’t a clue that not long before he’d come along, she had a child. He cleared his throat in thought.

“Well you know how that worked out…” He hinted painfully as Bella frowned.

“So…” He uttered, taking in a long breath.

“At the age of 17, your mother had a child. A child, in which she had sent overseas, to America. Where a young couple by the names of Charlie and Renee Swan, adopted you. They hadn’t a clue that you came from another country. In fact, nearly everything about the adoption process and the detailed information was one big lie. A lie, in which your mother’s semi-guardian and mentor Ivan Petrovich helped her create. He’d plans for Natalia, as he referred to her at the time. Those plans didn’t consist of her raising an infant! No, she was to become a leader! He scorned her for potentially ruining her body! Ivan kept the pregnancy a secret; kept her hidden and made excuses on how she’d been hospitalized and was severely ill during this time. Once she had you, he put her through the most hardcore training of her life. He wanted her back in shape! Back to the spy he’d worked so hard to create.

It wasn’t long after, I’d come along just before Ivan was to have your mother join what was known as the Black Widow Ops. A terrorist group that was nothing more than modern day Nazis. I was one of the few that were able to negotiate with your mother. It took some major convincing, but eventually I was able to talk your mother into joining my team instead. And that’s when she became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. She put her assassin ways behind her and she no longer worked as a spy. She earned her way as a citizen, right here in America. She has managed to keep her nose clean since.”

Bella wasn’t sure what to say or even think at this point. She just stared off into her bowl of melting ice cream. Clint patted her on the back, “There is one thing I left out…” he says with guilt in his eyes. “Something she never wanted you to know. Hell…she didn’t want a living soul to ever know! Bella… the very man that took her in and raised her as his own; her own mentor…took your mother to a facility. It was there she underwent literal hell. She was brainwashed, experimented on, and trained in combat and espionage, through biotechnology and mentally enhanced programs. They had her believing she was a professional ballerina by the time they were done. All of this caused your mother to have an unusually long lifespan. That, and your mother will always look young for her age. It’s not that she doesn’t age. She does… but not typical way most people do. Where as in ten years, I’ll be in my late thirties…” He said with a wink, “and you will be twenty… Your mother will be around my age as well only she’ll probably look more your age, if not slightly older.”

Bella sat there batting her eyes as she took it all in. Clint had begun to wonder if telling her was the wrong thing to do. Maybe she was still too young. She jumped as there was a knock at the door.

“Easy…” He whispered.

Clint rose from his chair and answered the door. “That was fast…” He commented.

Tony nodded and peeked his head in, “You ready, kid?”

Bella pouted sadly while Clint forced a smile, “I’ll see you around, Lil Devil. You know that.”

She sucked back a breath and hopped off the couch. Clint hugged her once more before she went about her way.

“Take care of my Lil Devil… I mean it, Stark.”

“Yeah, yeah… And you take care of that god awful afghan!” He pointed toward the couch, where a sea green one lay.

“My mother made that.”
“Well you should tell her to rethink that color. It doesn’t go with your living décor at all.”
“She’s dead…”

“Oh well… umm…” Bella cut Tony a go to hell look.

“Awkward…” He said with the clearing of the throat, then her on out.

“Everything alright?” Tony inquired once they entered Natasha’s apartment.

She was pacing and stumbling about in a drunken matter. Her eyes darted upon his. He swallowed back and took Bella’s jacket off.

“Why don’t you go on and get ready for bed.” Tony suggested with a smile.

Bella sighed, but gave a simple nod and scurried off. Tony waited until the bathroom door shut and he could hear the water running. He then gestured towards the vodka on the counter, “Long day?”

She shut her eyes and leaned against the counter. “Whoa…” Tony rushed over and hurriedly caught her before she hit the floor.

He swallowed back as she grabbed ahold of him, “They’re gone…” she muttered in a drunken fashion.

“What’s gone, Tish honey?”

“All of them… I just wanted to scare her. The trash… it wasn’t supposed to run today. I…”

“Hey now…” He softly said as her body caved against his.

He gave in and leaned against the counter, bringing himself to the floor, as well.

“I fucked up… She did all that hard work. It’s all gone! EVERYTHING! Tony I never really meant…”

“Shhhh…” He cooed and kissed the top of her head, rocking Natasha as if she were a child herself.

Natasha was inconsolable, “I don’t know what I’m doing! I can’t do this! I just can’t!”
He grimaced looking towards the bathroom door, “Tish…” he tried to warn.

“I don’t want this! I DON’T”

Tony quickly hops up and raises a hand. He inches towards her, “No, no… just wait…”

Bella shook her head and darted on out the door.

“Shit!” Tony called out. Natasha had passed out and was lying in the floor. Tony sighed and took off after Bella.

“Oh come on!” Tony hollered out, seeing Bella hop on a bus.

He hurriedly hailed a cab and had it follow the bus. He rolled his eyes, once he realized where it was going, “Rub it in, why don’t you?” He bitched under his breath and dashed out of the cab, just as she rushed up to the apartment.

Clint tiredly came to his feet. He looks to the time and rubbing his eyes, trolled on out of bed.

“Just a minute,” he calls out.

He put a pair of jeans and rushed to the door. He froze at the sight however, once he opened the door. There was Bella in her pajamas, barefoot and shivering all over. She reached out to him and his heart sank. He automatically grabbed ahold of her and held her.

“I don’t want him to be my dad!” She cried,” I want you to be my dad!”

Tony closed his eyes as he heard her words. His steps slowed down as he nodded towards Clint.

“Please Clint! My mom doesn’t want me…Tony doesn’t either! Can’t I stay with you?! PLEASE!”

Clint promptly wipes a few tears of his own away. He forced his own emotions back and brought her down along with him as he sat her on one knee. He then cupped her chin, “I would love that…”

She smiled, full of hope. That crushed his soul…”But…”

Bella narrowed her eyes at this, “But…?” she says with anger behind it.

“I can’t… I’m not your father. Believe me, I wish I was. But that’s not how things worked out. Just know this… I will always be a part of your life. I will find a way.”

Her bottom lip trembled. Clint reached out to wipe a tear from her cheek. Bella pointed to him with a shattered heart, “You don’t want me either! NOBODY WANTS ME! I WISH I HAD DIED WITH MOMMY AND DADDY!” Both men cringed at this.


“I gotta agree there kid. That’s some messed up shit!”

Clint snapped a look Tony’s direction, “Really?” He says in disbelief.

Tony rolled his eyes, “Oh save me the spiel. I get it. You’re the good cop; I’m the bad. Look kid, you’re right. I don’t want to be your father. I never did. Think of it like this… I’m more like an uncle! Uncle Tony! How cool is that?!”

Clint shook his head with a clenched jaw, “Unbelievable!”

“Hey! It’s better than that crap you’re spilling. Just be honest! You don’t want to father a kid around, either!”

Clint walked right up to Tony and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, forcing him up against the wall, “Don’t you even begin to tell me what I want… You know nothing! You don’t even deserve having this girl in your life. You’re worthless! You’re right, you’re better off as some drunken mess of an uncle. Seems to fit right into the puzzle; if you get my drift. The two of you deserve each other!”
“She’s trying…” Tony hints in return, breaking out of his hold.
“Nah, I’m not buying it. Not Romanoff… She doesn’t try. When she really aims for something, she gets the damn job done. This isn’t even close to trying! She’s just flat out given up!”
“You’re wrong.”

“Am I?”

Tony nodded with full assurance, “Believe me you haven’t a clue…”

They both turned back to see Bella lying on Clint’s couch. They sighed in unison, then share a look of annoyance upon one another.

“Look, just let the girl stay her tonight. That’ll give you and Romanoff some time…”

Tony shook his head, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Clint made a deriding sound, “You want to know what I’d like?” he called out with his back to Tony Stark.

“No, but I bet you’re going to bore me with an answer anyhow.”

Clint nodded, “I want Romanoff to come to her senses. I want her to see you for the piece of shit you really are… I want her to see that I’m willing to do anything for her daughter. And that no matter the shit she pulled, I was always willing and ready to bat!” At this, Clint pulled his door to.

Bella cut her mother a perplexed glance as she parked in front of an abandoned warehouse of some sort. Natasha stepped out and motioned for Bella to follow. Her jaw dropped, once they step inside. There was a boxing ring, punching bag, weight benches, etc… Natasha placed down a couple of gym bags, “The blue bag is yours. Suit up.”

Natasha opened the black one beside it. She put on the red and black workout clothes that were inside. She then wraps her knuckles with tape.

“Hurry it up, now.”

Bella shrugged, then opened her bag. Inside, was an outfit just like the one Natasha wore.. Like her mother, she puts her hair up and wraps her knuckles.

“I’m taking over from here. Your days of karate are now over.”
“But… I never got to test for my brown belt! You promised!”

Natasha pointed upon her, “Shut your mouth and listen up.” She sighed and paced the area around the punching bag. “Look… I’m sorry.”

Bella came to immediate attention. Those were words were of extreme rarity.

“I only wanted to teach you a lesson. I tried to get your trophies back, but they were already gone. For that, I’m sorry Isabella. You worked hard on everything you’ve achieved so far.”

She lowered her head and simply nodded.

“For that, I owe you. Meaning I will be training you myself. Believe me… brown belt… that’s nothing! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be ready for black.”

Bella cut her a look of skepticism, “That’s too hard!”

“Not for you… no it isn’t. We will train four times a week. I will personally teach you everything.”
“Why?” Bella’s face then flushed over with a hint of anger, “Everything?! And what if I don’t want you to train me?!” she inquired with a hint of fear in her heart.

“I’m not giving you a choice.”

“That isn’t fair!”

“Whoever says life is fair is an idiot! And what isn’t fair is you allowing your best friend to be beat up, when you knew damn well how to take those boys.”

“You’re insane!”

Natasha smiled in a way that sent Bella chills and had her swallowing back nervously.

“Oh Isabella, hun… You haven’t seen me at my worst, yet…”

Bella gazed upon Mr. Parker oddly as he pulled up to a storage building. “Is Peter going to be ok Uncle Ben?”

He smiled. It always melted his heart when she’d refer to him as such. She’d been calling wife, ‘Aunt May’ too, as of late. They both adored it.

“He’s going to be just fine. It is just a touch of the flu. We didn’t want you getting it, as well. ”

She nodded and hands him a picture she had drawn for Peter. He smiled, “He’ll like that. I’ll make sure he gets it.”

She smiled, too and stepped out of the car, following him to a nearby shed.

Mr. Parker unlocked and raised the door. She swallowed back with a fluttery heart. Before her was a shelf and every single trophy she ever earned was placed upon it. A true beam came about her and she nearly knocked the man down as she hugged him dearly, “Thank you!” She cried.

Mr. Parker gave a simple nod.


(So… Will be getting Chapter 4 next. Iron Men and Thunder Gods I will be finishing directly after. Then I will update Gamma Love and Chasing Images. Will let you all know from there! (Thank you for title Mommy4Thomas!) MoonOrchrid from BetterinTexas thank you for the amazing banner it will be used in chapter 4. Amy your awesome banner will be used in chapter 5. You ladies rock my world!)

(Next chapter to have their high school years… Also a personal shout out to Bertie Bott and Mommy4Thomas. They are the main reason I am writing this story. The three of us talked about this for hours on end. They were the perfect soundboards and support for this story. MUCH LOVE! Thank you, everyone. Now be a sport and let me know what you thought. Much Love – Harley)

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