Chapter 5 The Final Countdown

Chapter 5

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Bella stifled a giggle at the table. Uncle Ben and Peter were having some sort of stare down. Aunt May shook her head as she started to clear the dishes. Bella scooted out of her chair and begun to help. Peter swiftly grabbed the drumstick, beating his uncle to the punch. He bit into it and smirked. His uncle sighed with disappointment. Peter chewed and swallowed, before sipping at his tea.

“He’s a growing boy now…” Aunt May taunted her husband playfully.

Boy is correct!” his uncle added as he rose from the table.

“HEY!” Peter called out in a defensive tone.

Bella broke into a giggle fit once again.

“Peter…,” his uncle said in warning.


Aunt May started the water and filled up the sink. Bella opened the dishwasher and like usual they tag teamed the dishes. Once they finished, Bella wiped off the table. She sighed however looking to the time. She knew her mother would be waiting for her back at the gym. That being the warehouse her mother had turned into their personal gym. Tony threw some money at it as well over the years so it was even more impressive now.

“Something wrong?” Peter asked.

She grabbed her backpack and books, “My mom’s waiting for me. I better go.”

He nodded, already knowing what that meant. “She can’t give you one day off?” he hinted in hopes of having some time with her that night.

“Sorry…” Bella said and started out the door.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized she hadn’t the time for a job, even if she wanted one. But she had to find some way to make money. She wasn’t just about to ask her mother for any.

Meanwhile, Peter was going through the same ordeal. He’d hopes of hanging out with Izzy more. In order to do that, he needed money. It was that or be stuck in this apartment all day. He seriously doubted she wanted to continue their usual game nights. He just wasn’t sure how to juggle everything with his current situation. “Thanks for supper Aunt May. See you all later.” Aunt May smiled warmly as she dried her hands off.

“Bye dear. You be safe heading to that gym now.”

Uncle Ben shot up and grabbed his keys, “Why don’t I drop you off?”
Bella smiled and shook her head, “I’ll be fine. I walk there all the time.” She kissed his cheek and rushed on out the door. Peter sighed once she was gone. He found himself wishing it was his cheek she’d kissed instead of his freaking uncle’s.

His uncle glanced his direction as he sipped at his drink. “So…” He nodded towards the front door and wiped his mouth clean, “What’s stopping you now?”

Peter raised his brows on this. His aunt placed her dish towel down and put her hands about her hips, “I was wondering that same thing!” Peter groaned in misery and sunk down into his chair.

“You’re not going to find a girl better than that one! I can tell you that right now Peter Benjamin Parker!”

They didn’t understand… It wasn’t that easy… Neither had a clue about the other guy, that fact alone had him on edge. There were so many factors to think about; such as how many times he’d canceled on Izzy already. The other guy also had enemies lurking about now. Ones that would love nothing more than to watch Spiderman suffer. He cringed in spite of himself. It also hadn’t been but a few days since her horrible break up with Flash Thompson. Hence, it was the same day as his but he hadn’t any real strong feelings for MJ. Bella was truly hurt by what Flash had done. They’d also been dating for a bit longer than that him and MJ.

Peter felt it would be wiser to give her some time. She needed a chance to overcome what had taken place first and adjust. On this thought he turned towards his aunt and uncle. “She needs some time…” he said with a shrug.

His uncle shook his head on this, “Give her too much and someone is sure to rain on your parade.”

“He’s right… She’s a pretty girl. Girls like Bella don’t stay on the market for long.” Mrs. Parker declared, agreeing with her husband. Peter miserably rubbed his face with a groan.

Natasha sighed halfway through their session. She holds up a hand and answers her cellphone. She lifts her eyes upon her daughter. It was Colonel Fury calling her in for duty. She nodded, keeping the conversation short and sweet, before hanging up.

“Finish up, then head on home. I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Few days?” Bella inquired.

Natasha nodded as she took off her gloves. There was a time her mother had vanished for days on end. During those times, she’d have either Tony come get her or she’d stay with the Parkers. But as she got older, there was no need for that. She’d grown used to being left alone.

“Took care of things while I’m gone.” Natasha called out and then headed on out.

Bella shrugged amongst herself and stepped on out of the ring. She rolled her eyes as she found herself actually obeying her mother’s wishes.

“What the hell?” She muttered under her breath.

She shook her head realizing just how much influence her mother had over her. She swallowed back, glancing towards the door in which her mother had exited. Bella took her gloves off and toweled the sweat off from her forehead. Deciding to call it a night, she packed everything up and headed out. Making certain to lock up, before she left.

Bella took her usual route home. Only she froze halfway there as something had caught her interest. She narrowed her eyes and followed the odd flickering light. It was coming from a nearby alleyway. She came to immediate attention once she realized it was a light to a flashlight. That was now on the ground. It was losing its battery source. But the image before her was what had her startled. Three girls were beating the living shit out of a much smaller one. The girl was crying and pleading for them to stop. The more she begged the harder they hit.

“Please, I needed that money for my sister! I won fair and square! You can’t do this. It’s not fair!” The girl cried out.

“Cute… but your concerns for your sister’s health isn’t ours.”

“She needs the medicine! She could die!”

“HEY!” Bella called out. They turned towards her. She tilted her head about the girl that had been beat to a pulp. She nodded towards her. The other girls laughed and was about to finish their job. Bella rushed over and swiftly shoved them away from the girl. As she did this, she discreetly took the money from one of their pockets.

“RUN!” Bella yelled out, managing to stuff the girl’s earnings back into her jacket. “GO!” The girl nodded with a wide eyed expression.

“You stupid bitch…” one of the girls uttered as their victim took off. “You do realize you’re taking her place now?”

Bella gasped back with a whimper as they twirled her about, then slammed her up against the wall. They took whatever she had on her. Her gym bag, the ten dollars in her back pocket, and her cellphone. After that, they forced her back around. She continued this crying and whimpering front.

“Is that all you got?” The main one asked as she continued to pat Bella down.

The others however narrowed their eyes upon Bella. She had this mischievous grin about her. She nodded upon the other two as she took the other’s head and jammed her knee right into her temple. The other two gritted their teeth, diving after Bella. She flipped back landing behind them.

She then pushed them up against the wall, simultaneously. Their locks of hair intertwined in her hands.

“Beg…” she growled. They cried out as she shoved their faces even harder against the brick wall.

“Beg like you had her begging and I shall show you some sort of mercy.”

The girl she’d knocked for a loop ankle swiped Bella, causing her to land on her ass. Bella quickly acted and rolled about, as the other rolled towards her with a fist coming her way. She maneuvered her body about awkwardly and kicked her feet about. The girl was thrust back against the other two. They took a tumble. They looked upon Bella in disbelief.

“How are you doing that?!”

Bella shot to her feet and dusted herself off, “Not everything is as it seems…” She said with a shrug. She grabbed her things and was about to walk away. However, she froze at the sound of clapping.

She reared back as it was a man that looked a few years older than she. He was very tall, had an athletic build to him, and had long dark hair. He was wearing a black suit.

“Impressive…” She raised her brows on this and gave a simple nod. Bella went to walk away once again.

“You wouldn’t be looking for a job now, would you?”

Bella pivoted back around, “Job?”

The man nodded and cut the other three a shameful look. He pointed upon them, “I want you out! Each of you! You broke the rules. I don’t want to see your faces here again.” This had Bella rearing back.

“Tucker!” The main girl shouted with desperation.
“I need this! You know it.”
“Then you should have thought about that before gaining up on Veronica! You know she won that fight. I taught you better than that. You have shamed me and the others!”

Bella half laughed as it was all coming together.

“Wait…”She said and shook her head, “You mean to tell me you’re holding some sort of illegal street fighting?”
The man smirked as he motioned the other girls off, “Not quite what I’d call it. Why don’t you follow me? I’ll show what my girls do exactly.”

Bella started laughing, “Do I look stupid to you?”
The man gathered a serious expression, “Quite the opposite in fact. Come along now… If we hurry we might just get to see Felicia.”


He nodded, then started walking. Bella took in a breath and looked around. She went to turn her back once again, but gritted her teeth. “Dammit…” she groaned to herself and rushed off to catch up with this Tucker guy.

She followed him towards another building, one that was boarded up. He looked around before sliding a board aside the man then motioned for her to enter. She cut him a mistrusting look.

“Your choice… I’m not forcing you to do a thing. You want to walk away, go right ahead…and just so you know, we switch locations nightly, if you so were to send the fuzz our way… we wouldn’t be here when they arrive.”

This had her eyes rolling. Bella swallowed back rather apprehensively, but entered. She kept her observations sharp as he continued to leading her towards this area. The current building they were in looked to be some sort of old library, as there were still books laying around. He stopped at what looked to be a basement door. “You ready…?” he said with a certain beam.

Bella drew in a breath and nodded. He cut her a wink and knocked on the door. But it was distinctly one of code. The door opened and another man stood at the threshold. He narrowed his eyes towards Bella’s direction then he nodded towards Tucker, “Who’s she?”

“A potential candidate!”
The guy nearly died in laughter, “What? HER?!”

“Not everything is as it seems…” Tucker quoted her.

“Just shut up and step aside, little man.”

The man was quite short. He had blond hair and he was 5ft nothing. “Yeah, yeah…” he mumbled.

Bella followed Tucker down the stairs, where she started to hear what sounded like a crowd and fighting below. Sure enough; she was dead on. Before her was an immense crowd. They surrounded two women that were laying into one another relentlessly. Tucker observed Bella closely as she watched the two women fight.

“I started this as an equal opportunity for women.”
Bella snorted at this, “Oh I’m sure you did. Let me guess… self-proclaimed feminist?” she taunted, whilst keeping a keen eye on everything around her.

“For the most part.” he said with a serious tone.

She turned towards him with an odd expression as he nodded with a slight grin, “You’d expect this out of men, now wouldn’t you?”

He grimaced as one of the women knocked the other out. Another woman entered the ring and declared the victor. She took the hand of the winner and raised it. The woman had long and wavy solid white hair. Her skin was flawless looking, which threw Belle off. Shouldn’t she be covered in bruises and cuts like the others? She wasn’t, however… in fact this girl was downright gorgeous. It didn’t make a lick of sense. She was wearing a black leather body suit and boots with fluffy white trim around the edges.

“Felicia strikes again! Remaining undefeated!”

“I bet you could take her.” Tucker said a certain way.

Bella snapped her head to him with to him a look. “She’s unbeatable.” he explained with a shrug, “I’ve a feeling if you joined our little team, it wouldn’t be for long.”
“So you brought me here to take down one particular girl?”

He shook his head and pointed to a group of girls. They wore matching body suits, only their boots didn’t have the white fluff coming off them. These women were rough housing and being rather violent. They were shoving one another about, reminding Bella of Flash and his friends from school.

“Not one…” He hinted with a sigh, “Those girls have given mine nothing but hell. And believe me I don’t work with angels either. Something about those particular girls. They aren’t quite normal, if you get my drift.” Bella narrowed her eyes in thought. “I’ve done everything within my power to make Chrissy wake up and realize they don’t belong here.”

He nodded, “Their manager.”


He nodded once again, “If you decide to join, I’d become yours.”

She listened as Tucker continued on about how things were run. It seemed these groups of women were being ran by ones referred to as managers. To Bella, it sounded damn near like prostitution. Only these girls weren’t being paid for sexual services. No, they were being paid to fight. Bets were placed on each group. These groups contained no more than six… If one girl fucked up the entire group paid for it. All the more reason this Tucker guy was ready to put this Felicia and her group in their place. But there was something else… Bella could see it all over his face. “There’s something you’re not telling me, isn’t there?”

He made a certain face, one of damn near guilt. He took her by the forearm, leading her away from the crowd. He told her how there are certain rules to follow and so on… during this. He then led her into another room. It was dark at first, until he reached over and pulled on a string hanging from the ceiling. As he opened a door to another room, Bella became immobile and Tucker observed her reaction.

Before her were three other women. They were sitting on blue benches in discussion about something; but had ice packs on them and were tending to their wounds. Their bodies were covered in what looked to be claw marks. Bella took a step towards them. “How’d they get those?” she bluntly questioned.

“Felicia…remember the rules I mentioned?” She nodded and tilted her head about.

“Yeah.” He sighed wearily, “Well somehow, the chick manages to pull this off without any weapons. So- she’s not technically breaking the rules. My girls swear she can grow some sort of claws…”

“So cat’s got claws…” She scoffed, thinking on the woman’s fighting mannerisms. They were somewhat catlike… Bella circled around the women, looking to be in thought.

The man took in a breath, “That she does. But I need a woman with a set of balls…”

Tucker had a smirk form about his face. Bella wasn’t even aware just how much she’d picked up her mother’s habits. She cupped one of the girl’s chins and took a closer look. She nodded, “How much…?”

“How much?” He mocked with a beam about him.

Bella snapped a rueful look his direction, “Well I’m not about to take the bitch down for free! I’m here for a reason.”

He genuinely smiled and shook his finger upon her, “Oh we’re going to get along just fine.”

“That’s great… Now answer the question.”

“A night’s earnings usually runs about five grand. That’s if your team comes in first.”
“If it doesn’t?”

“It depends on the running bets. You can earn anywhere from fifteen hundred to a couple grand.”

“One night… That’s all you get…”

Bella said and started on out the room, “Um… that’s not going to work.”
“Sure it will.”

“There’s no way you can take those women out in one night… Felicia, especially.” She gave a simple nod and waved him off.

“And how will I find you?” He called out. He then heard her laugh.

“Oh please… Don’t even pretend you haven’t foolishly set up home here. And that’s another thing… I don’t take too kindly at being lied to!” She bit out.

At this, he took back a breath of hope. He glanced back to his girls, “She’s the one we’ve been looking for.” He assured. “As for the other three, they won’t be back…” Tucker made clear.

Things seemed to be going back to the way they used to be, at least between Peter and Bella. When it came to Flash and MJ, they were doing whatever they could to try and get Bella and Peter back. Flash even went as far as leaving roses and love letters in Bella’s locker. MJ just got more flirtatious and touchy feely. Bella and Peter continued to set them both straight and ignored all their horrible attempts. They’d gone back to sitting together on the bus and during lunch. But when it came to making time for one another outside of school, both found it a struggle. Not only had Peter continued to cancel on her off and on, but Bella had begun to do so as well. Both had their secrets. Yet, they still harbored romantic feelings for one another. Peter wanted to be mad when she started to pull the very thing he had. Only knew it would be rather hypocritical of him. He had wondered where she ran off to every night. He’d wanted to surprise her one night and stopped by the gym, since he knew her mother was still out of town. But she wasn’t there… In fact there weren’t any signs that she’d even been there.

So when he couldn’t get Bella one on one, he decided to do the next best thing… Why not get the other guy involved? When he wasn’t dealing with the low life’s of Manhattan, or surrounding districts, he took it upon himself to keep an eye on his Izzy from time to time. Sometimes, this meant simply watching her from afar. Which felt rather stalker like, but at this point he’d grown desperate to have whatever connection he could with her, even if it made him seem somewhat pathetic. He had Spiderman doing odd favors when it came to his Izzy.

“Dammit…” Bella groaned as she dropped her hotdog. She sighed as it was now covered in soot and cigarette butts. “Gross!” she muttered under her breath, then tossed it into a nearby trash bin.

A red hand outlined with familiar silver webbing appeared, holding a new one, made the way she always fixed hers. She cut him an odd glance.

“I was going to eat this but… funny thing…”

“What’s that?” she found herself questioning with a smile.

“The mask…” he said with an exasperated sigh, “It prevents me from eating… like ever!” She softly laughed.

“You could always took it off…” She said with a playful tone.
He did a fake gasping sound and reached to his heart. “Are you trying to give away my secret identity!? And to think; I bought you a hotdog and hailed you a cap the other day!”

She nodded and gave him a once over, “So where do you keep money in that suit?”
“In my wallet…” He said with a shrug.

“Um, where do you keep your wallet?”

He reared back, patting himself down. “Oh no! I lost my wallet!”

At this he sent out his webbing and took off. Bella snorted and shook her head, enjoying one of the best hotdogs she’d ever had.

Bella hopped on the bus with a grin going ear to ear. Peter yawned tiredly but wondered what had her so content today. She plopped down beside him with the morning’s paper. Once again, Spiderman was on the cover. Peter then narrowed his eyes upon the article. It was going on about how crime had significantly dropped and it was all thanks to ‘Manhattan’s Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman,’ a cheesy quote he found himself saying when saving someone. He wasn’t even sure why he thought it up.

“See! My Spidey is freaking awesome!”

Peter’s heart kicked to life at her words and swallowed back on this. He shrugged, however trying to play it cool. “He’s ok I guess.”

“He’s OK? Are you kidding me?!” She sighed with a rather dreamy like expression and placed the article in her bag.

“I see some habits never die.”
She rolled her eyes, “Funny! All I ever hear is, please make me your bitch again.”

Peter died in laughter as Flash sighed but actually recoiled and took his seat.

“Hmm, something tells me you could put even Spiderman in his place.” Peter whispered. That had her blushing as he playfully nudged her. “Then again, he’d probably like that.” he added with a shrug and a flirtatious mien.

Bella gazed out the window with a slight grin, looking to be in another world.

“Are you going to merely spectate every night, or actually get your hands dirty?” Bella turned towards the voice, Tucker stood directly behind her.

“Let’s just say I prefer to see what it is I’m truly up against” She then drew in a breath, “You’re right… There’s something about that group. But not so much the others, but her…” Bella just wasn’t sure how to explain it… That Felicia girl wasn’t just clawing at her opponents. No, she was downright breaking bones. She fought to win; no matter how dirty it got. Tucker and Bella both grimaced as she slashed her opponent’s face. “Jesus!” Bella muttered under her breath, “And that’s legal?!”

He nodded with a sigh, “No weapons… She’s not breaking any rules. She leaves the opponent alive. That’s all that matters…”

He then popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. He offered her one as she wrinkled her nose, “No thanks.”

He chuckled and put the pack away in his shirt pocket. “Why don’t I start you off with one of the other groups tonight? At least get you started?”

Bella shook her head, eyeing Felicia as they raised her hand in victory once again. “Nah… I want her.”

“Are you sure about that? On your first go?”

Bella nodded confidently, “I can take her. Let’s just get this over with.”

“Ok then. I’ll have my girls get you set up…. I’ll put your name in now.”

He motioned for her to follow him, “So what’s the name?”

She half laughed, “Once again, I’m not an idiot.”

He nodded with a smirk. “Right… hmmm…” He said stopping and taking a moment to glance her over. Her hair was in a ponytail. She wore black jeans and a blue hoodie. “We’ll just call you Maria…” She rather reared back, thinking to how her middle name wasn’t that far off. “Is that an issue?” he asked.
She shook her head, “That’s fine with me.”

He nodded and led her on to the area his girls were in. “They’ll get you prepared… I’ll hurry and get you in. You got fifteen minutes before our group is up.”

Bella nodded as one of the girls took her hand and handed her a bag. “I’m not wearing that!” Bella said as they took out something much more revealing. It was a pair of denim happy kitty shorts and a black midriff top. “I fight in what I’m in or you find me something more my style!”

The girls looked upon one another wide eyed. Bella thought it rather odd how they hardly even talked. They were very skittish and jumpy. That didn’t set right with her. She wondered if Tucker wasn’t quite what he made himself out to be. He seemed to care a great deal for his girls and their safety. Were they just pushed past their brink? They were pretty stout looking, but pretty girls. That was the one thing that got under Bella’s skin; there was a lot of sexualizing going on when it came to their outfits. And that was with each group. The clothes they wore were either skin tight or basically nonexistent. Women’s equal rights, my ass she thought as she looked to the outfit they expected her to wear once again.

Before long, there was a knock at the door. Tucker shook his head with disappointment.

“You’re not dressed yet.”
Bella simply gave a nod, “I’m not wearing that! My name isn’t Daisy Duke!”

He half laughed. “Fair enough…” he looked to be in thought, “nevertheless the rules are clear. Matching outfits…”

She shrugged. “Then I suppose you had better find something else! Or I won’t be participating tonight.”
He drew back a breath and looked to his girls. “Chasity hun, please bring whatever else you have in the wardrobe trunk.”

The pretty blonde scurried off. Bella narrowed her eyes on that. “Why are they acting like this?” she inquired.

“Pardon?” Tucker questioned.

“These are your top fighters. Why do they act as if their frightened of their own shadows?”

Tucker shut his eyes for a moment, “Let’s just say… We really need to win…”
“That doesn’t answer my question!”

He looked back to his girls. “Leave us ladies.”

They obeyed the order and gradually exited the room. Bella noticed how he pecked each one on the cheek before they left. He then pulled the door to, afterward. He took Bella by the hand and led her into a corner of the room. He spoke softly and with the same sort of jumpy attitude the girls had. “I’ve reason to believe that they’re being threatened. You saw for yourself what happens outside these walls. I can’t always be there to protect them. I’ve tried to getting them to open up and let me know what’s going on… they won’t utter a word.”

Bella nodded on this. He gasped back, however, as she had him up against the corner in a choke hold. Her eyes locked with his. He had a wide eyed expression in disbelief as her tiny frame was able to hold his much more robust one in place. She hissed, “If I find out you’re the one actually hurting those girls, I won’t have any issue in teaching you a much needed lesson!”

He nodded. “I’d expect no less. I assure you.”

She narrowed her eyes upon him and dropped her hold. He cleared his throat and straightened his collar. They turned, however, as Chasity entered the room. He hurriedly rushed over and helped her wheel the trunk inside.

They eventually found outfits Bella agreed on. Each wore black jeans and some sort of silver shimmering one-sleeved blouse. It was the best they could come up with at the last minute. Each put their hair up like Bella’s. Then they darted on out the room.

Felicia’s group was already out and prepared for the fight. Tucker sucked back a breath. He cupped Bella’s chin, “Let them go first and show you the ropes. Then you go last. Besides… I need the element of surprise. They won’t be expecting you.”

Bella nodded as his girls took on the others. Some won, while others lost. Before long, it came time for Bella’s turn. She stepped out and Tucker said a silent prayer to himself and kissed a cross he’d wore around his neck. “Come on Maria…” He whispered with hope.

Just as he assumed, Bella put on a glorious show. She fought with fluency, but kept it clean as possible. But as Tucker and his girls looked to the scoreboard, they grew more uneasy. Felicia was coming right up on them.

Each of them watched with apprehension as Bella and Felicia stood before one another now. Felicia was a few inches taller than Bella. She was also curvier in comparison. Bella offered her hand like she had the others in a sportsman like fashion. Felicia rolled her eyes and Bella reared back as she saw up close what the girls were talking about. Literal cat like claws extended from her fingers. She had a demonic smile about her while she circled Bella. Bella swallowed back once she made her way around.

Felicia smiled and nodded towards the judges. The referee blew the whistle and the fight officially begun.

Bella jumped back, barely escaping a blow to the chest. She learned just how fast Felicia truly was. Bella struggled to keep up with her movements. Both seemed to be testing the waters, so to speak. They would take jabs every once in a while, but spent most of the time dodging the other’s blows. Felicia even cut her a look of being rather impressed about halfway through. It started out with neither truly gaining the upper hand. Both were agile in their own ways.

Tucker shook his head as he took notice. “It’s like two lionesses circling a prey that’s not in existence.” he muttered to his girls as they nodded in agreement. Then they each gasped back in surprise as Felicia finally got a good hit in. She had Bella soaring back against a concrete wall. They heard Bella gasp out as she took her claws and drove them into Bella’s back.

“Dammit!” Tucker called out in a panic. Bella dropped her knees in agony. Felicia took the opportunity to shove Bella down and jabbed her claws into her gut as well. “NO!” Tucker shouted angrily.

He now feared for Bella’s life. She had just humiliated Felicia by showing her up. He could see it all over Felicia’s face. She wasn’t used to anyone being knocking her out of the spotlight. At that moment, the crowd shouted Maria’s name instead of hers. A fire within her ignited, she wanted her competition out of the picture.

“Tucker!” One if his girls cried. He grimaced and kissed the top of her head, “I know. I know. I’m sorry Beth.”

“STOP IT!” another one of the girls cried. However, they each reared back in complete astonishment. Bella came to her feet with a look of utter rage on her face. Tucker nodded to himself. That’s where he needed her. She wore that same look in her eyes when she dealt with his betrayers. A smile formed along his lips, “There she is…”

His girls looked to him confused; but their jaws flew open as Bella sailed right across, knocking Felicia down. She sent several jabs to Felicia’s face. Felicia went to claw at her once more, only Bella quickly pinned her wrists back. “Not this time…” she ground out.

Everyone gasped loudly as Bella head-butted the notorious fighter, knocking her out. Bella felt for a pulse once she realized what she’d done. She then took in a breath of relief and rolled off Felicia. One of the women rushed onto floor and announced Maria as the new victor.

Tucker did a fist pump going and hugged the hell out of his girls. They laughed in celebration and high fived one another.

Peter lifted the lid to the garbage can and tossed the bag inside. He started back towards the apartment but came to a stop when something caught his eye. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach and he took off running…

“IZZY!” he yelled.

She was leaning against the complex beat all to hell. He scooped her up and swiftly got her inside. She tiredly moaned out as he placed her on the couch. “Hey…” He called out in observation.

Her eyes batted about as she came to, “Peter?”

He nodded, but was freaking out and his hands trembled as he saw blood soaking through her blouse. Bella’s eyes came to a close once again. Peter sighed and slightly lifted her shirt. He saw the claw marks along her abdomen. He rolled her over examining her body more thoroughly whilst trying to remain a gentleman. “Sorry Izzy…” He said as he ripped her blouse leaving her bra intact. He shook his head at the sight, looking ill. “What happened to you?” He whispered as he continued to tend to her.

Bella whimpered out sorely as she came too. Peter peered over as he was sitting in the recliner across from her. “Peter?” she whispered with a touch of surprise. He nodded as she carefully rose. She looked to see he had her all bandaged up.

“You…?” She hinted.

He nodded once more. Peter drew back a deep breath and came to his feet. He bent down and gently cupped her chin, “What happened, Izzy?”

She sort of laughed and shrugged it off, “Got jumped…” she said, lying to his face the first time ever. He saw right through it, too. Bella could read it all over his face. She knew he could detect the lie. A guilty sigh escaped her lips, but she said nothing else on it. She blushed however seeing as how she only had her jeans and bra on.

Peter then quickly acted with a flushed look about him as well. Even though he was concerned about what had happened to her; he’d caught himself staring at her throughout the night. Thoughts had entered that mind of his that he knew wasn’t right, but that didn’t stop them from coming. He darted off to her room and grabbed a shirt from her closet. He raised his brows at the Spiderman poster she’d hung up in her closet. He shut the door and made his way back. He handed her the shirt and Bella flinched back in agony as she worked to get shirt on. “Thank you…” she softly said.

He rubbed the back of his neck and paced the room a bit. “Izzy…” he spoke softly. She peered over as she straightened her shirt out. “You’d tell me… if you were in some sort of trouble, right?”

She put on that front, hating it as she did. “I’m fine, Peter. Really! You know how it is… just no more walking home alone at night…” She uttered somewhat dismissively.

“You should take my uncle up on his offer. Let him take you to the gym and he’d pick you up after you’re done… at least until your mom gets back.”

She nodded in agreement, but the guilt weighed upon her even heavier now. It seemed as if her lies were about to spread even more so, all in order to cover up this one. Peter frowned as his senses were going off, meaning he had another long night ahead of him. He sighed miserably, not wanting to leave. “I have to go now. Just promise me you’ll took care of yourself Izzy.”

She nodded, swallowing back a knot within the back of her throat. Peter nodded in return and cut her one more worrisome glance before he left.

Bella didn’t show up to school; a very first for her. Peter figured she was sleeping off whatever took place last night. But that didn’t settle his nerves, even a little. He became more troublesome throughout the day. So much so, he’d begun to make plans for that night. He was determined to find out where she’d been going. What sort of trouble had his Izzy gotten herself into? He’d been up most of the night dealing with a robbery that had taken place. Apparently, there was a new crime boss in town and the criminal activity was gradually beginning to pick up once again. Though he’d never met the guy personally, he’d heard plenty about him. He seemed to cause fear in those that crossed his path.

Peter went straight home after school. While doing his homework, he could hear Izzy talking to Uncle Ben outside. He insisted on giving Bella a ride to the gym. Peter couldn’t believe she was actually going to work out with the shape she was in. Something about all that just wasn’t setting right with him. His uncle managed to win her over, but she seemed really hesitant. Peter put his homework away and begun making his own plans for the night.

“Just call and let me know when you’re ready…” Uncle Ben said with a sigh.

She nodded and reached for the door handle. He put a gentle hand upon hers,

“I’m all ears, if you ever need. And there’s no shame in needing a break from time to time. I’m sure even your mother would understand…” He hinted, taking notice of her most recent bruises.

She smiled and kissed his cheek, but made no comment. Then she exited the car and went on into the gym. Once Mr. Parker drove off, she stepped back out, unaware of the watchful eye upon her. He shook his head from afar. He made a tsking sound under his breath and followed her…

Bella knocked upon the door, keeping in mind the way Tucker had. The door opened and the blond man nodded her way, “He’s been looking for you.”

He stepped aside, allowing her in. Bella followed the door keeper to the area Tucker was. He smiled once he caught sight of her, “Thank God you’re alright!” He gently removed Chasity from his lap and came to his feet. He took an envelope out from the grey suit he was wearing that day. “I believe this belongs to you.” he said, handing it to her.

She took from him and proceeded to count the money. “It’s all there.” He remarked. She ignored him and counted it, anyhow. She looked up at him afterwards. “Satisfied?” he asked.
She nodded and pocketed the money. Once she did she turned back around about to leave.

“Now, where you running of too so quickly?”

“I told you… One fight and I was done.”

He sighed with true disappointment, “Is there any way I could convince you, otherwise?”

She turned back, cutting him a rueful glare, “Nothing you say or do is going to convince me otherwise.” She looked around and shook her head, “You’re practically running a brothel…”
“Correction, there hasn’t been any exchange in money for sex…”

Bella points upon him. “Look around you! Don’t even begin to try and act as if this is any different. I’ve my own reasons for doing what I did… I will have no more part in this. I will take my earnings and go! And we will never speak again!”

She glanced over towards the girls, “It would be wise to join me. Is this truly what you want? You were brought here on the false sense of equal rights for women, to prove we can do what men do! Only… look at yourselves! Look at the revealing clothing they have you dressing in! Look at the bruises and cuts along your bodies! He’s right, you might not be working a street corner, but this isn’t any better.”

Tucker grimaced and made a ‘lower it down gesture’. She was catching too much attention. Nearly all eyes were on Bella now. He cleared his throat with a hint of anxiety behind it, “You’re right… This place isn’t for you, sweetheart. You should go…”

Something about the way he said it and his body language had her on edge. The way the girls were suddenly clinging on to him made her even more worrisome.

“Scott, please escort Maria on out of here and promptly.” The shorter man then gently took her by the forearm.

“I’ll show myself out, thank you.” She broke out of his hold and started to make her way out. She froze, however, as Felicia and her team were blocking her path. “I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

Bella shook her head, “Nope. You’re mistaken!” She went to walk past and Felicia put a hand upon her shoulder. She reached into her jacket and took Bella’s winnings. Bella half laughed, “I beat you! Now, be a good sport and get over it. You’re no longer the champion. Therefore, the money is mine.”

Bella yanked it back out from her hand. She turned back toward the area where Tucker and his girls were. She tilted her head a bit and looked back to the envelope.

“On second thought… Just take it… I don’t want any part in this… That includes the money! Just knowing I handed you your ass is all the satisfaction I need.” Bella said, placing the money back in Felicia’s pocket. “If you were smart you’d all band together as one and turn your backs to this.”

Bella turned towards the timid voice. The girl had tears in her eyes, “Chasity?” Behind her were a line of other women, including Tucker’s. Bella nodded in understanding, “Let’s go.”

She reached out her hand for Chasity and just as the girl reached out in acceptance. The sounds of guns firing scared them off and they jumped apart. Only they all gasped out at the sound of a gun firing. Bella whipped around towards the sound and just as she had, Felicia picked her up and hurled her to the direction it came from.

“NO!” Tucker’s girls screamed out. He swiftly herded them off to safety.

Bella sorely rolled over. She gasped at as a foot was brought to her sternum. The man in whom it belonged to was massive. He wore a white suit and black shirt beneath. There was a red rose clipped to his blazer. She gasped out as he added more weight. Her hands shot out and she fought to push the foot off her. She looked to see there were men with guns surrounding the place, each in pinstriped suits. She would have laughed if it weren’t for the seriousness of the situation.

“Hmmm… how does one little girl cause such mayhem…?” the man said, his voice deep and guttural.

He removed his foot and picked her up by the collar of her shirt. He narrowed his eyes upon her,

“You think you can waltz in here and take what belongs to ME?! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! NO ONE TAKES FROM THE KINGPIN AND LIVES TO TELL ABOUT IT!”

She gasped out and wrapped her hands around his enormous wrists. He violently shook her then tossed her into the air. “Make Swiss cheese of the little minx!” he ordered.

Screams and gasps of horror spread about, but something else had taken place. The guns were jerked out of their hold and quickly rolled up into a massive ball of webbing. They were flung out of a nearby window. Bella gasped out as someone caught her just as she was to hit the floor. He landed in a crouching stance, and checked her over.
“There are other ways of getting my attention, you know.” He smarted and swiftly placed her down.

Bella stood there in a stupor watching Spiderman’s every move. She truly felt like fangirl at the moment. He was witty, quick, and precise in his movements. She had never truly seen him in action before. Her heart fluttered about, causing her to feel somewhat dizzy. She must’ve counted twelve men in all. Before she could so much as blink, Spiderman had taken out over half of them. They were amongst the ground tied to one another with webbing around them.

He was just about to apprehend another when Bella hollered out, “Spiderman!”

He whipped around to see, barely managing to dodge a bullet that came from Kingpin. The man he was attempting to capture had got away. He fired off a web and struggled as he went to jerk the gun away from the Kingpin. The large man laughed, “Is something wrong Itsy Bitsy Spider?”

Bella that opportunity to gather as many women as she could and lead them out to safety. She even managed to get Tucker and his girls out. He turned to her and offered a hand. Bella turned back to see Spiderman still dealing with Kingpin and four of his men. She shook her head, “You all go on.” Tucker sighed. “GO!” she insisted.

He nodded with reluctance and rushed his girls on out of the area. Bella inched her way over in stealth mode. She hopped onto one of the men’s shoulders and wrapped one hand around his neck. The other, she had her hand clamped around his nose and mouth tightly as possible. She flinched back in pain as he elbowed her and was doing his best to get her off him. He even flung back against the wall. She groaned out, but kept her post. The man’s eyes eventually rolled back and he passed out. She braced herself for impact as he fell and landed on top of her.

Spiderman had caught wind of this from afar during his own battle with Kingpin. He’d just dodged a blow as the man’s fist went through the brick wall where his head had been. Kingpin had Spiderman in a chokehold. Spiderman quickly webbed his eyes shut and brought his knees up. He flung his feet back with everything he had. Kingpin staggered back and lost his footing.

“I guess it is true what they said!” Spiderman witted as he rushed over and quickly webbed him to the ground. “Ah gravity your old adversary, shouldn’t you be more jolly?”

He continued about with the webbing, making certain Kingpin couldn’t break free. When he looked back up, he saw that the other four men were down. He reared back at the sight as Bella was putting her hair into a ponytail.

“Huh…” Spiderman said in a bit of a stupor himself. “So… that’s kind of… I mean WOW!”

She blushed but had a grin going. They turned, hearing sirens not too far off. Bella sucked back a breath of surprise as Spiderman roped some webbing around her waist. He pulled her towards him and grabbed ahold of her. He scooped her up and dashed on out of the building. Her jaw dropped as they were soon flinging through the air between buildings. She clung onto him for dear life.

He transported them up onto one of the high rises. They were hip to hip and chest to chest now. His arm were still firmly planted around her waist. The man within the mask could no longer sustain his feelings. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t about to hold back. To Bella’s surprise, Spiderman slightly lifted his mask. Before she could even think about what was happening, his lips found hers. He hiked up one of her legs as the kiss lingered. A soft moan escaped Bella’s lips. Spiderman made himself stop, but with agony. There was so much he wanted to tell her… He quickly pulled his mask back down, however. He grabbed ahold of her once more and brought them back down.

“Could you do me one favor?” He called out as he fired off a web about to take off. She looked to him in wonder. “Make my job easier by staying out of trouble.”

She smiled and shook her head on. Spiderman gave her a simple nod and took off.

That kiss stayed on his mind as he continued to swing throughout the city. He was on literal cloud nine. He had to pass by the gym as he made his way back. He cocked his head about as it looked as though the guy that got free earlier was in his uncle’s car. He reared back as the car roared to life and peeled out of the area. Once the car was out of view, he saw what looked to be a body outside of the gym. Spiderman took off that direction, with panic rising within him. He soon realized his fears were dead on. “NO!” He shouted and rushed over.

That euphoric feeling he’d had gotten from that amazing kiss vanished completely. He quickly grabbed the man and brought him to his chest. The man had a bullet wound going through his chest. He froze as the older man brought his hand up. He cupped Spiderman’s cheek with a smile, “Evil exists when good men do nothing.”

Spiderman reared back at the words. His uncle patted his cheek, “I’ve never been prouder to call you my son…” He stated proudly with his last breath. At that, Spiderman threw off his mask. His uncle had known the entire time…

“No… Please… Uncle Ben… no… no…” He repeated as he rocked the very man that had become a father to him.

Bella woke up the next morning to see boxes spread about the apartment. She narrowed her eyes in wonder and rolled over.

“Mom?” she called out seeing her mother frantically packing their things. “What’s going on?” Her mother peered over.

“Hey kid!”

Bella darted her head another direction to see that Tony was taking stuff out of her room. She shot up from the couch.

“What the hell?” She painfully reached to her back and looked into her room.

“What are you doing?!” She hissed.
Tony rather shrugged, “Well, I’m helping your mother pack.”

“You’re moving in with me! Pretty awesome right?!” He announced happily.

“What?!” Her heart sank in thought. And leave Peter?! Were her very first thoughts…
Natasha sighed, “Isabella.”

“NO! I want to know what the fuck is going on and now.”

She saw the massive diamond engagement ring on her mother’s finger, “You’re kidding me?!”

Bella grabbed her jacket and darted on out the door. Only she froze as she’d heard what sounded to be crying coming from the Parker’s apartment. She swallowed back and went to knock on the door. Peter was the one to answer with tear stricken eyes.
“Peter?” she questioned with alarm.

“Izzy…” he said with an agonizing quivery lip. He instantly latched onto her. She looked to Aunt May as she, too was crying at the dining room table. Bella’s heart sank as she looked around for Uncle Ben.

“Where’s Uncle Ben?”

Bella placed a hand along Uncle Ben’s coffin as it came time for her to say her goodbyes. Her heart was filled with grief, hatred, and guilt. Aunt May had mentioned that his only reason for being at that gym was for her. She never called. Uncle Ben being the good man he was, grew concerned. He went there out of concern for her wellbeing. He was there because of the lie she’d fed the Parkers. Peter lost his uncle and Aunt May lost her husband because of her! She didn’t understand how Peter could even stand to look at her. Uncle Ben would still be here if it wasn’t for her.

Meanwhile, Peter was blaming himself, if he had gone out his way to apprehend that guy during the Kingpin fight, he’d have never shot Uncle Ben and stole his car. He never once blamed Izzy or even through the knowledge of her secret. No, it was Spiderman he blamed! If he’d have done his job, Uncle Ben would still be here.

Bella’s gaze met Peter’s as she finished her goodbyes. He nodded her way and that only added to her guilt. She didn’t deserve any recognition from Peter Parker. She sucked back a painful breath and hurriedly got into one of the limos Tony had provided for her.

She closed her eyes and put a hand to hear heart as it painfully ached, “I’m so sorry Peter…”

A week had gone by since Bella had heard from Peter. She truly feared that maybe he figured out the truth, after all. Maybe he truly did hate her. She gazed out Tony’s window, thinking how she hated this place, this district, and her new school. Bella had resentment in her heart at being forced into all that. She hated her mother and Tony for not going to Uncle Ben’s funeral. They hadn’t any real reasons, they merely acted as if it was just a part of life and she needed to move on. Besides, Natasha was too busy preparing for another mission and Tony had something going with Stark Industries. That and well, he was too busy going on Iron Man tours since he had publically announced to the world that he was the man behind the red and gold suit. Bella had this insane house of Mr. Stark’s to herself most of the time.

The Parkers never left her mind. Nor did the fact that she was soon to have Tony as a stepfather. Everything about her life was spiraling down. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. And without Peter in her life, she truly felt as though part of her died along with Uncle Ben. A man that had become like a father figure to her, as well. She felt just as strongly about him as she had Clint Barton. She never once talked about her grief. In fact, she hadn’t even taken the time to have a good cry; to let it all out. Her mother’s plans had thrown Bella off track completely and there wasn’t a single moment where Peter Parker hadn’t entered her mind. As for her passionate moment with Spiderman? That never left her mind, either. But like that of Peter… she felt undeserving of anyone’s affections. Especially that of a hero.

Bella eyed Mr. Stark’s favorite bottle of bourbon from the living room. She walked over and opened the bottle. She took in a whiff and nearly choked back, but she shut her eyes. She’d seen Tony down this stuff like it was water. She wanted to make it all stop. Make the pain go away. She’d lost so much and Peter lost everything because of her selfish ways.

Bella took a decent plunge. Her entire body quivered and the taste made her lip curl, but that didn’t stop her. She continued to drink as she packed her things. Before long, she was on a bus and decidedly putting this life behind her…


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