Chapter 4 The Sidelines

Chapter 4

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5 years later…

Peter rolled up on his skateboard. Bella, Gwen, and MJ were talking to the new guy. His name was Eugene Thompson. Everyone called him “Flash”. The guy was six foot tall and solid muscle. He was in every sport the school had to offer. Women flocked to him like moths to a flame. He even had that celebrity pearly white smile going, something that annoyed the living hell out of Peter Parker. Everything about the guy seemed fake. The way he carried himself, how he laughed, his overly charming personality with the ladies. He even had Izzy swooning, something Peter wasn’t used to seeing at all. But like Gwen, and Mary Jane (A girl they’d met in middle school), Bella’s cheeks were flushed over as they continued their conversation with the overly handsome jock. Like the other two, Bella was having a giggle fit, as well. Peter resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Since when did Izzy allow herself to get all gaga over some idiot like that? Peter thought to himself as he exchanged books. Once Gwen and MJ headed on to class, this guy leaned over and whispered something into Bella’s ear. She blushed once more and cut her a wink before walking away. She cleared her throat as Peter made his way over.

“What was that about?”

She halfheartedly shrugged, “Nothing…”
“Hmmm…” He hummed as he walked with her to their next class.

Around the time they’d met Mary Jane Watson, their friend Harry Osborne had moved. His father had him attending boarding school now. It was something that devastated the four of them, after all those years of growing up together. It was no secret that Harry’s father was a bit of a stiff and that seemed to get worse over the years. They promised Harry they’d keep in touch. However, as the years went by that, the letters and phone calls became less frequent. So much so, that two years had gone by since Gwen, Peter, or Bella had any contact with Harry. Life just had a funny way of catching up to you.

“So you coming by later?”

Bella smiled, “Maybe…” Peter cut her a pouty look; one that had her breaking into a giggle fit.

“Oh Peter…”

He grinned and shrugged, “We have a tie to break remember?”

“That’s right… I still have to kick your ass!”

He chuckled, “Um yeah… Good luck with that!”

Throughout the years, Gwen had become more popular. She was now sat with the popular group and had her own set of friends. But even through her popularity she remained friends with Peter and Bella. They still hung out even from time to time. It was just nothing like the old days, however. Bella was somewhere in the middle of everything. She fit, but then she didn’t, which felt very perplexing to her. Mary Jane Watson aka MJ was another one of the clique. She confused Bella the most, whereas Gwen Stacy was always nice to Bella and never had anything but kind words in exchange. MJ… well she often enough seemed bipolar. One minute she’d compliment Bella on her hair, outfit, or what have you, the next, she was making harsh comments. Ones that even got under Gwen’s skin.

But like Gwen, guys seemed to gravitate towards MJ. She too, was very pretty. Her hair was vibrantly red, long, and breathtaking. She was also one of the top students in theater and very talented at that. So much so, that even Bella loved seeing her in plays. Bella was never quite sure where she and MJ stood, but with Gwen she still saw her as one of her best friends. She always would… no matter her envy throughout the years of her garnering Peter’s romantic interest. Gwen was one of those girls you just couldn’t hate, no matter how hard you tried. She was just that easy to love. She treated everyone with the utmost respect and she never acted as if she were better than everyone else.

As for Peter…around Bella, he was an entirely different person. He was more confident, a bit of a clown, and seemed genuinely happy. Around others, he was much more reserved, very shy, and hadn’t any self-assurance. Because of his shyness and insecurity, he never admitted his feelings for Gwen or for Bella, over the years he’d known them. That was another thing…. He’d spent all these years crushing on both girls. His only reason for not making a move on Bella? He thought she deserved better, no matter how much his uncle pushed him towards admitting his feelings. He’d told his uncle that he felt inadequate in comparison. Which was ironic, considering that’s how Bella felt when it came to herself. She saw nothing remarkable in herself. She wasn’t as talented and beautiful as Gwen and MJ. Then there was Peter, who truly thought Izzy was the most amazing person that ever walked the earth.

Bella was about so, so. There were moments of shyness, but not nearly as shy as Peter. Her moments of clumsiness died down throughout the years; mostly due to her mother’s insane training.

But there was something about Peter and Bella that stood out the most. The only one that ever seemed to take notice of it was Gwen Stacy. She just had a way of knowing about those things…

Both of them were socially awkward without the other. Like days when Peter was sick and had to miss school, Bella kept to herself and hardly said a word. Even when Flash would flirt with Bella, she’d simply blush and go about her day. Gwen wondered if they were even aware of this.

“Guess who I’m going to the dance with?!”

Bella peered over as they were on Peter’s bed, working on their homework. Peter smirked, with his eyes lifted her direction. A hopeful twinge had fluttered within Bella. She swallowed back, but kept her cool and continued on her homework. “Don’t know… You tell me…”

He softly chuckled, “Gwen… I finally got the nerve to ask!”

Bella’s entire body flushed over and she suddenly felt very silly. Of course… She thought to herself. But like usual when it came to Gwen Stacy. She forced that smile, “That’s awesome Peter!”

But her throat constricted at the thought. She always felt second place when it came between her and Gwen.

“Thanks!” She nodded with a smile.

“So… Who’s the lucky guy?”

She wrinkled her nose a bit, “I don’t think I’m going, Peter… it’s not really my thing.”

He narrowed his eyes and tossed his book to the side, “But it’s our very first dance!”
She shrugged on this, “Have fun!?”

Peter sighed, looking somewhat disappointed, “You should go.”

“Don’t have a date. Don’t have a dress, and I can’t dance!”

He had a good laugh at that, “I can’t dance either!”

There was something about the way he said that and it had her giggling, “Then I feel for Gwen!”

“HEY!” he hollered out, throwing a pencil at her.

“Isabella dear…”

They turn, hearing Aunt May at the doorway. “Your mother’s here.”

Bella nodded and grabbed her things, “Later, Peter!”

“Don’t forget about the field trip tomorrow. Mrs. Garth says 15 minutes early or the bus will leave you behind…” Peter reminded and she grinned at this.

“That’s right! We do have a field trip tomorrow!”

That field trip was truly a day of many firsts. Such as Peter choosing to sit with Gwen, instead of Bella on the bus. Bella had half laughed in misery. So it begins… She thought to herself. However, she hadn’t much more time to think on the matter as Flash welcomed himself to Bella’s seat. He flashed those pearly whites and nodded upon her. Bella swallowed back and scooted down so he could comfortably sit.

Their field trip was being held at Oscorp. That had both Bella and Peter reminiscing about their old friend Harry Osborne. It was a well-known fact that his father ran the company.

“About the dance…” Flash started to say and Bella froze at those words. Flash then cleared his throat, “You got a date?”

Bella blushed and shook her head. He smiled, “Cool… So, pick you up at 7?”

“Um… okay.” she said shyly.

“Awesome… and what if I wanted to take you to a movie or something sometime? You know, like you being my girl and all?”

“You mean like officially?”

“Well yeah…”

She had glanced Peter’s direction. He and Gwen were having some sort of deep discussion. Bella took in a breath… she’d always hoped Peter would ask her out. But from the looks of things, that was never going to happen. He didn’t see her in that way; or so she assumed.

Her eyes met Flash’s once again.

“I’d like that.” she said not believing the words that came from her mouth. But then again, she’d grown tired of waiting. Bella raised her brows in surprise as Flash pecked her on the cheek. Flash even took her hand when they were off the bus. Once Peter took notice, he reared back at the sight.

“What the…” Gwen heard Peter mutter under his breath.

“Something wrong?”

Peter shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck looking uncomfortable. Great, so she’s dating the one guy that makes my life a living hell?! he thought. He’d never utter a word about it, but Flash had been picking on Peter nonstop. Especially when it was just the two of them, mainly in the locker room. He was always shoving him about and smarting off. That was most certainly something he didn’t want anyone knowing about, girls in particularly. Flash never pulled this in front of the girls at school.

Peter never understood why the girls held the guy so high on a pedestal, one in which he didn’t belong. That really set wrong with him. Why did he have to come on to Izzy? Of all the girls in the world… It made him rather nauseas at the thought. That, and an overwhelming sense washed over him. There was an incredible need to watch after Izzy when it came to this Flash. He didn’t trust him, not even a little.

Flash uttered something else flirtatiously and Bella giggled. Peter then rolled his eyes. Gwen naturally took notice. She glanced over to see Peter staring a hole into Flash’s back.

“Hey…” She grabbed Peter by the arm and shook it, doing her best to gather his attention.


She smiled warmly, “I’m right here, Peter.”

Peter grinned ear to ear once he snapped out of it. Yet again, she had Peter spellbound. He followed her like a lost puppy as they trailed the teacher into Oscorp.

Peter got his camera out, preparing to take some pictures for the school paper. A course he and Gwen took together. He had gotten comfortable with her in class, finally getting the nerve to ask her out. They both took a few pictures of certain labs and whatever else caught their eye. Flash tapped on one of the glass containers, which held arachnids used for testing.

Bella was about to warn him not to that. However, the tour guide beat her to it.


The guide pointed to the sign: DO NOT TAP ON GLASS! Bella laughed at Flash’s reaction.

“Ummm oops?”

The tour guide rolled his eyes, “Don’t let it happen again.”

Flash shrugged and cut Bella a wink. She shook her head with a grin and begun to follow the rest of the class out. Flash turned back towards the odd looking spiders. He then got this mischievous look to his face. He waited with ill intentions but perfect patience. Peter was still taking pictures for the school paper. Gwen had already moved on to the other room with the other students. That left Flash and Peter alone momentarily. Peter was in his own world and hadn’t’ a clue. He pushed up his glasses and was about to rush out once he realized the class had moved on.

“Hey Parker…” Peter turned towards Flash.

“You should take a picture of these odd looking fuckers.”

One of the lab technicians cut Flash a look of disapproval. Flash ignored it and once they turned their heads, he grabbed Peter by the collar, shoving him up against the display.

“I’ve got my eye on you Parker. I’m taking her to the dance. Hands off, get it?”

Peter raised his brows and scoffed, “Um wha…”

Before he could even utter a word, Peter sucked back a painful breath. A horrible stinging sensation hit him. Peter reached back, swiping at the area on his back. Flash cut him a wink and playfully slapped him on the cheek.

“Nah, just playing bro!” he darkly chuckled, then darted out of the room.

Peter suddenly felt dizzy; like he was walking on an incline as his vision had become blurry. He swallowed back as he suddenly felt dehydrated.

“Peter?” Bella called out with concern when he joined the rest of the class. “Are you alright?” she inquired.

He nodded, but he didn’t look good at all. He was sweating profusely, and his face was snowy white. Bella rushed over while Flash rolled his eyes as she placed a hand upon her friend’s forehead.

“Peter you’re hot…”

He smirked at this, with a drunken look about him. “I am…?” he said with a hint of laughter.

“Hey Gwen, I’m hot!”

“Peter…” Bella uttered, giggling.

“Well, sure you are Peter.” Gwen remarked with a sigh of annoyance.

He realized what he’d said and narrowed his eyes, “Umm…. so where’s the bathroom?” He asked.
Bella continued to regard him with concern, something that was truly getting under Flash’s skin.

“Maybe you should go home…” She whispered as the tour guide pointed to the direction of the men’s room.

Peter didn’t utter another word. He took off that direction. The moment he entered the bathroom, he splashed himself down with ice cold water from the faucet, doing everything within his power to keep from passing out.

Two days had gone past before Bella saw Peter again. His aunt told Bella he had come down with some sort of bug. Bella felt disappointed on Peter’s behalf. Even through her envy, she knew the amount of courage it took for Peter to even ask Gwen out. Now he was going to miss out the dance? She sighed amongst herself as she gazed into the mirror. It just didn’t seem fair. Bella picked up her mother’s reflection and glanced back. Her mother entered the room, causing Bella to feel apprehensive. When it came to her, she never knew what was going to be said or done. To her great surprise, her mother started to fix her hair. She even pinned it up and placed a butterfly clip in it. Her mother’s eyes met hers in the mirror.

“Dress looks good on you.”

“Thanks…” Natasha nodded and sucked back a breath.


She looked upon her mother puzzled. Natasha cocked her head in question, “He’s your date, right?”

Bella shook her head. She only wished…”Actually, it’s Flash Thompson.”

Natasha raised her brows with amazement. She knew he was one of the most popular guys at school. That, and even she took notice of the way the kid was built…”Huh…”

Bella nodded, not sure where else to go with this conversation.
“He’ll be good for you.” Natasha said with an assured nod. “It’s good for you to break out of that comfort zone. It’ll be for the both of you.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you and Peter should take a break from one another. Meet new people…”

Bella’s teeth ground together as she did her best to keep her anger intact, “I better go…”

“Have fun. Don’t be out too late.” Once Bella exited the apartment she growled under her breath.

“Holy shit…”Her eyes swiftly snapped his direction.


“Is that really you, Izzy?”

She blushed at the way Peter was eyeing her in her black and white dress. “Damn…” she heard him mutter under his breath.

“I see you’re feeling better?”

He hadn’t heard a word she said, however. She had him mesmerized. She went to comment on his looks, as well. He was in a black suit and tie, looking strikingly handsome; even though there seemed to be something rather off about him. She couldn’t help but to think he was slightly taller than usual. He also appeared to have more definition to him. Bella found herself tilting her head in wonder. How? She speculated.

“Been playing hooky Parker?”

They turned to the voice and Bella smiled. Flash nodded her way as he met them in the hallway,

“Now that’s what I’m talking about. Man! Look at you!”

Bella cheeks reddened and Peter rolled his eyes mocking Flash under his breath. Flash took her hand and twirled her about, getting the full picture. He cut Peter a menacing glare as he did this. One only Peter caught.

“You ready, babe?”

She nodded with coyness as Flash took her by the hand and led her out.

“You ready…” Peter bitterly derided under his breath.

His Uncle Ben stepped out before long. “You alright there?”

Peter nodded. The older man nodded in return, “Well then let’s go.”

Whereas Flash had the money to rent an expensive limo and had a dozen roses waiting for Bella inside, Peter simply had a single pink rose for Gwen and Uncle Ben was picking Gwen up and dropping them off at the dance. It was something he found rather embarrassing, but he hadn’t the money for a cab or a limo. He spent what little he had on the rose and tickets for the dance itself.

On the drive to Gwen’s house, Peter couldn’t get Izzy out of his head. She always was pretty. But something about her in that dress really struck a chord within him. She’d gone from pretty to a freaking knock out. He frowned and quickly removed the webbing from Gwen’s rose. Yeah, that’s not getting old, he thought sarcastically. He hadn’t a clue what was wrong with him lately.

The moment Peter and Gwen entered the gym, Bella felt as it were a nightmare come to life. Gwen had on this gorgeous white dress. The light hit her just right and she looked like a runway model. Bella half laughed in misery. Flash then cut her a rather odd look. Bella had thought MJ the most beautiful one here, with her black dress and voluptuous curves to go with it. She quickly changed her mind when Peter walked in with Gwen. Every man within a mile radius, even her date gave Gwen Stacy the once over. Go on now… Show Peter your support! He’s wanted this for years now. Bella told herself. She forced a smile and took off to greet them. Both girls fussed over each other’s dresses and hugged one another. They made their way to the punch bowl and Peter poured Gwen and Bella some punch. Flash nodded their way as he was shooting the shit with his buds from school. Bella cut him a smile and waved. The three of them hung out and talked for a bit longer. MJ was one of the first to hit the dance floor with her date. She never was one to be shy about such things. Gwen and Bella shared the same eye roll as she pulled off damn near professional dance moves.

“Such the show off…” Bella heard Gwen mutter into her cup. Bella broke into laughter, causing Gwen to laugh as well.

Flash gradually made his way over, offering a hand. Bella smiled as she accepted. He led her onto the dance floor. Lucky bastard Peter thought over and over, with a hint of guilt considering he was here with Gwen. Like Bella, Peter kept it all at bay. He cleared his throat, “Guess I need to quit slacking off.”
“You really should Peter.” Gwen teased.

He chuckled at that. “Would you care to dance? I warn you now… I have two left feet.”

She softly laughed. Peter then took her hand and the two of them joined in on the dancing. To their surprise, they both seemed to enjoy their dates, even if they longed to be with someone else. That gave Peter hope after all. Could he push past all the conflicting feelings, after all?

Flash spent the entire night as the perfect charmer and behaved as though a gentleman, he even knew all the right things to say and do. He also seemed to be a decent dancer.

As for Gwen and Peter, they’d been friends for so long, they naturally clicked. They had spent most of the time laughing; mainly at the fact that neither of them could truly dance. They just simply winged it.

Towards the end of the night, MJ asked Bella’s permission to dance with Flash, offering her date up in exchange. Bella didn’t see any issue with it, so she agreed. However, by the time she was done dancing with MJ’s date, MJ and Flash were still dancing and looked to be in discussion. Bella wasn’t too fond of MJ’s date as he spent most of the time talking about himself in a gloating fashion. His palms were awfully sweaty and she found that revolting.

So Bella strut on over, “I’m cutting in.”

Peter died in laughter, however when Bella winked up on him and took Gwen by the hand. She took off with her and twirled her about. Peter shook his head and continued to chuckle to himself as he observed. Bella dipped Gwen, then twirled her about once more. Peter chuckled and took in a long breath. He watched his two favorite girls with a hint of suffering behind it. He took notice of Flash handing MJ back to her date. Flash then joined Bella and Gwen in their silliness.

Once the night was over, Peter used the money his Uncle Ben had given him for a cab. He did this to give him and Gwen some privacy. Something Peter planned on working off, he’d do this by helping his uncle with whatever he needed around the house. He had thought about getting a job, though. At least a part-time one. After all, he was dating Gwen now. From the looks of things, it seemed to be working out. That, and she was just the distraction he needed.

He walked Gwen to her door. She smiled awkwardly as they both had that uncomfortable moment of silence. She finally broke the silence as she quietly spoke, “I had a really good time Peter.”
He nodded, “So did I.”
“We should do it again sometime.”

“What dancing or…”

They both laughed and then Peter did something he’d been dying to do for years. He caressed Gwen’s cheek and planted his very first kiss. They both froze with odd looks about them afterwards. Gwen put her fingers to her lips. They both shared a sigh of disappointment. Yet, behind that disappointment there was some relief. At least on Peter’s side of things. “Well that was awkward…” He muttered under his breath.

Gwen broke into laughter. “I’m so sorry Peter…”

He grinned and stuffed his hands into his jacket. He shrugged his shoulders about, “Not as sorry as I am.”

“It was really awkward wasn’t it? It was like kissing my br…”

“Don’t… Please… don’t say it.” he held up his hand as he grimaced in thought.

Gwen pretended to zip her lips, but was giggling. Peter sighed once again and glanced towards the cab, “I better get… meter running and all.”

“Goodnight Gwen.”
“Goodnight Peter.”

Later on…

Peter felt as though his life was in a constant whirlwind. Everything around him was changing. His life became a chaotic mess. What made matters worse, was seeing Flash and Bella sucking face from time to time in the hallways. And every time he tried to make plans with Izzy, Peter had to cancel on her, due to other responsibilities in his life. That had caused a drift in their friendship. Bella begun to think these cancellations were on purpose, they’d become so often. The more excuses he came up with, the more resentful she grew. That only pushed her towards Flash even more. This had Peter growing bitter and before long he was dating Mary Jane Watson. To his surprise it was her, that asked him out. And at that moment, he was willing to do whatever it took to get his mind off Izzy. That and well, he were rather stunned that she would ask HIM out of all the other guys in school. Little was he aware that MJ had her own agendas. Sure, she liked Peter enough and she truly thought him funny and somewhat handsome, even more so than when she’d first met him. He seemingly hit a growth spurt since then.

But the moment Gwen caught wind of this relationship, her jaw dropped in disbelief. She strut right up to Peter and yanked him away from MJ. She had Peter by the forearm and was shaking him.

“What are you doing with MJ!” she scolded, as though he were a child. “Dammit Peter!”

“Huh?” He inquired with the utmost confusion.

Though, that’s not what it was. It was how it looked. Everyone now thought Gwen Stacy was a crazy, jealous ex-girlfriend, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

She stood there glaring at him, “This?” she gestured to MJ and shook her head, “Not it! Don’t be an idiot! MJ… Really? Come on, Peter! Wake up!”

She sighed exasperatedly and threw her hands into the air. She then grumbled under her breath and walked away. Bella and Peter looked to one another, but Bella was quick to turn away with her feelings still somewhat hurt. He sighed on this and grabbed his books from his locker.

Before they realized it, a few months had flown by. Bella and Flash were in line for tickets for a movie. She had picked up one of the papers on the way and was reading it as they waited. She had this certain beam about her, “See! Look!”

Flash cocked a brow as she pointed at the article.

“My Spidey!” she said excitedly.

He rolled his eyes and she laughed, “Is someone jealous?”

“Of some guy in spandex? I’m good, babe.”

“He’s more than just some guy in spandex. He’s well… he’s pretty amazing actually.”

Flash jerked the paper out of her hand and tossed it into the trash.

“Hey! I was going to keep that!”

He shrugged as he went to pay for their tickets. She scowled upon him and shook her head,

“You really can be a jerk sometimes, you know that?!”

She followed him into the theater as their bickering continued.

“So I threw another one of your precious articles away… Like you need another! What’s with this guy? I swear all you chicks simultaneously orgasm at the mere sight of him!”

She smiled, “Wait… are you jealous?”

He was about to say something else, but his train of thought was soon interrupted.


He reared back and turned to see her running up the stairs. Peter nodded towards them. Bella plopped down beside him.

“Long time, no see neighbor!”

Peter smiled at her, “Likewise.” She hugged him and sat beside him.
“Really?” Flash scoffed.
“What?” She asked with an innocent mien.

“Nothing…” Flash uttered and sat beside her.

“So are you going to the party this weekend? Or will you be like every other chick in Manhattan, screaming for Spiderman to come save you?”

Peter raised his brows on this, doing his best to keep his composure.

“Don’t tempt me…” She muttered under her breath, causing Peter to grin.

“That depends… Are you going to be a dick this time?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Bella sighed, “Look I don’t’ mind going, but you have to promise me that you’re not going to drink.”

“Oh come on, babe!”
Bella shook her head, “Flash…” she whispered with a look of embarrassment.

“I was going to suggest you lighten up and have a few drinks yourself. I mean… Do you even know the meaning of fun?!”

“Are we really going to do this?”

“Just say you’ll be there and I’ll drop it.”
“Fine… I’ll go. But I mean it, Flash. Don’t embarrass me like last time.”

Last time…? Peter wondered to himself. That was the same party MJ invited him to, as well. Only due to certain circumstances he had to cancel at the last second. So he hadn’t a clue what took place. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to know. Flash wrapped his arm around Bella and pecked her on the lips. Peter resisted the urge to groan out in wretchedness.

Peter nodded towards MJ as she was making her way over. He too, was on a date.

“Hey MJ.” Bella greeted warmly.

MJ smiled but not so much upon Bella, but Bella’s significant other. Only Peter caught the wink Flash gave MJ. He rolled his eyes, but kept his mouth shut. MJ sat on the other side of Peter. He suddenly felt very awkward. Bella kicked back with her feet planted on the empty seat in front of her.

“Popcorn?” she offered.

Peter shrugged and took a handful. They hadn’t realized they were ignoring their dates as they slipped into their old routine. Peter and Bella mocked the movie off and on and were snickering at one another’s comments. This was something they’d always done on their movie nights. The soft laughter continued as the credits rolled.

Flash however, decided he’d had enough. He was out to prove a point. He grabbed Bella’s face and eagerly locked lips with her. This entire time his eyes were locked onto Peter in a threatening manner. Peter wrinkled his nose in disgust. Flash’s hand was making its way up Bella’s skirt. So much so, that Peter was able to see the outline of her red panties. He was just about to jump up and punch the living shit out of Flash, only Bella beat him to it as she hopped to her feet, looking irate.

“FLASH!” She gasped out. Her entire body had a red hue to it as she then slapped his hand away from her.


“You know what…” She whispered harshly in return.

He rolled his eyes, “You didn’t have a problem with it the other night.”

Peter felt his entire body heat up as the anger within him continued to rise.

“Excuse me?!” Bella spoke, horrified.

Flash grinned egotistically, “Well you didn’t…” He had been thinking back to the make out session they had in her room.

“That was in private.” She hissed.

Bella stormed out of the theater and Flash rolled his eyes, chasing after her. MJ and Peter shrugged and glanced at upon one another. They exit the theater and see the fight continuing in the hallway.

“I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t realize you were so sensitive.”

Bella looked beyond mortified, “That has nothing to do with being sensitive. Don’t you ever do me that way again! I mean it!” Peter closed his eyes for a moment. He wanted to teach Flash a lesson with his fists.

“I didn’t realize she was such a prude.” MJ mouthed with a giggle.

Peter looked to MJ in disbelief. Even he thought what Flash had done was in bad taste. Bella was right, he had pushed a line. What he pulled was downright disrespectful. Yet, he knew why Flash was doing it, even if he didn’t agree with it. It was one of those guy code things. He wanted to get a message across, that Bella was his girl. He’d gone as far as molesting her right there in front of him to prove as such. This had Peter’s blood boiling. His hands were balled up into fists. How dare Flash humiliate Izzy like that?!

Peter turned towards MJ, You’re defending this guy?”

“Oh come on Peter! Bella acted as if she didn’t even want him touching her.”
Peter shook his head in sheer astonishment. When he turned back around however, Bella and Flash were already gone.

Peter had just arrived at the party. He was running late as usual. He knew he would have a pissy MJ to deal with. But that wasn’t what caught his attention at first. Oh no, it was the unbelievable sight before him. Izzy was making her way down the stairs, clearly three sheets to the wind. She could barely walk. Flash was right behind her and handing her another drink. He laughed it up as she chugged it down. Peter’s teeth ground together and he pushed his way through the guests.

“Izzy!” He called out but the music was so loud no one could hear him. He shook his head and continued his way through the crowd. By the time he got to where he had spotted them, they were gone. “Dammit…”He groaned and looked around.


He turned back to see MJ. He nodded her way as she made her way over. She too, had been drinking. His nose wrinkled because he could smell it on her breath. He had to keep from recoiling when she kissed him. “Easy now…” he said with a playful smile.

MJ giggled and ran her hand along his chest. “Wanna find a room?” she whispered in his ear.

His eyes widened as she licked along his ear lobe. He even found himself growing aroused in thought. That just wasn’t who Peter was, though. He’d never take advantage of anyone like that. All the more reason he was anxious to find Izzy.

“Not tonight MJ. I really think we should get you home so you can sleep this off.”

She made a pouty face as Peter sat her down on the couch. “Just stay put and I’ll take you and Izzy home.”

“But I don’t want to go home. If you want to go, then go. I’m staying.”

Peter narrowed his eyes, “Ummm ok… you’re clearly drunk!”

He took the drink from MJ’s hand and threw it into a nearby trashcan, “No more for you. Now please… just stay put. I’ll be right back.”

She sighed and kicked back on the couch, “Fine…”

Peter began his search throughout the house. His heart raced with a hint of dread. He wouldn’t put it past Flash to pull something with Izzy. What other reason would he have to get her drunk? Peter shut his eyes and focused. His senses finally picked up on something. Only it wasn’t quite what he thought he’d walk in on. He headed that direction and knocked on the door.

He swallowed back at the sound of her voice. “Izzy?” he called out and opened the door.

Her eyes lifted towards his. She’d clearly been crying. She quickly wiped her eyes, “Peter…”

“Hey…” he murmured, then rushed over and helped her to her feet.

Peter took notice of how her shirt was slightly ripped and her bra strap had snapped and was hanging off her arm. A fire lit within him. “Izzy…” Peter softly stated, looking ill as he attempted to fix her bra strap.

“Can you take me home? Please?” She asked with a quivery lip.

“Of course…” he replied. She stumbled back and Peter swiftly braced her against him. “I just need to get my jacket….”

He nodded and helped her back up the stairs to Flash’s room, where her jacket currently was. Once she opened the door, they shared the same look of absolute shock. Bella half laughed at the sight before them. She strutted on in and grabbed her jacket. Flash froze as caught her through the corner of his eye. He had MJ bent over the bed, fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“I suppose you found an easy lay after all.” Bella sneered.

Flash hurriedly pulled out and stepped into a pair of blue jeans while MJ rushed over and slipped her dress back on. Her jaw dropped as she caught Peter leaning against the doorway eyeing her.

“Babe, this isn’t what it looks like…” Flash said, reaching out to her.

“Oh so you didn’t just have that pathetic excuse for a dick in my best friend’s girl? RIGHT?!” Bella was trembling with anger. Her eyes never left Flash’s, “I tell you I’m not ready… so not only do you try to force yourself on me, but you fucking CHEAT ON ME?!”

She shot a furious glance to MJ, “AND YOU!” She then pointed a finger at the redhead, “Are you an idiot? Do you even know how lucky you are?”

Peter reared back with raised brows. He was so stunned by Bella’s comment that he hadn’t noticed the look in Flash’s eyes. Bella gasped out as he slapped the shit out of her. And that was it… Peter rushed over about to sock him a good one, only Bella beat him to it.

“SHIT!” Peter shouted as Bella punched Flash not only once, not twice, but three times and made certain she left one to grow on. Peter had to literally pry her off Flash as she wasn’t about to stop. He motioned her towards the door, “Let’s go Izzy.”

“It was just sex! If you weren’t such an uptight BITCH this wouldn’t have happened!” Flash yelled as he sorely came to his feet.

Without another word, Peter leaped across the room. MJ shrieked out as Peter had Flash in a chokehold up against the wall.

“Talk to her like that again and I’ll have you dangling off a building by the skin of your nuts!” Peter growled. He was so irate, he had not even realized what he actually said. Even Bella’s jaw dropped at the moment. He went to leave, but not before socking Flash in the gut. “….jackass…” Peter uttered as he took Izzy by the hand and started out the door.

He turned with the rolling of eyes. “I’m so sorry!” MJ called out with tears in her eyes, chasing after them. Peter shook his head.

“Please… I can make it up to you. I promise!”

Peter took in the deepest of breaths. He couldn’t believe the nerve of MJ. “Why? So you can turn around and do this all over again? Thanks but no thanks! You’re not even worth the time, MJ.” He glanced towards the stairs, “I’m sure Eugene could use some TLC however!”

Peter dabbed the wash cloth about her lip. She winced at the stinging sensation.

“Sorry…” He said, trying to be as gentle as possible.
She nodded but lowered her head, “No, I’m sorry Peter…”

He looked to her baffled. “Sorry? Why are you sorry?” he questioned, whilst placing some antibiotic crème on her lip. Flash had left a pretty good gash along her lip. Causing Peter to want to lay into the jackass all over again.

“About MJ.”

“I’m not. Not after all that…” Bella nodded in complete agreement.

“You got one hell of a right hook, you know.”

Bella managed to smile, only it caused her lip to hurt. Peter swiftly covered it with an ice pack.

“Just remind me to never get on your bad side.” he said with smile.

Once he’s done, Peter lifted her back off the counter and set her down. He then led Bella into her room. He reached over, turning on the lamp on. He pulls the covers on her bed back. He was going to tuck her in for the night but ended up dying in laughter.


He swiftly grabbed the pair of Spiderman panties and twirled them about, “I do hope these are clean!”
He held them up the air making her jump up in order to reach them. “I can’t believe you wear lacy Spiderman panties!”
“Has he seen you in them?”

“OH…My… God…!”

“Is that what you say when you’re wearing them?!”

His eyes widen as she dead arms him. “Shit!” he uttered. She then yanked the panties out of his hold. “So…” he drawled teasingly. She cut him a look of warning, but he couldn’t resist. “Are you going to have him sign them?”


Page break

“Too young. Too pretty!” Bella reared back at the man’s words as she went to hand in her application.


He held his hand up and shook his head. “No job here for you.” The older Asian man told her.

“You’re kidding right? You haven’t even looked at my applica…” The man grabbed the keys to his shop and herded her on out of the book store.

“Sir!” she went to say, as he damn near shoved her out of his store and locked up. “Um… ok then.” She then blew out a breath in frustration. She turned back towards the shop. He was eyeing her through the blinds. She tilted her head in wonder. “What an ass…” she muttered and sighed looking around in thought, “Come on what’s a girl gotta do…”
“I can get you a job, sug…”

Bella turned towards the woman’s voice, realizing she had a couple of prostitutes standing beside her. “I’m good! Thanks!” she responded.

“Come now sug. Think about it, with your looks…”

Bella broke into a giggle fit. The women then cut her an unimpressed gaze. “You know maybe 5 more years from now… I’ll consider it.” she smarted and hit the light to cross the street.

“The younger the better!” One of them calls out as she started to cross.

She nodded and gave them a wave. The giggles continued as she thought about the look on her mother’s face. Hey mom, guess what?!

Bella got her some coffee and decided to fill out some more applications. Only to have a biker come by and he flung his arm, knocking her coffee over. It spilled all over her applications.

“THANKS!” She yelled out.

The smartass gave her a thumbs up before turning. She rolled her eyes and threw the remaining applications away. “Ok so I don’t need a job! Right Manhattan?!” she spoke out loud.
“That’s right. Ya sure don’t!”

She turned to see an older man sitting off to a corner. Something about his mannerism and the way he looked upon her had her smiling.

“Why ya needing a job anyhow? No offense, but ya look like yer still a little young for that. Aren’t ya shortcake?”

“I’ll be 16 next year.”
“Don’t ya need a permit for that?”

Bella shrugged, not sure what the law was on that one. The guy then took a cigar out and clipped it, before lighting it up.

“Well good luck to ya, kid! Tough world ya know.”

“That’s for damn sure.”

The man smirked at this and rose from his seat, going about his way.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Bella muttered as a storm was blowing in. “Okay. Okay. I’m going! Jesus!”

Bella grabbed her purse and went to hail a cab, only it trolled right on past her.

“I SUPPOSE YOU COULDN’T SEE ME, RIGHT?!” she shouted sarcastically.

She froze however as someone else landed before the cab. He nodded towards the driver and motioned her over. Bella spun around, back looking behind her. She then turned back towards him.

“What me?”

“Well I don’t need a cab…” Her eyes widen as he walked around and opened the door.

“So… Spiderman hails cabs now?”

“Eh… it’s been a slow day.”
She nodded, but at the moment was rather star struck. Bella got in.

“Make sure you fasten your seatbelt now!”

She narrowed her eyes upon Spiderman as he made a fastening seatbelt gesture.

“There you go!” he smartly commented. He shut the door and waved her off.

Bella watched through the rearview mirror as he fired off a web and soared off.


(Currently working on chapters 5 and 6. Those are the two I’m sure everyone’s waiting for. Chapter 6 will have the big reveal. After 6, I will be finishing Iron Men and Thunder Gods. I will also be updating some other works before I start chapter 7. I’m getting the muses with this story though big time and it’s currently taken me over. I apologize to those who are waiting for other updates. I will be getting to them! Thank you for your time! Please be a good sport and leave a review!)

(Thank you, for all your hard work Mommy4Thomas. Love you, Pumpkinbutt!)



17 thoughts on “Chapter 4 The Sidelines”

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