Chapter 17 Taking The Reins

Chapter 17

Better late than never… sorry, getting there folks! Thanks for your patience.

Scott was picking up, ready for bed himself. He reared back hearing the screeching of tires outside the house. A door slammed and he peeked out the window, seeing it was Renee and Stiles. He thought nothing of it until he answered the door. Scott froze caught completely off-guard. He and Stiles locked eyes as Renee had the gun on him.

“Where is she?!”

Scott swallowed back trying to think. He would’ve never dreamed… Stiles shook his head with a pleading look in his eyes.

“Don’t tell her!”

Renee gritted her teeth and roughly forced Stiles up against her chest.
“I’m not playing games!”

Scott saw Stiles father and his mother pulling up in his cruiser.

“Mom?!” Scott’s heart sank and he grimaced.

“Oh my GOD! What are you doing?!”

“Come on Bella, time to go!”

Bella had this look of sheer disbelief and shock about her. But that soon turned into anger, once she realized she wasn’t dreaming. Bella’s lip curled and her entire body shook. Scott could sense her and quickly acted. He swiftly reached over jerking Stiles out of Renee’s hold. She now had her gun pointed at Scott.

Scott was focusing on getting Stiles out of harm’s way. The Sheriff and Melissa were dashing over. Within seconds however Bella had her mother pinned down, in her full transformation. She used her tail to knock the gun out of her hold. She had her hands clasped around her mother’s wrists.

“We’re going to solve this now!” Bella pocketed the gun.

Everyone looked to Bella in shock as she hopped back up and took off with her mother.

“Shit…” Scott uttered.

“Are you alright?” He questioned glancing Stiles over.

Stiles nodded, but was pretty shaken up.

The sheriff put his gun away, each of them shared the same apprehensive look. Scott sighs.

“I better find her.”

The others nodded in understanding. Scott took off on foot as well, following the trail in which Bella went.

Peter shot up as Bella busted the door down to the Hale home. She sneered, whilst eyeing him down. She literally shoved her mother down at his feet. Her entire face was red and tears streamed down her face.

“You two want to make amends and live happily ever after. Go right ahead… Just leave me out of it!”

Bella looks upon her mother with hatred.

“You ever come near my cousin or mate again. I won’t hesitate… Mother or not! You’ve done lost your motherfucking mind!”

Derek froze as he was coming up behind Bella. Peter narrowed his eyes helping Renee to her feet.
“What’s going on?”
Bella nodded towards her mother.

“Ask the nutcase over there!”

“What did you do Renee?”

Bella wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“You just destroyed whatever love I had for you. I don’t even know who you are anymore! HOW DARE YOU PUT A GUN TO MY COUSIN AND MY MATE?!”

“NO!” Derek shouts as Bella appears before Peter and her mother. She slams her mother back against the wall.

“Calm down Bella…” Her mother whimpered with fear in her eyes.

“Calm down?” Bella was so manic she was trembling all over and breathing heavily.


Peter went to intervene and Bella snapped a look his direction. She shot out a hand and Peter went flying back.

“Bella.” Derek warned.

He held his hands up in the air, carefully making his way over.

“Come now… You don’t want to hurt her.”

She hissed out but her eyes were locked onto Renee’s.

“You don’t understand! You never have! I can’t keep doing this! Everything… Everything I did was for you.” Renee cries.

“Such as putting a gun to family and loved ones? Your own nephew?! There are better ways of getting ones attention! Next time PUT THE GUN TO MY MOTHERFUCKING HEAD! In fact…” Bella takes the gun out from her jacket that was in practical shreds. She placed it back into her mother’s hand. And put it up against her forehead.

“Would this make things easier?”

“Bella!” Her mother scoffed.

“How’s this any different mom?! You can put a gun to Stile’s head, but not mine! HELL, I’m the reason behind all this! NOT HIM!”
“DAMMIT, KID!” Peter shouted as he came back to his feet dusting himself off.

Derek was still cautiously inching his way towards them.


Peter couldn’t believe the look in his wife’s eyes. The way she held the gun even.

“RENEE!” He shouted in a panic.

Renee shut her eyes. Derek and Peter nodded towards one another. Derek leaped over, knocking Bella down. The gun went off and Peter had his arms wrapped around Renee’s waist.

“You were going to shoot our little girl?!” Peter bellows as he had Renee shoved back against the couch now. He pointed upon her irately.


“I’m sorry… I…” Peter was pacing around the room now, frantically.

“What the hell has come over you? Have you completely LOST IT?!”

Peter growls out and backhands the hell out of Renee.

Derek had his arms wrapped around Bella, checking her over.
“When it comes to a choice! I will always choose that kid over YOU! Even if she spends eternity hating my guts, that’s fine by me! As long as she’s safe that’s what matters! You haven’t any idea the length’s I’ve gone through to in order to keep our daughter alive! I missed out on everything, EVERYTHING! How dare you! You were there for everything! What I wouldn’t give! How can you look that girl in the eyes, raise her from an infant and turn around and want to end it all!” He grinds his teeth together and backhands her once more.


Scott just arrived to catch the tail end of what was said and the situation. He took notice of Derek’s attentiveness towards Bella. He nodded towards him respectfully. Derek nodded in return, not dropping his hold. Bella had literally fallen apart. Derek scooped her up and carried her on up the stairs. Peter shut his eyes looking ill. He had the bridge of his nose pinched.

“Scott…” He said in such a way that he’d never heard from Peter’s lips.

It was imploring and heartbreaking.

“Please get my wife out of this house, before I take matters into my own hands. The damn woman just ripped my heart out. If she doesn’t get out and quickly I’ll rip hers out in return. Only my way will be a lot messier!”


“OUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” Peter roars so loudly the windows shake throughout the house.

His transformation was taking over as he struggled to keep the monster at bay. Scott nodded and hurriedly rushed Renee out of the house.

Peter peered into the bedroom. Derek sat beside Bella on the bed. She was staring off into space, not even blinking. Peter motioned for Derek to step out of the room. He rolled his eyes rather hesitant. He cut Peter a look. Peter shook his head as if in silent conversation. Derek stepped on out and Peter pulled the door to. He stood before Bella. Still she just sat there with a blank expression to her face. He waved his hand about and snapped his fingers. She didn’t even blink. Peter narrowed his eyes and hunkered over, cupping her chin.


Still there was no response…

“Come on… snap out of it.”

Peter gritted his teeth and gave her a slight shake.




He shook her a bit harder.

“Knock that shit off!”

Peter shakes his head. He comes back to his feet and starts to pace the room.

“I’m sorry…”

He punches at the wall.

“I’m fucking sorry! Tell me what to do! Tell me how I can help!”
He swallows back as she comes to a stand. She doesn’t even comment or look his direction. She simply heads to the door and exits the room. She passes Derek who was sitting on the stairs. Scott was at the doorway, gazing upon her as she made her way down. She walked right past and continued. Scott reared back at this. What had him baffled? He couldn’t even sense her at this point. He said nothing and followed her on through the woods.

Scott however quickly whipped around, picking up something. His eyes widened in realization and he swiftly turned Bella’s way. But it was too late. Bella had already sensed “her” as well.

“NO!” Scott shouted as Bella suddenly had Allison in her grasp.

She was growling and choking Allison. Allison’s bow and arrow hit the ground.

“Let her go!” Mr. Argent yelled, aiming a gun her way.

Bella tilted her head his way.

“Put her down, Bells.” Scott softly stated using his alpha tone.

She sneered his way and her grip on Allison tightened. He shook his head, motioning for Mr. Argent to lower his weapon.

“No… You don’t want to do that. Let’s just go home.”

Allison’s eyes were rolling back and her face was turning beet red.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Scott shouted as her father fired.

Scott shoved him down and socked him in the face. “DAMMIT! SHE’S NOT TO BE HUNTED!” Scott shouted. He hurriedly disarmed him. But once he turned around only Allison remained. She was on the ground trying to catch her breath. Scott’s eyes flickered as he not only smelled but saw a trail of Bella’s blood on the ground. There was a trail leading where she’d taken off. Scott took off in a panic. Allison’s father hurriedly checked on his daughter.

Scott’s panic only worsened as the blood became thicker the further the trail led.

“Bells…” He called out with is heart beating ninety to nothing.

“Please… Answer me…”

He couldn’t sense her at all. In fact he’d swear it were as if Bella somehow turned her side of communication, both sides as her alpha and mate.

“BELLA! Dammit, where are you?!” He cried out, whilst pulling at his hair.


“Sit!” Sheriff Stilinski demands, cuffing Renee to a pipe in the basement.

He and Stiles look to one another as if lost on what to do next. Melissa hadn’t spoken a word. However her eyes never left Renee.

“Any word?” He asks as Derek entered the basement.

Derek shook his head looking hopeless.

“Peter’s following a trail he picked up. I’m about to join him. But wanted to make certain you guys had everything in order first.”

They both shrug looking around. Derek looks towards Stiles.

“You got your phone on you?”

Stiles nods.

“Good, make sure it’s on. I’ll call once I get word. You two stay here as long as you need. You need anything call me.”

At this Derek darted off.

“Was he…” Sheriff Stilinski started.

“Being nice?” He finished his father’s thought.

“…right…” His father uttered softly.

They simultaneously look to Renee and then to Melissa and sigh.

Scott continued on, desperate to find his mate. The trail had grown cold though. He couldn’t even pick up her scent after much longer. He looked around in thought. She had to be around here somewhere. Her scent wouldn’t just suddenly poof. It was too potent. What was he missing? There was nothing here, just trees and never ending forest. He looked towards the tops of the trees as he headed back towards the area her scent and trail of blood were last. How could she just up and vanish?!

Scott shook his head on this and let out a howl, calling to his pack. Before long, Aiden and Ethan arrived, followed by Peter and Derek, who had heard Scott’s call as well. The five of them scouted the entire area. Not a one of them had any luck. The trail had literally gone cold and with Scott no longer sensing her, they’d nothing else to go on.

“She’s gotta be somewhere around here! She wouldn’t just up and disappear in thin air!” Peter growls out with impatience.

Peter punches at a nearby tree, putting a decent crack throughout the trunk. Scott felt as though he would hurl. He hadn’t a clue where to even begin. All he could think to do was to go back over the trail, start from the beginning and pray he’d find something he missed. He did this over and over, as the others continued on throughout the woods. Between them all they’d covered the entire area, still no sign of Bella anywhere.

Peter shook his head, looking to Scott.

“So what’s your next move now…? Alpha?” He said almost in a derogatory tone.

Scott gritted his teeth and pointed upon Peter.

“Don’t even start even fucking start with me!” Scott’s eyes flickered and he was shaking all over.

Peter snarled back and rolled his eyes. Scott’s cell phone went off and everyone froze. All shared that hopeful glance. He hurriedly answered, not bothering to look at the name.

“Bells?!” He sputtered out.

“No…” He narrowed his eyes.

Anger flushed over Scott’s entire body.

“I don’t have time for this shit!” Scott goes to hang up.

“NO SCOTT, PLEASE!” Allison screeched on top of her lungs.

“WHAT?!” Scott snaps.

“What more could you possibly want from me?! YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!”

Each man there raised their brows. They’d never heard Scott talk that way and to Allison of all people.
“Scott please just let me explain.”
“Explain what?” He says through gritted teeth.

“What reason could you possibly have for hunting my mate?!”


Scott reared back.

“Please just come by the Lahey house.”
“You called me instead of 911?”

“He’d dying Scott. He won’t make it. You’re his only hope!”

“God damn it!” He shouts into the phone.

Scott points upon the others.

“Keep looking! Don’t even think about taking a coffee break!” He says mainly eyeing Peter.

“Where the fuck are you going?” Peter shouts as Scott goes to take off.

“It doesn’t matter just keep searching!”

“The hell it doesn’t, you’re the mate of my daughter. Who’s missing! You’re really going to turn your back to her and your pack?!”

Scott took off, knowing he hadn’t the time to argue with Peter.

Scott impatiently banged on the door. Allison answered looking distraught and had tears streaming down her face. She quickly grabs Scott’s forearm and jerks him back. She slams the door shut. Scott looked to the scene before him in utter disbelief. The entire living room was destroyed. There were lamps turned over. Broken glass and wood from furniture was scattered about the floor. He cocked his head about and swiftly turned back, facing Allison. She took in a breath and pointed to where the incident ended. Scott turned that direction seeing a few drops of blood along the floor leading to the area. There were two bodies on the floor, one of them being Isaac. The other was his father.

“What the hell happened here?”

Isaac whimpered out and Allison rushed to his side.

“So this is why you couldn’t call the police?”
Scott says feeling for a pulse on Isaac’s father.

“Scott, you have to hurry.”
“And just what is it you expect me to do about all this?”
“Just help him. We both know you can.” She replies with impatience.

“I can’t…”


Scott sighs knowing damn well what she meant. He grimaced seeing how bad off Isaac was. He was beat to a pulp.

“Allison…” He muttered under his breath, feeling ill.

“You know there’s still a possibility of it not taking affect. Not only that, but I’d have a newbie on my hands. Something I don’t really need at…”

“Scott?” Isaac called out as he was choking on his own blood.

He swallowed back and squatted down beside Isaac.

“Yeah it’s me buddy. I’m here.”

Isaac forced a smile. Scott swallowed back. He’d a million things going through his mind. He detected Isaac’s heart rate and it was fading. He knew he hadn’t a choice. Even Scott couldn’t bear the thought of Isaac dying.

“I can help, but you might not like the aftermath…” Scott says trying to think of how to explain this and quickly.

Isaac half laughs.

“I think we both know I’m fucked.”

“JUST DO IT!” Allison orders.

“It might not be what he wants!”

“He wants to live that’s all that matters.”

“Fine, I’ll tell him!” She looks back towards Isaac.

“Scott’s a werewolf. He could save you with one bite.”

“Or do you in quicker!” Scott adds.

“Scott…” She drones on.


She looks to him in surprise and swallows back.

“I can try and save your life, but it won’t be the life you once had.” Scott takes on his alteration, keeping his eyes locked on Isaac’s.

“This… This is what you have to look forward too. Everything will change!”

Scott tilts his head a bit as Isaac’s eyes roll back. His heart rate became weaker.


Allison nudges Scott as they hear a very faint “do it.” Scott nods and hurriedly bites down on his wrist. Directly after… “You live through this. You just remember who the fuck your alpha is! I don’t have the time or patience to deal with an unruly pup!” He makes clear and comes back to his feet.

“You! You will help him through this!”

“Yes! YOU! Act the way a real girlfriend should act! You two deal with the rest of this. It’s no longer my concern. I did my part. At the moment, I gotta find my mate. You know the one your father shot!”

“In self-defense!”

Scott lets out a growl and his upper lip curls. He forces Allison up against the wall.

“Don’t you even… We both know if Bella hadn’t gotten to you first. You’d have shot her with that fucking arrow! Tell me I’m wrong!”

She closes her eyes. Scott slams his hand up against the wall behind her.

“Scott… I…”

“She’s a danger to everyone here! To you especially! I will do whatever it takes to protect you!”

“I am no longer your responsibility or your problem! Anyone who comes after my girl has to go through me first! That’s the sad part of all this, it used to be you. You blew it and threw me away like garbage. Now it will never be anyone but my Bells. MY MATE!”

At this Scott takes off…

“You’re fine.”
Renee sighs.
“I really need to go.”

“You can go right there for all I care.” Her brother scoffs bitterly.

Renee had been whining about needing to go to the bathroom for the past ten minutes. Melissa held out her hand. The sheriff cut her an odd look.

“I got this.” She assures.

He sighs and Stiles cuts her a peculiar glance as well. His father shrugs and places the key in the palm of her hand. Melissa nods and struts on over, releasing Renee. She roughly grabs a hold of her and drags out of the basement. She forces her into the bathroom.

“Go!” Melissa demands.

“A little privacy?”

“Oh no, sister, we’re not playing that game. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen. Now do your business so we can get back to the basement.”

“I’m not going back there.”
Melissa half laughs.

“Sweetheart, you haven’t any idea…”
Renee looks to her blankly.

“I dare you… give me a reason. I’m begging you.”


“To bitch slap you!”

Renee’s jaw dropped. Melissa rolled her eyes.

“OH don’t even! To think… I tried to be a friend to you! Damn, you really had me fooled! You had us all fooled, your own daughter even. Just how sick can you be?”

Renee started that sulking thing. Melissa nodded to herself. Once Renee finished her business and washed her hands, Melissa went to cuff her again. Only to have Renee stupidly elbow the shit out of her, knocking Melissa back against the counter. Renee hurriedly ran towards the door. Melissa ground her teeth together and took off after her. She grabbed a fistful of Renee’s hair and forced her back.
“Oh no you don’t!”

Melissa used her hair to drag Renee back towards the basement. Renee struggled to try and pry her way free. But with each attempt Melissa jerked back. As soon as they made their way down the stairs, Melissa shoved Renee back towards her brother and nephew. She tossed the Sheriff his cuffs back.

“She’s all yours.”

Melissa went to walk away. Only she winded up freezing as if in thought. She slowly turned back around as the Sheriff was cuffing his sister back where she was.

“On second thought …” Melissa struts back over and decked the shit out of Renee.

So hard in fact Renee’s eyes rolled back and she lost her footing. Her brother braced her against him so she’d keep from falling. Stiles raised his brows on this.

“That’s for Bella.”

Bella shot up in a gasp. She went to shield her eyes from the bright light that shined on her directly. Only to find that she couldn’t. Her hands and feet were strapped to some sort of gurney. Her eyes widened as she saw people in white lab coats hovering over her. Each of them had surgical masks on. She glanced down to see what it was they were doing exactly. Her heart galloped within her chest and a fear that she’d never known hit. Bella let out a glass shattering shriek of ultimate terror.




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8 thoughts on “Chapter 17 Taking The Reins”

  1. Ahhh evil cliffy whyyyyyy? I can’t believe you left it there not nice Harley.
    Awesome chapter thanks for the update 🙂

  2. Dammit ish just got real. Go mommy Melissa and someone please get rid of Allison she is really working my last nerve. Awesome update and I so cannot wait for the next and I can honestly say I have fallen in love with Peter he took up for his little girl like a parent should.

  3. Well holy ravioli, batman! That’s a nasty cliffhanger and I adore you for it. Renee, what can I say… Hope that bitch dies. Nice to see Peter and Derek step up though. And Allison… bitch has issues. She’ll get hers too, I hope. Awesome chapter, sweets… off to read more updates!

  4. Everything went to hell in a hand basket right quick. Poor Bella.

    I’ve gotta say thank goodness for Derek. He’s every bit as much an emotional mess as Peter and Renee are, but he does at least think about Bella when shit goes down. When everyone else ignores her, caught up in their own pity parties, he at least tries to offer her some support. If he hadn’t treated her so badly when they first met, they probably could’ve had a strong familial bond. The rest of their family are all walking disasters and they could’ve leaned on each other, helped each other deal with it. It’s sad that he fouled that chance up.

    I’m glad Peter made it clear he does actually care about Bella’s safety, but he doesn’t really seem to care about her actual wellbeing. If one of my parents tried to shoot me, the first thing the other one would’ve done was make sure I was okay. Derek stepped up and did that, but Peter was more focused on his own anger and making Renee suffer than on Bella’s wellbeing. With parents like hers, I’m not surprised Bella shut down. Her own family hurt her in this chapter just as much as Phil did, emotionally speaking. Who wouldn’t shut down after a night like that?


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