Chapter 10 All Kinds Of Hatin’

Chapter 10

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Scott took Bella’s hand and kissed it. They were hiding out in the dugout again. Bella had her head in his lap.

“By the way you’re one hell of a softball player. You got a wicked arm!”

“Um thanks…”

Scott nods.

“Not to mention you look incredibly sexy out there.”

She softly laughs.

“In my softball uniform?”

“Oh yeah…”

“You’re so full of it.”

“Actually, I really mean it. Call me crazy, but you’re like the hottest baseball player I’ve ever seen. Hell, I’d kill to see you in nothing but your jersey and a pair of panties! Now that would be very, very hot.”

Bella smiles and shakes her head.

“You’re kind of a dork aren’t you?”

Scott winced and sighed.

“Great, now I have to kill you.”
“And why’s that?”

“You discovered my secret.”

She laughs.

“No seriously, I really was a dork before the whole turned by a werewolf ordeal. Well even a little bit directly after because I hadn’t a clue how to deal with it all.”

“You’re still a dork.”

“Ouch, am I that obvious?”

She nods with a grin and intertwines her fingers with his.

“I like that about you though. You’re different from most guys. It’s rather refreshing to be honest. Only those closest to you see the real you. Besides you forget I grew up with you on and off. I always knew you were a dork.”

Scott chuckles.

“That’s right. Damn…”

“Scott was Jake the first life you ever took?”

Scott swallows back rather nervous about the question.

“Yes Bells.”

Bella rises.

He nods.

“How the fuck are you handling it the way you are then?”

He looks to her oddly.

“I mean you’re so calm, so put together or so it seems.”

“It’s within me now Bella. I don’t mean so much the killing aspect. It has more to do with the fact that yes I am alpha, but you are also my mate. My instincts will react when you’re put in any kind of danger. Jake had ill intentions when it came to you. I know I should probably feel some sort of guilt or something right?”

Bella shrugs.

“If anything my only true fear was that you would become frightened of me. That or that you’d hate me for what I’d done.”

“I could never hate you Scott.”

“I hope not.”

“I suppose I should have been more freaked out. I mean I won’t lie you certainly shocked the living shit out of me.”

Scott smirks in thought.

“But I think I’ve seen more than my share of crazy and….” Bella took in a breath.

Bella turned almost ghostly white and her hands shook.

“Phil never left us. At least not in the aspect of what my mother made it sound like.” Bella took in the deepest of breaths.

“I loved him I loved Phil Dwyer so fucking much. I idolized this man and at times I felt guilty because, I got along with him better than Charlie. I shook it off as to the fact that I was young when Charlie died. So we didn’t grow to have that bond that Phil and I had. Phil taught me all about cars and sports. He always was there for me and went to every game. My mom worked so much that Phil and I ended up having more time together than my own mother and I. He was working on his baseball career. He hoped to make pro eventually. I always said if he did I’d be his biggest fan. I thought of Phil more like my father than I ever had Charlie. Something about Charlie and my mother’s relationship was odd anyhow. I never understood it, but I remember how they’d slept in separate beds. I hardly ever saw them hug or kiss one another much less say I love you. Even in my young age that always stood out with me. Phil however it was somewhat different I remember seeing them kiss off and on. He’d always wink at me directly after.”

Scott runs a hand along her back as she started to tear up.

“He started to act rather odd off and on when I truly think back to the last couple months he was in our lives. I didn’t truly think about it until I was away from the situation and had time to. Just some of the things he would say, the way he would look at me, and at times he’d touch me in odd ways. Nothing just over the top but then not quite like a father would. We’d have a lot of movies nights. I usually fell asleep on the couch. Often enough I’d wake up in his lap or there were the few times, I’d wake and he’d be laying right beside me with his arm draped over me. I truly never thought this as odd behavior at the time. Obviously, my mother didn’t either. At times, she’d come home and even smile when she’d see that we’d fallen asleep on the couch. Scott, this man I truly saw like a father.”

Her hands ball up into fists.

“That’s what makes this story so fucked up, so sick! To this day I still feel disgusting! Like that there’s something wrong with me! I mean how do you get over something like that?! To know your stepfather wanted to FUCK YOU!”

Scott already knew the story but still felt ill as she told it. Through her it was like hearing it for the first time.

“He came into my room one night and said that we needed to talk. Honestly, I thought I’d done something wrong or that I’d upset him somehow. Just the look on his face was so odd. I swore that his eyes were a different color than usual as well. I still remember that reddish orange like hue. He seemed damn near demonic. He said he needed to do something first. He usually would kiss me on the cheek good night or give me a hug. That’s what I thought he was going for. I even opened my arms up for him. Next thing I know the bastard has his tongue jammed down my throat. He’s on top of me and he’s….” She shakes her head and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“He tore through my bed sheets to get to my pajamas. He then ripped them off. His fingernails dug into me as he did this. The bastard forced my legs apart and once I realized what was truly about to take place. I begin to fight back. He began to hit me on whatever part of my body he could reach, my face, chest, stomach. He kept shouting at me over and over. Reveal yourself to me! I’ve been waiting! You’re holding back! Things of that nature… He let me know I was his that the only reason he even married my mother was to get to me. He tried forcing himself inside me and that’s when my transformation first took place. It was the most painful thing I’d ever felt in my life. I felt as though I was being ripped apart from the inside out. My bones felt as though they were breaking each of them just snapping in half. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t even scream. I’d never been so terrified in my life. I hadn’t a clue what was happening to me. During all this my stepfather was persistent. He was going to finish the job one way or another. The moment I felt “it” touch me; I lost it. I snapped and went ape shit. I’d never been so angry in my entire life. I began to beat on this man that I one loved and thought the world of. I hit and clawed I even bit the bastard a few times. He screamed for mercy and it only enticed me more. I wanted him to pay! I wanted him to hurt the way I was! I wanted him to DIE! So I made sure he did. That’s when I noticed my mother in the doorway. I was drenched in Phil’s blood. There wasn’t a part of me that didn’t have blood. It was all over my sheets, my walls, and the carpet. The damn room looked as though a set from Nightmare On Elm St. His body was covered in slash marks. He wasn’t breathing. There wasn’t even a pulse. Out of fear I quickly began try to revive the sick motherfucker. I almost threw up as I planted my lips back onto his and started mouth to mouth and chest compressions. My mother took over and she too tried. I think we tried for a good 15 minutes. But as a nurse my mother already knew it was too late. He was gone. From there I remember nothing else of that night. It’s like I blacked out from there. My mom thinks it’s because I went into shock. Not that we really talk about it.”

Bella nervously lifts her eyes towards Scott once she’s done with her story.

Scott’s eyes were alpha red. He wasn’t in his transformation but his eyes were there as he trembled with anger. He said nothing just grabbed hold of her. Scott hadn’t a clue what to say. He figured the best thing was to let her know he was there for her. That he didn’t blame her for what took place. If anything Phil Dwyer got exactly what he had coming to him. So did Jacob Black!

The rest of the day Bella kept to herself. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked thoroughly exhausted. Stiles for once also kept quiet. He wasn’t his usual sarcastic self. Scott could see that Stiles was very concerned about Bella. He too looked as though he hadn’t slept at all.

Scott kicked back on Bella’s bed as she packed whatever she needed. She also grabbed her keys deciding to take her car. This way she could come and go as needed. Her uncle peeked into her bedroom.

“Stiles and I will meet you there shortly. I thought I’d grab us all some burgers. They’re allowing Renee to eat now. She’s been dying for some real food after being on that liquid diet.”

“I can imagine so.”



“You don’t happen to know who would have paid your mother’s hospital expenses would you?”

Bella looks to her uncle oddly. He clears his throat as he steps into her room.
“I went to take care of whatever we could for now. But they’d said it was already taken care of. When I asked who they said the person wished to stay anonymous. I just thought it was a little odd.”

Bella shook her head just as confused.

“I wouldn’t have a clue.”

“Huh… Well I suppose it’s one last thing you two have to worry about.” Still her uncle looked perplexed.

He headed back towards her door.
“Like I said we’ll see you there shortly.”

Bella nodded as he exited the room. Scott hopped off the bed and walked with her outside. He opened the car door for her. Before she climbed in; Scott cupped her cheeks and kissed her.

“Please be careful.”

“I will.”
“I love you Bells.”
“Love you too Scott.”

“I’ll call or text you later to check in. If you need me at all let me know I’ll be there in a flash.”

She merely smiled and got into the car. Scott shut the door for her and waved her off. Bella turned on her radio and turned it up so she couldn’t hear herself think. The Game by Disturbed blared throughout the car.

Melissa was already in the room checking over her mother’s vitals as Bella entered the room. Bella sat down some white lilies for her mother. Renee smiled.

“You remembered.”

Bella smiled and made her way over. She hugged her mother and kissed her forehead.

“How are you feeling mom?”

“So much better.”

Bella smiled.

“Yep she’s one hell of a fighter.” Melissa says as she placed her stethoscope back around her neck.

“Vitals are looking great as well. Your mother will be out of here in no time.”

“Thank you.” Bella said and hugged Melissa as well.

Melissa smiled and squeezed Renee’s hand.

“I’ll check on you later.”
Renee nodded as Melissa left the room.

“The flowers are beautiful thank you.”

“It’s the least I could do. The guys are bringing some burgers here after a while. Do you need anything in the meantime?”

“No Bella hun, just do your homework. I’m fine. Melissa’s been taking great care of me.”
Bella smiles.

“That’s great mom.”

“How was school?”
Bella shrugged as she sat down and took her books out of her bag.

“It was ok.”

Bella began her homework about an hour passed by when she finally finished.

How is she?

Looking a lot better and seems to be in better spirits. Your mother is a God send btw.

That’s really good to hear. Been thinking about you.

Thinking about you too. Love you!

Love you too Bells.

Renee and Bella turned to a knock on the door. Stiles and his father walked in with a couple of fast food bags and drinks. Stiles tossed Bella a bag of food.


Stiles smiled and plopped down beside her with his food. Renee’s brother began to set up her food.

“Oh my goodness that smells wonderful. Finally, something that’s not green Jello and chicken broth!”

Renee devoured her food like there was no tomorrow. Stiles reached over and snagged one of Bella’s tater tots. She smacked his hand and it fell back into her tot holder.

“I just wanted one!”

“Why do you do that? Every time you get fries instead of tots then you want to eat up my tots and your fries!”

He shrugs and hurriedly grabs one and eats it.


“What?!” He says and laughs as he stuffs yet another into his mouth.

“Jerk…” Bella muttered under her breath and shoved him off the couch.

She then grabbed a handful of his fries and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Hey I didn’t even take near that many!”

She shrugs and takes another one and chews it up, then shows him the remains in her mouth.

“EW… see you really are a butch! What girl does that?!”

“You two behave. I swear…”
“I know and you always tell us not to swear!” Stiles smarts off to his father.

His father shakes his head and looks over to Stiles.


“It really sounded funnier in my head.”

“I’m sure that’s true about a lot of things you say.”


Bella laughs.

“He has a very good point.”

Stile sighs and sits back down. He places his food on the other side of him so Bella can’t reach it.

They visit for a while before leaving. Yet again Bella helps her mother with whatever she needs before bed. Melissa returned to check her vitals once more and to give Renee her pain meds. Once Renee fell asleep; Bella showered and got into her pj’s. She sat up the couch. Bella kissed her mother’s forehead and went on to bed as well.

Few days later…

“Easy now…” Renee’s brother said as they lead her inside.

Bella hurriedly rushed off to her mother’s room and began to set everything up.

“I really wish you’d quit fussing over me.” Renee said once they got her into the room.

Bella ignores her comment and helps her mother into bed. She takes off her shoes and gets her set up.

“Bella…” Renee says as she gently grabs her wrist.

“That’s enough. Go.”

Bella sighs as her uncle pats her on the shoulder and drags her out of the room. Stiles pulls the door shut behind him.

“She’ll be fine. Why don’t you two get out of the house? It’s Friday night. I’ve taken some vacation time so I’ll be able to look after Renee. I’ve got the next four days off.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Go Bella…”

Bella shakes her head and sits on the couch.

“Stiles…” His father hints.

“On it!”

Stiles grabs Bella and flips her over his shoulder.


“Mouth Bella…” Her uncle warns.

She growls out and Stiles grabs his wallet and keys. He then heads out the door. Stiles places her inside the jeep and shuts the door. He rushes over to the driver’s side and starts the jeep. Bella folds her arms about her chest bitterly. Stiles chuckles to himself as he peels out of the driveway.

“So where to?!” He says all chipper like.

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Ok so what movie would you like to see?”
“I don’t want to go to the fucking movies Stiles.”

“Awww wittle Bells we don’t have to go to the movies. Is someone needing a wittle nappy pooh?”

She flips him off and props her feet up on the dashboard.

“Come on name something.”

“Dammit Stiles, what part of I don’t care don’t you get?!”

Stiles sighs.

“You’ve got to stop blaming yourself.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” She says darkly.

“Jesus Bells… Maybe if you’d just talk to me!”

Bella undoes her seatbelt and opens the door.

“WHAT THE HELL BELLS?!” Stiles shouts as she tumbles out of the moving jeep at 35mph.

Stiles swiftly pulls over and kills the engine. He takes off his seatbelt and bolts out of the jeep.

Bella rose to a crouching stance her eyes were feline. Her body was covered in grass and dirt from the dive her body took.

“Jesus Bells…” Stiles holds out a hand and slowly approaches.

“Just talk to me dammit! Let me help!”

Bella shut her eyes for a moment. Only they flew open and she shrieked out.


Her nails dug deep into the earth as she was jerked back and suddenly being dragged off by one leg.

“NO!” Stiles took off after her as she disappeared into the woods.

Bella cried out at the excruciating pain that traveled from her calve up.

Whatever it was continued to drag her throughout the woods at a great pace. Peter and Derek were discussing something not far from where she was. They both snapped their heads that direction hearing Bella’s cry. Peter transformed and quickly took off Derek followed.

Bella looked over to see the head of a croc as she was being dragged away. The croc shook at her leg furiously as he continued to drag her. Bella grabbed a tree and held on for dear life as the massive beast fought against her pull. Bella could feel the tendons in her legs ripping.

“FUCK!” She cried as she clung on to the tree with all she had.

She used her good leg to kick at the croc. Her jaw dropped though as her foot went right through him as if he were transparent or not even there.

The croc unhinged his jaw and scurried directly over her. He began to morph right before her. A familiar smile formed along his face.

My sweet, sweet girl… Bella grimaces as he breathes her in.

“You’re not real! None of this is real! You’re dead motherfucker! LEAVE US ALONE!”

Peter had just managed to find her as he overheard this.

Oh I’m very real. I plan to show you just how fucking real I am sweet Bella. I’m a GOD! You will obey me! COME TO ME!


Peter reared back in wonder. All he saw was Bella laying in an odd position on the ground. She acted as if someone was on top of her.

You can fuck me all you want.

Peter takes off as Bella screams out again. As he approached her he saw a line of claw marks forming along her chest and torso. He hadn’t a clue what to do so he merely swiped at the air. Bella gasped out as Phil snarled back and began to transform again. He was beginning to fade however. He quickly crawled back and once again bit down on her already jacked up leg. Bella arched back in pain. As he tried yet again to take off with her.

“NO!” Peter shouted. Derek appeared just in time to witness Bella being dragged off as well.
“What the fuck?” Derek uttered and looked around.

Peter desperately tried to fight whatever it was, but there was nothing there. Yet Bella’s body said otherwise. Peter did the last thing he could think of.

He rapidly managed to slide directly beneath her as he propped her body up against his. Peter held on for dear life as whatever it was continued to try and drag her away.

“HELP ME DAMMIT!” Peter shouted at Derek.

Derek nodded and he grabbed a hold of Peter as they struggled to keep Bella in place.

“SHIT!” Peter shouted as her pants were being shredded into nothing along with her leg.

Scott leaped down before them. He quickly crouched down taking in the damage done to Bella. He looked upon Derek and Peter confused but said nothing as he quickly ripped his shirt off and began to wrap it around Bella’s leg.

He froze at first.

“What the hell is that?”

Peter narrowed his eyes as the blood around her wound was beginning to boil. Bella let out a glass shattering scream as the rest of her wounds were beginning to react the same way.

“POISON GOD DAMN IT’S FUCKING POISON!” Peter shouts and immediately hops up without another word Peter snags her and takes off.

Scott furiously growls out and takes off after Peter.

“Oh shit!” Derek says knowing a fight was about to break out.

He took off after Scott. Stiles breathlessly showed up at the very tail end and he rolled his eyes as he took off after Derek.

Peter slammed back the door as he opened it. He rushed her up the stairs to one of the old bedrooms and laid her on the bed. Scott appeared at the doorway of the Hale house not even seconds after. He sniffed the air and took off upstairs. Scott soars right for Peter and slams him back against the wall.


Scott darts towards Bella and Peter bolts after Scott and knocks him through the wall of the room.


Scott throws Peter out of a window and flips backwards. He pivots around and rushes back over to Bella. Scott quickly takes her hand and begins to focus on taking her pain away. His teeth gritted as the pain began to escape her but flow through to him instead.

“NO!” Derek yelled and knocked Peter back down as he leaped back into the house.

He was in midair about to dive after Scott.

Peter snarled back.

“He’s not going to hurt her! But you will if you don’t knock it off!”

Scott’s head swayed about as he continued to take her pain.

“We have to do something to stop the poison from spreading.” Peter growls.

“Or nothing he does will matter. He can’t very well continue this! We have to rid of it NOW!”

Peter breaks out of Derek’s hold. He bolts back downstairs and appears with some baking soda. Scott nods in approval as Peter began to pour the contents out onto her open wounds.

“We need to get her to Deaton.”

Stiles entered the room covered in sweat and out of breath. He holds out a finger.


Stiles swallows back and tiredly makes his way to the bed.

“Stiles do you have your phone?” Scott says through gritted teeth.

He nods.

“Call Dr. Deaton. Let him know it’s an emergency and that we’ll be there shortly.”

Stiles nods and paces around the room as he makes the call. Scott wearily scooped Bella up. He growled with each step he took. He fought through the pain as he made his way to the door. Peter grabbed his keys and they got into his car as he floored it to the vet’s office. He parked in the alleyway. Scott got her out and carried her inside as the others followed.

Dr. Deaton was already in the room. He nodded towards them.

“Lay her on the table and give me the rundown.”

Scott looked towards Derek and Peter. Peter sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He began to explain what all he saw. How no one was there but she was being attacked as though otherwise. How she obviously could see them. Peter thought back to what he’d heard her say “Fuck you Phil Rot in hell.”

“Phil…” He growled under his breath.

Scott snapped a look his direction overhearing this. Even through the agony Scott was feeling at the moment he nodded towards Peter.

“How do you know that name?!”

Dr. Deaton began to wipe off the baking soda Peter had used on her.

“Good idea who’s ever that was.”


Peter rolled his eyes.

“It’s none of your god damn business.”

Peter however rapidly reached over and roughly grabbed at the doctor’s wrist.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Dr. Deaton sighs.

“I’m going to cut out the already damaged flesh before the poison spreads.”

“You’re going to cut into her?!” Peter roars.

Derek shakes his head and forces Peter away from Dr. Deaton.

“He knows what he’s doing!”

Dr. Deaton looks over to Scott.

“This is going to hurt.”

Scott nods and gets prepared. He takes both of Bella’s hands and takes whatever Dr. Deaton deals amongst himself. Stiles grimaces and places his hands upon Scott’s shoulders. Scott hollers out and Derek quickly covers his mouth to silence him best he can. Scott began to fall to his knees and both Stiles and Derek prop him up against them as he continued on. Dr. Deaton worked as quickly as possible. He nodded towards Stiles.

“Go to that cabinet and get me one of the syringes with the green tip.” Stiles nods towards Dr. Deaton. Stiles darted over to the cabinet and began to look around. He found the one Dr. Deaton was referring to.

“I want you to take off the tip and plunge the syringe into her forearm. Make sure you eject the moment you get the needle within her.”

“You want me to what?!”

“Hurry it up.”

Stiles looks to Scott wide eyed, then to Bella, and the syringe.


Peter jerks the syringe out from Stiles hold. He takes the tip off with his teeth and swiftly injects Bella. He tosses the empty syringe back once he’s done. Stiles fumbles around trying to catch it without sticking himself with it.

“Idiot.” Peter hisses with the rolling of the eyes.

Scott took in a breath of relief as the pain began to subside. Derek took a few steps back giving Scott his space. Scott bowled over doing his best to collect himself.

“So what was that?” Peter questioned rather demandingly.

Scott cut him a look and shook his head.


“Like for fucking animals?”

Dr. Deaton sighs.

“It was either that or Scott would continue to take the pain for her.”

“He’s alpha he can fucking take it. Can’tcha Scott?”

Scott ignores him and checks Bella over.

“You’ve done your part; you can step away from her now.”

Scott slants his eyes upon Peter.

“That’s not happening.”

Peter snarls back.

“I said step away from her.”

“On who’s authority? Yours?”

“You’re god damn right.”

“Yeah, that’s so not going to happen! Last time I checked I was alpha!”
“We could fix that.”

Derek snaps a look upon his uncle.
“Wasn’t that the problem before? Remember you couldn’t control it. I prefer not to go down that road again! Not unless you want us to kill you again!” Derek reminds.

“Can we?” Stiles pleads.

Peter lets out a growling bark sound at Stiles and Stiles jumps.

“Not helping to change my mind on that.” Stiles replies but stands behind Scott.

“You had no right marking what didn’t belong to you!”

Scott shakes his head.

“Great, first Derek now you? Give her a damn break. You can’t have her! We’re mated you’re too late!”


“The fuck she did.” Stiles says stepping out of Scott’s protective circle.

He points a finger upon Peter.

“You’re not touching my cousin! Much less try to make some sort of sick claims to her! How old are you anyhow?!”

“You two haven’t any idea fucking maroons.”

“Well I do and I still believe Scott has more right to her than you do.” Derek defends, to Scott and Stiles surprise.

“What the fuck did you just say to me?”
“I didn’t stutter. When have we ever been there for her? You especially Peter!”

Stiles and Scott share the same confused expression.

“I had my reasons! She was better off! THEY BOTH WERE!”

“YOU CALL THIS BETTER OFF?!” Derek points to Bella.

“How the fuck is that better off Peter? Damn. Even I’m not that much of a fucking MONSTER!”

“What’s going on Derek? What is it you’re not telling me?” Scott inquires.

Derek sighs and looks over to Peter.

“And how do you know the name Phil?”

Dr. Deaton clears his throat reminding them that he was still there and finishing up with Bella.

“She’s healing, but it’s not going to be something that’s simply overnight. She’s going to need to some TLC. I’d like to be able to say I know exactly what did this but I don’t. I can tell you this much. Judging but what little I could make out. The bites looked like that of a reptile or something. An alligator maybe? Croc even? But you said you saw nothing?”

Peter nods.

“I gotta admit. I’m completely stumped on this one. I haven’t the faintest idea what this is or what’s taking place. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help Scott.”

Scott nods, but still his eyes were glued to Peter’s.

“The best I can do is some more research to see if I can even come up with anything.”
Scott nods and finally breaks away from Peter. He turns to Dr. Deaton.

“Thank you for your help.”
“Anytime, I’m very sorry the young lady ended up hurt.”

“Has she started any sort of training yet?”

“Haven’t had a chance to get to it.”

He nods.

“The sooner the better; it’s very important that she discover what all she’s capable of.”

Scott picks her up and Dr. Deaton opens the back door for them as they head out and get back into Peter’s car.

They all sit in silence. Stiles and Scott exchange looks as if wondering the same thing. What was next? Peter drove back to the Hale house with road rage the entire way back. Once he got out of the car he slammed the door. The others got out as well. The moment Scott got out though Peter grabbed him by the shoulders of his shirt. He shoved him up against the car whilst Bella was in his hold. Stiles and Derek look on with concern.

“Don’t Peter.” Derek states inching his way over.

“You hurt her and I’m going to rip your god damn intestines out and make you gag on them. Do we have an understanding?”


“DO WE?!”

Scott hands Bella over to Stiles. He nods and then decks the shit out of Peter.

“Do you?”

Scott then pushes Peter to the ground and leaps on top of him.


Peter grits his teeth and rolls over reversing the pin. He punches Scott in the face in return.

“When I said it was none of your god damn business that was my answer!”

Scott shoots out his legs and Peter goes flying back they both transform.

“Oh come on!” Stiles complains.

Derek rolls his eyes.

“Sorry Scott, it seems you’ve managed to mate with one of our own.” Derek utters and starts to head inside.

Scott and Peter snap a look that direction.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“I thought I told you to keep your damn mouth shut!” Peter says pointing to Derek.

Derek shrugs.
“You’re not MY father.” Derek says with a smirk and a derogatory tone.

Derek heads on inside the house.

“What the hell?” Stiles says as if piecing it all together.

He shakes his head and staggers back.

“Uh huh. Nope.” He sort of laughs and holds Bella even closer to his chest.

“I’m going to pretend like I didn’t understand that little hint of Derek’s.”

Scott narrowed his eyes and looked upon Peter as if trying to get a read on him.

“What’s he mean by one of our own Peter?”

Peter struts over to Stiles and goes to take Bella from his hold.

“Not happening.” Stiles says recoiling from him.

Peter wraps his hand around Stiles throat. Scott growls out and is about to sail right for Peter. Just as a cab appeared before the house. They each turned to see Renee rushing out of the cab.

“PETER!” Renee shouted.

Peter dropped his hold immediately.

“Dammit Renee what the hell are you doing here?!”

Renee looks to the boys and Bella. She covers her mouth.


“Renee…” Peter says in a lower tone.

Renee took off running towards them.

“You’re supposed to be resting! LEAVE IT TO YOU, TO BE SO GOD DAMN STUBBORN!” Peter shouts.

Renee ignores him and gazes upon Bella. She looks to Stiles.

“What happened?”

Peter rolls his eyes.

“I don’t know Renee. You tell us… Who exactly was this Phil? And what the fuck did he do to our little girl!?”

Renee looks to him in shock.


Scott shut his eyes for a moment.

“No fucking way…” He uttered under his breath.

Stiles looked upon his aunt.

“Please don’t tell me we’re kin to the Hale’s!”

Renee turned back towards Peter.

“I’m so sorry Peter. I…” Renee’s entire body went pale.

Peter took off catching her just before she hit the ground. Peter headed straight into the house and lay Renee on the couch. Her eyes batted a bit as she started to come back. Peter took her hand.

“Talk to me Renee. What the hell is going on with you and Bella? What did Phil Dwyer do to MY wife and MY daughter?”











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2 thoughts on “Chapter 10 All Kinds Of Hatin’”

  1. LOL! I haven’t read this chapter yet, just the AN at the top but OMG! People seriously bitch you out? Fuuuuuck dude! This is a fanfic! The purpose of it is to write it YOUR way! Fuck them all! If they’re so unhappy, tell them to write their own! Ahaha! Some people are soooo, just… seriously there are no words aha! Just to let you know (again seeing as I know I’ve said it on other stories) you’re freaking brilliant and I love you long time!

  2. I have only read a few fanfics with Phil as a bad guy, and I have to say this character you’ve made for him is quite frightening and interesting. I am curious what he is, and I can’t wait to see how they kill him! Also, #DaddyPeter is adorable!

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