Chapter 12 Return of Isaac Lahey

Chapter 12

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Bella had her eyes closed and was kicked back on her bed. She’d just finished her homework. The day replayed throughout her mind. To her great surprise Allison kept to herself. She never found out why she’d missed all of last week. Bella however didn’t truly care what her reasoning was. As long as she was leaving her and Scott alone she could care less what Allison was doing. Phil hadn’t made another appearance since the day of her attack. Still she pondered on how the hell he’d managed to pull that off. How could he physically cause her harm, if he wasn’t truly there? Nothing about any of this made since. Chills ran down her spine. Even through his death… Could Phil still manage to kill her? Or her mother? BUT HOW?! Bella rose off the bed in thought. She ran her fingers through her hair.

The croc bore through her mind. She thought back to the day Phil tried to force himself on her; the day she ended his very existence. His eyes… They were the same color that orange-red. Had he been trying to transform that day?! Bella grabbed her laptop and began to search whatever she could find on crocodiles; anything that had to do with them. She leaned back in defeat finding nothing of any real significance. She thought back to how he had the body of a human more or less, but the head and tail of a croc. The reptile like scales however ran throughout his entire body. His hands however had long claws just as a croc would. She took in a breath, remembering how he had made the comment that he was a god. That had her looking up things that were closer related to Bast or Bastet. The only thing even remotely close was a god by the name of Sobek. Sobek was a living incarnation of the crocodile god. Unis aka Sobek protector of the Nile. Lord of semen, who takes women from their mates and forces them to become his own. He possesses pharaonic power, fertility, military expertise, and apotropaic skills aka magic. Magic that can be used for good or evil purposes, but can also ward off such influences against him.

Bella sent some of the information she found to Scott’s email. She was curious as to what he thought.

“Magic…” She whispered to herself.

She picked up her softball and tossed it around in thought. The more she read on Sobek the more it sounded as if he were a god that was more or less concerned about spreading his seed about. Bella’s stomach churned in thought.

“He wants me to carry his fucking spawn?”
She wrinkled her nose at this.


Bella tossed her ball onto the bed and brought up google. She typed in Peter Hale’s name. Peter Hale’s popped up everywhere, all except her supposed father. She logged out with frustration.

You really think that’s what we’re dealing with?!

She sighs seeing Scott’s text message.

I haven’t anything else to go on. The pictures look a lot like what I saw.

K… let me talk to Dr. Deaton and see what he thinks. Just be safe. Love you!

Safe… how do you protect yourself against something with those attributes? One’s none of us even come close to possessing.

You can’t think like that Bells. There’s always a way. We just have to find one. Don’t go giving up on me just yet. Let me see what I can find out first and we’ll go from there.

I’m not giving up not even close. I’m just frustrated Scott. I haven’t any clue how to even go about this. This is turning out to be some freaky ass scifi crap only with a nice dosage of horror. To think I was a big fan of this genre… not so much now. Ready to turn to the fluffy love comedy bullshit.

As long as we get to make out during… I’m game!

Bella giggled at this.

BTW what are you wearing?

You do realize that’s how most horror movies start out?

I’ve no clue what you’re talking about! And it’s what’s your favorite scary movie! Not what are you wearing. You need to go back and repeat your horror movie lessons. We can’t afford to flunk out!

I’m pretty sure it’s both. And I’m wearing…

Bella raises her brows as he sent a pic along with his message. He was in a pair of black pajama pants and nothing else. “Holy hell…” She uttered to herself.

New wallpaper!

WHAT?! Don’t!

Totally! Face it Scott you’re hot.


Nope… this one’s a keeper!



I love you, but I will hurt you.

Is that a challenge?

Hmmmm I say it’s only fair you send me one…

Bella shrugs and goes to snap a selfie.


Her jaw drops.

Um no…



Teenage guy… so yeah! AND Ppppppleassse?

Bella blushes in thought. She’d never taken any pictures of herself like that before. She takes in a deep breath and braves it.


Bella blushed yet again at his reply as she placed her shirt back on.



I’m going to kill the battery in my phone tonight.



Lol dork…

Takes one to know one. LOVE YOU BYE!

Haha, funny… love you too. Gnite. Xox

Gnite Bells

“It’s open.” She calls as there was a knock at her door.

Stiles steps inside and walks over to her bed. He plops down and kicks back. Bella twirls around in her chair and faces him.

“Can I help you?”

He shrugs.

“I’m still waiting for you to hook me up with Lydia!”

“Huh… well you just keep doing that.”


Stiles rolls over and tosses a pillow at her.

“So I see you didn’t kill Allison at softball practice today.”

Bella half laughed.

“My good deed for the day.”

Bella shook her head.
“She was awfully quiet today.”

“Eerily quiet…” Stiles utters in agreement.

“Plotting maybe?”

“Who knows?”


“If you like Lydia so much why don’t you just ask her out?”

He laughs.

“That’s just it, I have.”


He sighs.

“Something always comes up. Like we get interrupted every damn time and there have been a couple times she just flat out didn’t hear me or get what I was saying.”

“Ever think that maybe you just suck at this?”

Bella dies in laughter.

“I’m curious actually… Why don’t you try again tomorrow?”

Bella shrugs.

“How can I help you with your game, if I don’t know what you’re doing wrong?”

“Wait… You’re going to help me?!”

“Nothing better to do, besides I could use the challenge.”

“Challenge? Hooking me up with one of the hottest girls in school is a challenge?!” He questions as if insulted.
Bella raises her brows on this. He sighs in defeat.

“Ok. Ok you’re right, but still.” He breaks into a huge grin though.

Stiles suddenly hops up and makes his way over. He kisses Bella on the check.

Bella laughs as he rushes out of the room.

“Where are you going?”

“Well I gotta start getting ready now! I have to look my best.”
“Good luck with that! I guess you’re going to be up all night!”


Bella shakes her head with a grin. She reaches over and shuts her door.

“Isaac?” Bella hears Scott whisper in surprise.

She looks towards the door. A boy with same color hair as Scott’s only less tame entered the classroom. He smiled warmly upon Scott and nodded his way. They shook hands before Isaac took his seat.

“Where’ve you been?” Scott questions.

“Eh, long story.”

Isaac glanced upon Bella and nodded her way. Allison turned towards Isaac with a smile. Bella caught him winking Allison’s way. Allison blushed a bit, but quickly faced the front of the room again.

“So are you back for good now or…?”

“It was just meant to be for the summer. We ran a little late.”

Scott nodded.

“Well, glad you’re back Isaac.”

“Yeah man welcome back.” Stiles says as well.

Isaac cuts his attention back over to Bella.

“And you are?” He inquires offering a hand.

“Bella Swan.”

“Hale…” Coughs Stiles.

Bella discreetly flips her cousin off. Scott chuckled to himself taking notice.

“Isaac Lahey.”

Bella smiled in return.

Bella lifted her eyes back towards the door as the substitute teacher entered the room. She froze as they turned towards the classroom. He winked and smiled directly upon her as he straightened his tie. Bella shut her eyes and turned towards Stiles. Bella opened her eyes again to see he wasn’t even reacting. She nodded to herself and covered her face for a moment. Scott reached out and tapped her on the shoulder.

“You alright…?”

She nodded but kept her head down and focused on the paper on her desk.

You can’t ignore me Bella. Look at me.

Bella shut her eyes again only tighter this time.


Bella swallowed back doing her best to ignore it.

Come on lover… find… me… AND LOOK AT ME!

Her body began to fill as though it were spinning. She gripped the table firmly. Bella’s body became overheated. Beads of sweat formed and ran down her forehead, neck, and back. Her face became red. Her breathing became heavy and the air around her felt hot. Bella’s eyes shot open and the walls around her began to melt. Red sand, blue skies, cactus, and hills off to the distance surrounded her. Bella’s continued to feel as though she were spinning.

I don’t like to be kept waiting. DAMMIT LOOK AT ME! He slams his hands on her desk causing her to jump.

Stiles and Scott looked to one another. All they saw was Bella gripping the hell out of her desk with her head down. Scott however tilted his head seeing how she was covered in sweat.

“Go away.” She utters through gritted teeth.

“Um are you alright?” The substitute asks.

Bella blinks her eyes a few times. She sees the entire class and the teacher staring at her. Bella looked to see her clothes were drenched with sweat.

“Perhaps you should go see the nurse.” The substitute says with concern and hands her a pass.

Bella sighs with annoyance. She says nothing and looks to no one as she grabs her things and heads out the door. Bella makes her way to the bathroom first. She turns on the sink and begins to rinse off her face. She dries off her face and looks into the mirror.

She starts to laugh. Bella pinches her eyes shut as she continues to laugh.

“You want me? Come and get me motherfucker…” Bella glances upon his reflection in the mirror.

“By all means Phil, I’d love to rip you apart all over again and again.”

At this Bella exits the bathroom. She heads to the nurses office and hands over her pass.

“I don’t need to go home. Really, I’m fine.”

The nurse tilts her head eyeing Bella.

“Are you sure? You don’t look…”
Bella smiles and sits upon the nurse’s desk. She picks up her figurine of a white cat. Bella pets it with her index finger. She then locks eyes with the nurse as she sits the figurine back down.

“You don’t want to send me home… now do you?”

The nurse shakes her head. Bella smiles and nods. She reaches over and moves a strand of hair away from the middle aged nurse’s eyes.

“Just sign my pass and I’ll be on my way.” Bella says with a purr.

The nurse blinks a few times and nods.

“Well of course!” She signs the pass and hands it back.

“You have a wonderful day Ms. Swan.”

Bella nods and steps out of the nurse’s office. After taking a few steps Bella’s eyes widen as she realizes what she just did. She slowly turns back to the nurse’s station. She swallows back nervously.

“What did I just do?” She whispers and looks to the pass.

Her jaw drops and she backs up against one of the lockers.

“Holy shit!” She declares and covers her mouth immediately after.

The bell rings and the students are making their way out. Scott looked upon her oddly as he saw her up against the lockers with her hand over her mouth. Scott walked towards her.


She looked to him with a childlike wide eyed expression.
“You’re not going to believe what I just did.”

“Um ok… try me.”

She bites upon her lower lip and takes his hand. She quickly leads him outside. Bella explains what happened with the nurse. Scott rubbed the back of his neck.

“So are you saying you like charmed her or something?”

“I’m not sure what I did. It was crazy. I didn’t even realize what I was doing. It just came to me like it was natural.”
“So you seduced the school nurse into letting you stay at school?”

Bella grimaced.
“Don’t say that…”

He chuckles.

“When you say it that way it just sounds so…”

“Dirty…” She hisses with a wrinkled nose.

“Besides, I didn’t seduce her!”

“Sure sounds like it to me.”


He shrugs with laughter.

“Hey you even said you sat on her desk and moved a strand of hair from her eyes in order to get her attention.”

Bella flinched.




Scott raises his brows.

“So what I’m a slut now?!”

“Far from it Bells, just relax.”

“Relax? Scott this is so far removed from who I am!”

He nods.

“Exactly, as to why you were able to handle it so well.”

Her jaw drops again.
“You approve of this?!”
“You didn’t hurt anyone Bells.”
“Scott…” She says in rather panic like.

“You did nothing wrong. You simply made certain you go could go back to class. It’s not like you were using this to do something bad.”

“It still feels wrong.”

“You seem to forget I can sense you. If you were truly going out your way to seduce someone I’d know.”

“But you just said…”

He chuckles.

“You’re really freaked out about this aren’t you?”

Scott sighs and pecks her on the lips.

“Don’t be. You’re just discovering what all you’re capable of. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. If you’re not hurting anyone then there’s no harm in it.”

“I’m beginning to think you’re way to chill of a boyfriend.”

He smiles.

“It’s more like I’ve seen all there is to see. So nothing truly fazes me now. I trust you Bells. I know how you feel about me and visa versa. That and well it’s rather hard to get jealous over a plump middle aged nurse. It’s not like you truly had the hots for her…” Scott playfully lifts his eyes towards her.

“Wait, did you?!” He says in a mockery of panic.

“Shut up!” She scolds behind laughter and punches him in the arm.

“I’m just saying she does have some mighty cute dimples!”
“Scott McCall…”

He silences her with a kiss. Afterword he clears his throat and presses his forehead against hers.

“He’s at it again isn’t he?”

Bella winces. Scott nods and wraps his arms around her.

“What did you see this time?”

“Desert never ending, desert.”

Scott nodded in thought.

“That explains why you were sweating in an air conditioned room.”

“It’s never going to stop.”

Scott takes in a breath.

“I need to go to him.”
“Not happening!”

“Scott you don’t understand…”
The bell rings.

“We’ll talk about this later.” He says rather harshly and takes her hand.

Bella shakes her head as they head on to their next class.

Once lunchtime rolls around Isaac joined them at the table. He looked frustrated.

“Something wrong?”

“Just having a hard time getting caught up, the math is kicking my ass.”

Stiles looks over to Bella.

“I bet Bells could help you get caught up.”


“Oh yeah, she’s like super geeky and whatnot.”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Would you mind?”

She shrugs.
“Not at all.”
“Cool, I’d owe you big time.”

Bella looked to her phone oddly as it rang during their conversation.

“We need to talk. Why don’t you come by the house after school?”
“No we don’t and nope!”
Bella hangs up and they all look to her oddly. She merely pops a fry into her mouth as if nothing happened. But it was Peter Hale that had called.

“So do you play lacrosse as well Isaac?”

“Yes actually.”
Bella nods at this. Isaac kept looking over Allison’s way. He clears his throat.

“So are you and Allison…”

Scott eyes Isaac in wonder as he picked at a piece of cake on his tray.

“Are we…?”

“You know… like officially done.”

Scott glances her way as well now and nods.


“Huh… so that means she’s back on the market?”

Bella choked back on a fry and Stiles patted her back as she tried to catch her breath.

“Um yeah, I guess.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if I…”

Scott folded his arms about his chest and looked towards Allison once more. He shrugged.

“Go for it.”

Isaac gets this genuine beam about him. Bella covered her mouth in laughter. Isaac glanced towards Bella with a puzzled expression.

“Nope.” Bella says with a practical squeal to her voice.

She clears her throat and downs some water. Scott smirked at this, but didn’t comment.

“Are you sure?” Isaac inquired.

“Oh please, just go for it!”

Scott raised his brows towards Bella. Stiles was dying. Bella gave Scott this innocent angelic look. One that Stiles knew all too well.
“Oh no you don’t… you can’t always get away with that.” Stiles gripes.

Scott was already sold though and Stiles knew it. He shot up from his chair and motioned for Bella to follow him outside.

“Lucky bastard…” Aiden complained under his breath.

Isaac noticed the hateful glare Allison was giving Bella as she left the cafeteria with Scott.

Bella giggled as Scott lead her to a more secluded area of the school. She gasped out as he picked her up. Scott pressed her up against the building and kissed her.

“Think you can sneak out tonight?” He whispered into her ear hintingly.

She smiles and kisses him in return.

“Maybe…” She says in a taunting matter.

“Bells…” He whispered in longing.

“Tell me Scott; are you still good at hide and seek?”

A soft growl left his lips. The bell rings and he places her back down. Bella starts heading onto class.

“And if I find you?” He calls out curiously.

“Then I suppose I’m at your mercy McCall.”

His eyes widen. He twitched below as a million different ideas crossed his mind.

Bella observed Stiles tactics from her locker. There were four things she noticed that he was doing wrong. One was he wasn’t catching her alone. Lydia was distracted with her other friends and messing with her locker. Two he wasn’t making eye contact so Lydia wasn’t even sure who he was talking to. Three he was speaking too softly. Four he hadn’t enough confidence.

Bella sighed as she took note of all these things. She walked over and took Stiles by the arm leading him away before he made a bigger fool of himself.

“See!” He says.

“Oh yeah, I saw alright. Now I want you to go back there and try again.”

“Again?! But I just…”

Bella twirls her cousin around.

“Only this time wait until she’s alone. Make sure she’s not distracted by anything. Make eye contact and speak louder!”


“Fine… just stay put.”

Bella struts up to Lydia. Stiles froze as Lydia looked directly upon him before long. Lydia smiled and waved his way. Stiles looked behind him seeing there was no one behind him.


He quickly straightened up as Lydia was making her way over. Bella winked Stiles way and exited the building. His eyes widened as Lydia stopped just before him.

“So you want to go out sometime?”

He nodded. Lydia nodded in return.

“So why don’t you ask me?”

He swallowed back.

“You… you want me to ask you?”

She presses her lips together and shrugs.

“Well yeah…”

“Um well ok…”
Stiles nervously clears his throat.

“Lydia would you like to go out sometime?”

She holds her books closer to her chest and shakes her head. Stiles sighs.

Lydia breaks into laughter.

“You can pick me up at 7 Saturday. Don’t be late!”

His jaw dropped in disbelief as Lydia walked out the front doors. Stiles jumped up and down and began to fist pump the air.


Stiles rushed outside as Scott and Bella were talking by her Nova. Bella gasped out as Stiles grabbed a hold of her and twirled her about. Scott laughed, but wondered what Stiles was so happy about.


Bella laughed.

“Ok, ok knock it off now will you?!” She whispers looking downright embarrassed.

Stiles skipped to his jeep. Both Scott and Bella were dying in laughter as he happily drove on home.

“So what’d you do?” Scott curiously asked as he opened the door to her car for her.

“I just opened Lydia Martin’s eyes a little, that’s all.”

“Well here’s to hoping it fully plays out this time.”
“This time?”

Scott nodded.

“It seems Stiles has the worst luck and timing when it comes to Lydia.”
“Well here’s to breaking the curse… I hope.”

“Me too. He could use a break.”

Bella gets into her car. Scott leaned in and kissed her.
“So… tonight?”

“If you can find me.”

He grins.

“Game on…” He says and shuts her door.

He watches as she drives away. He chuckled to himself and hopped onto his dirt bike.

Once Bella knew everyone was already in bed. She snuck out the window. She didn’t even bother to call or text Scott and let him know. She was curious as to how powerful these senses of his were. If he was even aware that she’d already left. Bella grinned to herself as she found a discreet area to strip down she hid her clothes and transformed. At this she took off and found a good place to hide.

Scott placed his book down and looked towards his window. He closed his eyes for a moment before long they shot open. Scott’s eyes flickered as he hopped out of the bed. He rushed over to the window and swiftly crawled out of it. Once he entered the woods he took in a whiff. He too transformed and began the hunt.

He came across her nicely folded pile of clothes that she’d hidden within a bush. He breathed them in and just her scent alone had him aching. Scott took off picking up her trail.

Bella’s eyes widen as she could see him now. She shook her head not ready for him to find her yet. She leaped into another tree. Scott lifted his eyes that direction. Not only could he sense and smell her. But he could hear the leaves shuffling about in the trees as she moved about. He shook his head.

“That’s cheating…” He growled under his breath.

Scott paid closer attention and he too hid as he continued his search. He was going at this in full on predatorily matter now. Before long he found her she hadn’t clue he was able to see her every move. She was crawling about a tree looking down as if expecting him to be down there. She wasn’t aware he was in the tree directly across from her. Her tail flickered about in a sensual way. Scott merely watched for a few moments enjoying the view. He couldn’t get over how sexy she was. He was just about to leap over when she locked eyes with him.

He nodded towards her. Bella gasped out in knowledge and went to run away yet again. Scott nevertheless beat her to the punch. His entire body hovered over her blocking her from any attempt of escape. She truly was his prey now and at his mercy. He had her inthe perfect position for what he wanted. He had her on all fours in the tree. He had to taste her without warning Scott spread her about and had his tongue running along her pink sex. He gripped her firmly as she began to squirm. He growled out reminding her of his alpha ranking. Once he had her good and wet Scott ripped his jeans open. He was hard as hell and ready to go. Bella whimpered out as he drove his cock into her. He bit down on the nap of her neck just like he had when he’d marked her. His eyes nearly rolled back as he could not only feel but smell her release. They truly went at it like animals would. Bella cried out, but that of pleasure as Scott continued to dominate her. Bella loved the way how she could feel him throbbing inside her. His cock stretched her out intensely. Something about the curve of her ass and that long black silk tail of hers had Scott riled up beyond belief. She teasingly ran her tail along his neck and chest as he continued to fucking her. That only had him over the edge he nuzzled his nose against her tail at one point and deeply breathed her in, which caused his mouth to water. It was odd how her body made his react. It was a mixture of hunger and lust. She tasted good enough to eat. Especially, when he was going down on her.

“Fuck…” He uttered as she began to purr.

He reached around feeling her breasts and hard nipples against the palms of his hands. Scott began to growl as he came closer to his peak. Bella began to purr even louder in pleasure. That purr drove him to the brink and he could no longer hold back. He thrust everything he had left within her as he came. A smirk formed along his face as she too came once again. He was beginning to learn that Bella loved being dominated which happened to be a good thing, considering it wasn’t something he could really control. It was the alpha within him and something about being mated to her only made it that much more in depth. There was this need to keep her protected yet at the same time he needed to remind her who he was. Bastet or not he was still her alpha as well. All the more reason there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to let her hunt Phil down. Not on her own anyhow. He’d never allow Bella put herself in that sort of danger. If she was that determined to find the son of a bitch, then Scott would be going with her. It was that or not at all.

After Scott pulled out Bella circled around and licked him clean. He closed his eyes at the welcomed sensitivity. He found himself petting her as she did this. When she was done Scott leaned back and lay down in the tree. He motioned for her to join him. She curled up against his chest and her tail hung off the branch they were on.

He kissed the top of her head as he switched back.

“I won by the way…” He whispered.

Bella grinned and her tail waved about playfully.
“Who says you won? Maybe that’s what I wanted all along.”

He raised his brows on this and chuckled.

“I’ll have to keep that in mind.” He said in thought as he held her.

“That’s so cool by the way.”
“What is?”

“That sexy little purr you got going.”

Her eyes widen in realization.

“I purr?!”

“Oh yeah… big time.”
“I do not purr.”

“Yes you do.”
“Um no, I don’t.”
“Hmmm. You definitely do.” He utters softly in her ear.

He starts kissing along her neck and shoulders. Her tail gets to going again and he smirks. She covers her mouth as she finally heard it for herself.

“Holy shit!”

Scott died in laughter.

“You’re too cute.”

“Ugh, I can’t believe I freaking purr!”

“Think you could help me get caught up on all this make up work this weekend?”

Bella shrugged and looked to the massive pile of work Isaac had.


He laughed.

“Oh yeah, this sucks big time.”
“I don’t see why not.”
“Cool, if I give you my address think you could come Saturday?”


“Awesome. Seriously, I appreciate it. I know you hardly know me, but I’m desperate.”
“That sounds really bad.” Stiles points out.

Bella rolls her eyes and pops her cousin on the arm. Isaac traces back to what he said.

“You’re right it does.” He admits.

Scott raised his brows on this.
“I said you could ask Allison out not mack on my current girlfriend. That seems to be a very bad habit of yours by the way.”

“Then quit dating hot chicks and we won’t have that issue.”

“He has a point.” Stiles admits.

“Aren’t you her cousin?”

Stiles nods.

“So you’re admitting your cousin is hot?”
“Who butch?!”

“Stop calling me that?”

“Stop acting like one!”
“I so do NOT act like a butch!”

Scott rolls his eyes.

“There’s nothing butch about her Stiles.”

“Yeah ok…”

“I have to agree with Scott.” Isaac says scanning Bella over.

“HAHA face it Stiles everyone wants to screw your cousin.” Aiden calls out over the table.

Bella’s jaw drops and she throws an apple at his head.

“Damn!” Aiden rubs his head as she achieved a perfect curve with it.

“Oh you can handle it.” She hints.

Aiden smirks and shakes his head. Ethan covered his mouth in laughter.

“I was paying you a complement.”

“And you’re still single for a reason Cali.”

“I’m single out of choice Arizona. I like to keep my options open and play the field.”
“OH is that why you were so pissed when I turned you down?”

Every guy at the table does this ooooohhhhh thing and laughs.

“I take it back you’re totally butch!” Aiden says with a wink he bites into the apple she threw at him.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself Casanova.”

Lydia waved to Stiles from her table. Since Bella and Scott started dating the girls sat at another table. Still Allison surprisingly kept to herself and didn’t say anything. Bella however felt there was more behind it. She just couldn’t peg what it was for sure. Allison was a bit too chill for Bella’s liking.

The day went like usual and thankfully there were no visits from Phil. That is usual until she got home from school.

Bella entered her bedroom to see that all her things were packed. She narrowed her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair with confusion.

“Mom?!” She called out and took a few steps back.

“What the hell?” Stiles questioned as well as he just got home and took notice as well.
“MOM!” Bella pushed past Stiles and went in search of her mother.

She could hear someone arguing in the garage. Bella opened the door to the garage to see it was her mom and uncle. Her uncle immediately gave Bella a look of sympathy. Bella swallowed back nervously.

“Mom, what’s going on?!”

“We’re moving sweetheart. Why don’t you go pack your things into your car? You can follow me there. I already got my things loaded up.”

A look of utter shock washed over Bella’s face.


Renee nodded.

“Let’s go…”

Renee’s brother grabbed her gently by the arm.

“Don’t do this Renee. You’re making a big mistake! And how dare you bring HER into this! She doesn’t deserve this! If you want to be around that son of a bitch so bad, then you GO! Let Bella stay here! We can take care of her; she’ll be fine.”

“She needs to get to know him.”


“DAMMIT, SOMEONE TALK TO ME! WHAT’S GOING ON!” Stiles put a comforting hand upon Bella’s shoulder.


Renee’s jaw drops.




“I’m not going anywhere, until I know what the hell is going on!”

“Tell her Renee go on! Tell her how you’re planning to ruin her life YET AGAIN!” Her uncle shouts and exits the garage furiously.

“Oh it must be so nice to walk on water!” Renee shouts back.

“The hell with you Renee! I might not be the best father in the world. But I wouldn’t pull half the shit with Stiles that you pull with Bella! Just let her stay here!”

“Let’s go, Bella.”


Renee heads back inside and starts to gather the rest of their things.

“Bella, if I have to tell you again.”

“STOP!” Bella screams out on top of her lungs.

Everyone in the room grows quiet and freezes.
“Now talk to me!”

Renee sighs.

“You say we’re moving? TO WHERE? AND WHY?!”

“We’re moving in with your father.”

Bella starts laughing.

“That’s funny mom.”

“I’m glad you think so hun. Now hurry up he’s expecting us any moment.”

Bella nods.

“You’re joking right?”

“He’s your father Bella. It’s time you get to know him. We are family and we need to try and find a way to make this work somehow.”

“Family?!” Bella declares in full disbelief.

“ARE YOU MAD?! That man is NOT family! And he’s NOT my father! He’s just some dipshit that knocked you up and ran out on us!”


Bella’s jaw dropped as Renee hauled off and slapped her.

“RENEE!” Her brother shouted in disbelief.

Bella gritted her teeth slipping into her transformation. Both men grabbed Bella and held her back.
“I’m not going to hurt her…” Bella said through gritted teeth.

“I would never hurt you!” Bella points upon her mother.

Bella shook her head and yanked out of the guys hold. And she was gone. Stiles looked to the front door as it was still swaying about. He pinched his eyes shut. He said nothing. Stiles went to his room and slammed the door.

“I didn’t mean to hit her. I…”

“It’s whatever Renee.”

Her brother bitterly begins to help pack whatever he can. He doesn’t even touch Bella’s stuff.

“She will be moving in to.”
“That’s for her to decide. She’s welcome to stay here as long as she wants. She’s 18 Renee. Personally, I think you just fucked up everything you two had! So go on now. Go build this so called life with Peter Hale. I just hope you don’t end up dead in the process. And if he even so much as lays a harmful hand on you or my niece I’ve got a gun with his name on it! Good luck, with the whole trying to change an asshole into a prince ordeal. Let me know how that turns out!”

Scott rushes out of the house already sensing her. Bella slammed her car door shut and ran up to him. She latched onto him and broke down. Scott wrapped his arms around her wondering what happened. She sucked back a breath.
“I can’t take anymore!”

“I CAN’T!”

He closed his eyes remembering how he felt like that a number of times. The one in particular was when he almost let himself get caught up in an explosion. If it hadn’t have been for Stiles. He wasn’t so sure he’d have backed down. In fact Stiles got him through a lot of shit.

Scott led her into the house and sat her down on his bed. He locked eyes with her and texted Stiles letting him know where she was. He winced at the reply.

Renee’s lost her fucking mind Scott! She expects Bells to up and move in with fucking Peter Hale! Shit! Renee slapped her Scott. Renee fucking flipped out on her!

What the hell?










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