Chapter 13 Struck Stupid

Chapter 13

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Bella cheered Scott on as he scored yet another goal. She looked to the scoreboard seeing they were ahead. The coaches blew their whistles indicting half time. Scott made his way over to the fence and took off his helmet. He wiggled his finger towards Bella. She smiled and made her way down.

“You wore it.”
“I said I would.”

Scott grinned.

“Cool, looks good on you.”

“Not bad, you know, McCall.”

“Is that so?”

She pecks him on the lips.

Scott looks back to the field.

“I better get back there.”

She nods as he rushes back over.

Once half time is over the game continues. Bella’s cell goes off and she rolled her eyes seeing it was Peter calling for the umpteenth time. She hit ignore and went back to watching the game. After the game, Bella waited for the boys in the parking lot. Before long the fans had cleared out and Bella was leaning back against her car. Her eyes were closed not even taking notice that she was alone. She jumped as a popping sound followed by a shattering sound filled the area. Her eyes shot open and darted across the parking lot. The lights in the parking lot were going out one by one and shattering. Bella swallowed back and stepped out into the middle of the parking lot. She looked around trying to figure out what it could be, but deep down she already knew.

When the last light got hit, the entire parking lot was blacked out. She nods to herself and tries to prepare for whatever maybe coming her way. A cold chill ran down her spine.

“Behold, I come quickly…” She gasped out as a fog escaped her lips.

“Time is at hand…”

“Aren’t those God’s words?” She declares bitterly.

She hears a dark chuckle.

“I am God.”
“Um no, not even close…”
“But I am YOUR GOD!”

Bella’s forced upon her knees. Laughter fills the area once again. Car lights begin to flash and car alarms sound. Bella covers her ears and shuts her eyes.

Stiles and Scott were heading that way. They both snapped a glance upon one another. They then took off Bella’s direction. Once they were almost there Scott quickly threw back a hand protectively blocking Stiles. Bella’s eyes shot open and she rocketed up into the air. She came back down in a lunge and one palm to the ground. The ground beneath their feet vibrated. The car lights went out and the alarms were silenced. She lifted her head up towards Stiles and Scott. Her eyes were glowing with that emerald green. Scott nodded and carefully approached her.

He cupped her cheek and helped her back up.

“So that was…” Stiles utters looking around.
Bella sighs not wanting to talk about it.

“Nothing, just let it go.”

“Let it go?” Stiles inquired.


She starts towards her car.

“Actually, I thought we could all grab a bite to eat and rent some movies.” Scott calls out before she gets into her car.

She freezes with her hand on the handle. Stiles sighs and makes his way over.

“It’d help keep your mind off it…” He hints.

“Off what in particular Stiles? Off my mother? Father? Stepfather? OFF WHAT?!”

Bella looks towards Stiles and shakes her head.

“You’re something else you know that.” She says with a grin.

Stiles shrugs.

“But I got your mind off everything else? Did I not?”

“He actually has a point.” Scott admits.

“Fine, I’ll go. But Stiles is buying!”

Scott laughs as Bella gets into her car.

“Where to?”

“I say we meet up at Scott’s then we’ll go in your car!”

They all park in front of Scott’s house. Bella waits in her car as the boys make their way over.

“Shotgun!” Scott calls out.
“I’m her cousin!”

“And I called shotgun first and I’m her man so there!”

The boys start fighting over the front seat and Bella sighed taking notice. She rolls down the windows.

“Stiles he called it first get your ass in the back and shut it.”


She points to the back as though scolding a child. Scott chuckles and gets in the front.

“Get your seatbelt on.”

Stiles rolls his eyes and puts his seatbelt on.

“Better mother?”

She reaches back and licks her thumb and cleans a smudge off Stiles chin.


Scott dies in laughter as Stiles wipes it off with his sleeve.

“That was SICK! YOU’RE SICK!”

Bella smiles and turns back around she turns on the radio and heads into town. They ate at one of the local burger joints. Afterword they hit one of the video stores. Bella rolled her eyes as Stiles headed for the MATURE section.
“Oh no you don’t.” She hisses and grabs him by the collar of his shirt yanking him back.

“I was just looking.”
“Not while she’s here…” Bella hints and points to Lydia who was here with Allison and Isaac.”

Scott shook his head with slight irritation. Bella smacks her cousin in the back of the head.

“You want her to think you’re a perv?”

Stiles cuts her a look.
“Ok… but still…”

“It’s no worse than your mother’s spit. What if she had seen that instead?”

Bella smiled and waved upon Lydia as they were literally right there. Allison took Isaac’s hand and pulled him into one of the video sections.

“So what are you all up to?” Lydia asked.

Scott looked through some DVD’s only to lift his eyes up. Allison grabbed Isaac by the collar of his shirt and was kissing him. Scott shifted his eyes back towards the DVD’s. Bella was making her way over to Scott leaving Lydia alone with Stiles. Bella giggled to herself seeing the horrific display Allison was pulling. Bella knew all too well what she was up to. Scott however didn’t even seem fazed. In fact once she got there he held up a movie.

“Seen this one yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Want to?”

He nods and hunkers down looking at some other movies.

“We still on for tomorrow?” Isaac calls out towards Bella.



Allison looked to Isaac accusingly.

“On?” She inquires.

He nods not even really thinking about it.

“On for what?”
“She’s helping me get caught up on my makeup work.”

“Oh she is? Is she?”

Bella rather reared back on how Allison said this. Isaac cut her the same sort of expression.

“Um yeah, she is.” He replied with a shrug.

Scott was picking up on this as well and rose back up. Allison gave Bella a go to hell look.

“Come on now, don’t get mad at her. I’m the one that asked for her help.”

“I’m not mad.”
“You’re not?”
“Nope, not at all.” Allison says staring Bella down.

Scott takes Bella by the hand and walks away. Bella and Scott get in line to check out. Stiles take notice and turns back towards Lydia.

“I better go or they will leave me.”

Lydia softly laughs.

“Still on for tomorrow?”
She nodded.

“Cool. Um… well until then!”

Stiles eyes widen as Lydia pecked him on the cheek. He turned back towards Bella and Scott with a massive grin. Bella and Scott high fived Stiles once they got outside. Bella pretends she’s going to wipe it off with her thumb.

“Oh no you don’t! I’m never washing this face again!”
“Now who’s sick?!” Bella utters with a wrinkled nose.

“That’s pretty gross Stiles.” Scott agrees.

“Yeah just imagine how that date’s going to go; when she pops a zit trying to kiss you.”

“EWWWW!” Stiles and Scott chorus.

When they get to Scott’s Stiles sets up the movie. Considering recent events the three of them agreed to stick with comedy or action, instead of their usual horror flicks. Halfway through the first movie Stiles chunks a pillow at Bella and Scott. Scott catches it without even looking and continued to kiss Bella.

“Come on guys! Knock that shit off!”

“Why would she be here?” Sheriff Stilinski snaps at Peter.

Peter peeked inside as if not truly believing him.

“I’d back up if I were you.”

“So Renee isn’t here?”


“What about Bella?”
“She’s not here either!”

He goes to slam the door in Peter’s face. Peter stops it with one hand.

“So where are they?!”

“Well shouldn’t Renee be home with you?! And as for Bella it’s none of your God Damn Business where she is.”

“Wait, did Renee say she was coming over tonight?”
“What are you talking about? She moved in with you a couple days ago!”

Peter raised his brows on this.
“Oh she did? Did she?”
Sheriff Stilinski pinched the bride of his nose.

“Yes! She up and left two damn days ago!”

“Bullshit, I waited for both of them! Both were no shows! I called and texted Bella and Renee, NOTHING!”

“You leave Bella out of this! She’s not going ANYWHERE! BELLA STAYS HERE! So whatever is going on between you and Renee stays between the two of you. You will not bring my niece into your stupid spectacle. Time to grow up and act like fucking adults!”

Peter grabs Sheriff Stilinski by the collar of his shirt. He hears the cocking of a gun and feels it digging into his heart. Peter growls under his breath. Without another word, Peter hightails it out of there and goes in search of Renee.

Melissa enters the door to see that all three had fallen asleep. She smiled and quietly set down her keys and purse. Bella had fallen asleep against Scott’s chest. And Stiles had his feet kicked out on Bella’s ankles. Scott tiredly cocked an eye open. He stretched out and yawned.

“Mom…” He whispered.

She smiled his way as she stepped out of her shoes.

“Looks like you had a good night.”
He shrugs.

“How was work?”

“Exhausting. I thought I’d have to pull an all-nighter.”
His mother sighs and looked to be in thought.

“Something wrong?”

“You wouldn’t believe the number of patients we had. Scott, they had bites on their torsos, legs, and arms. These bites were acidic and poisoning them! We lost four patients out of seven! I’ve never seen such a thing!”

Scott looked upon his mother with unease.

“What did the bites look like mom?”

“They were too mutilated to tell.”

“Jesus.” Scott utters looking ill.

“Are you alright mom?”

Melissa nods.

“You two are entirely too cute by the way.” She motions towards Bella.

“Cute?” Scott asks with a wrinkled nose.

“Oh yeah, I’m getting a toothache.”

Melissa looked to the time.
“I better shower and get whatever sleep I can.”

He nodded.

“Goodnight mom.”
“Goodnight Scott.”

Once his mother closed her door, Scott looked to Bella in thought. He remembered the bite on her leg; the way it made her blood boil and was venomous.

Isaac smiles as he opens the door.

“You actually came.”
“Well yeah why wouldn’t I?”

“I kind of thought after Allison…”
“Pfffft, I’m not about to let her intimidate me. So where to?”

He points to a bedroom down the hallway.

“Can I get you something to eat or drink?”

“I’m good.”
She calls out as she enters his room. Isaac’s room reminded her of just about any typical high school boy’s room. She noticed he had Allison on the background of his computer.

“Feel free to sit wherever. Sorry my room’s a bit cluttered.”
“It’s not that bad.” Bella didn’t know of any teenage guy’s room that wasn’t.

Bella felt her phone vibrate and she took it out. Bella choked back in laughter. Isaac looked to her in wonder. She flashed him a picture of Stiles. He was still passed out on Scott’s couch. Only Scott had put a blond wig on Stiles, red lipstick, and had some coconuts on his chest for breasts.

“Oh man. Stiles is going to kill him.” Isaac stated covering his mouth in laughter.

Lmao, too funny. He deserves it!

That’s why I did it. Did you find Isaac’s house ok?

Yep here now!

Cool. I’ll be here messing with Stiles some more. Sometime this weekend we need to go ahead and get started on your training.

Aye, aye sir.

Sir… hmmm… master is fine too!

I bet it is…

Lol, love you Bells!

Love you too McCall!

Isaac grabbed his bag and took out his stack of makeup work.

“I’m so sorry to do this to you on a weekend. Bummer huh?”

Bella shrugs.

“Believe me, there are far worse things I could be dealing with at the moment.”

Isaac noticed the serious look on her face when she said this. They both kick back on the bed, with their backs against the wall.

“Ok so what’s first?”

He frowns as he hands over his algebra book.

“My worst enemy.”

Bella softly laughs.

“Well, I think we can fix that.”

About an hour in Isaac’s door opened. They both looked over as Allison entered the room. She merely smiled.
“Um hey… Allison.”
“I know I said I’d come by tonight, but I thought we could have the full day together.”

“Um that’s cool. But I really got to finish this first ok.” Allison nodded.

“That’s ok. I can wait.”

She sits at Isaac’s computer chair. She gets on his computer and smiles seeing her picture. She cuts Bella a certain look as if to brag. Bella said nothing just raised her brows on this and went back to what she and Isaac were working on.

“It may be awhile.” Isaac warns.

“That’s ok. I need to check my email anyhow. You two continue it’ll be like I’m not even here.”

“How’d you get in?”

“Your spare key under the mat, you know the one you used the other day?”
His eyes widened.

“You could have knocked.”

“I know, but I wanted to surprise you!”

“Um well, you sure did!”

Bella had to bite down on her inner cheek at poor Isaac’s reaction. Had Allison completely lost it?! Bella kept her mouth shut but it was nowhere near like she wasn’t there. She kept playing music or games without caring about the volume. Allison was by far better and smarter than this Bella thought to herself. She was making herself seem insecure, green-eyed, and completely foolish. Bella couldn’t even imagine if Scott was sitting there watching their every move. Then again Scott trusted her and visa versa. Isaac sighed with frustration as Bella was trying to explain how to do a problem. Allison had some sort of video on YouTube going and he couldn’t concentrate on what Bella was saying.

“Perhaps we should try again later, in the week, if that’s ok.”

Bella nodded in full understanding.

“That’s fine, just let me know.”

Isaac nodded in return and they made their way off the bed. Isaac walked Bella out to her car.

“I’m really sorry about that.” He said looking embarrassed.

“Don’t… it’s cool. We’ll try for another day. You two have a good time.”

“Yeah well… I might have to set some boundaries first.”

Bella laughed, but quickly covered her mouth.
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t laugh. I mean…”
Isaac shrugs, but he too was grinning. He looked back to the house as if dreading even going inside.

“Well good luck!”

He half laughs.

“Thanks. See ya around.”

Bella starts her car and heads back to Scott’s.

Scott answers the door once she gets there.

“How’d it go?” He asks stepping aside.

She laughs.

“It was interesting to say the least.”

“And how so?”

Bella sits down and tells him about Allison.

“Holy shit.”

“Oh yeah… Was she that bad when you two…?”

“No… like never… that’s like… wow… who does that?”


“You should have seen the look on poor Isaac’s face.”

“Oh I can’t even imagine. They haven’t even been dating that long have they?”

“I don’t think so.”

Scott shook his head on this.

“I think the girl has literally snapped.”

Scott winces.

“Don’t do that Scott. You can’t blame yourself for what she’s become. She had a choice. None of this was your doing.”
Scott sighs.

“I just don’t get it. She was NEVER like that not even close. It’s crazy!”

Bella lays her head in Scott’s lap and kicks back for a moment.

“I’m going to try and help him again next week. He’s nowhere near caught up enough. And he’s has to relearn some of the material all over again. He gets pretty confused. There’s a lot to go over.”

“That’s really cool of you Bells. I’m sure he appreciates all the help.”

He interlocks his fingers with hers.

“So you ready to train?”
“Like gladiator style or…”

He laughs.

“Not quite. Unless, that’s what you’re wanting then I can make exceptions!”

“Where’s Stiles?”

“Getting ready for his date.”

Bella looked to the time.

Scott nodded.

“He’s still got like five hours or so.”

Scott laughed.
“Yep. That’s Stiles for you.”
“Ugh, he’s such a girl!”

“You really think she’d go to Arizona?” Derek asks as Peter swiftly packed.

“Oh yeah, I know how Renee is when she gets her mind on something. I don’t want Bella to know about this. She’ll only wind up getting herself into trouble. So if she comes by just…”
“What lie to her like usual?”
Peter rolls his eyes.

“If you don’t she’ll only…”

Peter ground his teeth together and staggered back in pain. Derek looked upon him with concern.

He drops to his knees and reaches to his temples. Images of Renee were hitting him like a sack of bricks. She was reaching out and calling to him. He saw what looked to be a catacomb filled with coffins.

It’s really a shame… Peter hears as the voice echoed about his head.

Renee’s earth shattering cry filled his mind. Peter covered his ears as the horrific images continued to taunt him. “No!” Peter growled out and transformed taking off in full blown panic. Derek shuffled back wondering what the fuck was going on.

“So can you see me?”

Bella sighed with slight irritation.

“Everything is green!”
“That’s good actually, that’s your night vision.”

“Well it’s irritating as well, is what it is.”
“Well it’s that or be in total darkness.”

“It’s giving me a headache.”

“It will at first until you get used to it. Your eyes have to adjust.”

Scott grins as he sneaks up on her.


She nearly stumbles out of the tree and he catches her.

“Hmm so we got down your hearing and smelling… gravity however seems to be a bit of a challenge.”
“Maybe you need to quit being an ass McCall!”

He smacks her on the butt.

“That’s an ass. Hot one too!”

He takes off again.

“Come find me.” He calls out as he finds a place to hide.

“Remember your senses are heightened use them. Stay focused…”

Bella looks around as her eyes still adjusted to the night vision. She shut her eyes for a moment. She could hear the wind blowing the leaves around, branches scrapping against each other. Bella breathed in the air her fangs protruded in predator mode as she picked up Scott’s scent. Her eyes flickered and darted the direction Scott went. From there she began her hunt. Scott picked up her scent realizing she was right on his trail. At this he took off curious as to how well she could keep up.

Bella hissed out once she got to his original hiding spot. She was hot on his trail and knew it. She snapped one of the branches in the tree and leaped into another. Her head darted yet another direction as some leaves in one of the trees shuffled bout. She picked up his scent as a breeze came from that direction. Bella dropped down to a couple branches down and twirled about another branch. Her body flung across the woods as she clung onto another branch. She brought herself up and her nails dug into the tree as she climbed it. Her eyes widen as her senses were picking up something else now.

She braced herself as she flipped back and snatched the person diving right for her. Bella had him by the collar as they were sailing right for the ground.

He groaned out as the impact it.

“Serves you right!”

He sorely chuckled.

“Yeah that sucked.” He held up a thumb.

“Great job though! I honestly thought I had you.”
“Well, you thought wrong.”

He rolls over pinning her down.

“Are you sure about that?”
She nods and reverses the pin. His eyes widen as she held his wrists down. Scott brought up his knees and shoved her off him. She grinned and landed in a crouching stance.

He eyed Bella as he circled her. She dived for him and he dodged.

“Nice try… You gotta be a lot faster.”

She hisses out and tries again. Scott chuckles as he side steps and she misses again.

“Oh shit!” He calls out in surprise as she rushed back over and knocked him back against at tree.

Scott suddenly felt weak and this wave hit him that knocked him for a complete loop. Bella’s emerald eyes bared into his alpha red eyes. She runs a single finger along his chest. His head swayed about as he found himself mesmerized. This overwhelming sense of lust washed over him, but it was so powerful he was paralyzed. He literally couldn’t move. Bella froze in alarm.


He just stood there not moving.


Her heart raced as he didn’t even blink. She did the only thing she could think of. She slapped him hoping to break whatever it was she did to him. A breath of relief washed over her as he blinked a few times. He narrowed his eyes and put his hand to his cheek.
“Why’d you slap me?!”

Her eyes widened. A nervous laugh escaped her mouth.

“Why do I feel so dizzy?”

Scott reached to his temples.

“I’m so sorry Scott. I should have warned you first.”
“Warned me?”
She cuts him a guilty expression.

“You remember what Dr. Deaton suggested?”

He shrugged.

“About my ability to use seduction?”

Scott nods wondering where this was going.

“Um well, I might’ve used it to my fullest ability without realizing it.”

“Oh did you now?”

She nods.

“And what happened?”

“You became immobile and just stared at me, with a massive stiffy by the way.”

“I WHAT?!”
She flinches.

“I really am sorry. I didn’t realize how much it would affect you. But I’ve been trying all fucking night and nothing!”


“…I love you…” She says playfully and cuts him her best innocent mien.

He half grins and shakes his finger upon her.

“I can’t believe you would use that on me.”

She bites her lower lip.
“But you said you were willing to be my test dummy.”
“I never actually used the word dummy.”

“But you sure looked like one!” She taunts and takes off running.
“Oh that’s it!”

She giggles as he chases after her. Once he catches her he tackles her to the ground.

“You’re not playing very nice tonight.”
“Oh we’re playing now? I thought I was training.” She says in a seductive tone.

“You’re trying to use it again aren’t you?”

She pinches her fingers together to indicate a little.


He rolls over and kicks back with his arms behind his neck. He looked out to the stars and crossed his legs.

“Try me.”

“You want me to use my ability to try and seduce you?”
He nods.

“And you think you can resist?”
“I know I can.” He says in a way that gets under her skin.

“Oh can you now?”
“Oh yeah. I know how you work.”

Her jaw drops.

“Oh really?!”



Scott was trying not to die in laughter. Her entire face was boiling over in anger. Bella took in a breath and went to hover over him.

“No, no that’s cheating. You can’t touch me. You have to do it from a distance.”


“I don’t know, I suppose you’ll figure it out.”

“Distance huh?”

He nods confidently.

“Fine, if distance is want you want. Then you got it McCall let’s just see how long you can hold out Mr. big bad alpha!”

“You’re really letting this get under your skin aren’t you?”


He chuckles as she takes off. Scott lay back waiting for whatever it was that was about to come his way. He wasn’t even certain if she could pull it off from a distance but he was curious all the same. Within a couple minutes he felt something, but couldn’t quite pin what it was. He swallowed back and continued to wait. A few more minutes went by… nothing really felt that different he just felt this odd pulling like sensation. He sighed and was about to tell her it was ok to try it at a closer distance now. Only as he rose it hit him.

Scott’s eyes closed and her scent suddenly hit. His mouth watered and he let out a low growl. He took off already knowing where she was; he was able to sense her so powerfully.

Bella smiled and put up a single finger once he found her. He shook his head and ripped his jeans open. Her jaw dropped as he grabbed a lock of her hair and brought her to her knees. Bella took him into her mouth. Scott threw his head back and swelled up in her mouth. He began this bucking motion. Bella found herself grinning as she continued. Scott was gone… She could taste the precum that had formed along the tip of his dick. She lapped it up eagerly.

“Fuck, keep going.” He growled out.

Bella moaned out against his cock as she continued. Scott pulled out feeling the need to be inside her desperately. All he could think about was this strong desire to mate. Since Bella was already his mate; it made it the desire even more potent. He needed to feel her tight little pussy around his cock and now! At this thought he swiftly yanked her back up. Scott bent her over her tail spiked up as she exposed herself to him. He loved the way she had that hint of pink about her sex with that black fur masking her entire body. He drove himself in and began to thrust relentlessly. Bella’s claws ran down the tree he had her against.

“Come for me!” Scott voiced in his alpha command.

She cried out as her body gave in to his demand.

“Again…” He rumbled.

Bella entire body was in overdrive and full on heat.

“Keep coming, don’t fucking stop.”

She gasps out as each orgasm grew more and more intense. The buildup became too much for Scott. He pulled out and brought her back upon her knees. He jerked off into her mouth. Once he finished Bella looked upon him curious as to his reaction.

Scott leaned against the tree with one hand. He looked to her wide eyed as bit of shock hit him.







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