Chapter 16 Showdown

Chapter 16
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Once her son was finished explaining Bella’s situation, Melissa leaned back in thought.

“What is Renee thinking? It’s like she’s not even considering her daughter’s feelings on this!”

“Oh my thoughts exactly.”

Melissa shakes her head.

“I can certainly understand where Bella is coming from. Naturally, she’d wish to keep Stiles and her uncle safe.”

Scott sighs.

“I just wish she’d care about her safety as well. She’s too busy worrying about everyone else, me included.”

“Sounds like a certain someone I once knew.”

He lifts his eyes towards his mother and sighs.

“Let me give this some more thought. You better get to school. You’re running late as it is.” Scott nods and pecks his mother on the forehead, before he starts out the door.

He stops and turns facing his mother, whilst his hand is on the doorknob.

“She can stay here tonight. We’ll go from there.”

He looks to his mother rather shocked.

“Here? Like all night?”

She nods.

“Your mother isn’t exactly blind. I’m more intuitive then you think. She’s your mate, isn’t she?”

He rears back in amazement.

“How’d you…”

“You’re engaging in sex. Protected sex, I hope.”
Scott’s eyes widen and he was actually blushing.

“Mom…” He groaned.

“Like I said, we’ll discuss this when you get home. Just bring her along and we’ll go from there. There will be rules Scott.”
He nodded with that wide eyed glare, which had his mother giggling.

“Later, son!”

He nodded again and rushed out the door.

Scott pulled up on his bike, to see Derek, Bella, and Stiles talking in the parking lot. Taking off his helmet, he headed that direction as well. From what he could make out more bodies were being discovered around town. Bella locked eyes with him as he made his way over.

“In the meantime, we’re all on high alert. This will only bring forth hunters. I wouldn’t doubt the Argents are already on patrol.”

He looks to Scott.

“You might want to warn your pack. Everyone needs to watch their backs, until we find a way to take this son of a bitch down.”

Derek’s attention goes back to Bella.

“I know you loath the idea, but I really think it would be wise, to reconsider your father’s invitation.”
“You mean demand. And thanks, but no thanks.”

Derek grinds his teeth together.

“You’re not safe otherwise.”

“She’ll be staying with me tonight. We’ll figure it out from there.”
“She’d be safer with us!” Derek says behind a growl.

“That’s debatable and that decision is up to Bella.”

“But your mother.”

“She’s the one that suggested it.”

Bella cut Scott the same expression, he’d given his mother. Derek roughly grabs Scott by the arm.
“There are two of us and one of you! She’s better off at the house!”

Scott’s upper lip curled and he yanked out of Derek’s hold.

“I believe the decision is up to her!” Scott’s eyes flickered during this.

Bella took in a breath.

“I’ll be staying with Scott.”

Derek snarled back and grabbed Bella by the collar of her jacket.

“It’s not safe!” He barked.

Scott shoved him back.

“Don’t you touch her!”

“I would never hurt her! But she needs to know just how serious this is.”
“You honestly think she doesn’t?!”

“Just stop… both of you. Please.”
Derek and Scott stare one another down. Bella sighs as the bell rings.

She says nothing else on the matter and walks away. Stiles joins her. Scott shakes his head as he watches them head on inside.

“When she winds up dead, don’t come crawling to me.” Derek snaps and takes off.

Scott rolls his eyes and heads on inside.

The other students had been questioning Bella about the croc, throughout the day. They were all baffled by her survival. The guilt however weighed her down. They also mentioned the other girl whose body was found in the locker room. The entire school was in shock. No one understood how a croc got into the school in the first place. The teachers were speculating a senior prank gone bad.

Come lunchtime, practically the entire school, faculty included. Had asked Bella about her encounter with the croc. She heard over and over how lucky she was that she didn’t end up like the other student. Bella merely played along. Everyone that is, but Allison. Who seemed to be eerily watching Bella’s every move. Bella took notice, doing her best to ignore it.

That is until it came time for softball practice. That’s when Allison decided to catch Bella off-guard and alone. The others were already on the field. Bella was lacing up her shoes about to head out; when she heard the door to the locker room lock. She turned towards the door and saw Allison with her arms folded about her chest. She had this snide little smirk about her face.

“So what’s your secret?”
Bella narrowed her eyes on this and dropped her foot as she’d just finished lacing up.

“My secret?”
Allison smiled and Bella adjusted her ball cap. She then grabbed her glove and ball. Bella made her way over.

“What’s this about Allison?”

“We both know, you shouldn’t have survived that attack. So how’d you do it?”

Bella shrugs.

“Luck?” She says and reaches for the door.

Only to have Allison block her path, Bella rolled her eyes.

“Must we do this constantly?”
“That depends on you.”
Bella half laughs.

“Oh no, I think we both know the truth behind that. You’re the one with the stick up your ass.”

“Look, just stay away from Isaac. I can help him study. He doesn’t need your help on that.”
“That’s not up to you. That’s Isaac’s decision. And who the hell are you to tell me what to do?”
“I mean it.”

Bella nods. She picks Allison up by the collar of her baseball jersey. She simply moves her out of the way and places her back down. Allison looked to her with this bewildered expression. Bella smiled menacingly upon her and patted her on the shoulder.

“Come on now, Argent. Let’s hash it out on the field!” She taunts and unlocks the door.

Allison looked on with astonishment as Bella took off running.

Like usual, Allison tested Bella in every way she could think of on the field. When it came time for Bella to bat, Allison and Bella switched positions. Allison threw Bella a decent curveball. That Bella could have hit, but she wanted to give Allison some hell. She just stood there as Lydia called out “strike one”. Allison gave Bella that shitty grin when she got her second strike. When the third opportunity came, Bella got ready. Something in her was ignited and she felt the need to put Allison in her place. The ball came sailing right for Bella and she hit it with everything she had. So much so it ended up in the field where the guys were playing lacrosse. The men and coach Finstock froze as they were in mid-practice.

Bella’ just stood there with her jaw dropped. The ball literally left a dent in the bat.

“Holy…” Bella heard Lydia utter as she threw down her umpire mask.

“How’d you…?

Bella swallowed back as everyone was looking directly upon her now. As if they were waiting for some sort of explanation.

“Wheaties?” She said with a shrug.

The coach raised her brows on this with a dumbfound expression. Bella let out a nervous giggle and went to retrieve the ball. Naturally, she gets to the lacrosse field and Scott has the ball already in hand. He had a brow cocked her direction. He nodded towards her.

“This belong to you?”
Bella felt herself blushing. She simply nodded. Scott and Stiles looked back towards the baseball field.

“Huh…” They said in unison.

Scott placed the ball in her hand. He cut her a wink.

“Easy slugger…”

Bella half laughed and was about to start back.

“Hell of an arm, Swan. You sure you don’t belong over here instead?” Coach Finstock asked.

“I think I’m good coach.” Bella replied with a laugh.

“Hmmm… A shame… Anyone that can hit that hard, has a big enough set of balls to play with these Nancies’.”

“Lacrosse isn’t really my game.”
“It could be.” Coach Finstock hints.

“Have you ever played?”

“Nope. All the more reason, I belong over on there instead.”
“Hm, well do keep an eye on your balls, Swan.”

Stiles raised his brows with this huge grin.

“You heard the coach keep your balls off our field!”

Scott rolls his eyes but was dying in laughter.

“Watch it cuz.. Imagine what I could do to yours.”

Coach Finstock and the other guys laugh as well. Bella waves them off as she runs back onto her side. Scott tilted his head, gawking at Bella’s ass as she did.

“Get your head in the game kid.” Finstock utters and smacks him in the back of the head.
Scott sighs and gets back into position.

Allison shakes her head upon Bella, as she makes her way back to the field.

“What the hell was that Swan?”

Bella shrugged. She ignored the odd looks, whispers, and Allison’s bitchy stare down. After practice Bella showered and began to get ready for the end of the day. Scott was already waiting out by his bike.

“And what am I supposed to tell my dad?” Scott heard Stiles question as he and Bella were making their way over.

“The truth… It’s not safe for me to be there and I’m of age so there’s not a whole lot he can do.”

“Oh I’m sure, he’s going to love hearing that.”
“Then I’ll talk to him. I gotta pack some clothes anyhow.”

Only once the three of them arrived at the Stilinski house. They noticed Melissa’s car parked out front. They each looked to one another confused. Scott took Bella’s hand as they headed inside. The sheriff and Scott’s mom were sitting on the couch; looking to be having some sort of heart to heart. Bella’s uncle cleared his throat and rose from the couch. Melissa smile warmly upon Bella.

“Go pack your stuff, hun. I’d start with a week’s worth of clothes. The boys can help pack up the rest later.”

Bella’s jaw nearly dropped, along with Scott’s. Her uncle sighed and reached to his temples.

“What’s going on mom?” Scott questioned in full on confusion.

“We’ve spent hours in discussion. And we’ve come to the decision that it would be best for Bella to move in with us.”

Bella shook her head in disbelief.

“I.. I can’t do that!” Bella damn near snaps in panic.

Scott looked offended at first, until he began sensing her. Scott sighed already knowing. Bella looked to him pleadingly.

“Scott please, you gotta understand. Me moving in with you?! Puts not only you, but your mom at risk, I can’t have that!”

Melissa comes to her feet.

“And that is a risk; we are both willing to take. Face it, you’re family now. And we’re not about to make you go through this alone. We all know you’re safer, with my son by your side. And everyone in this room knows about the bond, you two share. That’s not something to take lightly and it’s not going away.”
Bella leaned against the wall and shut her eyes.

“I’d never forgive myself…”

Melissa makes her way over and she lifted Bella’s chin with her fingers.

“I haven’t seen my son this happy in quite sometime. I know you have a hand in that. So the least I could do is return the favor. If anything happened to you, my son wouldn’t recover from that. Just a mother’s intuition if you will. You’re not like the others. Even I can see that. You’re what he needs and visa versa. You count on one another to balance all this out. And you’re a hell of a lot stronger together, than you are apart. You need to keep that in mind.”

Stiles sighs.

“I’m afraid you’re outvoted on this one. Even I know you’re better off living with Scott. Not that I want you to go. In fact this just downright sucks! But I’d rather you be safe. My dad and I can’t give you the protection you need. I highly doubt you want to move in with Peter or Derek for that matter.”
Bella wrinkled her nose in thought.

“And there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you need help. We all do from time to time and you shouldn’t feel any shame in that. That doesn’t make you weak or insignificant in anyway. Even Scott as an alpha asks for help when needed. The sooner you come into terms, realizing you simply cannot face this on your own, the better off we all are. It’s time you come into terms with that. So pack your things. It’s time to come home.”

At this Bella broke into sobs, which only caused her to feel embarrassed, as everyone’s eyes were on her. Melissa nodded towards the others. She hurriedly took Bella to her room, where she began to help pack up her things. The men each looked to one another as if lost on what to do next.

“It’s about time…” Stiles mutters under his breath.

Scott and his father looked to him oddly.

“Bella might have someone to actually look up to. You know… like a real mother.” His father sighed.

He wanted to defend his sister, but he knew his son was right. As of late especially, granted Renee did what she did in order to help her daughter. She wasn’t there emotionally when Bella needed. She was now too consumed in Peter. That was a problem his sister had since she first turned 15. He’d never seen her without a man at her side. It was as if she couldn’t get by without one. And besides Charlie Swan, every single one of them were absolute losers either druggies, alcoholics, abusers of some sort. Charlie was the only man that fit the bill in what Renee needed. But then again… it was all fake. Charlie was merely there in order to keep Bella and Renee safe. That still angered him, to know his sister kept this from him after all these years.

Melissa exited the room with Bella. She had Bella by the hand and was leading her out.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you around at school.” Stiles said with a nod.

“Um yeah.” Bella said with a quivery voice.

Her emotions were all over the place. Scott felt terrible for her. Bella was confused and completely lost.

“Just take care. I know you’ll be fine in Scott’s hands.” Her uncle assured.

Bella nodded and hugged them before they left.

“We’ll come back for your car tomorrow.” Scott said as he loaded Bella’s things into his mother’s car.

He didn’t want Bella driving. She wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Bella gave a simple nod. Scott opened the passenger side door to his mother’s car. “I’ll be right behind you.” He shut the door. On the way to his bike, he glanced upon his mother.

“She’s going to be just fine.”

He nodded, not knowing what to say to that. Part of him was all nerves now as well. He knew this was going to be new territory for them. Part of him was anxious and couldn’t believe he was so lucky. The other knew his mother was going to have some hellacious laws to follow. He also feared Bella might be somewhat resentful about all this. She and Stiles are pretty close. He knew they too had a bond no one could break. It would be a rough transition on Stiles and Bella.

When they got to the house, Melissa and Scott helped Bella unpack. They placed her things in the guest room beside Scott’s. Melissa took it upon herself to place some of Bella’s pictures around the room. Ones of Stiles, her mother, uncle, Charlie, and Scott, whatever would make her feel more at home. After they were done setting up, they each looked to one another.

“So… this is awkward.” Scott threw out there rubbing the back of his neck.

His mother and Bella broke into nervous laughter.

“I suppose now’s a good time to discuss the rules!”

Bella and Scott looked upon one another wide eyes. This caused Melissa to laugh again.

“Relax you two. Now, I know you two are having sex.”

Bella’s entire body flushed over and she lowered her head, with embarrassment.

“It’s to be expected. You’re not only at that age, but you’re mates as well. Do I approve? Not necessarily, no. Then again, I can’t really point the finger. I can’t tell my son, you should have waited until marriage. That’d make me a hypocrite. Then again, your situation is rather different, with the whole mating thing. In a way I suppose that is like marriage in the sense of a wolf?” She inquires towards the end.

Scott nodded.

“Ok then, so here’s the deal. What I don’t see, isn’t taking place, if you get my drift. So just make certain whatever you two are up to. It stops, before I put my key in the door. Also you will sleep in separate beds when I am here, separate showers, bathroom breaks etc… Meaning no hanky-panky when mom’s home. I don’t wanna see it or hear it. I prefer to pretend as if it’s not even taking place. Now what you to do when I’m not around, that’s your business. You’re both legally adults now and I’m not even going to begin and try to tell you what to do. That is your business and your life. I’m sure you’re both smart enough to use protection and know what you’re doing. As for anything else, Scott already knows. And I don’t have to worry about drugs or smoking. You don’t strike me as the type and I know my son wouldn’t be caught dead with such a character. Drinking… I don’t approve. Never will, but I’m not an idiot. I know my son has been to a few parties and I know he’s drank.”

Scott looks to his mother wide eyed.

“Oh don’t even try to convince me otherwise.”

He sighs.

“I can’t get drunk.”

His mother smiles.

“You just further proved my point, but good to know.”

Bella bit her lower lip to keep from laughing at Scott’s reaction.

“Just keep your senses about you and be smart. For now, we just see how this goes. You both have just the one year and I’m sure you’re making plans for college or whatever. We can plan from there. No sense in talking about it now. Bella hun, I’m easy to get along with. I really don’t think you and I have to worry about locking horns. From what your mother and uncle tell me as well as Scott. We’re going to get along just fine. You’re not one that causes trouble. You just have rotten luck and that’s just life. That’s what you’re here for. We’re going to take down this son of a bitch one way or another. And I know my son, when it comes to those he cares about. He won’t hold back on whoever is causing them harm. I hate to see what this Phil guy looks like, once he’s done with him. I want you to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything, no matter what the situation is. When I said you were family. I wasn’t lying. I meant it. I work a lot so you will have the house mostly to yourselves. I expect you both to act as though adults in this situation.”

“So that’s a no to a block party?”

Scott and his mother snickered at Bella’s playful demeanor.

“Oh hun, I do believe we’re going to get along just fine.”

Melissa looks to the time.

“Alright you’re all set. I take it you two have homework.”

“Oh no…” Bella groans.

“What?” Melissa and Scott chorus.

“I was supposed to help Isaac today. I forgot!” She quickly takes out her phone.

“Well, I’m off to work. I’ll see you two later. Scott there’s some leftovers in the fridge or you can order pizza.”

He walked his mother out as Bella tried to get ahold of Isaac.

“Hey…” He said before she got into the car.

“Thanks… I know you didn’t have to do that.”

His mom nodded but looked to be in thought.

“What is it?”
“I just have a few choices of words to say to Renee next time I see her.”
Scott nodded.


Melissa looks back towards the house and shakes her head.

“You two have fun. Just keep the rules in mind. I really don’t want any awkwardness.” She hints.

Scott lets out a nervous laugh and rubs the back of his neck.

“Um sure, you got it.”
He nods again and waves his mother off as she pulls out of the drive.

“He’s not answering.” Bella says once Scott reenters the room.

He nods and looks around the room.

“Lots of flowers.” Bella remarks.

“And angels.” Scott says with a smirk.

“And pink.”

They both laugh.

“Rather hang out in my room?”
She nods. Scott takes her by the hand and leads her into his room. Bella sent Isaac a text of apology and tried to call once more. She left a voicemail apologizing as well.

“I’m sure he’ll understand. Today was a bit thrown off for everyone. I honestly hadn’t expected any of this.”

“Ditto.” Bella mutters and plops down on his bed.

“Is this where I find out all your dirty secrets? Like girlfriends hiding in the closet and your odd collection of XXX features?”
He grins and sits down in his computer chair.

“As far as I know my girlfriend hasn’t come out of the closet, yet. And there is nothing odd about my porn collection, I’ll have you know!”

“Funny.” She says and throws his pillow at him.
She looks around, looking to be in thought.

“Something on your mind?”
“You mean other than how strange this feels?”

“I know. Right?”

Scott takes his books out of his bag as they begin their homework.

“So what about you? Any skeletons in the closet?”
“You mean besides the fact that I killed someone and my mother buried him? He’s now risen from the dead somehow and has come back with a vengeance? Nope, none that I can think of.” She says with a shrug and starts her homework as well.

“Ah, that’s nothing. My mate… her father, turned me into a werewolf!”

“You don’t say.”
He nods.

“Yeah, he’s a real dick and a half. His daughter though is smokin’ hot!”

“So I figured it’s karma at its best. I get to bang his daughter whenever I please.”

“Oh really?!”

He grins and continues on his homework.

“So, she just gives into your demands?”
He nods confidently.

“What if I was to say I don’t believe you?”
He dart his eyes over her direction. She pretended to be deep into her homework, with her feet kicked back.

“Is that a challenge?”

“We have homework, McCall.”
Scott grabbed his homework and joined her on the bed. He threw off his shirt, before he got started again. Bella raised her brows on this. Scott was toned from head to toe. If Bella had her way he’d never wear a shirt again.

“Is that the seduction technique you use with this supposed “mate” of yours?”

“I have you know, this is how I always do my homework.”

“Ok then fine, is it working?”
Bella laughs as he flexes.

“You know that’s the worst thing a woman could do.”
“What’s that?”
“Laugh at a man, when he’s got his shirt off.”
“I thought it was when your pants were down, McCall.”

“No, that just makes him cry.”

“Hm, it’s not like you have anything to worry about.”
He raises his brows on this.

“So what exactly do you…”
Bella sighs and lifts her eyes towards him as she works on a math problem.

“It means you’re well endowed. Just don’t let it go to your head.” She says with a smirk.

“How well endowed?”


“Quit fishing for compliments and do your homework.”

“You’re not my mother, you can’t tell me what to do!”
“I have T&A and you get laid. Often, I might add. I think I can.”
He groans and leans back against his pillow.

“Don’t tell me you’re one of “those”.”
“Then don’t act like one of “them”.”

“You know, I’m suddenly in the mood for fish.”

Bella hits him with a pillow and he chuckles. They glance upon one another off and on during their homework. Once they finish Scott grabs their books with the homework inside. He tosses them to the ground, beside their backpacks. Directly after he rolls over, hovering over her. Bella ran her hands along his chest. Scott closed his eyes momentarily, as she continued to work her way south. He let out a moan as she rubbed her hand along his crotch. Bella could fell him throbbing through his jeans. Scott kissed along her neck as she continued to fondle him. He made his way to her lips and heatedly kissed her. She unfastened his jeans and lowered his zipper. He growled lustfully into her mouth. Bella had his cock and was stroking the hell out of it. Scott started this bucking motion with his hips.

The scent of her arousal hit Scott. He licked his lips in thought, as he ran his hands up her black skirt. He crawled back and lifted her skirt up.

“Damn…” He uttered seeing how she was wearing this flimsy, yet very sexy, white laced panties.

Bella gasped out in surprise. Scott hadn’t even bothered to take her panties off. He began to lick the area of her sex, thoroughly. He could taste her sweet sap along her panties. His fingers grazed along her pussy, as he pulled her panties to the side. She was dripping wet and Scott took it as a very inviting incitement. The tip of his tongue, began to work it’s magic. He started off with teasing licks here and there, just enough to have her arching her back and whimpering out in pleasure. Fuck, she taste so good, it’s unreal. He thought to himself. Bella’s fingers were running through his hair as he continued. That only added to his lust. He spread her apart with his fingers. Scott took a moment to gawk at her perfectly pink pussy. Before long he began this licking and fingering situation that drove Bella mad.

“Hmmm…. So good.” He moans against her sex.

He gave one last thorough licking, before crawling back over her. The moment his cock came into contact with her pussy, it welcomed itself right on in. Simultaneous moans followed. Her nails clawed at his back as he fucked her. Scott was by no means holding back.

“Scott…” Bella cried out in sheer ecstasy.

Scott growled out in lust. He nipped along her neck, driving her crazy.

“Fuck yeah…” He grunted as she drenched his cock, with an orgasm from hell.

Her pussy literally hugged his cock. It felt so good he knew he was about to blow his load. At this Scott quickly whipped out his cock. He grabbed it and began to jerk off. Bella bit her lower lip and watched curiously as he left beads of come, all along her breasts and tummy. She taunted him by running a finger along one of the drops, licking it clean.

“Holy shit!”

She softly laughed.

Scott rolled off the bed and scooped her up. He carried her to the bathroom. He placed her in the tub and aimed the shower hose away from her as he started the water. Once the water was warm, he fixed the nozzle. She stood under the water, as Scott made his way in as well. His eyes widened however. Bella had her eyes closed as the water ran down her body. She looked like a damn model. Scott found himself thinking. His dick obviously agreed. It stood at attention, once again. He shook his head in disbelief as she began to soap her body down. Watching Bella running her hands all over her wet body caused him excitement. In ways he never imagined. He hadn’t even truly realized what he was doing. Not until he let out this grunt like moan; one that grabbed Bella’s attention. It was loud enough to make Belle open her eyes. Scott was masturbating as he watched her shower. He felt slightly embarrassed that he’d been caught. But he didn’t stop, he couldn’t. It felt too good and she was entirely too sexy for words.

“FUCK!” He called out as Bella had this seductive grin about her.

She too began to play with herself. He watched in amazement as she massaged her breasts and began to finger herself.

“Keep going, Bells…” He grunted behind gritted teeth.

Once Bella hiked up her leg, he saw that she had three fingers in her tight little slit. She leaned against the corner of the shower wall. Bella was giving him one hell of a show. This was the hottest thing Scott McCall had ever witnessed. Bella groaned out in pleasure as she came. Scott gritted his teeth and shut his eyes as he fired off another round. After he came his eyes opened and he shook his head with a bit of a smirk.

“Now that was hot! Damn!”

Bella giggled at his reaction and finished her shower.


Scott shut the door and placed the pizza down on the coffee table. Bella was curled up on the couch. They were watching The Princess Bride. Scott grabbed them a soda from the fridge and heard Bella laughing at one of the parts in the movie. He merely stood back and watched her for a moment. She had a genuine beam about her as she sat on the couch. Something he wished he could see more often. All the more reason, he needed to figure out how to rid of this Sobek. He swallowed back in thought and made his way over.

They ate while watching the movie. When they finished eating, Bella snuggled up against him. Before long, she was sound asleep. He kissed the top of her head and finished the movie. Once it was over, he carried her to the bedroom. Scott tucked her in and pecked her on the lips, before he exited the room.


“What do you mean she’s living with Scott?!” Renee shouted at the door.

Her brother sighed.

“Renee, we both know she’s better off alongside of him.”
“NO! I didn’t agree to this! How dare you! How dare Melissa! I’M HER MOTHER NOT YOU, NOT MELISSA!”
“Then start acting like it!”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“It means just as he said.”

Renee turns to see Melissa standing directly behind her.

“And you! I thought you were my friend! How dare you pull such a stunt!”
Melissa shakes her head.

“I am your friend. But I’m also the kind of friend that will tell you how things are, straight up. At the moment, Bella needs someone she can depend on. She needs some sort of stability in her life. And we all know she needs protection. My son and I can offer her all those things.”


“Have you even considered your daughter’s feelings? Put yourself in her shoes! Would you want to live with two strange men and a mother that’s clearly LOST HER MIND?!”
The sheriff looked to Melissa taken back. He’d never seen her, this worked up. The woman was shaking all over, with fury.
“Those men are family! NOT STRANGERS! Bella needs to come into terms with that! If she keeps distancing herself then she never will get to know them! She’s not even trying.”

“Can you honestly blame her? I mean would you want someone like Peter Hale as a father?!”

Renee shakes her head bitterly.

“Scott and I have been there! You think you’re the only one with bad luck, when it comes to men?! And that’s another thing, you might as well get used to the idea. Scott and I are just as much family to that girl as you are.”

Renee laughs in a scoffing matter.

“They’re mated Renee. That means for life. So suck it up. We’re going to be seeing a lot of one another.”

At this Renee welcomes herself inside. She heads straight for Bella’s room. Frantically, she starts opening the boxes. The ones Stiles and his father worked so hard to pack up. She throws her daughter’s pictures and figurines across the room. Renee takes a couple of boxes and tosses them as well. She goes to her daughter’s closet and rips her clothes off the hangers.

“Ungrateful BITCH! After everything I’ve done for her! EVERYTHING!”

Stiles grabs his aunt, stopping her as he presses her up against the wall.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” He shouts.

“These are your daughter’s things! What kind of a mother does this?!” He waves his arms about the mess.

“And aunt or not, I better not EVER HEAR YOU CALL MY COUSIN THAT AGAIN?!” He hollers pointing upon her.

“She hasn’t appreciated anything I’ve done for her! NOT ONE!”

“That’s not true and you know it!”

Melissa and Stiles’s father were peeking into the room now.

“That girl owes me everything! If it wasn’t for me, she’d have gone to prison, or worse! I’ve kept her secret! BOTH OF THEM!”

“Yeah well, if you had better taste in men. She would have never had to face this in the first place!”

“Phil sought me out! How was I to know?! He even had Bella fooled!”
She looks to her brother.

“I want my daughter back and I want her now! Do whatever it takes! Arrest her if you must!”
“On what grounds Renee? Listen to yourself! Have you completely lost it?!”

Renee does something that shocks each and every one of them. She takes a gun out from her jacket and grabs Stiles. She holds the gun to his head, with tears in her eyes.

“I want my daughter back and NOW!”




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11 thoughts on “Chapter 16 Showdown”

  1. this bitch has lost her ever loving mind!! the fuck.,.,,that is her nephew…i am wayy to shocked for words…but all i can think about is are u shitting me right now? i cannot wait till the next chapter when Renee gets her ass handed to her…and i truly hope that it isn’t just the name Renee that means they r psychos cause that’s my middle name…dang..

  2. Holy shit! I knew Renee was cray-cray, but damn, I did not see that one coming! It was nice to see some light moments for Bella and Scott, but looks like Renee is about to screw that all up. Stupid cow. Can’t wait to see how it plays out!

  3. I love this story first time reading anything related with teen wolf but you got me hook. Okay I never saw that one coming. Can’t wait for next chapter.

  4. Can’t wait for the next chapter I hope you will post very soon. I love this story and Renee is just out of her mind. What the heck did Phil and Peter do to her my goodness.

  5. Woah… Bella’s got balls and Renee’s just batty.

    Definitely a good thing Bella refused to move in with the Hales. Bella would’ve been the only responsible one in that household. Peter, Derek, and Renee all have serious emotional issues and they would’ve brought Bella down with them… it would’ve been a toxic emotional environment for her and that’s the last thing she needs right now. She needs to feel like her home is her safe harbor, not a powder keg.

    Instead of trying to prove living with Peter could be good for them both, all her mom proved was how unstable that environment is. She seriously seemed more stable in the beginning, before Peter reentered the picture. Yeah, Renee was still volatile emotionally, but it seemed like she was at least trying to protect her daughter. Now she’s just selfish. The whole Hale household seems so selfish to me. I kind of feel like they’re not truly concerned about her safety, but they’re low enough to use the situation to their advantage to get what they want. Maybe they’ll redeem themselves somehow, but it would really take a hell of a lot for that to happen.

    Man, I really hate when people treat their loved ones like possessions and that’s really all I see from Renee and Peter at this point. They don’t really care about Bella’s needs, they just don’t like that someone else has laid claim to her as family. They really remind me of toddlers throwing tantrums because they had their toy taken away.

    I’m all worked up now and itching to punch someone, lol. Which means great job, Harley! I only get worked up when I’m really into a story. Thank you!

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