Chapter 18 A Wolf’s Cry

Chapter 18

I do not own Teen Wolf or Twilight. Read and then review. Thanks! (Dark times ahead, you’ve been warned) No rape… for those with that concern.

“Shhhhh…” Someone whispered in her ear.

Bella cringed as she felt someone caressing her cheek. Bella struggled about on the gurney. The ones in the surgical masks were looking towards whoever stood behind her.

“Continue…” The person demanded.

They nodded and went back to work. She let out a cry of agonizing pain. She could feel the scalpel cutting into her. Her flesh was being pried back as well. One of them retrieved the bullet within. They held it up, showing it off. Bella looked down to see blood oozing out of her body. It ran along the gurney they had her strapped to and a puddle was forming along the floor. Her eyes rolled back and the room begins to spin on her.

“No…” She muttered, doing her best to fight it.

The pain however became too much. Her body shut down and everything went black.

They’d searched throughout the entire area of the woods, repeatedly. Not a one of them picked up on her possible whereabouts. It truly seemed as though she merely disappeared. He’d lost all connection as well. He still couldn’t sense anything when it came to her. Their mating bond… His alpha ranking over her… everything was kaput. He didn’t understand that at all. It took place before she even came up missing. Scott lifted his eyes towards the others, as he paced about the Hale house.

His stomach was churning and he felt nauseas. This entire night was nothing more than a shit storm and it continued to brew. Renee had fucking lost her mind… His mate had been shot and was M.I.A. He’d also had his very first turn and a pup so to speak on his hands now. Isaac also had a lot of explaining to do, such as why his father lay dead in the living room. Whatever had taken place was pretty bad. The entire house was destroyed and both were beat to a bloody pulp. Only Isaac was somehow the victor, barely, if Scott had ignored Allison’s call, like he’d wanted. Isaac would’ve died. Peter was on his own rampage at the moment. He destructed anything within his path. Scott felt the way Peter Hale was reacting. But throwing a fit wouldn’t help his mate any. Scott needed to keep his senses sharp and stay on high alert. The others hadn’t a clue how devastated he felt on the inside. He couldn’t afford to slip up, not even a little. It could very well risk Bella’s life. Something he wasn’t about to take lightly. So he paid attention to every little detail, his senses were telling him. Just praying that Bella would somehow come through and he could finally track her down.

Renee bitterly ran a hand along her jaw, where Melissa had socked her one. Renee’s brother tiredly rubbed his eyes, looking towards the stairs.

“They’re back from the sounds of it.”

Stiles nodded and glanced that direction. They could hear Peter as he threw his little tantrums. Stiles swallowed back on this.

“Might be a good idea to just stay down here!”

His father sighs. Melissa comes to her feet. She had been sitting off to a corner of the room.

“I could go get us some coffee. Perhaps, something to eat…? From the looks of things it’s going to be a long night.”

The sheriff takes his jacket off, offering it to Melissa.

“That’s sweet of you. But I’ll be fine.”

“Please, just take it. I imagine it’s pretty cold out.”

She smiles and accepts the jacket.

“Thank you.”

He nods.

“You be careful now.

Stiles cocked a brow on their interaction.

“Oh don’t you go worrying about me now, sheriff.” She said a certain way.

Stiles eyes widen and he nearly choked back. Once she exited the basement. Stiles rubbed the back of his neck and eyed his father.
“What was that?!”

“What was what, son?”

“You know… THAT?!” He motions wildly towards the stairs.

His father shrugs.

“You can’t do that!”

His father rears back on his son’s words.

“Do what?”


He sighs and shakes his head.

“She’s Scott’s mother!”
“I know damn well who she is son.”
“Then stop that!”

His eyes widen at the look of hell his father cut him. Stiles half laughs.

“Um… I just mean it’s creepy and stuff.”

“How so?”

“It just is.”

The sheriff shrugs.

“She’s a very attractive woman.”

Stiles groans to himself and covers his ears.

“She’s got one hell of a right hook too.”

Renee curls her lip at this.

“She attacked me!”
He nods.

“That she did. Rightfully so!”

Renee’s jaw drops in utter disbelief. She starts that pitiful crying all over again.

“I’m your sister!”

Stiles eyes widen as his father rushed over, getting right in his sister’s face.

“You put a damn gun to my son’s head and took him as a hostage! Then you nearly killed my niece! Your own flesh and blood… Don’t even get me started on morals! The title sister died, the moment you put a gun to my boy’s head! So shut your goddamn trap and keep it shut. Or I’ll be next in line for a good back-handing!”

Stiles gawked upon his father, rather baffled. His father nodded his way. Stiles cleared his throat and leaned against the basement wall.

“So… back to our earlier conversation.”

His father raised his brows.

“I mean think about it dad. Scott and Bella well they are mated. And you do realize what that means right? I mean Scott and Bella will be married one day. In a way they already are… I think… You know I still need to have this discussion with Scott. But either way… Scott’s going to become family…”
“Through “Scott”…” He emphasizes.

“And you’re like crushing on Ms. McCall. And that’s just like… well it’s gross! Or it will be! I mean think about it dad! She’s going to be Bella’s mother in-law.” Stiles wrinkles his nose on this. He starts pacing back and forth.

“You really want us to be all “together”… You know like together… Cause that’s what would happen if you start dating Ms. McCall! You two could hit it off and… That’s just a train wreck waiting to happen. Do you plan on sharing the same wedding day as Scott and Bella?!”

“Stiles?” his father says.

“Oh God, how would it look if you walk Bella down the aisle?”

“STILES!” his father yells.

Stiles looks to his dad bewildered.

“First off, breathe. Second, you’re right we will all be family no matter what. Third, what does happen between Mellissa and I is between the two of us. Lastly….shut up.”

“But Dad…”


“Shutting up.”

Bella gradually comes to and to the sound of a child laughing. Her eyelids bat about as she struggles to get a clearer vision. Everything was blurry at first. The laughter continued.

There you go! Great throw, sport!”

The child giggled once again. Bella swallowed back as her vision had finally come to. Before her was some sort of projector. A film was playing against a white sheet that hung on the wall. She grimaced once she recognized the child. The little girl caught a ball in midair with her brand new glove.

See you’re getting it! You’re becoming a natural! I knew you would!”

He tosses the ball again and she trips in order to catch it. Her face hit hard against the concrete slab they were on.

ISABELLA!” He rushed over and scooped her up.

Bella was crying and he held her close, kissing her forehead.

Oh sweetheart… are you alright?”

Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach and she shut her eyes. Not wanting to see anymore.

“That was a good day. Before you fell that is. But I took you out for ice cream and we went to the park afterword.”

Her eyes shot open and she turned towards the familiar voice. He was sitting in a chair right beside her. He reached over and moved a strand of hair from her face. She went to slap his hand away but was still restrained. She looked to see they were metal restraints as well.

“Ah, yes sorry about that. But I figure it’d best to take extra precaution this time. Considering our last encounter…” He tilts his head about.

“Well the one before that!” He says with a chuckle.

“I suppose that was somewhat my fault. I did catch you off guard.” He sighs.

“But dammit sweetheart, you were in heat and I could sense your manifestation about to begin. All I could think about was completing the transition. You were already mine. I just needed to mark my territory so to speak. I was patient and waited until you were of age. But I knew… I always knew. Everything I did was for you. I took that idiot cop out of the picture and married your mother, not long after. I couldn’t risk it. I had to make certain you were taken care off. So I took desperate measures. I did whatever it took.”

Tears stream down her face, on learning the truth behind Charlie Swan. Phil sighs and reaches over wiping her cheeks clean.

“I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. Even now, that isn’t my desire. Bella sweetheart, my only desire is to complete what we started.”
“We started?” She sputters through her gritted teeth.
“We… there was and is NO we.”

“Don’t.” He replies harshly.

He roughly cups her cheeks.

“I raised you! I kept you protected all those years. I went out my way to give you everything you ever wanted! Yet when it came time to repay me, you were ungrateful! Do you not get how you ripped my fucking heart out? I treated you like a princess! Because to me you were… My little princess. And that’s how things would have stayed, if you had just given yourself to me! But you decide to kill me instead? The only man that’s ever given you his entire devotion, you turn around and lose your fucking mind!”

Bella’s eyes flickered on this.

“Oh and that’s another thing. Bella… Sweetheart… Sport… My little swan princess…”

He gets right in her face.

“I’m a GOD! You cannot kill me. I will always come back. You’re nothing more than a demi-goddess. I’m real deal! I will always rein over you. And you will submit to me. It’s just a matter of time.”

He pecks her on the lips.

“And you did the right thing by the way, very wise decision, voiding your bond with the young alpha. After all, he’s just a boy. And what is a Bastet doing with a wolf cub anyhow? Why settle for a cub when you can have a GOD?! Now as you can see you’re quite injured at the moment. I need you at your best. During this time of physical healing, I shall offer you some emotional as well. You see, I worked hard to gather every single video and picture with just the two of us, and I put it all on one film titled The Swan Princess. Do you remember when I took you to that play? And you blushed when I teased you about the name. Do you even remember me telling you how you’d one day carry my name instead? I do believe a healthy reminder is due. After all, you’re to become my wife. And you will bear my children. You will be a good mother to each of them. And you will be a good wife as well… But for now… You need to heal and I’ve other matters to tend to.”

Phil leans over and kisses her once again.

“And do be a dear watch the entire thing. There might be a test!” He says with a smirk.
She gasps out as he lifts the covers off her. She looked to see she was in nothing but a pair of panties. He reached over and ran a single finger over the wound Mr. Argent gave her when he shot her.

“Hmmm… it shouldn’t be much longer now. Maybe a couple more days or so. And do stop struggling. You’re only going to make it worse and it will take that much longer to heal.”

He sighs and takes a gander down her panties. He grins and wiggles his brows. Phil places the sheet back over her. He then looks to her IVs.

“Before I go… Do you need to use the bathroom? I’m sure you’re floating about now. It’d be a shame to wet the bed and at your age!” He mocks in horror.

She cuts him a look of disgust. He shrugs and swiftly undoes her restraints. Phil helps her get to the edge of the bed and sits her up. She groans out and her eyes begin to water as the pain coursed throughout her body. Phil removes her IVs.

“Easy now… I’d give you a nice dose of morphine, but I can’t have you sleeping through my video now can I? Which is set on a loop by the way. So, if you do happen to zone out. You’ll catch the rest when you wake!”

She gasps out once he gets Bella to her feet. Her entire stomach felt as though it were on fire. Just a few steps had her sweating and her entire body wanted to give in. Phil nods as she loses her footing and nearly fell.

He scooped her up in a cradling fashion and carried her to the bathroom.

“See… just like old times! Don’t you see? I’ll always take care of you.”

She rolls her eyes on this.

“You tried to kill me last time!”

“Kill?” He says with a laugh.

“Um no. Mate? Now, yes! Big difference… If I wanted to kill you, I’d have done it. You just needed a harsh lesson. That’s all… SO yes, I tormented you somewhat. But you know you had it coming.”
He sits her on the toilet and waits. Once she’s done he helps her back up and straightens out the seam to her panties. He goes to scoop her back up and she slaps his hand away.

“Don’t touch me.”

He raises his hands in the air and steps away.

“Very well, have it your way!” He hisses.

“Back to bed now.”

She swallows back, glancing that direction. It was so far away at least to her with the amount of agony she was in. Bella took a couple of steps and reached to her gut. She forced another and winded up on her knees. Phil sighs with frustration.

“All you have to do is ask…” He hints softly.

Bella ignores this and comes to a crawl.

“Truly, you look pathetic! Such a disgrace! The goddess Bastet crawling on all fours!” He scoffs.

“NO mate of mine!” He growls and forces her back up.

Phil roughly presses her against the wall. She gasps out and her eyes water even more as she loses her breath. He had his thumb pressed into her wound.

“You’d rather crawl amongst the ground like a little bitch, than to have me help you?! Have I taught you nothing?! Why do you think I called you princess all those years?! You are a goddess! THE BASTET THE ONE AND ONLY! ACT LIKE IT!”

He picks her up and slams her down on the bed. The wind is knocked out of her as she fights for a breath.

“Must you be so difficult? Do you truly believe I like hurting you like this?”

Phil jerks her about as he places the restraints back on. He hooks her IVs back up and restarts the projector. He hits the lights and slams the door on the way out, leaving her to the torturous memories of her childhood.

Stiles and his father looked towards the basement door as it cracked open. Scott and Melissa were heading down the stairs. Both had coffee in their hands. Derek followed before long, with a couple of bags. Scott said nothing as he placed everything down and hurried went to exit.

“Scott…” His mother called out.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

He shook his head and started up the stairs.

“You should eat something.”

Scott doesn’t even react to his mother’s words. He simply left the room. His mother sighs and hands out the coffee. To everyone’s surprise Derek handed out the burgers Melissa had purchased. They put Peter and Derek’s to the side. Stiles looked to his burger and for the first time ever. He had no appetite. He wrapped it back up and stuffed it into the bag. He sipped at his coffee, with a look of melancholy about him.

Scott entered the living room, letting Peter know there was coffee and burgers in the basement. He was gazing out the window. He gave simple nod. Once again, Scott took off. He’d searched the woods a couple more times. Afterword, he tried other places such as the school, the parks, he even called the local hospital to see if she’d somehow arrived there. When all else failed he went and searched her room back at his place.

Part of him had hoped she’d randomly be here. That she be lying on her bed. He sat at the foot of her bed and stared off into space. He thought back to everything he’d learned about Bella’s past. Everything his mother had told him and the things Bella opened up about. He came to his feet once again and picked up a picture she had on her dresser. He hadn’t realized she even had this. It was one Stiles had taken of them not long after they’d mated. He ran a thumb along the frame, in thought. She was laughing in this picture. Her hands were wrapped around his forearm and she was leaning into him. Scott sighed and set the picture back down.

He’d never felt so useless in his entire life. He hadn’t a clue what to do next or where to go. Scott felt as though he’d go into full blown panic attack. His heart was racing. His palms were clammy. His stomach continued to turn on him. It didn’t help that his imagination was getting the best of him. Thoughts of what she could possibly be going through hit him and hard. They were so vivid. Ones of her alone and dying somewhere, her being tortured, or worst case scenario, raped. That last thought had him dashing to the bathroom. He upchucked into the sink, not able to make it to the toilet. Scott continued to throw up uncontrollably. He swore to keep her safe! That was the whole point of her moving in! He was more than her mate! He was her protector! That was his fucking job! His hands balled up in thought and he punched at the mirror. He slipped into his transformation and stared into the remains of the mirror. His crimson eyes seemingly taunted him. The true alpha huh? He thought with a scowl. You can’t even protect your mate! You piece of shit. Scott growled out at his own unbearable thoughts.

It became so much his entire body shook. His claws dug into the marble of bathroom counter. His lip curled and his teeth ground together. The flashes of the possible outcomes hit once again. Scott let out this earthshattering howl. One his pack and the Hale’s had never heard before, until now. A howl so powerful it caused every mirror and window to shatter, within the proximity.

The other’s back at the Hale house each looked to one another. Of course Melissa and the Stilinkis heard nothing. But Aiden, Ethan, Derek, Peter, and even Isaac picked this up now. However Isaac didn’t quite understand it, yet. He hadn’t even taken on his transformation. There hadn’t’ been a full moon. But he had the senses nevertheless. This howl caused his skin to crawl as he was doing his best to rid of his father’s body. He’d insisted Allison go home and let him handle this. This wasn’t something he wanted her involved in.

However halfway to his destination, his cell rang. He hesitantly answered seeing it was Allison.


Allison held the phone to hear ear and had just entered the house. She screamed out and dropped the phone.

“HEY!” Isaac called out in a panic and slammed on the brakes.

“Now, now… There’s no need to cry. You’ll be joining him very soon…” She felt someone’s hot breath along her neck.

Isaac quickly did a U-turn and was rushing to the Argent house.

“Hold on! I’m on my way!” He called out

Phil cocked a brow on this and tilted his head.

“Hmmmm…” He hums unamused.

Allison screams out as he bites down on her neck.

“Young blood…” He utters halfway through his meal.

She gurgles on the blood within her mouth now. Allison starts to choke and Phil braces her against him and continues about his feeding. Once he’s finished, he gently lays her body on the floor. He walks over to Mr. Argent and winks. He slaps at his cheek in a rather playful manner.

“So what’s it like daddy? Watching your daughter die, knowing you can’t do a single thing about it. Your little princess should have steered clear of MINE! For that you both had to pay…”

Allison had only assumed her father was dead. But the Sobek toxins ran through his veins and had him paralyzed and covered in blisters. Phil had planted him in a recliner and had him ready. Knowing that’d be the first thing his daughter would see. Phil jerked him up off the recliner.

“Coming after the Bastet… Big mistake… How dare you hunt such a rarity. You fools! A risk I’m not willing to take. So off you go!”

Isaac enters the Argent house and staggers back in absolute shock. His feet suddenly felt heavy as he stepped towards their bodies.

“Allison…” He uttered with despair.

“No… No, no, no! This isn’t happening!”

He pulled at his hair as Allison and Mr. Argent’s bodies were swinging about on the ceiling fan. He quickly turned it off and patted himself down for his cellphone.

Scott jumped as his cellphone went off. He continued to glare upon the mirror as he answered.


“Scott…” Isaac said in such a way.

One that had Scott’s full attention, he swallowed back.


“Tell me I’m dreaming. Tell me I’m going to wake up.”

Scott took in the deepest of breaths.

“Believe me I wish we were.”

“No man… You don’t get it. I… Oh God… This isn’t happening. FUCK! Scott…”

Scott narrowed his eyes and started out the door.

“Where you at, buddy?”

“The Argent’s…”
“On my way…”

Scott grimaced hearing Isaac losing his shit as well in the background. He had begun to hurl as well. Scott hopped on his bike and sped the entire way over. He hadn’t any idea what he’d be walking in on though. He truly believed this had to do with his father still.

Once he arrived he parked his bike beside Isaac’s truck. He walked up to the door and before he could even knock Isaac opened it, sensing his presence. They nodded upon one another. Isaac’s eyes were crazed looking and blood shot. His hair was a mess and his entire body shook all over. Scott went to say something but froze.

“…no…” Scott muttered, looking ill.

Their faces had turned blue now. He couldn’t detect a pulse from either one. They were long gone.

“Jesus…” Scott said and stumbled back against the wall.

He and Isaac locked eyes.

“Scott…” Isaac damn near whimpered and glanced towards his truck outside.

“My father…” He hints and looks back towards the Argents bodies.

“This isn’t happening…”

Scott shut his eyes for moment, doing his best to take it all in. He hadn’t a fucking clue how to go about this now. He took a moment to gather his senses. He took out his phone and called the only person he could think of.


“Hey Stiles… Is your dad around?”

“Um, yeah…”

“Can you hand over the phone?”

“Um, sure… but why?”

“Stiles…” Scott implores.

“Right… On it!”

Three excruciating hours had gone by. Bella’s struggle became unrelenting. So much so the metal had begun cutting into her wrists and ankles. Her childhood throughout her teenage years continued to play out before her. Every baseball game she ever played. Every school event he ever attended, which was damn near all. And sadly he was right… He practically raised her. Her mother only attended a handful of events in Bella’s lifetime. She was always caught up in her own world. That is until the incident with Phil took place. Then her mother pampered her. Part of that was guilt however. Guilt, on how the man she’d married and invited into their lives, damn near raped and killed her daughter. But as time progressed, her mother became resentful.

The more she had to do for Bella, the more resentful she grew. She just hid it well, that is until as of recent. Once Bella opened her mother up to the idea of her no longer being in the picture, Renee thought it a blessing. What she wouldn’t give to be free from it all. No more putting her daughter’s needs above her own. She could be free! Free to live her life the way she used to. That and she thought Bella would be better off. She could finally be at peace.

The video started over once again. Bella gritted her teeth and she jerked her body about upon the gurney. She felt the gurney give a bit. At this she began to move about more desperately. She and motioned her body about side to side. The gurney jolted about. Her jaw clenched behind the pain, but was determined. Bella gave one last good jar. The gurney tipped over, knocking her IV post and other monitors down. Her IV bags burst and the contents were now all over the floor. The awkward position she was in caused her even more pain. She growled amongst herself. However an accustomed scent was detected amongst the fluid that came from the IV bags. A scent she knew all too well… Blood thinners like in the ones her uncle took after his knee surgery. Plavix, if she remembered correctly. Why would he be dosing her up with blood thinners? She thought to herself and right after surgery? After losing so much blood? Her jaw dropped in realization. He wanted her wound healed alright. But he wanted her anemic! Weak enough she couldn’t break free or defend herself when needed. This also explained why they weren’t feeding her. All they were doing was keeping her hydrated. Every time her IV bags ran out they would replace them. The blood thinners were typically taken orally but they had somehow mixed them within the fluids. He knew he couldn’t give her pain killers! She’d only burn it out with her metabolism as quick as it was.

“You sick son of a bitch.” She uttered knowing damn well what he was up to now.

Sheriff Stilinski listens to the boys’ stories as he observes the Argent’s bodies. Once they’re done explaining everything the best they could. He lifts his eyes upon them.

“You boys get on out of here. I got this.”
Scott looks to the Sheriff with concern.

“I mean it. You two got enough going on.”

“And what about Mr. Lahey.” Scott hints.

“I think of something. I don’t want you boys a part of this.”
“But what will you tell the others?”

“As far as I’m concerned this was all done by the same homicidal maniac.”

Isaac looks to the sheriff in amazement. It was now known amongst the three of them that Isaac’s father had been abusing him, on a regular basis. Only it got out of hand and his father tried to end his life tonight on a drunken terror.

“Now go on before I change my mind.” He says eyeing Isaac mainly.

“Yes sir.”

Scott and Stiles’s father nod upon one another.

“Find my niece… That’s all I want you focused on, son.”

The Sheriff whispers as they take off, “Don’t let me down…”

Peter stared Renee down as he entered the basement. Stiles and his father looked to one another rather startled. Peter had this crazy look in his eyes. He pointed Renee’s direction.

“Tell me everything…”
Renee has this baffled appearance about her.

“Everything?” She whimpers as her cuffs clung against the pipe.

He nods.

“Everything, his favorite hangouts, the vehicle he drives, whatever houses he owns, his hobbies, his favorite color, everything about his and Bella’s relationship. Hell, I even want to know the motherfucking brand of underwear he wears! Whatever it takes to get our little girl back! So woman you start talking and NOW!”




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  1. You always do this to me. Leave me guessing why? I can’t wait for the next update. I’m glad Bella is breaking free I hope she can get away before it’s to late. I am however curious as to why she turned her bond off with Scott. Melissa and Sheriff flirting going on I love it and I am glad you thought of that. Papa Peter ain’t messing around he even wants to know the brand of underwear Phil wears! Awesome update and I am anxious to see how the next one is going to turn out!

  2. cannot wait till the next chapter but seriously why sooo many cliffys. it’s like u want us on our toes holding our breaths. oh jollys that’s it. u want us guessing for more. evil and brilliant lol. and no love loss for me on the argent’s death. hope Bella frees herself soon. and i hope that there is away to kill that damn evil god. kinda hoping Renee gets killed too maybe by either Bella or peter. she is one crazy bitch i won’t miss either.

  3. Sh*t just got real… I have to wonder what the deal is with Bella and Scott’s mate connection. Is Phil keeping her so weak dimming it or did she subconsciously turn it off because of all the stress. Maybe if she went all zen she could reach Scott and send him a message. So much feels in this chapter, sweets and I can’t wait to see how you get Bella out of this. My heart breaks for Scott – that howl! POW, right in the feels ❤

  4. Poor Screen txt!!! And Bella…Bella…Bella. You just can’t catch a break. Now pull yourself together and call your mate!!


  5. I really hope that they find a way to take out Phil for good and soon. It’s interesting how Peter Hale seems to be a much better parent than crazy Renee. Hope to read more soon! 🙂

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