Chapter 19 Batter Up

Chapter 19

I do not own Teen Wolf or Twilight. FYI- I know the god Sobek is Egyptian and that he was the protector of the Nile river etc.. I only put down South Americans in the sense of some religions there that worshiped crocodiles…

“What the hell?! Are you trying to kill yourself?”

The Bastet cringed at the sound of his voice. She swallowed back doing her best to think and quickly. Phil rushed over and flipped the gurney back over.

“I’m sorry…” Bella cried.

The Sobek narrowed his eyes on the way she said this. He drew back a breath and reached over, brushing her hair back with his fingers.

“I’ll have to get you all set up again.”
She nodded without argument. His eyes darted back towards the video. He smiled upon a scene with him carrying little Bella along his shoulders. At this he looked back over, took her hand, and kissed it. Bella absolutely loathed what she was about to do. And deep down she knew it would come to this. That was her reason for cutting off all connection with her alpha and mate. That, and the need to keep him safe. This was the most crucial of plans she couldn’t take any risks. She had to put on her best acting chops and pray to god the Sobek fell for it. She continued to cry.

“And why are you sorry, princess?”

The goddess shook her head and sobbed even harder.

“I just never wanted anything to change. Why did it have to?”

He raised his brows on this.

“How do you mean sweetheart?”

“Between us!” She motions towards the video that was playing.

“Why did it have to go beyond that? I miss what we had!” She had the waterworks going and snot action even.

Phil swallowed back on this and grabbed a tissue. He wiped her clean.

“And we can still have that. But you belong to me. You always have.”
“But I saw you like a father! That’s what I wanted Phil! I needed you! Why would you…”

She whimpered and sucked back a breath. Only that part wasn’t fake… Her heart ached at her own words.

“I loved you…”

“Loved…?” He scoffed.

“You really hurt me.”
“And you think you didn’t rip my fucking heart out! I gave you everything! I would’ve taken care of you, if you had let me.”

“You didn’t even warn me! You just forced yourself on me! If I was meant to be yours… why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you prepare me?!”

“And just how would’ve you handled that? And your mother… How do you think she would’ve handled it if she found it?! I couldn’t take the risk. And in my defense, I hadn’t expected it to affect me so potently. You were in heat and you smelled so fucking good.” He closed his eyes in memory.

“And you were always wearing those damn tank tops around the house and the little shorts.”
Bella wanted to hurl but forced it back and continued to play along.

“You should’ve told me… But you didn’t. You never warned me about anything that was to take place. I had to find out the hard way even things about my own body. I was scared! I thought you were trying to kill me!”

His eyes widened on this.

“You really thought that?”

“Why do you think I fought back? I hadn’t a clue you were trying to mate!”

“So if I had told you… Prepared you…”

She closed her eyes and shook her head.

“So it never had to go like this…” He stated, looking to be in thought.

“Dammit!” He hopped up in a rage.

The Sobek grabbed whatever was near him and threw it across the room.


He made his way over and she flinched.

“Please don’t!”

He reared back at this, but didn’t comment as he freed her from the gurney.

“I give you my word. I will never hurt you again.”

She recoiled as he reached out to her. He sighed and gently ran his hand along her cheek.

“But you must understand. You belong to me. You are to become MY mate.”

The Bastet lowered her head. Phil lifted her chin with a single finger.

“I can give you everything. If you just let me. No more fighting it. Do you understand?”

She nodded and he picked her up. He exited the room and Bella noticed they were in some sort of clinic. There was staff about, amongst others. And these others had guns… Bella couldn’t help but to notice the admirable looks they gave Phil. They were quick to bow down to his every need. For every door he came to, someone would rush up and open it for him. He’d give a simple nod and continue on. The Sobek entered a small cafeteria. He sat her down on one of the tables.

“I’ll be right back.”

The Bastet nodded and curiously observed as he walked up and gathered a tray of food. He made his way back and prepared the contents in the tray. Afterword he personally fed her steak, potatoes, and gravy. It wasn’t the cheap hospital food either. It was the real stuff. She hated that she was enjoying the food so much. She was that hungry. Once she was done, he called in a nurse. He had the nurse give her more pills. However Bella hid them underneath her tongue. “I want her shaved, showered, and dressed.” He told the nurse. She smiled as Phil brought Bella down from the table.

“Once you’re done, you’re to bring her to me.”

The nurse took Bella’s hand from there. The Bastet was led to a room where four other nurses joined in on getting her set up. There were fussing over her left and right. What had Bella unnerved the most, where the two men keeping guard. They too had guns. The more Bella observed these people and how they were acting. She began to realize this was a fucking cult. She swallowed back in thought. Every one of them was South American. And when Bella put it all together it was so obvious. They were worshipping Phil Dwyer! They catered to his every need and desire. The men with guns were willing to fight in his corner and give their lives in order to keep not only him but Bella protected. Bella felt ill as she thought about the others and how they were going to deal with this situation.

She never felt more awkward. These nurses were shaving her legs, armpits, etc… The men with guns looked away the moment they stripped her down. Showing that they either feared or respected Phil enough not to look. When they were done, she showered. She took advantage of the moment and discreetly spit the pills out. Bella used her feet to drop them into the drain. She rinsed the bad taste out from her mouth. But the moment she was done they pampered her once again. They put her in a white dress, fixed her hair and had her in red lipstick. She noticed how they didn’t bother to put her in shoes or undergarments. After all that mess… They escorted her to the room in which Phil Dwyer was waiting.

The instant she entered the room. He hopped to his feet. He had been sitting in a cushioned chair. This looked to be an office of some sort. He gradually made his way over.

“Stunning. Simply Stunning! Leave us!”

The nurses damn near tripped over themselves, they couldn’t exit quickly enough. Phil had noticeably showered and shaved as well. He wore a black tux.

“I wish to do this the correct way… The way you so deserve.” He said as he took her hand and kissed it.

She lowered her head and Phil sighed.

“What is it now, my dear?”

“I want you to promise you won’t hurt them…”

He nodded.

“You give yourself to me and that won’t be an issue. I give you my word.”

She nodded in return but the pain in her abdomen had her staggering back.

“Easy now…”
He reached out and helped her to a brown leather couch. There was nothing fake about the agony her body was going through. She still felt incredibly weak and she ached all over. But the area in which she was shot burned all to hell.

“You can sleep here. I’ll look after you. I always will.”

Bella so desperately wanted to fight this. But her body just wouldn’t allow it.

“If you’re not going to eat at least get some sleep.”

Stiles eyes widened in disbelief as Scott forced him up against the wall.


Stile’s raised his hands and nervously swallowed back as his friend’s alpha red eyes bore into his own.

“Hey man… I’m just trying to help…”

“Well I don’t fucking want your help!”
“SCOTT MCCALL!” His mother scolded.

Scott growled under his breath and impatiently paced the area. He was doing everything he could think of to switch his connection with Bella back. He’d tried everything else and knew that was the only way he’d ever find her. Everything else was wiped clean as if she up and vanished. His imagination continued to toy with him. He kept picturing the worst scenarios over and over. The alpha pulled at his hair, and then punched at a nearby wall of the Hale home.

Meanwhile, Peter had forced Renee on a little road trip. He had her pointing out everything Phil related and he was doing a thorough sweep of anything he could get his hands on. But he too wasn’t having any luck at the moment.

Derek, Isaac, Aiden, and Ethan continued to keep guard and an eye out.

“SCOTT!” Melissa shouted as he was leaning against the wall now.

He had his hand over his heart and struggled just to breath. His eyes watered. His mother cautiously made her way over with a yielding hand.

“Breathe…” She softly said.

Stiles swallowed back as Scott actually had tears forming in his eyes. He and his father exchanged looks of concern.

“I can’t!” Scott said choking back on his words.

He was growing angry with himself. The alpha couldn’t believe he was having a fucking meltdown. This was something Bella didn’t need at the moment! He felt fucking pathetic and useless.

“Mom…” Scott said in a way that had everyone in the room’s heart’s wrenching.

“I swore I’d always protect her. That I wouldn’t let him hurt her.”

“Sweetheart, you can’t do that to yourself.”

Scott’s entire body became flushed. He bowled over wrapping his hands around his gut.


It wasn’t just emotional but physical pain Scott felt. That need to keep his mate safe was so strong it was taking him over. His mother cupped his cheeks and looked him in the eyes. Scott phased right before her. But she didn’t budge.

“You two will come out of this. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you will find her and bring her back home.”

Bella jumped at first as she came too. Phil was on the couch beside her. He had his arm wrapped around her.

“How’d you sleep?” He inquired and ran a hand along her arm.

She swallowed back, before answering.

He smiled and kissed her forehead.

“You’re looking better already. It won’t be long now.”

“Is there a bathroom nearby?”

He nodded and within a flash he was up off the couch offering his hand. She timidly took it and he led her to a bathroom that attached to the office. Phil opened the door for her.

“Thank you.”

He nodded once again and stepped aside, allowing her in. Once she pulled the door to, the Bastet leaned against it. She covered her face and her body sunk to the floor. Overwhelming guilt hit as Scott entered her mind. I’m so sorry Scott. She thought over and over. She prayed he would forgive her. Bella knew the only way out of this was going about desperate measures. Ones that had bile rising in her throat in thought.

“You alright there sport?”

She rolled her eyes and wrinkled her nose.

“Um yeah… Just really needed to go.”

Bella hurriedly wiped her eyes and came to her feet. She did her business and washed her hands. Before she stepped out she straightened her dress and hair. She nodded to herself. You can do this… She told herself.

He made his way over and took her hand, twirling her about.

“How are you feeling?”
“Better actually.”

He nodded with hope in his eyes. She resisted the urge to cringe as he kissed along her neck and shoulders.

“If I’m hurting you princess, let me know…”

She forced a smile. He drew back a breath.

“I missed this… us… Don’t ever leave me again… I want you to promise me that.”

He cupped her chin rather roughly.

“Promise me…” He demanded.

“I’m not going anywhere…” She swallowed back.

“I promise… I missed you too Phil.”

He nodded in satisfactory.

“Prove it…”

She looked upon him confused.

“Show me what I mean to you young Bastet…”

Bella shut her eyes for a moment. She focused but with a touch of something else. She unzipped the dress she had on and it dropped to the floor. Phil and a never ending grin about him as she phased right before him. He gestured her over. Bella kept her eyes glued to his the entire time. He couldn’t look away if he wanted to now. The Bastet had him right where she wanted. She tilted her head about as her emerald green eyes had in him a trance. He’d never been so aroused in his entire existence. He gritted his teeth and moaned out. His eyes rolled back directly after. A rather mischievous grin came about her as the god passed out.

“…idiot…” She scoffed.

The Bastet hurriedly braced herself knowing this was going to suck. She leaned against a nearby wall and concentrated…


Everyone turned Scott’s direction. He’d dropped to his knees and leaned against the wall before him with one hand. The closest he could equate it to was like being in a dark room with no light or noise. Being in total deprivation and then suddenly there was light and sound everywhere. It was almost painful! Not only could he sense her but he was picking up certain visions. Ones that showed not only Phil, but the men with guns, the nurses, the doctors, and the facility itself. Damn, the signal she was giving off was becoming weak and fast.

“NO!” Scott called out.

“Hold on Bells. We’re coming.”

Page break

Peter snarled back as he and Renee were in line at the airport.

“What do you mean the next flight has been delayed for two damn hours?!’

“I’m sorry sir but there’s a storm and…”

His cellphone rang and he rolled his eyes as he answered it. He eyed the clerk with hatred.

“This had better be good.”

He barked as he roughly grabbed Renee by the arm and dragged her out of the airport.

“I need you to ask Renee about a building that looks to be some sort of hospital or clinic, one pertaining to Phil Dwyer.”

Peter narrowed his eyes on this. He turned to Renee and forced her into the car.

“What do you know about a clinic or hospital?”

She blinked her eyes about looking lost.

“ANSWER THE QUESTION DAMMIT!” He demanded about to backhand her one.

“Okay! Okay! If you’re talking about Phil. The only one I know of is the property a couple hours outside of town. But it’s not even operational.”

“What did you see Scott?”

“That’s where he’s holding her.”

“I’m closer, on my way.”

He hung up and handed his phone over to Renee.

“Tell me how, where this place is, and send Scott the directions!”

The Sobek rolled over and batted his eyes about as he fully came to. He looked over to see Bella on the floor not far away. A smile formed along his face and he stretched his arms about. He crawled towards what he deemed to be his newfound mate. Only once he approached her, the scent detected otherwise. He growled out furiously as memory finally came to serve.

Bella gasped out as she woke to a slap across the face. She found herself disorientated. He snarled back and wrapped his hand around her throat. The angry god hurled the Bastet across the room. She went through the desk he had in the room. The top portion of his body took on the Sobek form.

She groaned out and trolled about trying to get to her feet.

“You little fucking tease!”

“Oh please… They might refer to you as the Crocodile god. But you have the stamina of a twelve year old with his first skin mag. Maybe they should change your name to Minute God.”

He charged after her and she laughed as she flung her legs out and sent him flying back.

“You wanna play “daddy”? Let’s play…” She says with certain darkness.

“Let’s see how well you can keep up old man.”

The Bastet could sense his admirers making their way down the hall. He rushed at her once again and Bella leaped into the air and came down in a crouching stance but took her fist to the ground as she cried out like she did that day in the parking lot. The glass shattered about the room and the Sobek stumbled back at the impact. The light within the room flickered and eventually popped as well.

“You didn’t truly believe I’d let you score a homerun now… did you? I learned from the best… remember… For The Win?!”

He snarled back with a growl.

“Such the bad Sport.”

She sailed across the room and drove him through a wall. Bella swiftly used her tail to disarm the men within the area. The goddess socked the god across the face. He snapped at her arm as she quickly rolled off him. His followers rushed in from all directions now. They aimed their guns her direction.

“I’m one of a kind…” She reminds as she raises her hands in the air.

“Kill me… There won’t be another for quite some time…”

“Lower your weapons!” The Sobek barked.

“So what now…?” She questioned as they stared one another down.

“You become my slave instead of my equal!”

She had a good laugh at this.

“Try again…”

Her eyes locked with his once more and she slowly approached him. He swallowed back, doing his best to fight the influence she had over him. She ran a hand along his scales, and wrinkled her nose at his foul breath. Once she had him nice and hard she took her knee to his crotch.

“How’s that feel?”

At this she took off, taking out anyone that stood in her way.

“SEIZE THE BITCH!” He roared out and took on his full transformation.

The Sobek disappeared through entering the tiles of the ceiling.

“Dammit!” Bella grunted as she tried opening the front door.

But it was chained and she’d already used a great deal of her energy. She glanced towards the ceiling hearing something scurrying about. She quickly ducked into another room and looked for a place to hide. The Bastet clamped a hand over her mouth as a group of followers entered the room. They were nodding towards one another as they began their search. She had hidden behind some linen in a nearby closet. The goddess froze however as a creaking like noise was heard. She lifted her eyes upon the area in which it came from.

Bella screamed out as the Sobek punched his way through the ceiling and landed right before her. He swiftly snatched her and dragged her out of the closet. He had her by the tail as he continued, pulling her along throughout the building. Her claws dragged along the floor as he reentered the office they were originally in.

“HOLD THE BITCH DOWN” He ordered with that deep raucous voice.

She struggled about as men and women from all directions made their way over. Bella went to defend herself, only went to her knees hardcore. She choked back as she tried catching her breath.

“You obviously like it rough. So I’ll rough you up a bit then we’ll have a little fun. How’s that Princess?!”

He went to punch her across the face only to have someone toss him across the room. The Sobek died in laughter once he caught wind of who it was. Peter hurriedly snatched his daughter and got a protective hold on her. He eyed the crocodile god down. The Sobek sighed and shook his head with irritation.

“Very well… You leave me no choice…” He’d hoped to save his energy, but Peter interrupted his plans.

Peter and Bella flew back against the wall.

“NO!” Her father shouted as Bella’s body began to hover and was being pulled the Sobek’s direction.

“I wasn’t aware you wanted a show. But by all means, do enjoy.” He taunted Peter’s direction.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!” Peter shouted as he struggled to free himself from the wall. It was like he had a force field keeping him back.

Bella wriggled out from under the Sobek as he had his entire body fixed on hers. She crawled about the floor and grabbed whatever she could smashed it against his snout. The god firmly gripped her ankle and jerked her back towards him. He motioned for his followers to hold her down once again.
Peter howled out with desperation calling to the others, as he still couldn’t move.

“I’M GOING TO RIP YOU TO SHREDS YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKER!” He shouted as he finally managed to get his arms free.

The Sobek’s energy was starting to drain as he needed to feed. He never fed from his followers. He needed to gain their trust. In order for them to serve his every need. Just as Phil was about to plant himself within her his eyes widened and he froze. Peter and Bella’s jaws dropped as Scott, Isaac, Derek, Ethan and Aiden stood before them. Drops of blood landed on Bella and she squirmed out beneath Phil. Scott eyed the bastard down as the evidence of the Sobek’s neutering was in Scott McCall’s hold.

“Missing something important?!”

Phil looked down and screamed out like a little bitch. Scott nodded towards the twins they darted over and forced the croc’s mouth open. Derek and Isaac worked quickly to disarm those that had guns. Peter came down as the Sobek was too weak to keep his hold on him.

“Would you like the honors?” Scott offered.

Peter nodded and took the Sobek’s precious jewels and shoved them clear down his throat. To Bella’s surprise her biological father had tears in his eyes.

“You should’ve never touched her! EVER YOU FUCKING PRICK!

The twins forced his mouth shut and they each took turns beating the living shit out of the Phil Dwyer. Bella gradually came to her feet. Her hands shook as she made her way over. Her mate, father, and cousin held Phil back against a wall and gestured upon her. She drew back a breath and tears streamed down her face. She glanced towards something else within the office. She reared back rather stunned, she recognized the item to be her old softball bat. Beside it was a picture of her and Phil. Bella nodded to herself. He’d obviously planned all this if he had this here. She found herself thinking. The pitcher grabbed her old bat. The Sobek nearly broke out of their hold as he jerked about. The men slammed him back against the wall.

The bat twirled about in her hands as she stared him down. She pointed upon him with the bat.

“For the win…” She declared as she took the bat and aimed right for his head.

Everyone grimaced at the gut wrenching bone snapping sound that followed. Blood was splattered all against the wall, them, her and the floor. The followers screamed out in terror. The twins transformed in to their massive form and chased them out of the building. Flashes of that day hit and everything else he’d recently done.

“Do it again. I dare you. I’ll hunt you and everyone you love down. You can’t kill me… I’ll always come back. I’m a GOD! REMEMBER THAT!”

“You can’t come back if you have no body to return to.” She said with a shrug.

Scott nodded in agreement.

She gritted her teeth and took the bat to the picture of them. It shattered against the wall.

“I thought we’d give you a more proper burial this time.” She announced taking the bat to his gut.

“One a bit more poetic….”

Peter raised his brows as she opened exited the room for a brief moment. She returned with a red tank of gasoline.

“Allow me…” Peter said taking the tank from her hold.

“Hmmm…. Funny story…” He says with a smirk.

Derek rolled his eyes knowing where this was going, but found himself grinning as well.

“Not to worry it’ll be just like home, for you anyhow.”

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” Phil roared out.

“Shut up and burn.”

Scott swallowed back with a lump in the back of his throat.
“It’s all over now…” He softly assured as he held her even tighter.

She nodded but her tears were soaking the sleeve of his shirt. He hated the guilt he felt coming off her. He didn’t understand it.

“Bells…” He said as he took a step back and cupped her chin.

“You do realize you haven’t anything to feel guilty about, right?”

She shook her head in full disagreement. He narrowed his eyes in wonder. He swore her skin turned green as she leaned back against a tree. Her entire body shook as she told the truth behind what all took place. Scott grew ill in thought, but by no means did he find fault in her. She merely did what she had to, in order to survive. She even admitted as to why she turned everything off between the two of them. “I’m so sorry, Scott. I…”
He shook his head and rushed over. She cried even harder has he grabbed a hold of her once more. Scott found himself breaking down right along with her.

“You did nothing wrong you hear me?! Look at me, Bells.”

She sucked back a quivery breath and lifted her head from his shoulder.

“You’re alive… That’s all I wanted. You did whatever it took to survive even at that, you didn’t let him touch you in that way. I would never hold that against you. I love you… I will always love you. There’s nothing in this world that could ever change how I feel about you.”

Her arms wrap around his neck.

“I love you too Scott.”

He nodded and slightly lifted her off the ground as he hugged her close.

Bella skipped a rock across the water.


She smiled at the sound of his voice.

“Hey yourself….” She said as she pivoted about.

Stiles latched on and twirled her about. She softly laughed.


“Yeah… easy…” Stiles and Bella sighed upon the other voice that chimed in.

“How you holding up?”
She shrugged and skipped another rock.

“Been better, been worse…”

Peter nodded.

“About your mother…”
“What about her?”

Peter sighed and picked a rock up of his own. He skipped his across.

“Let’s just say she finally got the freedom she always wanted.”

Bella snapped her father a look.

“What did you do?!”

He half laughed.

“Relax, I didn’t kill her.”

What he wasn’t telling Bella was that he had her mother locked away somewhere. Somewhere she’d never escape. Renee Dwyer was currently in a mental institute overseas. He wasn’t about to take any chances. He truly meant what he’d said about doing whatever it took to keep his daughter safe. She drew back a breath of relief. But it was odd. Bella truly found herself caring less about where her mother was. It was a strange feeling, but it was there nevertheless.

“I should’ve been there…”
She narrowed her eyes upon him. Peter nodded.

“If I had been your mother wouldn’t have gone batshit crazy and you wouldn’t have ended up with some fucking perverted piece of shit stepfather…”

Bella lowered her head, looking to the ground.

“I’m sorry. I left in order to keep you and Renee safe. I hadn’t any idea…”
“Guess that makes us even.”
He raised his brows on this.

“Look, I’m not about to start calling you pops, or go with you on fishing trips. And I’m sure as hell not moving in with you. But I can acknowledge the truth and accept it. However, you’re right about one thing. You shouldn’t have left. That’s not to say I’m blaming you for everything that took place. The only thing I find fault in, when it comes to you. Is your absence as a father. I don’t blame you for what Phil did or anything of the such. You could no more control what happened than I could. But let’s face it. You do kinda suck.”

Peter found himself smirking.


She closed her eyes and took in the deepest of breaths.

“Thank you.”

He reared back in surprise.

“For acting like a real father for once, I suppose.”

“Eh, it’s that time of the year. I was good for one.”

Stiles has a good laugh at this.





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  1. Just..perfect .. I’m really sad there’s just one more chapter though. I inow i probably say this about most of your stories, but this really is one of my favorite ones. It would be great if there was a sequel or something but i know that you can’t do that for ALL your stories..soo.. If you won’t do a sequel for it , then just keep on bringing us more of your amazing stories like i’m sure you will . Loved the chapter and can’t wait for the next one, even if i’m sad to see it end 😢😪❤️

  2. Amazingly awesome and let’s just say Phil getting neutered was hilarious and I had a hard time reading the rest from laughing poetic justice at it’s best! So sad to see there is only one chapter left but I can’t wait for A Webcatcher’s Dream! So I’m sad and excited!!!! 😭😁

  3. Go Scott! Rip his f*cking nuts off! I get Bella did what she had to, but damn, she’s one tough/stubborn biatch! Peter was awesome in this… I do kinda feel bad for him though it looks like the future is a little brighter now. So glad Phil freakin’ burned, the bastard. And Renee – she was a real piece of work in the end so I’m glad to see her gone. Hope Scott and Bella can relax some now. Awesome chapter, sweets, and so looking forward to the next. Sad but still happy to see then end ❤

  4. Fucking awesome…finally u rip someones nuts off!! I thought u would never do it! Was it me begging?! I kinda hope peter and bella get closer a bit more as father and daughter. I also hope bella and scott get a break from drama. Cant wait to see what comes next : D

  5. I don’t know why, but I think the line “shut up and burn” is my favorite line so far. Simple, dark, and to the point. Also loved the poetic justice with the baseball bat. You are really nailing these updates! Woohoo!

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